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From the editor : vance leavy Well last week I ended my editor’s note by saying, “Let’s blow the doors off that sucker” in reference to Memorial Stadium in Columbia, Mo. And thankfully I am able to report that’s exactly what our guys in red and black and their beloved fans did. Wow, what an incredible away game. And a lot of the good times came because of the exceptional hospitality given by everyone in the Mizzou Nation. These folks couldn’t have been any nicer. In fact just before kickoff I began kidding them saying that I was onto them trying to lure us Bulldawgs in for the kill once we got into the stadium. Lucky for Cheri and me and the group with us, I happened to meet the owner of a Columbia magazine (Inside Columbia) at a convention in Nashville back in February. I swapped cards with Fred Parry not knowing that it would end up gaining me the keys to his hometown upon my arrival. From entertaining us at a Thursday cooking class event at his business to picking us up for a Friday evening cocktail party to landing us a parking pass right next to the stadium, Fred was without question the host with the most. Oh yeah, he also gave us a ride back downtown after the game. For those of you that weren’t able to make the trip, my suggestion is that you go ahead and start planning to do so two years from now. Everyone in Columbia was just as giving as our friend, Fred. They are thrilled to be in the SEC and wanted to make sure we were having a great time throughout our stay. And by the way, Columbia is very like Athens in how its beautiful campus flows into a lively downtown scene. And boy, everyone in the Bulldog Nation soaked it up … and how. We all know Bulldawgs have the market cornered as far as having a good time, but taking care of business on the field is always the cherry on top. The game versus Missouri wasn’t a thing of beauty, but it was so encouraging to see how our team responded to adversity. It took all four quarters, but in the end the better team took home the prize. Where shall I begin on how awesome Jarvis Jones is? He absolutely wreaked havoc on the Tigers with an interception, a fumble caused/return that should have been a touchdown and a slew of tackles. What a treat to be in the stands to see such greatness at work. However Jarvis is all about the team, so I know he will appreciate me giving huge kudos to every single player on the defense that has contributed to these last two victories. Yes, it hurts to have so many big time players side-lined with suspensions, but our gritty replacements have done their part to keep

the dream of a magical season alive. On the other side of the ball, I spoke last week about how great our receiving unit is and boy they made me look like a genius with their effort against Missouri. Leading the way this go round was Marlon Brown, who had a huge night. And he is so deserving as he has kept his head up over the last few years when things weren’t going his way. And finally props go to Aaron Murray, who recovered from a slow start that included an interception to end the night throwing three touchdowns. However let’s not get too giddy. The win was great, but there is tons of room for improvement. 12 penalties are ridiculous. And unfortunately, Richt and company digressed back to taking a slew of unnecessary timeouts. We’ve seen this happen over and over again throughout the years. Stuff like this isn’t going to cut it for a team trying to navigate the best football conference in the country. Still a win is a win and this one was sweet. Now, we turn the page and get ready for Florida Atlantic. Yes, this one is supposed to be easy on paper, but just ask Arkansas what can happen if you let David hang around. Louisiana Monroe 34, Hogs 31. Ouch, that Pig Sooie stinks. Don’t let it happen Dawgs. Let Saturday night’s game be a great opportunity to improve your weaknesses and expand your strengths. There’s still a ton of football to be played and a lack of focus in any game can be the difference in accomplishing the lofty goals you seek. And for everyone in the Bulldog Nation, please don’t let up either. Our boys need you. Also, don’t forget that Saturday’s night will also include the enshrinement of Russ as Uga IX. He’s a great dog and has his eyes set on drinking fruity drinks in Miami in January, like the rest of us. Everyone here at Bulldawg Illustrated salutes the Seiler family for their ongoing commitment to making our mascot the best on the planet. Speaking of the Seilers, be sure to read Murray’s story on Swann Seiler on page 5. It shouldn’t come as a surprise to our readers to learn Swann’s commitment to Georgia goes well beyond “the dog.” Please enjoy everything else in this issue. We had a blast capturing so many incredible Dawg fans out in Missouri. And the photo on this page certainly proves how much fun everyone had with “Old Man football … Old man football.” But you have to give credit to the Missouri player who after the game apologized to Coach Richt for his slip of the tongue. Good stuff indeed. Let’s keep this sucker rolling, Bulldawgs. See you in Sanford on Saturday night!

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Georgia got on the right side of history this past Saturday night, scoring the final 24 points of the game in the contest’s last 16 minutes to deflate Missouri’s Southeastern Conference debut. After being the signature win victim of far too many school’s with lesser traditions and recruiting bases, Georgia burst Missouri’s balloon and avoided the fate befallen the Bulldogs against Oklahoma State, Arkansas, Mississippi State, Colorado, Central Florida, Boise State and Michigan State. Things were far from cozy. Missouri led five different times – 3-0, 10-3, 109, 17-9 and 20-17. But the Bulldogs kept fighting and got hot at the right time, scoring in the final minute of the third quarter and then out-gunning the Tigers 17-0 in the fourth quarter. Missouri’s faithful were dubbing it the biggest game in school history. The atmosphere was raucous – par for the course in the toughest league in the land. Georgia struggled out of the gate and for much of the game wasn’t fully in sync. But the Bulldogs truly made it a 60 minute game and were downright dominant down the stretch. Jarvis Jones had a spectacular performance, with the knockdown blow interception return to the one and the caused fumble that led to the knockout blow. He had eight tackles and a sack and was clearly the best player on the field. A year ago, Jones had five sacks in the Bulldogs 24-20 win over Florida in Jacksonville. When you talk about the great individual defensive performances in Georgia annals, by the greatest players in school history – Bill Stanfill vs. Florida in ‘66, Jake Scott at Kentucky in ‘68, Scott Woerner vs. Clemson in ‘80, Terry Hoage vs. Vanderbilt in ‘82, Champ Bailey at Auburn in ‘98, David Pollack at South Carolina in ‘02 and Thomas Davis against Alabama in ‘03 – Jones now has two of the most stellar showings in red and black lore. And though he has just started his second year playing for the Bulldogs, is well on his way towards etching his name next to the aforementioned All-Americans amongst the best to ever don the silver britches. Richard Samuel had one of the biggest plays of the night, shedding a pair of blockers and making the stop on Missouri’s fake punt with the Bulldogs leading 24-20 in the fourth quarter. The Georgia faithful are far too aware of just how many times the Dogs have been burned on fake punts in recent years, so making that stop gave the Dogs a huge jolt. Plus it was great for Samuel, who has been the model player in the face of injury and position changes. Like Jones, Samuel had a memorable performance in the Dogs win in Jacksonville last year. Now he has another unforgettable play to add to his resume. Marshall Morgan’s second field goal, following Samuel’s stop, was enormous. It put Georgia up by seven points at 27-20, and showed excellent mental toughness following a missed extra point and a banked in PAT.

