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THE STREET ART The street art is formed by two basic elements: the hip-hop and his derivatives. In this part we try to explain the origin of this type of music. Now we are going to talk about the hip-hop and his derivatives

THE HIP-HOP The history of the hip-hop started in the little neighborhood of Bronx in New York. This started in the decade of 1960.This style of music was created by African American and Latin American communities. This genre of music started to be heard in New York and after all over the world. The hip-hop is formed by the MC,DJ and the Breakdance. The MC:Is the person who encourage the people when the dj is recording The DJ:Is the person who create is own music to record them in parties or another events The Breakdance: In this type of dance you can find a lot of movements from Aboriginal dances, martial arts, gymnastics to many others. In this part we are going to talk about two of the most important people of hip-hop:

This man is considered the father of the hip-hop. His real name is Clive Campbell, he was born the 16 of April of 1956.His artist name is DJ Kool Herc and started to be called the father of the hip-hop in the 70s because he started to use music without lirycs and people started to like a lot.

This man is another important person in the world of the hip-hop. He calls Joseph Saddler, he was born the 1 of January of 1958.His artist name is Grandmaster Flash. His one of the most important DJs in the world of the hip-hop because he is one the pioneers of this type of music

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