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Miami ... South Beach. Can Y’all Feel That? 2012 Season Preview

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From the editor : vance leavy Let the games begin as the countdown to the 2012 Georgia Bull- then goes game by game lending knowledge on each of the Bulldogs’ dogs football season is down to just a few hot summer months. And opponents this season. Both are sure to get you fired up. in case you haven’t figured it out by our cover, everyone here at BullAnd besides his annual season prediction, Murray got Coach dawg Illustrated is “all in” for the 2012 season. Richt to name two players on both offense and defense that he expects From myself to Murray Poole to even JD (Jeff Dantzler), there is superior leadership from this season (page 6). Hint, hint, they are the only one acceptable goal this season and that is to earn the right to play players on our cover. And how cool that our sport’s photographer Rob for the National Championship. Saye had a terrific shot where the two defensive players are simultaMiami … SouthBeach … Can Y’all Feel That? neously lighting up an opponent. Nice, indeed. Last week, I began toying with some ideas for a fun cover. ImAlso, Murray continues our series on UGA athletic board memmediately I went to where this year’s title game will be played for in- bers by talking with UGA president, Dr. Michael Adams (page 5). spiration. That of course is Miami. Next up, I Googled songs having Dr. Adams’ (who will retire at the end of June 2013) love of sports to do with the city. And up popped “Miami” by Will Smith. It was has certainly proved beneficial for our athletic program. And the perfect with its lively beat and lyrics describing all the cool things growth and the appeal of the University of Georgia during his years about vibrant Miami. of leadership speak for themselves. And I bet Now you’re probably saying to yourself we’ll see him at even more UGA sporting that doing something so brash could be the events in his retirement. kiss of death for our beloved Bulldogs. And Well that pretty much covers everything you know, you very well might be correct. on the sports side in this issue, but do also But the way I look at this season is there’s abcheck out Loran Smith’s column on page 14, solutely no reason Mark Richt and company where he delves into what all the expansion in can’t finally put it all together for the magical college football could mean. It frightens me season we in the Bulldog Nation have been because the product is already so damn good, pining decades for. so why monkey with it? Only time will tell. Right or wrong, I stand by my bold edOn the social front, throughout this itorial decision. And I hope it drives our playissue, you will find well over 100 photos from ers to know it’s right there for the taking. various UGA related events that occurred the Thankfully without my knowing it, both last few months. The majority of them are JD and Murray sent in their stories for this from different cities where Mark Richt and issue declaring that they too had drank the Mark Fox traveled on their annual speaking Miami/South Beach kool-aid. tour. Both men are to be commended for their Before I opened Dantzler’s first Top 25 uncanny ability of making so many fans feel of this season, I told myself that he might put special. The smile that each Georgia fan gets the Dawgs somewhere in the teens just to get when meeting the coaches is something we at a rise out of folks who have already seen BI truly love capturing in our photos. Georgia ranked no. 5 in an early ESPN poll. In our center spread (pages 14 and 15), photo by Ryan Scates But right as I opened the document, I said, Cheri and our intern Katherine have put towho knows he might shock the world and have us ranked #3. Bam, gether a great feature with the help of some of Georgia’s best restauthat’s exactly where you will find Georgia on his Top 25 on page 26. rants. There’s nothing better than a great libation to help with the Next up, Murray Poole’s annual prediction (which always runs stifling heat that’s about to come our way this summer. Cheers. in our Season Preview issue, page 22) came to my email. And inside, Well I guess it’s time for me to wrap this sucker up. I found where he predicted the 2012 Bulldogs going 11-1 in the regI hope everyone out there has a great summer. And I hope our ular season. And then he sees Richt’s team taking out LSU in a SEC Georgia coaches and players pick up this issue and aren’t afraid. InChampionship rematch (from last year) in Atlanta, thus earning a trip stead, I hope it drives them even more to make it to the National to Miami. Championship. Miami … SouthBeach … Can Y’all Feel That? Miami … SouthBeach … Can Y’all Feel That? Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah Finally, the Bulldog Nation lost a terrific Dawg recently with the Alright, alright, it’s time for me to get serious passing of Craig “Sky” Hertwig. If you were around Athens the last 40 because without question there’s lots to do if years and never got to know this towering personality then you missed Miami is truly the Bulldog Nation’s 2012 destiny. out. His love of both Georgia and Athens were unmatched. He will be On page 4, JD gives his insight on what he missed. Perhaps something magical is coming our way in his memthinks is most important to insure a champi- ory. onship season. I won’t give it all away, but “Run Enjoy the next few months and get yourself ready for the 2012 with Power” and “Don’t be Field Goal U” were season. It’s going to be a good one. We’ll see you on July 24 with our my favorites. SEC Media Days/Preview issue. Beyond his column, JD also goes through Until then, Miami … SouthBeach … Can Y’all Feel That? each position (page 23) on the UGA team and Go Dawgs!

2012 Season Preview Cha Cha Cha Publishing Inc. Editor Vance Leavy Editorial & Ad Director Cheri Leavy Sports Guru Jeff Dantzler Sales Caroline Kinney Holly Stanfill Sports Murray Poole Travis Ragsdale Layout/Design Cheri Leavy Vance Leavy Photography Rob Saye Ryan Scates Botanical Gardens photos Laura D. Beard Photography Columnists Carlton DeVooght Al Hickson Rob Sherrell Loran Smith Chad White Online Student Editor Travis Ragsdale Interns Katherine Parke Pierce Persons Delivery Hatton Abernathy Martin Cameron Jake Davis Will Hayes Frank Sinkwich IV Champ Vance

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Georgia has the talent. Georgia has the schedule. Georgia has one of its best chances since Herschel Walker played to win college football’s biggest prize. With a playoff looming, the arithmetic and number of necessary victories, makes this season Georgia’s, and everyone else’s, best chance in the foreseeable future. So what do the Bulldogs have to do to get back to Atlanta with a record of at least 11-1, beat LSU, Bama or Arkansas, get the berth, and then down Southern Cal, Florida State or Oklahoma to join the Southeastern Conference’s national championship parade? Stop the Self-Inflicted Wounds – To make the final step to the top rung, Georgia has to get out of its own way. Catastrophic turnovers, special teams meltdowns and costly penalties must be averted. Georgia threw four pick-six’s last year, three in losses. That’s not a national championship formula. In the loss to South Carolina, the Bulldogs gave up three non-offensive touchdowns, and a fumble was returned to the Georgia five, setting up another. The Dogs led Michigan State 16-0 and threw interceptions – one returned for a touchdown – on subsequent possessions. The Spartans would win in overtime. Off field problems that lead to suspensions obviously fall into the category of beating yourself. One game, one loss can make national title dreams go up in smokes. Stars must Play Like Stars

Jarvis Jones, Malcolm Mitchell, Alec Ogletree, Isaiah Crowell, John Jenkins, Aaron Murray and the rest of Georgia’s frontline talent must perform even better than a year ago. Your guys have got to be guys. Think about the SEC Championship Game and what Honey Badger Mathieu and Mo Claiborne did. They were the country’s best cornerback combination and they both scored touchdowns. In the BCS Championship Game, Trent Richardson was the best player on the field. When the Dogs beat Florida, Jones had an incredible performance. In the win in Knoxville, Mitchell had two huge catches. Against Auburn, everything was clicking. Having your best players at their best, and the ensuing trickle down is how big games and championships are won. Get at least Good Offensive Line play

Proud sup supporters pporters of the Georgia Bull ldogs since 1976 Bulldogs 3200 320 00 Atlanta Hwy Athens, Ga G 1-800-969-0347 w w w . p h i l h u g h e s h o n d a . c o m

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It would be a stretch to hope and anticipate this offensive line playing like the powerhouse units from 1976, 1982, 1997 or 2002. But to win the big prize, the offensive line has to at least be good. Murray is mobile (more on that later), but the Dogs don’t need him scrambling from pressure. He needs to be moving by design. And the front has to open holes for the Crowellled cast of tailbacks, which leads to key number four. Run with Power and Purpose

