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Volume XC • Issue 12• May 21, 2010

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Pop Culture

Seniors share pictures from their A3 chubby-cheeked childhood!

Seniors leave their possessions and memories to friends and teachers A2

Seniors say thanks to those who have changed their lives B1

Self superlatives and the top ten graduates of the class of 2010 B3

The evolution of pop culture from 2006 through 2010 B10

The Newsstreak

may 21, 2010

News A2

Last Will & Testament B

I, Ethan Blackwell, being of lax mind and gigantic 6’3” body, do hereby bequeath the following items: 1. To Aakash, Alex, Anthony, Brendon, Justin, and Sarah I leave: My dignity, on many occasions you have seen me at my best and my worst and we all know what I’m referring to. I can only hope that my reputation lives on no matter what some say, more specifically what Brendon may say in the future, so that when I say “How’s it hanging?” there isn’t awkward silence or strayed thoughts. I will allow BWEP to be laid to rest though, that reputation cannot outlive high school. 2. To William Imeson I leave: my knowledge of beating anyone at any card game. Don’t ever listen to Sarah’s strategy of holding cards for later; if you do you will always be the “anti-president”. So Daisy remember what you have been taught, play twos and aces late and you’ll have the pres seat on the plate. And when it comes to quims, I’ve got your back too. I eat quims for breakfast! 3. To my classroom successor I leave: my insight in English. If you think you know something and you’re not sure, do not put yourself in the middle of something, ask the teacher after class. In the fairly common case that you are called upon and were either daydreaming or not prepared to answer the question simply tell the teacher that, don’t try and lie your way out of it, it will only make your fall greater. I, Grace Byers, being of sound mind and body, do hereby bequeath the following items: 1. To Stephanie Wampler I leave our love and crazy times. You have been my best friend for almost six years and grew closer with each year. Specifically, I will leave your mascot, sasparilla, toe kisses, and other inside jokes for you. I will miss you so much Stephie. I LOVE YOU. 2. To Macie Frazier I leave my memories. Macie, aka Marrrge, you have been my best friend since I was six years old. I can’t believe we could stand each other for so long. We have so many inside jokes and fun times together. I’ll miss you falling every soccer game, I love you Macie! 3. To Cilla Harrison I leave “the nibblins”. Cilla we grew up together and have had some pretty crazy experiences. Please don’t ever stop mooning people because you are too good at it. I’ll miss you girl! I, Rafy Carbajal, being of a procrastinating mind and Mexican body, do hereby bequeath the following items: 1. To Alan Pineda I leave: The manliness of the clarinet section, and good luck/awesomeness for the next three years 2. To The Sexyphones I leave: My ghetto neck-strap, three broken tenor saxes, and a scarred mind... thanks to Ashleigh. 3. To My little cousin Manny Gomez I leave: My little bro, when he gets to high school, inspiration to work hard and get into a cool college, and stuff... I, Drake Cary, being of strong and noble mind and flattering, bronze body, do hereby bequeath the following items: 1. To Ben DiNapoli I leave: The ability to hug with sincerity, smile on sad days, and perform stellar routines for the boys dance team. 2. To Will Turner I leave: Numerous memories of practice in the multi-purpose room. I also leave you Mr. Bair (for obvious reasons). 3. To Emmett Copeland I leave: The capability to spit hot game at any fresh catch he may lay eyes on. 4. To Chris Lacey I leave: Many fresh styles and dews for the beard. 5. To Dylan St.Ours I leave:


