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In the past years, especially after the arrival of this recession, I used to say that I have great expectations for the next year since the ending one was one of the worst. Now we have parliamentary elections in December and, I assume, a new government before the New Year’s Eve. Generally, in December, before the winter holydays, Romania is magical, with more white spots than black ones. What should we do with the reality, however, the one in which we do not feel so much magic? What do we do? Because we, the people, felt ourselves increasingly worse and increasingly abandoned. And we don’t really understand why! It’s like, in a company you hire for big money a manager, who end sticking up to bankruptcy and all the employees say “It was the recession...” For the normal inhabitant of Bucharest, mid-range, who works diligently at his job and eventually meets his half during the weekend, the end of this year comes again as a blessing. We end another torturing year, but now we have hope. Hope that it cannot be worst than in the past 4 years! And that, after the elections, “THEY will change something” in the course of the wheels so that everything will begin to work as a mechanism! A decent mechanism for our decent expectations. So, that Romania would begin to function normally... Now we have Just expectations, instead of Great expectations! Now it’s December and January comes quickly, a period of the year when all the Romanians are used to make and receive large or small gifts. And the city will fill with shoppers, mostly in search of special offers. The crowd from the city may give arguments for the government, as for the foreigners visiting Bucharest. They will all say, look Romanians STILL have money! Without waiting the retailer’s statistics, which will come as soon as mid-January, and will confirm statistically: Romanians really do not have so much money! So you, the New Leaders, should help (or let!) all Romanians make honestly more money, at least in 2013! And this for real, not magically!



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Through the campaign Generation Awake, the General Directorate for Environment of the European Commission encourages European citizens to use natural resources efficiently. This pan-European campaign aims to raise awareness on the impact of consumer habits. Launched in 2011, the campaign Generation Awake has the main message “Consume wisely and think before choosing. Your choices make a difference”, and is encouraging people to adopt responsible consumption habits. By taking the right decisions at the individual level, every citizen can help to conserve the natural resources, to reduce environmental impact, may save money, building a road to a sustainable future. The campaign is supported by two interactive web sites available in 23 official EU languages: and, two videos and a series of video animations communicating indirect water consumption: GenerationAwake. Also, a Facebook page dedicated (with over 50,000 fans) - http:// campaign communicates Tips on efficient use of the resources. Resources efficiency refers to the sustainable use of resources - to do more with less, while minimizing the environmental impact. It’s about the right choices to ensure a quality of life, not just for the present but also for future generations. To become efficient on resources we must change our way of thinking and patterns of behavior, given how our choices affect the natural resources. This is not about consuming less - is to consume differently. Replacing the using on the “four wheels” with two wheels riding, water valve closed while brushing your teeth, towels use more than once, using the washing machine at full capacity… are just a few examples of resource efficiency and adopting responsible consumption habits.

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events & attractions CRISTMAS WITH BZN DECEMBER 6, 20:00, SALA PALATULUI

BZN Christmas Concert will take place on December 6 at the Sala Palatului, at 20:00, being organized by Project Events in collaboration with European Event Service. Tickets for the concert are almost sold-out.

The famous BZN band returns to the Capital after about a month since their last visit. The Dutch will perform at Sala Palatului a concert dedicated to the holiday season, which will not miss songs like “Gingle Bells”, “I’m Dreaming of a White Christmas,” “Let it Snow”. Those who do not want to miss the Christmas show of the BZN would have to hurry and to reserve a seat. Tickets are available in the following points: Store BILETOO of Unirea Shopping Center (ground floor, entrance next to McDonald’s), Sala Palatului, Flanco shops, Adevarul and Eminescu bookstores, shops Diverta and Muzica, the National Palace of the Children, Vodafone, Germanos, Domo stores, but also at the Romanian Post Offices marked with bilete. ro. Online, they can be purchased from www.,,, www.,, Ticket prices range from 300 lei (VIP Category) to 100 lei (Category 4).

Romanian carols in the original sequence they were recorded for the first time on vinyl disc 45 years ago. They will be performed by the prestigious choir conducted by Voicu Popescu. The National Chamber Choir Madrigal was founded in 1963, and for over four decades its work has been synonymous with the name of conductor Marin Constantin, founder of the choir. Within 47 years with 4,100 concerts on the biggest stages in the country and abroad, Madrigal brought to the soul of the public masterpieces belonging to the European Renaissance schools, interpreted in the original languages, great treasures of Byzantine and ancient Romanian music and works inspired by folklore, classical elements of local heritage and contemporary Romanian creations. For the event there are two categories of tickets: VIP category - 200 lei and category I - 150 lei. Concert tickets are available to the Romanian Athenaeum, and all over the Biletoo network. Outlets are in Unirea Shopping Center, bookstores Adevarul and Eminescu, shops Diverta, Flanco, Victoria, Muzica, Sala Palatului, National Palace of Children and Hard Rock Cafe. Those who want to order online, can do it on,, www., and

The first part of the event, Media Mingling, focuses on networking, young people aspiring to a career in the media will have the opportunity to discuss with the hottest industry professionals in an informal setting. Mass-Media Star, the second part of the event focuses on competition: ten freshmen take the stage to show their communicating talent. The third part of the event, Media Party, starting with a concert Vunk and ends with a party that will last until dawn. The event includes performances from the Plastik Charm and Flavian Georgescu, former X Factor contestant. MISS UNIVERSE 2012! DECEMBER 19, LAS VEGAS

On November 4, Miss Universe Romania 2012 was crowned. For the second time in the


Media Prom, the most unique event of the year, is bringing together media professionals with young people aspiring to a career in the field. Journalists, communication


The National Chamber Choir Madrigal, a symbol of the Romanian choral interpretative

history of the competition the crown is won by a Brasov girl, Delia Monica Duca is the one that will represent Romania at the international Miss Universe final on December 19, in Las Vegas, USA. Delia has 26 years, holds a degree in computer science and a master’s degree in algorithms and software. In 2012, the 61st edition of the famous competition, Delia Duca, Miss Universe Romania, will scroll, in the national inspired costume part, wearing a creation promoting the Romanian artist Constantin Brancusi and his works. Responsibility to make design and costume for Miss Universe Romania 2012, went to the young and talented creative Cristina Savulescu. They kicked off Vote for Miss Universe 2012! The competitor that receives the highest number of votes automatically qualifies in the top 16! You can vote the Romanian representative at http://www.missuniverse. com/members/profile/652710/year:2012 ICE HOTEL RETURNS

skill, will perform a wonderful Christmas concert on the Romanian Athenaeum scene, on December 9. The event is unique in presenting 2

what, where, when

and advertising specialists will meet in an informal environment with students who wish to follow, on Tuesday, December 11, 20:00, in The Silver Church Club. The event is also the Freshman Ball at the Faculty of Journalism and Mass Communication, University of Bucharest. Media Prom is unique in Romania and has a tradition of five years. The event is structured in three parts which perfectly combines three key words of any professional life: networking, competition and fun.

The ice hotel from Balea Lac will be reopened also this year, at an uncertain date. In the absence of heavy snow and low

Shopping Center (ground floor, entrance next to McDonald’s), Adevarul and Eminescu bookstores, Flanco, Victoria, Muzica stores, Sala Palatului, the National Palace of the

CHRISTMAS FAIRS The Christmas fairs are a delightful way to kick off the holiday season. Even without snow, the cold, fresh air is filled with the scent of cakes, gingerbread, cinnamon, mulled wine and other season specific treats. Merchants selling sweets, chocolates, cakes, candies, and the holiday carols ennobles preparations atmosphere. SANTA CLAUS THROUGH CISMIGIU

temperatures “builders” could not fix the reopening. What is known for sure is that this year will be built 12 rooms furnished, decorated and illuminated, a restaurant and an ice church. Alongside the hotel, the initiators of the project will build an appendix consisting of three rooms igloo type, linked by a central corridor. The builders expect heavy snow and very low temperatures, bringing Balea lake ice to a thickness of at least 20 inches to actually start the works. FOLK FESTIVAL AT NOTTARA DECEMBER 17-19, NOTTARA THEATER

A traditional event of the Romanian showbiz awaits again the public for three nights of great music, alongside prestigious artists. Now in its 22nd edition, the National Festival of Folk Music Om Bun will take place from December 17 to 19, at the Nottara Theater. In each of the three evenings the audience will enjoy five recitals, as follows:

The largest Christmas market in the Capital is in Cismigiu Park. By the eve of the Holy Feasts, the park alleys will be animated by fairy tale characters, while the central kiosk will be transformed into Santa’s House, where the children will have all sorts of surprises. The scene located near the Cismigiu rink, one of the largest in the Capital, will host theater performances for children, carols and folkloric music, but also folk, pop and rock concerts. Children. Those who want to order online can do on, www.bilete. ro, THE COMIC OPERA FOR CHILDREN DECEMBER 3, 4, 10, 11, 17 AND 18, 11:00 AND 13:00, THE COMIC OPERA FOR CHILDREN HALL GIULESTI - DULCAMARA’S MAGIC DECEMBER 7, 14 AND 21, 18:00, THE COMIC OPERA FOR CHILDREN HALL GIULESTI - MUSIC MAGIC

The 2012 - 2013 season for Children’s Comic Opera performances are scheduled in the superb Giulesti hall. Dulcamara’s


Nicu Alifantis Alexandru Andries Andrei Paunescu & Totusi band Florin Sasarman Walter Ghicolescu DECEMBER 18:

Ducu Bertzi Victor Socaciu Ada Milea Vali Serban Catalin Stepa DECEMBER 19:

Vasile Seicaru Evandro Rosetti Doru Stanculescu Adrian Ivanitchi Adrian Sarmasan The MC of the event will be another beloved voice of the Romanian folk music: Maria Gheorghiu. National Folk Music Festival Om Bun tickets are valid for one day - 80 lei and passes available for all three days worth 200 lei. Tickets are available across the BILETOO network. Outlets are in Unirea


A Holiday Fair will be arranged in the new space created in front of the University, where you can watch a series of artistic performances. The traders will gather here until end-December but will not offer just wine, but also traditional food (sausages, drums, and rind), and decorations. ... OR THROUGH OBOR PARK

Sector 2 City Hall invites until January 6, 2013, to the Christmas Fair Santa Comes to Obor. This year Obor Park is animated with dozens of wooden houses, adorned, where craftsmen and manufacturers expect us with celebration decorations and traditional products. For children of all ages can be a magical experience to play in fairy tales sets, or the performances for the whole family, cooking demonstrations and tasting of the traditional products and sweets... This year, Obor Park gather dozens of artists with unique handicrafts, handmade, pottery, folkloric art, paintings, jewelry, clothes and much, much more. This looks like the place to find the perfect gift. THE NEW TRAINS SCHEDULE

Magic, after Elixir of love by Donizetti, has its premiere in December. Staring: Vicentiu Tăranu, Vali Racoveanu, Andrei Lazar, Raluca Oprea, Oana Serban, Madalina Barbu, Mirela Diaconu, Daniel Filipescu, Valentino Tiron... and the Serioso Ansamble. Music Magic is a special show for holidays, staring: Alis Birjovanu, Andreea Soare, Alexandra Corneanu, Claudia Iagar, Sabina Chirila, Andy Ardeleanu, Mihai Pricope, Daniel Manea, Octavian Iuga, Ionut Birjovanu, Roberta Enisor, Jennifer Dumitrascu and Bogdan Serban.

CFR Passengers announced that from December 9 will move to the new trains’ schedule 2012/2013, valid until December 14, 2013. To avoid errors in choosing of routes consisting of trains and traffic on the current timetable and the one valid from December 9, for the trains leaving from the original station on December 8 passengers will not be able to buy tickets through Ticket CFR online or tickets machines in stations or at authorized distributors. For these trains, passengers can buy tickets only from the station ticket offices or travel agencies. In the new trains’ schedule will be 1,378 trains, 60 more than in the past one.

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Romania’s Center Where is the geographical center of Romania? For some, Bucharest could be considered the center of Romania... for others Sibiu, in Transylvania. Banat people are proud that they are the first in Romania, while the Lippovans in Sulina are the first to see the sunrise, because the city is the easternmost point of the country… If you search on Google you will receive a totally wrong response Tarnaveni city. habits, going to church dressed in traditional clothes. Households in the area are God-fearing people. Not only they gather at the church, but houses have large gates, and on the house is marked the year when the house was built and a big cross near the year, stating that the owner is a Christian. If you’re not careful, you will not know that you went through the center of Romania. There is no monument or obelisk stating that this is the center, there are not signs with distances to major cities in the country… You find just a simple banner, which emphasized that Dealu Frumos, with the German name Schönberg, is the village in the middle of the country.

But where is the center of the country? Just a few people know that Romania’s geographical center is located next to a quiet village Dealu Frumos, Sibiu County (about 3 km from Agnita town). The village is attested since the early 1200. Its main attraction is the Fortified Church. In fact, in the area, all villages have become true bastions of defense. Saxon craftsmen raised solid walls here, raised also bell towers that looks more like watchtowers of medieval castles. If you arrive in the area on a Sunday or a holiday, you get the impression that you are back in time. Many villagers still keep old

Romania’s midpoint is situated on a hill surrounded by the road between Agnita and Merghindeal. At Dealu Frumos, the monument erected in the center of the country dates from 1858, prior to even discuss the union of the Romanians Principates, Moldova and the Romanian Country. Austro-Hungarian monument had a huge bronze eagle on its top, stolen after 1990, but retains the two original inscriptions, both written in German. The monument is recently renovated and here returned a smaller eagle, replacing the stolen one. At the hill base, two panels warn those using the uneven road: `Dealu Frumos, central point of Romania. Traveler! Remember, you’re just passing through its center.’ At that point intersects parallel 46 degrees - which divides the country into northern and southern side – with the meridian 25 degrees, which divides Romania in eastern and a western half. The point was calculated precisely by Austro-Hungarian topography! The facts that the monument has been erected by the representatives of the Austro-Hungarian Empire, and the same point become the geographical center of Romania is just a coincidence, it seems… 4 Bucuresti what, where, when

WINTER SPORTS COMPETITION FOR CORPORATIONS Winter Corporate Games, all-round athlete festival that takes place in over 20 countries and over 50 cities in the world, arrived in Romania, the first European country. On November 15, the winter edition of the first amateur competition in our country, gathering corporate employees in Romania, was officially launched at the British Ambassador’s residence in Bucharest. The ambassador Martin Harris announced that the winter sports competition will take place between February 7 and 10, 2013, in Poiana Brasov, where the employees can choose between 10 different sports, including swimming, alpine curling, table tennis or snow volleyball.

Olympic Games for the corporate employees. The event was inaugurated by Martin Harris, British ambassador to Bucharest, who noted in his address that sports tournament for employees in the corporate sector brings motivational benefits as shown already as “Romania has beaten the record of participation in the first edition, the Summer one, and was ranked first out of a total of 25 participating countries “. Present at the inauguration event,

Dan Cristea, Balkan champion in skiing, with 6 gold medals won in the period 1968-1974, mentioned that Winter Corporate Games is similar to the World Festival of Youth and Students in 1953, which according to the press at the time, it was addressed to “young athletes who have the duty to practice with perseverance, to perfect their sports skill, to get prepared with honor, in sporting competitions of the Festival” (Scanteia tineretului newspaper, August 2, 1953). In an elegant and private setting, over 60 representatives at management level from corporations in Romania, attended an interactive launch of a novel concept for the corporate sector, organized by Sport Award Romanian, company holding the Corporate Games franchise. Winter Corporate Games corresponds to a teambuilding program, but at lower costs, that provides employees and companies with a touch of originality and one-of-a-kind involvement. The 2013 February edition is organized in partnership with the Romanian Federation of Skiing and Biathlon and it will be a testcompetition for the European Youth Olympic Festival (FOTE). 10 sports in 3 days. The biggest worldwide sporting event for amateurs in the corporate sector will span over three days, on February 7-10, 2013, in Poiana Brasov. It will include 10 sports competitions, welcoming not only employees from private and state companies, friends and their families, but also NGOs and entrepreneurs. Eligible sports include: alpine

curling, snow volleyball, shooting, swimming, bowling, alpine skiing, billiards, snowboarding, table tennis and hockey. The Corporate Games Community was founded in 1986 in the U.S., California and addresses amateur athletes who value sports, health and fitness.

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The Heart of the Romanians Just as Cluj-Napoca is considered by many natives the heart of Transylvania, Cluj County has a special place in our hearts, the Romanians. There is no better or worse season for a visit to Cluj, but late autumn adds to the straighter road (the piece of Transylvania Highway), or to the meandering one (the European road), the wonderful colors of the Transylvanian plateau.


aybe that’s why Horia Uioreanu, Cluj County Council President, and our colleague Beatrice Chiriac, President of Force Tourism Association, planned to launch the homonymous magazine-catalog Cluj County edition (bilingual publication RomanianEnglish, with national and international distribution) just in the middle of October. The launch was accompanied by an info-trip in Cluj County, designed to bring to the public attention the cultural and historical values of this region, as well as its natural and tourist potential. The evening before returning to Bucharest, during the traditional dinner in the cellar of the Cluj restaurant Sinaia, listening to the magic music played by Palatca Taraf, which is touching every Romanian or foreigner who want to understand our traditions, Horia Uioreanu confessed us that it is never done enough to promote the county he leads and he loves. And we understood him, because after three days of travel on these lands of Transylvania we were not at all tired and we found out that we could travel around at least a month and still not get bored! Cluj is one of the most interesting and complex Romanian counties, with 1,382 historical monuments and archaeological sites and many other attractions of its territory. But any visit start to Cluj-Napoca... Basically, you should not miss “Octavian Goga” County Library, one of the most important public libraries in Romania. Established in the early twentieth century, has today in its collections more than 760,000 documents, books, periodicals, audiovisual documents, electronic collections and a substantial special collections. You shouldn’t be pleased to be counted among the 100,000 annually virtual visitors, because the reality is much more impressive. Just as visiting not a tourist attraction, the Mineralogical Museum of the Babes-Bolyai University, you can see many rarities, including the only collection of meteorites in Romania, a collection of native 6 Bucuresti what, where, when

gold or collection of gemstones. The Zoological Museum of the same prestigious university, founded in 1859, currently has 300,000 pieces, curiosities and rarities of animals, including specimens of extinct species. The University of Agricultural Sciences and Veterinary Medicine Cluj-Napoca manages also one of the most visited museums – the aquarium complex. Underwater world is exposed in the 14 aquariums, 300-500 liters, and the central aquarium, about 30,000 liters, with over 50 species of fish from all continents. While not as spectacular as during the spring, an autumn walk on the paths on the 14 hectares (almost 35 acres) of the Botanical Garden is refreshing and energizing in the same time. Established in 1920, it became one of the most popular botanical gardens in Southeastern Europe, with over 10,000 species of plants brought from the Caucasus, the Balkans, the Himalayas, and from the Mediterranean areal.

Among the History’s Hills But I found that as if you visit Bucharest it does not mean that you’ve seen the whole Romania, Cluj-Napoca is not synonymous with Cluj County. And that I found it quickly, because the next day we started our journey on the undulating road towards southwest of the county, Transylvania’s open gate at the base of Mount Mare and Vladeasa Massif, part of the Apuseni Mountains. After 80 km from the “center”, passing Huedin town, suddenly we found ourselves in a story place - Belis village from the Apuseni National Park, located on the shores of Lake Belis-Fantanele, the largest in the county, with 870 hectares (2,150 acres) of water surface and a length of 22 km. Arriving in late autumn, we found the lake asleep, covered with a fog blanket, but Viorel Crainic, Belis Mayor, was expecting us with some Cluj tzuica (plums brandy) and hot goulash. After the first sip of tzuica, in a warmer and relaxed atmosphere we learned that we were at about 1,200 meters altitude, in a village documented in 1369, then as “Flavia Beles”. Village settlements beginnings are lost in the mists of time, when the shepherds settled on these “above” or “over the mountain” lands. Now Belis is “border” for Cluj with Bihor (west) and Alba (south) counties. The altitude ranges from 920 meters on the valley of the Warm Somes River and 1,760 meters at the top of Magura, average of 1,100-1,200 meters. Belis village was moved after Fantanele-Belis lake has been finished and it has been rebuilt on a plateau located at about 1,200 meters altitude. When the lake water is clear, says the mayor, you can see the church steeple from the flooded village. Village’s tourism potential is high because of the natural beauty and proximity to the tourist resort Fantanele-Belis. In fact in recent years many city people have built cottages and holiday houses in the village. Apuseni Mountains National Park, Lake Fantanele, Horea’s fir tree from the Scoruset forest and local natural valences are genuine treasures of the area. Development of tourist facilities, especially agro-hostels, more than those which hosted us overnight, and continuous improvement of roads is a chance for economic development of the area. For the moment, locals are still dealing with cattle breeding and forestry. In the next day morning we said goodbye to our hosts and to the lake that just came out from under the blanket of fog and went to Rachitele, Margau village, the native place of former Prime Minister Emil Boc. But this is not the reason the village is famous, but because it is the gateway to the Stanciului Valley gorges, with remarkable vertical walls. But the most impressive element is Rachitele Falls, also called the Bridal Veil. The Bridal Veil Falls offers an extraordinary view created by the water fan that jumps from over 20 meters. It is impressive even in winter, when the rocky wall frozen. Too bad it’s not better known, but maybe locals have also their guilt, since the building from Rachitele called Tourist Information Point turned into a wood shed...