All of these SEC national championship teams have had highly successful power running games as a primary attribute. Tim Tebow, Cam Newton, Mark Ingram, Trent Richardson . . . these championship teams have put the ball into the hands of their stars when the other guy knew they were going to run. And they got first downs and touchdowns. With Crowell and highly touted Keith Marshall headlining the backs, plus the running ability of Murray, if the offensive line can at least create stalemates, Georgia’s running game should be outstanding. Plus, LSU and Alabama’s front sevens don’t have to be faced – at least until Atlanta potentially. Have you heard, Georgia is 46-5 since 2001 when a tailback goes for 100 yards. It’s how you win in the SEC and

it opens up so much more. Which leads us to …. Fully Utilizing Murray

He’s not real tall, so those 10-15 yard throws into traffic from the numbers in aren’t his strength. Murray is an excellent runner and throws the deep ball very well. Most of Georgia’s disastrous offensive plays came on straight drop back pass plays last year. Getting Murray out moving, especially if the tailback running game is going good, gives Georgia the potential to be dynamic on offense. Defensive Depth

Georgia’s first team defense could very well be the nation’s best. But here’s the cold hard truth: Georgia’s couldn’t stop Boise State. Georgia got gashed in the fourth quarter by Marcus Lattimore. LSU proved it had more good players than the Bulldogs, overpowering Georgia in the second half. The Bulldogs couldn’t stop Michigan State with the game on the line. Some highly touted true freshman and heavily recruited players who have been in the program a year or two will have to step into vital backup roles so that talented first unit isn’t out of gas in season and program-shaping moments. Deliver the Knockout Blow

Taking out the two games against one another (one of which was a double digit win), Alabama and LSU won all of their games by at least 13 points. Most were by 20 or more. Now this is extremely rare, especially in this league. Easy wins in the SEC are hard to come by. But against the likes of Ole Miss and Kentucky, the Dogs need to win big, conserving gas in the tank and sending a message. The message is, this team should be feared, not looked at as an upset victim. Don’t be Field Goal U

Georgia wasn’t in the win over Florida. The Bulldogs came through with a pair of enormous fourth down touchdowns that helped deliver a desperately needed win. Georgia got touchdowns against Auburn and Tech. Georgia got second half touchdowns against Tennessee. Obviously, you are not going to get a touchdown every time. But when visiting the red zone, the Dogs need the mentality and aggressiveness of what happened this past year in Jacksonville, not the Orlando overtime. Touchdowns win championships. But when you don’t get TD’s, you’ve got to make the kicks. Which leads us to . . . Vast Special Teams Improvement

Georgia beat Ole Miss, Vanderbilt and Florida despite “F-minus” kicking game performances. But the punt return score for LSU, the missed field goals in all four losses, the fake punt TD for South Carolina . . . these are things that championship teams don’t give up in such large numbers. Georgia’s depth isn’t what it could/should be. Some of the aforementioned up-and-comers on defense will be asked to fill vital roles on special teams. And oh yeah, the Dogs will have a true freshman at punter and kicker. Hit the Explosive Plays

LSU and South Carolina beat Georgia with them, and Bama had a ton last year. The defenses in this league are so good, it is essential to come up with those 20, 30, 50, 70 yard plays on offense, defense and special teams to get those big chunks of yardage and long touchdowns. The SEC national champions have had great defense, power running, fearsome big play strike-ability, and strong special teams. As brutally tough as this league is, the template of champions is there.

Bulldawg Illustrated

poole shots By Murray Poole

Adams is proud of the success of UGA athletics

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Dr. Michael Adams jokes that he was a “partial athlete” while participating in high school and collegiate athletics but, unquestionably, it’s the University of Georgia president’s love of sports that has enabled him to competently carry out his role on the UGA Athletic Association Board of Directors. “I love sports back to high school days,” said Adams, who serves as chairman of the athletic board. “I played a little basketball, ran track, played summer baseball and went to college on a partial track scholarship. I laughed and said that’s because I was a partial athlete,” he mused. “I have great respect for the young men and women who do this every day and balance their academics, and we just had a report in (the recent) board meeting at Lake Oconee that all of our athletes together for the first time had over a 3-point combined GPA in addition to a very good year so I’m proud Mary Paige Adams, Campbell Adams and Michael Adams of that.” Dr. Adams, who has served as president of the university for the past 15 voting student member who is elected by years and who will be retiring from his the board from three finalists that are seoffice at the end of June 2013 to return lected in an interview process. Then to a faculty position, said he’s simply a there are two non-voting student-athhuge Bulldog fan who makes it to as letes on the board; they get to speak and many of Georgia’s athletic events as he weigh in on issues. There’s one male student-athlete and one female student-athpossibly can. “I get to virtually every football game lete so we do pay a lot of attention to home and away because there are always student opinion. They don’t carry the alumni events associated with the day on every issue but they have a lot of games,” he said. “I get to most men’s and influence on what we get done and I women’s basketball games and then I try think that’s as it should be.” Dr. Adams said he’s really proud of to get to at least one of every other sport … soccer, equestrian, volleyball. I get to the manner the Georgia athletic board several baseball and softball games. It’s has worked diligently in its attempt to just like everything, it’s depending on take the university’s athletic program to schedule. If all I had to do was deal with another level. “I feel very good about the breadth sports, I’d be at all of them because I love of the board,” Adams declared. “We have it but you just can’t be at everything.” Explaining the makeup of the ath- female faculty members, we have people letic board, Dr. Adams said it’s an honor who played Division I football, we have for him to serve with the 17 other mem- distinguished researchers, we have peobers that comprise the body of directors. ple of every stripe on the board. We have “I serve as chair of the board by of- significant donors to the university who fice,” Adams pointed out. “That’s accord- are on the board. And sometimes I think ing to university policy and according to people think that this is all a uniform the accrediting agents saying the presi- kind of effort but there’s diversity of dent has to be in control of athletics, so opinion on most matters, and my role as for both of those reasons. My role basi- much as anything is to make sure that all cally is to chair the meetings, to make voices are heard but I must say that the sure that the finances are managed prop- board has done a very good job that once erly and to assist the athletic director in a decision is made everybody seems to arranging coaching contracts and lock arms and move forward and I think it’s one of the reasons the athletic prosalaries. “Tim Burgess is the treasurer be- gram has done as well as it has. I think cause he’s senior vice president for fi- you know this but I would remind you nance. David Shipley is the faculty that there’s not a nickel of state money athletic rep and secretary of the board by that goes into athletics at UGA – we have appointment,” he continued. “David is a to figure out ways to pay our own way. former dean of the law school who had The budget has more than doubled in resigned and had gone back to the law my 15 years here and the reserves have faculty and he succeeded Jere Morehead. more than tripled and we’re thankful to Jere Morehead was faculty athletic rep literally thousands of alumni and fans before he became provost and I think who have given money and bought tickJere’s long knowledge about athletics at ets and made this one of the best athletic UGA was one of the reasons the board programs in the country because it’s the wanted to change the bylaws to where fans and the students who I think dethe provost was a member of the board serve the lion’s share of credit for what’s happened here.” as well. And Michael Adams feels like Geor“There are 18 members on the athgia’s athletic program today is in better letic board,” said Dr. Adams. “There are three key positions by office: mine, then shape, both financially and on the playthe senior vice president for finance at ing fields itself, than at any other time the university serves as treasurer of the within memory. “I certainly don’t think our athletic association and the faculty athletic representative, who’s appointed by the pres- program has been stronger (than it is ident, serves as secretary of the now), certainly not in my time here and association. As I said, we also changed maybe not in history,” he said. “Our rethe bylaws last year to make the provost serves are strong, we have a great new a member of the board so there’s really leader in Greg McGarity as athletic ditoday three people by office, the provost, rector and we’re doing things right. the president and the senior VP for fi- We’re doing drug testing and we’re staynance. And then the faculty athletic rep ing out of trouble. There was a time Georgia was known for infractions and is a year to year appointee.” Dr. Adams said, in addition to the being on probation and, knock on wood, above members, there are six faculty we haven’t had any serious problem in members comprising the athletic board. 10 years now and I think that’s because “There are three appointed by the of the leadership we’ve had in good AD’s president and three elected by the uni- and coaches who believe that you do versity council,” he informed. “There are things right, and I have very high regard six outside board members with voting for the coaches who are on the staff at rights. Three are elected by the board UGA. They’re not only great coaches, and three are recommended to me by the they’re great people, they believe in folalumni association and I think I’ve al- lowing the rules and doing things ethiways accepted whatever those recom- cally and I think over the last decade or mendations are. And then there’s one so, I believe we’ve become nationally known for that.”

