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From the Editor : Vance Leavy

In last week’s issue, BI’s Jeff Dantzler described the 2013 season as being painfully bizarre. Unfortunately, a week later this statement has escalated to a new level with the ACL injury of Aaron Murray in his final game at Sanford Stadium. It was certainly not the exit any of us in the Bulldog Nation wanted for #11 who has given so much to Georgia. Without question, we wish the best for Murray in his recovery and know him being on the sidelines for the Bulldogs final two games will probably be the hardest assignment he has had in all his years of playing football. However by now everyone knows that football is a team game, so it will be up to both Murray’s teammates and fans to dig deep this Saturday in Atlanta against the hated Bees on North Avenue. For this reason, the slogan “Win it for Aaron” on our cover is so appropriate. Losing to Tech isn’t an option as far as any of us here at BI are concerned. And thankfully Mark Richt obviously shares in this believe having only lost to the Yellow Jackets once in 12 games. While the news of Aaron Murray going down has to have everyone on the team completely devastated, they have certainly shown nothing but resiliency this season. Lesser teams probably would not have been able to gather themselves so quickly after such a gut wrenching loss at Auburn. Yet, the Kentucky game was all Georgia from the opening whistle. And the best news was Georgia’s now number one quarterback Hutson Mason didn’t miss a beat when called into

action. Now, I’m not naïve enough to think Saturday’s game against our in-state rival will be such a cakewalk. In fact, the Tech game has had me concerned all season long, even if our boys in red and black were injury free. The reason is simple … the Jackets are long overdue for a victory. And you can bet the fact they will be lining up against a Georgia quarterback with very little experience certainly has added some spring in their step. For what it will take to end the 2013 regular season on a high note, I encourage you to read what our sports guys have written throughout this issue. Whether it’s Jeff Dantzler, Logan Booker or Murray Poole, the main message is for the Georgia defense to play flawless assignment football. The Tech offense is going to move the football, but when it pops huge plays it can become lethal. And while Grant Field pales in comparisons to most stadiums in college football, those Bees can get to buzzing if you don’t take care of business. This is where the fans of the Bulldog Nation come into photo by Rob Saye play. There’s nothing like being in Tech’s stadium and seeing our fans dominate the crowd noise. Of course, this happens when our team takes a few big plays to the house. Because of this, you can only hope Mike Bobo and company let Todd Gurley run wild on Saturday. And if Tech is silly enough to load the box, then by all means seeing a Hutson Mason coming out party would be a ton of fun as well. That’s going to do it for me because I’ve said all there is to say. Beat Tech. It’s that simple. And doing it for Aaron Murray and going to the best bowl possible certainly is how these Georgia seniors should end the 2013 regular season. Happy Thanksgiving and look forward to seeing you on the Flats.

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Tech, November 26 2013





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Clean Old-Fashioned Hate - UGA vs Tech photos by Rob Saye

By Logan Booker/BI

hile Senior Night was successful in terms of the final score, the 2013 season injury bug took its biggest bite out of the Dawgs’ offense in the second quarter, when Aaron Murray went down with a season and UGA career ending ACL tear in his left knee. And while the mood around Athens feels more like a loss than that of the big win that occurred, there simply is no time to dwell, as all attention must be turned to Georgia Tech and preparing for that triple option they’ll be throwing at our young defense. Backup quarterback Hutson Mason is now the big man on campus, and will be fighting for UGA fans’ rights to put up a Christmas tree, as beating Tech is a standard requirement.


Know the opponent

Triple option, triple option, and more triple option. The name of the game with Georgia Tech is trickery, going all out to confuse opposing defenses with an offense that seldom throws the ball, and rarely reveals who will be running it. This season has been one of ups and downs for the boys from the Flats, as they have blown out lesser opponents, yet been blown out by worthy

opponents. Quarterback Vad Lee has not run the offense with the efficiency as we’ve seen past Yellow Jacket quarterbacks, but his offense has proven to be able to explode at a moment’s notice. Under new defensive coordinator Ted Roof, the defense has shown big signs of improvement from where they were last year, and the Dawgs will have to come ready to execute. The offense Hutson Mason has looked extremely proficient in his limited time on the field this season. While his receiving corps also seems to be clicking, the weapons around him should prove to take the load off of him significantly. Todd Gurley is looking as healthy as ever and is proving to be an enormous weapon while catching passes. The Dawgs’ offensive line is big, and teams with big lines have been able to contain Tech’s pass rush to an extent, which should buy Mason time in the pocket. But the end-all for this unit will likely be the big thighs of Gurley finding the holes the offensive line should be able to create, then Gurley doing what Gurley does in the open field.