Hitting the two-point conversion

to tie the game at 17-17 was enormous. The Bulldogs didn’t have to chase that missed conversion. Georgia’s offense was impressive, keeping its composure after the touchdown, realizing that there was still work to be done. Todd Gurley’s long run, with Georgia leading 27-20, swung the field position Georgia’s way. Adam Erickson and Colin Barber have both done a good job punting. After Erickson pinned the Tigers deep, Jones came up with the play of the night. With Malcolm Mitchell playing defense, Georgia needed more punch at receiver. Marlon Brown came through with an awesome performance, showing toughness in traffic, cracking the century mark and going for over 100 yards. If Mitchell moves back to offense primarily, the Bulldogs will boast an even more explosive offense. What really stood out for Georgia is the way the Bulldogs finished and capitalized on their momentum. You have to get as much as you can, while you can. The Dogs did just that. With the victory over the Tigers, all of Georgia’s goals remain within reach. Georgia still has a long way to go, but getting back those defensive standouts should give the Bulldogs a huge boost, and with the players who stepped into those starting roles getting huge snaps, Georgia should be a much deeper team as well. You’ve got to have talent, depth, luck and circumstance to survive the gauntlet of the toughest league in the land. That’s one of the things that will hit Missouri and Texas A&M. It’s not just Georgia or Florida or LSU or Alabama. It’s a trip to Starkville. It’s Vanderbilt. It’s the cumulative effect of not having any Saturday in league play when you can take a breather. Arkansas will attest to any Saturday against anybody. Despite major injuries in the game, losing to Louisiana – Monroe, with a 28-14 fourth quarter lead – is one of the most crushing any premier SEC team has had. Ever. Now Alabama comes to town. That Arkansas loss to Louisiana-Monroe will certainly make it much easier for Mark Richt – and any other coach of a premier program – to get his message across that anything can happen on any Saturday, so you’d better be ready. Every Saturday. That certainly includes Florida Atlantic Saturday. Yes Georgia would win this 999 out of 1000 times, but it is important to continue what the Bulldogs finished this past Saturday, start strong, play crisp and get the suspended returnees into the fold and flow. Georgia lived through Buffalo and Missouri without being at full strength. The players who made mistakes and didn’t take part in the first two games can breathe a sigh of relief. The team’s motto for this season: “Our time. Our team. No regrets.� - is still in play. It’s up to this potentially great team to continue what they did in the fourth quarter this past Saturday – let the other team talk, while Georgia walks the walk.

Bulldawg Illustrated

poole shots By Murray Poole

Swann Seiler caretaker of world’s greatest mascot Most folks in the Bulldog Nation know who Swann Seiler is … a member of the famous Seiler family of Savannah which includes her dad Sonny, mom Cecelia and brother Charles and has produced the renowned lineage of Georgia mascot “Ugas” down through the years. But Swann Seiler does much more than help her parents and brother with the handling and caring of all those lovable solid white English bulldogs that have led the Georgia football team onto the field ever since 1956. She has also served on a number of committees at UGA that have made for the betterment of the university, including her two-term role on the Board of Directors of the Georgia Athletic Association since 2005. Raised in Savannah, Seiler attended high school at Calvary Day School before then enrolling at the University of Georgia where she majored in journalism. “I majored in public relations and minored in speech,” said Seiler. “After I graduated in 1978 I moved to Morristown, New Jersey where I worked for two years for Foster Wheeler Energy Corporation and then I worked for Lytton Industries in public relations. I lived up there almost four years and then I moved back to Savannah to work on a friend’s congressional campaign, to do publicity and communications for that. Unfortunately,” mused Swann, “we lost in a runoff. Then I was asked by the new president of Savannah Electric to come to work for him and so that was 30 years ago with Savannah Electric. And then Savannah Electric merged under the Southern Company and then emerged into Georgia Power and, that’s that … 30 years.” Seiler said her family helping breed, nourish and raise the Uga mascots that have patrolled the Georgia sidelines through the years has truly been a labor of love. “My family had Uga before they had me,” Swann laughed. “No doubt about it, it’s been a joy and it’s been a privilege and it’s something we take very seriously. It’s humbling at times and we’re very proud to do it and we feel it’s a part of our commitment to the university. I personally feel I owe the university my livelihood and it’s the least I can do. Along with contributing to the annual fund and being a donor to the university, the work we do with Uga is part of the joy that we give back.” You are aware by now that Georgia’s current mascot, Russ, who has served two terms as interim mascot for the Bulldogs, has received a “battlefield promotion” and will assume the title of “Uga IX,” according to a recent announcement by UGA Director of Athletics Greg McGarity. Official ceremonies will be conducted prior to this coming Saturday’s Georgia-Florida Atlantic game in Sanford Stadium. Kickoff is set for 7:30 p.m. and will be carried live on CSS. “Russ is Uga VII’s half brother so he is part of the family,” said Swann. “He lives with my brother Charles and his wife Wendy and their little boy, Cecil. He’s a very sweet dog, very lovable and loves to be petted. He’s not overly thrilled with great big, loud noises so he’s had to become acclimated to the Redcoat Band. He does like Hairy Dog,” she pointed out, noting some of the Ugas of the past weren’t exactly enamored with the costumed human mascot. “Uga VI thought that Hairy Dog was his nemesis so it’s nice to see Russ not mind Hairy Dog at all. Russ is now eight. He started substituting for Uga in 2009,” Seiler added. In the following question-and-answer session with Bulldawg Illustrated, Swann Seiler talks more about her background and her role on the Georgia athletic board. What is your occupation?

I’m manager of corporate support and external relations for Georgia Power in the coastal region. How many years have you served on the UGA athletic board?

It’s been since 2005. This is my second term on the executive committee so I’ve been on there quite a while. Where did you grow up and what made it special?

I grew up of course in Savannah and it’s just a captivating city, it’s beautiful. We have the best of everything. I live in the historic



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Swann Seiler

district in a house that was built in the 1870s. We’re just a few minutes from the beach – I grew up on the water. I consider myself a historian in the fact that I love Georgia history so it was just a wonderful place to grow up. What has been the most exciting part for you serving on UGA’s athletic board?

Without a doubt, in the last several years we have seen such significant improvement in growth to our facilities. It’s been so exciting, from the Butts-Mehre expansion, that was sorely needed and we had been planning for so long, to what we’ve done on the north side of Sanford Stadium to just the small things that our students and fans might not see but are improvements that Greg McGarity and his athletic staff strive to work on every day. It is a very hard-working staff and their goal is to make our athletic facilities the top in the nation and they are always working to improve it. It’s so gratifying and rewarding to sit in those meetings and know what is being planned and how carefully the resources are being used to that effect.

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What has been the most exciting aspect of your career?

Without a doubt as far as my professional career goes, it would be to have been a part of a company merger … Savannah Electric’s merger, a small company into a large company and knowing the benefits of Georgia Power and what it’s done for our infrastructure, our transmission and distribution infrastructure in the Savannah area and to the electric system, that’s been very exciting for me. What do you think are the biggest challenges for Georgia athletics in the near future?

Academics will always be a challenge for us because we are going to strive to attract the best and the brightest athletes, and athletics are going to continue to guide us and so we want athletes that want to succeed not only on the playing field but want to succeed in the classroom. And we have to compete for those because other schools want them, too. How has the knowledge from your occupation helped in the betterment of UGA athletics?