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Richt’s 2012 leaders Abry Jones, Tavarres King, Aaron Murray and Shawn Williams are expected to shine by Georgia head coach By Murray Poole

y any measure, one would have to deem Georgia’s 2011 football season a successful one. Mark Richt’s Bulldogs snapped back from a dismal 6-7 campaign in 2010 to fashion a 10-4 overall record. In the process, they reeled off 10 consecutive wins last fall and earned their first trip to the SEC championship game since the 2005 season. Still, there were pitfalls along the way that kept the ‘011 season from evolving into a great season, rather than a merely good one. Georgia opened the year with disappointing back-to-back setbacks to Boise State and South Carolina. Then after the lengthy win string, the Bulldogs ended the season with a 42-10 spanking at the hands of LSU in the SEC title game before then going under to a Michigan State comeback and dropping the Outback Bowl game by a 33-30 tally in three overtimes. So certainly, for members of the 2012 Bulldogs, there are still goals they have yet to reach. Georgia, this coming fall, not only will be striving to capture the East Division crown for a second consecutive year but to take that next step and win the conference championship and, at the same time, become a viable contender for the Bulldogs’ first national title since way back in 1980 when a freshman named Herschel Walker burst on the college football landscape. And, of course, if Georgia is to once again become a championship football team, someone will have to lead the way. Indeed, quality leadership from within the players’ ranks will be an absolute necessity if the Bulldogs are to achieve those above stated goals. That’s why head coach Richt has reached into his roster and designated three seniors and one redshirt junior to show the way for these 2012 Dogs. And – a roll of the drums here – they are senior strong safety Shawn Williams, senior defensive end Abry Jones, senior flanker Tavarres King and junior quarterback Aaron Murray. “Defensively, I’d say Shawn Williams and Abry Jones would be my picks,” said Richt. “Abry up front, he’s been a highly productive guy that I think all the guys respect. He’s a senior and I think he’s going to have a tremendous senior year. Shawn Williams kind of quietly goes about his business and plays extremely fast and physical and he’s a tough, tough kid and the guys have a lot of respect for him as well.” Williams (6-1, 220) was Georgia’s leading tackler a year ago with 72 and the former Early County High standout also had four interceptions, two fumble recoveries and a forced fumble. “Some guys just play the game in such a way you’ve got to respect them,” said Richt. “Shawn practices hard, he’s very focused on what he wants to do, and he’s very physical. There were times in some games last year when he knew everything was on the line. We might have just scored and needed to make sure that they didn’t get a big play and he’s


like grabbing kids, young guys and throwing them off the special teams and making sure he’s covering the kick, too. And make a big play or something. He just wants to win and I think the guys respect that.” Jones (6-3, 309) started all 14 games and recorded 48 tackles last season including seven for loss and four sacks. He also had 20 quarterback pressures and earned SEC Defensive Lineman of the Week honors after making four tackles against Kentucky. “Abry, I think he’s going to have a big year,” Richt said of the former Northside High of Warner Robins standout. “I think he’s stronger than he’s ever been, he’s in better condition than he’s ever been and I think he’s going to really create a lot of problems for people who have to deal with him. You know when you’re working with a couple of really big nose guards and guys who can bring pressure off the edge, I think it’s going to create some single blocking schemes that I think Abry’s going to do well against.” Offensively, Richt was quick to tab King and Murray as his team leaders. “Of course, Murray plays the peak position of leadership but he’s a very good leader,” the coach declared. “And TK has really matured in my opinion as a player and a leader. Of course, he’s got some young guys in his group that he’s done a good job of showing the way to.” Murray (6-1, 211) has established himself as one of the nation’s top quarterbacks. In his sophomore season in 2011, the Tampa, Fla. product passed for 3,149 yards and a new school single-season record 35 touchdowns. Ranking second in the SEC in passing yards per game and total offense, Murray also established a new UGA mark for touchdown responsibility with his total of 37. He was named All-SEC First Team by and Phil Steele. “Aaron knows this time of year is the time of year where guys need to step up and take on that leadership role and he doesn’t want to be the lone ranger – he wants to see the other seniors and some of those third or fourth-year juniors to really step up and take control of their units,” said Richt. “He understands it’s more than a one-man show.” The 6-1, 192-pound King has been a fouryear starter at the wideout position. Last season, he paced the Bulldogs with 47 receptions for 705 yards and eight touchdowns. In the Outback Bowl loss to Michigan State, the former Habersham Central High great had six catches for a new school record 205 yards and a touchdown. “Tavarres has got that big-play ability, that explosive ability to run the deep ball routes, make the catches on the run,” Richt pointed out. “But he’s a pretty complete receiver. He knows what he’s doing. He’s a much better blocker than he’s been early in his career and he definitely can take it deep. “I think all four of these guys will do a great job (of team leadership) this off season,” concluded Richt.

photos by Rob Saye


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Bulldawg Illustrated


loran smith


The ever-changing landscape ...

photo by Ryan Scates

fore they will want a raise. The more they make, the more they will want. If we are going to pay players, I think there ought to be fines passed out, based on class attendance. Every time they cut a class, dock their pay. What about a system that is based on passing your work? If you don't pass, you don't get paid. There is plenty to worry about in the future. If too many cooks spoil the broth, then too much money can ruin the game. But ask anybody if they are ready for some football and you'll get a resounding, "Yes." Georgia fans are excited about the trip to Missouri and are wanting the Arizona State experience. Take our speed and SEC defense to Columbia and enjoy a nice fall outing on the road. It might be best to remember that while Missouri hasn't won but one Big Twelve title (1969) since 1960 when Dave Devine was the Tiger coach and Fran Tarkenton was the Bulldog quarterback, they have played in eight bowl games in 11 years and haven't been a pushover. The Tigers can compete. Missouri upset Oklahoma in 2010 when the Sooners were ranked No. 1 in the country and the last time they met SEC opponents in bowls, it was the Tigers who went home victorious: 38-7 over Arkansas in the Cotton Bowl (2007) and 38-31 over South Carolina in the Independence Bowl (2005). It will be hot in Columbia--not like it would be if the Bulldogs were playing in Columbia, S. C., as originally scheduled. However the Mizzou fans will be hotter. They will want to show Bulldog fans they belong in the SEC. You may be interested in the fact that Missouri has sent more players to the NFL in recent years than most SEC teams. There is reason to believe that with Todd Grantham working overtime to scheme Missouri's spread offense that Georgia will have some advantage defensively. And with an experienced quarterback and a plethora of skilled players, the Bulldogs should be confident in their second outing of the season. However, they will have to match the emotions of a frenzied home crowd. It should be a fun trip, but anybody who takes Missouri for granted could have a long face when returning home after the game. The last time Georgia played Missouri? Jan. 1, 1961 in the Orange Bowl when junior Fran Tarkenton threw touchdown passes to Aaron Box and Bill McKenny for a 14-0 Bulldog victory.


