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Romania can be magical, white or black, depends from which direction you look, and then you may endlessly talk defending your point of view. This is how the Romanian reality was perceived by more than 200 foreign journalists who visited different regions of our country last month. They could see exactly what we already know. Romania has great places, worthy of a visit, and great people who enjoy life, enjoy the songs of this lands, the wines and the foods we have been eating for centuries. But to reach those places and these people is very difficult, the roads are quite bad, nit up to the expectations of foreign tourists. It is, in fact, a real adventure to cross the country by bus. Even toilets for 200 visitors who pause on their journey at the same time can be an adventure. An unneeded one! Instead of the daily run of the ads that we hear and do not believe, maybe we should have used the money for some finished highways. After we have the roads ready publicizing some forgotten places from this country would be great. But now, since we are already in November, for the residents of Romania, especially middleclass ones, those who work diligently at their jobs, the end of this year comes as a blessing. We end another painful year, because we used the same words one year ago. But Romanians still have hope! Now they hope that it cannot be worst than 2010 and 2011! And that, perhaps on the last meters before the gap, “someone will change something” in the course of the wheels so that they will begin to work as a mechanism! Soon comes December, when all Romanians used to make and receive expensive or small gifts. And the city will fill with shoppers, mostly in search of special offers. The crowd of shoppers from the city will provide an argument for the government, as wel as for the foreigners visiting Bucharest. They will all say, look Romanians still have money!



Black and White Romania












The end of the biking season was celebrated this year by the event “I’Velo Bike Day”, organized by the Green Revolution association and Raiffeisen Bank. On October 22, all cyclists in Bucharest were invited to the coolest “I’Velo Bike Day” - the first happening, a pentathlon dedicated exclusively to cyclists, which will become an annual event. The event was held in Herastrau Park and Izvor Park. It didn’t matter the sex, age, or the type of bike, but only your presence and the determination to roll through all the five parts of the competition! Together with the Green Revolution association and Raiffeisen Bank, this event has celebrated two years of existence of “I Love Velo” and the Urban Velo movement which already has 550,000 members through Romania. I’Velo Bike Day was a celebration of the urban bikes and the first pentathlon exclusively dedicated to cyclists in Romania. With this event the bike season of 2011 has been declared closed. Participants competed for “Best Urban Cyclist” trophy, for three super-bikes for those on the podium and for other 10 bicycles. Participants without their own bike, could borrow free I’Velo bikes provided by the organizers at Charles de Gaulle square. The trials of the first “I’Velo Bike Day” pentathlon were: a Velo Tour on the route Herastrau Park - Charles de Gaulle square- Aviatorilor Avenue - Victoria Square - Victoria Avenue - Natiunile Unite Boulevard - Izvor Park, Tricks - skill and strength, Slow bike - balancing at low speed, Spining - coordination / adjustment / force on professional spinning room bikes and Puzzle - technical skills for bicycle maintenance. A good time was had by all competitors and observers.

Bucuresti what, where, when


I’Velo Bike Day


news • events • attractions The National Theatre Festival OCTOBER 28 – NOVEMBER 6

For over twenty years the National Theatre Festival presents special performances by local and international theaters. What is this year offer? 32 shows in 63 representations,

coronation of Alba Iulia, in which will be found also the precious exhibit. The design of the crown made in the Byzantine style, decorated with vegetal motifs, was created by Costin Petrescu, with the inspiration source of the crown of queen Despina Milita, Neagoe Basarab’s wife, from the fresco at Curtea de Arges Monastery, taking into account the wish of Queen Mary to give a medieval aura to her appearance.

Feast of the Holy Archangels Michael and Gabriel NATIONAL MUSEUM OF THE

nine book launches, 12 conferences and workshops. All these are hosted in 40 spaces. Close to UNITER, the main organizer, are this year 60 institutions, raising a budget of Euro 720,000.



At the National Museum of the Romanian Peasant is organized the fair “Feast of St. Michael and Gabriel”, an exhibition which aims to provide visitors with Romanian traditional, natural products. Merchants are chosen by the organizers, so that visitors can buy high quality products. Visitors can warm a glass of mulled wine with spices, fried calf meat, special pastrami, sausages and fish brine. The Romanian traditional restaurant “La Mircea Macelaru”,

The National Museum of History of Romania (MNIR) opened an exhibition in which a place of honor was given to the Queen Mary crown - a piece of heritage. The exhibition, which marks the anniversary of the 136 Queen’s birthday (he was born on 29 October 1875), is documenting


Lord Of The Dance show is arriving again in Bucharest! After their last year huge success, when at the public’s request they held two spectacles one day, Michael Flatley’s students the Irish from the Lord of the Dance visit us again, this time in a national tour. The first stop is on November 5, in Bucharest on Sala Palatului stage!


Renowned worldwide, the famous Georgian ballet Sukhishvili “the Flying Dancers” reach Bucharest at Sala Palatului on November 16, in their Balkan tour. Sukhishvili is the most famous dance company in Georgia. The Georgian National Ballet was founded by Iliko Sukhishvili and Nino Ramishvili in 1945 and it is the first professional dance company in Georgia. During the two hours of show the dancers will take viewers through countless breathtaking acrobatics, barely touching the ground. The swords and knives which they use during the dances are handmade especially for them.


the less known history of the Queen Mary crown, commissioned by the Romanian Parliament for the coronation ceremony of Alba Iulia. According to documents from the Falize archive, the order of the Queen Mary crown was registered on 5 August 1921, being made by the Romanian Parliament, the Senate President, General Coanda, and Colonel Drosso, from the part of King Ferdinand. The crown was made in Paris by Falize jewelry house, using Transylvanian gold, giving it a special symbolism. Crown of Queen Mary is exposed in the central hall of MNIR until late-November and then can be admired in the permanent exhibition “Historical Treasure”, but also in a comprehensive exhibition dedicated to marking the 90th anniversary of the 2

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led by chef Silvian Scornea will lure you with sarmalute cu mamaliguta, grilled meats, bread baked in the special oven. Visitors will be delighted also by the fried veal, prepared from a 200 years old Topoloveni recipe. He who knows the secret spices is even the mayor, Gheorghita Botarca. Residents of Topoloveni will also come with traditional dishes and pickles and other autumn products specific to the Arges county town. Shopping is not the only reason to go to the fair! Every hour, those who are celebrating their names, Michael and Gabriel, will receive delicious prizes from the organizers. Those with cooking skilled they can show their talent in contests which take place during the three days of the fair. The connection with the religious holidays will be the donation of a large quantity of Topoloveni plum jam to three children’s homes from Bucharest: “Robin Hood”, “House of Hope” and “Center St. Spiridon.”

Tom Jones is a name that no longer needs an introduction and is still a respected name in the international music scene starting with the ‘60s. Tom Jones is a complex artist, which was launched in the early ‘60s, as part of

“Tommy Scott and The Senators”, a local band in Great Britain, later evolving in a superb solo career. After “It’s Not Unusual” from the album with the same name, became a big hit, the artist manages to have a growing international career, entering the United States of America market. The following albums such as “What’s New Pussycat,” “Green, Green Grass of Home”, “Reload” brought him worldwide fame, all were plated with gold and platinum. Tom Jones albums were sold from 1965 until today, in over 100 million copies worldwide. The last studio album “Praise & Blame” was released in the spring of 2010, and after this album has been organized a short European tour in countries of Central and Eastern Europe, tour which arrive in Romania. The tickets for this show are available at prices, depending on seating position: 149.10 - 852 lei.

Germanos, Vodafone, Orange, Carturesti and Domo and online, eventim. ro, ticketpoint. ro, and at several price categories.

prices range from 500 lei for the VIP category, to 100 lei in the last category. Those who want to listen Nana Mouskouri live, can purchase tickets, either online or from the shops.

Engelbert Live

Denta, International Exhibition of Dentistry


Early-December, the king of the romantic music will perform for the first time in Romania, thus giving fans the opportunity to listen to his unmistakable mark Engelbert

Pasarea Colibri 19 Years Anniversary Show SALA PALATULUI, NOVEMBER 25

On November 25, Pasarea Colibri will perform at the Sala Palatului in an exceptional concert marking 19 years of top quality music, 19 years from when Mircea Vintila and Mircea Baniciu first sang together with Florian Pittis. The story began in an event in Ramnicu-Valcea, where Florian Pittis, as presenter, invited on

Humperdinck songs, songs that reached the highest rates of the international tops in the ‘60s and ‘70s. “Release Me”, “Quando, Quando, Quando,” “The Last Waltz,” “After the Lovin ” are just some of the songs that will delight the audience at Sala Palatului. “I could not ever give up what I do, the show world is in my blood” - Engelbert Humperdinck. Although with an extremely busy schedule of over 140 concerts annually worldwide, the famous British singer Engelbert Humperdinck said he is lucky at home is waiting for him each time a happy and numerous family. Humperdinck is the father of 4 children, and grandfather of nine grandchildren. Currently Engelebert Humperdinck has concerts in his “World Tour” in the presence of hundreds of thousands of fans. After United States, in November and December are expected memorable performances in England, Israel, Romania and Russia.

Nana Mouskouri Comes Back scene Mircea Baniciu and Mircea Vintila and although after the presentation had to leave the scene, he remained and Pittis performed with the two folk singers. After the show they co-opted in the group also Vlady Cnejevici and so was born Pasarea Colibri. Over the time the band has become one of the most important representatives of the folk / rock genre, with concerts in Romania in front of tens of thousands of fans across the country. In the November 25 anniversary show Mircea Mircea and Vintila Baniciu will play with a band consisting of Vlady Cnejevici, Teo Boar, Cristi Iorga and Marian Mihailescu. Concert repertoire includes the best known songs of the Pasarea Colibri. Pasarea Colibri & Band concert tickets are on sale at the Sala Palatului, Musica Store in store networks Humanitas, Diverta,


After a series of concerts on two continents in 2007-2008, Nana Mouskouri took a break and now is back in force on 4 December 2011, starting her tour in the capital of Romania! For the live concert performed by Nana Mouskouri and her orchestra, ticket


Denta - International Exhibition of Dentistry, a products and dental equipment exhibition, is the leading international event for the entire Romanian dental market. Denta is also a great opportunity for: intensifying contacts with customers, new business openings, face to face meetings between manufacturers and users, featuring and presentation of the exhibitors programs, consolidating the market position, market analysis, launching new products. Denta is accompanied by additional events such as: international dentistry congresses, symposia, work shops, conference and special presentation organized by exhibitors with special guests, continuous professional training for dentistry.


CBS is a Christmas Gifts, Decorations and Souvenirs Fair & Bijoux Saloon, gathering trade show gifts, art, antiques, jewelry, watches, cosmetics and perfumes. At this exhibition are invited to participate as exhibitors: manufacturers, importers, distributors of textiles, clothing, fur items, handbags, shoes and accessories, cosmetics, perfumes, service providers for this industry, magazines and specialty publications and specific products and decorations for the holiday season. The fair is designed for both general public and companies wishing to improve their product portfolio and offers the possibility of buying gifts for winter holidays prices. Within the event will be organized concerts, raffles and Christmas plays, both for children and for adults.


Bijoux Show offers special gift ideas, jewelry, watches and accessories. The jewel is undoubtedly a very personal object. It is perceived by others as much as is enjoyed by the wearer. Inspiration and beauty are the keywords characterizing jewelry. Bijoux aims to present well known designers, manufacturers and distributors of jewelry, watches and accessories, launching and presentation of collections of young designers and new entry manufacturers on the field, making jewelry, watches and accessories worth and welcoming to this area to ensure visibility the artists and facilitating direct access to the jewelry designers, meaning concept, uniqueness and authenticity. Concept of Bijoux • Jewellery • Watches • Precious and semiprecious stones • Minerals • Accesories

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philharmonic orchestra & opera programs GEORGE ENESCU PHILHARMONIC All concerts begin at 19.00 hours and are held at the Romanian Athenaeum Concert Hall. The complete program on WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER 2 Rossini – Small solemn mesa The Choir of the „George Enescu” Philharmonic. Conductor: Iosif Ion Prunner; Soloists: Lavinia Mamot, Stefania Bolos, Ionut Popescu, Razvan Georgescu; Organ: Luminita Berariu THURSDAY/FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 3/4, Richard Wagner – Parsifal opera Prelude, W.A. Mozart – Concerto no. 21 for piano, KV 467, Mahler – Symphony I (Mahler Year) The Philharmony Orchestra of the „George Enescu” Philharmonic. Conductor: Christian Badea; Soloist: Constantin Sandu SUNDAY, NOVEMBER 6, 11:00 Opening of Classic e Fantastic – How to understand the music “Petru Ghenghea” Engineers Orchestra; Conductor: Andrei Iliescu ; Britten - Simple Symphony (fragment), Telemann - Don Quixotte Suite (fragment); with the actor Marius Manole Mozart Concerto no. 21 for piano and orchestra (Part III); Soloist: Maria Haiduc Haydn - Concerting symphony for violin, cello, oboe and fagot (Part I); Solists: Ileana Ionesti, Teodor Chircu, Lucia Petroianu, Orban Godry Leopold Mozart - Toys symphony; Commenting: Cristina Sarbu Classic e Fantastic is a project initiated by the „George Enescu” Philharmonic and Clock Advertising in November 2010. In the actual season, 2011-2012, the protect is continued only by the „George Enescu” Philharmonic. Classic e Fantastic is the largest educational program for classic music for youth, with the implication of professional and amateur musicians. The performances also gather students from the National University for Music Bucuresti. For the second season of this cultural project the objective is to bring again in the Romanian Athenaeum Hall over 10,000 youth facilitating this way their access to classical music education. Tickets are sold at the Romanian Athenaeum 10 days before the concert: 10 lei/grown-up; 5 lei/pupil, student. Children less than 7 years old may enter free of charge. Reservations only for groups of over 25 persons. Ph. for tickets: 021.315.6875 SUNDAY, NOVEMBER 6, Archaeus Festival Gomariz, Molina, Orts, Toledo, Romero, Bru „School’s soloists” – Alcoy School TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 8, Balkan Baroque Band WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER 9, Schumann, Skriabin, Debussy, Prokofiev Lena Vieru Conta – piano THURSDAY/FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 10/11, Richard Wagner – Siegfried’s Travel on Rhine, Brunhilda’s Song (The Gods Twilight), Bruckner – Symphony no. 6 The Philharmony Orchestra of the „George Enescu” Philharmonic. Conductor: Gerd Schaller; Soloist: Gabriela Popescu SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 12, Sonoro International Festival - Zoom In Dvorak, Schnyder, Dohnanyi TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 15, Valentin Radu – organ THURSDAY/FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 17/18, Composer Portrait Vladimir Cosma The Philharmony Orchestra of the „George Enescu” Philharmonic. Conductor: Vladimir Cosma; Soloists: Irina Iordachescu, Fiona Monbet, Gheorghe Zamfir, Phillipe Cathrine, Gabriel Croitoru Vladimir Cosma, Romanian-born French composer, is the author of the soundtracks of well-known movies as “The Big Blond with a Black Shoe,” “La

Boum”, “Diva”, some productions of “Asterix” and “The Adventures of Rabbi Jacob”, one of the classic of Louis de Funes. Music composer of more than 300 films, and the opera “Marius et Fanny,” which had its world premiere in 2007, Vladimir Cosma was born in Craiova, into a family of HebrewRomanian musicians. His father, Theodor Cosma, was a renowned pianist and conductor, his mother, also composer, his uncle Edgar Cosma led the Cinematography Orchestra in Bucharest, and his grandmother, well-known pianist, studied with Ferruccio Busoni. Vladimir Cosma lives in France since 1963, when he established there earning his living as a violinist in symphony orchestras, and continuing his studies with Nadia Boulanger at the Normal School of Music in Paris. By the time he lived in Romania, Vladimir Cosma had a great admiration for Michel Legrand. Michel listened his music from the bands and entrusted him the orchestration for live broadcast tracks from “Discorama”. Michel Legrand was finishing the soundtrack for “Ladies of Rochefort”. After one year Michel asks Vladimir to compose the music for “Alexandre le bienheureux” by Yves Robert, launched in 1969. It is the start of a brilliant career... Vladimir is inspired by the Romanian music and especially by Gheorghe Zamfir’s pan flute. With him is doing the soundtrack for “The Great Blond” for which he is awarded at Cannes. He was also rewarded with two “Cesar” for best film music for “Diva” by Jean-Jacques Beineix in 1982, and “Le Bal” by Ettore Scola in 1984. After 30 years of film music, Cosma is now dedicated to writing symphonic suites, based on the famous songs mostly composed for cinema. SUNDAY, NOVEMBER 20, 11:00 “Petru Ghenghea” Engineers Orchestra; Conductor: Andrei Iliescu SUNDAY, NOVEMBER 20, 19:00 iszt Program iniciu Moroianu – piano TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 22, 19:00 Enescu, Mozart, Elgar, Rotaru, Ireland Ten Tors Orchestra; Conductor: Simon Ible Soloists: Ladislau Csendes - viola, Alexandru Matei - percussion, Sorin Rotaru - percussion, Florian Mitrea - piano WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER 23, 19:00 Beethoven Program with Trio Pro Arte Anda Petrovici – violin, Marin Cazacu – cello, Nicolae Licaret – piano THURSDAY/FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 24/25, 19:00 Ludwig van Beethoven - Prometheus Overture, Wilhelm Berger - Concerto for violin and orchestra, Ludwig van Beethoven - Symphony no. 7 The Philharmony Orchestra of the „George Enescu” Philharmonic. Conductor: Horia Andreescu; Soloist: Jenny Abel SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 26, 19:00 Brahms, Holst, Bartok, Liszt, Rodney Benett, Say Piano duo Laura & Beatrice Puiu SUNDAY, NOVEMBER 27, 19:00 Schubert Program Elisabeth Leonskaia – piano TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 29, 19:00 The Philharmony Orchestra of the „George Enescu” Philharmonic, the Irish Choir, FGE Men Choir, Theology Faculty Sibiu Choir. Grigore Lese THURSDAY/FRIDAY, DECEMBER 1/2, 19:00 Richard Wagner - Prélude for act III of “Lohengrin” opera, Anatol Vieru - Concerto for cello and orchestra, Anton Bruckner - Symphony no. 4 The Philharmony Orchestra of the „George Enescu” Philharmonic. Conductor: Christian Badea; Soloist: Marin Cazacu

BUCHAREST NATIONAL OPERA 70 72, M. Kogalniceanu Blvd. Ph.: 021.313.1857; WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER 2, 19:00 TANGO. RADIO AND JULIET SEOB show Studio Hall FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 4, 19:00 THE FLYING DUTCHMAN SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 5, 11:00 THE SNOW QUEEN SEOB show Studio Hall SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 5, 19:00 NABUCCO SUNDAY, NOVEMBER 6, 11:00 PUSS IN BOOTS SUNDAY, NOVEMBER 6, 19:00 THE CORSAIR WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER 9, 19:00 TRAVEL IN OPERETTA’S WORLD THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 10, 19:00 THE SLEEPING BEAUTY THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 10, 19:30 MATEI BUCUR MIHAESCU CONCERT SEOB show Studio Hall FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 11, 19:00 RIGOLETTO SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 12, 11:00 THE SNOW QUEEN SEOB show Studio Hall SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 12, 18:30 OEDIPE SUNDAY, NOVEMBER 13, 11:00 LA CANTERINA SEOB show Studio Hall SUNDAY, NOVEMBER 13, 19:00 THE CORSAIR WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER 16, 19:00 TANGO. RADIO AND JULIET WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER 16, 19:30 RITA SEOB show Studio Hall THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 17, 18:30 MACBETH FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 18, 19:00 I QUATRO RUSTEGHI SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 19, 11:00 A MIDSUMMER NIGHT’S DREAM SEOB Show Studio Hall SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 19, 18:30 EVGHENI ONEGHIN SUNDAY, NOVEMBER 20, 11:00 HANSEL AND GRETEL SUNDAY, NOVEMBER 20, 19:00 LA BOHEME TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 22, 18:00 The musical show arts, where to? Conference within the Week of Musical Show Arts 2011. Free access. WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER 23, 19:30 LE CANTATRICI VILLANE SEOB show Studio Hall THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 24, 19:30 CAMERAL EVENINGS OF THE STUDIO SEOB show Studio Hall FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 25, 19:30 Nijinsky – The Other Face of a Genius - premiere SEOB show Studio Hall Show within the Week of Musical Show Arts 2011. SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 26, 19:00 DON QUIJOTE EVENT SHOW Conductor: Ciprian Teodorascu Show within the Week of Musical Show Arts 2011. SUNDAY, NOVEMBER 27, 11:00 HARAP-ALB SEOB show Studio Hall SUNDAY, NOVEMBER 27, 19:00 Gala Show 90 Years from the Institutionalization of the National Opera Bucharest. Free access. WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER 30, 19:00 LA TRAVIATA National Opera performances begin at 19:00 and only longer performances, to which the end would exceed 22:00, will remain scheduled at 18:30. From the current repertoire of the institution, one show - “Faust” by Charles Gounod - is scheduled at 18:00. For each show, start time is specified also on the official website -, the calendar section. To meet the demand of the public the National Opera Bucharest sell tickets online to save travel time to the box office. Tickets to the performances can be purchased online through its own sale system, at Payment shall be made by credit card. Tickets can also be purchased directly from the National Opera Bucharest box office (payments with cash or by credit card). Open: Mon.-Sun. 9:00 - 13:00 and 15:00 – 19:00.

tIMOn 2011 - Large Offer, Few Buyers At its twentieth edition, tIMOn – the National Real Estate Fair gathered in midOctober, for all those who visited it, the best offers of the most important players on the national real estate market. The companies present in the fair understood the the market decline and the current needs of the customers and have tailored their offers based on their customer requirements. That’s why we found not only discounts, but also special offers.