The defense While facing the triple option, the number one priority for the defense will be keeping the Tech quarterback and running backs off of the perimeter, and containing them to the middle of the field. Josh Harvey-Clemons was a ball hawk against Kentucky, and will hopefully continue his rise in Atlanta this week. Leonard Floyd and Amarlo Hererra need to play off the ball and spy on running backs this week, while they try to keep Vad Lee honest and in the middle. UGA might possess the biggest defensive line Tech has seen all year, which should be able to disrupt any rhythm the Jackets may find themselves getting into. How the Dawgs will win Todd Gurley. He has proven to be a game changer when healthy, and fortunately for UGA fans, he is once again healthy. Good running backs have had success against Tech this year, and Gurley will be the best running back they have seen all season, hands down. By establishing a run threat


l to r: Frank Clements, PA-C; Beau Sasser, M.D.; Buck Cavalier, M.D.; Gary M. McClain, M.D.; Michael J. M.D.;.; J. J. Sullivan, Sullivan, M.D.; M .; Katherine L. Maurath, M.D Maurath, M.D J. Melvin Deese, M.D.; M.D D.; Denny Dennny A. Carter, Carter, M.D. M.D.

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Georgia 59 - Kentucky 17

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Georgia 59 - Kentucky 17

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Georgia 59 - Kentucky 17

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2013 COACH’S COACH’’S POLO N availa Now available able

Scouting Tech

Top Jackets

Location: Atlanta, Ga. Conference: ACC Coastal Division Enrollment : 14,527 Yellow Jackets in a thumbnail: Following last season's 7-7 campaign when Georgia Tech made the ACC Championship game, where the Yellow Jackets fell to Florida State by 21-15 before then upsetting Southern Cal 21-7 in the Sun Bowl, Tech was hoping to make another ACC championship run this year. After all, the Jackets were returning some eight defensive regulars and seven offensive starters from that 2012 team. But Tech will enter Saturday's finale against the Bulldogs with the same overall record as Georgia ... 7-4. Standing a final 5-3 in the ACC, the Jackets have beaten Elon (70-0), Duke (38-14), North Carolina (28-20), Syracuse (56-0), Virginia (35-25), Pittsburgh (21-10) and Alabama A&M, this past Saturday in Atlanta by 66-7. Three of Tech's four defeats came in succession after the opening wins over Elon, Duke and the Tar Heels. They were to Virginia Tech (17-10), Miami (45-30) and BYU (38-20). The other loss came on Thursday night, Nov. 14, when the Jackets were smothered by Clemson, 55-31. A look at the Georgia Tech offense: As usual, Paul Johnson's team

runs the patented triple-option, ball-control attack. Averaging 36.8 points a game and 316 yards rushing a game, which ranks fifth in the country, the Jackets' are led by senior B-back David Sims (6-0, 225), who has run for 746 yards and a 5.7-average-per-carry, with 11 touchdowns. Also senior Aback Robert Godhigh (5-7, 190) follows with 623 yards, a whopping 10.9 average, and six scores. Other Tech notable ball carriers are junior Zach Laskey (6-1, 214) and sophomore quarterback Vad Lee (6-1, 215). Lee has also given the Tech passing game more firepower by throwing for 1,182 and eight touchdowns, with seven interceptions. Junior DeAndre Smelter (63, 220) tops the Jacket receivers with 19 catches for 312 yards and two scores. Godhigh has 17 catches out of the backfield for 338 yards and also two scores. Another capable receiver is tall junior Darren Waller (6-5, 225), with 14 receptions for 220 yards and likewise two touchdowns. A look at the Georgia Tech defense: As mentioned, Georgia Tech re-