At the recent Southeastern Conference meetings, it was interesting to hear all the debate about scheduling and the final plan for interleague play. Following are some musings about that and other topics. Georgia and Auburn got what each school wanted--preservation of the oldest rivalry in the Deep South. You know that somewhere Dr. Charles Herty, who founded football at Georgia, and Dr. George Petrie who did the same at Auburn, are smiling. However, one would think that they might be troubled by some of the circumstances which accompany college football today. Especially money's influence. They would be in shock to know that each member school in the SEC, except the new boys on the block-Missouri and Texas A&M--each got checks in excess of $20 million this year from revenue sharing of bowl, television and basketball tournament receipts. When Herty and Petrie were coaching, the players were truly amateurs and had to provide their own equipment. Today players from one school, make it a point to know what players at other schools get in the way of equipment issues. For example, if one school distributes workout gear fewer times than another, it is something that they know about and care about. "Hey, we get shorts twice a year and Alabama gets shorts three times a year." This doesn't mean that Alabama is breaking any rules. But a program, which doesn't have the resources of an Alabama, might take the position that it is not sound budgeting to be too liberal with such decisions. After all, how many pair of shorts can you wear out in a calendar year? Is anybody concerned about money killing the golden goose? No, because college football is too strong right now, but one of these days, players are going to be heard from. They are not getting a piece of the pie, and once you start paying players, there is a chance that all hell will break loose. That should not be the case, but we have reached the point to where that wonderful tradeoff--a free education in exchange for playing a game we all love, is no longer the objective. Unless football players are lowly walkons who want to enjoy the Saturday experience, the objective is to be trained for the National Football League. Football players and their parents, like the coaches and presidents, become greedy. Pay 'em $2,000 this year, it won’t be long be-

3415 Frederica Road | St. Simons Island 912.638.1330 Open Tues.–Sat.: 11-2 p.m., Dinner 6-10 p.m., Bar 5 until. Reservations Recommended

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D E R I CioAus. E R F é f a c e li c s im p le. d lo c a l.


FREDERICA best seat in town

Pro roudl udlyy serv s rving v ingg Bo Boar’ ar’ss Head H ead produ p du cts. t Sliced ed de d lili meaa ts ava availa i ble ila ble. bl

10 Sylvan Drive St. Simons Island (912) 638-6777

Open 7 days 7:30–2:00 Behind Evelyne Talman’s


Summer Cocktails from around Georgia

Etienne de Rocher from Five & Ten in Athens

Compiled by Katherine Parke and Cheri Leavy

Delaneyâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Bistro and Bar on St. Simons Island

Orange Mojito 2 Orange wedges 2 Lime wedges 2 Sugar cubes 2 Sprigs of mint 2½ oz White rum 1 Cup of ice

We love that pre-Prohibition era style cocktails are all the rage these days. The beauty lies in these classic craft cocktailsâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; special ingredients and combinations. /HUKTHKLSPX\L\YZHUKĂ&#x2026;H]VYLK]VKRHZHUKNPUZ make for special libations with mysterious and PU[YPN\PUNĂ&#x2026;H]VYZ(ML^VMV\YMYPLUKZHYV\UK[OL state share recipes from their bars.

Crush orange and lime wedges with sugar cubes in a rocks glass. Add rum and ice then shake until chilled.

Earl Grey Infused Gin 1 750 ml Bottle of gin â&#x20AC;&#x201C; we use Tanqueray Âź cup Loose earl grey tea leaves â&#x20AC;&#x201C; we use Harney & Sons long curl of lemon rind ½ cup Honey

NY Prime in Atlanta

Put honey in medium sized bowl. While whisking, drizzle gin into honey until combined completely (no honey streaks). Add lemon curl, twisting to extract the oils, and the tea to the gin mixture. Mix to combine, fully submerging the tea in the liquid. Shake/stir every 15 minutes for 1 hour. Strain through cheesecloth to remove the tea and lemon.

Chris Maxwell from Halyards on St. Simons Island

Lemonade 8 Cups cold water 8 Large lemons 1 Cup granulated sugar 2 Sprigs of fresh mint ½ Vanilla bean, scraped seeds and pod 1 Sprig of fresh rosemary

Kaleb Cribbs from Farm 255 in Athens Prime Raspberry Martini

The Blueberry Hill

1½ oz Raspberry vodka ž oz Raspberry liquor Splash of Sour mix Splash of Cranberry juice

1 oz 1 oz 2 oz 2 oz

Mix all together in a shaker with ice and serve up in a martini glass

Gold Star Fresh blueberries, frozen donâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t have as much color Simple syrup Sweet and Sour mix. Ours has orange, lemon and lime juices Cold River Blueberry Vodka Mint Blueberries

Muddle blueberries in syrup. Add sweet and sour and vodka. Shake with ice. Garnish with mint sprig and blueberries. Two Lime wedges

1 Âź oz Hangar One Buddahâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Hand Citroen Vodka ½ oz Domaine de Canton Ginger Liqeur Splash of Carpano Antica Âź oz Luxardo Maraschino Liqueur 1 oz Fresh grapefruit juice (made in house) 5-6 Drops homemade grenadine (it will take you ten minutes to make and there are many recipes online. It is worth it and you will never use the other again)

The Arnold Bomber Fill a collins glass with ice and add 1.5 oz of earl grey gin. Top off with lemonade and 2 sliced lemon wheels.Stir and serve.

Pour the water in a large pot over large heat and bring to a boil. While the water is coming to a boil, halve the lemons and juice them thoroughly. Place the juice and the juiced lemon halves in a large heat-roof nonreactive pot. Add the sugar, 2 sprigs of mint, the vanilla seeds and pod, and the rosemary. Pour the boiling water over the mixture. Stir carefully and let sit for 20 minutes. Stir well again and strain out the solids. Refrigerate.


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Being a college student is a tough job. Make sure to reward all of your hardwork with regular visits to Gigiâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Cupcakes! Our menu changes daily, so whether youâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;re in the mood for a Merry Margarita, Cinnamon Roll, Scarlettâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Red Velvet, or any of our other 40+ indulgent ďŹ&#x201A;avors, youâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;re sure to ďŹ nd something to crave! With a convenient downtown location, a Gigiâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s studybreak is always right around the corner!

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1/2 OFF



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Bulldawg Illustrated





Name two seasons where Georgia beat Tennessee, Florida, Auburn and Tech in the same season. Answer: 1982 and 2001

Atlanta, Georgia University of Georgia, 2000 BLA Landscape Architecture Rolen Image serves marketers, brokers, and business development leaders in the (YJOP[LJ[\YL*VUZ[Y\J[PVU,UNPULLYPUN *VTTLYJPHS9LHS,Z[H[LHUK/VZWP[HSP[` industries with professional photography.

Winner: Zach Rolen

Other than Herschel, who is your favorite Bulldog and why? Andre “Pulpwood” Smith. Not only did he tear through Alabama’s defense at Legion Field in ‘84, but his weekly Georgia football commentaries are on the mark. Who is your favorite player on the current UGA roster and why? Jarvis Jones, a modern-day Junkyard Dawg.

Go to Chance to win $25 gift cards for [OL<.()VVRZ[VYLH[;(;, if you submit tailgate recipes or answer trivia correctly.

RECIPE OF THE WEEK Monika Dudley’s Chicken Wing Meatballs

What makes you a true Bulldog?

Hometown: North Syracuse, NY

6.5 priceless years (and only one degree).

Ingredients ----------2 lbs. of ground chicken 3 large eggs minced garlic parsley 1 1/2 to 2 cups of bread crumbs 1 cup of Parmesan cheese

What is the most memorable play you have experienced in person? Greene to Johnson at Auburn ‘02. 70X Takeoff. Cold, windy, touchdown. Boom goes the dynamite. Which one of our rivals do you enjoy beating the most?

Instructions -----------Mix together, roll into small appetizer size (about 40).

Florida. And Tech. No, Auburn. Tennessee. What makes your tailgating scene so special? Rees Sumerford’s deviled eggs. Most assume Brooke makes them, but Rees stays up all night Thursday on St. Simons Island preparing and packing them for the ride to Athens. If there’s one tradition that Rees and his son Harlow share, it’s making deviled eggs in their matching UGA aprons before a Georgia Football weekend. Go Dawgs.