Thus, “Test drive for your apartment!” - the innovative offer from InCity Residence project, the developers allowing their customers to rent the apartment for two years and if at the end of this period they decide to buy, the rent without VAT is considered as an advance to the apartment, or the offer of Residential Salaj project developers, receiving in exchange for new apartments old flats or cars!

We found studios of Euro 39,000 + VAT 5%, 2-room apartments from Euro 56,000 + VAT and 3-rooms from Euro 62,000 + VAT at Cosmopolis stand, with new apartments. Vitan Residence II offered studios from Euro 39,200 (VAT included) and 2-room apartments at Euro 66,000, or 3-room apartments from Euro 65,000 + VAT at Sunrise residential. Those from Saphir Stein came with 15-20% discounts for 20 apartments downtown Bucharest, and discounts of up to Euro 28,000, free parking, kitchen furniture and appliances were provided complementary by Volumetric DF Romania in the Ultra Privilegio promotion. The villas prices start at Euro 65,000 in Corbeanca and reach Euro 107,000 in Mogosoaia. Economic offers were available in 52 residential complexes in Bucharest, while premium offers were available in 20 complexes. Luxury homes could be found in ten residential complexes. In the fair were also offered ideas for interior design, furniture and appliances or solar systems, plus the offers from the MobiDeco exhibition. This autumn, the exhibition’s yard hosted three special houses: one on the steel structure and two wooden holiday homes. Price for the 22 sqm wooden house is Euro 2,500 and Euro 5,500 + VAT for the P+1! We may appreciate that in this edition, several significant projects present in the

real estate

fair were located in green areas, with all the facilities nearby. Housing prices offered were between Euro 30,600 and 1.6 million, more than 100 companies coming up with the best current prices, both at homes - in total over 10,000, or at accessories and decorations.

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cover story



The Capital changes! Urban development is a priority for the future. The city should grow in harmony, not chaos, to achieve a European level of the quality of life. In September, was launched the transformation of Bucharest. A consortium of 14 companies has developed a strategy for the development of Downtown, which was recently launched by the municipality. Implemented, the new strategy will completely change Downtown.


for the City 3

6 Bucuresti what, where, when


Integrated Urban Development Plan of the Capital (IUDP) includes 39 projects with 43 sub-projects, with an estimated value of over Euro 100 millions. The main objective is the Downtown recovery as an area of interest for Bucharesters and for the investors. It is proposed to reduce transit traffic by moving it to the median and the belt ring, building of parkings, new public and leisure spaces and several pedestrian routes. According to the strategy, the streets in the center should be treated as local, to support commercial, cultural and leisure activities. The first step is to reconfigure 23 streets, with priority for pedestrians and cyclists. In the plan there are many bicycle paths and pedestrian, from Piata Romana to Rahova Square, Botanical Garden, Traian Market, by reconfiguring and reducing car traffic lanes in favor of sidewalks.



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6 - CALICILOR (BEGGERS’) BRIDGE 7 - NEW SHOPPING FACILITY, INTEGRATED IN AN OLD BUILDING AREA The first works have already started. On Calea Victoriei, from the intersection with Regina Elisabeta Boulevard and to Splaiul Independentei the sidewalks are wider for pedestrians. In the strategy is set also a “pedestrian highway” between the Piata Romana, University and Antim Church, but also the crossing of the Natiunilor Unite Boulevard by a pedestrian and cyclists’ bridge to create a direct link between the Izvor Park and the Parliament House hill, to the National Museum of Art Contemporary. Another objective is to create an integrated parking system. For multi-storey car parking in the Historical Center and the underground parking at Walter Maracineanu (240 seats) and Dorobanti Square (254 seats) the municipality has started the legal procedures. Underground parkings are planed also near the Parliament Palace and Sala Palatului. The new strategy also proposes the revitalizing and reconnecting of areas Downtown Bucharest isolated from what is today considered the historical city center of Bucharest. The area south of Dambovita should be reconnected to the historic center, and thus are recovered hidden historic monuments and inaccessible sights at the moment, as Antim Monastery, Bragadiru Palace, Cosbuc Flower Market. For reconnection will be rebuilt two bridges destroyed during the communist era: Mircea Voda Bridge and Calicilor (Beggars) Bridge, the first one close to Lipscani street, the second next Selari street. The Integrated Urban Development Plan was developed for medium and long term which means that it will take few years until all projects will be implemented. The architects consider that the center of Bucharest but can be changed in one year if there are finished only a part of the projects. For road infrastructure and realization of the bridges over Dâmboviţa to the historic center, would be required only Euro 40-50 millions. 8

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According to General Mayor Sorin Oprescu, the Integrated Urban Development Plan for the downtown area is a big project - a series of projects to the harmonious development of the center. All major projects have been already done or will be done in the future are development multipliers. In other words are investments in developing the city (the Basarab passage, and the National Arena, and so will be the parkings and other investments - including the restoring of the historical center). It creates growth. There are seven main objectives in the Integrated Urban Development Plan for Downtown Bucharest, which follows: • The recovery of an urban identity for the center - the key objective since Bucharest needs to regain the city heart, from Calea Victoriei to Carol Park; • The recovery of the central area south of Dambovita - destroyed by the systematization made in the communist period, and in need of rehabilitation; • A model of alternative transportation, sustainable - including new solutions to support pedestrian and bicycle traffic; • Integrated parking system in the central area - more parkings with maximum 500 places, which do not unnecessarily crowd the traffic, but to free the streets; • The rehabilitation of public spaces - widening the sidewalks, street redevelopment with priority to pedestrians and cyclists and restoration of over 20 squares; • The urban regeneration of degraded traditional neighborhoods - such as Mosilor, Grivitei, Rahova; • Speed up economic activities to stimulate economic growth. Achieving these objectives will result in increasing the quality of life for downtown residents and for the whole city and in increase of the attractiveness for investors and tourists, supporting a vibrant, dynamic center, attractive as in a European capital.

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Through History to the Future After the re-election of Nursultan Nazarbayev as President, in the spring of this year, Kazakhstan continued its policy of opening to the West, especially to Europe, a region that wants to tie its future. According to international economic analysts, Kazakhstan is recognized as one of the former Soviet states that have the strongest growth rate. Despite the global economic crisis because the President has thought good policy for the country, Kazakhstan has a functioning market economy. “Kazakh” is derived from an old Turkish word meaning “free spirit”, as it is now for all the citizens. Kazakhstan is situated in what was called by the politician Halford Mackinder in his study in 1904, heartland, key territory. Kazakhstan is not “the center of the world”, but the attention of the great capitals of the world it’s enjoying can create this impression. The explanation of this interest is simple and it is given by a few figures: 40 billion barrels of oil (3.3% of the world’s reserves, for comparison Russia has 6.6% and U.S.A. 2.5%), over 3 trillion cubic meters of gas reserves (1.7% of world reserves, Russia has 26.3%). We must add the enormous deposits of rare and nonferrous

Major countries of the world, led by the United States of America, are congratulating Kazakhstan to the celebration of the anniversary of 20 years since the country declared independence on December 16, 1991, the last of the Soviet republics that had declared independence, and its former leader became president. Since independence, Kazakhstan has pursued a balanced foreign policy and focused on economic development with emphasis on hydrocarbon industry. Although the state economy is in a constant growing, President Nursultan Nazarbayev still has tight control.

Kazakhstan’s Constitution acknowledges between its essential principles: the right to life and freedom with a secular and democratic government, free elections and a system of checks and balances that divides power between three branches of the government. These concepts were essential to the success of democracy in the country and helped Kazakhstan chairing the OSCE in 2010, in December 2010, housing also the OSCE summit in Astana.


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metals (e.g. over 25% of the world’s uranium). Senior U.S. officials, from the Secretary of State, ministers of energy, agriculture and up to the vice president, visited Astana, and Nazarbayev was received at the White House, in its many overseas visits. U.S. investment in Kazakhstan are over $ 12 billion (one third of the total investments in the Kazakh economy). However, ordinary Europeans do not know much about Kazakhstan. It’s probably pretty well known that the current economic boom of Kazakhstan is largely due its fossil fuel resources, while others may have heard about some impressive buildings in the capital, Astana. From these isolated fragments of information is a long way to a balanced overview. To build this image about Kazakhstan it takes time. Its elements are fascinating, the history with ancient nomadic Turkic civilization, descendants of Genghis Khan, the leaders of the former Kazakh State, the Silk Road... Some of its prominent figures are the philosopher Al Farabi, known as the second Aristotle, Professor Sufi Khodja Ahmed Yasavi, whose legacy includes an architectural masterpiece in Turkistan, a second Mecca, or, more recently, Shokan Valikhanov, a Kazakh intellectual. Geography is also spectacular, with mountains of Tien Shan and Khan Tengri, the highest peak of Kazakhstan, and the austere plain in Mangyshlak and the Karagiye depression, located 132 meters below sea level at its lowest point, the mystic Altai and Beluha Mountain. But also the legacy of the Soviet times, on the one hand with Stalin’s prison camps, from Karlag and Aljir, and the Semipalatinsk nuclear testing, and on the other side with the spectacular launch place and space center from Baikonur. Do not forget Astana, the new capital, a city built for the third millennium, with impressive palaces like Sultan Seraglio, and other important architectural achievements. Astana is considered by Americans a Las Vegas built in the desert. The steppe wind still feels, but you can see skyscrapers and 4 x 4 cars. But Astana is more like Dubai, although it is the second coldest capital of the world, after Ulan Bator. Astana now has 700,000 inhabitants and it is in constant construction. Tourism in Kazakhstan is in a steady development, the Kazakhstan Tourist Association (KTA) was founded in 1999, to increase the number of tourists who land directly in Astana and Alma-Ata and to encourage the eco-tourism. What to see? Astana - the capital, Almaty, the largest city, Zailiysky Alatau, Almatinsky - nature reserve with rare species of animals, Kol-Say Lakes, perfect for fishing, Kozha Akhmed Yasaui mausoleum. When to go? Since the summers are very hot and the winters very cold, the best times to travel to Kazakhstan are spring (April-June) and autumn (September-October). Kazakhstan has become very interesting also for many Romanians. Several Romanian mountaineers groups have organized expeditions to climbe the Khan Tengri peak, from Tien Shan mountain chain, on the border between Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan, with a height of 6,995 meters. The massif is a huge pyramid of marble, covered with snow and ice. At sunset, the marble glows red, hence the Kazakh name “Kan Tau” (Blood Mountain). Khan Tengri peak is an important preparation for those wishing to reach the Himalayas, with difficult routes on the northern side. But information from Kazakhstan is still low. Those who have read Zahir by Paulo Coelho caught just a provocative image. When KazMunaiGaz, the national oil and gas company, bought 75% stake in Rompetrol Kazakhstan was present on all news channels ... Romanians may have heard about some impressive buildings of the new capital, Astana. But from these isolated fragments of information is a long way to a picture a country. Astana is a colonized city, which now has 700,000 inhabitants and is in constant construction and expansion, and at the celebration of the independence, on December16, even deserve to take part in the popular joy.

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First Serbian Tourism Business Forum Serbian Tourism Business Forum will take place in Belgrade for the first time, November 24-26, organized by the National Corporation for Tourism Development, a governmental body working under the Ministry of Economy and regional development. This corporation is the initiator and partner of the public sector playing a key role in competition growth of the Serbian tourism.

The three-day conference will explore possibilities of investing in new tourist markets. Main objective is how to attract new investments in tourism and to emphasize how attractive and competitive are tourist destination in Serbia. The program of the forum “Sustainable Tourism for Rural Development” has been implemented by five UN agencies: FAO, UNDP, UNEP, UNICEF and UNWTO. The main topic will be the research and communication of the possible investments in Serbian tourism and creation of South-East Europe regional connections as well as connections in terms of investments and development. The National Corporation for Tourism Development will use this opportunity to

panel discussions on development, world trends and best practice in tourism and hotel industry. Participants will illustrate and establish new guidelines, trends, strategies and possibilities of investing in Serbian tourism. This forum will be the meeting point of developers, investment funds, franchising companies and consultants which will secure the platform that will enable new partnerships and attracting new investors because potential financiers need to grasp that Serbia is appealing noteworthy in terms of biological, geographical and cultural diversity. According to Rafael Pupovac (photo), the Director of the National Corporation for Tourism Development, the aim of the Forum is presentation of possibilities in development

present key projects for investing in tourism and hotel industry in Serbia. The Forum visitors, for the first time on one place, will hear interviews with world leading investors, forecasts of the world leading economists,

of tourism in Serbia to potential local and foreign investors: “The Forum will serve as a platform for the creation of network among key stakeholders in project development. This represents a precondition for the successful


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development of tourism. The Forum will not only reveal 250 projects, that will enable greater visibility of local initiatives and projects among international investors market but also it will send a clear message that Serbia has strong standpoint in tourism development. Many requirements for this growth are established and now it is time for expansion of solid projects. The Forum will allow local players to find strong partners on international market and it will gather around thirty important international key stakeholders from the industry.” The key speakers at the Serbian Tourism Business Forum are: • Frederic Pierret, Executive Director, UNWTO • Maksim Gromadtsov, Director investments Esta Holding Ukraine • Franco Peruza, SEE development, Steigenberger, Hotel Group Germany • Miroslav Dragicevic, Managing Partner, Horwath HTL Zagreb • Gerhard Reiter, director Vamed Austria • Willibald Kaltenbrunner, Denkstatt Austria, Managing Director • Ranko Tepavcevic, Kazan Universiade, 2013, Senior Consultant for development • Christos Tsemperas, Grand Casino Beograd, Managing Director • Evrard Matthieu, Louvre Hotels, International Development Director • Michael Widmann, Managing Partner PKF hotelexperts • Dietmar Reindl, Falkensteiner Michaeler Tourism Group Austria, Managing Director Development • Clemens Schranz, Soravia, Managing Director The tourism sector in the Republic of Serbia should create conditions for improving competitiveness, with the aim of better positioning of the Republic of Serbia as a tourist destination in the world tourism market. In this regard, in 2009 The National Corporation for Tourism Development of Serbia (NCTDS) was formed, which is the initiator and partner of the public sector, domestic and foreign investors and has a decisive influence on the growth of competitiveness of Serbian tourism product. The National Corporation for Tourism Development of Serbia represent a model that can provide a better system of planning for tourism development which will lead to proper positioning of tourist areas in the market. As a national authority, The National Corporation for Tourism Development of Serbia is dedicated to developing tourism in Serbia, with the mission to support investments in a range of existing and new attractions with a goal to enhance the Serbia tourism industry’s potential to achieve its growth objectives.


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city life • ESSENTIAL INFORMATION • HOTELS • MUSEUMS • SHOW BIZ • CULTURAL INSTITUTES • MUST SEE IN BUCHAREST ESSENTIAL INFORMATION POLICE - Like all cities, Bucharest too has dangerous spots; however, it is considered a safe city in European terms. The city center is usually safe, but at night be careful in parks and peripheral areas. General Emergency number: 112 for Police, Ambulance & Fire Department. There are also private ambulance services: dial for Puls 9737 or 021-243-1333, for Doris 978 or 021-335-5065, for SOS Medical and Ambulance Services 9761 or 0722-333-000, for Village Medical Clinic Ambulance 0723-343-219. TELEPHONES The payphones in the city are phone card operated. When calling into Romania, you need to dial 004, then the eight digit subscr ber’s number - dropping the first 0 of the area code. When dialling a mobile number from abroad, the initial 0 is also dropped. Romanian city codes (selected): Brasov (0268), Constanta (0241), Bucharest (021), Cluj (0264), S biu (0269), Sinaia (0244), Timisoara (0256). International country codes (selected): Australia (61), Austria (43), Belgium (32), Canada/US (1), Danmark (45), France (33), Germany (49), Greece (30), Hungary (36), Irealand (353), Israel (972), Italy (39), Japan (81), Moldova (373), Netherlands (31), Poland (48), Romania (40), Russia (7), Spain (34), TRANSLATORS Translingua: 306, Calea Mosilor, Bl. 56A, Ap. 11 Ph.: 021-211-70-46, 0722-250-908; Fax: 021-211-70-46. Prosper - ASE Language Centre: 2, Calea Grivitei St., 2nd floor, room 4211; Ph./Fax: 021-21178-00. Talk Partners: Ph.: 0771-540-479; 0724-353-215; Central European Translation: 19, Unirii Blvd., Bl. 4B, 1st Entr., 4th floor, Ap.13; Ph.: 021-336-28-25; Fax: 021-336-27-24. Serious Business: 3, Corneliu Coposu Blvd.Bl. 101, 1st floor, Apt. 17. Ph.: 021-321-46-41; Fax: 021-320-33-13. POST OFFICES The Central Post Office is at 10, Matei Millo St. (near the Phone Company building on Calea Victoriei). Open: 7:30-20:00. Closed Sunday. MONEY Money can be exchanged at banks, hotels and private offices (Casa de schimb valutar). There can be major differences in rates, especially between the banks and the private exchange offices. Changing money in the street is illegal and inadvisable. Bank notes are in the following denominations: LEI 1,00; 5,00; 10,00; 50,00; 100,00 and 500;00. Coins: Bani 1; 5; 10; 50. Banks are open weekdays from 8:30 to noon and from 14:00 to 16:00.


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Rely on these pages for guidance on where to go and what to do during your visit. The letter/number combinations at the end of listings are coordinates for the map (back cover). For subway map see also the back cover. Locations marked in a red square are situated in Old Town.

