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Read Before You Organize an Online Campaign for Event mediamister YouTube service

• If you are organizing an event, you must market it on social media.

• You must read before you organize an online campaign for event.

• You have seen lots of campaigns in recent days for various events. • If you are also planning to organize an event and also thinking of starting an online campaign for the event here are some tips for you.

Engage in Two-way Conversation

• Ever heard the terms “earned media” and “paid media”? • Well, social media falls squarely into the former camp.

• Sure, you can invest in paid advertisements to extend your reach, • but those ads will only perform well if you offer something of value to the community.

• You have to earn your audience’s attention and respect in these online communities.

• Answer somebody’s question on a LinkedIn forum • Retweet another Twitter user’s post that you think would be interesting to your audience

• The best way to prove your value is to participate in the community and start a two-way conversation. How can you do that?

• Compliment a post on a Facebook page that you found interesting • Write a blog post with information or advice about a topic your audience cares about

• Instead of pushing out your sales message or advertising jargon, • As is typical in paid media, you must be authentic, transparent and engaging to earn attention for your event in social media. •

Listen to the conversation first; then jump in.

Welcome Honest Feedback

• It’s best not to overreact or respond defensively to a negative statement on social media about your event.

• And never delete a negative comment unless it is inappropriate or profane.

• Doing so could result in the original commenter retaliating for having erased their feedback, and it signals to others that you are not genuinely concerned about that feedback (or worse yet, that you have something to hide).

• Instead, use the comment to springboard the discussion and redirect the conversation towards the positive ways to enhance the event experience.

• The good news about honest remarks on social media is that you’ll be listening and prepared to respond to that feedback.

• These are some basic tips you should follow before starting an online campaign for your event. • The moral of the story is that you should be natural and authentic.

• Just keep in mind, people are always smarter. • Never underestimate your users and readers.

• If they find you artificial or fake, they will never come back to you again!

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Read Before You Organize an Online Campaign for Event