Oven bake 350 for 15 minutes. Put in crock pot and cover with two jars of chicken wing sauce. *VVRVUSV^MVYÄ]LVYTVYLOV\YZ,UQV`


HEADQUARTERS HEA DQUA ARTER 2012 Nike Nik ke® Sideline football apparel now available a



Bulldawg Illustrated

Coun tdow n to kick off f a n fe July Jul ly 14, 14, 2012 20 012 stiv al 3:00 P P.M. ..M. - 6:00 6 p p.m. .m .m. UGA UG A practice pr ractice e fields, fields s, Athens, Athen t ns, GA GA Join hos hosts sts ma matt at tt stinchcom s stinchcomb, mb, jon stin stinchcomb, nchcomb, david greene uga football d avid v gr reene and d other ug ga and nfl l footb all l players day autographs, pla ay yers s for a d ay of a utog u graphs, photos, ph hotos, and fun!

Family F a amil ly pack pack k - $75 4 tickets s to the ev event ent & penn pennant nant for pla player ayer y a autographs utog u raphs

individual indiv vidu ual a ticket t - $25 ww ww.ugak kickoff o .c All A ll proceeds proceeds be bbenefit: nefit:

Savannah Bulldog Club Sonny Seiler, Greg Daniel, Amy Repella and Donna Butler

Swann Seiler and Frank Hardeman

Katie Freeman and Brittany DeHaven

Rener Lane and Dave Muia


Mark Fox, Phyliss Hardeman, Isabelle Shearouse and Mark Richt

Don Donaldson and Elizabeth Phillips

Mark Fox, Jeff Jenkins, Mark Richt and Kenneth Jenkins

Austin York and Tal Johnson

Bob Morgan and Cliff McCurry

Joe Butler and Joe Craft

Sonny Seiler and Claude Felton

Bulldawg Illustrated

2012 Schedule Preview By Jeff Dantzler

Buffalo September 1, Athens There’s good news for Buffalo. First of all, their best player is not their head coach, as was the case with former legendary Nebraska quarterback Turner Gill (since fired at Kansas). The other good news is that several Bulldogs are suspended for the opener, giving the Bulls more confidence in pulling off a shocker. Despite not having three-quarters of the starting secondary amongst the suspended, Georgia still has an overwhelming talent edge. Anything less than a three touchdown victory would be worrisome. photo by Rob Saye

Missouri September 8, Columbia, Mo. Over the last few years, Georgia has been the victim of several schools breakout victories. The Bulldogs, with such a rich history, carry a big target on their chests, and the likes of Oklahoma State, South Carolina, Kentucky, Arkansas, Central Florida, Boise State and Michigan State have all hit the mark. Missouri will try and do the same in their first ever Southeastern Conference game. Quarterback James Franklin, if he’s healthy, is one of the country’s most dangerous two-way threats. The Tigers also welcome in “six-star” receiver recruit Dorial Green-Beckham, who stands 6-6. With Georgia’s secondary question marks, this is a huge concern. Plus, the depth must show up for the Bulldogs defense, which could get tired chasing Franklin around. It’s going to take some points. You’ve got to think there will be a couple of critical special teams situations as well.

photo by Ryan Scates

Florida Atlanta September 15, Athens This should be a breeze for the Bulldogs, who should be back at full strength. Will Malcolm Mitchell move back to offense primarily? This is a chance for the Bulldogs to load up, and come out firing with three straight SEC games to follow prior to the open date. Vanderbilt September 22, Athens Following the post-game exchange between Vanderbilt coach James Franklin and Georgia defensive coordinator Todd Grantham, there certainly shouldn’t be any problems for either team to find extra motivation. With tailback Zac Stacy, one of the SEC’s top runners, and quarterback Jordan Rogers, Vandy has an outstanding offensive backfield. Vanderbilt has improved the overall talent in the program, most notably on offense. The Commodores made it to a bowl last year and could have beaten Georgia, Arkansas and Tennessee. If the Bulldogs are going to have a great season, this one is a must.

photo by Ryan Scates

Tennessee September 29, Athens Same goes for this one. If the Dogs are going to be great, it is essential to beat Tennessee for a third straight year. This could be a tough task. The Volunteers were ravaged by injuries a year ago. Tennessee, if healthy, with a couple of impact newcomers, could be the SEC’s most improved team. Derek Dooley inherited a mess in Knoxville and is improving the Volunteers talent. Phil Fulmer’s last two classes were poor and Lane Kiffen lone class proved to be virtually nonexistent. How patient will the Tennessee faithful be? A win over Florida in Knoxville and/or Georgia in Athens would be a huge boost. The Bulldogs better be ready. Mitchell was Georgia’s star in the 20-6 win at Neyland Stadium a year ago, and Isaiah Crowell scored both Bulldog touchdowns. South Carolina October 6, Columbia, S.C.

photo by Ryan Scates

South Carolina has never beaten Georgia three straight times. The Gamecocks have won the last two, largely on the back of the great Marcus Lattimore. Will the Heisman hopeful be healthy and 100 percent after last year’s mid-season knee injury? Last season, the Bulldogs gift-wrapped South Carolina’s 45-42 win. South Carolina scored on a 70-yard fake punt run, picked up two defensive touchdowns and set up another with a fumble return to the five. That’s essentially 28 non-offensive points for South Carolina. Then Lattimore dominated the fourth quarter. His two performances against the Bulldogs (184 and 176 yards) are arguably the best back-to-back tailback showings for a Georgia foe ever. At least going back to Auburn’s run of Joe Cribbs, Lionel James and Bo Jackson in the late ‘70s and early ‘80s. Jadaveon Clowney is a bona fide beast at defensive end. He caused the fumble touchdown in Athens last year and has a chance to be an all-time great.

Kentucky October 20, Lexington With the open date coming after six weeks, Georgia hits the road for a trap game with the Gators looming on deck. Kentucky was not good a year ago, but hung tough against the Bulldogs in Athens. The Wildcats beat the Dogs in 2006 in Lexington and 2009 in Athens. That was with Rich Brooks as coach. Joker Phillips has some work to do to build the Wildcats back up. It might not be easy, but championship teams have to be able to survive tests like this with megashowdowns on the horizon. Florida October 27, Jacksonville Urban Meyer, Steve Spurrier and Tim Tebow are history in this rivalry. Will Muschamp is at the helm, and he’s 0-1 against Georgia. And, oh is that big for the Georgia people. To continue to put the pain of the 318 record against the Gators from 1990 – 2010, a second straight win in Jacksonville would do wonders for the Bulldogs. Florida hopes to be better on offense. Quarterback is the big question. The defense for the Gators should be strong, but they are searching for offensive stability. Though it is just Muschamp’s second season, the pressure will be on for marked improvement after last season’s 7-6 campaign. There is the comparison to Ron Zook to fight. Some in the Florida community want to blame Urban Meyer, who went 131 three times with a pair of national championships over a four year period, for the Gators dip last year and medium expectations for 2012. This is just huge for Georgia. It’s a golden opportunity to continue to sway the blood rivalry back the Bulldogs way. Ole Miss November 3, Athens Speaking of trap games, this is a classic, comng right between the Gators and Auburn. Ole Miss was not very good last year and they got rid of Houston Nutt. Now Hugh Freeze of The Blind Side fame is at the helm. It could be a rude awakening. Again, this is the type of game that championship teams win – without having to empty too much out of the tank. With expansion and disputes over how the schedules will play out, this could very well be Ole Miss’s last visit to Athens for a long while. And that is a crying shame. Auburn November 10, Auburn Georgia has won five of the last six meetings against the Tigers, including last season’s rout in Athens. The win Auburn got did come in the 2010 national championship season. The heat is turned up on the Tigers as arch blood rival Alabama won the national championship last year. Auburn’s record after Bama’s last two national titles is a collective 25-0 (110 in 1993 and 14-0 in 2010). The Tigers will miss Michael Dyer, but Onterrio McCalleb is back and the offense should be more explosive this year. Auburn’s defense should also be better, too. The Bulldogs, if all goes well, could already have a berth in the SEC Championship Game wrapped up, but this one is always huge, then come the in-staters. Ga. Southern November 17, Athens The timing of this one makes sense, as the Eagles and Tech (coached by Paul Johnson, who developed the flexbone/hambone at Georgia Southern for the all-time beloved icon Erk Russell in the 1980s) run the same offense. Southern is always a dangerous game. They’ve played the Dogs tough three times before, and of course their players will look at this like the Super Bowl. The Eagles also played Bama tough last year. And that attitude from some Georgia fans that Southern is like a little brother is not necessarily shared by everyone in Statesboro. There are some Eagle fans that flat out hate Georgia. Athens Tech November 24, Athens It’s always the biggest game of them all. Georgia has won 10 of the last 11 meetings, without question one of the highlights of Mark Richt’s career in Athens. The Jackets one win over that stretch came in 2008 45-42 when Georgia blew a 28-12 halftime lead. That broke the Bulldogs seven game win streak in the series, which would’ve equaled the infamous drought from 1949-56 as the longest in the rivalry. Both Tech and the Bulldogs have hopes and expectations of advancing to their respective conference championship games the following weeks.

