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10 White Hat SEO Techniques

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• There are many SEO techniques which help your site grow different folds.

• But unfortunately, due to lack of proper knowledge certain technique, you end up with drastic results.

• This puts all your efforts in vain. You can check best SEO Company located in Bangalore here.

• So, try to inculcate White Hat SEO techniques to avoid any such case with you

• Here, you will find top 10 White Hat SEO techniques.

Website Content • The first and foremost thing which comes into play is the content of your site. ]

• The content should be unique and original.

• The quality of content should be maintained.

• Google search is very keen to index good and quality articles.

• The article should not be copied rather it should be informative and inspiring.

Title and Meta Data • After having quality article, tags should be well placed in the article.

• These tags should include the relevant information.

• The title tag is placed at the top of the browser and it should contain the top or main keyword in this.

• Meta tag is another important tag which resides in the head section of an HTML page.

Proper keywords • Keywords are very useful in getting the targeted visitors to your site. • For a better result, keyword research should be done which gives you appropriate results.

• . These keywords can be placed on title, Meta description, heading elements, ALT tag and much more. •

Guest Posting • Guest Posting is very safe and successful technique to drive genuine visitors to your site.

• In this, you actually share your links on other sites in the form of an article.

• Guest posting is purely a White Hat technique and doesn’t involve any kind of spam.

Semantic Mark Up • Search engines work in a semantic way. • Hence, semantic structuring helps search engine to understand your content better.

• . This includes mainly the proper use of heading elements. • Search engines give more importance to heading elements.

Relative content • By including the relative content to your content is a good way to engage the visitors.

• The links of related article give an idea to the visitors about the different articles present on the site and easier for them to find what they are searching on the net.

Content sharing • Publishing an article on the site is not the last thing. • Content sharing is one of the ardent need to take care of.

• Share your content on different social networking sites, bookmarking sites, directory submission and many more.

Directory Submission • Submitting your content to different online directories is a very good way to generate traffic.

• You will find paid as well as a free online directory.

• Some directories are content specific and some others accept articles from a wide range of category.

CSS • Cascaded Style Sheet or CSS plays an important role in distinguishing two articles.

• The design of the site should be such that you can see the article separately

• The design of the site helps search engine to crawl your content and index them properly.

Use of Images and Rich Media • With the text in your content, you can also include different types of media in it.

• Images and video are very useful as it gives a better look to the visitors and it drives a lot of traffic too.

• The content becomes interesting by including images and videos.



10 white hat seo techniques  
10 white hat seo techniques  

There are many SEO techniques which help your site grow different folds. But unfortunately, due to lack of proper knowledge certain techniqu...