VISAS EU and American citizens with a valid passport can visit for 90 days with no visa requirement. All other visitors will need a visa. Visas should be obtained prior to the arrival, from Romanian Diplomatic Missions’ Offices in your country. A list of the nations for which a Romanian visa is required can be found at Three day transit visa: US$ 15/25. One entry visa: US$ 25, multiple entry visa US$ 60. For a few exceptional situations a 10-day special visa can be obtained at customs, entering Romania. For visa extensions and other information go to the passport office at 29, Nicolae Iorga St., near Piata Romana. PRIVATE CLINICS & EMERGENCY HOSPITALS Biomedica International: 42 Eminescu St., Ph. 021-230-8001 Emergency Clinic Hospital: 8, Calea Floreasca, Ph. 021-317-0171; 021-317-0121 Medico Clinique: 9, Visarion St., Ph. 021-650-7060, 021-315-5426 /27 Medicover Medical: Centre96, Calea Plevnei, Ph. 021-310-4410 Ophthalmology Emergency Clinic Hospital: 1, Piata Lahovari, Ph. 021-319-2753 Regina Maria: • 57, Unirii Blvd, Ph. 021-3271188 ; • 2, Staicovici St, Opera Center. Ph 021-412-0110 • 12, G Enescu St, Ph. 021-316-5876/77/78

and feel in perfect shape at the same time. You can enjoy the swimming pool & whirlpool, sauna, Jacuzzi, or be active and try the fully equipped gymnasium or the tennis courts. Personal trainer available for a monthly fee. 1, Poligrafiei Blvd. (Crowne Plaza Hotel); Ph.:; Open: 08.00 – 23.00. Diplomatilor Club: 1, Minovici Alley. Ph.: 021-222-8497; 0722-328-758. Open: daily 9:00 - 18:00 Eden Spa: 39, Primaverii Blvd., Ph.: 021-316-8148; 0721-321-294. Open: Mon - Fri 9:00 - 21:00 . Sat 9:00 - 18:00 Grand Hotel Continental Spa: The Spa is a calm and peaceful retreat with relaxation facilities including a maxi jacuzzi, massage salons and sauna, providing an extensive range of body beauty and care treatments. Indulge yourself in one of these therapies and renew your energy. You will enjoy fitness and aerobic sessions with guidance from personal trainers available by

NON-STOP PHARMACIES There is no problem with finding a pharmacy in your neighborhood, no matter where you are in Bucharest. Here are some pharmacies with nonstop service: Farmacia Verde: 15, Calea Dorobantilor, Ph. 021-230-1451 Sensiblu: 65, Calea Dorobantlor, Ph. 021-211-1127, Farmadex: 19, N Titulescu Blvd, Ph. 0744-650-078 MedFARM: 34, I.C. Bratianu Blvd, Ph. 021-315-2309 DENTISTS Alpha Dent Company: 300, Calea Calarasilor St., Ph. 021-321-3099 Dent Elysee: 51, J.L. Calderon St., Ph. 021-312-3300; 0723-380-498 Dent Estet: • 15, Aviatorilor Blvd. Ph. 021-2221108 • 7, G. Alexandrescu St, Ph. 0723-602-020 HEALTH CLUBS & SPA FitClub: With customized fitness routines and body rituals, FitClub invites guests to indulge in a new wellness dimension. For details and advice on customized packages, please call us at 021201 5077. Howard Johnson Grand Plaza Hotel, 2nd floor, Calea Dorobantilor 5 – 7, Bucharest Fit & Fun Club: The club is complimentary to all hotel guests and offers the possibility to relax

appointment. You are kindly asked to check the availability of this service with the Reception. C.C. accepted. Location: Basement. Grand Hotel Continental, 56, Calea Victoriei. Ph.: 037-201-0300. Open: Mon.- Sat. – 07:00 –21:00. Hilton Health Club: 1-3, Episcopiei St. Athénée Palace Bucharest Hilton; Ph.: 021-303-3777 ext.6808 Open: Mon-Fri 6:30 - 22:00. Sat-Sun 8:00 - 21:00 InterContinental Health Club: Public access on the 22nd floor. Full range of facilities. Sauna, massage, solarium, fitness centre, hexagonal swimming pool. C.C accepted. Parking lot. 4 Nicolae Balcescu Blvd., InterContinental Hotel, Ph.: 021-310-2020, Open:06.00 - 22.00 Magnolia Spa: 20, Sperantei St. Ph.: 021-3112779; Open: Tue - Fri 12:30 - 20:00 Sat: 10:30 - 18:00; Sun - Mon closed “Majestic” Wellness Club: Thoughtfully designed facilities for the benefit and convenience

of the Ramada Majestic Bucharest Hotel guests. The Majestic Wellness Club includes: Swimming Pool, Jacuzzi, Cardio & Fitness Center, Sauna, Massage. Aerobic, Step, Tae-bo, Body-flex; Aqua Gym; Swimming lessons. 38-40, Calea Victoriei. Ph.: (021) 310 27 20; Fax: (021) 310 27 99 Open: daily 07:00 – 21:30. Novotel Bucarest City Centre Wellness Centre: After a busy day you relax and unwind in the Wellness Centre situated on the mezzanine floor. Indoor swimming pool with artificial waves, fitness centre, gym, massage, hammam and Power Plate are at your disposal. Secured underground parking available. Credit Cards accepted. Novotel Bucarest City Centre - 37B Victoriei Boulevard, District 1. Ph.: 021 308 85 61. Open daily: 06:00 - 22:00. Ramada Plaza Hotel: 3-5, Poligrafiei Blvd. Ph.: 021-549-2000; Fax: 021-549-2330; Open: Tue-Sun 10:00 - 22:00 Sports Club 2000: 3-11, Gabriela Szabo St. Tennis, Swimming, Fitness Ph.: 021-434-3572; Kineto & Physiotherapy Ph.: 0723-573-028 Beauty Center Ph.: 021-434-1741 Open: Mon-Sun 08:00 - 22:00 World Class Health Academy: • 90, Calea 13 Septembrie - JW Marriott Bucharest Grand Hotel Ph.: 021-403-0900/01; 0730-848-707 Open: weekdays 6:00 - 23:00, weekends 8:00 - 21:00 • 63-81, Calea Victoriei. Ph.: 021-313-1104 • 103 bis, Erou Iancu Nicolae St. Ph.: 0723-691544 Pro Estetica Sana Bali Spa: 349, Stadionului St., Cornu - Prahova County; Ph./fax: 0244-367053. Open: 8:00 - 22:00 DRIVING IN ROMANIA The legal speed limit is 50 km/hr in cities, 90 km/ hr outside the city and 120 km/hr on highways. Driving above these limits will result in fines with the poss bility of losing your license. Most international driving licenses are accepted in Romania, but check with the rental company to be sure. Some rental car companies also provide the service of hiring a car with a driver. A blood alcohol level of any kind is not tolerated, and talking on a cell phone while driving is also proh bited. RENT A CAR Cars can be rented in a variety of places. Several offices are available in the Arrivals Hall at the Otopeni International Airport and most upscale hotels. Major cities in Romania are also covered for both pick-up and collection services. Active Rent a Car: Reservations: Ph.: 0727-644644 Avis: Reservations: Ph.: 021-210-4344, 021-210-4345; Fax: 021-210-6912.; Bavaria Rent a Car: Reservations: Ph.: 021-2014534; 0730-333-705. Head Office: Ph.: 021-312-9857; 0744-586-724; 0744-638-292. Fax: 021-312-9982. Compact Premium: Head Office: Ph.:021- 3129857; 0744-586-724; 0744-638-292. Fax: 021-312-9982. Reservations: Ph.: 021-335-7533; Fax:021-335-7532; AIRPORTS Henri Coanda International Airport: – for international and domestic flights. Ph.: Switchboard: (+4021) 204-1000 Customs: ext.: 1514 ; Lost luggage: ext. 1043 Airport Police: ext.: 1523 Aurel Vlaicu Airport (Baneasa): – for domestic and international flights. Ph.: (+4021) 9371, 021-232-0020 ext.: 131.

Transportation to/from Henri Coanda Airport: RATB: City Bus #783 Connecting Otopeni to the City center. Important stops: Pullman Hotel, Piata Victoriei, Piata Romana, Piata Unirii. TAXI SERVICES Airport taxis are available at the arrivals hall but they may charge you 3 to 10 times as much as a Bucharest regular taxi. Euro Fly Taxi is the official airport taxi, and they are queued outside Henri Coanda Airrivals terminal. If not, call 9440. The average price from Haenri Coanda Airport to Bucharest: 15 Euros. CITY TAXI SERVICES You can olso call a city taxi by phoning one of these numbers: 9427, 9439, 9451, 9425, 9435, 9444, 9422. Prices vary from one taxi company to another. PUBLIC TRANSPORTATION Relatively safe and efficient, Bucharest’s public transport system covers the entire city with buses, tramways, trolleys and metro (subway) services, operating from 5 a.m. to midnight. Magnetic cards can be bought at RATB kiosks, located on the main thoroughfares in the city, for ground transportation, and in every Metro station for the underground network. Bus, Tram, Trolleys – LEI 1,30 per ticket, LEI 8,00 for one-day pass, LEI 50,00 for a monthly pass. EXPRESS buses use a magnetic card. Metro – LEI 3.00 for two-fare pass, LEI 10,00 for ten-fare pass, LEI 6,00 for one-day pass, LEI 27,00 - for a 62 fare passcard. SHOW BIZ Concerts usually start around 6 pm except for Opera and Musical Comedy matinees which start around 11 am. The Music University of Bucharest presents mostly classic recitals which are usually free of charge. The Opera has an extensive repertoire and enjoys international renown. The Athenaeum hosts concerts featuring the Romanian National and Inter-national Philharmonic Orchestras. The Romanian Radio Society organizes concerts in its two halls starting at 7 pm; Generally, individual tickets for opera shows and classic music concerts range between 5 - 15 RON. In Bucharest, cinemas change program every Friday. Movies are shown in their original language with Romanian subtitles. The majority of cinemas show American movies, but one can also find European movies at the French Institute Cinema or the Cinemateca. The row and set number is indicated on your ticket or separate stub. Ticket prices vary from Lei 5 - 35 RON OPERA & CONCERTS Atheneul Roman: 6D 1, Franklin St. Ph.: 021-315-6875; 021-315-2567 National Opera: 7D 70-72, Mihail Kogalniceanu Blvd. Ph.: 021-314-6980; 021-311-5254 Sala Radio (Romanian Radio Society): 6C 60-64, G-ral Berthelot St. Ph.: 021-303-1153; 021-314-7770. Sala Palatului: 6D 1, Cretulescu St. Ph.: 021-315-9710 / ext. 761; 021-315-7372 Teatrul National de Opereta “Ion Dacian”: 7D 2, N. Balcescu Blvd. Ph.: 021-313-6348. George Enescu Philharmonic: 6D 1-3, Franklin St. Ph: 021-315-0024; Box Office: 021-315-6875 MUSEUMS Bucharest is a city of history and arts. It probably has more museums per capita than any other capital in the world. Below you’ll find a list of selected museums. Usually there is a nominal entrance fee. Multi-lingual guides are typically available on request at no charge. Most museums are closed on Mondays.

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National Museum of Art of Romania: 6D 49-53, Calea Victoriei. Ph: 021-314 81 19; 021-313 30 30. Visiting hours: WednesdaySunday 11.00 –19.00 (May-September); 10.00 – 18.00 (October-April); Closed: Monday, Tuesday,

1st January, Easter Sunday, 25th December. The National Museum of Art of Romania is housed in the former Royal Palace which is located on Victoriei Avenue, in an area of great architectural and historical value. The European Art Gallery includes painting, sculpture and decorative art. The most important schools of European art are well represented by works of Domenico Veneziano, Lucas Cranach the Elder, El Greco, Pieter Breughel the Younger, Rembrandt, Monet, Sisley, Rodin and other great names. The Gallery offers an overview of the most important artistic movements that marked art history from the early Renaissance till the first decades of the 20th century. The Medieval Romanian Art Gallery displays works from the 14th to the 19th century: frescoes, icons, embroideries, manuscripts, silver

and gold objects and sculptures. The Romanian Modern Art Gallery illustrates the development of Romanian fine arts from the first decades of the 19th century till the second half of the 20th century. It includes works of Aman, Grigorescu, Andreescu, Luchian, Tonitza, Pallady, Petrascu, Brâncusi, Paciurea. The Village Museum: 5C 28-30, Soseaua Kiseleff. Ph.: 021-224-2759. Open daily: Nov.-Apr.: 09:00 – 17:00 May-Oct.: 09:00 - 19:00. One of the most valuable ethnographic museums in the world. A creation of sociologist Dimitrie Gusti in 1936, the outdoor museum covers 30 hectares with over 70 exh bits of houses, 99 auxiliary buildings, churches and traditional techniques and utensils (water and windmills, oil presses, etc) from all of the country’s provinces. Folkloric art collections and souvenirs. Art Collections Museum: 6D 111, Calea Victoriei. Ph: 021- 211.17.49, 021- 212.96.41. Visiting hours: Saturday- Wednesday 11.00 –19.00 (May-September); 10.00 – 18.00 (October-April); Closed: Thursday, Friday, 1st January, Easter Sunday, 25th December.

Founded in 1978, the museum houses previously private collections that have been donated to the state in the course of time. They mirror accurately the development of Romanian art in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries giving a fair view of the history of taste and of the economic power of native Romanian collectors. European as well as Oriental art works are also present The Museum of Bucharest City: 7D 2, I.C. Bratianu Blvd. Ph: 021-31025.62, 021-3156858. Open daily 10.00 -18.00, Closed: Monday and Tuesday. In the heart of the Capital, very close to the University Square, the outstanding building of Sutu Palace, a monument dating back to 1838, hosts this Museum of Bucharest City’s History. You will find here collections of archaeology, numismatics, photography, maps, documents, paintings, drawings, funeral stones, coats of arms, furniture, uniforms, flags, costumes and many others. “George Enescu” Museum: 6D 141, Calea Victoriei. Ph. 021-212-9649. Open daily 10:00–17:00; closed Monday. Houses collections illustrating the history of music composition and documents from the life of eminent Romanian musician and composer George Enescu.


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National Cotroceni Museum: 7A 1, Geniului Blvd. Ph. 021-430-4485. Open daily 9:30–17:30 ; closed Monday.Reconstructing the atmosphere of the Mediavale Cotroceni Church (17th Century) and the old Royal Residence of King Ferdinand, Cotroceni Museum is a valuable architectural and historic site. Works of art for sale. The Observatory: 5D 21, Lascar Catargiu Blvd. Ph.: 021-212-9644. It includes both a science fiction and an astronomic club. This small museum of Romanian history of astronomy is worth visiting. CINEMAS Cinema City: 4, Vasile Milea Blvd., AFI Palace Cotroceni Ph.: 021-407-0000 Cinema City Sun Plaza: 391, Calea Vacaresti, Sun Plaza Ph.: 021-386-0600 CinemaPro: 3, Ion Ghica St. Ph.: 031-824-1360 Cinemateca: • Eforie Hall: 2, Eforie St. Ph.: 021313-0483; • Union Hall: 21, Ion Campineanu St. Ph.: 021-313-9289 Corso: 5, Regina Elisabeta Blvd. Ph.: 021-315-1334 Cityplex: City Mall, 3rd floor; 2, Oltenitei Ave. Ph.: 021-319-8226 Europa: 127, Calea Mosilor Ph.: 021-314-2714 Festival: 34, Regina Elisabeta Blvd. Ph.: 021-315-6384 French Institute “Elvira Popescu”: 77, Dacia Blvd. Ph.: 021-316-9930/0224 Glendale Studio: 9, Cotroceni Ave. Ph.: 021-316-3286 Gloria: 6, Bucovina St. Ph.: 021-324-4675 Hollywood Multiplex: 55-59, Calea Vitan, Bucuresti Mall Ph.: 021-327-7020/22 The Light Cinema: 151-171, Progresului Ave., Liberty Center Ph.: 021-369-9740, 021-369-9797 Movieplex Cinema: 26, Timisoara Blvd., Plaza Romania; Ph.: 021-407-8300 NCRR: 3, Kiseleff Ave., the National Museum of Romanian Peasant Ph.: 021-317-9660 Patria: 12-14, Magheru Blvd. Ph.: 021-316-9266 Scala: 2-4, Magheru Blvd. Ph.: 021-316-6708 Studio: 29, Magheru Blvd. Ph.: 021-316-5526 CULTURAL INSTITUTES Learning French, English, Italian or German is what you wanted for so long but you never had the time to do it? The cultural institutes in Bucha-

rest have language classes to suite your learning appetite. Many of them also have impotrant libraries and mediateques highlighting the culture they represent. Subscriptions to the cultural centres’ libraries can vary from 10 to 30 Euro. British Council: 6D 14, Calea Dorobantilor, Ph. 021-307-9600. Fax: 021-307-9601/01 Open 09-19, Sat. 09-13, Sun closed. Goethe Institut (German Institute): 6C 8-10, Tudor Arghezi St. Ph. 021-311-97-62; 021311-97-82. Fax: 021-312-05-85; Open Mon - Thu 10-18, Fri 10-15. Free lending l brary program. German language courses available. L’Institut Français (French Institute): 6E 77, Dacia Blvd. Ph. 021-316-38-36;


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Feel the Rhythm There are an increasing amount of foreign people arriving in Bucharest to simply have fun and enjoy themselves. Many European travellers can testify that some of the greatest and cheapest nights can be had here. Lipscani, the historic centre of the town has witnessed a recent revival with many of the older clubs being refurbished or completely rebuilt. Many of these new venues would not seem out of place in Paris or London. Like the most International cities, Bucharest has a good selection of bars, clubs, cafes, theatres, casinos and many other places of entertainment. Other Bucharest districts are also quite animated, with lots of people on the street late into the night. If you want to have a perfect night, you can start with a romantic dinner in one of the restaurants around the old centre. “Caru` cu bere”, for instance, is one of the most representative restaurants of our capital, it is a true living legend and also one of the oldest beer houses in Bucharest. It was opened for the first time in 1879 and it is one of the few places in Bucharest where it seems that nothing has changed. After that, you can continue with a show or play at Rapsodia Theatre. Then… enjoy your night in a club or in a bar with your friends. There is a wide variety of bars and pubs scattered all over the city and it is not always easy to choose between Irish, English, Latino or the more exotic among the range of watering holes available. There are also traditional Romanian bars and restaurants. Cyber cafes are becoming

ever more popular in Bucharest and these are generally open quite late. There are plenty of nightclubs catering for all tastes and smart dress is not necessary, jeans are acceptable. Clubs and bars serve alcohol until 5 or 6 in the morning and the minimum age for drinking is 18. Despite much recent renovation a real sense of history remains, many of the older inns or taverns have become pubs and clubs, but walking around this area can still transport you into the past, to the true beginnings of the city and its nickname, ‘Little Paris’. Now you will find here coffee shops, restaurants and bars where you can drink a hot tea or a good coffee. You can choose a bar where you will listen

to traditional Romanian singers like Maria Tanase. The atmosphere is quite calm here in the night, perfect for relaxing with friends. As far as clubs are concerned, from electro to live rock, you will find anything you wish in Bucharest! They are the best and their secret is that they never let you stop dancing, all night you feel so good that you believe you are the greatest dancer in the world. When you visit Bucharest to find some fun, you will feel an explosion of happiness, everyone is friendly because everyone is dancing with a beer in their hand.

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Copenhagen, Geneva or Bucharest An Expat’s Point of View


lthough there are some important aspects that have not changed in the Romanian Capital in the last years (sidewalks are still not clean, there are no bicycle tracks, there isn’t enough lighting on the streets, nor enough parking places), Bucharest occupies the 14th place among the top of European cities which are preferred by the citizens of other countries who live there, as Roxana Lupu tells in her article in “Evenimentul Zilei”, titled “The Capital, More and More Loved by Expats”. The city is more and more appreciated thanks to the quality of security, housing and health and this is the reason why expats want to work and even settle here, the same thing being true for another East-European city, Bratislava, the Capital of Slovakia, as shown in a study by ECA International, a Human Resource company. “There are better restaurants, more concerts by international stars, more shopping. Life has improved considerably”, says Tom Murray, who came to Romania 15 years ago and has become a successful businessmanin the textile industry. He also believes that, even if prices have gone up a lot recently, life is still cheaper here than it is in Western Europe or in the United States, and Bucharest has the charm of a European Capital. Nevertheless, in Tom’s opinion the cost of basic goods is a major problem. The things used by the middle class now carry the price of luxury goods, and the cost of utilities has increased dramatically. For the Romanians, as well as for the expats, the quality of life depends on the wages they earn. If the wage is one of thousands of Euros per month, they can say they live well, but if it is a middle income one, even an expat faces the tough realities of daily life, thinks Tom: “If you have money, you can do anything you want in Bucharest: you hire people to manage your daily business, you eat in the best restaurants, you travel overseas or to other Romanian cities on weekends.” Nevertheless, he thinks that Bucharest cannot be considered the most sophisticated European Capital yet. Another businessman, Christopher Troxler, who has lived in Romania for five years, fell in love with Bucharest as soon as he got here. “It was love at first sight”, he says. “I simply liked the atmosphere.” Copenhagen, the Capital of Denmark, holds the first place among the preferences B Bucuresti what, where, when

of expats, shows the study mentioned above. In the top ten places are cities in Switzerland and Germany, such as Geneva, Basel and Bern, and respectively Dusseldorf, Bonn and Munich. The expats coming from Asia have their own top list: Sydney, Melbourne and Canberra, in Australia, as well as two regions,

from Japan, Kobe and Yokohama. Hong Kong and Shanghai, in China, occupy places 15 and 78, respectively. In the Middle East, expats prefer Manama, the Capital of Bahrein, and Dubai and Muscat. Bagdad, the Iraqui Capital, holds the last place in the world, number 300, because of the precarious security level.

Massage: Relaxation & Healing


assage involves systematic stroking, rubbing and kneading of the soft tissues of the body in an effort to induce a state of total relaxation. Despite some misconceptions, massage has become more accepted as a means to relieve minor physical problems. Although massage has sometimes been discredited, by advocates of modern medicine, it has recently been growing in acceptance. Massage has been shown to help maintain stability and enhance performance in nearly all of the body’s major systems. The muscular, skeletal, circulatory, nervous and respiratory systems can be positively affected by massage. The theory behind massage is the relief of muscle tension, and that relaxation of the body will allow for a faster healing process. Massage can increase and improve circulation to damaged tissue areas. People who play sports know that it is important to stretch and relax muscles for peak performance, and the same idea underlies the massage process.

Perhaps the greatest benefit of massage, as any amateur can confirm, is the relaxing effect it can have on tense muscles. The smooth stroking motions and the kneading of muscles relieves tension, loosens joints and improves circulation, all of which are beneficial for good health. Of course it is recommended that people not replace necessary medical treatment with a massage. Sometimes medical conditions that could easily be cured by a simple medical treatment are identified as a simple tight muscle or something similar. Although massage does have positive medical benefits, in most cases it is not a replacement for modern medicine. The history of massage dates back almost as far as recorded history. For thousands of years some form of massage or the “laying on of hands” has been used to helpl the sick. For the ancient Greeks and Romans, massage was one of the principal methods of healing and relieving pain. Generally, if you are in good health and just feeling a little tense, a massage may be a good way to go..