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Annual prediction: Dogs to play for title in Miami By Murray Poole

ith some 15 starters returning from last season’s 10-4, SEC East Division championship team, a powerful defensive unit that is expected to rank among the nation’s best and the promise of a vastly-improved running attack that should complement Aaron Murray’s aerial bombs, many in Bulldog Nation are envisioning great things for Georgia’s 2012 football edition. And, admittedly, I’m one of them. But while I agree that these Bulldogs have the talent in place and the drive and will to win that must be the makeup of every championship team, I don’t necessarily subscribe to the talk going around that Mark Richt’s squad will waltz back to the Georgia Dome again because of a paperweight schedule the Bulldogs are playing this fall. Yes, it’s true that for a second consecutive season, there is no Alabama, no LSU or no Arkansas – those stalwarts of SEC West – on the Georgia schedule in 2012 when, at the same time, East Division contender Florida has to play the LSU Tigers as well as both of the SEC’s newcomers, Texas A&M and Missouri, and also strong division contender South Carolina has to face LSU and Arkansas in addition to the Gamecocks’ East opponents. But, as everyone should know by now, there aren’t any “gimme” games in the mighty Southeastern Conference, contests where you can simply show up and expect to win. Yes, there is no Crimson Tide, Bayou Bengals or Razorbacks on Georgia’s slate this coming season but what there are standing in the path of the Bulldogs and a second consecutive trip to the SEC championship game are a Missouri Tiger team determined to prove it solidly belongs in its new conference, a pair of somewhat rejuvenated Tennessee and Vanderbilt teams, a Gamecock team that has had Georgia’s number for the past two seasons and two old rivals in Florida and Auburn that are chomping at the bit to avenge 2011 losses to the Bulldogs. A team attempting to defend its division title, as Georgia will be doing, will be getting everyone’s best shot and just because the Bulldogs ran the East table against all but South Carolina last season, means absolutely squat when they tee the ball up for real in this new season. OK, that’s my words of caution for this Georgia team and I assure you it’s the same thing the Bulldog coaching staff will be preaching to their players each and every Saturday … all the way from the Sept. 1 opener to the hoped-for appearance in the league championship game on Dec. 1. Now, spinning forward, it’s that time of the early summer to gaze deep into the Dogs’ ‘012 slate and make a stab as to which of the upcoming games will fall into the “W” and “L” columns. Last year, I called Georgia’s 102 regular-season finish right on the head though, admittedly, I didn’t have the Bulldogs dropping their first two outings and then going on a 10-game winning streak. But it would be nice to be that accurate again here in 2012 because I’m venturing a little farther out onto the limb and forecasting an 11-1 season, the only loss coming – yes, again – to the South Carolina Gamecocks on Oct. 6 in Columbia. Here is how it should all unfold:


Sept. 1 – Buffalo – By the second half of the season opener between the hedges, you can look for such names as Christian LeMay, Todd Gurley and Blake Tibbs to be doing their thing. The Bulldogs rout the Bulls, 48-10. Sept. 8 – at Missouri – In their first of two trips to Columbia (in different states) this season, the Bulldogs will be running into a Tiger team pumped out of its col-

lective mind and out to make a statement to the nation in its inaugural SEC game. But look for Todd Grantham’s snapping defense to stymie talented Mizzou quarterback James Franklin and the rest of the Tigers, by 31-17. Sept. 15 Florida Atlantic Will be good for the Dogs to have a breather, what coming off all the emotions out in the Midwest. Georgia defeathers the Owls by 51-7. Sept. 22 Vanderbilt The Bulldogs encounter that other James Franklin, the Vandy coach that UGA defensive coordinator Grantham had a few words for last season after the Dogs’ 33-28 squeaker over the Dores in Nashville. Another closer-than-youmight-expect game but Georgia wins again, 28-17. Sept. 29 Tennessee Will this be the season Derek Dooley starts to take the Vols back toward the upper rungs of the SEC? Dooley certainly has the quarterback to do so in Tyler Bray as well as an outstanding group of wide receivers. Still, for Tennessee, there are several question marks on the defensive side of the ball. Georgia topples the Vols for a third consecutive season, say by 24-14. Oct. 6 at South Carolina Yes, the Bulldogs have the revenge factor working in their favor after being clawed by the Gamecocks two straight years but since I can’t see this Georgia team going undefeated, I’m thinking this is again the spot where that “L” will come. A healthy running machine named Marcus Lattimore and a Georgia native at QB, Connor Shaw, lead the Cocks to a hard-fought 27-24 win over the Dogs.

Nov. 3 Ole Miss Can’t have a let up here but back home and against a Rebel team expected to be near the cellar in SEC West, the Bulldogs should frolic, by 38-14. Nov. 10 at Auburn This won’t be a repeat of Georgia’s 45-7 rout of the Tigers last season as, at Jordan-Hare Stadium, Gene Chizik’s Tigers promise to give the Dogs all they can handle. Still, Georgia knows what’s at stake in this one and will eke out a 21-17 win on the Plains. Nov. 17 Georgia Southern Hey, those triple-option Eagles are returning to Athens and it couldn’t come at a better time for the Dogs, what with Paul Johnson’s Yellow Jackets bringing the very same offense ‘tween the hedges the following week. The Dogs roll over their smaller state neighbors, 38-17.

Oct. 20 at Kentucky After enjoying an open date to lick their wounds from the tough loss in Columbia, the Bulldogs head for the Bluegrass and take out a few frustrations on the “Mildcats.” Georgia, 41-14.

Nov. 24 Georgia Tech Richt will be gunning for his 11th win in 12 years over Georgia’s state rival and will get it, but not without a fight to the end. Dogs swat the Jackets, 35-28.

Oct. 27 Florida (Jacksonville) After that dread awful 3-18 mark against the Gators over a 21-year period, Georgia finally got over the hump in the river city with a 24-20 decision over Florida last season. Now, million dollar question, can the Dogs do it two straight years against the Gators and thus begin swinging this ancient series back to a sense of respectability? Not gonna be easy against Will Muschamp’s fired-up Florida bunch but Aaron Murray and that Georgia “D” will spell the difference in a 28-21 win over the Gators.

So, there it is, a 2012 football slate where Georgia surges to an 11-1 mark and, despite the loss to the Gamecocks, makes it back to the SEC title bout in Atlanta. And in the Georgia Dome this time, look for the Bulldogs to take care of business for two halves and extract a measure of revenge from the same LSU team that eventually smothered Georgia by 42-10 last December. And then, with a 12-1 record at that point, will these Bulldogs have done enough to merit an opportunity to play for the BCS national crown? Just the excitement and anticipation surrounding such a possibility will begin to build less than three months from now.

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Position by Position The good and the questions to be answered for the 2012 Georgia Bulldogs football team By Jeff Dantzler


Defensive Line

The Good – Aaron Murray has set a lot of records in his two seasons as Georgia’s starting signal caller. His mobility and big play ability in the passing game are big reasons the Bulldogs have such high hopes in 2012.