Well, I can certainly read a financial sheet (laughing). I think I have a very good business understanding and I have served on a number of boards both in my professional and personal life and I think I bring a high degree of ‘boardsmanship’ to that board. I serve on other boards at UGA too and am presently serving on the search committee for the new dean of the journalism school. I also was on the search committee that hired Greg McGarity and he’s done a wonderful job thus far. I think I also bring to the athletic board a broad understanding and appreciation of many sports. Your favorite UGA sports moment?

Well, there’s no doubt … “Lindsay Scott, Lindsay Scott!” (His winning touchdown in Georgia’s historic 1980 victory over Florida). And how many people say that? It was certainly a unique moment in Bulldogs’ history.


Dogs vs. Owls After getting a huge win in Mizzou, Georgia must keep focus against FAU By Travis Ragsdale


t’s been a long time since a Georgia team has gone on the road against a tough team and laid the lumber like this past weekend. And boy, was it satisfying or what? The Dawgs have always been taught to “Finish the Drill,” but it’s been a long time since a team has actually done it. But this team had the pride and skill set to do it; outscoring the Tigers 17-0 in the fourth quarter. While there were certainly flashes of brilliance this past weekend, there were also clear parts of the game the Dawgs need to work on. Good news though, Florida Atlantic is in town this weekend and provides the perfect opportunity to work out a few kinks before a tough, three game SEC stretch. Get Healthy!

The game against Missouri was what you would expect out of any SEC game; a rough and tumbler which resulted in a lot of guys getting knicked up. If the Dawgs were in the heart of the schedule with a lot of SEC games in a row, this may have been a cause for concern. Uniquely though, the Dawgs have a break this week with the Florida Atlantic Owls and it is the perfect time to let those guys who are ailing take the weekend off. John Jenkins, Kwame Geathers and John Theus are just a few of the guys that are banged up. These key cogs to the success of the team should do their best to get healthy this week so they can be at full force when Vandy rolls into town in a couple of weeks. Perhaps the most important person in this group is Theus. He struggled a good bit this past weekend with several false starts and getting beat off the line a good bit. Most of that can probably be attributed to the bum ankle he was playing on for the whole game. The offense needed him out there against Missouri and he gave it his best shot. But now, it’s time to rest. The Dawgs have plenty of capable guys who can block whatever Florida Atlantic throws at them. Theus is much more important to the overall scheme of things than the game this weekend. Georgia also had John Jenkins go down late in the fourth quarter due to an apparent ankle injury. After the game, Coach Richt said he was fine but it wouldn’t be a shocker for the team doctors to ere on the side of caution with him as well and let him heal that giant ankle of his up. Guess who’s back? Back again...

Well, one thing is for sure, Sanders Commings and Chase Vassar will be back. Based on his twitter postings last night, Commings has been anxiously awaiting this day for a long, long time. Aside from how long Rambo and Ogletree are suspended for, one question remains. And that’s what position Sanders Commings will play. Remember that Commings has bounced back and forth between safety and corner in his time at Georgia. With Rambo and Shawn “Sly” Williams having locked down the safety spots, it appeared Commings had settled in on one of the starting corner spots. However, with the question marks surrounding Rambo and his availability for the next couple of weeks, don’t be surprised to see #19 back at safety. All due respect to Connor Norman, he knows the system as good as anyone and plays sound football, but Commings is leaps and bounds a better athlete. But again, this is all contingent on if Rambo is unavailable and at this point, nobody really knows what’s going on with him or Ogletree.


Photos by Rob Saye

Hoot Hoot

Let’s do a quick breakdown of the Florida Atlantic Owls. This game, like Buffalo, ought to get out of hand pretty quickly and see Georgia onto their third win of the season so they can immediately shift focus to Vandy. The Owls are 1-1 this year with a 7-3 win over Wagner and a 17-31 loss against Middle Tennessee. To this point, their offense has been extremely stale having only scored a total of 24 point in those two contests. They can’t figure out who their starting quarterback is just yet but they seem to have a couple of quality receivers. Byron Hankerson has averaged a little over 70 yards a game early in the Owl’s season and already has two TD receptions. Being honest, Florida Atlantic is put on the schedule for two reasons. One, an easy win for Georgia and to allow a little break before a big run of SEC games. Two, to give Florida Atlantic a fat paycheck. That’s why they’re traveling to Athens. Plus, it’s great for their kids to experience the bright lights of big time college football. Intangibles

Momentum is a curious thing. Many people would argue that it’s the most important ingredient in creating a championship season. Perhaps this is why Georgia’s schedule was constructed like this, to keep momentum going. And it certainly should. The Dawgs are beaming with confidence right now and that can only translate into good plays on the field. Here’s the bugaboo with this game though, just like the Buffalo game, Georgia will be looking ahead and prepping a bit for Vanderbilt this week. If Florida Atlantic pulls out some trick play that nobody has seen before and it works, don’t think the world is coming to an end. And yes, Georgia will have some players out due to suspensions and injuries but again, this is only temporary and is all part of the plan to get those guys ready for the Commodores. It’s the first night game in Sanford Stadium of 2012, so get to campus early and get ready for another old fashioned, old man beat down by the Dawgs.

Bulldawg Illustrated

Georgia 41 Missouri 20 Denise, Knox, Maverick, Luke, Stetson III and Stetson Bennett IV

David Jacobs, Keith Stephens and George Foster

Michael Boynton, Zack Thompson and Kevin Heard

Matt Dehn and Eddie Flynt

Tim and Carla Burgess, Gayle Spears and Steve Shoemaker

Gaylie Felchlin, Asa Candler, Daniel Candler and Justin Taylor

Ansley Erdel, Righton Johnson, Erin Payne, Brad Hughes and Kevin Cooke

Stacia Doster and Elllis Chambers

Lee Cook, Doug Patterson and Daniel Patterson

Derrick Nolan, Stephen Flowers and Austin Mahaffey

Kathy and David Etheridge

Henry Harp and David Hughes

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Georgia 41 Missouri 20 Josh Stockton, Joe Walsh, Richard Meaders, Dylan Morgan, Chip Morgan, Sherri Meaders, Mark McKinnon and Dennis Stockton

Marvin and Sharon Potts

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Photograph by Erica George Dines


Sandra Garbutt’s Vidalia Onion Dip :HUKYHPZ[OLJ\YYLU[V^ULYVM)YV^UZ1L^LSY`PU=PKHSPHZLSSPUNÄULQL^LSY`[HISL[VWNPM[ZHUKIYPKHSYLNPZ[Y` 4 cups chopped Vidalia Onion 3 cups shredded Swiss cheese 2 cups Kraft mayonnaise Mix up the 3 ingredients. Bake at 350 for 35 minutes. Serve with Frito Scoops.

.LUHPZHJVVRIVVRH\[OVYHUKMV\UKLYVM-PYLHUK-SH]VY ;OPZYLJPWLPZMLH[\YLKPUSouthern My Way: Simple Recipes, Fresh Flavors. Dressing Juice and zest of 1 lime 1 tablespoon champagne or white wine vinegar 1 tablespoon water 1 tablespoon honey ½ teaspoon salt 1/4 cup olive oil 2 tablespoons chopped fresh mint 2 (4-ounce) balls fresh, water-packed mozzarella 4 ripe peaches, unpeeled, each cut into 8 wedges ½ cup fresh basil leaves To prepare dressing, combine lime juice, zest, vinegar, water, honey, and salt. Slowly whisk in olive oil and set aside. Cut cheese into 1-inch pieces and gently toss with peaches and basil leaves. Whisk mint into dressing and toss about 2 tablespoons (or more to taste) with salad. Season with freshly cracked pepper and serve.