Bucuresti what, where, when


The City Offers


s much as work and stress as may represent your usual day, as much as you may feel that you are lost between meetings, important decisions, projects and work plans, you must admit that you sometimes think about possible moments of relaxation, with everything that might include. Whether a comfortable sofa suddenly comes to your mind, or you imagine yourself in front of a promising and dynamic TV or movie screen, or you think of the future coffee on a terrace

with a dear companion, or new clothes to choose or to try on, the fast workflow is interrupted by such flashes. I would gather this entire complex into a single word: entertainment. There may not be many people who ask themselves “What does entertainment mean today”. Once the word covered something far less complicated than today. It designated a way of spending spare time in a pleasant and relaxing way. But now, when everything is compacted into smaller and smaller time units, the appearance of things changes daily, and the idea of spare time is more and more vague and almost about to be extinct. So it’s no wonder that anything that suggests spending time in a different manner than working can be considered entertainment. Especially if you leave your home for one, two or several days. What is called “business tourism” today does not exclude the desire for some time pleasantly spent. And once having arrived at a new destination, the search begins. The possibilities are, as many and as different, on all the levels and underground D Bucuresti what, where, when

structures of a city, especially if we are talking about a Capital. A living, constantly moving and changing Capital, such as Bucharest, a town in action that offers many things, but also requires a lot of tenderness. So let’s take things one step at a time. A trip to an unknown place forces you to change the stereotype move with a slower walk, combined with gaping and watching new things. Music is everywhere. And you should listen to it. Whether it is the music in a bar, or the pocket of the kit bag filled with CD’s or an mp3 player hung around your neck, music is everywhere. For those who love concerts, while the clubs gather the most renowned DJ’s of the moment to satisfy all tastes,. For many people, nightlife means lifestyle. In the ancient centre of town we can find the greatest assembly of new and cosmopolitan places, for all tastes and pockets. There is also the Green Hours formula, a brand already, where theatre, books and jazz are served together with cocktails and exquisite drinks. Bucharest is still a Balkan fair, with the same old air that mixes the Orient with the Occident, with visible and invisible faces, but it is also a European city, where more and more people come to visit. Today we have reviewed what spending your spare time can mean, and also where and how you can do it. Starting with the next number, I shall stop longer on one of the pieces of this puzzle.

021-316-02-24. Fax: 021-316-02-25; Open 10-20.30, Fri 10-14. Sat, Sun Closed. Theatre & film hall Elvire Popesco. Exhibition hall. Huge books, magazines, CDs and videotapes libraries. Internet café. French bistro. Language courses available. Instituto Cervantes (Spanish Institute): 6E 12, M. Serghiescu St. Ph. 021-210-27-37; 021210-47-27; 0921-210-6777; Fax: 021-210-77-67; Open Mon-Fri 09-19. Sat & Sun closed. Library & Spanish language courses available BUCHAREST JEWISH COMMUNITY The Great Synagogue: 11, Vasile Adamache St., sector 3; It was built during 1845 -1846 by the Ashkenazi Polish-Jewish community. Since 1992, the Great Synagogue hosts the exhibition The Memorial of Jewish Martyrs. Visiting hours: Mon – Thu 8:30 – 15:00, Fri & Sun 8:30 – 13:00. Prayer Hours: Morning Prayer Sun - Fri 8:00, Evening Prayer Sun - Fri 19:00, Sat Morning Prayer 9:30. The Jewish Museum: 3, Mamulari St., sector 3; Located in the former Templul Unirea Sfânta (United Holy Temple) synagogue which survived both World War II and Nicolae Ceausescu unscathed. Displays a collection of books written, published, illustrated, or translated by Romanian Jews, an archive of the history of Romanian Jewry, a collection of paintings of and by Romanian Jews that, while relatively small, consists of works of a cal ber worthy of a major art museum. Visiting hours: Mon - Thu 9:00 – 14:00, Fri 9:00 – 12:00, Sun 9:00 – 13:00. Choral Temple: 9-11, Sfanta Vineri St., sector 3; Currently closed to visitors and services due to heavy renovation works. Bucharest Jewish Community: 9-11, Sfanta Vineri St., Sector 3; For information please contact the office of the president, Erwin Simsensohn. Ph.: 021.313.1782, e-mail

Capitol ★★★ 7D : 29, Calea Victoriei ph: +40-21-313-9440; fax: +40-21-312-4169 Carol Parc Hotel ★★★★★ 9D : 23-25, Aleea Suter , ph: +40-21-336-3377; fax: +40-21-336-3736 Caro ★★★ 2E : 164A, Barbu Vacarescu St. ph: +40-21-208-6100; fax: +40-21-208-6101; Casa Capsa ★★★★★ 7D : 36, Calea Victoriei ph: +40-21-313-4038 Casa Victor ★★★★ 4C : 44, Emanoil Porumbaru St. ph: +40-21-222-5723, +40-21-222-9626 fax: +40-21-222-9436 Centre Ville Aparthotel ★★★★ 6D : George Enescu St. and Luterana St. crossing ph: +40-21-305-3666; fax: +40-21-312-0927 Central ★★★ 7D : 13, Brezoianu St, ph/fax: +40-21-315-5636/37. Class ★★★★ 1B : 30A, Gârlei St. ph: +40-21-233-2814; fax: +40-21-233-2886 Crowne Plaza ★★★★★ 2A : 1, Poligrafiei St. ph.: +40-21-224-0034; fax: +40-21-318-1302 Dalin ★★★ : 70-72, Marasesti Blvd. ph.: +40-21-335-6306; fax: +40-21-336-6284 Dalin Center ★★★ : 33A, Soseaua Stefan cel

Mare. ph.: +40-21-211-0070 Double Tree by Hilton ★★★★ 8F : 3A, Nerva Traian St. ph: +40-21-200-6270; fax: +40-21-200-6273 Duke ★★★ 6D : 33, Dacia Blvd, ph: +40-21-317-4186/87/88; fax: +40-21-317-4189. Epoque 6C : 17C, Aurora Alley ph: +40-21-312-3232; Euro Hotels International ★★★ 6B : 4, Ghe. Polizu St. ph: +40-21-316-88-39; fax: +40-21-316-8360 Euro Hotels Int’l Triumf ★★★ 4B : 32-34, Maresal Averescu Blvd. ph: +40-21-224-5496; fax: +40-21-224-5554 Erbas ★★★ 2D : 27, Av. Alex Serbanescu St., ph: +40-21-232-6856, +40-21-232-6857. fax: +40-21-232-6527. Golden Tulip Bucharest ★★★★ 6C : 166, Calea Victoriei. ph: +40-21-212-5558; fax: +40-21-212-5121 Golden Tulip Times ★★★★ 7G : 19, Decebal Blvd. ph: +40-21-316 6516; fax: +40-21-316-6517 Graffiti ★★★ 5D : 25 Albac St., ph./fax: +40-21-231-6006.

HOTELS See our list featuring a growing number of hotels in Bucharest, from top-of-the-line, five-star international hotels to local Bed & Breakfasts. All telephone numbers are in area code 021 (+4021 if calling from abroad). See map (page 22) for the letter/number coordinates. Alexander ★★★★★ 1/VI, Pipera Blvd. ph: +40-21-569-5120; fax:+40-21-569-5119 Ambasador ★★★ 6D : 8-10, Magheru Blvd. ph: +40-21-315-9080; fax:+40-21-312-3595 angelo Airporthotel Bucharest ★★★★: 283, Calea Bucurestilor, Otopeni. ph: +40-21-203-6500; fax: +40-21-203-6530 Armonia ★★★★ 7E : 112, Calea Mosilor, ph: +40-21-312-0477; fax: +40-21-312-0406. Athenée Palace Hilton Bucharest ★★★★★ : 6D 1-3, Episcopiei St. ph: +40-21-303-3777; fax: +40-21-315-2121. Banat ★★ 7E : 5, Piata Rosetti ph: +40-21-312-5784; fax: +40-21-312-6547. Best Western Plus Mari Vila Bucharest ★★★★: 44-50, Balta Doamnei St. ph: 021-5666666; fax: 021-568-8888

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It is a part of the Cotroceni National Museum. The Cotroceni Palace, church and monastery reflect a three-century old history that interweaves political, military, diplomatic, religious and cultural aspects, with the general evolution of Romanian society. The palace was built in the 17th century by the Prince Serban Cantacuzino. The Cotroceni National Museum exhibits a rich range of objects of

Here is a selection of the most representative landmarks of Bucharest which are a must to see during your stay in the city. You will see these and much more on one of our regularly scheduled or customized tours while benefitting from the expertise and knowledge of our experienced licensed guides. For more information please see the ads inside the magazine.

art, illustrative of the Romanian decorative art. The Cantacuzino space is most suitable for organizing presentations of old art objects that can only outline the exceptional artistic accomplishments of a distant epoch. Visiting hours: 10 a.m. - 5 p.m., Tuesday through Sunday (by appointment only).


It is the second largest administrative building in the world (after the Pentagon) in terms of all-out surface: 330,000 m2. It was built between 1984 and 1989 by a team of architects led by Anca Petrescu. and was destined for the members of the Communist Party; Besides offices, Ceausescu planned to make personal living places, so the Palace’s surface would have been bigger. The building currently houses Romania’s Parliament. Visiting hours: 10 a.m. - 4 p.m., Tuesday through Sunday (By appointment only)

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Grand Hotel Continental ★★★★★ 7D : 56, Calea Victoriei ph.: +40-372-010-300; fax: +40-372-010 301. Howard Johnson Grand Plaza Hotel ★★★★★ 6D : 5-7, Calea Dorobantilor, ph: +40-21-201-5000; fax: +40-21-201-1888. Hello Hotels ★★ 6B : 143, Calea Grivitei, ph: +40-372-121-800; fax: +40-372-121-801 reservation: +40-372-716-464 Herastrau ★★★ 2C : 7-9, Soseaua Nordului, ph: +40-21-232-9666; fax: +40-21-203-9923. Ibis Gara De Nord ★★★ 6B : 143, Calea Grivitei, ph: +40-21-300-9100; fax: +40-21-300-9098. reservation: +40-21-401-1011 Ibis Palatul Parlamentului ★★★ 8C : 82-84, Izvor St., ph: +40-21-401-1000; fax: +40-21-402-2898. One Ibis reservation: +40-21-401-1011 InterContinental ★★★★★ 7D : 4, Nicolae Balcescu Blvd., ph: +40-21-310-2020; fax: +40-21-312-0486. JW Marriott Bucharest Grand Hotel ★★★★★ 8B : 90, Calea 13 Septembrie, ph: +40-21-403-1012; fax: +40-21-403-1001. Lev Or ★★★ 6C : 25, Occidentului St., ph: +40-21-210-1274; fax: +40-21-319-0910. Marshal ★★★★ 7E : 2, Dr. Emanoil Bacaloglu St. ph: +40-21-314-0880; fax: +40-21-314-0888 Minerva ★★★★ 5C : 2-4, Gh. Manu St., ph: +40-21-311-1555; fax: +40-21-312-3963 Monte Nelly ★★★★ 6E : 30, Corbeni St., ph: +40-21-211-0979; fax: +40-21-211-0980

Novotel Bucarest City Centre ★★★★ 7D : 37B, Calea Victoriei, ph: +40-21-308-8500; fax: +40-21-308-8501 NH Bucharest ★★★★ 7E : 21, Mircea Voda Blvd., ph: +40-21-300-0545; fax: +40-21-317-9154 Opera ★★★ 7D : 37, Brezoianu St., ph: +40-21-312-4857; fax: +40-21-312-4858. Parliament ★★★★ 8C : 106, Izvor St., ph: +40-21-411-9990; fax: +40-21-411-9991 Pullman ★★★★ 2B : 10, Piata Montreal, ph: +40-21-318-3000; fax +40-21-316-2550 Radisson Blu ★★★★★ 6D : 63-81, Calea Victoriei, ph: +40-21-311-9000; fax: +40-21-313-9000 Ramada Bucharest Parc ★★★★ 2A : 3-5 Poligrafiei Blvd. ph: +40-21-549-2000; fax: +40-21-549-2330 Ramada Hotel & Suites Bucharest North ★★★★ 2C : 44A, Daniel Danielopolu St., ph: +40-21-233-5000; fax: +40-21-233-5001; Ramada Majestic Bucharest ★★★★ 7D : 38-40, Calea Victoriei, ph: +40-21-310-2715, +40-21-312-1967; fax: +40-21-310-2799 Ramada Plaza Bucharest ★★★★ 2A : 3-5, Poligrafiei Blvd., ph: +40-21-549-3000; fax: +40-21-549-3001 Razvan ★★★ 7F : 159, Calea Calarasilor, ph: +40-21-320-0173 / 83; fax: +40-21-322-0811 Rembrandt ★★★ 7D : 11 Smardan St., ph/fax: +40-21-313-9315, +40-21-313-9316.

Residence Arc de Triomphe ★★★★ 4B : 19, Clucerului St. ph. 021-223-1978; 037-215-0700 Residence Domenii Plaza ★★★★ 3B : 33, Alexandru Constantinescu St. ph. 021-224-5044, 037-215-0600 Residence Club Palace ★★★★ : 367B, Odaii Road, ph. 021-315-1666 Rin Airport ★★★★ : 255A, Calea Bucuresti, ph: +40-21-350-4110/16; fax: +40-21-350-4110-16 Rin Central ★★★ 7F : 55, Traian St. ph.: +40-21-308-3153/4; fax: +40-21-308-3155. Rin Grand ★★★★ : Soseaua Vitan-Barzesti ph: +40-31-106-1111; 0731-111-000 Royal ★★★★ 8E : 28 Mircea Voda Blvd., ph: +40-374-11-9120/21, +40-21-528-1100/20; fax: +40-374-11-9101, +40-21-528-1101 Samaa ★★★ 3A : 319C, Ion Mihalache Blvd., ph: +40-21-224-0282/83; fax: +40-21-224-0284 Siqua ★★★★ 7C : 59A, Calea Plevnei, ph: +40-21-319-5160; 319-5161; fax: +40-21-319-5162 Starlight Suite Hotels ★★★★ 5D : 89-97, Grigore Alexandrescu St., ph/fax: +40-21-211-3413 / 14 Tempo ★★★ 7E : 19, Armand Calinescu St., ph: +40-21-310-1216; fax: +40-21-310-1241 Trianon ★★★: 9, Grigore Cobalcescu St., ph: +40-21-311-4927; fax: +40-21-316-2281 Venezia ★★★★ 7C : 2, Pompiliu Eliade St., ph: +40-21-310-6878; fax: +40-21-310-6873 Z Executive Boutique Hotel ★★★★ 7D : 4, Ion Nistor St., ph: +40-31-140-0200

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Nestled on the shore of the Herastrau Lake, the museum displays 85 peasant homes, barns, churches and mills relocated there from all over Romania. Tall-roofed Transylvanian houses with beautifully crafted shingles sit alongside rustic wooden churches to form a unique neighborhood. The overall impression is that Romanian peasants take great pride in their work and homes. Everyday accessories: tools, butter-churns, hay forks, beer kegs and clothes are displayed inside the house. This museum can take a whole day to explore and, in fine weather, families settle down for picnics in the scenic grounds. Visiting hours: Nov.-Apr.: 09:00 - 17:00., May-Oct.: 09:00 19:00, every day, including Monday THE NATIONAL MUSEUM OF ART

The museum is hosted by the former Royal Palace and is the most representative art gallery in Romania. The Royal Palace was the official residence of the Romanian kings. Its current facade was given the finishing touches in 1937 when Carol II was King of Romania. The National Art Museum Palace is located in downtown Bucharest (in the so-called Revolution Square). The Palace displays an extensive collection of European and Romanian fine art. The European Art Gallery offers an overview of teh most important artistic movements that marked art history from the early Rennaissance till the first decades of teh 20th century. The Romanian Modern Art Gallery illustrates the development of Romanian fine arts from the first decades of the 19th century till the second half of the 20th century. Visiting hours: Wednesday through Sunday 11 a.m. - 7 p.m. (May - September) 10 a.m - 6 p.m. (October - April) Closed: Monday, Tuesday THE OLD ROYAL COURT

During the early Middle Ages, Bucharest became a commercial center; important enough to enable the XIV century princes to build the Princely Court – nowadays known as “The Old Court” - which formed the development core of the medieval town. The first written mention of the name of “Bucharest” dates back to September 20, 1459: it appears on a document issued from the chancellery of the famous Prince Vlad Tepes (the Impaler). By the year 1599, a new Princely Court was built. Matei Basarab (1632-1654) renovated the Old Court. By 1640, because the prince’s relations with the Turks worsened, Matei Basarab moved his Capital back to the town of Targoviste. Bucharest still remained a princely residence. In May 1654, Prince Constantin Serban Basarab (1654-1658), Matei Basarab’s successor, left for Targoviste after a rebellion of his mercenary troops, and he ordered the Old Court to be set of fire. The Old Royal Court is an outdoor site that can be visited any time. THE ROMANIAN ATHENAEUM

Is a concert hall in the center of Bucharest and a landmark of the Romanian capital city. Opened in 1888, the ornate, domed, circular building is the city’s main concert hall and home of the “George Enescu” Philarmonic and of the George Enescu annual international music festival. It has the aspect of a Greek temple with Ionic columns at the entrance. The wonderful interior with round frescoes depicts important events in Romania’s history. Extensive reconstruction and restoration work has been conducted in 1992 by a Romanian construction company and restoration painter Silviu Petrescu, saving the building from collapse. Visiting hours: every day, unless concerts or rehearsals are held.

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INTERNATIONAL ORGANIZATIONS Delegation Of The European Union: 31, Vasile Lascar St. Ph.: 021-203-5400; Fax: 021-316-8808, European Bank For Reconstruction EBRD: Metropolis Center, 56-60, Iancu de Hunedoara Blvd. Ph.: 021-202-7100; Fax: 021-202-7110; International Monetary Fund: 7, Halelor St., 2nd floor Ph.: 021-311-5833; 031-805-7040; Fax: 021-318-1410. Unicef: 48A, Primaverii Blvd. Ph.: 021-201-7872; Fax: 021-231-5255. United Nations Information Centre: UN House, 48A Primaverii Blvd. Ph.: 021-201-7877; Fax: 021-201-7880; World Bank: 31, Vasile Lascar St. Ph.: 021-201-0311; Fax: 021-201-0336 NATIONAL & LOCAL INSTITUTIONS Presidency of Romania: Cotroceni Palace, 1-3, Geniului St. Ph.: 021-410-0581; Fax: 021-410-3858; Chamber of Deputies: Parliament’s Palace, 2-4, Izvor St. Ph.: 021-316-0300, 021-414-1111; Senate of Romania: Parliament’s Palace, 1-3, 13 Septembrie Ave. Ph.: 021- 316-0300, 021-4141111; Fax: 021- 315-8942; Government of Romania: 1, Victoriei Sq. Ph.: 021-314-3400; 021-313-1564; Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development: 2-4, Carol I Blvd. Ph.: 021-307-2300; Ministry of Communication and Information Society: 14, Libertatii Blvd. Ph.: 021-311-4104, Fax: 021-311-4121; Ministry of Economy, Trade and Business: 152, Calea Victoriei. Ph.: 021-202-5106; Fax: 021-202-5108; Ministry of Foreign Affairs: 31, Alexandru Alley. Ph.: 021-319-2108/25; Fax: 021-319-6862; Ministry of Public Finance: 17, Apolodor St. Ph.: 021-319-9759; 021-226-1110; Fax: 021-3122509; Ministry of Justice: 17, Apolodor St. Ph.: 037204-1999; Ministry of Labor, Family and Social Protection: 2-4, Dem I. Dobrescu St. Ph.: 021-3136267, 021-315-8556; Ministry of National Defense: 3-5, Izvor St. Ph.: 021-319-5698, 021-402-3400; Fax: 021-319-5698; Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure: 38, Dinicu Golescu Blvd. Ph.: 021-319-6124; Fax: 021-313-8869; Ministry of Administrations and Interior Affairs: 1A, Revolutiei Sq. Ph.: 021-303-70-80; Ministry of Education, Research, Youth and Sports: 28-30, Gen Berthelot St. Ph.: 021-4056200/6300; Ministry of Regional Development and Tourism: 17, Apolodor St. Ph.: 037-211-1409/43;

Ministry of Health: 1-3, Cristian Popisteanu Entr. Ph.: 021-307-2500/2600: Fax: 021-307-2671; Ministry of Environment and Forests: 12, Libertatii Blvd. Ph.: 021-316-0215; Fax: 021-316-3874; Ministry of Culture and National Heritage: 30, Kiseleff Ave. Ph./Fax: 021-224-3947. The Prefect’s Office: 47, Regina Elisabeta Blvd. Ph.: 021-312-6525/021-9866; www. City Hall: 24, Regina Elisabeta Blvd., temporary moved to 291-293, Splaiul Independentei Ph.: 021-305-5500/50/55; • Sector 1: 7-9, Banu Manta Blvd. temporary moved to 9-13, Bucuresti-Ploiesti Ave. Ph.: 021319-1013/14/15/16/17; Fax: 021-319-1006; • Sector 2: 11-13, Chiristigilor St. Ph.: 021-209-6000. Fax: 021-209-6282; • Sector 3: 2-4, Parfumului St. Ph.: 021-318-0323/24/25/26/27/28/29; • Sector 4: 6-16, George Cosbuc Blvd. Ph.: 021-335-9230; • Sector 5: 29-31, Regina Elisabeta Blvd. Ph.:

021-314-2838/4318; • Sector 6: 147-149, Calea Plevnei Ph.: 021-318-0147, 021529-8498; Fax: 021-318-0152; MOVING COMPANIES AGS Bucharest: 9, Pipera St., entr. 2, 2E Bld., 3rd floor, apt. 11. Ph.: 021-201-17-91; Fax: 021232-52-89; Allied Pickfords: 29,Topraisar St. Ph.: 021-221-95-46; Fax: 021-221-94-42. Corstjens Bucharest: 7-9, Intrarea Gherghitei Ph.: 021-240-37-02; Fax: 021-240-37-03. De Groot IRS: 20, Parangului St. Ph.: 021-224-25-63; Fax: 021-668-64-25. www. Orbit Worldwide Movers: T98, T370 Bucuresti Urziceni, Afumati, Ilfov; Ph.: 021-350-15-00; Fax: 021-350-15-01. FOREIGN TRADE CHAMBERS The American Chamber Of Commerce: Union Int’l Center, 11, Ion Campineanu St. Ph.: 021312-4834; Fax: 021-312-4851;

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Deutsch - Rumänische Industrie Und Handelskammer Bukarest: 35, Clucerului St., 2nd floor Ph.: 021-223-1531; Fax: 021-223-1538; Foreign Investors Council: ING Building, 11-13, Kiseleff Ave. Ph.: 021-222-1931; Fax:021-222-1932; French Romania: 21, Andrei Muresanu St. Ph.: 021-317-1284, 021-230-0377; Japan External Trade Organization: IBC Modern, 34-36, Carol Blvd. 5th floor Ph.: 021-310-6801/02; Romania Turkey T.I.C.C.: 58, Austrului St., Ph./Fax: 021-326-9722 Romania China T.I.C.C.: 28, Ion Campineanu St. Ph.: 021-313-5114; Fax: 021-312-1371. Source: Bilateral Chambers of Commerce and Industry Union

NATIONAL AGENCIES Bucharest Office Of Trade Registery: 1, Sectorului Entr. Ph.: 021-316-0820; Competition Council: 1, Presei L bere Sq. Ph.: 021-405-4429; Fax: 021-405-4402; National Association of Travel Agencies In Romania - ANAT: 59, Horia Macelariu St. 4th floor, Apt. 401 Ph.: 021-321-1908, 021-323-0855, 031-106-9810; Fax: 021-323-6843; National Trade Registery Office: 74A, Unirii Blvd. Ph.: 021-316-0804; Fax: 021-316-0803; Romanian Foreign Trade Center: 17, Apolodor St. Ph.: 021-318-5050; Fax: 021-311-1491; Romanian Agency For Foreign Investments: 22, Primaverii Blvd. Ph.: 021-233-9103 T.I.C.C. Of Romania: 2, Octavian Goga Blvd., Ph.: 021-319-0114/18; LAWYERS Mazars, Duncea, Stefanescu & Associates: 31B, Econom Cezarescu St. Ph.: 031-229-2600; Fax: 031-229-2601; Nestor Nestor Diculescu Kingston Petersen: Bucharest Business Park, Entr. A, 4th floor, 1A, Bucuresti-Ploiesti Ave. Ph.: 021-201-1200; Fax: 021-201-1210; Pachiu & Associates attorneys at Law: 4-10, Muntii Tatra St. 5th floor Ph.: 021-312-1008; Fax: 021-312-1009; Rubin Meyer Doru & Trandafir Attorneys At Law Affiliated With Herzfeld & Rubin, P.C.: 7, Putu cu Plopi St. Ph.: 021-311-1460; Fax: 021-311-1465. Salans-Moore, Vartires & Associates: 28-C, G-ral C. Budisteanu St. Ph.: 021-312-4950; Fax: 021-312-4951; Vasile Deleanu Attorneys At Law Member Of Warwick Legal Network: 2, Maresal Josef


what, where, when

Pilsudski Entrance Ph.: 021-201-6684; Fax: 021-201-6685; COMMUNICATIONS SERVICES Cosmote: America House, 4-8., N. Titulescu Blvd. Ph.: 021-404-1234, 0766-121-234; Fax: 021-413-7530; Orange Romania S.A.: Europe House, 51-53, Lascar Catargiu Blvd. Ph.: 021-203-3030, 021203-3333; Fax: 2021-03-3599; RCS & RDS: 73-75, Dr. N. Staicovici St. Ph.: 031-400-4414, 031-400-4600; Fax: 031-400-6060 Romtelecom: 3-5, Presei Libere Sq. Ph.: 021-408-8068; UPC Romania: 62D, Nordului Ave. Ph.: 021-9399; 031-100-0400; Vodafone Romania: 4A, Vasile Milea Blvd. Ph.: 021-302-2222; Fax: 021-302-1413; SCHOOLS The following English-speaking schools are located in Bucharest: International British School: 21-23, Agricultori St. Ph. 021-253-1698, International School for Primary Education: 72, Petre Aurelian St. Green Lake Residences Ph. 021-380-3535, Mark Twain International School: 25B, Erou Iancu Nicolae St. Ph.0724-000-900; 021-267-8912, Lauder Reut Kindergartden: 15, Barsch Iuliu St. Ph.: 021-320-1538 American International School: 196, Soseaua Pipera-Tunari. Ph.: 021-204-4300 International Computer High School of Bucharest: 428, Mihai Bravu Ave, Ph. 021-327-5443. MAIL SERVICES Cargus International: 1, Bucuresti Ave., Otopeni Ph.: 021-9330, 021-933-0000; Fax: 021-351-0200; DHL International Romania: 169 A, Floreasca Ave. Ph.: 021-222-1777; Federal Express Romania: 13, Fermei St., Otopeni Ph.: 021-201-4822; Fax: 021-201-4827; Pegasus / Airborne Express: 13, Iancului Ave. Ph.: 021-250-9360; Fax: 021-256-9504; Posta Rapida / Express Mail: 140, Dacia Blvd. Ph.: 021-200-7500; TNT Romania: BBP Building, Corp C1+C2, ground floor, 1A, Bucuresti – Ploiesti Ave. Ph.: 021-303-4567; Fax: 021-303-4543; UPS - United Parcel Service: 81-83, 13 Septembrie Ave., Bl. 77 AB Ph.: 021-410-0604; Fax: 021-410-9910;

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BANKS Alpha Bank: Neocity Tower. 237 B, Calea Dorobantilor, 3rd9th floors; Ph.: 021-209-2100; Bancpost: 6A, Dimitrie. Pompeiu Blvd. Ph.: 0800-110-200, 021-302-0789 Banca Comerciala Romana: 5, Regina Elisabeta Blvd. Ph.: 0801-0801-22; Fax: 021-407-4200 Banca C.R. Firenze Romania: 55, Unirii Blvd. Ph.: 021-201-1930; Fax: 021-201-1931 Banca Italo Romena: 2-4, Gara Herastrau St., ground floor - 3rd floors; Ph.: 021-232-0712/26; Fax: 021-232-0738 Banca Romaneasca: 35, Unirii Blvd. Ph.: 021-305-9300; Fax: 021-305-9191 Bank of Cyprus: 187 B, Calea Dorobantilor Ph: 021-409-9100 BRD - Groupe Societe Generale: 1-7, Ion Mihalache Blvd. Ph.: 0800-803-803; 021-301-6100; Fax: 021-301-6636 CEC Bank: 11-13, Calea Victoriei Ph.: 021-311-1119; 0800.800.8488; Fax: 021-312-5425 Citibank Romania: 145, Calea Victoriei Ph.: 021-203-5550; Fax: 021-203-5565 Credit Europe Bank: 26Z, Timisoara Blvd. Ph.: 021-406-4000; Fax: 021-317-2066 Emporiki Bank: 19, Berzei St. Ph.: 021-310-3955; Fax: 021-310-3991 Garanti Bank: 5, Fabrica de Glucoza Ave., Novo Park 3 Business Center, F Building, 5th-6th floors Ph.: 021-208-9260; Fax: 021-208-9286 Ing Bank: 11-13, Kiseleff Blvd. Ph.: 021-222-1600; Fax: 021-222-1401 Intesa Sanpaolo Bank: 11-15, Tipografilor St., S Park B3-B4 5th floor Ph.: 021-405-3600; Fax: 021-405-3606 Libra Bank: 4-6, Semilunei St. Ph.: 021-208-8000; Fax: 021-230-6565 Marfin Bank Romania: 90-92, Emanoil Porumbaru St. Ph.: 021-206-4230; Fax: 021-206-4280 Otp Bank Romania: 66-68, Buzesti St. Ph.: 021-307-5700; Fax: 021-307-5730 Piraeus Bank Romania: 29-31, N. Titulescu Ave., Ph.: 021-303-6969, 0800-801-802; Fax: 021-303-6968 Raiffeisen Bank: 15, Charles de Gaulle Sq. Ph.: 021-306-1000; Fax: 021-230-0700

Royal Bank Of Scotland: 10, Montreal Sq., World Trade Center-E, 2nd floor Ph.: 021-202-0400, Unicredit Tiriac Bank: 23-25, Ghetarilor St. Ph.: 021-200-2000 Volksbank Romania: 171-173, Mihai Bravu Ave. Ph.: 021-209-4400 AIRLINES Aegean: Henri Coanda Int’l Airport. Ph: 021-204-19-68; 021-201-45-50 Aeroflot 5C : 5, Gheorghe Manu St. Ph: 021-315-03-14; Fax: 021-312-51-52 Air France 6C : 85, Calea Buzesti, 2nd floor. Ph: 021-206-92-00; Fax: 021-206-92-11. Air Malta (GSA) 1B : Baneasa Int’l Airport, 14-22, Soseaua Bucuresti-Ploiesti. call centre: Ph: 021-201-1852/2, Fax: 021-201-18-53 Air Moldova 7E : 3, Toma Caragiu St. Ph: 021-312-08-22 Alitalia 6D : 1, Louis Blanc St. Ph: 021-318-76-65; 021-318-76-61. Austrian Airlines 6D : 9A, Aleea Alexandru. Ph: 021-204-45-60; Fax: 021-204-84-28 Balkan Air (GSA) 6D : 5-7, Eugen Carada St. Ph: 021-314-39-45; Fax:021-314-39-49 British Airways 7D : 28-30, Academiei St. Excelsior Centre, 9th floor Ph: 021-303-22-22; Fax: 021-303-22-11. CSA 7D : 27, Uruguai St., 1st floor. Ph: 021-223-32-05; Fax: 021-223-08-84. Delta Airlines (GSA) 5C : America House 1st floor. 4-8, Sos. N. Titulescu; Ph: 021-313-35-82; EL AL: 1, Dimitrie Cantemir Blvd. Ph: 021-317-88-60/61 Fax: 021-317-88-62 Emirates (GSA) 5C : 57, Dr. Iacob Felix St, 1st floor; Ph: 031-403-5030 KLM: 85, Buzesti St., 2nd floor, Ph: 021-206-9222; 0800-070377; Fax: 021-206-9211. Lufthansa 6D : 9A, Aleea Alexandru, Ph: 021-204-84-10. Fax: 021-204-84-24. Lot 6D : 41, Magheru Blvd., Ph: 021-314-1096; 021-317-4228 Malev 9G : PGV Tower 6-6A, Calea Vitan, Ph: 021-326-8072/73; Fax: 021-326-8074. Olympic Airlines 6D : 6, Anastase Simu St., 1st floor, ap. 18; Ph.: 021-316-6360; Fax: 021-316-6365.

Quatar Airways: 202, Calea Victoriei; Ph.: 021-212-5020, Fax: 021-312-6860. Regional Air Services Air Taxi: Ph.: 0745-058-654; 0742-055-095 SAS Scandinavian Airlines (GSA) 5C : 57, Dr. Iacob Felix St, 1st floor; Ph: 031-403-5040; Fax: 031-403-5049 SN Brussels Airlines (GSA) 1B : Baneasa Int’l Airport; Call centre: 021-201-1851/2; Fax: 021-201-1853. Swiss Int’l Air Lines: Ph: 021-312-0238; Fax: 021-212-5774 Tarom: 17, Splaiul Independentei. Ph: 021-303-4400; Fax: 021-316-44-44. Turkish Airlines: 35A, Balcescu Blvd., Ph: 021-311-3210. PRIVATE FLIGHTS Eurojet Aviation: 61-63, Ion Ionescu de la Brad Blvd., suites 1&2. Ph: 0374-222-777, 0374-222-888, Fax: 021-2693-779 Ion Tiriac Air: Sos BucurestiPloiesti, Km 16,5; Ph: 021-230-6081, Fax: 021-204-2224

Bucuresti what, where, when


stores & more more… • SHOPPING CENTERS • COSMETICS & BEAUTY • FASHION • JEWELRY • FOOTWEAR • SPORTS & TRAVEL and more... SHOPPING CENTERS One can easily find ready-to-wear clothes, shoes, accessories, jewelry, watches, sportswear, lingerie, perfumes and gifts. Food courts can often be found on or near the premises. These shopping centers might be similar in many ways with those that you are already familiar with. Palace Cotroceni 7A : 4, Vasile Milea Blvd. Baneasa Shopping City : 42D, Sos. Bucuresti-Ploiesti Bucuresti Mall 8F : 55-59, Calea Vitan Carrefour Militari Commercial Gallery: Autostrada Buc-Pitesti, km 11/12 City Mall: 2, Sos.Oltenitei. Cocor Store 7D : 29-33, I.C. Bratianu Blvd. Commercial Center Feeria: 44A, Sos. Bucuresti Ploiesti

On the following pages, boutiques, major department stores and specialty shops and markets are grouped by the type of product they sell. Most establishments are open Monday to Saturday from 10 or 11 am to 6 or 8 pm closing time. Malls and other boutiques are also open during the weekend, though some may close earlier on Sundays. Locations marked in a dark blue square are situated in Old Town. SUPERMARKETS

Commercial Center Orhideea 6A : 210 - 210 B, Spl. Independentei Esplanada Shopping Center: 20, Sos. Vergului. Grand Arena Mall: 12 Metalurgiei Blvd.. Grand Avenue Shopping Gallery 8B : 90, Calea 13 Septembrie JW Marriott Bucharest Grand Hotel Jolie Ville Galleria: 103 Bis, Erou Iancu Nicolae St. Liberty Center 9C : 151-171, Progresului St. Mario Plaza Shopping Center 4D : 172, Calea Dorobantilor Militari Shopping: 546-560 Iuliu Maniu Blvd. Plaza Romania: 26, Timisoara Blvd. Rin Grand Hotel Shopping Gallery: 7 D, Vitan-Barzesti. Unirea Shopping Center 6D : 1, Unirii Square

There are stores in each section of town that present a complete range of products, from European to American, Arabian and Asian. Many world-wide brands are available. Prices may differ slightly because of the location of the store (downtown – periphery) or the availability of products. Gima: Bucuresti Mall Mega Image: Every neighborhood has at least one! COSMETICS & BEAUTY

World Trade Plaza 3B : 10, Montreal Sq. CASH & CARRY Metro: • Militari • Baneasa • Berceni • Voluntari Selgros: • Pantelimon, 90, Biruintei Blvd; • Baneasa, 55-65, BucurestiPloiesti • Berceni, 92-108, Turnu Magurele St. HIPERMARKETS Auchan: 33A, 1 Decembrie 1918 Blvd. Carrefour: • Militari, Autostrada Buc-Pitesti, km11/12. • Colentina, Soseaua Colentina 426 - 426A; • Orhideea, 210, Splaiul Independentei, • Baneasa - Feeria, 44A, Soseaua Bucuresti Ploiesti • Unirii, 2, Corneliu Coposu Blvd. Cora: • Lujerului, 19, Iuliu Maniu Blvd. • Pantelimon, 20, Sos. Vergului Billa: • 102-104, Barbu Vacarescu St. • 23, Brasov St. • 24, Postavaru St. Ikea: 42A, Soseaua Bucuresti Ploiesti XXL: 38-40, Soseaua Fundeni DEPARTMENT STORES Old department stores in Bucharest are in a transition period. Besides specialized departments, it is not unusual to find a large number of small private “Turkish-bazaar” type stands inside. Crowded but convenient because of their diversity, the Bucharest department stores offer low- to mid- sometimes even highquality products. Galeriile Victoria: 17, Calea Victoriei Bucur Obor: 2, Soseaua Colentina


what, where, when

Beauty Shop: • 8F Bucuresti Mall • 6D 27-33, Magheru Blvd. • 26, Timisoara Blvd. - Plaza Romania Sephora: Orhideea Shopping Center Clinique 6D : 100, Calea Victoriei Estee Lauder 7D : 100, Calea Victoriei Ina Center: • 7A Afi Palace Cotroceni • 7D 27, I Campineanu St. • 6D 14-16, CA Rosetti St. • 3B WTC Galleries • 6A Orhideea Shopping Center • Esplanada Shopping Center • 103, Erou Iancu Nicolae St. - Jolie Ville • Cora Lujerului • 7A Afi Palace Cotroceni Marionnaud: • 7A Afi Palace Cotroceni Privilege: • 4D 172, Calea Dorobantilor • Mario Plaza Shopping Center • 8E Unirea Shopping Center • Carrefour Militari Gallery, • Carrefour Colentina Gallery, • Selgros Baneasa • Selgros Berceni, • Selgros Pantelimon • 7A Afi Palace Cotroceni . FASHION Bliss 7D : Valentino, Louis Feraud, Calvin Klein, Lorenzini; 23, Calea Victoriei Bershka: Baneasa Shopping City Bray Suite Anthology: Bucuresti Mall C & A: Fashion for Men and Women. • Militari Shopping • 7A Afi Palace Cotroceni Cacharel: Fashion for Men. Baneasa Shopping City Casa Frumoasa Store- Luxury men’s wear, handmade shoes & exquisite accessories from: Loro Piana, Tom Ford, Brioni, Scabal, Salvatore Ferragamo, Santoni, Lorenzini, Jacob Cohen, Zimmerli • 5C 40, Lascar Catargiu Blvd. • 8B Grand Avenue Shopping Gallery

Canali 4D : 196, Calea Dorobantilor Elegance Boutique 8B : Classic ladies look, warm textures, garments, leather accessories & shoes, art jewellery - 63-81, Calea Victoriei, Radisson BLU Hotel, entrance from George Enescu St. Ermenegildo Zegna - Flagshipstore 6D : Ermenegildo Zegna, Z Zegna, Zegna Sport 63-81, Calea Victoriei Gant: • 7D 52, Calea Victoriei • Bucuresti Mall • Baneasa Shopping City Guess 6D : 87-89, Calea Victoriei Jkristensen Store 6D - Luxury ladies fashion & accessories from Salvatore Ferragamo, Loro Piana, Brioni, Blumarine, Alberta Ferretti, Diane Von Furstenberg, Santoni, Fabiana Fillippi, Ermano Scervino - 63-81, Calea Victoriei, Radisson BLU Hotel Kenvelo: Bucuresti Mall Lancel: Feeria Shopping Center La Perla 6D : 122, Calea Victoriei L’Armoire 5C - Concept Store: Special evening & office clothing, limited series or even uniques created by Romanian designers

such as: Lena Criveanu, Wilhelmina Arz, Elena Perseil, Irina Marinescu, Dorin Negrau, Sepala by Mihaela Glavan, Kinga Varga, Ludmila Corlateanu, Zasha. 1, Intrarea Noptii with 18, Ion Mihalache Blvd. Louis Vuitton 8B : 90,Calea 13 Septembrie (Grand Avenue Shopping Gallery)

Mengotti 7D : Prada, Dolce & Gabbana, Etro, Fendi, Burberry, Neil Barrett, Moncler, Valentino, Marni, DVF, Parosh, Zagliani, By-The - 48-50, Calea Victoriei Moda & Style: Valentino Roma, Valentino Garavani, Valentino Furs (Roma), Red Valentino, Love Moschino, Class Roberto Cavalli, Emilio Pucci, D & G, Donna Karan, Donna Karan NY, Roccobarocco, Ermano Scervino, Galliano, Stuart Weitzman, Karl Lagerfeld, Cristiano Burani, Givenchy, Love Sex Money, Ferre, Nando Muzi - Jolie Ville Galleria, first floor. Mora 4C : Conceptual luxury boutique, carrying a special selection of premium and designer vintage clothing and accessories, as well as a private and exclusive line of the Romanian high-end brand t shirt couture. Paris St. Reservations: 0748-544-911. Opened daily from 12:00 until late in the night. Motivi: • Baneasa Shopping City • 8F Bucuresti Mall • Plaza Romania Nautica: • Baneasa Shopping City - 42D, Soseaua Bucuresti-Ploiesti No 36 – Seroussi: Seroussi, Pierre Cardin - • 8F Bucuresti Mall, • 7D Cocor Store Pal Zileri 6D : 63-81, Calea Victoriei Peek & Cloppenburg: Armani Collezioni, Hugo Boss, Vogue, Burberry, Lagerfeld, Calvin Klein Jeans, DKNY Jeans • Baneasa Shopping City Pull & Bear: • Baneasa Shopping City River Woods: • 6A Orhideea Shopping Center • 4D Mario Plaza Shopping Center. Steilmann: • 6D 1-5, Magheru Blvd • Plaza Romania • 8F Bucuresti Mall Terzoatto 3B : Italian Fashion. 172, Calea Dorobantilor Timberland: • Baneasa Shopping City - 42D, Soseaua BucurestiPloiesti Zara: • Baneasa Shopping City • Plaza Romania FASHION FOR KIDS Z: • 6D 112, Calea Victoriei • 8F Bucuresti Mall, 1st floor • 6A Orhideea Shopping Center • 8D Unirea Shopping Center