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Mansions, castles... We continued the road to Cluj-Napoca with a halt for a short photo session on Tarnita Lake dam, the second largest in the county, and arrived in Ciucea. Here, on the banks Quickly Cris River, in a natural setting, is situated the Memorial Museum “Octavian Goga” the national poet mansion from the heart of the country. Goga bought the mansion, built in the late nineteenth century, in 1920 from the widow of the Hungarian poet Endre Ady. The domain currently has nine buildings erected on an area of 4 hectares (10 acres). Ciucea complex comprises a manor and the annex buildings. Between 1921 and 1926, Octavian Goga fundamentally changed the main building and changed its appearance by adding decorative Brancoveanu national architectural style with verandas and view of the river. The entire area was surrounded by a stone fence, the house on the rock was built and annexes were repaired. In 1923, the Goga family moved to the Ciucea mansion-castle. On May 7, 1938 Octavian Goga died at Ciucea, following a stroke suffered three days earlier in the castle’s park. In 1939, in memory of the poet, Veturia Goga (his wife) brought to Ciucea a monument of Romanian architecture, the wooden church from Galpaia, Salaj County, and founded here a convent, active until 1947. Between 1938-1958, through the efforts of Veturia Goga, was raised the “Mausoleum” funerary monument by architect George Matei Cantacuzino with decorations designed by artist Nora Steriade. The mausoleum of Octavian and Veturia Goga is located on the Ples hill slope, and has a height of 8 meters and a base of 4 meters, made of concrete! In 1966, the area was donated by Veturia Goga to the Romanian state. The memorial museum of Romanian poet Octavian Goga from Ciucea was officially opened in the summer of 1967. Since 1994, resumed work also the convent founded by Veturia Goga. An important component of the museum is Goga’s library, consisting of over 6,000 books in Romanian, German, Hungarian, Latin, English and French. But its collections include 14,310 pieces, displayed or stored. The valuable cultural collection passed down by the national poet Octavian Goga is organized into areas: fine arts, decorative arts, ethnography, collection of books and periodicals, archives and archaeology. On the walls are exposed paintings belonging to the Venetian School, late Renaissance, or an expressive portrait of Veturia Goga, conducted in 1924 by Camille Ressu. The paintings and sculptures from the Yellow Hall are from the modern Romanian school of artists, signed by Nicolae Darascu, Elena Popeea and Corneliu Medrea. In the music room are paintings signed by great Romanian masters of art: Nicolae Grigorescu - Dragos and the Bison, Stefan Luchian Girl Head, Nicolae Tonitza - Scene from the Battle Front, Theodor Pallady - Woman in the Mirror, and also works by Aurel Popp, Stefan Dumitrescu, but also a Milita Petrascu sculpture representing the poet. 8

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The living room houses an interesting collection of art, including English, German, Austrian, Chinese and Japanese ceramic and porcelain. The music salon has Veturia’s Beckstein piano, which where George Enescu and Dinu Lipatti played, as guests of the poet. The office of the poet has his Bidermayer writing desk, the resting arm-chair, and paintings by Iosif Iser, Rodica Maniu, Hans Eder. In the family’s bedroom, above the bed, two portraits signed by artist Istvan Nagy from Cluj, ensure the memory of the Goga spouses… The return to Cluj-Napoca reminded me that the city is a cosmopolitan metropolis in which we saw only a small part. Even hotels Napoca and Universe T, those where we stayed one night, impress now after successful renovations, while restaurants Agape, Via or Sinaia are at a European city standards. How should I forget Da Vinci Restaurant, located in an island of greenery and with a beautiful landscape...

Places for our Souls Returning to Bucharest was not easy. We had to regret even more that we were leaving Cluj and instead to move south, we went north, towards the city Gherla. 45 km from Cluj-Napoca, Nicula monastery dates from the sixteenth century and it’s famous for its miraculous icon of the Virgin Mary, who is said to have wept for several days in 1699. Tens of thousands of faithful pilgrims come here every year, especially on St. Mary celebrations, August 15 and September 8. Nearby, Banffy Castle from Bontida also greeted us shrouded in fog. The castle was built in the second half of the seventeenth century, on the initiative of Dionisie Banffy, Transylvania military commander and one of the heroes of the Cluj defense against Turkish advance. In the eighteenth century, the Bontida castle was transformed in a stately aristocratic residence. Later, after 1850, the castle was added a western wing. Nowadays, an ongoing extensive renovation does not prevent the visit of the castle.

Before we left the Cluj County we’ve made a final stop at the Turda salt mine, a wonder of the nature, but practically carried out for centuries by the salt miners. Salt deposit covers an area of about 45 square kilometers. Average thickness of the salt is about 250 meters, and now the mine is a veritable museum of mining history and the most modern visit salt mine from Romania. The growing number of tourists arriving from the farthest corners of the world to visit the salt mine is a confirmation of its historical and tourist value... Sure we’ll revisit the Cluj County. Much more needs to be seen, or to be reviewed!

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Simple Therapeutical Spa vs. Exclusive Wellness Recently, one of the speakers at Trendhospitality conference in Bucharest, referring to the Spa tourism, told us that it is not at all difficult for Romania to re-enter on a tourist market on which almost does not exist. Thermal or mineral waters there are plenty, so you need an investor to build around them modern resorts. Sounds simple, but... Our European neighbors took it long before! Hans Wallner, from Austria Incoming, gave us a quick reply, organising a documentation info-trip in Austria, in several locations developed and managed by VAMED Vitality World. GABRIEL ARSENE

VAMED health group has been involved in thermal spa and wellness centers since 1995. VAMED Vitality World was founded as an umbrella brand in 2006, running eight of the best-loved national thermal Spa and health resorts: Aqua Dome – Tirol Therme Längenfeld, Therme Geinberg, Therme Laa – Hotel & Spa, St. Martins Therme & Lodge, Wien Therme, Gesundheitszentrum Bad Sauerbrunn, Tauern Spa Kaprun-Zell am See and the women’s only health resort Kamptal. With 2.4 million thermal Spa guests per year in all VAMED Vitality World resorts, VAMED is Austria’s leading operator when it comes to thermal Spa and health centers.

New Standards for Exclusive Alpine Wellness

We arrived very easy in Aqua Dome Tirol Therme Längenfeld, in the center of the Tirolean Ötztal valley, after a flight to München, but we found out that the closest airport is Innsbruck. And our hosts told us that they can arrange for the transfer from the airport if it’s announced in time. We knew that the resort won one of the World Travel Awards - Europe’s Leading Spa resort 2011, but when arriving in Aqua Dome we found out that just before the end of the year 2012 the hotel would be extended, also with new thermal spa and seminar amenities: 60 new hotel rooms, five new seminar rooms and a truly innovative Premium Spa Parlor offering top relaxation to all hotel guests. From December 2012, all Aqua Dome hotel guests enjoy numerous brand-new highlights, and Aqua Dome would be the showpiece when it comes to thermal spa centers, setting new standards! Aqua Dome hotel will have 400 beds, being Tirol’s biggest 4* Superior hotel. The new rooms furnished in typical Alpine style are in close touch with the local way of life. The eye-catching architecture coupled with only the finest natural materials and familiar Alpine design ensure ultimate well-being. Also the kitchen and the hotel restaurant are extended. The new south-facing complex has sun-flooded living areas. The hotel bar has been renewed in the same style, as well as the entire hotel facade. Among the unbeatable highlights rank the new seminar rooms, with the main convention room offering enough space for 350 persons. In fact up to 800 guests can attend seminars at the hotel, followed by the most relaxing spa treatments. 10

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Thanks to the increasing number of daily guests and hotel guests, and the growing popularity of the Aqua Dome Spa Center, the wellness offers will be even more attractive. Right on top of the new hotel complex you can enjoy the new premium Spa parlor, reserved to the hotel guests! The innovative Spa 3,000 covers 2,000 square meters on two floors. Guests indulge in wonderful treatments and soothing health programs at the Alpine Herb Sauna with typical Ötztal herbs like arnica, lemon balm or peppermint. Individual Herb Pack Baths and the Enzian Pool add to a memorable day. On the top floor you find the World of Minerals with Ötztal’s only Crystal Bath for deeply relaxing moments. Further must-tries are: a treatment room for couples, a bar with high chairs, a homey lounge around the open fireplace, and a spacious relaxation room with changing video images of sunrises in the Ötztal Alps. Highlights in a row - such as tubs for couples, filled with Längenfeld’s original thermal water, and a Finnish sauna providing uninterrupted views of the surrounding mountain peaks. Since the Aqua Dome opened in 2004, it has become one of Tirol’s major tourist attractions. The Spa-hotel is a truly perfect example of a year-round spa center and hotel. The thermal water originates from a deep reservoir located at a depth of 1,865 meters. The water is pumped up and reaches a temperature of 40° Celsius when it comes to the surface. The spa dome in the shape of a glass crystal offers two indoor pools with a water temperature of 34° and 36° Celsius. But the outdoor spa really impressed us, with the three seemingly levitating bowl-shaped pools with 12-16 meters diameters: one brine pool with underwater music and light effects, one massage pool with a fountain of thermal water and one whirl pool. Additionally, you find at Aqua Dome a 25-meter swimming pool for sports, an activity pool with underwater fitness equipment, relaxation areas, and glazed panorama area for the hotel guests only, a separate indoor and outdoor children’s area with care and animation for free. Sauna world has more than 2,000 square meters, including a loft sauna, earth sauna, sauna canyon, hay barn sauna, steam dome, steam bath, herb bath, brine steam bath, brine grotto, whirlpool, swimming pool, shower world, ice grotto, kneipp trail, thematized rest areas, spiral garden, panoramic whirlpool, outdoor area and sauna bar… If you feel to relaxed, try a hiking trip from Gries village to the cottage Nisslalm 2055 m, 471 m altitude difference, and about 3 hours round trip. The reception is arranging everything for you! The most guests arrive to Aqua Dome from Germany and from Austria, but Romanians are already a significant percent here!

Expedition at Tauern Spa Kaprun

Tauern Spa Kaprun, the Salzburger Land region VAMED spa resort, set out on an expedition: at the first Base Camp for Body and Soul. Where eternal ice is reflected in wonderful warm water, your incomparable journey begins, taking you to levels of deep relaxation and moments of pure joy. During our expedition into the 4* Superior Tauern Spa Hotel we found out the conveniences of the hotel, the comfortable rooms, the excellent cuisine, the vitalizing range of offers at the spa with an extra panorama spa for hotel guests only - all part of the overall picture. The boundless yet harmonizing power of water, earth and air are unified at the Tauern Spa into elemental holistic well being: An expedition where you can just let yourself fall and rediscover your inner balance. Multifaceted water worlds, varying saunas and wellness treatments, soothing massages and many beauty treatments form the basis for a fascinating expedition to the inner being. If you really wish to make the most of the day, you can already use the Tauern Spa Water World (with various indoor and outdoor pools) and Spa Sauna World from 7 am onwards! My favourite was the outdoor Sauna, where the heat slowly spreads throughout the room. There‘s a lovely smell of warm wood and herbs and your skin begins to tingle gently. Take a break to go in the spacious relaxation area indoors and outdoors and also to the baking oven sauna in which fresh bread is made in the morning, smelling fantastic all day! Right on the doorstep of the Tauern Spa Kaprun - Zell am See there are countless possibilities for expeditions of all kinds. The Hohe Tauern National Park is an exceptional place with Austria‘s highest mountains! An expedition that is a true alpine experience is on the

Kitzsteinhorn, which offers an impressive array of winter-sport activities from perfectly groomed slopes, spectacular snow parks right up to free-rider routes. Along with this there is the fascination of the glacier at an altitude of 3,000 meters as well as a breathtaking range of offers at the new peak world “Gipfelwelt 3,000”. Already in early autumn, the epic ice and snow world of Kitzsteinhorn at Kaprun - Zell am See, Salzburg County, provides everything the heart of a winter sports enthusiast desires and extra - a spectacular view on massive mountains and some of the highest peaks of Austria. The modern infrastructure of the summit station, the panoramic platform “Top of Salzburg“, and the new Gipfel Restaurant complete the Gipfelwelt 3,000 experience.

Eco-tourism Therme & Lodge at St. Martins

Another “car experience” and we are already close to Vienna. St. Martins Therme & Lodge opened on November 11, 2009, in Seewinkel situated in Burgenland. It is the first of its kind ushering in a new generation of eco-tourism to Central Europe, in one of the oldest and perhaps one of the most breathtaking natural landscapes in Europe. St. Martins provides both a relaxing and exclusive refuge as well as a perfect gateway for adventurers. An oasis of peace, which promises the explorer in us a safe retreat, which creates a connection between spa and lodge, wilderness and culture, heart and mind and which gives the concept of staying at a thermal spa a new meaning. As a thermal bath and Spa guest I discovered spacious wellness and thermal baths with indoor and outdoor pools, ample relaxing rooms with outdoor views and the lounge area on the half island from the thermal pool. And again an “exclusive” sauna world! The precious water is pumped from the third recognized mineral springs found deep in the bedrocks of Burgenland. Thermal-Mineral water bubbles up at a wonderful warm 43 °C, ascending from a depth of 860 meters to sooth the muscles and to help rediscover your body. The natural landscape around is the transition zone between the Little Hungarian Plain and the eastern boarder of the Alps, connecting two contrasting landscapes and two different living environments. This unique mix is also accompanied by a wide variety of plants and wildlife, while a number of different domestic animals are used to protect and tend to the original living spaces in the Neusiedler See-Seewinkel National Park. After all these exclusive wellness Spas the two hour flight from Vienna to Bucharest gave the impression it was shorter. Romania’s way in catching all these new trends looks longer!

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CHRISTMAS GIFTS - A SELECTION Crown pendant vs 0.03, 1.60gr, 1 362 lei

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recommends for home & office Gaggia Titanium Office Super-Automatic Espresso Machine - 4599 lei Programmable brewing buttons, LCD display, extra-large dredge drawer, and steel housing. Up to 30 spent coffee pucks and extra drip tray room. 1 boiler for brewing and 1 boiler for steaming.

POLTI Vaporella Forever Star Ironing Station 1269 lei The absolute stress-free novelty in the ironing world. Efficiency without effort.


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POLTI Vaporetto Lecoaspira Intelligent 2.0 3500 lei Backlit LCD digital display 10 preset cleaning programmes Suction power: 1500W Unlimited autonomy 5 Bar; vast selection of accessories

Grey Anytime Jacket- 1660 lei; Light Purple Shirt starting at 480 lei; Tie- 240 lei

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Grey Overcoat- 3150 lei

Stingray shoes with matching belt Price on request

Balmoral boot. Whether laced or buckled, they support you perfectly, wherever you choose to go Price on request

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city life • ESSENTIAL INFORMATION • HOTELS • MUSEUMS • SHOW BIZ • CULTURAL INSTITUTES • MUST SEE IN BUCHAREST ESSENTIAL INFORMATION POLICE - Like all cities, Bucharest too has dangerous spots; however, it is considered a safe city in European terms. The city center is usually safe, but at night be careful in parks and peripheral areas. General Emergency number: 112 for Police, Ambulance & Fire Department. There are also private ambulance services: dial for Puls 9737 or 021-243-1333, for Doris 978 or 021-335-5065, for SOS Medical and Ambulance Services 9761 or 0722-333-000, for Village Medical Clinic Ambulance 0723-343-219. TELEPHONES The payphones in the city are phone card operated. When calling into Romania, you need to dial 004, then the eight digit subscriber’s number - dropping the first 0 of the area code. When dialling a mobile number from abroad, the initial 0 is also dropped. Romanian city codes (selected): Brasov (0268), Constanta (0241), Bucharest (021), Cluj (0264), S biu (0269), Sinaia (0244), Timisoara (0256). International country codes (selected): Australia (61), Austria (43), Belgium (32), Canada/US (1), Danmark (45), France (33), Germany (49), Greece (30), Hungary (36), Irealand (353), Israel (972), Italy (39), Japan (81), Moldova (373), Netherlands (31), Poland (48), Romania (40), Russia (7), Spain (34), TRANSLATORS Translingua: 306, Calea Mosilor, Bl. 56A, Ap. 11 Ph.: 021-211-70-46, 0722-250-908; Fax: 021-211-70-46. Prosper - ASE Language Centre: 2, Calea Grivitei St., 2nd floor, room 4211; Ph./Fax: 021-21178-00. Talk Partners: Ph.: 0771-540-479; 0724-353-215; Central European Translation: 19, Unirii Blvd., Bl. 4B, 1st Entr., 4th floor, Ap.13; Ph.: 021-336-28-25; Fax: 021-336-27-24. Serious Business: 3, Corneliu Coposu Blvd.Bl. 101, 1st floor, Apt. 17. Ph.: 021-321-46-41; Fax: 021-320-33-13. POST OFFICES The Central Post Office is at 10, Matei Millo St. (near the Phone Company building on Calea Victoriei). Open: 7:30-20:00. Closed Sunday. MONEY Money can be exchanged at banks, hotels and private offices (Casa de schimb valutar). There can be major differences in rates, especially between the banks and the private exchange offices. Changing money in the street is illegal and inadvisable. Bank notes are in the following denominations: LEI 1,00; 5,00; 10,00; 50,00; 100,00 and 500;00. Coins: Bani 1; 5; 10; 50. Banks are open


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Rely on these pages for guidance on where to go and what to do during your visit. The letter/number combinations at the end of listings are coordinates for the map (back cover). For subway map see also the back cover. Locations marked in a red square are situated in Old Town.

weekdays from 8:30 to noon and from 14:00 to 16:00. VISAS EU and American citizens with a valid passport can visit for 90 days with no visa requirement. All other visitors will need a visa. Visas should be obtained prior to the arrival, from Romanian Diplomatic Missions’ Offices in your country. A list of the nations for which a Romanian visa is required can be found at Three day transit visa: US$ 15/25. One entry visa: US$ 25, multiple entry visa US$ 60. For a few exceptional situations a 10-day special visa can be obtained at customs, entering Romania. For visa extensions and other information go to the passport office at 29, Nicolae Iorga St., near Piata Romana. PRIVATE CLINICS & EMERGENCY HOSPITALS

advices. 54, Sf. Elefterie St. Ph.: 021-410-9852, 0745-830-388. Open: 10:00 – 22:00. Le Club: Members and Pullman guests only. Indoor swimming pool, outdoor and indoor tennis and squash court, fitness equipment, Turkish bath, Jacuzzi, sauna, massage. 120, Soseaua Nordului. Ph.: 021-232-3405. Open: 08:00 – 22:00. Diplomatic Club: Outdoor pool, tennis and football courts, 8-hole golf course, table-tennis facilities and massage salon. 1, Aleea Minovici. Ph.: 021-222-8497. Open: 09:00 - 18:00. FitClub: With customized fitness routines and body rituals, FitClub invites guests to indulge in a new wellness dimension. 5 – 7, Calea Dorobantilor (Howard Johnson Grand Plaza Hotel), 2nd floor; Ph.: 021-201-5077, Open Monday-Friday : 07:00 – 13:00 , 14:00 – 21:00 ; Saturday-Sunday: 10:00-19:00. Fit & Fun Club: The club is complimentary to