My ability to complete homework assignments. 6. To Mr. Michael Clopper I leave: Approximately 88.34562% of my heart, sorry that is all I can offer. 7. To Savanah Cary I leave: The entire property of HHS. So now you basically own anything on the grounds a n d have complete control of Harrisonburg High School. I, Michael Clopper, being of virtuous mind and hard body, do hereby bequeath the following items: 1. To Ryan Slocum I leave: Smith Mountain Lake, Dairy Queen, Joel & Kris, Sted9000, Strutter, My house, Fatty, Flipped Jet Skis, The lady at the Mexican restaurant, 9th grade, and of course, much love. 2. To Travis Roadcap I leave: Amy Smiley, Hardbodies, Lynchburg Police Officers, You me and Fletch finding dead people, Nearly catching on fire, TA’s Homecoming, Charlottesville juke, JV baseball, Coach Long, and of course, BC next year! 3. To Jake Johnson I leave: Golds Gym, Our serious talks, Kicking it, Tatum, Piper, Talbot, Abner, Skyler, Drew, Christine, and Rickman, and of course, Second Block Weight Training. 4. To Drake Cary I leave: Streaking, Your hot tub, Canoeing, Camping, Busch Gardens, Dances, and of course, Peabody’s! 5. To Wayson Lee, Will Turner, William Imeson I leave: Me not being able to beat you up during indoor practice. 6. To Caitlin Kelley, Kendall Bailey, and Jenny Kniss I leave: My apologizes for always screaming your names. Sorry. 7. To Ryan Fletcher I leave: Indoor, The dude for Alleghaney at Regionals, and of course, hardbodies. 8. To Shane McMahan I leave: SW! 9. To Meagan Kelley I leave: Never drawing me a picture, Your really nice hair, and of course, Caitlin. 10. To Nick Fornadel I Leave: Fireworks, Golds, Your old step-dads house, and of course, The crazy girl from my Grandparent’s house. 11. To Tanner Johnson I Leave: Everything Jake got, and of course, My Grandparents cabin and the stuff it contained. 12. To Zack Dean I Leave: All of my love. 13. To Tyler Cockerham I Leave: Your house after Homecoming our Freshman year. 14. To Priscilla Harrison I Leave: My 1995 Camry instead of your 1985 Camry, Yelling your name in the parking lot, and of course, the shirt you owe me. 15. To Rachel O’Connor I Leave: Renaissance, Tours, Martins, and of course, never getting me shirts from cool places. 16. To Justice Royer I Leave: Your thug brother and the whole entire school. I, Kaiti Crittenden leave to Abi Hassler my whole life from 2nd grade until now. I’d need about 30 pages of the Newsstreak to list all our inside jokes & amazing moments, so just settle with this: you’re my sister, best friend, maid of honor, and everything in between. I love you hun! To the Musical Kids, I leave the stage, catwalk, secret rooms filled with weird props & ridiculous costumes, killer dance moves, Glee, J.P., and all my love. You guys made me wish for winter every year, just so I could come back and perform with you. Being a part of the Joseph production this year was the best experience I’ve ever had in my entire life, and I give you guys all the credit for it. It was awkward at first, having dozens of freshmen on the cast in lead roles, and (honestly) I was a little skeptical. But after hearing you guys sing, watching you dance, and feeling you come alive on stage, I know now that the best years of HHS Musicals are already in the works. I leave you all with Wendy’s, IHOP, Lastly, I leave you all the talent in the universe. I know it’s weird to leave you all that, since you already have it…but I mean… To Dakota Hassler, I leave texting you about playing xbox, the best hugs in the whole world, always want-