Specialized men’s apparel • 6D 118, Calea Victoriei • 7A Afi Palace Cotroceni Mango: • 8F Bucuresti Mall • Plaza Romania Marella 7D : 21-23,Calea Victoriei Mariella Burani 7D : 21-23, Calea Victoriei Marks & Spencer: • 7D Bucuresti Mall • Orhideea Shopping Center MaxMara 6D : 122 A, Calea Victoriei

Bucuresti what, where, when


JEWELRY Gold jewelry with precious and semi-precious stones, silver jewelry, watches, purses and other similar goods from famous designers. Cellini: Italian art in jewelry • 6D 1-3, Magheru Blvd. • 7D 16, N. Balcescu Blvd. David Sandu Jewelry 7D : 30, Smardan St. 1st floor Folli Follie: Jewellery, Watches & Accessories. • Baneasa Shopping City • City Mall - groundfloor Frey Wille 6D : Framed in 18 carat gold or gold-plated settings, each piece is a work of art in itself: the integrated design sets can be collected as one might collect fine art; also silk scarves and leather handbags, as well as men accessories: cufflinks, leather belts and silk ties. 118, Calea Victoriei GMT Everytime 4D : Men & women watches: Omega, Mont Blanc, Longines, Revue Thomen, Tissot, Tag Heuer, Rado, Sector, Calvin Klein. 172, Calea Dorobantilor - Mario Plaza Shopping Center Helvetansa 6D : Swiss watches: Baume & Mercier, Cartier, Movado, Longines, Piaget, Tissot, Rado, Vacheron Constantin. 88, Calea Victoriei Zehava Jewelry 7D : Gallery of hand crafted gold & precious stone jewelry, 43, Lipscani St. Zen Diamond: Baneasa Shopping City

Shopping Center • Plaza Romania Sover: • 5D 102-110, Calea Dorobantilor • 8D Unirea Shopping Center, Central wing ground floor. • 18, Vergului St. Cora • Esplanada Shopping Center Granitul • 7D Galeriile Victoria 17, Calea Victoriei • Sover Medlife 365, Calea Grivitei • Cora - Lujerului • Sover Bucur Obor, 2, Soseaua Colentina FOOTWEAR Cesare Paciotti: • 6D 101, Calea Victoriei • 6D 118, Calea Victoriei Ecco: Men, women, kids & performance footwear. • Commercial Center Feeria • Baneasa Shopping City Geox: • Commercial Center Feeria • 8D Unirea Shopping Center

• 8F AFI Palace Cotroceni groundfloor 7A Humanic: • Baneasa Shopping City • Militari Shopping


One of the unique and more pleasurable forms of food shopping in Bucharest are the outdoor markets. Due to transportation difficulties, supplies are often copious at one market and non-existent at another. Of the markets listed here, Amzei market has the best selection and prices. It is advisable to bring your own shopping bags when shopping at the outdoor markets.


what, where, when

BOOK STORES Noi 7D : 18, N. Balcescu Blvd. INTERIOR DESIGN & DECORATION Anatolian Carpet Boutique: Massive silver objects, Romanian Handicraft, glass objects, home life collection. • Carrefour Colentina. • 4C 31, Soseaua Kiseleff. • 8D Unirea Shopping Center. Casa Mia 4D : Mario Plaza Shopping Center. Innova 7D : Crystal, design home accessories, home textiles, Christmas decorations, Limoges porcelaine. 4, Patriei St.

Hervis Sports: • 9C Liberty Center • Militari Shopping Intersport: • Mall Vitan • Baneasa Shopping City Lacoste: • Baneasa Shopping City • 8F Bucuresti Mall. Lotto: • 6F 225, Calea Mosilor • Auchan - 33A, 1 Decembrie 1918 Blvd. • City Mall Nike: • 6D 25, Magheru Blvd. • 8F Bucuresti Mall. • 6C 95, Stirbei Voda St. Puma 8D : Unirea Shopping Center. Sergio Tacchini: Carrefour - Autostrada Buc.-Pitesti km. 11-12 ANTIQUES


OPTICIANS Optica Malaga 6D : Large selection of top designer’s frames. 26, C.A. Rosetti St. Optiplaza: Top designer’s frames, sunglasses, accessories. • 8F Bucuresti Mall • 6A Orhideea

Mihai Albu 8B : Selling his own creations of leathergoods and Deluxe footwear. Grand Avenue Shopping Gallery Otter: • Commercial Center Feeria • 8D Unirea Shopping Center • Carrefour Militari Commercial Gallery • 8F Bucuresti Mall • 5F 235, Mosilor Ave. • 6A Commercial Center Orhideea • Plaza Romania • Militari Shopping • 7A AFI Palace Cotroceni • Esplanada Shopping Center.

Adidas: • 6D 28-30, Magheru Blvd. • 8F Bucuresti Mall. • 5D 116-122, Calea Dorobantilor Decathlon: Militari Shopping Diadora: Auchan GBS - World of Brands: Samsonite, Lacoste - accessories, Showroom: • 8B 71, Soseaua Panduri (JW Marriott Bucharest Grand Hotel) • 3B World Trade Plaza (Sofitel Hotel) 10, Montreal Sq. • Henri Coanda Int’l Airport

PIATA OBOR 5D : A huge covered market located behind the Bucur Obor Department Store at the intersection of Calea Mosilor and Calea Stefan cel Mare. Although the selection of goods is big, the market is crowded and appears dirty. Watch your pockets and bags. If you’re looking for a truly Romanian market experience, this is your spot. Pets, including aquarium supplies, are available, as are fishing needs (including live worms, poles, lures). Wooden and woolen goods, ceramics, clothing, as well as plants cut and growing, are available. A large pedigree dog and cat market at least once a month on the street nearest Mosilor is a fun experience. PIATA 1 MAI 5D : Located near La Fourmi on Ion Mihalache Blvd. It is a small market but has a good selection of fruit, vegetables and flowers. As with all the above markets, clothing, shoes, and household items for cleaning and cooking may also be found. Honey and other bee byproducts are a national pride of Romania and are found at all of these outdoor markets. PIATA DOROBANTILOR 5D : Located indoors on Calea Dorobantilor north of Calea Stefan cel Mare. It offers produce and flowers. The quality is better than Amzei, but the prices are olso higher. Out of season exotic fruits and vegetables can be found here. There are several other stores in this area. The meat market inside is particularly good.

Make sure you get a signed receipt when buying antiques in Romania. Ask about an export permit as well. Galeria Numismatica 7D : Coins, medals, banknotes-expertise & sale. 35-37, Academiei St.

Hanul Cu Tei - Antiques, Art Gallery 7D : Antiques, furniture, porcelain, art glass, jewelery, paintings, decorative art, Oriental carpets, old coins, medals, clocks, ikones & collectibles. C.C. accepted. 63-65, Lipscani St., 1st floor. Thomas Antiques 7D : combines the shopping experience with the atmosphere of an old, classy bar. Special book collection in the attic; great variety of antiques - furniture, clocks, wall clocks and standing clocks, paintings, decorative art, carpets and other various decorative objects. 19 Covaci St., 1st floor + Attic ART GALLERIES Caminul Artei 7D : 16, Biserica Enei St. Gallery of the National Museum of Art of Romania 6D : 49-53, Calea Victoriei Hanul Cu Tei - Antiques, Art Galleries 7D : 63-65, Lipscani St., 1st floor. Hilton Gold Art 6D : 1-3 Episcopiei St. Athénée Palace Hilton. Orizont 6D : 23A, Nicolae Balcescu Blvd. Simeza 6D : 20, Magheru Blvd. GIFTS Art Glass 7D : 9-11, Selari St. “Craii De Curtea-Veche” 7D : Furniture, artifacts, photography, art deco, documents from the last

period of the 19th century. 14, Covaci St. Inside-Forever Gifts By Innova 7D : 4, Patriei St. Romartizana 7D : 18-20, Calea Victoriei Sarra Blu’: • 8D Unirea Shopping Center • 4D Mario Plaza Shopping Center • 8F Bucuresti Mall Totem: Handicrafts & decorations from South-East Asia, India, Africa, South America; Aromatherapy items; Jewelery & fashion accessories; Personalized gifts. • 8F Bucuresti Mall • 8D 1, Unirii Square ROMANIAN HANDICRAFTS Obart 6D : Vases, glassware, contemporary icons. 20, Magheru Blvd. Curtea Sticlarilor 7D : Authentic glass artifacts made on the spot at Curtea Sticlarilor, a courtyartd dating back to 1857. 9-11, Selari St. TOBACCO SHOPS La Casa Del Habano 6D : Large selection of original Cuban cigars; accessories. 1-3, Episcopiei St. Athenee Palace Hilton Bucharest LIQUOR SHOPS Vinlux 8C : Large selection of special Romania & Imported wines, cognacs, champagnes, whiskies, etc. 8, Libertatii Blvd., Bl. 115, ground floor

Bucuresti what, where, when


haute cuisine To make your choice a bit easier, we have selected a number of places for you. The following restaurants currently advertise in B3W Magazine or are otherwise worthy of note. The letter/ number combinations inside the listings are coordinates for the map (back cover). For subway map see also the back cover. Locations marked with a red square are situated in Old Town. Hours, prices and entertainment are subject to change.


ASIAN CUISINE Benihana Restaurant 6D : offers authentic Japanese

teppanyaki cuisine and a renowned sushi bar. Six skilled Asian cooks prepare the food in front of your very eyes, tantalizing

your senses. For any lover of premium-quality fish and sea-food, a dinner at Benihana becomes an unforgettable experience. Howard Johnson Grand Plaza Hotel,

Calea Dorobantilor 5 – 7, Phone: 021 201 5030, Open: 12:00 – 15:00, 19:00 – 23:00 last order.

Cafe’ Shangrila 4D : Thai, Filipino, Chinese and

Japanese food prepared by world class and versatile Asian chefs. Also serves choices of continental breakfast, salads, selection of wines and beverages. A place to enjoy a cup of coffee or tea and have a taste of the scrumptious cake selections. Take out food service available. 172, Calea

Dorobantilor (Mario Plaza Shopping Center) Ph.: 021-230-47-69. Open: 10:00 - 21:00 Maiko 2C : One of the most fashionable Restaurant, Bar &

Lounge. The ethos behind Maiko is that the true aims of cooking are to give pleasure and satisfaction to guests, to communicate trough each individual ingredient emotion, personality and culture; to create a special event with every dish, to produce a series of little surprises that invariably introduce a new flavour. The restaurant is always delighted to host your Business Lunches, daily between 12:00 and 15:00, and to offer you the perfect 25 Euro meal for such an occasion ( Includes Salad, Rice, Miso Soup, Meat or Fish Dishes). 27-29,

Grigore GafencuSt. Ph.: 021-233-2633, 031-805-3985, 0751-262-465, 0730-562-456; Open: daily 12:00 - 24:00 Mandarin: Explore the exotic flavor of the Asian with Man-

darin cuisine. Come join us and taste! C.C. Accepted. Guarded parking. JOLIE VILLE GALERIA – 103 bis Erou

Iancu Nicolae Street, first floor. Ph.: 021-2068066. Open: 12:00 – 22:30 (22:00 – last order) Orasul Interzis (The Forbidden City) 6E :

“Orasul Interzis” is the first luxury Chinese restaurant which aims at offering a true gastronomic experience due to the specialties that feed both the body and the soul. The restaurant as well as the terrace can host private and corporate parties, business lunch/ dinner, work groups, meetings and other events, in a selected and refined ambiance. Enjoy the exotic menu and the business lunch special offer, Monday to Friday, 12:30 to 16:00. For those of you who are very busy but still want to flatter their senses by trying these dishes, this little Asian gastronomic paradise can come to their homes. C.C. accepted, wireless Internet, air conditioned, smokers/ non-smokers area, home delivery. 3, Silvestru St.

Ph.: 031 425 47 47; 0720 99 3333. Open: 12:30 – till the last guest. BELGIAN CUISINE La Belle Epoque 4D : The largest selection of Belgian beers in town. Belgian and international cuisine. Air conditioning. C.C. accepted. 6, Aviator Radu Beller St.

Ph.: 021-230-0770; Open: 11:30 - 24:00. Waterloo 7F : Original Belgian recipes with Belgian Beer. C.C. accepted. Guarded parking. 188, Traian St. Open daily from 12:00 - until the last guest leaves (24:00 last order) FINE DINING The Vinyard 2A : The feather in the Crowne Plaza’s cap,

this is the hotel’s flagship restaurant, a work of great detail where everything is lovingly prepared by Executive Chef Ashlie Dias and his highly experienced team. Based around Mediterranean cuisine you can always expect to find something special and a bit different on the daring menu, as well as a number of hot dishes requiring waiter and audience. An indulgent treat. Reservations highly recommended. Air Conditioning, CC accepted, Parking, Non-Smoking. 1,

Poligrafiei Blvd. (Crowne Plaza Hotel); Ph.:; Open: 17.00 – 23.00, Closed Sat, Sun. FRENCH CUISINE Casa Vernescu 6D : Exquisite restaurant in a historical building, hosting Casino Palace. Luxurious interior. Also Romanian cuisine. C.C accepted. 133, Calea Victoriei.


what, where, when

Ph.: 021-311-9744; Fax: 021-311-1645. Open: 18:30-01:00. La Bastille 5D : Down the Caderea Bastiliei St. c’est la

France qui vous acceueille... French specialties mastered by the Chef Philippe Faynot, served in refined atmosphere accompanied by a perfectly balanced choice of execelente french and romania wines. Special business menu (12:00 16:00). C.C. accepted. Air conditioning. Ph.: 021-310-

7359; Fax: 021-310-7360. Open: 12:00-24:00. La Bonne Bouche 7D : Bistro & Wine Bar. Warm

atmosphere, friendly staff. Check the extensive wine list. Chef’s weekly menu. Not cheap, but good value for money! 30,

Franceza St. (Old Town); Ph.: 0731-247-876; Open: 12:30 – 24:00, Mon. 18:30 – 24:00 La Cantine de Nicolai 5C : Semi-gastronomique French restaurant. Sami Babou, the “Special Delegate” of Chef Alain Ducasse, brings great joy to your sense of taste with his elaborate recipes. Pop-art sculptures and paintings complete the sophisticated atmosphere. The terrace - away from the public eye - is perfect for discreet business lunches or romantic dinners. Their credo is: Delight - Privacy - Art. 15-17,

Prime Steaks & Seafood 6D : An outstanding culinary experience, either for a business lunch or simply for a relaxing escape. The menu showcases an elegant selection of gourmet food such as the world’s best steak, Irish Hereford Prime Rib-eye, or King Crab from Alaska, everything prepared in the inviting open kitchen. Complementing the gourmet menu, the extensive list of beverages includes worldwide famous wines, as well as a unique selection of awarded Romanian wines. 44 places. Red glass for show kitchen, walk in wine cellar. CC accepted. Non-smoking. 63-81, Calea Victoriei, Radisson BLU Hotel groundfloor. Ph.: 021-3119000; Open: Mon. – Fri. 12:30 - 15:00; daily 18:30 - 23:00. INDIAN CUISINE Agra Palace: From the City of Agra, once capital of the

famous Mogul Empire, where the white marble of Taj Mahal guards the banks of river Yamuna, among the Hibiscus flowers and majestic archways, chef Arun Kumar has brought the es-

sential: the mysterious taste of India. C.C. accepted; Free Wi fi internet access; Guarded parking lot.

Open: 12:00 .- 24:00 Sos. Pipera-Tunari nr. 47. Ph: 021-350.31.14 Taj 8B : Genuine Northern Indian menu creared by Indian

chef. Special brunch offer. Indian live show, Fri & Sat. Indian decoration, soft music, pleasant atmosphere, separate smoking area. Air conditioned; terrace. C.C. accepted. Parking lot.

127-131, Calea 13 Septembrie. Ph.: 021-410-1820. Open: 12:00 - 02:00. INTERNATIONAL CUISINE Allegro 6B : Enjoy the flavors of International - Mediter-

ranean refined cuisine superbly executed and served with professionalism. Cosmopolitan and casual atmosphere at breakfast & lunch and more elegant overtoues in the evening. CC accepted. 44A, Daniel Danielopolu St. - Ramada

Bucharest North Hotel. Ph.: 021-233-5000. Open:

Povernei St. Ph.: 0725-210-608, 037-274-6213. Open daily: 11:00 till late (23:00 last order). L’Estaminet 6B : French restaurant, within the new Ibis Continental Nord Hotel. CC accepted. 143, Calea Grivitei. Open: 7:00-22:30. The Epoque Bistro: Would you like to see the Chef in action? The Epoque Bistro features an open kitchen in which you can actually witness the creation of our splendid French cuisine and Steak house specialities. The Epoque Bistro welcomes you with a winter garden and 90 seats, available for private parties & events. Epoque Bistro’s Chef is renowned for its modern French menu featuring delicate flavours created from luxury and quality ingredients. Extensively trained in the best international cooking schools, he welcomes you every day to his authentic exquisite Frech Cuisine specialities and last but not list the Steak house dishe. The restaurant’s speciality is its 6-course tasting menus, but there is also catering for vegetarians, as well as an à la carte menu. The facilities are: smoking and non-smoking feature; free high speed WI-FI internet access; air conditioning; daily newspaper; CC accepted, guarded free parking lot. 17C, Aurora Entr. (Epoque Hotel); Ph.:

021-312-3232. Open: 06:30 – 23:00.

FUSION/CONTEMPORARY CUISINE Avalon 6D : A fine dining atmosphere, fusion and avant-garde cuisine using exquisite ingredients and innovative cooking techniques make dining at Avalon restaurant an unforgettable experience. Howard Johnson Grand

Plaza Hotel, Calea Dorobantilor 5 – 7, Phone: 021 201 5030, breakfast 06:30 – 10:30, lunch 12:00 – 15:00, dinner 19:00 – 22:30 last order.

GERMAN CUISINE Die Deutsche Kneipe 5D : Traditional German cuisine, drinks and atmosphere. C. C. accepted. 9, Stockholm St. Ph.: 021-233-9462, 021-230-1120 0722-284560. Open: Mon.-Sat 15:00 - 23:00. Sunday closed. GOURMET CUISINE Champagne & Caviar Bar 5C : An exclusive location, a gorgeous villa in the heart of the city, welcomes you in a refined and relaxing ambiance. You can taste here the finest Champagnes & Premium Selection Caviar and special Delicacies Menus: Kamatchatka King Crab Merus on Bed of Home Made Ravioli, Lobster Tail Salad with Truffled Carpaccio, Fresh Tagliateli with Prawns & Black Truffles. High Class services, VIP treat & Valet Parking any time of the day. CC accepted, wireless internet, air conditioned. 40, Lascar

Catargiu Blvd. Open: 11:00 - until the last guest leaves; Reservation is highly recommended. Ph.: 021-317-6007; 0733-735-932. JW Steakhouse 8B : An American concept restaurant,

based on quality, good-taste and comfort. Guest star is one of the best beef in the world - USDA Black Angus, with supporting act from England Aberdeen, both cooked to perfection with the house broiler. Fresh seafood and crisp salads complete the menu, together with the generous sized desserts, like New York Cheesecake. The Bourbon bar holds a remarkable collection of carefully chosen boutique Bourbons and the Cigar Lounge offer the perfect finish to a grand dinner experience. JW Marriott

Bucharest Grand Hotel, 90, Calea 13 Septembrie, Ph.: 021-403-1903, Open: breakfast 06:30-11:00; dinner 18:30-23:30; Sunday brunch 12:00-16:00.

Bucuresti what, where, when


breakfast 07:00-10:00; lunch 12:00-15:30. dinner 18:30-23:00. American Beer House 7G : American-style

decorations, first - class service. Also Romanian cuisine. CC accepted. 92, Drumul Taberei St.

Ph.: 021-444-1777. Open: 11:00 - midnight Arcade - Atmosphere & Gourmet 4C : Finest

culinary experience in a charming setting surrounded by paintings from a well-known art gallery. Refined atmosphere, excellent service. Two private rooms, non-smoking area, Guarded parking lot, CC accepted. 8, Prof. Ion Canta-

cuzino St. Ph.:021-260-2960; 0753-999-333; Open: 12:00-24:00. Balkan Bistro 7D : You are invited to Balkan Bistro,

where the enticing dishes will offer you the perfect Balkan flavor. The restaurant hosts a modern atmosphere dominated by the red and black colors (specific to all Balkan countries). The menu offers traditional dishes allowing you to sense the gastronomic influence of the countries which belong to this particular region: Albania, Bulgaria, Greece, Romania, Turkey, Serbia. Every dish has an interesting story behind it, giving any gourmand a hint of what is to be expected. C.C. accepted.