turned eight starters to this side of the ball and, thus far, the season results have been mixed. The Jackets have given up just 21 points a game to opposing offenses and are allowing just 104 rushing yards per contest. However, Tech has been stung through the air, having surrendered 238 yards per game. Senior defensive back Jemea Thomas (5-10, 195) is Tech's leading tackler with 64 stops. Senior linebacker Brandon Watts (6-2, 235) and junior linebacker Quayshawn Nealy (6-1, 232) follow with 52 and 47 tackles, respectively. Senior defensive end Jeremiah Attaochu (6-3, 242) is a force off the edge for the Jackets, having chalked up eight sacks this season for 66 yards in losses and also showing 11.5 tackles-for-loss. What Jackets head coach Paul Johnson says: "We worked this week

on ourselves. We worked a lot on the primary stuff and Alabama A&M. We really didn't get into Georgia this week. I'm a firm believer that you don't do that. You send the wrong message to your team if you do that. We've got ample time and it's not like we haven't played each other. We've got ample

#45 Jeremiah Attaochu, DE 6-3, 242 Sr. Washington, D.C. (Archbishop Carroll H.S.)

One of the top defensive stars in the Atlantic Coast Conference, Attaochu is a play-maker supreme who flourishes inflicting negative yardage plays. He is one of those hybrid type players who National Football League scouts really love. He can make plays in space and wreak havoc with his hand on the ground. When it comes to pressuring the passer, Attaochu is right there with Clemson’s Vic Beasley as the ACC’s best at bringing down the quarterback. Attaochu ranks in the top five in the league in sacks, averaging right at one per game, and tackles for loss, tallying more than one a contest. He has tremendous speed coming around the edge and overpowers blockers. The Bulldogs have already faced South Carolina All-American Jadaveon Clowney and Auburn All-Southeastern Conference performer Dee Ford, and Attaochu is in that class. #25 Robert Godhigh, A-Back 5-7, 190 RSr. Acworth, Ga. (Harrison H.S.)

Tech’s big play maker at the A-Back position is a big time threat in the slot. In Paul Johnson’s triple-option offense, the A-Back must excel in three areas. He has to be an excellent runner on the option. He has to be a good receiver. And when the option is coming his way, the ABack must be a strong blocker for the quarterback and trailing A-Back. Check all three off for Godhigh. He leads the Yellow Jackets in All-Purpose yardage and ranks amongst Tech’s leaders in rushing, receiving, total offense, touchdowns and scoring. He is a threat to score a touchdown any time he touches the football. Godhigh has the wheels and the instincts on the edge. Georgia’s cornerbacks and outside linebackers in particular will have big challenge Saturday afternoon. #3 Vad Lee, QB 6-1, 215 RSoph. Durham, N.C. (Hillside H.S.) Last season, Lee split time at quarterback with senior Tevin Washington. Now it is his team and his offense. The potential is there on the flats for Lee to be the Yellow Jackets best signal caller since Josh Nesbitt led tech to the 2009 Atlantic Coast Conference championship. Lee has what every quarterback must have to be a standout in Paul Johnson’s flexbone offense, that originated for the great icon Erk Russell’s

FIN FIND ND OUT WH WHY HY nearly 5 0 000 fans visit 0, ed 50,000 visited bulldaw wgillustrated. e com tthis his mon th tto ok eep up wit h month keep with tthe h #dawgss he

8am, March 22, 2014 start/finish at Stegeman Coliseum Join hundreds of UGA alumni and friends for a scenic walk, jog, or run across the University’s beautiful campus. Athens’ largest 5K has become an annual tradition, providing an early spring opportunity for Bulldogs from near and far to journey back to Athens.



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Jeff Dantzler’s 2013 rankings Top 10 Non-SEC - What a significant week it was. Baylor got rocked by Oklahoma State to lose for the first time. Oregon got rolled at Arizona, putting Stanford in the PAC-12 Championship Game. There is the serious legal matter in Tallahassee, and a pair of BCS busters in Northern Illinois and Fresno State vying for a slot. Florida State – The story for the Seminoles now is not being 11-0 after throttling Idaho and getting ready for the Gators, it is Jameis Winston. The seriousness of the potential charge obviously greatly overshadows everything that he and the ‘Noles could lose out on. 1.

