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Vision Mission Goal Values Logo Logo variations Logo clear space Brand Mark usage Full logo usage Typography Colour palette Imagery Logo for sub-brands Presentation guidelines Company stationery


A boundary less ecosystem to inspire young minds.





These values synergise our beliefs with that our core consumers - “the youth�.


Learning, sustainability and fun are values characteristic of our brand.


Mission Entrepreneurship

Skill attainment in entrepreneurship, innovation and global citizenship for success in the 21st century.

Innovation Global Citizenship


Goal Industry Engagement

Igniting a culture of curiosity through immersive real-world experiences, strong exposure to the rapidly changing workplace with a pedagogic approach.

Pedagogical delivery in a boundary-less learning system

Culture of curiosity

Real World Experiences


Logo The Explorers Lab logo exhibits a friendly and approachable look. The highlight of the logo is the Brand Mark which is a visual stand-in for the letter “e�. This substitution not only creates a unique and memorable imprint in the mind of the customer, but also creates a playful imagery resonating with a student. Note: In most instances, the logo will be used with the typeface style and logo mark combined, but there can be some instances where the logo mark can be used separately from the typeface style. While doing this, ensure that is it always in accordance with colour balance (see page 21).

The typeface is a geometric sans-serif which fits the brand very well. It gives a friendly feel due to the rounded and clean letters.


Azure blue is the primary colour. It evokes a sense of stability, youth and intelligence. The color ignites in mind of our stakeholders a sense of confidence and loyalty.

child wearing a hat

Teal - which complements Azure Blue, is the secondary colour of the brand. It accentuates the company qualities of sustainability, open communication and clarity of thought.

intellect of a child

The Brand Mark embodies 2 elements characteristic of the brand - a child wearing a hat, and the stripes indicate the intellect of a young mind. This ingenious mix makes it effective for usage on its independent usage to represent the brand.


Logo variations Logo colour When the logo appears on a white background, use our primary Azure Blue and Teal.

If you can’t use colour Produce the logo in black if the background is white. If the background is black, use the logo in white.


Alternative color backgrounds When the Explorers logo is used on a colour background that is darker than Pantone 2727 C, both Azure Blue and white are acceptable, just keep the logomark in Teal colour in both cases. Our primary Azure Blue is preffered when you need a blue background. When using blue as a background, reverse the logo out to white but keep the logomark in the original Teal color. Usage of the logo in complete white is also acceptable if necessary, although not preferred.


Logo clearspace To ensure the legibility of the logo, it must be surrounded with a minimum amount of clearspace. This isolates the logo from competing elements such as graphics, text, or background patterns that may detract attention and lessen the overall impact. The minimum clearspace is equal to 1.5 times the height of the logomark (shown as X), regardless to the size the logo is being reproduced at.


Use the rules of logo clear space all the time to ensure maximum visual impact.

When using the Brand Mark separately, the clear space is equivalent to half of its owh height.

Minimum size The Explorers Lab logo reproduces well at almost any size. However, going too small can damage the logo’s integrity and effectiveness. We recommend that you don’t reproduce the logo smaller than 1 inch in width (as illustrated).

1” size

3/16” size


Logo usage

1. Don’t change the colour or tone. 2. Don’t use gradients. 3. Don’t rotate the logo. 4. Don’t use the logo in one colour. 5. Don’t stretch or wrap the logo.

The integrity of this logo must be respected all the times. Please don’t manipulate it by altering or exercising your personal creative freedom. Any modification of the logo confuses its meaning and diminishes its impact.

6. Don’t outline the logo. 7. Don’t remove the lines from the Brand Mark. 8. Don’t resize the Brand Mark.. 9. Don’t change the typeface or recreate the Brand Mark. 10. Don’t crop the logo in any way. 11. Don’t change the placement of any logo element. 12. Don’t place the logo on a busy picture or pattern, even if the logo is used in white.















Brand Mark usage The Brand Mark must always be produced with Teal in all communications for great brand recall. When using the logo is possible only in its squarish form, the Brand Mark can be used independently.

The Brand Mark must never be produced in grayscale, as it dilutes the impact of the logo. Always produce the Brand Mark in original color.

Independent usage of the Brand Mark 1. Profile pictures on social handles. 2. Favicons in websites. 3. Buttons on smartphone apps. 4. On merchendise in a fashionable manner.


Full Logo usage The full logo must be utilised on all official communications. When the brand presence is relatively new in a partner communication, the full logo can be used to amplify the brand strength.

In all cases where the Brand Mark cannot be utilised, the full logo must be used. The usage in all such cases be in accordance with the logo variations (page 12).

1. Cover page of presentations. 2. Letter head. 3. Contract and agreements. 4. Partnership documents.


Typography Our primary typeface for all communication materials is Montserrat.

Montserrat Regular

Montserrat Bold

We use the Regular weight for standard copy and the Bold weight for anything more important than that.

123 ABC abc

123 ABC abc

Qualities of Montserrat: authentic and friendly. very easy to read. You’re reading it now! Isn’t it cool? geometric style of types with clean letters. open license - free to use across marketing collaterals.