Grand Hotel Continental, 56, Victoriei Ave. Ph.:

+40 372 010 300. Open: Breakfast 06:30 - 10:30 weekdays; 07:00 - 11:00 week-ends. Barbizon Steak House 3A : Pullman Bucharest World Trade Center introduces its restaurant with a capacity of 65 seats. Taste premium quality meats and choose from over 50 International wines (Red, White and Rose). Live cooking in the show kitchen. 40 seat designated smoking area. Air Conditioning. CC accepted. Free WiFi access. Free parking.

Hotel Pullman, 10, Montréal Square. Open: Monday – Friday: Lunch 12:00 – 15:30; Dinner 18:00 – 23:30; Saturday & Sunday: Dinner 18:00 – 23:00; Ph.: 021 202 1635. La Brasserie 2A : Less about fine dining but more

about good quality, simply food for the whole family. The menu is available buffet-style or a-la-carte and gives a great choice for groups. The wine list remains a work of art and the atmosphere is cozier than ever. Sunday Brunch is back, with playground and a professional nanny to supervise the kids, smoking area and free parking. Air Conditioning, CC accepted, Parking, Live Music, Non-Smoking, Take Away. 1, Poligrafiei Blvd.

(Crowne Plaza Hotel); Ph.:; Open daily: 06.00 – 23.00 Café Athénée 6D : Cafe Athenee is a contemporary

place paying homage to its historic location on Revolution Square, the site of some of Romanian history’s most momentous events. During the day the menu offer brings classic European dishes with a modern twist, linking the contemporary design with the glamorous history. As the evening comes the Cafe becomes more of a lounge with candles and music, providing a casual and cozy atmosphere. Specialties to spoil the appetite are served during the night from the ‘Bubbles & Bites’ menu. Deluxe gourmet items along with sparkling wines in all variations are among the best one can get in Bucharest. C.C. accepted. 1-3, Episcopiei St.

Ph.: 021-303-3777. Open: 08:00 - 24:00. Cafe Theatro Restaurant 7D : The heart of the

Novotel hotel is the elegant Cafe Theatro restaurant, known for its distinct ambiance, international cuisine and superb buffets. Secured underground parking available. Credit Cards accepted.

Novotel Bucarest City Centre - 37B Victoriei Boulevard, District 1. Ph.: 021 308 85 30. Open daily: 06:00 - 23:00. Caredy * Casa Ardeleneasca 4C : Transylvanian

& International cuisine restaurant, placed in an esquisite villa. Large offer and special selection of wines. C.C. ccepted.Guarded parking lot. 1, Sofia St. Ph.: 021-230-2769. Open:

11:00 - until the last guest leaves. Casa Capsa 7D : Established in 1852, Casa Capsa is the

symbol of the Romanian high-life society. The founder, Grigore Capsa (1841-1902) introduced from the very beginning the occidental standards of quality and refinement. He made Capsa’s name a well known commercial brand all over the continent. Having a very good position, this old and famous restaurant is placed right in the focal point of the Bucharest historical center. CC accepted. 36, Calea Victoriei. Ph:

021-313 40 38 Open: 12:00-24:00 Casa Doina 7A : Large villa dating from the 19th

century transformed into a very nice restaurant. Wine cellar. Terrace. C.C. accepted. 4, Soseaua Kiseleff.

4 star service

Ph.: 021-222-3179. Open: 12:00 - 01:00. Casa Doina La Parc 2A : The perfect mix of

Romanian and International cuisine; a traditional ambiance with modern elements. Its garden is the perfect place for our guests to spend the midday or evening. 3-5 Poligrafiei Ave,

(Ramada Parc Hotel), phone 021-315200 ; 021-549-2541. Open: 12:00 - 23:30. Chez Marie 6D : Try the wide selection of international

cuisine and special wines in this recently opened restaurant located in the heart of the city. 48, Dionisie Lupu St.

Ph.: 031-107-2033; 0721-376-118. Open: 12:00 - until the last guest leaves. Concerto 7D : We recommend you will take your time to

indulge in the special dishes of our fine dining restaurant, Concerto. Concerto is a gastronomic restaurant based on a modern concept of cooking – “nouvelle cuisine”. Delicate dishes made up with creativity invites you in a delightful journey of tastes. The wine list is complex, including selections from all the regions of our country and also from France, Italy, Spain, South Africa, North and South America. A professional team will counsel you regarding the dishes and the wines, accompanying you through the whole meal. C.C. accepted.

Grand Hotel Continental, 56, Victoriei Ave. Ph.: +40 372 010 300. Open: Mon. - Sat.: 12.00-16.00; 19:00-23:00. Corso 7D : You may take your business downtown and

treat yourself and your partners with a special mix of International and Romanian cuisine, on a light lunch buffet. In


what, where, when

the evening, a team of Romanian chefs wows you with authentic Romanian dishes presented with cosmopolitan attitude. The spectacular view on to the Bucharest’s busiest boulevard is complimentary! 85 seats. Air conditioned. C.C accepted. Parking lot. 4, N. Balcescu Blvd. - InterCon-

tinental Hotel - Ground floor, Ph.: 021-305-1060, Open: 06.30 - 23.00, business lunch buffet Mon-Fri 12:00 - 16:00, enjoy “Great Brunch! Guest Love!” Kids room with entertainment. Dacia Felix 6D : Group restaurant for 224 persons. Delicious breakfast buffet. CC accepted. Non-smoking. 63-81, Calea Victoriei, Radisson BLU Hotel groundfloor. Ph.: 021-311-9000; Open: Mon.-Fri. 6:30 - 10:30, Sat. & Sun. 7:00 - 11:00, Sun. Brunch 12:00 - 16:00. Doncafe Brasserie 4C : Located just off Dorobanti

Square, Doncafe has a particularly airy space flooded with natural light. The varied menu lets you choose between classic savory salads, a delicious Wiener schnitzel, numerous grills and homemade pastas, and a whole range of fresh snacks (including bruschetta, ciabatta or sandwiches).You can start your day with Continental or English breakfast. For lunch or dinner you can also pick the menu of the day. The location is adapted perfectly to private parties or events. Air conditioning. CC accepted. Guarded Parking. Free WiFi access. 7, Ankara

St. Ph.: 0746-222-444. Open: 08:30 – 24:00. Hotel Marshal Restaurant 7E : From the glassy

salon, the open kitchen and the charming covered terrace, Marshal Restaurant is waiting for you with delicious dishes carefully selected and prepared in front of you. Our secret: the charcoal grill. Fresh imported Argentinean beef and New Zealand lamb. C.C accepted. Air conditioned. Guarded parking.

2, Dr. Emanoil Bacaloglu St.; Ph.: 021-314-0880; Open: 07:00-01:00 Ici et La: Philippe Dupré, French chef, welcomes you in a

warm ambience ideal for business lunches or family dinners. The restaurant has an open kitchen and a view to Piata Romana, where you will taste their specialties: home made smoked salmon, beef tartar or even a French cheese and charcuterie plate. Special evenings every Thursday. 43, Mendeleev St.

Ph: 0731-453 608 Open: Mon.-Sat.10:00 to 23:00 Jadoo 7E : Mediterranean & International cuisine restaurant. Special lunch offer - 20% discount (food only). Wood oven baked pizzas. Catering services available in neighborhood (12:00 - 15:00) Smoking and non-smoking areas. Parking lot available. C.C accepted. 3, Nicolae

Racota St. - entrance from Clucerului St.; Ph.: 021-222-0502; 0724-365-583. Open: 12:00-until the last guest leaves (23:30 - last order) La Boema 7D : Enjoy the European cuisine, the selected

French dishes in the “La Boema” Restaurant. The relaxing atmosphere and the delicious dishes will make you realize why it is called “La Boema”... And if you have not understood yet, we bring especially for you an entire collection of refined wines. C.C. accepted. Air Conditioning, parking. Calea Vitan

Barzesti; Ph.: 031-106-1111 ext. 345 Open: 11:00 - until the last guest leaves. Majestic 7D : The Majestic Restaurant offers Romanian

and International cuisine, accompanied by excellent service, in an attractive ambience. Capacity: 100 places; air conditioning, smoking/non-smoking areas, main CC accepted; summer terrace. Besides the Restaurant, Ramada Majestic Bucharest Hotel offers the clients Multi-functional BallRooms - elegant locations for parties, weddings, cocktails. Ramada

Majestic Bucharest Hotel – 38-40, Calea Victoriei. Ph.: 021-310-2720; Fax: 021-310-2799 Open: daily 07:00 – 23:00. Manolo 6F : Elegance, refinement, finesse, good taste, privacy and discretion, an ideal place for meetings. Top chefs spoil their guests with specialties and are waiting for you. Nelu Ploiesteanu, Rodica Cretu and their guest entertain you daily starting 18:00 hours. 97, Pache Protopopescu Blvd.

Ph.: 021-252-4513; 0724-263-271 Paris Bucarest Brasserie 2B : Pullman Bucharest’s newest restaurant. Indulge yourself with a tempting buffet for breakfast and lunch. Free WiFi access. Air conditioning. Non smoking area. Breakfast Buffet: Mon. – Fri.: 06:00

– 10:00, Sat. & Sun.: 06:00 – 11:00; Lunch Buffet: Tue., Wed., Thu.: 12:00 – 14:30. 10, Montreal Sq., Ph.: 021-318-3000 Poem 9D : Modern European Cuisine. Indulge in the

intimate and classic atmosphere, enjoy a refined menu and quality service. Offering breakfast, lunch & dinner, business lunch. Special wine collection and drinks at the Tower Bar or the Piano Club. C.C. accepted. Guarded parking lot. 23-25,

Suter Entr. (Carol Parc Hotel) Ph : 021-336-3377; Open 07:00 – 1:00

Red Angus Steakhouse 7D : Located in the Old

Downtown of Bucharest, in front of the Old Court, this restaurant wants to be your first option for a steak. They are committed to provide you with outstanding hospitality and serving you the best steaks. Their USDA Choice steaks are highly marbled with enriching flavor, tenderness and juiciness of the meat. Whether you are planning a business dinner, an anniversary or a large corporate meeting, they will satisfy your preference in a friendly and professional manner. CC accepted, air conditioning, smoking and no smoking area, Wi-Fi, TV;

56, Franceza St, Old Town Ph: 021-312-0383 Open daily: 12:00-24:00 Sangria 5D : International menu, few Spanish dishes, nice atmosphere. Open/covered terrace! C.C. accepted.

Modigliani restaurant you can be the guest of its Italian Chef, Andrea Aiudi. Home made pasta, basil, creamy sauces and a whole new world of flavors are waiting to be explored in its cozy atmosphere. Air conditioned. C.C accepted. Parking lot.

9, Batistei St. (entrance also from the InterContinental lobby), Ph.: 0730-644-806, Open: Mon-Sat 18.00 - 04.00 Ristorante Da Renzo 8F : Delicious Italian food &

excellent wine selection. Daily special lunch offer. Smoking & non smoking areas; CC accepted. 13, Constantin Nottara

St.- close to In City Residences (ask your taxi driver), Ph: 0721 587 560; 0744 299 499, Open: 12:00 till late Roberto’s 6D : You’ll step into another world when you

78, Caderea Bastiliei St. Ph.: 021-211-2276; Open: 12 pm - 12 am. Times Restaurant 7G : Panoramic view restaurant

dine at Roberto’s, the Athenee Palace Hilton Bucharest hotel’s smart Italian restaurant. Soft lighting, frescoes of Italy on the walls and views of the terrace make this a romantic place for dinner. Locals and guests enjoy regional, authentic Italian food and an extensive list of wines. C.C. accepted.

Ph.: 021-316-6516. Open: 12:30-23:00. The Harbour 6D : You’ve come a long way... you need

1-3, Episcopiei St. Ph.: 021-303-3777; Open daily: 06:30 - 10:00; 12:00 - 23:00. Trattoria “Il Calcio” 6D : Extensive menu of Italian

with great Romanian and International cuisine at Golden Tulip Times Hotel. C.C. accepted. 19, Decebal Blvd.

to relax... dock to The Harbour where you will find a buffer zone, the taste of the finest international cuisine and maybe an acquaintance just to make you feel you belong... Terrace and parking. C.C. accepted. 10-22, Piata Amzei;

Ph.: 0724-388-686; Open: 11:30 - until the last guest leaves. The Sunlight Restaurant: The culinary world of the

angelo Airporthotel Bucharest is provided by this restaurant. A copious buffet breakfast, a gala dinner and a variety of Romanian and international dishes are at your disposal every day. The Sunlight Restaurant has a capacity of approx. 110 persons. For special events such as cocktail parties, anniversaries or dinner parties, the conference rooms can be turned into functional restaurant rooms. And the stylish live music may even put you in the mood for dancing. CC accepted. 283 Calea Bucur-

estilor, Otopeni. Ph: 021 20 36 500; Fax: 021 20 36 530; Open 24 hours a day. White Horse Business & Events: Situated in the

Northern area of Bucharest, the new established business district of the city, the restaurant offers carefully prepared traditional and international specialties for daily lunch while being in the same time the perfect location for corporate & private events. 12 years of experience, professional services and equipment and the dedicated staff assigned complete the fine quality of the taste. C.C. accepted. Baneasa Business

&Technology Park, Building B, wing B2, 42-44, Soseaua Bucuresti Ploiesti, Ph.: 031-620-8412; Open: Mon - Fri 09:00 - 18:00 X-Time Restaurant 7D : Stylish, modern and

dishes. Large selection of wines, beers and spirits. Nice interiors, relaxing atmosphere, friendly staff. 14, Mende-

leev St. Ph.: 021-312-2430; 0722-134-299. Open: Sun - Thu: 12:00 - 24:00, Fri - Sat: 12:00 - 01:00. Zigolini: A taste of Italy in Zigolini Ristorante! A deliciously

intimate dining experience nestled in the most elegant Galleria of Bucharest! C.C. Accepted. Guarded parking. JOLIE VILLE

GALLERIA – 103 bis Erou Iancu Nicolae Street, first floor. Ph.: 021-206-8069. Open: 12:00 – 22:30 (22:00 – last order). MEDITERRANEAN CUISINE Il Gambero Rosso 4D : Located in a small and

charming villa in the center of the city, this place offers you an original menu, a mix between the famous Italian and French kitchens. Marcello, an Italian who lived almost all his life in France, opened this restaurant where you will find specialties from various parts of Italy and the day specialty, almost always French. Aviator Stefan Protopopescu Str., 64. Ph:

021-230-3210, 0730 006 978. Open: 12:00-24:00 Il Giardino: Exclusive atmosphere; exotic cuisine; exquisite ambient. C.C. Accepted. 19, Clucerului St. Ph.: 021-223-1978; 0723-671-657. Open: 12:00 till the last guest. Valencia: The Spanish House. Spanish & Int’l cuisine, Paella and Sangria like matadores have it. A discrete and intimate

place, ideal for passionat encounters. Air conditioning. C.C. accepted. 12, Dr. Leonte St. Ph.: 021-312-81-96;

0722-204-884. Open: 11:00 – 24:00. MIDDLE EASTERN CUISINE Golden Falcon 7E : Best Turkish restaurant in town.

Full range of kebab dishes, Turkish aperitifs and traditional sweets. Catering service available. 18-20, Hristo Botev

St. (near C.A. Rossetti Square). Ph.: 021-3142825; 313-2833. Open: 12:00 - 24:00. ROMANIAN CUISINE Caro 4E : Caro Hotel’s Romanian restaurant. International cuisine. Wine cellar and terrace. C.C. accepted. Guaranteed parking. 164A, Barbu Vacarescu Blvd. Ph.:

021-208-6100. Open: (restaurant) 16:00 – 24:00. Sunday closed, (wine cellar) 12:00 - 14:30 Caru’ cu Bere 7D : Historical restaurant (established

1879) in the old town district, behind the National History Museum. Original German style interior. Live music and dancing on weekends. CC accepted. 3-5, Stavropoleos St.

Ph.: 021-313-7560; Open: 10:00 - 24:00. Casa Romaneasca: Authentic Romanian culinary

delight in the traditional setting of a Romanian mansion with a splendidly decorated terrace, rich wine-cellar, large selection of Romanian wines, traditional Romanian customs and hospitality. CC accepted. 285A, Calea Bucuresti.

Ph.: 021-236-1510; Ph./Fax: 021-236-1511. Count Dracula Club 7D : Unique theme restaurant,

with a cozy atmosphere. Transylvanian and venison dishes. C.C. accepted. 8A, Splaiul Independentei.

Ph.: 021-312-1353; 0788-312-878. Open: 16:00 - until the last guest leaves. Decebal Rustic 7G : Exquisite Romanian dishes. C.C. accepted. 17, Decebal Blvd. Ph.: 021-321-67-00; 0723-515-009; Open:. 10:00 until the last guest leaves Decebal Classic 4D : Traditional Romanian cuisine,

folk music band, select atmosphere, terrace. Business meetings, special events. C.C. accepted. 51, Barbu

Vacarescu St. Ph: 0724 891 819; Open:10:00 until the last guest leaves Hanul Hangitei 7D : Traditional Romanian cuisine. Daily special lunch offer. 16, Gabroveni St. Ph.: 021-314-7046. Open: 11:00 - until the last guest leaves. Locanta Jaristea: A genuine taste of Romania, both food and atmosphere, a real part of the city’s history. C.C. accepted.

minimalist decoration; multimedia projections; smoking & nonsmoking salons; air conditioned; CC accepted; guarded parking lot. Cocor Store, 4th floor – 29-33, I.C.

Bratianu Blvd. Ph: 0728 63 04 03; Open: 09:00 - 21:00. ITALIAN CUISINE Caffé Città 6D : Northern Italian Menu restaurant for 106 persons. Enoteca, espresso bar, pizzeria, salumeria, gelateria, pasticceria, bakery in a fresh, natural, urban and contemporary mood. CC accepted. Non-smoking. 63-68, Calea

Victoriei, Radisson BLU Hotel groundfloor. Ph.: 021-601-3436. Open: 11:30 - 23:30. Caffe & Latte 7C : Wine Restaurant. Our Italian chef will remind you the taste of the real Italian food from the north of Italy, accompanied by the best Italian wines. Rooftop with park view - Cismigiu - in spring/summer. C.C. accepted.

35, Schitu Magureanu Blvd. Ph.: 021-314-3800; 0744-333-100. Open: Mon. - Sat. 12:00 - 23:00. Cucina 8B : At the JW Marriott Bucharest Grand Hotel.

Authentic Italian food served in rustic surroundings. Fine choice of wines. Calea 13 Septembrie 90. Ph. 021-403-

1902. Open: 12:00 - 15:00; 19:30 – 23:30 De Gustibus 6F : Restaurant, Terrace & Pizzeria. A

menu dedicated to only the most simple, appetizing and brilliantly executed Italian dishes, mainly with a Tuscan twinge. Happy Hours 11:30 - 16:00, From Mon. to Fri. 10% Off. Air conditioned. CC accepted. Parking lot. 10, Marcel Iancu

St. Ph. 021-211-1449; 0744-520106. Open: 12:00 - 24:00 Osteria Gioia 5C : Delicious Italian food. Excellent wine

selection. Modern, elegant interiors, well trained and friendly staff. 16, Ion Mihalache Blvd; Ph.: 021-311-3750;

Open 12:00 till late (23:00 last order). Modigliani 7D : Pasta /Carne. An Italian Original. If you ever feel like savoring an authentic Italian dinner, come at the

Bucuresti what, where, when


Reservation neccessary! 50-52, G. Georgescu St. Ph.: 021-335-3338; 0744.240.126; Fax: 021-301.98.45. Open: 11:00 - 02:00. Vatra 7D : Romanian cuisine. Air conditioning. 23-25, Brezoianu St. Ph.: 021-315-8375; 0721-200-800; Open: 12:00 - 24:00.

SEA FOOD La Veranda 2A : The restaurant is housed inside a glass

terrace offering wonderful views of the garden outside. It serves exquisite fish and sea food as fresh as the day it was caught. Air Conditioning, CC accepted, Parking, Smoking free, Outside Seating. 1, Poligrafiei Blvd. (Crowne Plaza Hotel);

Ph.:; Open daily: 12.00 – 23.00. SPANISH CUISINE Valencia: The Spanish House. Spanish & Int’l cuisine, Paella and Sangria like matadores have it. A discrete and intimate place, ideal for passionat encounters. Air conditioning. C.C. accepted. 12, Dr. Leonte St. Ph.: 021-312-81-96;

0722-204-884. Open: 11:00 – 24:00. VEGETARIAN CUISINE Casa Satya: Vegetarian and Fish Cuisine. Organic Ingredients and Wines. 25, Banu Manta Blvd. Piata Victoriei area, near sector 1 Town-Hall; Ph.: 0788-788-111 COFFEE SHOPS Caffe & Latte 7C : Italian Coffee Bar & Pastries Shop. One of the best cappuccino in town, just like in Italy. You may come and try it with our homemade pastry. 35, Schitu

Magureanu Blvd. Ph.: 021-314-3834. Open: Mon. - Sun. 08:00 - 22:00. Cafe Klein 7D : At Rembrandt Hotel mezzanine, Café

Klein is an intimate and pleasant place for all guests who want to enjoy either a delicious breakfast or just a glass of wine. Open 12:00 – 19:00 also for those who are not the hotel’s guests. The bar is for non-smokers. Free wi-fi internet inside the bar for all clients. 11, Smardan St.