Place a medium to large pot with a lid over medium heat. Once hot, add the olive oil, then the leeks. SautĂŠ until just translucent, about 3 minutes, and add the tomatoes, celery, garlic, and thyme. SautĂŠ for 3 more minutes and add the ^OP[L^PULHUKYLK\JLI`OHSM;OLUHKK[OL[VTH[VQ\PJLĂ„ZO stock, potatoes, corn and, sausage. Cook for 5 minutes and add the Old Bay and season with a 1/2 teaspoon of salt.

1 deep-dish frozen piecrust 1 cup packed dark brown sugar 1 cup light corn syrup 6 tablespoons unsalted butter, cut into pieces [HISLZWVVUĂ…HR`ZLHZHS[WS\ZTVYLMVYNHYUPZO 3 large eggs, lightly beaten 2 cups chopped pecans

Season the shrimp with a 1/2 teaspoon of salt. Add the shrimp to a large pot, cover with a lid and cook for 5 minutes, until the shrimp are cooked through and turn shiny white. Add the arugula and butter. Stir into the shrimp stew. Add the parsley and lemon and season with the remaining 1/2 teaspoon of salt. Ladle the stew into four bowls and garnish with a slice grilled bread for sopping up the broth.

Preheat the oven to 350 degrees F. Place the piecrust on a baking sheet, prick with a fork and bake for 15 minutes. Photograph by Rinne Allen

Add the brown sugar, corn syrup, butter and salt to a medium saucepan. Place over medium heat and stir while the mixture melts. Bring to a boil. Remove from the heat and cool. Whisk in the eggs and the pecans. Add to the pie shell on the baking sheet and bake for 50 minutes. Cool completely before serving.



gridiron music series

UGA VS: Florida Atlantic



9.14.12 9.15.12 9.21.12 9.22.12 9.28.12 9.29.12

The Grains of Sand (Soul/Beach/60 & 70 ) The Hands of Time (Soul/Funk/R&B/Old School Hits) Lil‘ Malcolm & the House Rockers (New Orleans/Zydeco) Matt Joiner Band (Blues/Rock/Guitar Virtuoso) Back In Time (Beach/soul/60 & 70 ) Jim Beam ARtist Andy Velo & the South Bandits with s





t Healthy H Hea allth althy tthy ea hhy & GETS Fit




Kelsie Chandler & The last chance Nelly Band (modern Country) ole miss

georgia southern

georgia tech

11.2.12 Stewart & Winfield, Cicada Rhythm (folk/roots/lowcountry blues) 11.3.12 Tim Miller Band (Texas/Roots/Rock originals & covers) 11.16.12 The Big Payback (James Brown Tribute) Those cats (funk/soul) 11.17.12 The Other Brothers Band (Tribute to the Allman Brothers)


L ost Lost Lo o s t 64.8 6 4.8 4 .8 lbs! l bs! By By eating eati atiing ing Barberitos Barberito os 8 times tim s a week and and exercising exercisin exercis erc ng erci g regularly, regularly r Daniel aniel i l was wa able to cut his body weight by 23.31%

11.23.12 Frog Pond Lounge Reunion featuring performances by Dirk Howell, David Prince & More 11.24.12 Velvet Runway (80 Classic & Power Rock) s




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Jack J k Spalding S ldi g Student majoring in His tory History Atlanta, Geor Georgia rg gia

Go to bulldawgil Chance to win $2 $25 25 gift car cards rd ds for Bookstore TATE the UGA Books storre at T ATE if you answer trivia correctly. trrivia corr rectly e y.

Answer r: Frank Sinkwich Answer:

Winner: Winne er: Matt Pirkel

Why W hy do do you you consider consider y yourself ourself a g great reat B Bulldawg ulldawg ffan? an?

Favorite Favorite coach, coach, why? why?

II’m ’m a 5 th g eneration Bulldog, Bulldog, a nd I h ave b een g oing tto o games games since since 5th generation and have been going I was just a pup. I als lso went to every single football foo otball yearr. b l game last year. also

C su upported him, and I really re eally appreciate appre appr eciate Coach Richt. I’ve always supported how he he does does things things gs tthe he rright igh ght way, way, u nlike some some other other SEC SEC coaches, coaches, how unlike h state off Alabama. namely ones in the n

G eorgia iis se xpected tto oc ontend ffor or a national national ttitle itle tthis his season, season, Georgia expected contend what do you worry y the most about for 2012? 2012 2? II’m ’m worried worried about about our our special special tteams, eams, for for we we will will h ave tto o replace replace have Drew Dr rew e Butler Butler,r, Brando Brandon on Boykin, and Blair Walsh. Wa alsh h. Also, I think it is crucrucial that Aaron Aarro on Murray Murrray really re eally step up, and can be the X-factor. X-factorr. F avorite o ffensive p layer, w hy? Favorite offensive player, why? B oo M alcome. He He runs runs hard hard a nd has has u nderrated moves. moves. H as tthe he Boo Malcome. and underrated Has potential to rush forr 1,000+ yards yarrd ds this year year.r.

Favorite Favorite tailgate tailgate food, food, why? why? Sushi. --Just Just kidding! kidding! g! (he’s (he’s quite quite the the jokester jokester a welll)) It’s It’s hot hot dogs. dogs. Sushi. ass well) h dogs Who W doesn’t doesn’’t like hot dogs? ? Do you you h ave a ffavorite avorite g ameday rritual? itual? Do have gameday Biite” by the venerable Clisbyy Clarke. I gotta listen to “Bulldog Bite” W ’s your (r What’ re ecorrd) d pr re ed diction for this season, why? w What’s (record) prediction

13-1. I think think w ew ill win win tthe he SEC, SEC, and and the the National National Title, Title, but but we we still still 13-1. we will might lose lose to to either either S outh C arolina o Florida during during the the rregular egular might South Carolina orr Florida Shawn Williams. He’s He e’’s a humble, hard-hitting harrd-hitting d g veteran. v s Look for him to season. All A rican. be First Team Te eam All-SE EC, and hopefully All-American. All-Amer i All-SEC, F avorite d efensive player, player, w hy? Favorite defensive why?





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Georgia 41 Missouri 20 Jack Draughon, Jef Flournoy, Mark Kimsey and David Grant

Travis Wolfe, Pat Pittard and Russell Smeak

Bob Richardson and Chris Roberts

Stacia Doster and Ellis Chambers

Sally and Hace Cargo

Jamie Huckaby and Chris Fairchild

Clay Westbrook and Scott Tonneson

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Andrew Forrester and Chase Kelley

John Olmstead with Ashley and Geoff Smith

Asia Klassen and Jamie VanScote

McCray, Elizabeth and Flynn Kelly

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Damon Da mon Le Lee e Fowle Fowler r SSavannah-based av a an nnah-based culinar culinary ry historian, food writer w r, and cookbook author writer,

Other featured Other featurreedd authors will be on hand andd rread excerpts to discuss an ead e ex cerpts from frrom o their rrecent ecent e wor work, rk, k including incluuding fabulous fiction and popular childr children’s reen’s books.

