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Who we are? What we do? Logo Logo variations Logo clearspace Logo usage Typography Color palette Application


Who we are? We are a UAE based educational travel organisation specialising in outdoor learning through school trips. Our targets markets are UAE, GCC (Oman, Bahrain, Kuwait, Qatar & KSA) and India.

Our core proposition is to offer development in areas of Entrepreneurship, Innovation and Global Citizenship.

“An open ecosystem to inspire young minds.�


What we do? International Programs:

Domestic Programs (within UAE):

These programs take students to various parts of the world, we have already visited all continents (except Antartica) and over 25 countries Programs are in areas of STEM, Subject, Perspectives & Endurance

Field Trips: These are day trips for exposure in areas of core proposition Skill based camps: These are in school camps for 3-5 days again in areas of our core propostion.



Logo The Explorers Lab logo portrays a friendly and approachable look. The highlight of the logo is the logomark which is a visual stand-in for the letter “e”. This substitution makes it unique and memorable among the competition and creates a playful feel to the logotype.

Note: For the most part, the logo will have the type and logo mark combined, but there are some instances when the logo mark can be used separate from the type.

The logomark embodies 3 different elements characteristic of the brand, such as letter “e”, a book and a planet, and that makes it to be easily used separately effectively.


The logomark embodies 3 different elements characteristic of the brand, such as letter “e”, a book and a planet, and that makes it to be easily used separately effectively.

The primary color from the brand is Azure Blue, which evokes stability, youth and ingelligence. It also inspires us to be confident and loyal. The secondary color is Teal, which complements the color palette very well and serves to accentuate the company qualities by representing sustainability, open communication and clarity of thought.

letter “e”

planet ring

book pages

The typeface is a geometric sans-serif which fits the brand very well and giving it a friendly feel due to the rounded and clean letters.


Logo variations Logo color When the logo appears on a white background, use our primary Azure Blue and Teal.

If you can’t use color Produce our logo in black and if the background is black, please reverse out.


Alternative color backgrounds When the Explorers logo is used on a color background that is darker than Pantone 2727 C, are accepted both Azure Blue and white, but keep the logomark in Teal in both cases. Our primary Azure Blue is preffered when you need a blue background. When using blue as a background, reverse the logo out to white but keep the logomark in the original color. The other option to use the logo is completely white and is acceptable if necessary, though NOT preferred.


Logo clearspace To ensure the legibility of the logo, it must be surrounded with a minimum amount of clearspace. This isolates the logo from competing elements such as graphics, text, or background patterns that may detract attention and lessen the overall impact. The clearspace minimum is equivalent to the height and half of the logomark (shown as X), regardless to the size at which the logo is reproduces.


Use the rules of logo clearspace all the time to ensure maximum visual impact.

When using the logomark separately, the clearspace is equivalent to half of its own height.

Minimum size The Explorers Lab logo reproduces well at almost any size but going too small can damage the logo’s integrity and effectiveness. So never reproduce the logo smaller then:

1” size

3/16” size


Logo usage The integrity of this logo must be respected all the times. Please don’t manipulate it by altering or exercising your personal creative freedom. Any modification of the logo confuses its meaning and diminishes its impact.

1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12.

Don’t change the color or tone. Don’t use gradients. Don’t rotate the logo Don’t use the logo in one color. Don’t stretch or wrap the logo in any way. Don’t outline the logo. Don’t remove the lines from the logomark Don’t resize the logomark. Don’t change the typeface or recreate the logomark. Don’t crop the logo in any way. Don’t change the placement of any logo element. Don’t place the logo on a busy picture or pattern, even if the logo is white.















Typography Our primary typeface for all communication materials is Montserrat. We use the Regular weight for standard copy and the Bold weight for anything more important than that.

Qualities of Montserrat: it feels authentic and friendly and it’s easy to read (you’re reading it now, cool, isn’t it?); is a geometric style of types with clean letters; it works on an open license so it is free to use it for all marketing collateral;

Montserrat Regular

Montserrat Bold

123 ABC abc

123 ABC abc


The secondary typeface is Segoe WP. We use the Regular weight for standard copy and the Bold weight for anything more important than that.

Qualities of Segoe WP: it is a Microsoft default operating system font it’s easy to read it has clean letters is an approachable, open and friendly typeface

Segoe WP

Segoe WP Bold

123 ABC abc

123 ABC abc


Using Type Effectively Do always set type in a combination of uppercase and lowercase Do use only approved colors, or colors that are easily read in type Do use only the approved typefaces Do avoid using all uppercase, we don’t want to shout Don’t use drop caps. To emphasise a word, use a different type weight. Don’t use special effects, such as drop shadow, gradients, etc. Don’t change kerning (space between letters) when setting headlines or body copy Don’t distort the typefaces (e.g. expand, condense, or modify the letterforms) Ensure good, legible colour contrast between text and background color.

Preferred casing Uppercase and lowercase styling in headlines and body text support our brand originality and friendliness. Please don’t use any of our typefaces in all uppercase, it’s a form of yelling on both paper and screen.

THIS IS AN EXAMPLE OF HOW NOT USE THE TYPEFACE IN HEADLINES OR BODY TEXT This is an example of how to use the typeface in headlines or body text This is an EXAMPLE OF how not use the typeface in headlines OR BODY TEXT

“Better to see something once than hear about it a thousand times.� Asian proverb


Colour palette Our primary colour is blue and must appear in all executions in some form. It must always be the dominant. It suggest dignity, stability and trust and is also associated with attributes like “friendly”, “reliable”, “approachable” and “trustworthy”. Blue also combine well with the other colours (teal, orange, yellow). We have adopted a strict color palette which represents the attributes of our brand. Consistent use of the colour palette will not only reinforge the cohesiveness of the brand, but also serves a psychological purpose by communicating a certain feeling to our audience.

Azure Blue


Pantone 2727 C C77 M49 Y0 K0 R63 G125 B218 HEX #3F7DDA

Pantone 333 C C62 M0 Y34 K0 R105 G213 B195 HEX #69D5C3

Light Blue



Pantone 305 C C58 M0 Y6 K0 R114 G198 B228 HEX #72C6E4

Pantone 1575 C C0 M62 Y86 K0 R248 G134 B69 HEX #F88645

Pantone 108 C C2 M11 Y100 K0 R250 G219 B59 HEX #FADB3B


Please don’t use the colours as tints or shades. Only use the colors shown here in the exact mixes (Pantone, CMYK or RGB) depending on your medium. Color balance case by case, color ratio depends on the individual application. use the ratio pie chart to the right to make sure you’re balancing our colors correctly. use additional colors in combination with our core colors. These colors add depth, but use them sparingly. there will be slight color variances when printing on different paper stocks.

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The Explorers (brandbook)  

The Explorers (brandbook)