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A SCHOOL IN GERMANY THE STORY OF ITS NAME This professional school of technology is called ‘Carl-Benz’, because it is located in the city where Carl Benz, the first man who invented the automobile, was born in 1844.

HOW MANY PUPILS AND TEACHERS THERE ARE The high school has 1200 students and here, there are lessons about mechanical engineering and automobile technology. Most of the students are between 15 to 25 years old. They don´t wear uniforms, because they can wear whatever they want. SCHOOL CALENDAR: They start the course the 1st of August and they end the semester the 31st of January. The other semester starts the 1st of February. They don't have to work on Sunday, the others days they have to work with cars or in lessons. HOLIDAYS: At Christmas, they only have two days of holidays: the 25th and the 26th of December, and the 1st of January they have New Year's day holiday. The 6th of January they have the Three Wise Men’s day. They celebrate Easter holidays on 16th of April, Good Friday on 20th is the Easter day and on 21st is the Easter Monday. The 1st of May they have work day.

The 9th of June is the Pentecost Monday. The 19th is the Corpus Christi’s day. Finally, they end the school year on 31st of July. They haven’t got an school team. SCHOOL TRIPS: They haven’t got end year celebrations but they do school trips. Trip to Sweden from the 18th to the 26th of June, 2012 We started our tour from Karlsruhe central station, travelling by train to Frankfurt Airport. After checking in, we took off to Stockholm and landed at Arlanda Airport at 10pm. We managed to get our five rental cars from the Europ Car office and headed off to our first accommodation. It was a nice youth hostel on one of the seven islands Stockholm was built on. On the first day we visited the Vasa museum and spent the rest of the day sightseeing by bus or boat in Stockholm. Next morning we had to leave early driving about 300 km north to Borlänge.

SSAB, a steel producing company, was our first destination where a friendly guide showed us how slabs of steel are being processed and rolled on to large coils that are sent to customers all over the world. Back in Stockholm some of the students went to see an ICE BAR and explored other places of interest. On the next morning we had to get up early driving about 500km south to Gothenburg. On the way down there we had a stop in Husqvarna enjoying another guided tour through the factory museum. Late in the afternoon we arrived at our next youth hostel that was located right in the center of Gothenburg.

The next three days we explored Gothenburg by tram, bus or boat using our three-days -ticket also to celebrate Midsommar with the locals on one of the five islands. Schären coast, Luisenpark, Maritima museum and another company visit at SKF – that's a worldwide operating company producing ball bearings – were our next destinations in and around Gothenburg. After eight days we had to say Hej, Hej Sweden! It was a wonderful trip keeping plenty of memories in our mind!! Special days of the high school MONTH



January February March April

1–6 3–8 14 - 27

May June

30 8 – 22

July August September October

All month 1–8 27 – 31

November December

1–2 20 – 31

Christmas Winter break Easter, Green Thursday and Easter Monday. ascension Pentecost Sunday, Pentecost and Corpus Summer Summer Autumn holidays and day of the reform All Saints Christmas

The last day of course they will do a party and a football match.

A school in germany  
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