November N ov vember 10 Jekyll IIsland Jekyll sland d Conv Convention ention Center For F or o a full sch schedule hedule of ev events, ents, visit www w.G .GooldenIIsle s esLiterarryF a







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7 9 8

P R I N C E 7


A V E N U E 6





s o n i a s a y s . c o m .






Georgia 41 Missouri 20 Leona Walfield, Jennifer Eimers, Verna Mendoza, Jill Hensley and Jenn Garrett

Scott Lanier and Tori Thompson

Walter Constantine, Mack Freudenstein and John Roker

Josh, Denny, Aaron and Lauren Murray

Judy McDonald, Victor Mixon and Katherine Chandley

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Crazy Good.

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The Georgia Alliance of Community Hospitals has named Athens Regional as the Large Hospital of the Year.

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Athens Y Camp Alumni Day, Greg McGarity Guest speaker Sonny Dillard, Mike Malcom, Ridley Williams, Jim Laboon, Greg McGarity, Bill Saye, Jimbo Laboon, Joe Wills and Edward Schaefer

Tom Pearson and Orlean Castronis

Greg McGarity and Mike Castronis

Paula, Spencer and Garland Schaefer

Charlie Burch and Morgan Harvil and others singing at Alumni Day

Chester Leathers

Gus Elliott

Hank Williams, Dan Marlow, Bill Saye and Beth Williams

Bill Simpson

Alumni Pres. Hal Henniger

Edward Schaefer and Ridley Williams

Jackie, Bo, Harmon and Pete Tison

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A view from Florida Atlantic University By Jeff Dantzler That said, I don't know why it never feels like Georgia just can put things together for a whole season. There is always that trip-up. This is the year. The SEC East should go through Athens. I am concerned about the seemingly non-stop suspension parade, but if that stuff gets worked out, I really like Georgia.

Ken LaVicka, voice of the Florida Atlantic Owls, took some time to help us preview this Saturday night’s game in Athens. How big was it to get that close season-opening win?

Coming off of a one-win season, and especially with a whole new coaching staff and a very different roster, it was just important for everyone to put together a successful 60 minutes. Was it pretty? No. I guarantee you Carl Pelini won't apologize for that, however. When you're installing an entirely new culture, you find Ws wherever you can get them.

What does FAU need to do to pick up a win in Athens?

What has it meant to the offense to bring in an impact tailback in Martese Jackson?

He's definitely an intriguing piece to the Owls offense. Sure he's under-sized, but his speed is tantalizing. It's assumed he's one of those multi-purpose guys that you put into specific situations, but he can also be used as a feature back, as he was against Wagner. He racked up the most rushing yards in an FAU debut in the program's history. Not bad considering FAU's last feature back, Alfred Morris, is on pace to start for the Washington Redskins. In this spread, Jackson can be a prolific weapon, but a big part of that is because the position is deep, whether you're talking about him, Travis Jones, Damien Fortner, or Jonathan Wallace. Fresh legs and different looks can make the Jackson, and the back-field, dangerous as the season rolls on. What are FAU’s strengths this season?

If you're talking a specific side of the ball, the defense will be leaned-on at the open of this season. There are a number of veterans on the defensive line and in the linebacking group. The secondary is young, but has experience. The Owls like to run things out of the nickel, and the nickelback, Keith Reaser, is an impact player. With the Owls going back to a 4-3 just two years after ditching it for the 3-4, there's already an inherit understanding of the basic elements of the scheme. The offense is just too new from a system and personnel standpoint to be considered stronger than the defense. What are some of your favorite stadiums and game-day atmospheres you have been to?

I promise that this isn't meant to suck up to Coach Pelini, but I love Nebraska. Actually, when I called the FAU-Huskers opener in 2009, that was my first ever D1 football broadcast. What a place to start! The fans lined up along the street and gave our team buses a standing ovation as we arrived and left. The sea of red is intimidating and loud. The stands go straight up instead of out, so it feels like they're right on top of you. It's just awesome. I firmly believe "The Swamp" is the the loudest stadium in Amer-

ica, and I enjoyed the deep south feel of Auburn, but I cannot wait to get into Athens and see what Bulldog fans are all about. I'm still a young guy, late 20s, so I can still certianly appreciate an awesome tailgate, drinking games, and then getting after it come kickoff. What are FAU’s goals this year?

This is difficult to answer just because I don't know if anyone on the coaching staff has a true "expectation" for the team in 2012. With so many new pieces and a brand new philosophy, I think they'd just take simple improvement from game-to-game. That said, I get the feeling there would be some disappointment if there weren't 2, maybe 3 conference wins this year. The Sun Belt is not exactly in powerhouse-mode this year, and there are W's to be had. This team is confident they can compete in every conference game, and should grab a couple. I think a few SBC wins would be the goal if you were going to press me on it. What is your take on Georgia?

So much talent, so much speed. I mean, say what you will about Richt (and I know Georgia fans have a lot to say about him), the guy is just a flat-out recruiting stud. I like the Bulldogs, but I have the same question about them this year that I have in the last several: are they finally going to get over the hump? I mean, with this stockpile of ability, when will Georgia stop getting tripped up and truly compete for a national title? I mean, that's the expectation in Athens. It has to be. You know the feeling you get when you watch something and you know that it just makes you feel good? That's how I feel when I watch Aaron Murray throw. I just like what he does under center. UGA always has targets, so that helps, but that kid is just flat-out good. The defense wants to beat you up. They'll out-run you, then bruise you. I love that.

A strain of bubonic plague being released in the Georgia locker room. Just kidding. This is a tough question just because it's always awkward to try to list reasons why an FAU can march into Athens and upset the Bulldogs when no one is really going to take you seriously. I'll put it this way: if the Owls can get immediate production from the vets on defense and keep the game competitive for a quarter or two, the Owls offense, with big-play ability, could at least cause some nail-biting. FAU won't quit, though, even if things start getting away from them. Pelini and the staff won't allow it. It will be a learning process. Being relatively new in Division 1-A, in a great place like Boca Raton, what are the long term goals of the program?

In just 11 years FAU has a conference championship and two bowl wins. Incredible. The ultimate goal was always the on-campus stadium, and Howard Schnellenberger saw that through. It's magnificent. It's just gorgeous and such a source of pride. That was the goal. Now that it has been completed, there are less tangible, equally as important long-term marks to hit. The Owls can't be in the Sun Belt forever. With the way conference re-shuffling is changing the face of college football, FAU must get out ahead of this before it's too late. Rival FIU is off to Conference USA, which makes FAU's situation a little more urgent. C-USA is the obvious ascension-point, but Schnellenberger has always maintained FAU belongs in the Big East. Some have sort of brushed him off for comments like that, but it's not some crazy's just something to keep in mind. New AD Pat Chun has come in from Ohio State to help put FAU on better financial-footing, and there are just some must-have things that need to be done before FAU gets the attention of the big conferences. Chun wants an improved student-athlete academic center. He's been vocal about that. FAU also needs improvements to several of its athletic facilities and needs a stronger fundraising base. There is plenty of work to do. FAU can be a winner, however. South Florida is the most talent-rich football area in the country, and all it takes are a few eyebrow-raising wins, both on the field and in recruiting, and all of a sudden a region that is hard to impress starts to come out and support the program. In a conference like the Sun Belt, it's not insane to think FAU can compete for league crowns sooner rather than later. It's all of the other stuff that will take some time.