Biomedica International: 42 Eminescu St., Ph. 021-230-8001 Emergency Clinic Hospital: 8, Calea Floreasca, Ph. 021-317-0171; 021-317-0121 Medico Clinique: 9, Visarion St., Ph. 021-650-7060, 021-315-5426 /27 Medicover Medical: Centre96, Calea Plevnei, Ph. 021-310-4410 Ophthalmology Emergency Clinic Hospital: 1, Piata Lahovari, Ph. 021-319-2753 Regina Maria: • 57, Unirii Blvd, Ph. 021-3271188 ; • 2, Staicovici St, Opera Center. Ph 021-412-0110 • 12, G Enescu St, Ph. 021-316-5876/77/78 NON-STOP PHARMACIES There is no problem with finding a pharmacy in your neighborhood, no matter where you are in Bucharest. Here are some pharmacies with nonstop service: Farmacia Verde: 15, Calea Dorobantilor, Ph. 021-230-1451 Sensiblu: 65, Calea Dorobantlor, Ph. 021-211-1127, Farmadex: 19, N Titulescu Blvd, Ph. 0744-650-078 MedFARM: 34, I.C. Bratianu Blvd, Ph. 021-315-2309 DENTISTS Alpha Dent Company: 300, Calea Calarasilor St., Ph. 021-321-3099 Dent Elysee: 51, J.L. Calderon St., Ph. 021-312-3300; 0723-380-498 Dent Estet: • 15, Aviatorilor Blvd. Ph. 021-2221108 • 7, G. Alexandrescu St, Ph. 0723-602-020 HEALTH CLUBS & SPA Cella Center: Anti Age therapies, Sunspectra, Iow ozon bath, reflexotherapy, shiatsu, lymph drainage and Swedish massage, Acupuncture, Beautification techniques with Dysport and NewFill, facial and body peeling. Cellulites treatment, Physiotherapy, SPA therapies, nutrition

all hotel guests and offers the possibility to relax and feel in perfect shape at the same time. You can enjoy the swimming pool & whirlpool, sauna, Jacuzzi, or be active and try the fully equipped gymnasium or the tennis courts. Personal trainer available for a monthly fee. 1, Poligrafiei Blvd. (Crowne Plaza Hotel); Ph.:; Open: 08.00 – 23.00. Eden Spa: 39, Primaverii Blvd., Ph.: 021-3168148; 0721-321-294. Open: Mon. – Fri. 09:00 - 21:00, Sat. 09:00 18:00. Epoque Spa is a sanctuary of relaxation for body and spirit. Facilities: indoor pool with different types of hydro-massage (waterfalls for neck and shoulders massage, geyser etc), steam room, dry sauna & bio-sauna, emotional showers, traditional cold shower, massage and fitness. 17C Aurora Street Ph: 021 / 312 32 32 Open: Monday to Sunday

10:00 – 22:00. Floreasca Club: Members only. Indoors pool, body building center and outdoors tennis courts. 1, Mircea Eliade St. Ph.: 021-230-7970. Open: 10:00 - 22:00. Grand Hotel Continental Spa: A calm and peaceful retreat with relaxation facilities including a maxi-jacuzzi, massage salons and sauna, providing an extensive range of body beauty and care treatments. Any of these therapies renew your energy. You can enjoy fitness and aerobic sessions with guidance from personal trainers available by appointment. C.C. accepted. 56, Calea Victoriei (Grand Hotel Continental), basement; Ph.: 021-310-6550; 0751-268-706. Open: Mon. - Sun. – 09:00 –21:00. Hilton Health Club: 1-3, Episcopiei St. (Athénée Palace Hilton Bucharest) Ph.: 021-303-3777 ext.6808. Open daily 06:00 22:00,. InterContinental Health Club: Public access on the 22nd floor. Full range of facilities. Sauna, massage, solarium, fitness centre, hexagonal swimming pool. C.C accepted. Parking lot. 4 Nicolae Balcescu Blvd. (InterContinental Hotel), 22nd floor; Ph.: 021-310-2020. Open: 06.00 22.00. Magnolia Spa: 20, Sperantei St. Ph.: 021-3112779; Open: Tue. – Fri. 12:30 - 20:00, Sat: 10:30 - 18:00. “Majestic” Wellness Club: Thoughtfully designed facilities for the benefit and convenience of the Ramada Majestic Bucharest Hotel guests. The Majestic Wellness Club includes: Swimming Pool, Jacuzzi, Cardio & Fitness Center, Sauna, Massage. Aerobic, Step, Tae-bo, Body-flex; Aqua Gym; Swimming lessons. 38-40, Calea Victoriei. Ph.: (021) 310 27 20; Fax: (021) 310 27 99 Open: daily 07:00 – 21:30. Novotel Bucarest City Centre Wellness Centre: After a busy day relax and unwind in the Wellness Centre situated on the mezzanine floor. Indoor swimming pool with artificial waves, fitness centre, gym, massage, hammam and Power Plate are at your disposal. Underground parking available. CC accepted. Novotel Bucarest City Centre - 37B, Calea Victoriei. Ph.: 021-308-8561. Open: 06:00 - 22:00. Pro Estetica Medical Spa: 38-40, Tudor Stefan St., 4th floor. Ph.: 021-230-5921, 0788-171-052. Open: Mon. Fri. 09:00 - 20:00, Sat. - on request. World Class Fitness Center at Plaza Romania: 26, Timisoara Blvd., Ph.: 021-318-3681. Fitness&Spa Jolie Ville: Jolie Ville Galleria, 103 bis, Erou Iancu Nicolae, Ph.: 021-269-0160, 0731-832-299. • Health Academy Downtown 61-81, Calea Victoriei, Ph.: 021-313-1104 • Health Academy at InCity 188, Calea Dudesti, Ph.: 031-432-8600 • Health Academy at Upground 9-11, Fabrica de glucoza St., Ph.: 021-796-1365 DRIVING IN ROMANIA The legal speed limit is 50 km/hr in cities, 90 km/ hr outside the city and 120 km/hr on highways. Driving above these limits will result in fines with the poss bility of losing your license. Most international driving licenses are accepted in Romania, but check with the rental company to be sure. Some rental car companies also provide the service of hiring a car with a driver. A blood alcohol level of any kind is not tolerated, and talking on a cell phone while driving is also proh bited.

RENT A CAR Cars can be rented in a variety of places. Several offices are available in the Arrivals Hall at the Otopeni International Airport and most upscale hotels. Major cities in Romania are also covered for both pick-up and collection services. Active Rent a Car: Reservations: Ph.: 0727-644644 Avis: Reservations: Ph.: 021-210-4344, 021-210-4345; Fax: 021-210-6912.; Bavaria Rent a Car: Reservations: Ph.: 021-2014534; 0730-333-705. Head Office: Ph.: 021-312-9857; 0744-586-724; 0744-638-292. Fax: 021-312-9982. Compact Premium: Head Office: Ph.:021- 3129857; 0744-586-724; 0744-638-292. Fax: 021-312-9982. Reservations: Ph.: 021-335-7533; Fax:021-335-7532; AIRPORTS Henri Coanda International Airport: – for international and domestic flights. Ph.: Switchboard: (+4021) 204-1000 Customs: ext.: 1514 ; Lost luggage: ext. 1043 Airport Police: ext.: 1523 Aurel Vlaicu Airport (Baneasa): – for domestic and international flights. Ph.: (+4021) 9371, 021-232-0020 ext.: 131. Transportation to/from Henri Coanda Airport: RATB: City Bus #783 Connecting Otopeni to the City center. Important stops: Pullman Hotel, Piata Victoriei, Piata Romana, Piata Unirii. TAXI SERVICES Airport taxis are available at the arrivals hall but they may charge you 3 to 10 times as much as a Bucharest regular taxi. Euro Fly Taxi is the official airport taxi, and they are queued outside Henri Coanda Airrivals terminal. If not, call 9440. The average price from Haenri Coanda Airport to Bucharest: 15 Euros. CITY TAXI SERVICES You can olso call a city taxi by phoning one of these numbers: 9427, 9439, 9451, 9425, 9435, 9444, 9422. Prices vary from one taxi company to another. PUBLIC TRANSPORTATION Relatively safe and efficient, Bucharest’s public transport system covers the entire city with buses, tramways, trolleys and metro (subway) services, operating from 5 a.m. to midnight. Magnetic cards can be bought at RATB kiosks, located on the main thoroughfares in the city, for ground transportation, and in every Metro station for the underground network. Bus, Tram, Trolleys – LEI 1,30 per ticket, LEI 8,00 for one-day pass, LEI 50,00 for a monthly pass. EXPRESS buses use a magnetic card. Metro – LEI 3.00 for two-fare pass, LEI 10,00 for ten-fare pass, LEI 6,00 for one-day pass, LEI 27,00 - for a 62 fare passcard. SHOW BIZ Concerts usually start around 6 pm except for Opera and Musical Comedy matinees which start around 11 am. The Music University of Bucharest presents mostly classic recitals which are usually free of charge. The Opera has an extensive repertoire and enjoys international renown. The Athenaeum hosts concerts featuring the Romanian National and Inter-national Philharmonic Orchestras. The Romanian Radio Society organizes concerts in its two halls

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starting at 7 pm; Generally, individual tickets for opera shows and classic music concerts range between 5 - 15 RON. In Bucharest, cinemas change program every Friday. Movies are shown in their original language with Romanian subtitles. The majority of cinemas show American movies, but one can also find European movies at the French Institute Cinema or the Cinemateca. The row and set number is indicated on your ticket or separate stub. Ticket prices vary from Lei 5 - 35 RON OPERA & CONCERTS Atheneul Roman: 6D 1, Franklin St. Ph.: 021-315-6875; 021-315-2567 National Opera: 7D 70-72, Mihail Kogalniceanu Blvd. Ph.: 021-314-6980; 021-311-5254 Sala Radio (Romanian Radio Society): 6C 60-64, G-ral Berthelot St. Ph.: 021-303-1153; 021-314-7770. Sala Palatului: 6D 1, Cretulescu St. Ph.: 021-315-9710 / ext. 761; 021-315-7372 Teatrul National de Opereta “Ion Dacian”: 7D 2, N. Balcescu Blvd. Ph.: 021-313-6348. George Enescu Philharmonic: 6D 1-3, Franklin St. Ph: 021-315-0024; Box Office: 021-315-6875

Andreescu, Luchian, Tonitza, Pallady, Petrascu, Brâncusi, Paciurea. The Village Museum: 5C 28-30, Soseaua Kiseleff. Ph.: 021-224-2759. Open daily: Nov.-Apr.: 09:00 – 17:00 May-Oct.: 09:00 - 19:00. One of the most valuable ethnographic museums in the world. A creation of sociologist Dimitrie Gusti in 1936, the outdoor museum covers 30 hectares with over 70 exh bits of houses, 99 auxiliary buildings, churches and traditional techniques and utensils (water and windmills, oil presses, etc) from all of the country’s provinces. Folkloric art collections and souvenirs. Art Collections Museum: 6D 111, Calea Victoriei. Ph: 021- 211.17.49, 021- 212.96.41. Visiting hours: Saturday- Wednesday 11.00 –19.00 (May-September); 10.00 – 18.00 (October-April); Closed: Thursday, Friday, 1st January, Easter Sunday, 25th December. Founded in 1978, the museum houses previously

MUSEUMS Bucharest is a city of history and arts. It probably has more museums per capita than any other capital in the world. Below you’ll find a list of selected museums. Usually there is a nominal entrance fee. Multi-lingual guides are typically available on request at no charge. Most museums are closed on Mondays. National Museum of Art of Romania: 6D 49-53, Calea Victoriei. Ph: 021-314 81 19; 021-313 30 30. Visiting hours: WednesdaySunday 11.00 –19.00 (May-September); 10.00 – 18.00 (October-April); Closed: Monday, Tuesday, 1st January, Easter Sunday, 25th December. The National Museum of Art of Romania is

housed in the former Royal Palace which is located on Victoriei Avenue, in an area of great architectural and historical value. The European Art Gallery includes painting, sculpture and decorative art. The most important schools of European art are well represented by works of Domenico Veneziano, Lucas Cranach the Elder, El Greco, Pieter Breughel the Younger, Rembrandt, Monet, Sisley, Rodin and other great names. The Gallery offers an overview of the most important artistic movements that marked art history from the early Renaissance till the first decades of the 20th century. The Medieval Romanian Art Gallery displays works from the 14th to the 19th century: frescoes, icons, embroideries, manuscripts, silver and gold objects and sculptures. The Romanian Modern Art Gallery illustrates the development of Romanian fine arts from the first decades of the 19th century till the second half of the 20th century. It includes works of Aman, Grigorescu,


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private collections that have been donated to the state in the course of time. They mirror accurately the development of Romanian art in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries giving a fair view of the history of taste and of the economic power of native Romanian collectors. European as well as Oriental art works are also present The Museum of Bucharest City: 7D 2, I.C. Bratianu Blvd. Ph: 021-31025.62, 021-3156858. Open daily 10.00 -18.00, Closed: Monday and Tuesday. In the heart of the Capital, very close to the University Square, the outstanding building of Sutu Palace, a monument dating back to 1838, hosts this Museum of Bucharest City’s History. You will find here collections of archaeology, numismatics, photography, maps, documents, paintings, drawings, funeral stones, coats of arms, furniture, uniforms, flags, costumes and many others. “George Enescu” Museum: 6D 141, Calea Victoriei. Ph. 021-212-9649. Open daily 10:00–17:00; closed Monday. Houses collections

illustrating the history of music composition and documents from the life of eminent Romanian musician and composer George Enescu. National Cotroceni Museum: 7A 1, Geniului Blvd. Ph. 021-430-4485. Open daily 9:30–17:30 ; closed Monday.Reconstructing the atmosphere

of the Mediavale Cotroceni Church (17th Century) and the old Royal Residence of King Ferdinand, Cotroceni Museum is a valuable architectural and historic site. Works of art for sale. The Observatory: 5D 21, Lascar Catargiu Blvd. Ph.: 021-212-9644. It includes both a science fiction and an astronomic club. This small museum of Romanian history of astronomy is worth visiting. CINEMAS Cinema City: 4, Vasile Milea Blvd., AFI Palace Cotroceni Ph.: 021-407-0000 Cinema City Sun Plaza: 391, Calea Vacaresti, Sun Plaza Ph.: 021-386-0600 CinemaPro: 3, Ion Ghica St. Ph.: 031-824-1360 Cinemateca: • Eforie Hall: 2, Eforie St. Ph.: 021313-0483; • Union Hall: 21, Ion Campineanu St. Ph.: 021-313-9289 Corso: 5, Regina Elisabeta Blvd. Ph.: 021-315-1334 Cityplex: City Mall, 3rd floor; 2, Oltenitei Ave. Ph.: 021-319-8226 Europa: 127, Calea Mosilor Ph.: 021-314-2714 Festival: 34, Regina Elisabeta Blvd. Ph.: 021-315-6384 French Institute “Elvira Popescu”: 77, Dacia Blvd. Ph.: 021-316-9930/0224 Glendale Studio: 9, Cotroceni Ave. Ph.: 021-316-3286 Gloria: 6, Bucovina St. Ph.: 021-324-4675 Grand Cinema Digiplex Baneasa: 42D, Bucuresti-Ploiesti Road, Baneasa Shopping City, 1st Floor. Ph.: 0742-654-321 Hollywood Multiplex: 55-59, Calea Vitan, Bucuresti Mall Ph.: 021-327-7020/22 The Light Cinema: 151-171, Progresului Ave., Liberty Center Ph.: 021-369-9740, 021-369-9797 Movieplex Cinema: 26, Timisoara Blvd., Plaza Romania; Ph.: 021-407-8300 NCRR: 3, Kiseleff Ave., the National Museum of Romanian Peasant Ph.: 021-317-9660 Patria: 12-14, Magheru Blvd. Ph.: 021-316-9266 Scala: 2-4, Magheru Blvd. Ph.: 021-316-6708 Studio: 29, Magheru Blvd. Ph.: 021-316-5526 CULTURAL INSTITUTES Learning French, English, Italian or German is what you wanted for so long but you never had the time to do it? The cultural institutes in Bucharest have language classesand also have impotrant l braries and mediateques highlighting the culture they represent. Subscriptions to the cultural centres’ libraries can vary from 10 to 30 Euro. British Council: 6D 14, Calea Dorobantilor, Ph. 021-307-9600. Fax: 021-307-9601/01 Open 09-19, Sat. 09-13, Sun closed. Goethe Institut (German Institute): 6C 8-10, Tudor Arghezi St. Ph. 021-311-97-62; 021311-97-82. Fax: 021-312-05-85; Open Mon - Thu 10-18, Fri 10-15. Free lending l brary program. German language courses available. L’Institut Français (French Institute): 6E 77, Dacia Blvd. Ph. 021-316-38-36; 021-316-02-24. Fax: 021-316-02-25; Open 10-20.30, Fri 10-14. Sat, Sun Closed. Theatre & film hall Elvire Popesco. Exhibition hall. Huge books, magazines, CDs and videotapes libraries. Internet café. French bistro. Language courses available. Instituto Cervantes (Spanish Institute): 6E 12, M. Serghiescu St. Ph. 021-210-27-37; 021210-47-27; 0921-210-6777; Fax: 021-210-77-67; Open Mon-Fri 09-19. Sat & Sun closed. Library & Spanish language courses available BUCHAREST JEWISH COMMUNITY The Great Synagogue: 11, Vasile Adamache St., sector 3; It was built during 1845 -1846 by the Ashkenazi Polish-Jewish community. Since 1992, the Great Synagogue hosts the exhibition

The Memorial of Jewish Martyrs. Visiting hours: Mon – Thu 8:30 – 15:00, Fri & Sun 8:30 – 13:00. Prayer Hours: Morning Prayer Sun - Fri 8:00, Evening Prayer Sun - Fri 19:00, Sat Morning Prayer 9:30. The Jewish Museum: 3, Mamulari St., sector 3; Located in the former Templul Unirea Sfânta (United Holy Temple) synagogue which survived both World War II and Nicolae Ceausescu unscathed. Displays a collection of books written, published, illustrated, or translated by Romanian Jews, an archive of the history of Romanian Jewry, and a consitant collection of paintings. Visiting hours: Mon - Thu 9:00 – 14:00, Fri 9:00 – 12:00, Sun 9:00 – 13:00. Choral Temple: 9-11, Sfanta Vineri St., sector 3; Currently closed to visitors and services due to heavy renovation works. Bucharest Jewish Community: 9-11, Sfanta Vineri St., Sector 3; For information please contact the office of the president, Erwin Simsensohn. Ph.: 021.313.1782, e-mail erwin@ HOTELS See our list featuring a growing number of hotels in Bucharest, from top-of-the-line, five-star international hotels to local Bed & Breakfasts. All telephone numbers are in area code 021 (+4021 if calling from abroad). See map (page 22) for the letter/number coordinates. Alexander ★★★★★ 1/VI, Pipera Blvd. ph: +40-21-569-5120; fax:+40-21-569-5119 Ambasador ★★★ 6D : 8-10, Magheru Blvd. ph: +40-21-315-9080; fax:+40-21-312-3595 angelo Airporthotel Bucharest ★★★★: 283, Calea Bucurestilor, Otopeni. ph: +40-21-203-6500; fax: +40-21-203-6530 Armonia ★★★★ 7E : 112, Calea Mosilor, ph: +40-21-312-0477; fax: +40-21-312-0406. Athenée Palace Hilton Bucharest ★★★★★ : 6D 1-3, Episcopiei St. ph: +40-21-303-3777; fax: +40-21-315-2121. Banat ★★ 7E : 5, Piata Rosetti ph: +40-21-312-5784; fax: +40-21-312-6547. Best Western Plus Mari Vila Bucharest ★★★★: 44-50, Balta Doamnei St. ph: 021-5666666; fax: 021-568-8888 Capitol ★★★ 7D : 29, Calea Victoriei ph: +40-21-313-9440; fax: +40-21-312-4169 Carol Parc Hotel ★★★★★ 9D : 23-25, Aleea Suter , ph: +40-21-336-3377; fax: +40-21-336-3736 Caro ★★★ 2E : 164A, Barbu Vacarescu St. ph: +40-21-208-6100; fax: +40-21-208-6101; Casa Capsa ★★★★★ 7D : 36, Calea Victoriei ph: +40-21-313-4038 Casa Victor ★★★★ 4C : 44, Emanoil Porumbaru St. ph: +40-21-222-5723, +40-21222-9626 fax: +40-21-222-9436 Centre Ville Aparthotel ★★★★ 6D : George Enescu St. and Luterana St. crossing ph: +40-21-305-3666; fax: +40-21-312-0927 Central ★★★ 7D : 13, Brezoianu St, ph/fax: +40-21-315-5636/37. Class ★★★★ 1B : 30A, Gârlei St. ph: +40-21-233-2814; fax: +40-21-233-2886 Crowne Plaza ★★★★★ 2A : 1, Poligrafiei St. ph.: +40-21-224-0034; fax: +40-21-318-1302 Dalin ★★★ : 70-72, Marasesti Blvd. ph.: +40-21-335-6306; fax: +40-21-336-6284 Dalin Center ★★★ : 33A, Soseaua Stefan cel Mare. ph.: +40-21-211-0070 Double Tree by Hilton ★★★★ 8F : 3A, Nerva Traian St. ph: +40-21-200-6270; fax: +40-21-200-6273