Ph/Fax: 021-313-9315; 021-313-9316

downtown location. 10, C.A. Rosetti St.

Ph.: 021-315-7298. Open: 08:30 - 24:00. Grand Cafe Galleron: Large selection of drinks & cof-

Hotel. The American Sports Bar and Restaurant. A place for good food, good times and good sports. Live TV Sport coverage on 27 flat screen TV sets. Calea 13 Sept. 90.

Golescu St. Ph.: 021-312-4565. Open: 09:00 - 24:00. Hard Rock Cafe Bucharest 2B : Over 1500 sqm

contemporary design an authentic touch, this is the perfect place for a meeting, networking, a light meal or just for relaxation, reading, listening to music and watching the unique city view. Air conditioned. C.C accepted. Parking lot. 4,

fes, quality simple food. Charming interiors, cozy atmosphere. Located in the heart of the city close to Atheneum in a superb old villa. C.C. accepted. Air conditioning. 18A, Nicolae

building; one of the largest HRCs in Europe, the new Hard Rock Cafe Bucharest has inside seating for 300 guests plus an outside terrace with a view over the lake and additional seating for 150. 32, Kiseleff Avenue. Ph.: 021-206-6261.

downtown in historical part of the city. Friendly staff. Small summer terrace. St. Smardan 7. Ph.: 0749-057-770.

Open: 10:00 - till last customer. Serendipity Tea House 6D : Tea and lots of it. There

are more than 55 types of tea available, including the trademark Serendipity, an aromatic yet fruity green tea with more than a hint of strawberries. A quiet location just off an otherwise busy central street make this superb choice for long, peaceful afternoons reading a good book with a great cup of tea or two. Oh, and we should point out that coffee menu is not bad either. CC accepted, free wireless internet.12, Dumbrava

Rosie St. Ph.: 021-211.31.00. Open: Mon.-Fri. 15:00-22:00, Sat.-Sun: 12:00-22:00 Tekaffe 6B : In the beautiful surroundings of the city

center, on Victoriei Ave., you can stop a while to pamper yourself with a special coffee or tea and enjoy a tasty cake. If you are leaving Bucharest by train, you can visit their second location near the North Railway Station to take a sandwich or salad for the road. The Tekaffe products are all made by a dedicated team in their own laboratory, with natural and fresh ingredients.143, Calea Grivitei. Ph.: 0372-121 821

drinks, sandwiches, salads and deserts. Summer terrace. Within the Golden Tulip Times Hotel. C.C. accepted. 19, Decebal

Blvd. Ph.: 021-316-6516. Open: 09:00-23:00. Vienna Cafe 8B : At the JW Marriott Bucharest Grand

Hotel. Chocolate, pastry and cake lovers, this is the place for you - known to be so good that ladies go there for a lunch of cakes only! Viennese and International desserts, freshly baked tarts, cakes and pastries. Wedding cakes on order.

Calea 13 Sept. 90. Ph.: 021-403-1901; Open: 09:00 - 23:00. PUBS, COCKTAIL BARS & CLUBS L’Arpège Bar 2B : The perfect place to meet your

business partners or to enjoy a relaxing moment while drinking a delicious cocktail. CC accepted. Free WiFi access. Free parking. Open: Monday – Sunday: 08:30 – 01:30;

Ph.:021 202 1632; Hotel Pullman, 10 Montréal Square. Bar “37” 7D : gives you the opportunity to experience the

excellent view of Victoriei Boulevard, while enjoying a glass of wine or a gourmet meal among friends. Secured underground parking available. Credit Cards accepted. Novotel Bucarest

cream leather armchairs set around a small atrium in the inside garden of the hotel. Coffee, tea, beer, and - later in the evening - the perfect place for cocktails and digestive before bed. The cafe is an entirely ‘smoking allowed’ venue. Air Conditioning, CC accepted, Parking, Outside Seating, Smoking free, Take Away, Wifi. 1, Poligrafiei Blvd. (Crowne Plaza

Hotel); Ph.:; Open: 09.00 – 02.00. La Galette Restaurant & Snacking 2B : Relaxed

& friendly dining atmosphere on the terrace. Wide range of snacks. French bakery. Cakes & pastries. Selection of Teas & Coffees. Take away. Designated Smoking Area. CC accepted. Free WiFi access. Free parking. Open: Mon. – Sat.: 08:00

– 22:00; Sun.: 16:00 – 23:00; Ph.:021 202 1633; Hotel Pullman, 10 Montréal Square. Geisha Cafe 6D : High quality coffe in a very popular


what, where, when

Nicolae Balcescu Blvd. - InterContinental Hotel, 21st floor, Ph.: 021-310-2020 Open: 06.30 - 10.30

Open: 12:00 - 23:30 Jolie Cafe: Ideal venue for a coffee break or a business meeting. C.C. accepted. Guarded parking lot. JOLIE VILLE GALLERIA - 103 bis, Erou Iancu Nicolae St., groundfloor. Ph.: 021-206-8067. Open: daily 12:00 - 22:00. Kartell Cafe - Lounge 7D : Nice cafe located

Open daily 11:00 - 22:00; 56, Victoriei Ave. (the intersection with Ion Campineanu str.) Ph: 0372 010 327 Open: Mon-Fri 08.00 – 20.00 Sat 09:00 - 15:00 Times Cafe: Large selection of coffee, cocktails and fancy

Crown Cafe 2A : The cafe welcomes you with fine

Ph.: 021-403-1917;Open: 17:00 - 01:00. Club InterContinental Lounge 7D : With a

City Centre - 37B Victoriei Boulevard. Ph.: 021 308 85 00. Open Mon-Fri: 07:00 - 02:00, Sat-Sun: 09:00 - 02:00. Bla Lounge Bar 6D : Centre ice bar in atrium for 108

persons. Vodka, Cocktails, Beverages & Snacks in a hear, feel, taste mood. CC accepted. Non-smoking. 63-81, Calea

Victoriei, Radisson BLU Hotel groundfloor. Ph.: 021-311-9000; Open: 09:00 - 02:00; Sun. 09:00 - midnight. Centro Bar & Lounge 6D : The perfect place for a

business meeting or for a relaxing drink after a busy day. Our fresh selection of sandwiches, salads and pastry products make it a convenient place for any time of the day. Howard

Johnson Grand Plaza Hotel, Calea Dorobantilor 5 – 7, Open daily 09:00 – 00:30 Champions 8B : At the JW Marriott Bucharest Grand

Dark Bla Bar 6D : Cognac & cigars bar for 34 persons. Single Malts, Cognacs & Cigars in an upscale & late night mood. CC accepted. Smoking. 63-81, Calea Victorie, Radisson BLU Hotel groundfloor. Ph.: 021-311-9000; Open: 17:00 - 02:00. The Dubliner Irish Pub 5B : Genuine Irish

atmosphere. Draught beer. Air-conditioned. Very popular among the members of the English speaking community. 18,

Titulescu Blvd. Ph.: 021-222-3737; 021-222-9473. Open: 12:00 - 02:00. English Bar 6D : Relax in the soft lighting and

traditional decor of the Athenee Palace Hilton Bucharest hotel’s inviting English Bar. Choose from over 40 whiskies, sip a cocktail or order form the international snackmenu. Enjoy a Cuban cigar to round off your night. C.C. accepted. 1-3,

Episcopiei St. Ph.: 021-303-3777/ ext. 6759. Open: 11:00-02:00. The Epoque Lounge Bar 6C : This is the place for

powerful business meetings but also for relaxation in front of one of the fireplace, while enjoying a refined drink or just peaceful music. The Epoque Bar welcomes you with its intimate and refined atmosphere, fireplace, terrace and a fine selection of wines and cigars, daily, from 6:30 to 23:00 hrs. Wireless Internet is available in the Lounge just as all around the hotel. The facilities are: smoking and non-smoking feature; nice and cosy summer terrace, free high speed WI-FI internet access; air conditioning; daily newspaper; CC accepted, guarded free parking lot. 17C, Aurora Entr. (Epoque Hotel);

Ph.: 021-312-3232. Open: 06:30 – 23:00. The Gin Factory 7D : Irish Pub & Restaurant

International ciusine; Chef’s choice: fish & chips; beefsteak. Lunch: 12:00-17:00. Live music every Wed & Sun; DJ set every Thu, Fri & Sat starting 23:00 C.C. Accepted, free WiFi internet; Digi TV, Sky TV, Smoking areas; 37, Lipscani St.

Ph: 021-311-3836 Open: 10:00 – 05:00 (23:00 – last kitchen order; 22:00 – last reservation). Green Hours 22 Jazz Café 5C : Hip and unique.

Enjoy exotic cocktails and coffee in a neon-lit, tube-shaped bar, with live, trippy jazz-rock on one end and cozy couches on the other-like spending an evening in a surreal submarine. Also a relaxing outdoor patio that’s packed on weekend nights. Music most nights after 9 pm.. Morning coffee or nightly cocktails.

120, Calea Victoriei. Ph.: 0722-234-356. Open: non-stop The Harp Irish Pub 8D : Very popular Irish hangout

with great selection of beer, a warming atmosphere downstairs complete with fireplaces candle-lit tables and extensive seating

upstairs. Guaranteed to be packed with younger Romanians and expats alike any weekend evening. The second Irish hangout in Bucharest. Air-conditioning. C.C. accepted. 1, Piata Unirii.

Ph.:021-335-6508. Open: 09:00 - until the last guest leaves. Intermezzo Piano Bar 7D : Just the way you might

imagine a classic bar: sophisticated but relaxed, chic but comfortable. Located just off the InterContinental Hotel lobby, Intermezzo offers live piano music in the evenings, creating the perfect backdrop after a long working day. Air conditioned. C.C accepted. Parking lot. 4, Nicolae Balcescu Blvd.,

Ph.: 021-310-2020, Open: 08.00 - 01.00 James Joyces 6C : A real Iris pub run by real paddy. 1-3, Valter Maracineanu Sq. Ph.021-311-4177; Mora 4C : comes to redefine the bar concept, offering

customers the chance to taste a wide variety of French champagnes, wines and liquors, as well as champagne-based cocktails. Whether a light and sophisticated lunch, an afternoon business coffee or an aperitivo, a quality evening with friends before a night out listening to live DJ mixes. Parking lots available. Smoking venue. 22, Paris St. Reservations:

0748-544-911. Opened daily from 12:00 until late in the night. Onx Pub 6A : Lot of fun, karaoke, live concerts & special parties. 290, Splaiul Independentei, Regie P16 Open: 12:00 - until the last guest leaves. Orange Bar (lobby bar): If you are looking for a place to

enjoy the highest standards, a perfect coffee, fresh sandwiches, sft drinks and the best cognac in town, you most go high, go North! C.C. accepted. 44A, Daniel Danielopolu. St.

Ph.: 021-233-5000 Open: daily 10:00-24:00 Pavilion Lounge 8B : Within the JW Marriott

Bucharest Grand Hotel. Your favorite drink, accompanied by Chef’s choice of canapés, in a relaxed atmosphere. CC accepted.

90, Calea 13 Septembrie. Ph.: 021-403-1904. Open: non-stop. The Sky Gate Bar: This bar of the angelo Airport hotel

Bucharest offers a pleasant and relaxing environment where you can enjoy a cup of coffee, an afternoon tea, a refined

cocktail or simply a cigarette in pleasant company. The hotel’s professional bartenders are always there just when you need them. Located right beside the lobby and restaurant, the bar offers its guests an intimate, private area. CC accepted. 283,

Calea Bucurestilor, Otopeni. Ph: 021 20 36 500; Fax: 021 20 36 530; Open 24 hours a day. Thomas Antiques Bar 7D : Taste the house wine

and enjoy it on one of their sunny balconies. Wide range of beers and something special for ladies - „French Vanilla” or „Brazilian Nut”. Smoking & non smoking areas; Air conditioned; Free WiFi internet; CC accepted. 19, Covaci St. 1st floor &

attic, Ph: 0752 440 818, Open: bar (1st floor): Mon - Thu & Sun: 10:00 – 22:00, Fri – Sat: 10:00 – 24:00, attic: Mon – Sat: 10:00 – 20:00, Sun: 10:00 – 16:00 Trafalgar Pub 5D : Beer, wines, spirits and snacks. Close to Turkish Embassy on Calea Dorobantilor. 4A, David Emanuel St. Ph.: 021-211-3151. Open: 11.00 - till the last guest. Tribute 6D : First class venue, great live music. 118, Calea Victoriei, Ph.: 0728-742-883; Open: Wed. : 21:00 - 02:00; Thu. - Sat.: 21:00 - 05:00. Victoria Club 7D : Classic mahogany furniture, leather Chesterfield sofas, warm beige nuances, exquisite services... these are the fine details that will catch your eye and soul in our English Bar – Victoria Club. Here you can taste our delicate teas & coffees brews while engaging in succulent conversation during traditional English afternoon tea time, taste some of our delicious snacks and try something from the list of over 100 spirits. Cigars are available to round off your evening. C.C. accepted. Grand Hotel Continental, 56, Victoriei

Ave. Ph.: 0372 010 300 Open: 09:00 - 24:00. White Horse 4D : Pub & Restaurant. English &

International cuisine. Wide selection of draught beers. CC accepted. 4A, G. Calinescu St. Ph.: 021-231-2795.

Open: 12:00 - until the last guest leaves. The Editor: We decline the responsibility for any changes in the schedule.

nightlife We have compiled for you a list of the nicest places in Bucharest for nightlife relaxation to help you lose your daily stress. For more details please read our Bucuresti by Night supplement, in the middle of the magazine (where available) NIGHT CLUBS Bamboo: 39, Ramuri Tei St., Ph.: 0722-132-283, 0788-296-776 Cuando Club: 35-37, Academiei St.,; Ph.: 0722-505085 Diamond Club & Massage: 30, Regina Elisabeta Blvd, Ph.: 0727-402-436, 0751-370-490 Disco Club Maxx: 290, Splaiul Independentei,; Ph.: 021-223-00-39 Embryo: 3, Ion Otetelesanu St., Ph.: 0727-379-023 Fuchsia: 18, I. Brezoianu St., Ph.: 0727-315-713 Gossip: 9-11, Lanariei St., Ph.: 0721-GOSSIP Kristal Glam Club: 2, J.S. Bach St., Ph.: 021-231-21-36, 0721-993-988 Music Club: 31, Baratiei St. Ph.: 021-314-61-97 The Office: 8, Tache Ionescu St., Ph.: 021-211-67-48 Posh Club: 19, Orhideelor Ave., Ph.: 0751-157-575 Session: 47-49, Elefterie St.,

Ph.: 0729-292-541, 0721-151-649 Studio Martin: 41, Iancu de Hunedoara Blvd., Ph.: 0722-399-228 Temple: 25, Splaiul Independentei,; Ph.: 0748-881-086, 313-35-75, 0727-297-610 Massage Parlours Erotic Massage: 50 passion girls in 5 locations same quality and services for your sensual and relaxing moments. J’Adore: Phone: 0735-885-522 VIP Zone: Phone: 0735-885-511 Thai Passion: Phone: 0730-331-133 Jade Palace: Phone: 0730-881-188 Exotique: Phone: 0735-885-500 Ibiza Massage: Erotic, Double, Body and Relaxing Massage. Phone: 021-316-9929; 0727-239-744; www. Karma Massage: Erotic body & relaxing massage. Hotel

visits or free car to the downtown salon and back (in 20 min). Free minibar. Open non-stop. By appointment,

Ph.: 0722-699-488; 021-327-3884; Perfect Massage: Erotic, Double, Body and Relaxing Massage.

Phone: 0733 571 690

Bucuresti what, where, when


the last word


Dear Reader, November can be an unpredictable month in Bucharest, sometimes cold and snowy other times cozy and warm. This year, the predictions are for moderately cool weather, without too much precipitation. That will enable many residents to delay using heat and save some much needed resources. Many of the older residential buildings are on a municipal steam/hot water heating system, and particular buildings residents can decide to delay “turning on the heat”. The theater season is still in full swing, with the National Theater festival continuing until November 6, and there are philharmonic concerts, opera and operetta performances galore. It is in this pre-winter season that Bucharest nightlife comes to life, and I am told that West European business people have begun to return. While the Greek crisis still dominates the news, the fact is that Romanian banks were never super leveraged, and albeit slowly, and with more restrictions, financing is becoming more available. Of course the recession continues, unemployment is high and a full recovery is still far away,

but default is not on the horizon. The City Administration has awakened to pollution concerns, and Bucharest now has its own mobile air quality testing unit. As I have said previously, Romanians have embraced the ‘consumer society with a vengeance, and retailers have followed suit. Carrefour, the French Hypermarket chain has just opened its 40th store, while the home grown, but now foreign owned, medium sized supermarket chain, Mega Image, expects to reach 94 outlets by the end of the year. And I remember when there were just two in 1993! Of course all the stores continue to devote major shelf space to presenting “empty calorie” snack and alcohol in all its many variations, but Romanian wines are actually quite good and it is the Holiday season after all. I don’t think independent supermarkets can survive much longer, but the open air, from ‘farm to consumer’, fruit and vegetable bazaars, and the little, “mom and pop” operated corner stores which provide a convenient place to pick up some bread or milk on the way home from work, will remain. If you plan to be here or visit over the winter season, don’t forget that we have pleasant mountain resorts, uncrowded ski slopes, and ski equipment rentals, all at an accessible price, and all as little as 2 hours away from Bucharest. In the meantime, enjoy some early Holiday bargains as stores rush their Holiday promotions, and get some presents for the folks back home. Ludwig Gelobter, Publisher

Published by Crystal Publishing Group SRL 253, Calea Calarasilor, Bl 67 A, Suite 4, Bucharest, Romania Phone & Fax: (004021) 323-3829; (004021) 323-7033, (004021) 323-4706 Publisher: LUDWIG GELOBTER Coordinating Editor: GABRIEL ARSENE Editorial Dept. e-mail: Financial Manager: Victoria Serban Senior Sales Executive: Sorin Gabriel Patrascu Graphic & Dtp Office: Mihai-Cristian Rampelt Web Site: Vlad Alexandrescu Photos: To Advertise in Bucuresti What, Where, When please call: Phone & Fax: +4 021 323-3829; +4 021 323-7033; +4 021 323-4706 or e-mail at: North America US International Office 201B, Travis Street, Lafayette, LA 70503, USA Ph: +1 337 704 0554 Annual subscription Romania 80,00 Lei Payable to Crystal Publishing Group Banca Comerciala Romana – filiala sector 4 Account no.: RO08 RNCB 0075035221160001 For all other countries Euro 36,00. Please send the order and a check or money order to Crystal Publishing Group 201B, Travis Street, Lafayette, LA 70503, USA Circulation up to 18,500 copies distributed on a complimentary basis in major hotels: Alexander, Ambasador, angelo Airport Hotel, Armonia, Athenee Palace Hilton Bucharest, Best Western Plus Mari Vila Bucharest, Bucharest Unirii Sq. Hotel, Capitol, Caro, Carol Parc, Central, Centre Ville Aparthotel & Elite Apartments, Class, Crowne Plaza, Dalin, Dalin Center, Duke, Elizeu, Golden Tulip Times, Golden Tulip Bucharest, Hello Hotels, Herastrau, Howard Johnson Grand Plaza Hotel, Ibis Gara de Nord, Ibis Palatul Parlamentului, Inter-Continental, JW Marriott Bucharest Grand Hotel, Lev Or, Marshal, Minerva, NH Bucharest, Novotel Bucarest City Centre, Parliament, Pullman Bucharest, Radisson BLU Bucharest, Ramada Majestic Bucharest, Ramada Hotel & Suites Bucharest North, Ramada Bucharest Parc, Ramada Plaza Bucharest, Rembrandt, Rin Airport, Rin Central, Rin Grand, Starlight Suite Hotels, Tempo, Venetia, Z Executive Boutique Hotel; airlines and airline offices: Air France, Air Malta, Alitalia, Austrian Airlines, Balkan Air, British Airways, Carpatair, CSA, EL AL, Emirates, Eurojet Aviation KLM, LOT, Lufthansa, Malev, Olympic Airways, SAS Scandinavian Airlines, SN Brussels Airlines, Swiss Int’l. Air Lines, Turkish Airlines; rent a car agencies: government offices, business centers, important banks & consulting companies. B3W is a Romania Audit Bureau of Circulation (BRAT) Audited Publication

© 2011 Crystal Publishing Group - ISSN 1222-5703 All rights reserved. Reproduction without written permission of the publisher is prohibited. Reproducerea articolelor fara acordul scris al editorului este interzisa. The Publisher accepts no responsibility for the content of advertisements.

Bucuresti What Where When Magazine is printed on paper originated from sustainable managed forests.

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