2. Ohio State – Now comes Michigan in one of the grandest rivalries in college football. The Buckeyes are getting some traction with everything that is happening in Tallahassee. Urban Meyer thinks the BCS is flawed. He did not in 2006 and 2008 when once beaten Gator teams got in. 3. Clemson – It was easy pickings for the Tigers against in-state foe The Citadel. Clemson is 10-1 and eyeing a BCS berth. The Tigers and South Carolina are all set to square off in one of the biggest in-state battles these two have ever had. 4. Oklahoma State – The Cowboys loss at West Virginia has to go down as one of the worst and most head-scratching of the year. But they have bounced back in style and put the beat down on Baylor to make it 10-1. Now comes Oklahoma. With a win comes a BCS berth. Baylor- This has been the greatest season in Bears history, but their dreams of an undefeated national championship campaign came crashing down in Stillwater. An 11-1 season and win over Texas is well within reach.


Stanford – The Cardinal got an early Christmas present, as Arizona smoked Oregon 42-16 to put Stanford in the PAC-12 title game for a second straight season. The Cardinal mauled their old rival Cal 63-13 to make it 9-2. Now they get the Irish.


Northern Illinois – The Huskies have a great shot at busting the BCS for a second straight season, which has not been done. Northern Illinois is the mid-week king, downing Toledo last Wednesday to clinch a berth in the MAC Championship Game. 7.


Michigan State – Sparty has been one of the surprise, under the radar

teams in the country this season. Michigan State is rolling at 10-1, and there will be a lot of teams rooting for them in two weeks when they take on Ohio State for the Big Ten crown. 9. Oregon – In one of the most stunning scores of the day and the season, Oregon, which earlier in the week was griping about the Rose Bowl, got rolled at Arizona 42-14. The Ducks don’t have to worry about Pasadena now. 10. Central Florida – The Golden Knights are sniffing the BCS out of the old big East. Central Florida got a Thursday night victory over Rutgers to take another step towards a major bowl. George O’Leary has produced some big victories for UCF. .

photo by Rob Saye

JD’s five keys to victory 1.

Halt the B-Back – When it comes to slowing down any triple option, whether it was Barry Switzer’s Wishbone attacks at Oklahoma, Tom Osborne’s I-Back at Nebraska, or the triple option flexbone that has had such great success at Georgia Southern, Navy and Tech, it starts with stopping the fullback. When the fullback – the terminology is B-Back in Johnson’s attack – is having success on the dive, It softens the defense and makes the opposition extremely vulnerable on the edge. The last tie Tech beat Georgia, it was the strong running of B-Back Johnathan Dwyer that doomed the Dogs defense.

2. Set the Edge – Step number two to slowing down the triple option comes on the corner. It is a fine balance between discipline and aggression. Sometimes great players can get caught in between on the option, like Jarvis Jones did in the first half against Georgia Southern last season. The defensive ends and outside linebackers have to play their assignments, while also punishing the quarterback. The great Billy Henderson always said, “hit the quarterback, then it’s not an option.” But with Vad Lee and Robert Godhigh in particular, the Yellow Jackets are very dangerous on the edge and boast big-play potential. Jordan Jenkins, Leonard Floyd, Garrison smith, Ray Drew, Sterling Bailey and the rest must be at their best, or it could be a long day for the Bulldogs defense.

3. Score,Score and Score Some More – When the Yellow Jackets offense gets rolling, it is extremely difficult to slow down, much less stop. See 2008. Georgia’s offense much keep the foot on the accelerator. The last two seasons, in the Bulldogs 31-17 victory on the flats in 2011 and 42-10 rout a year ago at Sanford Stadium, Georgia has done just that. With Hutson Mason taking over for the injured Aaron Murray at quarterback, he and Todd Gurley and the rest of the Bulldogs offense has to know that it may take a really big number to knock off the Jackets. Mason may not be quite the improviser that Murray is, but he has an excellent arm, displays poise and throws a good ball. There is no way the expectations of the offense are lowered at all. It’s going to take a lot of points. After all, in Georgia’s four losses this season, the Dogs have scored 35, 26, 27 and 38. And it wasn’t good enough to win.

4. Play it Even on Special Teams – This is a no-brainer. Though Marshall Morgan has done a great job kicking field goals and extra points thus far (that is some wood being knocked that you are hearing) and the kick coverage for the most part has been very good (North Texas did return a kickoff 99 yards for a touchdown), there have been just way too many catastrophic mistakes made by Georgia in the special teams department. Whether it’s blocked punts, muffed exchanges or some other miscues, Georgia’s kicking game has been far too leaky. The Dogs need at least a push

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