Duke ★★★ 6D : 33, Dacia Blvd, ph: +40-21-317-4186/87/88; fax: +40-21-317-4189. Epoque 7C : 17C, Aurora Entrance ph: +40-21-312-3232; Erbas ★★★ 2D : 27, Av. Alex Serbanescu St., ph: +40-21-232-6856, +40-21-232-6857. fax: +40-21-232-6527. Euro Hotels International ★★★ 6B : 4, Ghe. Polizu St. ph: +40-21-316-88-39; fax: +40-21-316-8360 Euro Hotels Int’l Triumf ★★★ 4B : 32-34, Maresal Averescu Blvd. ph: +40-21-224-5496; fax: +40-21-224-5554 Europa Royale Bucharest ★★★★ 7D : 60, Franceza St. ph: +40-21-319-1798; fax: +40-37-237-6500 Golden Tulip Bucharest ★★★★ 6C : 166, Calea Victoriei. ph: +40-21-212-5558; fax: +40-21-212-5121 Golden Tulip Times ★★★★ 7G : 19, Decebal Blvd. ph: +40-21-316 6516; fax: +40-21-3166517 Graffiti ★★★ 5D : 25 Albac St., ph./fax: +40-21-231-6006. Grand Hotel Continental ★★★★★ 7D :

56, Calea Victoriei ph.: +40-372-010-300; fax: +40-372-010 301. Howard Johnson Grand Plaza Hotel ★★★★★ 6D : 5-7, Calea Dorobantilor, ph: +40-21-201-5000; fax: +40-21-201-1888. Hello Hotels ★★ 6B : 143, Calea Grivitei, ph: +40-372-121-800; fax: +40-372-121-801 reservation: +40-372-716-464 Herastrau ★★★ 2C : 7-9, Soseaua Nordului, ph: +40-21-232-9666; fax: +40-21-203-9923. Ibis Gara De Nord ★★★ 6B : 143, Calea Grivitei, ph: +40-21-300-9100; fax: +40-21-300-9098. reservation: +40-21-401-1011 Ibis Palatul Parlamentului ★★★ 8C : 82-84, Izvor St., ph: +40-21-401-1000; fax: +40-21-402-2898. One Ibis reservation: +40-21-401-1011 InterContinental ★★★★★ 7D : 4, Nicolae Balcescu Blvd., ph: +40-21-310-2020; fax: +40-21-312-0486. JW Marriott Bucharest Grand Hotel ★★★★★ 8B : 90, Calea 13 Septembrie, ph: +40-21-403-1012; fax: +40-21-403-1001.

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It is a part of the Cotroceni National Museum. The Cotroceni Palace, church and monastery reflect a three-century old history that interweaves political, military, diplomatic, religious and cultural aspects, with the general evolution of Romanian society. The palace was built in the 17th century by the Prince Serban Cantacuzino. The Cotroceni National Museum exhibits a rich range of objects of art, illustrative of the Romanian decorative art. The Cantacuzino space is most suitable for organizing presentations of old art objects that can only outline the exceptional artistic accomplishments of a distant epoch.

It is the second largest administrative building in the world (after the Pentagon) in terms of all-out surface: 330,000 m2. It was built between 1984 and 1989 by a team of architects led by Anca Petrescu. and was destined for the members of the Communist Party; Besides offices, Ceausescu planned to make personal living places, so the Palace’s surface would have been bigger. The building currently houses Romania’s Parliament. Visiting hours: 10 a.m. - 4 p.m., Tuesday through Sunday (By appointment only)

Here is a selection of the most representative landmarks of Bucharest which are a must to see during your stay in the city. You will see these and much more on one of our regularly scheduled or customized tours while benefitting from the expertise and knowledge of our experienced licensed guides. For more information please see the ads inside the magazine.

Visiting hours: 10 a.m. - 5 p.m., Tuesday through Sunday (by appointment only). THE PEASANT MUSEUM

The museum is a component of the European family of Museums of Popular Art and Traditions. A national museum, under the Ministry of Culture’s patronage, it has an especially rich collection of objects, hosted in a Neo-Romanian style historical monumentbuilding close to Victoria Square. The museum developed a highly original museography honored in 1996 by receiving the EMYA – the European Museum of the Year Award. The originality of the exhibiting style is continued in the Museum’s publications, in actions such as the Missionary Museum, the Village School, concerts, conferences and exhibition openings. Visiting hours: Tuesday through Sunday 10:00 - 18:00 (17:00 - last admission). Closed: Monday

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Lev Or ★★★ 6C : 25, Occidentului St., ph: +40-21-210-1274; fax: +40-21-319-0910. Marshal ★★★★ 7E : 2, Dr. Emanoil Bacaloglu St. ph: +40-21-314-0880; fax: +40-21-314-0888 Minerva ★★★★ 5C : 2-4, Gh. Manu St., ph: +40-21-311-1555; fax: +40-21-312-3963 Monte Nelly ★★★★ 6E : 30, Corbeni St., ph: +40-21-211-0979; fax: +40-21-211-0980 Novotel Bucarest City Centre ★★★★ 7D : 37B, Calea Victoriei, ph: +40-21-308-8500; fax: +40-21-308-8501 NH Bucharest ★★★★ 7E : 21, Mircea Voda Blvd., ph: +40-21-300-0545; fax: +40-21-317-9154 Opera ★★★ 7D : 37, Brezoianu St., ph: +40-21-312-4857; fax: +40-21-312-4858. Parliament ★★★★ 8C : 106, Izvor St., ph: +40-21-411-9990; fax: +40-21-411-9991 Pullman ★★★★ 2B : 10, Piata Montreal, ph: +40-21-318-3000; fax +40-21-316-2550 Radisson Blu ★★★★★ 6D : 63-81, Calea Victoriei, ph: +40-21-311-9000; fax: +40-21-313-9000 Ramada Bucharest Parc ★★★★ 2A : 3-5 Poligrafiei Blvd. ph: +40-21-549-2000; fax: +40-21-549-2330 Ramada Hotel & Suites Bucharest North ★★★★ 2C : 44A, Daniel Danielopolu St., ph: +40-21-233-5000; fax: +40-21-233-5001; Ramada Majestic Bucharest ★★★★ 7D : 38-40, Calea Victoriei, ph: +40-21-310-2715, +40-21-312-1967; fax: +40-21-310-2799 Ramada Plaza Bucharest ★★★★ 2A : 3-5, Poligrafiei Blvd., ph: +40-21-549-3000; fax: +40-21-549-3001 Razvan ★★★ 7F : 159, Calea Calarasilor, ph: +40-21-320-0173 / 83; fax: +40-21-322-0811 Rembrandt ★★★ 7D : 11 Smardan St., ph/fax: +40-21-313-9315, +40-21-313-9316. Residence Arc de Triomphe ★★★★ 4B : 19, Clucerului St. ph. 021-223-1978; 037-215-0700 Residence Domenii Plaza ★★★★ 3B : 33, Alexandru Constantinescu St. ph. 021-224-5044, 037-215-0600 Residence Club Palace ★★★★ : 367B, Odaii Road, ph. 021-315-1666 Rin Airport ★★★★ : 255A, Calea Bucuresti, ph: +40-21-350-4110/16; fax: +40-21-350-4110-16 Rin Central ★★★ 7F : 55, Traian St. ph.: +40-21-308-3153/4; fax: +40-21-308-3155. Rin Grand ★★★★ : Soseaua Vitan-Barzesti ph: +40-31-106-1111; 0731-111-000 Royal ★★★★ 8E : 28 Mircea Voda Blvd., ph: +40-374-11-9120/21, +40-21-528-1100/20; fax: +40-374-11-9101, +40-21-528-1101 Samaa ★★★ 3A : 319C, Ion Mihalache Blvd., ph: +40-21-224-0282/83; fax: +40-21-224-0284 Siqua ★★★★ 7C : 59A, Calea Plevnei, ph: +40-21-319-5160; 319-5161; fax: +40-21-319-5162 Starlight Suite Hotels ★★★★ 5D : 89-97, Grigore Alexandrescu St., ph/fax: +40-21-211-3413 / 14 Tempo ★★★ 7E : 19, Armand Calinescu St., ph: +40-21-310-1216; fax: +40-21-310-1241 Trianon ★★★: 9, Grigore Cobalcescu St., ph: +40-21-311-4927; fax: +40-21-316-2281 Venezia ★★★★ 7C : 2, Pompiliu Eliade St., ph: +40-21-310-6878; fax: +40-21-310-6873 Z Executive Boutique Hotel ★★★★ 7D : 4, Ion Nistor St., ph: +40-31-140-0200

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Nestled on the shore of the Herastrau Lake, the museum displays 85 peasant homes, barns, churches and mills relocated there from all over Romania. Tall-roofed Transylvanian houses with beautifully crafted shingles sit alongside rustic wooden churches to form a unique neighborhood. The overall impression is that Romanian peasants take great pride in their work and homes. Everyday accessories: tools, butter-churns, hay forks, beer kegs and clothes are displayed inside the house. This museum can take a whole day to explore and, in fine weather, families settle down for picnics in the scenic grounds. Visiting hours: Nov.-Apr.: 09:00 - 17:00., May-Oct.: 09:00 19:00, every day, including Monday THE NATIONAL MUSEUM OF ART

The museum is hosted by the former Royal Palace and is the most representative art gallery in Romania. The Royal Palace was the official residence of the Romanian kings. Its current facade was given the finishing touches in 1937 when Carol II was King of Romania. The National Art Museum Palace is located in downtown Bucharest (in the so-called Revolution Square). The Palace displays an extensive collection of European and Romanian fine art. The European Art Gallery offers an overview of teh most important artistic movements that marked art history from the early Rennaissance till the first decades of teh 20th century. The Romanian Modern Art Gallery illustrates the development of Romanian fine arts from the first decades of the 19th century till the second half of the 20th century. Visiting hours: Wednesday through Sunday 11 a.m. - 7 p.m. (May - September) 10 a.m - 6 p.m. (October - April) Closed: Monday, Tuesday THE OLD ROYAL COURT

During the early Middle Ages, Bucharest became a commercial center; important enough to enable the XIV century princes to build the Princely Court – nowadays known as “The Old Court” - which formed the development core of the medieval town. The first written mention of the name of “Bucharest” dates back to September 20, 1459: it appears on a document issued from the chancellery of the famous Prince Vlad Tepes (the Impaler). By the year 1599, a new Princely Court was built. Matei Basarab (1632-1654) renovated the Old Court. By 1640, because the prince’s relations with the Turks worsened, Matei Basarab moved his Capital back to the town of Targoviste. Bucharest still remained a princely residence. In May 1654, Prince Constantin Serban Basarab (1654-1658), Matei Basarab’s successor, left for Targoviste after a rebellion of his mercenary troops, and he ordered the Old Court to be set of fire. The Old Royal Court is an outdoor site that can be visited any time. THE ROMANIAN ATHENAEUM

Is a concert hall in the center of Bucharest and a landmark of the Romanian capital city. Opened in 1888, the ornate, domed, circular building is the city’s main concert hall and home of the “George Enescu” Philarmonic and of the George Enescu annual international music festival. It has the aspect of a Greek temple with Ionic columns at the entrance. The wonderful interior with round frescoes depicts important events in Romania’s history. Extensive reconstruction and restoration work has been conducted in 1992 by a Romanian construction company and restoration painter Silviu Petrescu, saving the building from collapse. Visiting hours: every day, unless concerts or rehearsals are held.

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INTERNATIONAL ORGANIZATIONS Delegation Of The European Union: 31, Vasile Lascar St. Ph.: 021-203-5400; Fax: 021-316-8808, European Bank For Reconstruction EBRD: Metropolis Center, 56-60, Iancu de Hunedoara Blvd. Ph.: 021-202-7100; Fax: 021-202-7110; International Monetary Fund: 7, Halelor St., 2nd floor Ph.: 021-311-5833; 031-805-7040; Fax: 021-318-1410. Unicef: 48A, Primaverii Blvd. Ph.: 021-201-7872; Fax: 021-231-5255. United Nations Information Centre: UN House, 48A Primaverii Blvd. Ph.: 021-201-7877; Fax: 021-201-7880; World Bank: 31, Vasile Lascar St. Ph.: 021-201-0311; Fax: 021-201-0336 NATIONAL & LOCAL INSTITUTIONS Presidency of Romania: Cotroceni Palace, 1-3, Geniului St. Ph.: 021-410-0581; Fax: 021-410-3858; Chamber of Deputies: Parliament’s Palace, 2-4, Izvor St. Ph.: 021-316-0300, 021-414-1111; Senate of Romania: Parliament’s Palace, 1-3, 13 Septembrie Ave. Ph.: 021- 316-0300, 021-414-1111; Fax: 021- 315-8942; Government of Romania: 1, Victoriei Sq. Ph.: 021-314-3400; 021-313-1564; Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development: 2-4, Carol I Blvd. Ph.: 021-307-2300; Ministry of Communication and Information Society: 14, Libertatii Blvd. Ph.: 021-311-4104, Fax: 021-311-4121; Ministry of Economy, Trade and Business: 152, Calea Victoriei. Ph.: 021-202-5106; Fax: 021-202-5108; Ministry of Foreign Affairs: 31, Alexandru Alley. Ph.: 021-319-2108/25; Fax: 021-319-6862; Ministry of Public Finance: 17, Apolodor St. Ph.: 021-319-9759; 021-226-1110; Fax: 021-312-2509; Ministry of Justice: 17, Apolodor St. Ph.: 037-204-1999; Ministry of European Affairs: 50A, Aviatorilor Blvd. Ph.: 021-308-5319; Fax: 037-410-4500; Ministry of Labor, Family and Social Protection: 2-4, Dem I. Dobrescu St. Ph.: 021313-6267, 021-315-8556; Ministry of National Defense: 3-5, Izvor St. Ph.: 021-319-5698, 021-402-3400; Fax: 021-319-5698; Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure: 38, Dinicu Golescu Blvd. Ph.: 021-319-6124; Fax: 021-313-8869; Ministry of Administrations and Interior Affairs: 1A, Revolutiei Sq. Ph.: 021-303-70-80; Ministry of Education, Research, Youth and Sports: 28-30, Gen Berthelot St.

Ph.: 021-405-6200/6300; Ministry of Regional Development and Tourism: 17, Apolodor St. Ph.: 037-211-1409/43; Ministry of Health: 1-3, Cristian Popisteanu Entr. Ph.: 021-307-2500/2600: Fax: 021-307-2671; Ministry of Environment and Forests: 12, Libertatii Blvd. Ph.: 021-316-0215; Fax: 021-316-3874; Ministry of Culture and National Heritage: 30, Kiseleff Ave. Ph./Fax: 021-224-3947. The Prefect’s Office: 47, Regina Elisabeta Blvd. Ph.: 021-312-6525/021-9866; www. City Hall: 24, Regina Elisabeta Blvd., temporary moved to 291-293, Splaiul Independentei Ph.: 021-305-5500/50/55; • Sector 1: 7-9, Banu Manta Blvd. temporary moved to 9-13, Bucuresti-Ploiesti Ave. Ph.: 021-319-1013/14/15/16/17; Fax: 021-319-1006; • Sector 2: 11-13, Chiristigilor St. Ph.: 021-209-6000. Fax: 021-209-6282; • Sector 3: 2-4, Parfumului St.

Ph.: 021-318-0323/24/25/26/27/28/29; • Sector 4: 6-16, George Cosbuc Blvd. Ph.: 021-335-9230; www. • Sector 5: 29-31, Regina Elisabeta Blvd. Ph.: 021-314-2838/4318; • Sector 6: 147-149, Calea Plevnei Ph.: 021-318-0147 MOVING COMPANIES AGS Bucharest: 9, Pipera St., entr. 2, 2E Bld., 3rd floor, apt. 11. Ph.: 021-201-17-91; Fax: 021-232-52-89; Allied Pickfords: 29,Topraisar St. Ph.: 021-221-95-46; Fax: 021-221-94-42. Corstjens Bucharest: 7-9, Intrarea Gherghitei Ph.: 021-240-37-02; Fax: 021-240-37-03. De Groot IRS: 20, Parangului St. Ph.: 021-224-25-63; Fax: 021-668-64-25. www. Orbit Worldwide Movers: T98, T370 Bucuresti Urziceni, Afumati, Ilfov; Ph.: 021-350-15-00; Fax: 021-350-15-01.