The Good – A lot. Led by massive nose tackle John Jenkins, defensive end/tackles Abry Jones and Garrison Smith, and senior pass-rushing standout Cornelius Washington, Georgia starting defensive lines should be one of college football’s best. Kwame Geathers should excel at the nose, alternating with Jenkins.

The Questions – Can Georgia avoid the disastrous plays (the Bulldogs threw four picksix’s last year, three in losses)? Can the Dogs avoid extended stretches of passing game misfires? Assuming Murray maintains the starting position, if Hutson Mason redshirts, is Christian LeMay ready to be the back-up? Running Back The Good – Isaiah Crowell has the “it” factor of an elite back. He has the talent to be a bellcow frontline ball-carrier. True freshman Keith Marshall could be a perfect counter puncher. There is power with Ken Malcome and Richard Samuel, who could also play fullback. True freshman Todd Gurley could also be in the mix. There is talent and depth here. Xander Ogletree could be a strong fullback. Incoming freshman Quayvon Hicks looks like a natural at the full. The Questions – Can Crowell put it all together and avoid some of the freshman struggles from a year ago? If Georgia is going to be great, it figures Crowell will have to be. The Bulldogs are 46-5 in the Mark Richt era when a tailback runs for over 100 yards in a game. Wide Receiver The Good – When Malcolm Mitchell is on the field, Georgia has one of the Southeastern Conference’s most explosive play-makers. The trickle-down and positions it puts Michael Bennett, Tavarres King, Chris Conley, etc. gives the Bulldogs all kinds of options. The Questions – When will Mitchell come back primarily to offense? Hopefully it will be right after the Missouri game when most of Georgia’s suspended secondary is reinstated. There is talent other than Mitchell, but he’s the player that stretches and frightens defenses. Tight End The Good – Georgia has produced as many star quality tight ends as any school in the country over the past 15 years. Arthur Lynch is big and strong and back. Highly touted redshirt freshman Jay Rome has the pedigree and athleticism to be the Bulldogs next great one. Plus, incoming freshman Ty Smith could be an early physical presence. The Questions – Is Rome the next great one? With a fully loaded offense, this total talent package could be one of the SEC’s breakout performers in 2012. Offensive Line The Good – There are a lot of big bodies here for Georgia. Kenarious Gates and Chris Burnette have good experience, and junior college transfer Mark Beard enrolled early and got to take part in spring drills. Gates grabbed the left tackle job, a positive in itself, and allowed different players to focus on different spots. That includes Kolton Houston, who had a good spring. The Questions – There are more here than any area. Is highly touted true freshman John Theus ready? If so, will he be a luxury or a necessity? Will redshirt freshmen Zach Debell and Xzavier Ward be healthy and provide quality depth and plenty of confidence for the future up front? Can lifelong Bulldog fan David Andrews hold down the center spot, and can second generation Bulldog Watts Dantzler be in the mix for a starting spot? Will Dallas Lee be healthy? Is Beard ready to start? Georgia would love to have a set starting five and key reserves in place at least halfway through preseason practice. A good offensive line should help deliver a great season.

The Questions – Will Georgia have talented depth? Will highly recruited front seven veterans like Mike Thornton, Sterling Bailey and T.J. Stripling, and highly touted true freshmen Jordan Jenkins, Josh Harvey-Clemons and Jonathan Taylor (just to name a few) be able to step in and spell Georgia’s extremely talented front seven starters? The Bulldogs starting front seven may be college football’s best. But the Dogs, in the losses last year, got gashed late in games because the depth just wasn’t there. To take the next step, can the aforementioned who all came in with a lot of recruiting stars step up? Linebacker The Good – A lot, just like with the defensive line. Jarvis Jones is one of the nation’s best players. Alec Ogletree has first round talent. Amarlo Herrera was one of the top freshman linebackers in the league a year ago. There is the aforementioned Washington at OLB/DE, plus Mike Gilliard and Christian Robinson. This could be Georgia’s best linebacking corps since the 2002 SEC Championship trio led by Boss Bailey. The Questions – Many of the same that were covered with the defensive line. Plus this big one: Can Ogletree, when he returns from suspension stay on the field? There are multi-talented, versatile performers up front who are flexible in where they line up. Will the depth be there? Will the heir apparent players be there? Keep in mind, the Bulldogs will have to replace somewhere between eight and ten defensive starters for 2013. Secondary The Good – Georgia’s starters for the third game and (hopefully) beyond – Baccari Rambo, Sanders Commings, Branden Smith and Shawn Williams form what should be a formidable quartet. But because of suspensions, only Williams will be available for the opener. The ultra-talented Mitchell, who was a big time prep corner, moved over for the spring and will play there for the first two games. The Questions – Can Georgia survive in Missouri without so much of the secondary? Are Corey Moore and Damian Swann ready to play major snaps? Can Sheldon Dawson, the lone freshman defensive back the Bulldogs signed, come in and help? Will Mitchell move back primarily to offense? If so, will he still play situational secondary? Having him in sure-pass nickel spots gives the defense even more big play potential. Special Teams The Good – Nathan Theus could settle in and be Georgia’s snapper for the next four years. There is some talent in the coverage units. Two highly touted kickers are coming in. And there is obviously room for vast, vast improvement after some poor efforts (South Carolina, Vanderbilt, Florida, Michigan State). The Questions – There are a lot. Can the freshmen step in and fill the shoes of one of the greatest punters in school history, Drew Butler, and field goal kicker Blair Walsh, who was excellent in 2009 and 2010, but went through a season-long slump a year ago? Can Georgia cut out the catastrophic performances (fake punt TDs, kick return TDs, missed kicks, and a blocked punt that could’ve altered history) that championship teams don’t suffer through?

photos by Rob Saye


UGA Day Albany Mark Fox, Dallas Knox, Sydney Redding, Kasey Giles and Mark Richt

Mark Fox, Koilin, Kim, Ashton and Pam Pyle and Mark Richt

Mark Fox, Jermaine and Nicholas Harris and Mark Richt

Mark Fox, Bobby Joiner and Mark Richt

Mark Fox, Shelby Rudd and Mark Richt

Mark Fox, Donald Shirah, Dona Lyn, Lem Goodpasture and Mark Richt

Mark Fox, Lori Jacobs, Jacob Casey, Robert Jacobs, Mark Richt and Peyton Jacobs (front row)

Hank Feldman, Carlysle Sullivan, Jane Willson, Mariellen Bateman and Carolyn Hatcher

Mark Fox, Jarret White, Joey Kimbrell and Mark Richt Dal Margeson, Christie Cannon, Jay Cole, Richard Thomas and Paige Thomas

Mark Fox, Alex, Mandi and Isabelle Saratsiotis with Mark Richt and Mary Katherine Saratsiotis (front row) Mark Fox, Allison and Josh Morey and Mark Richt

Mark Fox, Bert Hines and Mark Richt

You just never know who youâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ll see in

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UGA Day Macon Savannah Jones, Laura Idunden, Mark Richt, Sidney Jones and Hannah Moore

Philip Bell and Brandon and Cherish Pinson

Jack Murdock and Ed Freeman

Teman Worku, Nicole Dancz, Derek Hammock and Angelique Jackson Josh Rogers, Meaghan Slonaker and Kathy and Mark Slonaker