Florida Atlantic University Stars

By Murray Poole

By Jeff Dantzler #11 David Hinds, LB 6-2, 234 Sr. Miami, Florida (Edison H.S.)

#5 Martese Jackson, RB 5-6, 165 Jr. Ashville, N.C. (Erwin H.S., Fort Scott C.C.)

#14 Graham Wilbert, QB 6-6, 225 Sr. Valencia, CA (Valencia H.S.)

One of the top defensive players in the Sun Belt Conference, Hinds started his senior season a banner performance in a 7-3 win over Wagner. It was a game dominated by defense, and Hinds starred for the stop unit with 10 tackles. As a junior, Hinds had a magnificent season with 110 tackles to top the team and rank amongst the Sun Belt’s elite performers, ranking second in the league in stops. Hinds had a sack and broke up a pass against Auburn in 2011. He had a career best 13 tackles at Michigan State and had three straight games a year ago with seven solo stops.

Getting the season off to an excellent start, Jackson ran for 99 yards on 21 carries, averaging 4.7 per pop, in a 7-3 win over Wagner. As a junior college standout at Fort Scott, Jackson ran for 1,100 yard and five touchdowns in just eight games. As a senior at Erwin High School, Jackson led his conference, topping the 2,000-yard plateau. In Georgia’s season opener against Buffalo, the Bulls standout tailback Branden Oliver ran for 111 yards on 30 carries. Georgia could face a similar challenge with Jackson, who is not real big, but is an elusive, quick back.

One of Florida Atlantic’s leaders, the fifth year senior led the Owls comeback drive in a 7-3 season-opening win over Wagner. With Florida Atlantic trailing 3-0 in the fourth quarter, Wilbert hit Byron Hankerson for a 39-yard touchdown that was the difference-maker. Accurate to start his senior season, Wilbert was 10 of 13 for 126 yards against Wagner. As a junior, Wilbert started all but one game for the Owls, connecting on 154 of 294 passes for 1,459 yards and seven touchdowns. One of those scoring tosses came against Auburn.

Five keys for a Bulldog victory By Jeff Dantzler


Offensive Line Power – This is an opportunity for Georgia’s offensive line to flex its muscles and push Florida Atlantic’s defensive front around. If the O-Line can control the trenches, then the Dogs figure to have a big night and put up a lot of points. With new faces and position changes up front, building continuity up front is very important for the Bulldogs. So is building depth. If Georgia can get off to a hot start, Saturday night should give ample opportunity for reserve linemen to get a lot of snaps.

2. Live up to Defensive Hype – In the season-opener against Buffalo, the Bulldogs gave up long touchdown drives – including a 94-yard march – and surrendered over 100 yards rushing to tailback Branden Oliver. Like the opener, this is a game that Georgia should win without too many headaches. To do that, the Bulldogs defense must show its teeth. As Georgia gets close to 100 percent on defense, Saturday night is a prime opportunity to get salty and reach the potential of being one of America’s premier stop units.


Play LeMay – Aaron Murray will start, and if Georgia gets off to a big lead, there’s no reason not to get a lot of snaps for back-up quarterback Christian LeMay. If Murray stays healthy, or has to come out for a play or a series, the plan appears to be to redshirt Hutson Mason. That puts LeMay in that No. 2 role. And he needs to be as game ready as possible. LeMay got some fourth quarter action against Buffalo and had a nice scamper to highlight a 36-yard rushing performance.

4. Sound Kicking Game – This is something Georgia needs every week. If this is going to be a championship season for the Bulldogs, vast strides in the kicking game need to be made. Georgia is looking for explosion in the return game. Brandon Boykin certainly leaves big shoes to fill. It was great to see Chris Conley block a punt in the first game against Buffalo. Having a high caliber wide receiver make a big play in the kicking game bodes well for improved special teams.


Where does Malcolm Play? – With Sanders Commings returning to the starting line-up, the Bulldogs must now decide where Malcolm Mitchell will play primarily. Will it be corner or wide receiver? He is clearly Georgia’s most explosive and dynamic receiver. He’s a threat defenses have to account for. Mitchell is also an extremely talented corner. The Dogs want to have him set headed into the Vanderbilt game and right into the teeth of SEC play. My vote is offense primarily and then play defense in third and long passing situations. Mitchell in centerfield could translate into a pick six or two.


Scouting the Owls Location: Boca Raton, FL Conference: Sun Belt Enrollment: 29,290 Owls in a thumbnail: Under Howard Schnellenberger Florida Atlantic struggled to a 1-11 overall record and a 1-8 mark in the Sun Belt Conference last season and promptly brought in a new head coach in Carl Pelini, who served as defensive coordinator for his brother Bo Pelini at Nebraska. The Owls returned seven offensive starters and eight defensive regulars from their 2011 squad and in their first two outings this season, trimmed Wagner College 7-3 before falling at Middle Tennessee this past Saturday night, by 31-17. A look at the Florida Atlantic offense: Senior quarterback Graham Wilbert, who at 6-6, 225 has NFL quarterback size, is back to lead the Owls’ attack after experiencing a tough junior campaign when he passed for seven touchdowns while throwing 15 interceptions. And Wilbert, who passed for 126 yards and led a fourth-quarter comeback in the Owls’ opening win over Wagner, will have to step up his game considerably since Florida Atlantic lost Alfred Morris, who ran for 1,186 yards and was a sixth-round pick by the Washington Redskins this year. In the loss to Middle Tennessee Saturday, Wilbert was 25 of 32 for 260 yards and two touchdowns. A look at the Florida Atlantic defense: The Owls are also hoping to be much better defensively this season as they return standout linebackers David Hinds (110 tackles and two sacks last year) and Randell Johnson (92 tackles, five sacks and 14.5 tackles-for-loss). Hinds recorded 10 tackles in the season opener against Wagner while junior safety Jeremy McKnight notched nine stops. Game Prediction: After the huge win over the Missouri Tigers, the 2-0 Bulldogs could experience the natural letdown against the Owls, what with Vanderbilt, Tennessee and the South Carolina Gamecocks looming on the immediate horizon. Still, this game should pan out just as I predicted in the preseason forecast, with Georgia de-feathering the outmanned Owls by 51-7.