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FOREIGN TRADE CHAMBERS The American Chamber Of Commerce: Union Int’l Center, 11, Ion Campineanu St. Ph.: 021312-4834; Fax: 021-312-4851; Deutsch - Rumänische Industrie Und Handelskammer Bukarest: 35, Clucerului St., 2nd floor Ph.: 021-223-1531; Fax: 021-223-1538; Foreign Investors Council: ING Building, 11-13, Kiseleff Ave. Ph.: 021-222-1931; Fax:021-222-1932; French Romania: 21, Andrei Muresanu St. Ph.: 021-317-1284, 021-230-0377; Japan External Trade Organization: IBC Modern, 34-36, Carol Blvd. 5th floor Ph.: 021-310-6801/02; Romania Turkey T.I.C.C.: 58, Austrului St., Ph./Fax: 021-326-9722 Romania China T.I.C.C.: 28, Ion Campineanu St. Ph.: 021-313-5114; Fax: 021-312-1371. Source: Bilateral Chambers of Commerce and Industry Union

NATIONAL AGENCIES Bucharest Office Of Trade Registery: 1, Sectorului Entr. Ph.: 021-316-0820; Competition Council: 1, Presei L bere Sq. Ph.: 021-405-4429; Fax: 021-405-4402; National Association of Travel Agencies In Romania - ANAT: 59, Horia Macelariu St. 4th floor, Apt. 401 Ph.: 021-321-1908, 021-323-0855, 031-106-9810; Fax: 021-323-6843; National Trade Registery Office: 74A, Unirii Blvd. Ph.: 021-316-0804; Fax: 021-316-0803; Romanian Foreign Trade Center: 17, Apolodor St. Ph.: 021-318-5050; Fax: 021-311-1491; Romanian Agency For Foreign Investments: 22, Primaverii Blvd. Ph.: 021-233-9103 T.I.C.C. Of Romania: 2, Octavian Goga Blvd., Ph.: 021-319-0114/18; LAWYERS Biris Goran: 77, Emanoil Porumbaru St., Ph.: 021-260-0710, Fax: 021-260-0720; www. CMS Cameron McKenna SCA: 11-15, Tipografilor St., S-Park, B3-B4, 4th floor, Ph.: 021407-3800, Fax: 021-407-3900; wwwcms-cmck. com Mazars, Duncea, Stefanescu & Associates: 31B, Econom Cezarescu St. Ph.: 031-229-2600; Fax: 031-229-2601; Nestor Nestor Diculescu Kingston Petersen: Bucharest Business Park, Entr. A, 4th floor, 1A, Bucuresti-Ploiesti Ave. Ph.: 021-201-1200; Fax: 021-201-1210;


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Ph.: 021-306-1000; Fax: 021-230-0700 Royal Bank Of Scotland: 10, Montreal Sq., World Trade Center-E, 2nd floor Ph.: 021-202-0400, Unicredit Tiriac Bank: 23-25, Ghetarilor St. Ph.: 021-200-2000 Volksbank Romania: 171-173, Mihai Bravu Ave. Ph.: 021-209-4400 AIRLINES Aegean: Henri Coanda Int’l Airport. Ph: 021-204-19-68; 021-201-45-50 Aeroflot 5C : 5, Gheorghe Manu St. Ph: 021-315-03-14; Fax: 021-312-51-52 Air France 6C : 85, Calea Buzesti, 2nd floor. Ph: 021-206-92-00; Fax: 021-206-92-11. Air Malta (GSA) 1B : Baneasa Int’l Airport, 14-22, Soseaua Bucuresti-Ploiesti. call centre: Ph: 021-201-1852/2, Fax: 021-201-18-53 Air Moldova 7E : 3, Toma Caragiu St. Ph: 021-312-08-22 Alitalia 6D : 1, Louis Blanc St. Ph: 021-318-76-65; 021-318-76-61. Austrian Airlines 6D : 9A, Aleea Alexandru. Ph: 021-204-45-60; Fax: 021-204-84-28 Balkan Air (GSA) 6D : 5-7, Eugen Carada St. Ph: 021-314-39-45; Fax:021-314-39-49 British Airways 7D : 28-30, Academiei St. Excelsior Centre, 9th floor Ph: 021-303-22-22; Fax: 021-303-22-11. CSA 7D : 27, Uruguai St., 1st floor. Ph: 021-223-32-05; Fax: 021-223-08-84. Delta Airlines (GSA) 5C : America House 1st floor. 4-8, Sos. N. Titulescu; Ph: 021-313-35-82; EL AL: 1, Dimitrie Cantemir Blvd. Ph: 021-317-88-60/61 Fax: 021-317-88-62 Emirates (GSA) 5C : 57, Dr. Iacob Felix St, 1st floor; Ph: 031-403-5030 KLM: 85, Buzesti St., 2nd floor, Ph: 021-206-9222; 0800-070377; Fax: 021-206-9211. Lufthansa 6D : 9A, Aleea Alexandru, Ph: 021-204-84-10. Fax: 021-204-84-24. Lot 6D : 41, Magheru Blvd., Ph: 021-314-1096; 021-317-4228 Olympic Airlines 6D : 6, Anastase Simu St., 1st floor, ap. 18; Ph.: 021-316-6360; Fax: 021-316-6365. Quatar Airways: 202, Calea Victoriei; Ph.: 021-

212-5020, Fax: 021-312-6860. Regional Air Services Air Taxi: Ph.: 0745-058-654; 0742-055-095 SAS Scandinavian Airlines (GSA) 5C : 57, Dr. Iacob Felix St, 1st floor; Ph: 031-403-5040; Fax: 031-403-5049 SN Brussels Airlines (GSA) 1B : Baneasa Int’l Airport; Call centre: 021-201-1851/2; Fax: 021-201-1853. Swiss Int’l Air Lines: Ph: 021-312-0238; Fax: 021-212-5774 Tarom: 17, Splaiul Independentei. Ph: 021-303-4400; Fax: 021-316-44-44. Turkish Airlines: 35A, Balcescu Blvd., Ph: 021-311-3210. PRIVATE FLIGHTS Eurojet Aviation: 61-63, Ion Ionescu de la Brad Blvd., suites 1&2. Ph: 0374-222-777, 0374-222-888, Fax: 021-2693-779 Ion Tiriac Air: Sos Bucuresti-Ploiesti, Km 16,5; Ph: 021-230-6081, Fax: 021-204-2224 InterAviation: Operations office: 44A, Ficusului Blvd; Ph.: 0743-163-338, 0747-111-544 Fax: 021-310-8237.

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stores & more more… • SHOPPING CENTERS • COSMETICS & BEAUTY • FASHION • JEWELRY • FOOTWEAR • SPORTS & TRAVEL and more... SHOPPING CENTERS One can easily find ready-to-wear clothes, shoes, accessories, jewelry, watches, sportswear, lingerie, perfumes and gifts. Food courts

On the following pages, boutiques, major department stores and specialty shops and markets are grouped by the type of product they sell. Most establishments are open Monday to Saturday from 10 or 11 am to 6 or 8 pm closing time. Malls and other boutiques are also open during the weekend, though some may close earlier on Sundays. Locations marked in a dark blue square are situated in Old Town.

Plaza Romania: 26, Timisoara Blvd. Unirea Shopping Center 6D : 1, Unirii Square World Trade Plaza 3B : 10, Montreal Sq. CASH & CARRY Metro: • Militari • Baneasa • Berceni • Voluntari Selgros: • Pantelimon, 90, Biruintei Blvd; • Baneasa, 55-65, BucurestiPloiesti • Berceni, 92-108, Turnu Magurele St.HIPERMARKETS Auchan: 33A, 1 Decembrie Blvd. Carrefour: • Militari, Autostrada Buc-Pitesti, km11/12. • Colentina, Soseaua Colentina 426 426A; • Orhideea, 210, Splaiul Independentei, • Baneasa - Feeria, 44A, Soseaua Bucuresti Ploiesti • Unirii, 2, Corneliu Coposu Blvd. Cora: • Lujerului, 19, Iuliu Maniu Blvd. • Pantelimon, 20, Sos. Vergului Billa: • 102-104, B. Vacarescu St. • 23, Brasov St. • 24, Postavaru St. Ikea: 42A, Soseaua Bucuresti Ploiesti XXL: 38-40, Soseaua Fundeni

• 6A Orhideea Shopping Center • Esplanada Shopping Center • 103, Erou Iancu Nicolae St. - Jolie Ville • Cora Lujerului • 7A Afi Palace Cotroceni Marionnaud: • 7A Afi Palace Cotroceni • 7D 27, I Campineanu St. • 6D 14-16, CA Rosetti St. • 3B WTC Galleries • 4D 172, Calea Dorobantilor • Mario Plaza Shopping Center • 8E Unirea Shopping Center • Carrefour Militari Gallery, • Carrefour Colentina Gallery, • Selgros Baneasa • Selgros Berceni, • Selgros Pantelimon FASHION Bliss 7D : Valentino, Louis Feraud, Calvin Klein, Lorenzini; 23, Calea Victoriei Bershka: Baneasa Shopping City C & A: Fashion for Men and Women. • Militari Shopping • 7A Afi Palace Cotroceni

DEPARTMENT STORES can often be found on or near the premises. These shopping centers might be similar in many ways with those that you are already familiar with. Afi Palace Cotroceni 7A : 4, Vasile Milea Blvd. Baneasa Shopping City: 42D, Sos. Bucuresti-Ploiesti Bucuresti Mall 8F : 55-59, Calea Vitan Carrefour Militari Commercial Gallery: Autostrada Buc-Pitesti, km 11/12 City Mall: 2, Sos.Oltenitei. Cocor Store 7D : 29-33, I.C. Bratianu Blvd. Commercial Center Feeria: 44A, Sos. Bucuresti Ploiesti Commercial Center Orhideea 6A : 210 - 210 B, Spl. Independentei Esplanada Shopping Center: 20, Sos. Vergului. Grand Arena Mall: 12 Metalurgiei Blvd.. Grand Avenue Shopping Gallery 8B : 90, Calea 13 Septembrie JW Marriott Bucharest Grand Hotel Jolie Ville Galleria:103 Bis, Erou Iancu Nicolae St. Liberty Center 9C : 151-171, Progresului St. Mario Plaza Shopping Center 4D : 172, Calea Dorobantilor Militari Shopping: 546-560 Iuliu Maniu Blvd.


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Old department stores in Bucharest are in a transition period. Besides specialized departments, it is not unusual to find a large number of small private “Turkish-bazaar” type stands inside. Crowded but convenient because of their diversity, the Bucharest department stores offer low- to mid- sometimes even high- quality products. Galeriile Victoria 6D : 17, Calea Victoriei Bucur Obor: 2, Soseaua Colentina SUPERMARKETS There are stores in each section of town that present a complete range of products, from European to American, Arabian and Asian. Many world-wide brands are available. Prices may differ slightly because of the location of the store (downtown – periphery) or the availability of products. Gima: Bucuresti Mall Mega Image: Every neighborhood has at least one! COSMETICS & BEAUTY Beauty Shop: • 8F Bucuresti Mall • 6D 27-33, Magheru Blvd. • 26, Timisoara Blvd. - Plaza Romania Sephora: Orhideea Shopping Center Clinique 6D : 100, Calea Victoriei Estee Lauder 7D : 100, Calea Victoriei

Cacharel: Fashion for Men. Baneasa Shopping City Canali 4D : 196, Calea Dorobantilor Casa Frumoasa JW Marriott 8B :“Ready to Wear” & “Made-ToMeasure Session”: Loro Piana, Brioni, Scabal, Salvatore Ferragamo, Santoni, Lorenzini. 90, Calea 13 Septembrie. Casa Frumoasa L. Catargiu 5C : CF Men: “Ready to Wear” & “MadeTo-Measure Session” VIP RECEIVING/ Valet Parking. Loro Piana, Stefano Ricci, Tom

Ford, Brioni, Scabal, Salvatore Ferragamo, Santoni, Lorenzini. CF Ladies Floor : “Ready to Wear”: Loro Piana, Tom Ford, Salvatore Ferragamo, Brioni, Santoni. 40, Lascar Catargiu Blvd. Coccinelle Shop 6C : Women handbags & leather goods. 63-81, Calea Victoriei, Radisson Blu Hotel, entrance from George Enescu St. Day & Night: Multibrand luxury store for young people. MCQ by Alexander McQueen, DKNY Jeans, Dsquared, Ice Iceberg, Love Moschino. Baneasa Shopping City Ego Men`s Fashion Concept: A multi-brand fashion boutique for men, housing international labels of clothes, shoes and accesories, including Tombolini, Louis Purple, Massimo Rebecchi, Fratelli Borgioli, Ducal, Carnaval de Venice , Lanvin, Tateossian, and more. The boutique presents different collections - from the classical rigor to casual outfits. Beside the ready-to-wear range of clothes, Ego Men`s Fashion Concept offers a premium made-to-measure suit service. Baneasa Shopping City, Fashion Street, Ground Floor Elegance Boutique 6C : Radisson BLU Hotel Bucharest - 63 – 81, Calea Victoriei entrance from George Enescu St. Emporio Armani Flagship Store 6D Luxury Men’s and Womenswear : Emporio Armani, Armani Jeans, EA7 60-64, Calea Victoriei Ermenegildo Zegna Flagship Store 6C Luxury Menswear: Ermenegildo Zegna, Z Zegna, Zegna Sport 63-81 Calea Victoriei, Radisson Blu Hotel Gant: • 7D 52, Calea Victoriei • Bucuresti Mall • Baneasa Shopping City Guess 6D : 87-89, Calea Victoriei JKristensen Store 6C : “Ready to Wear” Alberta Ferretti, Blumarine, Diane Von Furstenberg, Fabiana Filippi, Salvatore Ferragamo, Santoni. Radisson BLU Hotel Bucharest - 63 – 81, Calea Victoriei Kenvelo: Bucuresti Mall Lancel: Feeria Shopping Center L’Armoire 5C - Concept Store: Special evening & office clothing, limited series or even uniques created by Romanian designers such as: Lena Criveanu, Wilhelmina Arz, Elena Perseil, Irina Marinescu, Dorin Negrau, Sepala by Mihaela Glavan, Kinga Varga, Ludmila Corlateanu, Zasha. 1, Intrarea

Noptii with 18, Ion Mihalache Blvd. Louis Vuitton 8B : 90,Calea 13 Septembrie (Grand Avenue Shopping Gallery) Mango: • 8F Bucuresti Mall • Plaza Romania Marella Franchisee 6C : Womenswear: Marella , Marella Sport, Marella Accessories. 63-81, Calea Victoriei, Radisson Blu Hotel, entrance from George Enescu St. Marks & Spencer: • 7D Bucuresti Mall • Orhideea Shopping Center

River Woods: • 6A Orhideea Shopping Center • 4D Mario Plaza Shopping Center. Steilmann: • 6D 1-5, Magheru Blvd • Plaza Romania • 8F Bucuresti Mall Terzoatto 3B : Italian Fashion. 172, Calea Dorobantilor Tudor. Personal Tailor: • 9D 95, Cuza Voda St. • 6D 1-3, Episcopiei St. (Athenee Palace Hilton Galleries). Made to measure suits and shirts for gentlemen. Victoria 46 6D : Multibrand luxury store. Women’s collections - clothes and accessories from: Alexander McQueen, Balenciaga, Balmain, Christian Dior, D&G, Givenchy, Jimmy Choo, Lanvin, Roberto Cavalli, Sergio Rossi, Yves Saint Laurent, Stella McCartney. 46, Calea Victoriei Victoria Men 6D : Yves Saint Laurent, Christian Dior, Givenchy, Alexander McQueen, Zilli, Paul Smith, Coerneliani, Ralph Lauren Black Label. 84-85, Calea Victoriei Zara: • Baneasa Shopping City • Plaza Romania FASHION FOR KIDS

Max Mara Flagship Store 6C Luxury Womenswear: Max Mara, Max Mara Elegante, Max Mara Bridal Collection, Sportmax, ‘S Max Mara, Max Mara StudioS, portmax Code, Max Mara Accessori, Max Mara Occhiali, Max Mara Bodywear, Max Mara Hosiery, Max Mara Profumi 83, Calea Victoriei Mengotti 7D : Prada, Dolce & Gabbana, Etro, Fendi, Neil Barrett, Moncler, Valentino, Marni, DVF, Parosh, Zagliani, Halston Heritage 48-50, Calea Victoriei Moda & Style: Valentino Roma, Valentino Garavani, Valentino Furs (Roma), Red Valentino, Love Moschino, Class Roberto Cavalli, Emilio Pucci, D & G, Donna Karan, Donna Karan NY, Roccobarocco, Ermano Scervino, Galliano, Stuart Weitzman, Karl Lagerfeld, Cristiano Burani, Givenchy, Love Sex Money, Ferre, Nando Muzi - Jolie Ville Galleria, first floor. Motivi: • Baneasa Shopping City • 8F Bucuresti Mall • Plaza Romania Pal Zileri Franchisee 6C : Menswear: Pal Zileri, Lab-Pal Zileri, Pal Zileri - Cerimonia. 63-81, Calea Victoriei, Radisson Blu Hotel, entrance from George Enescu St. Seroussi: Seroussi, Pierre Cardin - • 8F Bucuresti Mall, ground floor Peek & Cloppenburg: Armani Collezioni, Hugo Boss, Vogue, Burberry, Lagerfeld, Calvin Klein Jeans, DKNY Jeans • Baneasa Shopping City Pull & Bear: • Baneasa Shopping City

Petit’s: Latest designer collections for youngsters from 4 to 14. Baby Dior, Cavalli Angels, D&G Junior, Iceberg Kids, Moshino, Moncler, Miss Blumarine. Baneasa Shopping City groundfloor Z: • 6D 112, Calea Victoriei • 8F Bucuresti Mall, 1st floor • 6A Orhideea Shopping Center • 8D Unirea Shopping Center JEWELRY & TIMEPIECES Gold jewelry with precious and semi-precious stones, silver jewelry, timepieces, purses and other similar goods from famous designers. David Sandu Jewelry 7D : 30, Smardan St. 1st floor Folli Follie: Jewellery, Watches & Accessories. • Baneasa Shopping City • City Mall - groundfloor Frey Wille 6D : Framed in 18 carat gold or gold-plated settings, each piece is a work of art in itself: the integrated design sets can be collected as one might collect fine art; also silk scarves and leather handbags, as well as men accessories: cufflinks, leather belts and silk ties. 118, Calea Victoriei GMT Everytime 4D : Men & women watches: Omega, Mont Blanc, Longines, Revue Thomen, Tissot, Tag Heuer, Rado, Sector, Calvin Klein. 172, Calea Dorobantilor - Mario Plaza Shopping Center Helvetansa 6D : Swiss watches: Baume & Mercier, Cartier, Movado, Longines, Piaget, IWC, Tissot, Rado, Vacheron Constantin, Carl F. Bucherer. 88, Calea Victoriei Tonino Lamborghini: Jewelry for men & smoking accessories • El-Unico - AFI Palace Cotroceni • Baneasa Shopping City • 6D Athenee Palace Hilton • Presents Mario Plaza Shopping Center • 6D The Room 122, Calea Victoriei • 7D Overseas Gift Shop, Cocor store,

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groundfloor • 4C Nic Classic, 6, Radu Beller St. • 6D Muzica, 24, Ion Campineanu St. • Travel Shop, 2B, Soseaua Bucuresti - Ploiesti Roberto Jewellery: Hand crafted white, yellow and pink gold with diamonds & precious stone jewelery in classic Greek but also avantgardes style. 9B, Grigore Gafencu St. Sabion Jewellry 7D : manufactured jewelry, precious metals, precious stones. 29-33, I.C. Bratianu Blvd. (Cocor Store) Vendome Fine Jewellery 6C : Based on exclusivity, experience and trust, VENDOME Fine Jewellery was opened to bring these values to Bucharest as you might find them in Paris, London, Milano and New York !… VENDOME Fine Jewellery is offering you the luxury jewellery with diamonds, pearls and natural precious stones (emerald, ruby, sapphire, etc…). Our high quality jewellery of 18k gold or platinum and the perfect cut, color and clarity of the precious stones are certified by the G.I.A (Gemological Institute of America). In the same time you can find at VENDOME Fine Jewellery, the most famous brands of watches. VENDOME gained in Bucharest, a very good reputation as a fine jewellery store. Their professional team is waiting to please you with any information, in a nice atmosphere and a high quality of service. Radisson Blu Hotel Bucharest 63-81, Calea Victoriei Zehava Jewelry 7D : Gallery of hand crafted gold & precious stone jewelry, 43, Lipscani St. Zen Diamond: Baneasa Shopping City

OPTICIANS Optica Malaga 6D : Large selection of top designer’s frames. 26, C.A. Rosetti St. Optiplaza: Top designer’s frames, sunglasses, accessories. • 8F Bucuresti Mall • 6A Orhideea


Shopping Center • Plaza Romania Sover: • 5D 102-110, Calea Dorobantilor • 8D Unirea Shopping Center, Central wing ground floor. • 18, Vergului St. Cora • Esplanada Shopping Center Granitul • 7D Galeriile Victoria 17, Calea Victoriei • Sover Medlife 365, Calea Grivitei • Cora - Lujerului • Sover Bucur Obor, 2, Soseaua Colentina FOOTWEAR Cesare Paciotti: • 6D 101, Calea Victoriei • 6D 118, Calea Victoriei Ecco: Men, women, kids & performance footwear.


One of the unique and more pleasurable forms of food shopping in Bucharest are the outdoor markets. Due to transportation difficulties, supplies are often copious at one market and non-existent at another. Of the markets listed here, Amzei market has the best selection and prices. It is advisable to bring your own shopping bags when shopping at the outdoor markets.


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• Commercial Center Feeria • Baneasa Shopping City Geox: • Commercial Center Feeria • 8D Unirea Shopping Center • 7A AFI Palace Cotroceni groundfloor Humanic: • Baneasa Shopping City • Militari Shopping Maftei 7B : Tradition of custom shoemaking since 19th century. 38, Luis Pasteur St. Mihai Albu 8B : Selling his own creations of leathergoods and Deluxe footwear. Grand Avenue Shopping Gallery Otter: • Commercial Center Feeria • 8D Unirea Shopping Center • Carrefour Militari Commercial Gallery • 8F Bucuresti Mall • 5F 235, Mosilor Ave. • 6A Commercial Center Orhideea • Plaza Romania • Militari Shopping • 7A AFI Palace Cotroceni • Esplanada Shopping Center.