The secondary typeface is Segoe WP. We use the Regular weight for standard copy and the Bold weight for anything more important than that.

Qualities of Segoe WP: Microsoft default operating system font. very easy to read. clean letters exhibit an approachable and friendly communicative style.

Segoe WP

Segoe WP Bold

123 ABC abc

123 ABC abc


Using Type Effectively Dos Always use type in a combination of uppercase and lowercase.

Preferred casing

Use only approved colours, or coloyrs that are easily readable in type.

Uppercase and lowercase styling in headlines and body text support our brand originality with emotions of friendliness and trust.

Use only the approved typefaces. Ensure good and legible colour contrast between text and background colour.

Never use our typefaces in all uppercase, as it is considered a form of yelling both on paper and on screen.

Don’ts Use all uppercase (as we don’t want to shout the message). Use drop caps. To emphasize a word, use a different type weight (embolden). Use special effects such as drop shadow, gradients, etc. Change kerning (space between letters) when setting headlines or body copy. Distort the typefaces (e.g. expand, condense or modify letter forms).

THIS IS AN EXAMPLE OF HOW NOT USE THE TYPEFACE IN HEADLINES OR BODY TEXT This is an example of how to use the typeface in headlines or body text This is an EXAMPLE OF how not use the typeface in headlines OR BODY TEXT

“Better to see something once than hear about it a thousand times.� Asian proverb


Colour palette Our primary colour is Azure Blue and it must appear dominantly in all marketing communications. The Azure Blue colour exuberates dignity, stability and trust. It is associated with attributes of friendliness, reliability and approachability. The colour also blends well with brighter colours of teal, green, orange and yellow. We have adopted a strict colour palette which represents the attributes of our brand. Consistent use of the colour palette will not only reinforce the cohesiveness of the brand, but also the psychological recall of our brand value.

Azure Blue

Pantone 2727 C C77 M49 Y0 K0 R18 G120 B209 HEX #1278D1


Pantone 7488 C C56 M0 Y93 K0 R137 G209 B95 HEX #89D15F


Light Blue

Pantone 333 C C62 M0 Y34 K0 R48 G209 B187 HEX #33D9C2

Pantone 305 C C58 M0 Y6 K0 R114 G198 B228 HEX #72C6E4



Pantone 1575 C C0 M62 Y86 K0 R248 G134 B69 HEX #F88645

Pantone 108 C C2 M11 Y100 K0 R250 G219 B59 HEX #FADB3B


Please don’t use the colours as tints or shades. Only use the colors shown as exact mixes (Pantone, CMYK or RGB) depending upon the medium web, digital or print.

Colour balance Depending upon the case, the colour ratio can vary in its application. Use the ratio as per the pie chart (see right) to make sure that you’re balancing colours correctly. Use additional colours in combination with core colours. These colours add depth, but use them sparingly. Expect slight colour variances when printing on different paper stocks.


Imagery The imagery to be used throughout the brand must connect with the consumers. Selecting images for the brand Use images that are reflective of youth. They must convey feelings of fun, energy and optimism. Shots showing students in action generate the highest impact. Lighting of the picture is a make it or breaks it. Always use well lit photos. Always select photos relevant to the context. Remember, one good photo is more powerful than a thousand words! They must look simple, modern and matured.



for sub-brands All the sub brands of The Explorers Lab will follow the same thematic look to reinforce the primary branding. The sub brands will recall explorer from the main logo, and pre-fix before it to create the sub brand logo.


Iconography The iconography of the brand will of lineal style. It will utilise the primary colour - Azure Blue and the secondary colour - Teal to create homogenous assets. Always refer to the official icon pack for the creation of all marketing communications. In specific cases when icon pack does not have a relevant icon, you may need to use icons other than the pack. Be careful to use lineal style and brand colours. In case brand colours don't match the use case, always pick colours from the colour palette on page 24.

Presentation guidelines The page layout should follow the identity of the stationery. Therefore at the bottom, we’ll have an Azure Blue strip of 9 mm (0.36 inch) with the website. The monogram will be in the top right corner.

This is how you should use the headline Montserrat Bold - 28 pt.

For all subtitles, this is the best way to use it For all subtitles, this is the best way to use it Montserrat Bold - 18 pt.

Notes: 1.

All text paragraphs will be written with Montserrat Regular, in dark grey color (#505050).

2. To emphasize something in paragraph text, embolden the text or change colour from dark grey to either Azure Blue or Teal.

This is the format for all text paragraphs Montserrat Regular - 12 pt.

3. The headline must always be in Azure Blue colours and Montserrat Bold.

Colours: The colour usage will be as per the colour palette on page 25.

4. The subtitles can be either Azure Blue or Teal to suit the optical need.

Cover page sample

Long cover page sample title

Company stationery

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+971 50 614 6429 +971 4 347 0201 2401, BB2, Mazaya Business Avenue, JLT, Dubai

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