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Joan Foster Menser's Missouri-Georgia Party Myrna Smith, Fred Parry, Joan Menser and Barbara Hemrick

Tom Landrum, Jere Morehead and Susan Landrum

President Michael Adams and Columbia mayor, Bob McDavid

Lillian and Judge Steve Jones

Missy Martinette Hills and John Walsh

Richard and Tootie Burs

Trey Davis and Joan Gabel

Hank Waters and Joan Menser

Mills Menser and Fred Parry

Mike and Jen Williams

Myrna and Loran Smith with Claudia and John Noell

Celebrating THE Bounty of Georgia’s Golden Isles

September 21-23, 2012 + Gascoigne Bluff + Saint Simons Island Local foods prepared by more than 25 area chefs + Live music + The Market with a farm stand, juried arts & cras and retailers + Fine wines & cra beers + Cooking classes & demonstrations


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Jeff Dantzler’s Top 25 The shocking upset of the night, was Louisiana-Monroe’s stunning victory over Arkansas in Little Rock. The PAC-12 had a very impressive night, despite Washington getting drummed at LSU. And in the SEC, the two newcomers, Texas A&M and Missouri, went down to Florida and Georgia. Alabama and LSU again look like the two best teams in the country. 1. Alabama – Nick Saban lectured local reporters about not giving Western Kentucky enough respect. Then the Crimson Tide rolled to victory. Now comes a trip to Arkansas, which suffered was upset in overtime by LouisianaMonroe after major injuries. 2. LSU – Power running game. Awesome defense. Strong special teams. LSU has it all, including an awesome offensive line. Just like Alabama. The Fightin’ Tigers flat out hammered Washington and just reloaded all the great talent they lost. Just like Alabama. 3. Southern Cal – The Trojans went cross country and took on a game Syracuse squad in New York City. Matt Barkley was 23-of-30 with six touchdown passes. That six scoring tosses and seven incompletions. Syracuse’s 29 points are cause for concern. 4. South Carolina – Dylan Thompson looked great throwing the football for South Carolina with Connor Shaw sitting due to the injured shoulder. Marcus Lattimore is some kind of special and the South Carolina defense is tough. 5. Oregon – It was no problem for the Ducks and their high flying offense in a runaway victory over Fresno State. There is a good chance that Oregon and Southern Cal could both be undefeated when they meet and then rematch in the PAC-12 Championship Game. 6. Oklahoma – After a lackluster win over Texas-El Paso, the Sooners cranked up the offense against Division 1-AA foe Florida A&M. Bob Stoops has another excellent team that figures to contend for the Big XII title. 7. West Virginia – The Mountaineers get the chicken scheduling award for backing out of a showdown with Florida State. The Seminoles last second scheduled Savannah State and West Virginia had the week off. West Virginia figures to factor in the Big XII race, led by quarterback Geno Smith. 8. Clemson – The Tigers could have one of the country’s best offenses. With Tajh Boyd at quarterback, Andre Ellington at tailback and now Sammy Watkins leading the receivers, Clemson has tremendous explosion. The top of the ACC is the best its been since expansion. The Tigers host Furman then go to Tallahassee. 9. Florida State – Since West Virginia backed out, Florida State got Savanah State on the schedule. That huge game with Clemson is looming in Tallahassee on September 22. FSU’s defense should be very good this season. 10. Michigan State – Coming off that impressive victory over Boise State, the Spartans did a number on the road against Central Michigan. Now comes the big one with the Fighting Irish, and Michigan State can really make a jump. 11. Kansas State – The Wildcats got off to an explosive start against Miami. And it is a big deal for the program getting the Hurricanes to come to “the little apple.” Bill Snyder’s team should be right in the thick of the Big XII race. 12. Georgia – Jarvis Jones had a spectacular performance, leading the Bulldogs to a 41-20 victory at Missouri. The Bulldogs trailed 20-17 late in the third quarter and exploded for 24 unanswered points. There shouldn’t be too much of a sweat broken with Florida Atlantic then comes a brutal SEC stretch starting with tough Vanderbilt.

13. Texas – Kind of quietly, the Longhorns have put together a couple of nice wins. Texas has to get the defense back up to championship standards. The Longhorns could have their best running game in years. 14. Virginia Tech – It was a quick turnaround for the Hokies after that Labor Day night thrilling overtime victory over the Yellow Jackets. Logan Thomas is some kind of physical quarterback and the Hokies have a typically tough defense. 15. Tennessee – Coming off the big win over N.C. State, Vols fans got to enjoy a rout of Bill Curry. I’m sure Derek Dooley got an extra grin downing Yellow Jacket Bill Curry. Now comes the Gators and if Tennessee can pull it off, it will be the program’s biggest win in years. And Dooley’s most significant to date. 16. Mississippi State – For the first time in the 2000’s, Mississippi State won its SEC opener, rolling past Auburn 28-10. The Tigers are reeling. MSU is flying high. This was a huge win for Dan Mullen’s program, and a much needed triumph over an SEC West foe other than Ole Miss. State has a tough defense and nice balance on offense. 17. Florida – What a monster win for the Gators at Texas A&M. Florida tailed 17-7 in the first half, but rallied back to win 20-17. The defense was superb in the second half. Now comes a huge showdown with Tennessee in Knoxville. Both teams are 2-0 and jacked up. The winner has a great shot at the SEC East. 18. Arizona – What a great night for the Wildcats. Bear Down. Arizona did indeed, taking down Oklahoma State. Rich Rodriguez may be a really good fit in Tuscon. Oklahoma State finished third nationally a year ago and scored 84 points last week, so picking them off was huge. 19. Ohio State – Urban Meyer was not happy with a couple of miscues in the first half against Central Florida in a 31-16 win. These are two programs ineligible for the postseason. It was 10-10 late in the first half, and the Buckeyes faithful certainly weren’t expecting that. Ohio State hosts Cal Saturday and the Golden Bears figure to test the Buckeye secondary. 20. Tech – It was a heart-breaking loss for Tech at Virginia Tech on Labor Day night. The Yellow Jackets took care of Presbyterian College in an easy bounce back win. If Tech can keep its focus, they can climb back in that ACC race. 21. Oregon State – What a nice upset win for the Beavers at home against Wisconsin. The Oregon State defense was outstanding, just shutting the Badgers down. Oregon State could be Oregon’s biggest challenger in the PAC-12 North. 22. Notre Dame – We’ll see on the Fighting Irish. They took care of Navy and Purdue, and that has been far from a given for Notre Dame. Things get jacked up a whole bunch now, as the Irish take on very tough Michigan State. 23. TCU – Gary Patterson’s Horned Frogs have picked up a couple of easy wins as they head into Big XII play. That drug arrest scandal stained the program, but TCU has had great success in the Patterson era. It has to feel great for their fans to be back in the newer version of the old Southwest Conference. 24. UCLA – The Bruins got a signature victory over Nebraska in the Rose Bowl. Jim Mora Jr. has UCLA off to an impressive 2-0 start. It looks like the boys from Westwood, Arizona and Arizona State will be Southern Cal’s primary challengers in the PAC-12 South. 25. Arizona State – The Sun Devils are off to a fine 2-0 start, and looked good in a 38-14 pounding of Illinois. Todd Graham has burned several bridges in his career, but has Arizona State off to an excellent start.