Carturesti French Institute 6D : 77, Dacia Blvd. Carturesti Quinet 7D : 9, Edgar Quinet St. Carturesti Verona 6D : 13-15, Artur Verona St. Carturesti MTR 5C : 3 Kiseleff Ave. - Peasant Museum Humanitas Kretzulescu 6D : 45, Calea Victoriei Libraria dinnfundul curtii ( The Backyard Bookstore) 6C : 120, Calea Victoriei Noi 7D : 18, N. Balcescu Blvd. INTERIOR DESIGN Anatolian Carpet Boutique: Massive silver objects, Romanian Handicraft, glass objects, home life collection. • Carrefour Colentina. • 4C 31, Soseaua Kiseleff.

PIATA OBOR 5D : A huge covered market located behind the Bucur Obor Department Store at the intersection of Calea Mosilor and Calea Stefan cel Mare. Although the selection of goods is big, the market is crowded and appears dirty. Watch your pockets and bags. If you’re looking for a truly Romanian market experience, this is your spot. Pets, including aquarium supplies, are available, as are fishing needs (including live worms, poles, lures). Wooden and woolen goods, ceramics, clothing, as well as plants cut and growing, are available. A large pedigree dog and cat market at least once a month on the street nearest Mosilor is a fun experience. PIATA 1 MAI 5D : Located near La Fourmi on Ion Mihalache Blvd. It is a small market but has a good selection of fruit, vegetables and flowers. As with all the above markets, clothing, shoes, and household items for cleaning and cooking may also be found. Honey and other bee byproducts are a national pride of Romania and are found at all of these outdoor markets. PIATA DOROBANTILOR 5D : Located indoors on Calea Dorobantilor north of Calea Stefan cel Mare. It offers produce and flowers. The quality is better than Amzei, but the prices are olso higher. Out of season exotic fruits and vegetables can be found here. There are several other stores in this area. The meat market inside is particularly good.

• 8D Unirea Shopping Center. Casa Mia 4D : Mario Plaza Shopping Center. Innova 7D : Crystal, design home accessories, home textiles, Christmas decorations, Limoges porcelaine. 4, Patriei St. SPORTS & TRAVEL Adidas: • 6D 28-30, Magheru Blvd. • 8F Bucuresti Mall. • 5D 116-122, Calea Dorobantilor Decathlon: Militari Shopping Diadora: Auchan GBS - World of Brands: Samsonite, Lacoste - accessories, Showroom: • 8B 71, Soseaua Panduri (JW Marriott Bucharest Grand Hotel) • 3B World Trade Plaza (Sofitel Hotel) 10, Montreal Sq. • Henri Coanda Int’l Airport Hervis Sports: • 9C Liberty Center • Militari Shopping Intersport: • Bucuresti Mall • AFI Palace Cotroceni • Baneasa Shopping City Lacoste: • Baneasa Shopping City • 8F Bucuresti Mall. Lotto: • 6F 225, Calea Mosilor • Auchan - 33A, 1 Decembrie 1918 Blvd. • City Mall Nike: • 6D 25, Magheru Blvd. • 8F Bucuresti Mall. • 6C 95, Stirbei Voda St.

Puma 8D : Unirea Shopping Center. Sergio Tacchini: Carrefour Autostrada Buc.-Pitesti km. 11-12 ART GALLERIES AnnArt Gallery 4C : 1, Mahatma Ghandi St. Caminul Artei 7D : 16, Biserica Enei St. Gallery of the National Museum of Art of Romania 6D : 49-53, Calea Victoriei Hanul Cu Tei - Antiques, Art Galleries 7D : 63-65, Lipscani St., 1st floor. Hilton Gold Art 6D : 1-3 Episcopiei St. Athénée Palace Hilton. Orizont 6D : 23A, Nicolae Balcescu Blvd. Simeza 6D : 20, Magheru Blvd. Wagner Fine Arts and Fairytales: Ana Wagner porcelain, special gifts. • 7E 39, Carol I Blvd. - shop • 7B 19, Dr. Staicovici St..showroom

ikones & collectibles. C.C. accepted. 63-65, Lipscani St., 1st floor. Thomas Antiques 7D : combines the shopping experience with the atmosphere of an old, classy bar. Special book collection in the attic; great variety of antiques - furniture, clocks, wall clocks and standing

ANTIQUES Make sure you get a signed receipt when buying antiques in Romania. Ask about an export permit as well. Galeria Numismatica 7D : Coins, medals, banknotes-expertise & sale. 35-37, Academiei St. Hanul Cu Tei - Antiques, Art Gallery 7D : Antiques, furniture, porcelain, art glass, jewelery, paintings, decorative art, Oriental carpets, old coins, medals, clocks,

clocks, paintings, decorative art, carpets and other various decorative objects. 19 Covaci St., 1st floor + Attic GIFTS Art Glass 7D : 9-11, Selari St. “Craii De Curtea-Veche” 7D : Furniture, artifacts, photography, art deco, documents from the last

at Curtea Sticlarilor, a courtyartd dating back to 1857. 9-11, Selari St. TOBACCO SHOPS

period of the 19th century. 14, Covaci St. Inside-Forever Gifts By Innova 7D : 4, Patriei St. Romartizana 7D : 18-20, Calea Victoriei Sarra Blu’: • 8D Unirea Shopping Center • 4D Mario Plaza Shopping Center • 8F Bucuresti Mall Totem: Handicrafts & decorations from South-East Asia, India, Africa, South America; Aromatherapy items; Jewelery & fashion accessories; Personalized gifts. • 8F Bucuresti Mall • 8D 1, Unirii Square Wagner Fine Arts and Fairytales: Ana Wagner porcelain, special gifts. • 7E 39, Carol I Blvd. - shop • 7B 19, Dr. Staicovici St..showroom ROMANIAN HANDICRAFTS Obart 6D : Vases, glassware, contemporary icons. 20, Magheru Blvd. Curtea Sticlarilor 7D : Authentic glass artifacts made on the spot

La Casa Del Habano 6D : Large selection of original Cuban cigars; accessories. 1-3, Episcopiei St. Athenee Palace Hilton Bucharest The Room - Cigars & Spirits 6D : 112, Calea Victorieit LIQUOR SHOPS Vinlux 8C : Large selection of special Romania & Imported wines, cognacs, champagnes, whiskies, etc. 8, Libertatii Blvd., Bl. 115, ground floor

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ASIAN CUISINE Benihana Restaurant 6D : offers authentic Japanese teppanyaki cuisine and a renowned sushi bar. Six skilled Asian cooks prepare the food in front of your very eyes,

To make your choice a bit easier, we have selected a number of places for you. The following restaurants currently advertise in B3W Magazine or are otherwise worthy of note. The letter/ number combinations inside the listings are coordinates for the map (back cover). For subway map see also the back cover. Locations marked with a blue square are situated in Old Town. Hours, prices and entertainment are subject to change.

tantalizing your senses. For any lover of premium-quality fish and sea-food, a dinner at Benihana becomes an unforgettable experience. Howard Johnson Grand Plaza Hotel,

Calea Dorobantilor 5 – 7, Phone: 021 201 5030, Open: 12:00 – 15:00, 19:00 – 22:30 last order.

Cafe’ Shangrila 4D : Thai, Filipino, Chinese and Japanese food prepared by world class and versatile Asian chefs. Also serves choices of continental breakfast, salads, selection of wines and beverages. A place to enjoy a cup of coffee or tea and have a taste of the scrumptious cake selections. Take out food service available. 172, Calea Dorobantilor (Mario Plaza Shopping Center) Ph.: 021-230-47-69. Open: 10:00 - 21:00 Mandarin: Explore the exotic flavor of the Asian with

Mandarin cuisine. Come join us and taste! C.C. Accepted. Guarded parking. JOLIE VILLE GALERIA – 103

bis Erou Iancu Nicolae Street, first floor. Ph.: 021-206-8066. Open: 12:00 – 22:30 (22:00 – last order) Orasul Interzis (The Forbidden City) 6E : “Orasul Interzis” is the first luxury Chinese restaurant which aims at offering a true gastronomic experience due to the specialties that feed both the body and the soul. The restaurant as well as the terrace can host private and corporate parties, business lunch/ dinner, work groups, meetings and other events, in a selected and refined ambiance. Enjoy the exotic menu and the business lunch special offer, Monday to Friday, 12:30 to 16:00. For those of you who are very busy but still want to flatter their senses by trying these dishes, this little Asian gastronomic paradise can come to their homes. C.C. accepted, wireless Internet, air conditioned, smokers/ non-smokers area, home delivery. 3, Silvestru St.

Ph.: 031 425 47 47; 0720 99 3333. Open: 12:30 – till the last guest. AMERICAN CUISINE Hard Rock Cafe Bucharest: 6D If you enjoy rock ’n

roll music and exquisite atmosphere this is the place for you. A great selection of classic American recipes and signature cocktails waits to tempt and satisfy your wildest cravings. You’ll find some of Bucharest’s best live acts, valuable pieces of memorabilia as Bruce Springsteen’s guitar and John Lennon’s outfit and the ultimate fashion trends in the souvenir shop. 32,

Kiseleff Avenue, Herastrau Park. Ph.: 021-206-6261. Open: 12:00 - 24:00 BELGIAN CUISINE La Belle Epoque 4D : The largest selection of

Belgian beers in town. Belgian and international cuisine. Air conditioning. C.C. accepted. 6, Aviator Radu Beller St.

Ph.: 021-230-0770; Open: 11:30 - 24:00. Waterloo 7F : Original Belgian recipes with Belgian Beer. C.C. accepted. Guarded parking. 188, Traian St. Open daily from 12:00 - until the last guest leaves (24:00 last order) FINE DINING The Vinyard 2A : The feather in the Crowne Plaza’s

cap, this is the hotel’s flagship restaurant, a work of great detail where everything is lovingly prepared by Executive Chef Ashlie Dias and his highly experienced team. Based around Mediterranean cuisine you can always expect to find something special and a bit different on the daring menu, as well as a number of hot dishes requiring waiter and audience. An indulgent treat. Reservations highly recommended. Air Conditioning, CC accepted, Parking, Non-Smoking. 1,

Poligrafiei Blvd. (Crowne Plaza Hotel); Ph.:; Open: 17.00 – 23.00, Closed Sat, Sun. FRENCH CUISINE La Bastille 5D : Down the Caderea Bastiliei St. c’est

la France qui vous acceueille... French specialties mastered by the Chef Philippe Faynot, served in refined atmosphere accompanied by a perfectly balanced choice of execelente french and romania wines. Special business menu (12:00


what, where, when

- 16:00). C.C. accepted. Air conditioning. Ph.: 021-310-

7359; Fax: 021-310-7360. Open: 12:00-24:00. La Bonne Bouche 7D : Bistro & Wine Bar. Warm

atmosphere, friendly staff. Check the extensive wine list. Chef’s weekly menu. Not cheap, but good value for money!

30, Franceza St. (Old Town); Ph.: 0731-247-876; Open: 12:30 – 24:00, Mon. 18:30 – 24:00 La Cantine de Nicolai 5C : Semi-gastronomique French restaurant. Sami Babou, the “Special Delegate” of Chef Alain Ducasse, brings great joy to your sense of taste with his elaborate recipes. Pop-art sculptures and paintings complete the sophisticated atmosphere. The terrace - away from the public eye - is perfect for discreet business lunches or romantic dinners. Their credo is: Delight - Privacy - Art. 15-17,

Povernei St. Ph.: 0725-210-608, 037-274-6213. Open daily: 11:00 till late (23:00 last order). Chocolat – Createur De Gout: Worldwide new and

unique concept featuring a harmonious blend between the Restaurant, the Tea Room, the Coffee Shop and the Boutique that offers French inspired delicacies - cakes, pastry and bread specialties. Find them all in an exquisite ambience where you can savor a joyful moment at any time of your day.

wines, as well as a unique selection of awarded Romanian wines. 44 places. Red glass for show kitchen, walk in wine cellar. CC accepted. Non-smoking. 63-81, Calea Victoriei,

Radisson BLU Hotel groundfloor. Ph.: 021-3119000; Open daily 18:30 - 23:30. INDIAN CUISINE Agra Palace: From the City of Agra, once capital of the

famous Mogul Empire, where the white marble of Taj Mahal guards the banks of river Yamuna, among the Hibiscus flowers and majestic archways, chef Arun Kumar has brought the essential: the mysterious taste of India. C.C. accepted; Free Wi fi internet access; Guarded parking lot.

Open: 12:00 .- 24:00 Sos. Pipera-Tunari nr. 47. Ph: 021-350.31.14 Taj 8B : Genuine Northern Indian menu creared by Indian

chef. Special brunch offer. Indian live show, Fri & Sat. Indian decoration, soft music, pleasant atmosphere, separate smoking

area. Air conditioned; terrace. C.C. accepted. Parking lot.

127-131, Calea 13 Septembrie. Ph.: 021-410-1820. Open: 12:00 - 02:00. INTERNATIONAL CUISINE Allegro 6B : Enjoy the flavors of International -

Mediterranean refined cuisine superbly executed and served with professionalism. Cosmopolitan and casual atmosphere at breakfast & lunch and more elegant overtoues in the evening. CC accepted. 44A, Daniel Danielopolu St. - Ramada

Bucharest North Hotel. Ph.: 021-233-5000. Open: breakfast 07:00-10:00; lunch 12:00-15:30. dinner 18:30-23:00. Avalon 6D : The restaurant welcomes you in a cozy,

intimate atmosphere, with a large variety of international cuisine dishes. Italian, French, Asian and North-American influences are mixed and twisted by the Executive Chef into unique combinations. A feast for all senses. Howard Johnson

• 42D, Bucuresti-Ploiesti Road (Baneasa Shopping City) Ph.: 0730-608-888. Open: 10:00 – 22:00. • 4C 13, Radu Beller St. Ph.: 021-230-2383. Open: 10:00 – until the last guest leaves. • 7D 12A, Calea Victoriei (Historical Center) Ph.: 021-314-9245. Open: 10:00 – until the last guest leaves. L’Estaminet 6B : French restaurant, within the new Ibis Continental Nord Hotel. CC accepted. 143, Calea Grivitei. Open: 7:00-22:30. The Epoque Bistro: Would you like to see the Chef in action? The Epoque Bistro features an open kitchen in which you can actually witness the creation of our splendid French cuisine and Steak house specialities. The Epoque Bistro welcomes you with a winter garden and 90 seats, available for private parties & events. Epoque Bistro’s Chef is renowned for its modern French menu featuring delicate flavours created from luxury and quality ingredients. Extensively trained in the best international cooking schools, he welcomes you every day to his authentic exquisite Frech Cuisine specialities and last but not list the Steak house dishe. The restaurant’s speciality is its 6-course tasting menus, but there is also catering for vegetarians, as well as an à la carte menu. The facilities are: smoking and non-smoking feature; free high speed WI-FI internet access; air conditioning; daily newspaper; CC accepted, guarded free parking lot. 17C, Aurora Entr. (Epoque

Hotel); Ph.: 021-312-3232. Open: 06:30 – 23:00. FUSION/CONTEMPORARY

the Artist 7D : A unique concept that highlights the vision of Dutch Chef Paul Oppenkamp, the place where the dishes are carefully prepared to emphasize the beauty in its details. CC accepted.13, Tonitza St. (Historical Center). Ph.:

0728-318-871; 031-106-1722. Open: Tue. – Sun. 11:30 – 23:00. GERMAN CUISINE Die Deutsche Kneipe 5D : Traditional German cuisine, drinks and atmosphere. C. C. accepted. 9, Stockholm St. Ph.: 021-233-9462, 021-230-1120 0722-284560. Open: Mon.-Sat 15:00 - 23:00. Sunday closed. GOURMET CUISINE JW Steakhouse 8B : An American concept restaurant, based on quality, good-taste and comfort. Guest star is one of the best beef in the world - USDA Black Angus, with supporting act from England Aberdeen, both cooked to perfection with the house broiler. Fresh seafood and crisp salads complete the menu, together with the generous sized desserts, like New York Cheesecake. The Bourbon bar holds a remarkable collection of carefully chosen boutique Bourbons and the Cigar Lounge offer the perfect finish to a grand dinner experience. JW

Marriott Bucharest Grand Hotel, 90, Calea 13 Septembrie, Ph.: 021-403-1903, Open: breakfast 06:30-11:00; dinner 18:30-23:30; Sunday brunch 12:00-16:00. Prime Steaks & Seafood 6D : An outstanding

culinary experience, either for a business lunch or simply for a relaxing escape. The menu showcases an elegant selection of gourmet food such as the world’s best steak, Irish Hereford Prime Rib-eye, or King Crab from Alaska, everything prepared in the inviting open kitchen. Complementing the gourmet menu, the extensive list of beverages includes worldwide famous

Bucuresti what, where, when


Grand Plaza Bucharest Hotel, 5 – 7, Calea Dorobantilor, Ph.: 021-201-5030. Open: 6:30 – 10:30 (Breakfast), 12:00 – 15:00 (lunch) and 19:00 – 22:30 last order (dinner). Balkan Bistro 7D : You are invited to Balkan Bistro,

where the enticing dishes will offer you the perfect Balkan flavor. The restaurant hosts a modern atmosphere dominated by the red and black colors (specific to all Balkan countries). The menu offers traditional dishes allowing you to sense the gastronomic influence of the countries which belong to this particular region: Albania, Bulgaria, Greece, Romania, Turkey, Serbia. Every dish has an interesting story behind it, giving any gourmand a hint of what is to be expected. C.C. accepted.

Grand Hotel Continental, 56, Victoriei Ave. Ph.: +40 372 010 300. Open: Breakfast 06:30 - 10:30 weekdays; 07:00 - 11:00 weekends. Daily 12:30 - 15:30 and 18:30 - 22:30 Barbizon Steak House 3A : Pullman Bucharest

World Trade Center introduces its restaurant with a capacity of 70 seats. Taste premium quality meats and choose from over 50 International wines (Red, White and Rose). Live cooking in the show kitchen. 45 seat designated smoking area. Air Conditioning. CC accepted. Free WiFi access. Free parking.

Pullman Hotel, 10, Montreal Square. Open: Mon. – Fri. 12:00 - 15:30 (lunch), 18:00 - 23:30 (dinner); Sat. & Sun. 18:00 - 23:00 (dinner). Ph.: 021-202-1635. La Brasserie 2A : Less about fine dining but more about

good quality, simply food for the whole family. The menu is available buffet-style or a-la-carte and gives a great choice for groups. The wine list remains a work of art and the atmosphere is cozier than ever. Sunday Brunch is back, with playground and a professional nanny to supervise the kids, smoking area and free parking. Air Conditioning, CC accepted, Parking, Live Music, Non-Smoking, Take Away. 1, Poligrafiei Blvd.

Casa Capsa 7D : Established in 1852, Casa Capsa is the symbol of the Romanian high-life society. The founder, Grigore Capsa (1841-1902) introduced from the very beginning the occidental standards of quality and refinement. He made Capsa’s name a well known commercial brand all over the continent. Having a very good position, this old and famous restaurant is placed right in the focal point of the Bucharest historical center. CC accepted. 36, Calea Victoriei. Ph: 021-313 40 38 Open: 12:00-24:00 Casa Doina 7A : Large villa dating from the 19th century

transformed into a very nice restaurant. Wine cellar. Terrace. C.C. accepted. 4, Soseaua Kiseleff.

Ph.: 021-222-3179. Open: 12:00 - 01:00. Casa Doina La Parc 2A : The perfect mix of Romanian

and International cuisine; a traditional ambiance with modern elements. Its garden is the perfect place for our guests to spend the midday or evening. 3-5 Poligrafiei Ave, (Ramada

Parc Hotel), phone 021-315200 ; 021-549-2541. Open: 12:00 - 23:30. Chez Marie 6D : Try the wide selection of international

cuisine and special wines in this recently opened restaurant located in the heart of the city. 48, Dionisie Lupu St.

