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Sam Hall


August 2013 Volume 2 No. 8



contemporary fine art


Striving for Excellence in Realistic Paintings devoted to Nature offering Owners and Viewers the sense of Peace and Tranquility that we all crave in this hectic world.

Sam Ha Path to Park by Sam Hall



Hyperrealist Paintings Evoke New Appreciation for Nature By Hall Groat II, New York Art Critic It was during mid-1960 in the United States that Photorealism emerged, and was a movement that naturally evolved from Pop Art. Photorealist artists strive to replicate photographs in paint with the aim of fooling the eye into perceiving a painting is actually a photograph, never deviating from the exact image. Contemporary British painter, Sam Hall, is not a photorealist like many label him. Instead, he embraces sensibilities connected with a movement called hyperrealism, through the way in which he takes artistic liberties, never attempting to literally render an exact photographic image. Sam uses photographic reference as a means of interpreting nature in a very personal manner, incorporating subtle pictorial elements to create a heightened sense of Mother Nature that cannot be seen by the human eye. An example of this is the intricate depiction and stylization of the thousands of tree leaves within his piece called “Park Farm Cottages and the North Downs.” These leaves are vivified! Sam states, “I am a self-taught British artist with a unique style, and my mission is to help people discover the magic of nature.” Indeed, his work is magical, and through his complex stylization of nature, we are transported into a dream-like, illusionistic world, packed with diverse emotional, social, and cultural nuances. One of my favorite pieces is entitled “Early Morning in Kerala”, which appears to be a scene of a caravan of Indian farmers traveling across a river with their livestock. This piece immediately catches my eye due to the engaging, atypical composition. A large Thengu (or coconut tree) is positioned alongside the entire left side of the canvas, with clusters of long, leaf-like forms breaking down from the top edge. These tenuous elements are closest to us in space, which resembles the compositional sensibility used in many Japanese vertical screen paintings depicting landscapes throughout history.

Early Morning in Kerala by Sam Hall Poppies in Tromos by Sam Hall

Park Farm Cottages by Sam Hall

Bushbury Farm, Brockham by Sam Hall

In a piece entitled Bushbury Farm, Brockham, measuring 18x32 inches, created in acrylic and ink, two massive, iconic trees are placed on center stage, as if they are symbolically reaching upwards into the heavenly clouds. The viewer’s vantage point is situated quite low, which heightens their larger-than-life nature. The greens, blues and spot of red are electrifying, and are a visually striking symphony of colors. Sam Hall undoubtedly is a very skillful technician, possessing the gift of being able to visually communicate the universal beauty of nature. Hall Groat II

Punchbowl Lane, Dorking by Sam Hall

Sam Hall Visual Language Magazine Vol 2 No 8 August 2013  

Sam Hall United Kingdom Fine Artist, Contemporary Art with an art review by NY Art Critic Hall Groat II Sam is Striving for Excellence in R...

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