Game rewind: Dawgs 41, Mizzou 20

Kevin Butler’s Players of the Game

By Murray Poole

COLUMBIA, Mo. – Just when SEC newcomer Missouri seemed about to show the seventh-ranked Georgia Bulldogs that their new-fangled, high-octane spread offense was going to trump Georgia’s “old-man football,” the visitors from Athens awakened in the second half and put an end to such nonsense with a 4120 pasting of the Tigers here Saturday night. After trailing 10-9 over the first two quarters, the now 2-0 Bulldogs (1-0 SEC) proceeded to outscore the Tigers 32-10 in the second half but until All-America outside linebacker Jarvis Jones made two gigantic plays in the final quarter, the game’s outcome was still in doubt. First Jones picked off a James Franklin pass deep in Missouri territory and rambled 21 yards down to the Tigers’ one to set up a Todd Gurley touchdown that finally gave the Bulldogs some breathing room at 34-20. Minutes later, Jones then barreled in on Franklin’s blind sack and separated the Missouri quarterback from the ball, enabling freshman Jordan Jenkins to recover at the Tigers’ 5 and set up Georgia’s final score of the game, a 6-yard run by Ken Malcome. “We came out here and it was a big win,” said Jones, who in addition to his interception and sack, recorded eight tackles for a Bulldogs’ defense that limited the Tigers to just 102 yards on the ground. “A lot of people thought we were going to come out here and get upset, but the guys stayed confident, the coaches kept us pumped, and Bulldog Nation came out and supported us. Mizzou had some big plays, they threw their punches, but you have to play the whole game. We stayed in our game, and we executed,” added Jones. “Jarvis is an All-American,” said Georgia head coach Mark Richt. “Heck, he may be the best defensive player in the country. I was proud of the boys and the job they did. You know, 21 points was really not indicative of how close the game was. We just made some plays at the end there that got some quick scores for us. It was definitely a great challenge for our football team. There were times when I was just starting to wonder what was going to happen. And then our guys started to come through with some big plays on both sides of the ball.” Both teams squandered scoring opportunities in the first quarter as the Bulldogs couldn’t cash in from the Tigers’ 37 after getting good field position following a high punt snap and Missouri failed to score from the Georgia 14 after losing a fumble. But after the two teams then matched field goals in the second period, with Bulldog freshman Marshall Morgan erasing the Tigers’ 3-0 lead with a 52-yard kick, both offenses would suddenly explode in the final two minutes prior to halftime. Missouri zipped into a 10-3 lead via Franklin’s 41-yard strike down the middle to Marcus Lucas with 1:31 to play only to see the Bulldogs surge right back by going 71 yards in just 58 seconds.


A 24-yard Aaron Murray pass to Marlon Brown advanced the ball to the Tiger 36 and then Murray came back with an inside screen throw to Tavarres King, who rumbled all the way to the Missouri 2-yard line. Two plays later, Murray passed to Brown in the right end zone corner for the score. But with now 30 seconds before intermission, Morgan’s PAT kick was off to the right and the Tigers thus clung to a slim 10-9 advantage at halftime. The big plays continued in the third period as the Tigers went up 17-9 on a 69-yard bomb from Franklin to a wide-open L’Damian Washington, but the Bulldogs then proceeded to snap back and tie the game at 17 on Murray’s 7-yard scoring pass to King and then a subsequent two-point PAT pass to Michael Bennett. Georgia wheeled 75 yards on 12 plays on the scoring drive with a key 9-yard run to the Tigers’ 12 by Malcome on third down keeping the march alive. After the Tigers responded again by driving inside the Georgia 10, the Bulldogs’ defense rose up and made Missouri settle for a 25yard field goal to send the Tigers up by 20-17. Georgia then quickly went the distance once again, zipping 72 yards on five plays. Murray had throws of 40 yards to Brown and 22 to Bennett on the drive and then came back from the Tiger 11 to thread the ball in to Brown for the touchdown. Morgan’s kick hit the bar but went through and the Bulldogs now led for the first time of the night, by 24-20 with only 51 seconds left in the third. The Bulldogs then got a huge break to increase their lead when Tiger coach Gary Pinkel surprisingly called for a fake punt on his own 35-yard line only to see Georgia’s Richard Samuel stop Trey Barrow’s run shy of the first down. The Bulldogs couldn’t cash a touchdown this time but did get a 41-yard field goal from Morgan to up their lead to 27-20 with 11:17 remaining. And then came the big play the Bulldogs had been longing for. Backed up at their own 19, the Tigers saw Franklin’s pass attempt picked off by Jones, who made a spinning, 21-yard run down to the Missouri one, almost scoring when he twisted his body at the goal line. On the next play, Gurley bulled in for the score and with Morgan’s kick, the board blinked to 34-20 with 7:33 to go. The Bulldogs then added insult to injury when that man Jones parted Franklin from the ball again inside the Missouri 10 and freshman Jordan Jenkins pounced on the bouncing ball at the Tigers’ 5. Malcome then carried three straight times, running in untouched from the 6 on his last carry. And with Morgan’s kick, Georgia had put the Tigers away for good at 41-20 with 5:16 remaining. That’s when all those Mizzou fans decked out in gold and black began making a mass exodus to the exits while, at the same time, the ecstatic Bulldog fans in the corners of the stadium began chanting “Old man football, old man football.”

Kevin Butler, former University of Georgia legendary kicker and a member of the Georgia radio broadcast team, will each week during the 2012 football season select his offensive, defensive and special teams players of the week for Bulldawg Illustrated. Here are Butler’s selections and reasons why for the Bulldogs’ 41-20 win over Missouri in Columbia Saturday night. OFFENSE – Senior wide receiver Marlon Brown, who caught a career-high eight passes for 106 yards including two touchdown receptions from quarterback Aaron Murray. “A heralded receiver out of Tennessee, Marlon enabled Georgia to break open the game Saturday night,” said Butler. “With Marlon, we have a strong, intimidating receiver who has the grace to go deep and the brawn to catch the tough passes over the middle, like his second touchdown against Missouri. He will give Aaron a great weapon and I think you’ll see Aaron start going to Marlon a lot more now.” DEFENSE – Junior outside linebacker Jarvis Jones who was all over the field against the Tigers, recording eight tackles, his first career interception when he returned the ball 21 yards to the Missouri one to set up Todd Gurley’s touchdown that gave the Bulldogs some breathing room, a sack and, finally, a caused fumble against Tiger quarterback James Franklin that set up Georgia’s last touchdown. “It could be one of the best defensive games by any one player all year long in college football,” said Butler. “Jarvis’s dominance against the run, his relentless pressure against the passer and his flat out playmaking ability single-handedly swung the game in Georgia’s favor. Eight tackles, one interception, one caused fumble, he is certainly the frontrunner for all season awards and Georgia is certainly lucky that he came back to be a leader.” SPECIAL TEAMS – Senior Richard Samuel, who while playing on the punt return team against Missouri, made a clutch stop on Tiger punter Trey Barrow when Missouri attempted a fake punt try deep in their own territory. Samuel’s tackle of Barrow short of the first down marker led to a Georgia field goal to turn the game’s momentum and prompted coach Mark Richt to say it excited him more than any other play in the game. “Richard is the ultimate Georgia football player,” said Butler. “He’s a good student, a great football player and most importantly, he’s unselfish when it comes to team. He has played offense, he has played defense and he has always been a leader for the team. And with his play on specialty teams recognizing the fake punt and making a stop started the turnaround for the Bulldogs against Missouri. It gave him the sense he belongs on the field and can contribute to the success of the Georgia offense this year.”

Bulldawg Illustrated

Issue 8, 2012  
Issue 8, 2012  

After an awesome trip and victory at Mizzou, the Dawgs return to Athens to host the FAU Owls ... game breakdown, fan photos from Missouri, s...