Ph.: 031-107-2033; 0721-376-118. Open: 12:00 until the last guest leaves. Concerto 7D : We recommend you will take your time

Continental, 56, Victoriei Ave. Ph.: +40 372 010 300. Open: Mon. - Sun.: 12.0016.00; 19:00-23:00. Corso 7D : You may take your business downtown

1-3, Episcopiei St. Ph.: 021-303-3777. Open: 08:00 - 00:00. Caredy * Casa Ardeleneasca 4C : Transylvanian

Hotel - Ground floor, Ph.: 021-305-1060, Open: 06.30 - 23.00, business lunch buffet Mon-Fri 12:00 - 16:00, enjoy “Great Brunch! Guest Love!” Kids room with entertainment. Dacia Felix Restaurant 6D is the perfect location for

& International cuisine restaurant, placed in an esquisite villa. Large offer and special selection of wines. C.C. ccepted. Guarded parking lot. 1, Sofia St. Ph.: 021-230-2769.

Open: 11:00 - until the last guest leaves.

Radisson BLU Hotel groundfloor. Ph.: 021-3119000; Open 06:30 - 10:30, Sat, Sun 07:00 11:00. Sunday Brunch 12:30 - 16:30.. Doncafe Brasserie 4C : Located just off Dorobanti

Square, Doncafe has a particularly airy space flooded with natural light. The varied menu lets you choose between classic savory salads, a delicious Wiener schnitzel, numerous grills and homemade pastas, and a whole range of fresh snacks (including bruschetta, ciabatta or sandwiches).You can start your day with Continental or English breakfast. For lunch or dinner you can also pick the menu of the day. The location is adapted perfectly to private parties or events. Air conditioning. CC accepted. Guarded Parking. Free WiFi access. 7, Ankara

St. Ph.: 0746-222-444. Open: 08:30 – 24:00. The Harbour 6D : You’ve come a long way... you need

to relax... dock to The Harbour where you will find a buffer zone, the taste of the finest international cuisine and maybe an acquaintance just to make you feel you belong... Terrace and parking. C.C. accepted. 10-22, Piata Amzei;

Ph.: 0724-388-686; Open: 11:30 - until the last guest leaves.

to indulge in the special dishes of our fine dining restaurant, Concerto. Concerto is a gastronomic restaurant based on a modern concept of cooking – “nouvelle cuisine”. Delicate dishes made up with creativity invites you in a delightful journey of tastes. The wine list is complex, including selections from all the regions of our country and also from France, Italy, Spain, South Africa, North and South America. A professional team will counsel you regarding the dishes and the wines, accompanying you through the whole meal. C.C. accepted. Grand Hotel

(Crowne Plaza Hotel); Ph.:; Open daily: 06.00 – 23.00 Café Athénée 6D : Steep yourself in Romanian culture

in Cafe Athénée, set in Bucharest’s historic Revolution Square. The restaurant’s elegant location and contemporary interior are reflected throughout the menu with a choice of classic European dishes served with a modern twist. As the sun sets, this Bucharest café transforms into a relaxed and cozy lounge with soft music and candles setting the scene. Indulge your senses in a range of tempting specials from the special menu or spoil yourself with gourmet cuisine and a glass of sparkling wine. CC accepted. Athenee Palace Hilton Bucharest,

occasionally thematic, soft smell of freshly brewed coffee and light sound of pink sparkling wine. 63-81, Calea Victoriei,

and treat yourself and your partners with a special mix of International and Romanian cuisine, on a light lunch buffet. In the evening, a team of Romanian chefs wows you with authentic Romanian dishes presented with cosmopolitan attitude. The spectacular view on to the Bucharest’s busiest boulevard is complimentary! 85 seats. Air conditioned. C.C accepted. Parking lot. 4, N. Balcescu Blvd. - InterContinental

breakfast, conference and group meals. The menu theme of the restaurant is world cuisine and its particular concept signature is represented by buffet islands with live cooking, our wonderful Super Breakfast Buffet, live entertainment Sunday Brunches,

Bucuresti what, where, when


Hotel Marshal Restaurant 7E : From the glassy

salon, the open kitchen and the charming covered terrace, Marshal Restaurant is waiting for you with delicious dishes carefully selected and prepared in front of you. Our secret: the charcoal grill. Fresh imported Argentinean beef and New Zealand lamb. C.C accepted. Air conditioned. Guarded parking.

La Boema 7D : Enjoy the European cuisine, the selected French dishes in the “La Boema” Restaurant. The relaxing atmosphere and the delicious dishes will make you realize why it is called “La Boema”... And if you have not understood yet, we bring especially for you an entire collection of refined wines. C.C. accepted. Air Conditioning, parking. Calea Vitan

2, Dr. Emanoil Bacaloglu St.; Ph.: 021-314-0880; Open: 07:00-01:00 Ici et La: Philippe Dupré, French chef, welcomes you in a

Barzesti; Ph.: 031-106-1111 ext. 345 Open: 11:00 - until the last guest leaves. Majestic 7D : The Majestic Restaurant offers Romanian

warm ambience ideal for business lunches or family dinners. The restaurant has an open kitchen and a view to Piata Romana, where you will taste their specialties: home made smoked salmon, beef tartar or even a French cheese and charcuterie plate. Special evenings every Thursday. 43, Mendeleev St.

Ph: 0731-453 608 Open: Mon.-Sat.10:00 to 23:00 Jadoo 7E : Mediterranean & International cuisine restaurant. Special lunch offer - 20% discount (food only). Wood oven baked pizzas. Catering services available in neighborhood (12:00 - 15:00) Smoking and non-smoking areas. Parking lot available. C.C accepted. 3, Nicolae

Racota St. - entrance from Clucerului St.; Ph.: 021-222-0502; 0724-365-583. Open: 12:00-until the last guest leaves (23:30 - last order)

and International cuisine, accompanied by excellent service, in an attractive ambience. Capacity: 100 places; air conditioning, smoking/non-smoking areas, main CC accepted; summer terrace. Besides the Restaurant, Ramada Majestic Bucharest Hotel offers the clients Multi-functional BallRooms - elegant locations for parties, weddings, cocktails. Ramada

Majestic Bucharest Hotel – 38-40, Calea Victoriei. Ph.: 021-310-2720; Fax: 021-310-2799 Open: daily 07:00 – 23:00. Manolo 6F : Elegance, refinement, finesse, good taste, privacy and discretion, an ideal place for meetings. Top chefs spoil their guests with specialties and are waiting for you. Nelu Ploiesteanu, Rodica Cretu and their guest entertain you daily starting 18:00 hours. 97, Pache Protopopescu Blvd.

Ph.: 021-252-4513; 0724-263-271 Paris Bucarest Brasserie 2B : Pullman Bucharest’s

newest restaurant. Indulge yourself with a tempting buffet for breakfast and lunch. Free WiFi access. Air conditioning. Non smoking area. Breakfast Buffet: Mon. - Fri.: 06:00 -

10:00, Sat. & Sun. 06:00 - 11:00; Lunch Buffet as per business 12:00 - 14:30. 10, Montreal Sq., Ph.: 021-318-3000 Poem 9D : Modern European Cuisine. Indulge in the intimate and classic atmosphere, enjoy a refined menu and quality service. Offering breakfast, lunch & dinner, business lunch. Special wine collection and drinks at the Tower Bar or the Piano Club. C.C. accepted. Guarded parking lot. 23-25,

Suter Entr. (Carol Parc Hotel) Ph : 021-336-3377; Open 07:00 – 1:00 Pool Side Grill 6D offers the guests a relaxed, cozy

party atmosphere, right in the heart of the city, away from the exciting rhythm of the urban life. The Radisson’s hidden terrace is situated at the side of the hotel’s big outdoor swimming pool, in the courtyard. Come for barbecued meats, terrific bar food including a genuinely great burger. 63-81, Calea Victoriei,

Radisson BLU Hotel ground floor garden. Ph.: 021-601-3436. Opened during the summer. Opened between 12:00 - 23:00. Red Angus Steakhouse 7D : Located in the

Old Downtown of Bucharest, in front of the Old Court, this restaurant wants to be your first option for a steak. They are committed to provide you with outstanding hospitality and serving you the best steaks. Their USDA Choice steaks are highly marbled with enriching flavor, tenderness and juiciness of the meat. Whether you are planning a business dinner, an anniversary or a large corporate meeting, they will satisfy your preference in a friendly and professional manner. CC accepted, air conditioning, smoking and no smoking area, Wi-Fi, TV;

4 star service

56, Franceza St, Old Town Ph: 021-312-0383 Open daily: 12:00-24:00 Sangria 5D : International menu, few Spanish dishes, nice atmosphere. Open/covered terrace! C.C. accepted.

78, Caderea Bastiliei St. Ph.: 021-211-2276; Open: 12 pm - 12 am. Teatro Restaurant 7D : The convivial restaurant is the

heart of the hotel. Amazing a la carte offering a large panel of different cuisine for a fine dining experience, Romanian dishes, but also international casual food. Teatro is also a full buffet offer for lunch time during the week days (check availability!). Summer terrace and underground parking available. CC accepted. Novotel Bucarest City Centre – 37B,

Calea Victoriei, Ph.: 021-308-8530. Open: 06:00 - 23:00. Times Restaurant 7G : Panoramic view restaurant with

great Romanian and International cuisine at Golden Tulip Times Hotel. C.C. accepted. 19, Decebal Blvd.

Ph.: 021-316-6516. Open: 12:30-23:00. The Sunlight Restaurant: The culinary world of the

angelo Airporthotel Bucharest is provided by this restaurant. A copious buffet breakfast, a gala dinner and a variety of Romanian and international dishes are at your disposal every day. The Sunlight Restaurant has a capacity of approx. 110 persons. For special events such as cocktail parties, anniversaries or dinner parties, the conference rooms can be turned into functional restaurant rooms. And the stylish live music may even put you in the mood for dancing. CC accepted.

283 Calea Bucurestilor, Otopeni. Ph: 021 20 36 500; Fax: 021 20 36 530; Open 24 hours a day.


what, where, when

Veranda 5C : Casa Frumoasa is pleased to welcome you to its new restaurant: Veranda Casa Frumoasa. A remarkable concept signed by the Italian architect, Elena Busato, the restaurant comes as a modern interpretation of a greenhouse at the end of the 18th century, with Art DÈco influences and exotic touches. They will be glad to receive you in a unique intimate setting, with a sophisticated menu, created by Chef Avi Steinitz, in which French cuisine meets Mediterranean elements and a most prestigious wine and champagne selection. Air conditioned, free wifi internet, guarded free parking lot 5, Clopotarii Vechi St. Reservation highly recommended Ph.: 021 - 317.60.07 ; 0733.735.932; Open: 11:00 until the last guest leaves Le Vernet 7D : Restaurant Le Vernet introduces each of its

clients in the atmosphere of the Old City which has the world renowned reputation of being “The little Paris”. You are kindly invited to a remarkable experience and a modern restaurant, in the heart of the Old City. The International menu, the good taste and the service, all blend perfectly for an unforgettable culinary experience.

60, Franceza St., Ph: 0372-376-511 Open: 12:00 - 24:00 (23:00 – last order). White Horse Business & Events: Situated in the

Northern area of Bucharest, the new established business district of the city, the restaurant offers carefully prepared traditional and international specialties for daily lunch while being in the same time the perfect location for corporate & private events. 12 years of experience, professional services and equipment and the dedicated staff assigned complete the fine quality of the taste. C.C. accepted. Baneasa Business

&Technology Park, Building B, wing B2, 42-44, Soseaua Bucuresti Ploiesti, Ph.: 031-620-8412; Open: Mon - Fri 09:00 - 18:00 ITALIAN CUISINE Bel’Mondo 7D : is much more than a restaurant, it is

a piece of Italy in the heart of Bucharest’s Old Town, a place where Italian cuisine, fine winery and live music come together, in the spirit of eternal youth. Summer terrace, hostess service, wifi internet, air conditionong, CC accepted. 6, Covaci

St. Ph: 0725 966 636 Open: 12:00 until the last guest leaves (24:00 – last kitchen order) Caffé Città 6D : Styled as a Northern Italian city centre

cafe/bistro the emphasis here is on good, simple, urban food. Try the risotto with saffron, the saltim bocca and the tiramisu: all signature dishes and all done to perfection. The drinks menu is a bit special: go for the Apple Mojito or try any number of great wines, all available by the glass. Keep the kids happy with the freshly made ice cream. 63-68, Calea Victoriei,

Radisson BLU Hotel groundfloor. Ph.: 021-601-3436.Open daily 09:30 - midnight. Cucina 8B : At the JW Marriott Bucharest Grand Hotel.

Authentic Italian food served in rustic surroundings. Fine choice

of wines. Calea 13 Septembrie 90. Ph. 021-4031902. Open: 12:00 - 15:00; 19:30 – 23:30 De Gustibus 6F : Restaurant, Terrace & Pizzeria. A

menu dedicated to only the most simple, appetizing and brilliantly executed Italian dishes, mainly with a Tuscan twinge. Happy Hours 11:30 - 16:00, From Mon. to Fri. 10% Off. Air conditioned. CC accepted. Parking lot. 10, Marcel Iancu

St. Ph. 021-211-1449; 0744-520106. Open: 12:00 - 24:00 Osteria Gioia 5C : Delicious Italian food. Excellent wine selection. Modern, elegant interiors, well trained and friendly staff. 16, Ion Mihalache Blvd; Ph.: 021-311-3750;

Open 12:00 till late (23:00 last order). Modigliani 7D : Pasta /Carne. An Italian Original. If you

ever feel like savoring an authentic Italian dinner, come at the Modigliani restaurant you can be the guest of its Italian Chef, Andrea Aiudi. Home made pasta, basil, creamy sauces and a whole new world of flavors are waiting to be explored in its cozy atmosphere. Air conditioned. C.C accepted. Parking lot.

9, Batistei St. (entrance also from the InterContinental lobby), Ph.: 0730-644-806, Open: Mon-Sat 18.00 - 04.00 Roberto’s Restaurant 6D : Roberto’s offers its clientele

Italian cuisine at its best, thanks to the use of the freshest seasonal ingredients, cooked to perfection by the chef. The menu will seduce you and take you on a culinary journey with courses from all around Italy, reflecting the country’s reputation as the land of robust flavors, simply prepared food highlighting the quality of the ingredients and magnificent wines. Athenee

Palace Hilton Bucharest, 1-3, Episcopiei St. Ph.: 021-303-3777. Open: 12:00 - 23:00. Trattoria “Il Calcio” 6D : Extensive menu of Italian dishes. Large selection of wines, beers and spirits. Nice interiors, relaxing atmosphere, friendly staff. 14,

Catering service available. 18-20, Hristo Botev St. (near C.A. Rossetti Square). Ph.: 021-314-2825; 3132833. Open: 12:00 - 24:00.

MOROCCAN CUISINE Medina: The only Moroccan restaurant in the city. Medina is

proposing the most famous Moroccan and Tunisian specialties such as Couscous, Tajines and Pastillas, in a refined and sophisticated oriental atmosphere. For small hungers, you can also try our special Kemias (Tunisian tapas) with a fresh drink or a home made mint tea on our terrace. The restaurant can host private or corporate parties, business lunches/dinners. Special opening offer during summer! CC accepted, wireless internet, air-conditioning.

Open: 11:00 - till late (last food order 23:00) 7, Decebal Blvd., Ph.: 031.432.6664 ROMANIAN CUISINE Caro 4E : Caro Hotel’s Romanian restaurant. International cuisine. Wine cellar and terrace. C.C. accepted. Guaranteed parking. 164A, Barbu Vacarescu Blvd. Ph.: 021208-6100. Open: (restaurant) 16:00 – 24:00. Sunday closed, (wine cellar) 12:00 - 14:30 Caru’ cu Bere 7D : Historical restaurant (established

1879) in the old town district, behind the National History Museum. Original German style interior. Live music and dancing on weekends. CC accepted. 3-5, Stavropoleos St.

Ph.: 021-313-7560; Open: 10:00 - 24:00. Casa Romaneasca: Authentic Romanian culinary

delight in the traditional setting of a Romanian mansion with a splendidly decorated terrace, rich wine-cellar, large selection of Romanian wines, traditional Romanian customs and hospitality. CC accepted. 285A, Calea Bucuresti.

021-230-3210, 0730 006 978. Open: 12:00-24:00 Il Giardino: Exclusive atmosphere; exotic cuisine; exquisite ambient. C.C. Accepted. 19, Clucerului St. Ph.: 021-223-1978; 0723-671-657. Open: 12:00 till the last guest. Neptunus 2C : Named after the Roman God of the Sea, the

terrace offering wonderful views of the garden outside. It serves exquisite fish and sea food as fresh as the day it was caught. Air Conditioning, CC accepted, Parking, Smoking free, Outside Seating. 1, Poligrafiei Blvd. (Crowne Plaza Hotel);

Ph.:; Open daily: 12.00 – 23.00. SPANISH CUISINE Valencia: The Spanish House. Spanish & Int’l cuisine, Paella and Sangria like matadores have it. A discrete and intimate place, ideal for passionat encounters. Air conditioning. C.C. accepted. 12, Dr. Leonte St. Ph.: 021-312-81-96;

0722-204-884. Open: 11:00 – 24:00. VEGETARIAN CUISINE

Caffe & Latte 7C : Before or after a pleasant walk through

offer in a special space where collection wines can be tasted. Our selection includes more than 200 wines. Enjoy the Romanian folklore songs presented by the live band - Taraful Pandurilor. 71, Soseaua Panduri, Ph.: 0727-703-

charming villa in the center of the city, this place offers you an original menu, a mix between the famous Italian and French kitchens. Marcello, an Italian who lived almost all his life in France, opened this restaurant where you will find specialties from various parts of Italy and the day specialty, almost always French. Aviator Stefan Protopopescu Str., 64. Ph:

SEA FOOD La Veranda 2A : The restaurant is housed inside a glass

Ph.: 021-312-1353; 0788-312-878. Open: 16:00 - until the last guest leaves. Crama Pandurilor: Traditional Romanian cuisine rich

GALLERIA – 103 bis Erou Iancu Nicolae Street, first floor. Ph.: 021-206-8069. Open: 12:00 – 22:30 (22:00 – last order). MEDITERRANEAN CUISINE

021-335-3338; 0744.240.126; Fax: 021-301.98.45. Open: 11:00 - 02:00. Vatra 7D : Romanian cuisine. Air conditioning. 23-25, Brezoianu St. Ph.: 021-315-8375; 0721-200-800; Open: 12:00 - 24:00.

Ph.: 021-236-1510; Ph./Fax: 021-236-1511. Count Dracula Club 7D : Unique theme restaurant,

with a cozy atmosphere. Transylvanian and venison dishes. C.C. accepted. 8A, Splaiul Independentei.

Il Gambero Rosso 4D : Located in a small and

and atmosphere, a real part of the city’s history. C.C. accepted. Reservation neccessary! 50-52, G. Georgescu St. Ph.:

Casa Satya 5B : Vegetarian and Fish Cuisine. Organic Ingredients and Wines. 25, Banu Manta Blvd. Piata Victoriei area, near sector 1 Town-Hall; Ph.: 0788-788-111

Mendeleev St. Ph.: 021-312-2430; 0722-134-299. Open: Sun - Thu: 12:00 - 24:00, Fri - Sat: 12:00 - 01:00. Zigolini: A taste of Italy in Zigolini Ristorante! A deliciously

intimate dining experience nestled in the most elegant Galleria of Bucharest! C.C. Accepted. Guarded parking. JOLIE VILLE

St. Ph: 0724 891 819; Open:10:00 until the last guest leaves Hanul Hangitei 7D : Traditional Romanian cuisine. Daily special lunch offer. 16, Gabroveni St. Ph.: 021-314-7046. Open: 11:00 - until the last guest leaves. Locanta Jaristea: A genuine taste of Romania, both food

703 Open: 12.00 until the last guest leaves Decebal Rustic 7G : Exquisite Romanian dishes. C.C. accepted. 17, Decebal Blvd. Ph.: 021-321-67-00; 0723-515-009; Open:. 10:00 until the last guest leaves Decebal Classic 4D : Traditional Romanian cuisine, folk music band, select atmosphere, terrace. Business meetings, special events. C.C. accepted. 51, Barbu Vacarescu

COFFEE SHOPS Cismigiu Park, in-between business meetings or... whenever, pay them a visit and let them spoil you with their home made specialities. They’ve got new goodies, breakfast choices, soups, salads and... lots of surprises that will keep on coming. Yours truly, Caffe & Latte! 35, Schitu Magureanu St.