Tim Keadle and Brother Stewart

Chris, Hayes and Brooke Wright

Steven Farmer and Skip Evans

Josh Adams and Andrea Adams

Mark Fox and Caley Evans

Katie King and Bert King

Bob Williams and Don Griffin

Pamela Kelly and Johnnie Mae Harris

Diane Simmons and Debbie Holland

Mark Slonaker, John Holmes and Sims Holmes

Theresa Willis, Kim Freeman and Cythia Forney

Lucas, Brooks, Aaron and Patrice Johnson

Jenni Benton, Wheeler Benton, Hudson Benton and Shelley Greene



Jeff Dantzler’s Top 25 College football has lost its collective mind with all of this insane conference expansion and shuffling of schools. Now a playoff, which will expand, which will cheapen the regular season, seems inevitable. Missouri and Texas A&M are now in the SEC and West Virginia is in the Big XII. Apparently, Clemson and Florida State could be headed that way too. Yep, regular trips to Ames and Lubbock from Clemson and Tallahassee. The SEC is insanely strong again, and USC looks like the best non-SEC team. Perhaps the BCS Championship Game will be a long anticipated SECUSC showdown. So much of what has made it so great is being put in dangerous peril. Maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow, but at some point, the game will suffer. Try explaining why Missouri will come to Athens five or six times for every once that Alabama and LSU do. 1. LSU – After having one of the great regular seasons in college football history, the Bayou Bengals were dominated in the BCS Championship Game. They lost two first rounders, and not much else. LSU will have one of the nation’s best D-Lines, linebacking corps, secondaries, O-Lines, collection of backs and punter. Bama comes to Baton Rouge. The road slate is tough, including the regular season finale at Arkansas. 2. Southern Cal – Matt Barkley’s decision to come back gives Southern Cal its highest hopes in the last few years. Plus they aren’t on probation. Receiver Robert Woods is one of the nation’s best talents. The schedule is more than manageable and the PAC-12 is there for the taking. Plus, you never know what Lane Kiffen is going to do or say. USC made a major upgrade at A.D. with Pat Haden. 3. Georgia – This is the year that the Bulldogs could break through and get a shot at the national title with an SEC Championship Game victory. Georgia must overcome early-season suspensions, improve the kicking game, develop defensive depth and shore up the offensive line. But the schedule couldn’t be more manageable and the frontline talent is amongst college fooball’s best. 4. Alabama – No team in college football must replace more elite talent than Alabama, which had four first round picks for a second straight year. The defending national champions last five recruiting classes have been ranked 1, 1, 3, 2, and 1 nationally. So it’s not like they are going to have untalented players ready to step in. But there aren’t Trent Richardson’s that come along every day. Bama must go to LSU and Arkansas. 5. Florida State – This could be the Seminoles best team since the 1990s, but Florida State has to avoid the upset to middle of the road ACC foes. EJ Manuel is a duel-threat at quarterback, and the Seminoles defense should be the conference’s best. This is the first big pressure year for Jimbo Fisher. 6. Arkansas – Had Bobby Petrino, an excellent coach who has burned a bunch of bridges, not torpedoed his career with one of the most salacious scandals of all-time, Arkansas just may have been preseason No. 2 or No. 3. This was going to be the Hogs best shot at a national title since the Frank Broyles glory days of the 1960s. The talent is still there, but it’s a stretch to think the Hogs can overcome the Petrino saga and win 11, 12 or more with John L. Smith. 7. South Carolina – If Marcus Lattimore is healthy, the Gamecocks will be right in the mix. He is a truly special talent. So is the wrecking force JaDaveon Clowney, a Lawrence Taylor/Bruce Smith hybrid of a beast. The schedule is tougher than Georgia’s, but they get the Dogs in Columbia. Alshon Jeffrey will be tough to replace, but Connor Shaw proved last season that he can be one of the SEC’s better signal callers. 8. Oregon – The Ducks have to replace LaMichael James and Darron Thomas, which won’t be easy to do. But with Andrew Luck gone at Stanford and no other beasts in the PAC-12 North, Oregon is the pick to win the division and square off with Southern Cal in the conference championship game. Chip Kelly has taken things up a notch. But the NCAA has been sniffing around Eugene, and that’s never good. 9. Oklahoma – The Sooners were ravaged by injuries in the second half of last season, most notably to All-American record-setting receiver Ryan Broyles. But Bob Stoops has done a phenomenal job at the helm in Norman, and the Sooners have to be a regular in the preseason top ten. Because they have finished in the top ten in most all of the Stoops years. 10. West Virginia – What a show the Mountaineers put on in the Orange Bowl, and they head into 2012 with a load of confidence. Of course now they are in the Big XII, so life will be much tougher. Geno Smith is an outstanding talent at quarterback. 11. Michigan – Denard Robinson is back at quarterback and that is great news for the Wolverines, who beat Ohio State for the first time in eight years and then edged Virginia Tech in the Sugar Bowl to go 11-2. The schedule is much tougher, as they open with Alabama in Arlington, Texas. Michigan also has to go to Nebraska and visits the Buckeyes and Urban Meyer – who just over a year ago said he couldn’t imagine putting on another school’s colors after leaving Florida.


12. Clemson – Winning the ACC Championship Game and earning their first Orange Bowl berth since they captured the national title in Miami on 1/1/82 over Nebraska, was a huge step for the program. Unfortunately, they were humiliated by West Virginia, who just scored at will. Sammy Watkins is a Heisman caliber dynamo, Taj Boyd is a threat at QB and the Tigers can run. But the question is obviously the defense. 13. Wisconsin – Russell Wilson took the Badgers offense to another level and will be tough to replace. But Wisconsin has been a steady top three Big Ten team for a decade now. Montee Ball is back to headline the power Badger running attack. With Barry Alvarez and now with Bret Bilema, Wisconsin is a good bet to win at least nine games year after year. 14. Texas – Yes they won the 2005 national championship and yes they played for it in 2009 and yes they’ve won double digit games a bunch of times. But … Texas just underachieves. The Longhorns are caught in purgatory. They should win huge every year. The Longhorns are making their way back, but are probably still a year away from the top ten. 15. Virginia Tech – The Hokies were really rolling along last season, but got clubbed by Clemson (for the second time on the year) in the ACC Championship Game and then fell to Michigan in the Sugar Bowl. Frank Beamer has done great work in Blacksburg. They are a little under the radar this year, and that’s when the Hokies have done some of their best work. 16. Nebraska – The Cornhuskers are still a far cry from the Big Red Thrashing Machine Days of the 70s, 80s and 90s. But Nebraska is certainly nationally relevant again. Tailback Rex Burkhead is my kind of football player. 17. Tech – The Yellow Jackets return most of their talent – save receiver Stephen Hill – from a year ago and are one of the favorites in the race for the ACC Championship. Tevin Washington’s development at quarterback is the key to whether Tech will have a good or outstanding season. 18. TCU – The drug scandal with frontline Horned Frogs players got bumped from Page One by the most horrid story in sports history in State College. You know the TCU faithful are happy to be back to their roots though, and in the Big XII. Gary Patterson is a terrific coach and has done phenomenal work in Fort Worth. He’ll have to rally the troops this year. 19. Auburn – Onterrio McCallebb is a dynamo of a runner – who was amazing against Virginia in the Chick-Fil-A Bowl – but the Tigers will miss Michael Dyer. The defense should be better, but it will be a tough climb for the Tigers to finish in the top three in the SEC West. 20. Tennessee – If the Volunteers, who were ravaged by injuries a year ago, are healthy, they could be the SEC’s most improved team. Tennessee could set the tone with a win over Florida in September in Knoxville. It’s a win that both teams and coaches badly need. 21. Kansas State – What a story Bill Snyder is. He comes out of retirement after turning this doormat into one of the best programs in the Big XII, and has done it again. The gap between Snyder and K-State’s second best coach ever has to be the widest of any school’s No. 1 and No. 2 in history. 22. Florida – The Gators have some question marks, but Florida always has talented players. The defense should be very good, the biggest question mark will be at quarterback. Will Muschamp will feel the pressure if Florida doesn’t get off to a strong start. The schedule is typically tough, and they open SEC play at Texas A&M. 23. Ohio State – Urban Meyer begins his tenure in Columbus. The Buckeyes will be on probation this year, but if his health is good, Meyer will have Ohio State back on top pretty soon. Braxton Miller should be a good fit for his spread. He has raised the bar in the Big Ten. 24. Oklahoma State – The Cowboys lost a lot of their offensive firepower, but a team that finished No. 2 nationally can’t be overlooked the following year. T. Boone Pickens incredible generosity to his alma mater has promoted Oklahoma State to the national stage. 25. Utah – The Runnin’ Utes should have played in the PAC-12 Championship Game a year ago, but they suffered a couple of devastating losses. Kyle Whittingham has kept the strong program that Urban Meyer built running strong.

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