ing to force-feed you during wrestling season, freaking out when you bust your face or hurt yourself, playing baseball with my boyfriend Gigantor, and claiming HER! (you know exactly who I’m talking about) To Naomi Ornstein, I leave childhood gymnastics & childish people, jumping on the trampoline at your house, Twilight, bracelets, the awesome shirts you make, jr/sr seminar, Coldstone’s Cakebatter ice cream and princess-story picture comments on Myspace, and “BUNNY!!!!!” I wuv youuu! To Dylan Norquest, I leave you McDonald’s sweet tea, the new guitar I have yet to buy you, all the times I asked you what you were up to & already knowing that you were writing songs, the 1348509731896 organs in your house, all the computer-generated music in the universe, the Jonas Brothers, Midnight Spaghetti, Spaghettifest & seeing Miss.Hmmhmmhmmm dancing like a hippie & blowing bubbles, 2 liters of Dr.Pepper & fake bullet holes in drama class, all the times you tried hitting on you-know-who and having the other-you-know-who blocking your game, your stallion-tail from spring play ’08-09, karate & shiny nunchucks, V.T.A., one act homelessness & panera, the orange lady at IHOP, “does kaiti really have her license, ‘cause I think she’s lying…” and becoming a songwriter/ singer. Remember: when you get famous first, you have to bring me too. Since (regardless of what you say), that’s how it’s gonna happen. To Kaelyn Warne, I leave one act & musical, showing HER up at V.T.A, zombie Pocahontas, tickle-ish-ness, J.P., being cutecutecute (‘cause you ARE), the choir handshake you & Maggie made up that left my chest cherry red, laughing at ourselves every time we laughhiccup, the two different-butstill-the-same bracelets you got made at Disney (girl you know what I’m talking about), being “silly” & playing Aakash & Justin HARDCORE, and OOOHHHH NUMBA 7!!!!!!!! OOOOHHHHHHHHHH!!!!! (That goes for Morgan, Tony, and Ashley too). To Morgan Wise, I leave musical & using your lipgloss every night. I also leave you the sombreros, bongos, all the fast passes we never got for all the long-line rides, getting rained on at animal kingdom, being cramped & the “I want to go to the hotel NOW” face, THAT GIRL for holding us back at every single place we went to, “If you do that to me one more time, I’m stabbing you in the face with a fork while you sleep,” “:O WHAT?...maybe we should scooch away from her, guys…”and all my stuff that you so lovingly held in your purse for me at Disney World. To Maggie Siciliano, I leave one act, V.T.A., Musical, the scandalous dance, the choir handshake, all the times we’ve busted into dance, and just the fact that’s you’re one of the most awesome freshmen I’ve ever met. To Kirsten Ferg, I leave you lovelovelovelovelovelovelov elovelove, being a cutie, rolling quarters on our noses, Carl & Louise, dancing to Canaan Days backstage, being a cutie, snorting, McDonalds & hugging in the freezing cold, being a cutie, being a cutie, being a cutie, (did I say that already?...) and hanging out together, because it’s GONNA happen. You’re one of my best buds & I know that every time I’m with you, there’ll be overwhelming laughter. I love you honeybunch! To Grace Clough, I leave Joseph, church choir & creepy songs, “MAH-tha & FAHHtha,” NG’s crazy eyebrows & bald spot, the blue Narrator/ Jazz Choir shirts matching your hair perfectly, “Miihleh ate my haaaaair” & “ahh waas gonna waash yo’ caar but ahh threw a rock at it instead,” “Hey Arnold,” and kind-of-matchingbut-not-really-sweatshirts at Target. To Nancy Carrie Logan, I leave all my love, the orange lady at IHOP, the big red Minnie Mouse bow in my prom catalogue that I have yet to

buy you (but I will!), hiding in the diaper-forts in Wal-Mart at midnight, dancing backstage, trying to improv all our songs on the Sunday night performance of Joseph, secret agent F, undercover nose-picking, drama class, (apparently) being identical twins onstage from far away, “Hey Arnold” & old cartoons, and all the things you can remember off the top of your head that I can’t. You’re an incredible actress, singer, and friend, and I can’t wait to watch you on Broadway. To My 9th grade Earth Science class, I leave mom-visits during class, getting referrals, the dinosaur bathroom pass, sucking helium balloons then answering questions in class, pointing at people in the greenhouse next door, hiding in the cabinet & jumping out, yelling HAPPY BIRTHDAY when no one knew where I was, getting one question wrong on the S.O.L., coloring & watching Spongebob after the final exam, and the bright green gum… To Dorrall Price, I leave hand-hearts, pretending to hate each other, hugs, Dr.Pepper, my junior year in musical, all the things that I’d punch you if you talked about, laughing at me & not telling me why until you’ve finished laughing, and…Franklin. I guess. To Chelsea Thurman, I leave singing Glee like a beast, “Cricky McCracken” & “Thurmanator,” random dancing, secret-creeping, and OOOHHHHHHHHHHH!!!” To Honors Choir, I leave Ms. Houff being annoyed at us, singing our hearts out, the Bandersnatch, Jabberwocky, & the Jub Jub bird, Dorrall dropping Toohey on his head at the Disney workshop, and being the most awesome choir class I’ve ever been a part of. I, Brendon Michael Cummiskey, being of righteous mind and more righteous body, do hereby bequeath the following items: 1. To Aaaaaaaakash, Ethan, Alex, Justin, and Sarah I leave: My transcripts of texts, facebook comments, and recordings of everything I’ve ever said. I want you all to laugh over and over again and most of all remember how 90% of what I said was to make Ethan’s day better. I also leave my smedium tees, polos, and khakis so everyone has something decent to wear. 2. To Anthony Todd I leave: My old textbooks because he will need them more than me. I also want to leave him my morals because through over time he has realized that I am a man of reason. 3. To Leo Arango I leave: My phone number and UVA email. Even though I’m going away I know he will still be asking me every day for help and he knows I can’t say no. We both know we couldn’t have gotten through math without each other. I, Chandler Dang, being of peaceful mind and body, do hereby bequeath the following items: 1. To Angel (aka Alexis Keopangna) I leave: My coolness and chillness to my little cousin. I hope that my actions throughout these years will make you finish high school in a positive way. You have three more years left! I’m sorry, but you have to find another ride home now. 2. To my boy Luis Hernandez I leave: All of the good and fun memories from playing Halo at George’s and Hectors house to just hanging out at Hectors house. If you’re in a bad mood, just think about George and Kevin’s goofy ways. I’m sorry, but you also have to find another ride to and from school. 3. To Mr. David Heatwole I leave: All of the good and bad memories from Finance and Business Law and your funny poker stories. Keep doing what your doing man and don’t take crap from anyone. Let them know that you pump iron. I, Emma DiNapoli,being of childlike mind and sleepdeprived body, do hereby bequeath the following items:


1. To the cross country team, I leave all of my love, for ever and ever, as well as mysteriously moving magnets, rubber ducks, the cookies with the pictures on them, team dinners, the legacy of the jai ho, sleepovers and scary movies, and prank phone calls. You guys are going to be better than ever next year! To Caitlin Kelley, I leave prank texts, “sparks” with all of your men, confidence that you’re going to be faster than both of the twins someday—and that you’re going to go to prom with at least on of them—and a big kiss on the forehead. To Jenny Kniss, I leave loud breathing, my desire to be taller than you in the future, three fantastic seasons of running and directions to your house, because I’ll remember how to get there someday!To Lindsey Cockburn, I leave wolf cubs, being intense about envirothon, mini flashcards and discussions about college, and MEAT. To Haley Wenos, I leave the Spotswood boys, one in particular, driving to and from Burtner Farm, getting lost in Charlottesville, and how proud I am of you for being so good at everything you do! To Alison Domonoske, I leave crying during core because of you, how your car/clothes always smell like food, plans for a running club, being nerdy and loving it, almost daily lunch trips to J’s, the future of the Newsstreak and, more importantly, the team! To Maria Rose, I leave being the jumping shrimp, bageling!, all your awkward comments (“hey Witcher from Virginia…”), and the Newsstreak. To Rachel O’Connor, I leave adventures in the county/country, cookie skillets, crazy similarities, a pledge to turn in an application to Brusters eventually, too many meals at El Charro to count and your promise to visit me at UVA! To Greta, Jessica and Kyle, I leave the conversations had at our lunch table, many thanks for the college advice you’ve given me over the past year and more bagels than should be legal! You guys are great. To Justin Goldberger, I leave the circle of love and hate we’ve had going since freshman year, secrets I’ve told you and your promise to come visit next year (even if you’re really visiting Aakash, you can pretend!) To Dasha Love, I leave all the foreign countries you came from, DD, GSA and running for thirteen? seasons straight together. That shouldn’t even be legal! To Ian Frazier, I leave being friends for going on twelve? years, how you’ve been right about 99% of the things that have gone right for me this year (thank you!!!), apologies for occasionally losing my temper, gigantic cookies and, even better, cookies with pictures on them, your adorable cousins, Taylor Swift!, a question: why don’t I know Quinn yet?, a promise to eliminate your dogs somehow (just kidding—but I will at least buy them personal air fresheners), and too many other things to list here. I love you, and I’ll miss you next year! Visit, visit, visit and you’re going to LOVE Ohio (my birthplace!) To Meagan Kelley, I leave a cappella music, letter days, smashed potatoes at Chili’s, the Spotswood cross country team (at least for a few years), the PLAN—which is going to happen, without a doubt!—, our relationship status, FM, Tom, the dramatic princess, fb stalking and your status as a private investigator, ginger babies and gingers in general, sleep deprivation, being the best captains ever, sweet catastrophes, Fired Up (particularly *** bars in New Haven, if ya know what I mean), preschool, the Olympics, loving the same music, scary movies, and Sarah Palin. o Sarah DiNapoli, I leave years of friendly competition, my belief that you’ll succeed beyond imagination at Holy Cross even if no one knows where it is, and posture lessons, so you don’t slouch on the podium like you did during fifth grade graduation! Meet cute Catholic boys so I can steal them from you, and remember that a house on the Vineyard is the goal forever and always! To Ben DiNapoli, I leave HHS. Rule it wisely, scrawny! Continued on a4

