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The devided public spaces of Tromsø

Lyakhov Vyacheslav (Vlad) AHO, 2014

The Site In this work I was concentrated on the site, that lays on the coast line, starting from Nerstranda Center and up to the Polaria, from the ex-Mack industrial site up to the Kunst Museet and the park around it. The reason for chosing this site was, that these public spaces are quite populat and one of the main sights in Tromsø, but accidently they appear to become isolated and teared apart from each other. So, while studying this area I came up with the idea of connecting them and creating a nice accessible and cosy public space on the coast line that happen to become semi-abandonned because of the industrial zone.







Main places in the Site

1. Nerstranda Center and public space around

2. Driv Cafe and Club

3. Ă˜lhallen - MAck museum and bear shop

4. Kunst Museet and park

5. Polarstjerna

6. Polaria

Public places and spaces in the Site

Public buildings and space Space not planned so, but sometimes used as public Space closed or isolated from the public

Spaces, that are not planned as public, but partly used as in the Site

An old man (sailor?) comes and sits, watching ships.

A woman sits in the molo, under the Sun, takes pictures.

Men, having a walk on the molo, watching views.

Group of homeless people (at the left picture) chose this spot as a place to live. This witnesses of two things: this place has good and comfortable conditions to stat (sun, less wind) and that this place is abandonned and is not functioning as a Women, having a rest on the molo, watching the mountain public space. views and birds.

Public spaces teared apart and

isolated. Factors of distraction




Snow depots Trees

Fence Bushes

The view from the Museum to the coast. Many distractors stay between: big road, bus stop, fence, huge amounts of snow depots and even trees & bushes.

Parking lot

Bus stops

In the middle of the site an old little building of ex-firestation could be found. Though it stands on the Axis of MuseumShore, it still deserves to stay, because of its potential and historical/ĂŚsthetical qualities.

The Museum is seen, as some nice building on the top of the hill. Its isolated from this space by the factors (mentioned above), it is not inviting and doesnt seem easily accessible.

Land, taken from the Sea The coast line has not always been the same. By ages, the coast line has spread towards the East, taking some land from the sea. The taken land mostly stands on sort of a sea platform (sea pictures), but what is interesting, that on the site one can find the remaining evidences of the old shore line, with stone finishing. (pictures at the right - the top and the bottom)


The old coast line

Area, standing on a platform, above the water level

The old coast line

Public Spaces: the project The main idea for the site was to create a public space, that would connect and tie up other public spaces, that we already have in the area, create an extra public space, open the coast line. Main goals of the project: 1) Create a visual, logical and logistical connection between the museum and the coast line, through the road, 2) Make an additional public and recreational space on the ex-Mack industrial site, 3) To open the coast line - make it more accessible, pleasant and attractive for people, 4) Create a public infrastructure in the area: benches, caffeterias, pavements, vegetation and so on. 5) Create infrastructure for the big continous coast line, that conects two parts of public spaces, and make the Molo accessible and developed.

Public buildings and space Space not planned so, but sometimes used as public Space closed or isolated from the public

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