Ph.: 031-415-8551 Open: 08.30 - 22.30 Cafe Klein 7D : At Rembrandt Hotel mezzanine, Café Klein is an intimate and pleasant place for all guests who want to enjoy either a delicious breakfast or just a glass of wine. Open 12:00 – 19:00 also for those who are not the hotel’s guests. The bar is for non-smokers. Free wi-fi internet inside the bar for all clients. 11, Smardan St. Ph/Fax: 021-313-9315; 021-313-9316

Italian restaurant Neptunus brings a new dimension of deluxe gastronomy in a fascinating journey through Mediterranean cuisine. Cellar, breakfast room, summer terrace, hostess service, wifi internet, air conditioning, free parking lot.

7-9, Soseaua Nordului Ph: 0761 423 220 Open: 12:00 until the last guest leaves (24:00 – last kitchen order) Sharkia 6D : Named after an eastern wind from the

Levantine region, the restaurant brings you the whiff of the original East Mediterranean flavors. For the dishes are used the most wholesome ingredients therefore the quality, nutritional value and freshness of the food are a promise towards all Sharkia guests. The authenticity of the ingredients offers a unique culinary experience while the food that is fuel for your mind and body, as well as for your spirit. Enjoy the menu variety and let the East Mediterranean aromas and textures of the culinary delights spoil your senses. 63-81, Calea

Victoriei (Radisson Blu Hotel). Ph.: 021-311-9000. Open: 12:00 - 23:00. Valencia: The Spanish House. Spanish & Int’l cuisine, Paella and Sangria like matadores have it. A discrete and intimate place, ideal for passionat encounters. Air conditioning. C.C. accepted. 12, Dr. Leonte St. Ph.: 021-312-81-96;

0722-204-884. Open: 11:00 – 24:00. MIDDLE EASTERN CUISINE Golden Falcon 7E : Best Turkish restaurant in town. Full

range of kebab dishes, Turkish aperitifs and traditional sweets.

Bucuresti what, where, when


pay them a visit and let them spoil you with their home made specialities. They’ve got new goodies, breakfast choices, soups, salads and... lots of surprises that will keep on coming. Yours truly, Caffe & Latte! 35, Schitu Magureanu St. Ph.: 031-

415-8551 Open: 08.30 - 22.30 Champions 8B : At the JW Marriott Bucharest Grand

Hotel. The American Sports Bar and Restaurant. A place for good food, good times and good sports. Live TV Sport coverage on 27 flat screen TV sets. Calea 13 Sept. 90.

Ph.: 021-403-1917;Open: 17:00 - 01:00. Club InterContinental Lounge 7D : With a

contemporary design an authentic touch, this is the perfect place for a meeting, networking, a light meal or just for relaxation, reading, listening to music and watching the unique city view. Air conditioned. C.C accepted. Parking lot. 4,

Nicolae Balcescu Blvd. - InterContinental Hotel, 21st floor, Ph.: 021-310-2020 Open: 06.30 - 10.30 Dark Bla Bar 6D : Cognac & cigars bar for 34 persons. Single Malts, Cognacs & Cigars in an upscale & late night mood. CC accepted. Smoking. 63-81, Calea Victorie,

Crown Cafe 2A : The cafe welcomes you with fine cream leather armchairs set around a small atrium in the inside garden of the hotel. Coffee, tea, beer, and - later in the evening - the perfect place for cocktails and digestive before bed. The cafe is an entirely ‘smoking allowed’ venue. Air Conditioning, CC accepted, Parking, Outside Seating, Smoking free, Take Away, Wifi. 1, Poligrafiei Blvd. (Crowne Plaza Hotel); Ph.:; Open: 09.00 – 02.00. La Galette Restaurant & Snacking 2B : Relaxed

& friendly dining atmosphere on the terrace. Wide range of snacks. French bakery. Cakes & pastries. Selection of Teas & Coffees. Take away. Designated Smoking Area. CC accepted. Free WiFi access. Free parking. Open: Mon. - Fri. 08:00 -

20:00; Sat. 09:00 - 18:00; Ph.: 021-202-1633; Pullman Hotel, 10 Montreal Square. Geisha Cafe 6D : High quality coffe in a very popular downtown location. 10, C.A. Rosetti St. Ph.: 021-315-7298. Open: 08:30 - 24:00. Grand Cafe Galleron: Large selection of drinks & coffes, quality simple food. Charming interiors, cozy atmosphere. Located in the heart of the city close to Atheneum in a superb old villa. C.C. accepted. Air conditioning. 18A, Nicolae

Golescu St. Ph.: 021-312-4565. Open: 09:00 - 24:00. Jolie Cafe: Ideal venue for a coffee break or a business meeting. C.C. accepted. Guarded parking lot. JOLIE VILLE GALLERIA - 103 bis, Erou Iancu Nicolae St., groundfloor. Ph.: 021-206-8067. Open: daily 12:00 - 22:00. Kartell Cafe - Lounge 7D : Nice cafe located

downtown in historical part of the city. Friendly staff. Small summer terrace. St. Smardan 7. Ph.: 0749-057-770.

Open: 10:00 - till last customer. Serendipity Tea House 6D : Tea and lots of it. There

are more than 55 types of tea available, including the trademark Serendipity, an aromatic yet fruity green tea with more than a hint of strawberries. A quiet location just off an otherwise busy central street make this superb choice for long, peaceful afternoons reading a good book with a great cup of tea or two. Oh, and we should point out that coffee menu is not bad either. CC accepted, free wireless internet.12, Dumbrava

Rosie St. Ph.: 021-211.31.00. Open: Mon.-Fri. 15:00-22:00, Sat.-Sun: 12:00-22:00 Tekaffe 6B : In the beautiful surroundings of the city center, on Victoriei Ave , you can stop a while to pamper yourself with a special coffee or tea and enjoy a tasty cake. If you are leaving Bucharest by train, you can visit their second location near the North Railway Station to take a sandwich or salad for the road. The Tekaffe products are all made by a dedicated team in their own laboratory, with natural and fresh ingredients.143,

Calea Grivitei. Ph.: 0372-121 821 Open daily 11:00 - 22:00; 56, Victoriei Ave. (the intersection with Ion Campineanu str.) Ph: 0372 010 327 Open: Mon-Fri 08.00 – 20.00 Sat 09:00 - 15:00 Times Cafe: Large selection of coffee, cocktails and fancy

drinks, sandwiches, salads and deserts. Summer terrace. Within the Golden Tulip Times Hotel. C.C. accepted. 19,

Decebal Blvd. Ph.: 021-316-6516. Open: 09:00-23:00. Vienna Cafe 8B : At the JW Marriott Bucharest Grand

Hotel. Chocolate, pastry and cake lovers, this is the place for


what, where, when

you - known to be so good that ladies go there for a lunch of cakes only! Viennese and International desserts, freshly baked tarts, cakes and pastries. Wedding cakes on order.

Calea 13 Sept. 90. Ph.: 021-403-1901; Open: 09:00 - 23:00. PUBS AND COCKTAIL BARS L’Arpège Bar 2B : The perfect place to meet your business partners or to enjoy a relaxing moment while drinking a delicious cocktail. CC accepted. Free WiFi access. Free parking. Open: Mon. - Fri. 08:30 - 01:30, Sat. & Sun. 10:00 - 01:30. Ph.:021-202-1632; Pullman Hotel, 10, Montreal Square. Bar “37” 7D : The bar gives you the opportunity to

experience the excellent view of Calea Victoriei. Creative cocktails, large wine list and food snack offer. Do not miss the Mediterranean Tapas finger food experience every day starting 18:30. Summer terrace and underground parking available. CC accepted. Novotel Bucarest City Centre - 37B,

Calea Victoriei. Ph.: 021-308-8500. Open: Mon. – Fri. 07:00 - 02:00, Sat. – Sun. 09:00 - 02:00. Beach Bar 6D : For 64 persons, offering poolside comfort

foods,draught beer, frozen Margarita & fresh lemonade. CC accepted. Non-smoking. 63-68, Calea Victoriei,

Radisson Blu Hotel, ground floor garden. Ph.: 021-601-3436. Open seasonal, May to September, 09:00 - midnight. Bla Lounge Bar 6D : Centre ice bar in atrium for 108

persons. Vodka, Cocktails, Beverages & Snacks in a hear, feel, taste mood. CC accepted. Non-smoking. 63-81, Calea

Victoriei, Radisson BLU Hotel groundfloor. Ph.: 021-311-9000; Open: Mon.-Fri. 08:00 02:00; Sat.-Sun. 08:00 - midnight. Centro Bar & Lounge 6D : The perfect place for a

business meeting or for a relaxing drink after a busy day. Our fresh selection of sandwiches, salads and pastry products make it a convenient place for any time of the day. Howard

Johnson Grand Plaza Hotel, Calea Dorobantilor 5 – 7, Open daily 09:00 – 00:30 Ph.: 021 201 5000 / int 340 Caffe & Latte 6C : Before or after a pleasant walk through Cismigiu Park, in-between business meetings or... whenever,

Radisson BLU Hotel groundfloor. Ph.: 021-3119000; Open: Mon.-Fri. 17:00 - 02:00., Sat.-Sun. 08:00 - midnight. The Dubliner Irish Pub 5B : Genuine Irish

atmosphere. Draught beer. Air-conditioned. Very popular among the members of the English speaking community. 18,

Titulescu Blvd. Ph.: 021-222-3737; 021-222-9473. Open: 12:00 - 02:00. English Bar 6D : Relax in the soft lighting and traditional

decor of the Athenee Palace Hilton Bucharest hotel’s inviting English Bar. Choose from over 40 whiskies, sip a cocktail or order form the international snack menu. Enjoy a Cuban cigar to round off your night. CC accepted. Athenee Palace Hilton

Bucharest, 1-3, Episcopiei St. Ph.: 021-303-3777. Open: 17:00 - 02:00. The Epoque Lounge Bar 6C : This is the place for

powerful business meetings but also for relaxation in front of one of the fireplace, while enjoying a refined drink or just peaceful music. The Epoque Bar welcomes you with its intimate and refined atmosphere, fireplace, terrace and a fine selection of wines and cigars, daily, from 6:30 to 23:00 hrs. Wireless Internet is available in the Lounge just as all around the hotel. The facilities are: smoking and non-smoking feature; nice and cosy summer terrace, free high speed WI-FI internet access; air conditioning; daily newspaper; CC accepted, guarded free parking lot. 17C, Aurora Entr. (Epoque Hotel);

Ph.: 021-312-3232. Open: 06:30 – 23:00. Frame Club 6D the movie club in town is inviting you

everyday to be part of the various events that are happening there: karaoke nights, live acts, weekend special DJ parties, chill-out nights or film screenings.Cozy place, perfect for private parties or any other special occasion. Some of the best cocktails in town. Free wifi internet, air conditioning, CC accepted. 38B, Magheru Blvd (Romana Square)

Ph: 021 - 211.01.44 / 0730.11.77.03 Open: Mon – Thur 10:00 – until the last guest leaves, Fri – Sat: 10:00 – 05:00, Sun: 15:00 – until the last guest leaves. The Gin Factory 7D : Irish Pub & Restaurant

International ciusine; Chef’s choice: fish & chips; beefsteak. Lunch: 12:00-17:00. Live music every Wed & Sun; DJ set every Thu, Fri & Sat starting 23:00 C.C. Accepted, free WiFi internet; Digi TV, Sky TV, Smoking areas; 37, Lipscani St.

Ph: 021-311-3836 Open: 10:00 – 05:00 (23:00 – last kitchen order; 22:00 – last reservation).

Green Hours 22 Jazz Café 5C : Hip and unique.

Enjoy exotic cocktails and coffee in a neon-lit, tube-shaped bar, with live, trippy jazz-rock on one end and cozy couches on the other-like spending an evening in a surreal submarine. Also a relaxing outdoor patio that’s packed on weekend nights. Music most nights after 9 pm.. Morning coffee or nightly cocktails.

120, Calea Victoriei. Ph.: 0722-234-356. Open: non-stop The Harp Irish Pub 8D : Very popular Irish hangout

with great selection of beer, a warming atmosphere downstairs complete with fireplaces candle-lit tables and extensive seating upstairs. Guaranteed to be packed with younger Romanians and expats alike any weekend evening. The second Irish hangout in Bucharest. Air-conditioning. C.C. accepted. 1, Piata Unirii.

Ph.:021-335-6508. Open: 09:00 - until the last guest leaves. Intermezzo Piano Bar 7D : Just the way you might

imagine a classic bar: sophisticated but relaxed, chic but comfortable. Located just off the InterContinental Hotel lobby, Intermezzo offers live piano music in the evenings, creating the perfect backdrop after a long working day. Air conditioned. C.C accepted. Parking lot. 4, Nicolae Balcescu Blvd.,

Ph.: 021-310-2020, Open: 08.00 - 01.00 James Joyces 6C : A real Iris pub run by real paddy. 1-3, Valter Maracineanu Sq. Ph.021-311-4177; Mora 4C : comes to redefine the bar concept, offering

customers the chance to taste a wide variety of French champagnes, wines and liquors, as well as champagne-based cocktails. Whether a light and sophisticated lunch, an afternoon business coffee or an aperitivo, a quality evening with friends before a night out listening to live DJ mixes. Parking lots available. Smoking venue. 22, Paris St. Reservations:

0748-544-911. Opened daily from 12:00 until late in the night. Onx Pub 6A : Lot of fun, karaoke, live concerts & special parties. 290, Splaiul Independentei, Regie P16 Open: 12:00 - until the last guest leaves. Orange Bar (lobby bar): If you are looking for a place to

enjoy the highest standards, a perfect coffee, fresh sandwiches, sft drinks and the best cognac in town, you most go high, go North! C.C. accepted. 44A, Daniel Danielopolu. St.

Ph.: 021-233-5000 Open: daily 10:00-24:00 Palace Pub 8C : Situated in a remarkable historical

building, Bragadiru Palace, in the near distance of the Parliament, Palace Pub has an impressing garden and a friendly interior design. “The best steak in town” is prepared from tender Argentinean beef. We serve a selection of Irish and International food and beverages. You can help yourself with draft beer from your table keg. Fridays and Saturdays we have Live Music and Karaoke program. 147-153, Calea

during traditional English afternoon tea time, taste some of our delicious snacks and try something from the list of over 100 spirits. Cigars are available to round off your evening. C.C. accepted. Grand Hotel Continental, 56, Victoriei

Ave. Ph.: 0372 010 300 Open: nonstop. White Horse 4D : Pub & Restaurant. English &

International cuisine. Wide selection of draught beers. CC accepted. 4A, G. Calinescu St. Ph.: 021-231-2795.

Open: 12:00 - until the last guest leaves. CLUBS Bamboo: 39, Ramuri Tei St., Ph.: 0722-132-283, 0788-296-776 Cuando Club: 35-37, Academiei St.,; Ph.: 0722-505085 Disco Club Maxx: 290, Splaiul Independentei,; Ph.: 021-223-00-39 Embryo: 3, Ion Otetelesanu St., Ph.: 0727-379-023 Gossip: 9-11, Lanariei St., Ph.: 0721-GOSSIP Kristal Glam Club: 2, J.S. Bach St., Ph.: 021-231-21-36, 0721-993-988 The Office: 8, Tache Ionescu St., Ph.: 021-211-67-48 Posh Club: 19, Orhideelor Ave., Ph.: 0751-157-575 Session: 47-49, Elefterie St., Ph.: 0729-292-541, 0721-151-649 Temple: 25, Splaiul Independentei,; Ph.: 0748-881-086, 313-35-75, 0727-297-610 MASSAGE PARLOURS Artemis: Ph.: 0754-963-164 Caresse: Ph.: 0724-418-530 The Editor: We decline the responsibility for any changes in the schedule.

Rahovei, ground floor, Ph.: 0785-444-466,, Pavilion Lounge 8B : Within the JW Marriott Bucharest Grand Hotel. Your favorite drink, accompanied by Chef’s choice of canapés, in a relaxed atmosphere. CC accepted. 90,

Calea 13 Septembrie. Ph.: 021-403-1904. Open: non-stop. The Sky Gate Bar: This bar of the angelo Airport hotel

Bucharest offers a pleasant and relaxing environment where you can enjoy a cup of coffee, an afternoon tea, a refined cocktail or simply a cigarette in pleasant company. The hotel’s professional bartenders are always there just when you need them. Located right beside the lobby and restaurant, the bar offers its guests an intimate, private area. CC accepted. 283,

Calea Bucurestilor, Otopeni. Ph: 021 20 36 500; Fax: 021 20 36 530; Open 24 hours a day. Thomas Antiques Bar 7D : Taste the house wine

and enjoy it on one of their sunny balconies. Wide range of beers and something special for ladies - „French Vanilla” or „Brazilian Nut”. Smoking & non smoking areas; Air conditioned; Free WiFi internet; CC accepted. 19, Covaci St. 1st floor

& attic, Ph: 0752 440 818, Open: bar (1st floor): Mon - Thu & Sun: 10:00 – 22:00, Fri – Sat: 10:00 – 24:00, attic: Mon – Sat: 10:00 – 20:00, Sun: 10:00 – 16:00 Trafalgar Pub 5D : Beer, wines, spirits and snacks. Close to Turkish Embassy on Calea Dorobantilor. 4A, David Emanuel St. Ph.: 021-211-3151. Open: 11.00 - till the last guest. Tribute 6D : First class venue, great live music. 118, Calea Victoriei, Ph.: 0728-742-883; Open: Wed. : 21:00 - 02:00; Thu. - Sat.: 21:00 - 05:00. Victoria Club 7D : Classic mahogany furniture, leather

Chesterfield sofas, warm beige nuances, exquisite services... these are the fine details that will catch your eye and soul in our English Bar – Victoria Club. Here you can taste our delicate teas & coffees brews while engaging in succulent conversation

Bucuresti what, where, when


satisfying results over these crucial months? As this recession has dragged on over the past 4 years, retailers have increasingly moved the usual post Christmas price cuts to as early as November. That means that you, as a visitor, can benefit from huge price cuts, and take gifts galore to your loved ones back home. Although the artisans and producers of Romanian folkloric items do not work off “pre-ticketed” pricing, they will be anxious for sales, and receptive to some price negotiation.

Dear Reader,

the last word


Another year gone by, all too quickly! It seems only yesterday we were sunning ourselves on the Black Sea Coast beaches, now we are bundling up against the bitter evening cold, and hoping we can keep paying the heating bills. Christmas and the first week in January are both Holy and Festive occasions

in Romania. Families gather to enjoy the traditional dishes, and exchange gifts. I hope you will find the time to diner in a traditional Romanian Restaurant and will try some of our delicacies. Retail sales have fluctuated over the past months, up and down a couple of percentage points, but November and December will tell the story. Do Romanians still have enough cash reserves to produce

It has been a relatively mild winter so far and forecasts are for more of the same, though a bit colder. Romania still boasts some of the most beautiful and uncrowded ski slopes, but the snow is late this season. But by January we expect the ski season, in Sinaia and the Bucegi Mountains to be in full swing. So why not plan a ski Holiday for early next year. In the meantime enjoy our theater and Opera. High levels of artistic performances at most accessible ticket costs By the time your read this, the Legislative Elections will be over. (Dec 9), and we will know which party will try to control Government Policy. This will be at least the third general election this year, after local elections, which were followed by a referendum to recall the president. I think elections and electioneering may be the only growth industry in Romania right now. We continue on an austerity budget despite protests, and are likely to get the IMF loan and other international assistance to help us bide our time until the economic locomotives, read Germany and France begin to move forward again. We hope you are having a productive and enjoyable stay. On behalf of our entire staff at Crystal Publishing Group, I wish you a Happy and Healthy Holiday Season, and a joyous and safe New Year! Ludwig Gelobter, Publisher

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what, where, when

December 2012 - January 2013  

December 2012 - January 2013

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