may 21, 2010

The newsstreak

Nick Fornadel

News a3

Jessica Romero

Alena Lawrence Tricia Comfort

Chris Lacey

Kevin Stewart

Tina Nguyen

Dionte Wigington

The Newsstreak

may 21, 2010 To Condor, I leave RLS, Rawley Springs, and apologies for bad advice (you know what I’m talking about.) To Mrs. Penton/Kibler, I leave endless gratitude for putting up with me for four years, teaching me that the world really doesn’t revolve around me and making room 444 my second home. Sorry that I stole your candy all the time! To Loughran, I leave a more peaceful team (hopefully), miles and miles of running behind me and more tears than I would have ever thought possible. Thanks for never letting me give up—you made me a stronger person even if I didn’t appreciate it! To Mr. Moyers, I leave a promise to record you a cd (just kidding) and many thanks for being the patient sponsor of Youthin-Government! Duke Moot Court and MGA wouldn’t be possible without you… where else would I have rapped in front of hundreds? To Mr. Meyers, I leave a promise to never request a schedule again, even though I can’t speak for my brother, and endless gratitude for all you did for me! To Mrs. Reynolds, I leave a remedy for the heartburn caused by my requests, a thousand thanks for being so flexible and big hug from the SCA! I, Sarah DiNapoli, being of sarcastic mind and crippled body, do hereby bequeath the following items: 1. To Emma, I leave: 14 years of school, soccer, running, reading, dance, singing! and twin questions. I also leave new schools, new stories and new friends to meet. 2. To the HHS Band I leave: A year of amazing marching band, Disney, water-balloon volleyball, and an incredible next year—Rt. 66! 3. To Youth in Government I leave: MGA, the Punkin Tavern, education bills and recruiting for next year! To Ethan Blackwell, Justin Goldberger, Adam Imeson and Brendon Cummiskey I leave: a semester of guidance, shock, Capitalism, double Quims and endless Risk games. To Allison Monroe I leave: your bet with Mr. Snow, Elise, Craig and I, forgetfulness, and Soup Night! To Elise Elwood I leave: MGA, Rob, flute memories, performance nerves and indecision. To Ryan Stees I leave: Allison’s bet with Craig and Snow To Breton Nicholas I leave: upperclassmen lunches, a makeup Halloween without Fear Forest, an amazing mellophone section and marching band headbands. I, Samantha Flaherty, being of peaceful mind and vegetarian body, do hereby bequeath the following items: To Stephanie , I leave sleepovers, movienights, DC trips, and summer explorations. A gift certificate to Wal-Mart for our thousand pounds of cake mix, and a new running partner and pilates video to help work off those desserts when I’m gone. Lastly a contract for your roommate at UVA to sign telling her she is getting kicked out when I transfer in a year. To Greta, I leave a thousand calories acquired from Jimmy John’s sandwiches and a box of “hot now” Krispy Kreme doughnuts. Along with Law and Order: SVU marathons and late night conversations. To Olivia, I leave my music collection, a tent for our trip to Bonnaroo, and all the books you can possibly find in a Barnes and Noble dumpster. To Mary , I leave the lessons I learned from your amazing generosity and free-spirited personality. And some duct tape for your roommate next year, so she can get some sleep. To Phillip, I leave awkward first dates, smoothies, sunflowers, spare change, tye dye, good morning texts, concerts, pictures, and a thousand amazing mix cds to put in your broken cd player. All of my books to keep you entertained next year, and a blanket for you to sit on at EMU hill. One-hundred redbox promo codes, so you can cheat the system, and lastly information on summer school so you can graduate early and come with me. I, Ian Frazier, being of spirited mind and slender body, do hereby bequeath the following items:


The T5000 and everything that goes along with HHS tennis like Arnold Palmers and Slurpees. The tennis team is all yours. Keep running the show and get back to Blacksburg! I also leave the crazy memory of walking all the way to IHOP from my house during the biggest blizzard of our lives. I still have no idea what we were thinking. As you have one year left of high school, keep doing your thing, bumping to Lil Chuckee and going hard like no other, and come to Ohio next year! 2. To Shane McMahan and Mark Mullenex I leave: All the drives through JMU and all the things we’ve yelled at people. I’m sorry I won’t be there next year for you all to yell at, but as soon as I get back in Harrisonburg, after a trip to either BDubs or IHOP, we’re heading right to campus and fist pumping to “Every Time We Touch”! Even though I’ll be in Ohio, “Blizzy” will always live on! Brrrrr! 3. To Thomas Wong I leave: The flag that you’ve begged for this entire year. I am trusting you with the responsibilities that go along with carrying this flag. Take it to all sporting events and keep the Red Sea going as I know you can. 4. To Emma DiNapoli I leave: Every class we’ve been in together our whole lives. There hasn’t been a year since second grade that we haven’t had at least one class together so I don’t know what I’m going to do without you in college! Have fun at UVA being a Wahoo and I’ll be sure to drive to Charlottesville on the weekends for some Chris Long subs and Arch’s ice cream! 5. To Macie Frazier and Drake Cary I leave: The Governor’s School bus and everything that goes along with it. You all discovered my uncanny ability to make animal noises and know everything that amuses me from Jon and Kate Plus 8 to WWE. 6. To Stephanie Wampler I leave: My middle name. You discovered “Draper” in 8th grade and have never stopped calling me by it. Hopefully when I’m in Ohio, I can keep that name secret and it will be your exclusive name for me! 7. To Dylan St. Ours I leave: UVA. After all the games we’ve been to together, I never thought you would be a Hokie or actually anything other than a Wahoo. Even though neither of us will be in Charlottesvile, we’ll always love the Cavaliers! 8. To Harrisonburg High School I leave: The best four years of my life. Thanks for making my high school experience the greatest I could ask for! I, Justin Goldberger, being of one mind and a 5’10 body, do hereby bequeath the following items: 1. To the boys of cross country and track I leave: The weekend of William & Mary (what happens there, stays there), bus rides, mailboxes, team meals, and finally the future of Harrisonburg running. Much love boys. I also leave: The Wood and spanking the Pank, new water bottles, football, car rides jammin’ to “Every Time We Touch”, being mean to the girls team even though 9 out of 10 times we really didn’t mean it, hating on Broadway (it’s just so easy), long runs, running in secluded woods, babysitting, and lastly to being probably the coolest bunch of people I know on this side of the planet. 2. To choir people and musical people I leave: Nothing. I’m here to tell you that you have so many insanely talented and, more importantly, incredibly benevolent people that you guys will be more than fine next year. Hence…there is nothing I can leave you that you don’t already have. Every year after musical and choir end and the seniors leave everyone else is moping around asking themselves: “What are we going to do next year? We lost so many crazy seniors” Not this year. Next year you guys are going to be so “ayyy” that I’m already excited to come back and see you guys. 3. To The seniors of the class of 2010 I leave: these last few weeks we have remaining together. Specifically (you know who you are) I leave: road trips, our terrible basketball skills,


friends anyone could ask for. I also leave to that crazy group of people: the scoop and slap, pictures of Ethan, Barnes and Noble (occasionally Panera), guidance, musical, more fishing, movie nights, Disney, Hawaii, and all those years of goodness that were simply entitled “school”. Thanks. I, Doodie Grogg, being of kindergarten mind and a sporty spice body, do hereby bequeath the following items: 1. To Hannah Thigpen (LOVEBUG) I leave: kitty, slurpees, sneaky summer, porch swing, driving for no reason, walks to sheetz, bike rides, banana splits, rice krispie treats, first one to touch mom game, church softball, tanning, pedicures, redbox movies, tanning, shopping trips, Easter basket, murder game, Wendy’s chicken, cheese wontons, OUR FIRST KISS( ON EMU HILL) and the KEY TO MY HEART!!!!! 2. To Hillary Thigpen (toots) I leave: our relationship no one knew about, the Easter basket, BOWLING BALL, my haircut, dumpster diving, and THE OTHER KEY TO MY HEART!!!!! 1. To Grant Thompson and Coach Healy I leave: The locker room story!!!! And Healywhen I assisted you with your injury. Thompson your pregame speech at TA… We were ready!!!!!! 2. To Tysinger- the Buster Byrd speeches, Have killa instinct. 3. Mom- Could not have done it without you! You have put up with a lot, I leave a lot of excused tardy passes. 4. Shane M. I leave the PB! Rappin on the bus! I, Diana Gutierrez, being of a glorified mind and a runner’s body, do hereby bequeath the following items: To G Lifestyle, also known as the most faithful group of friends I have had, I leave: Unconditional Love. To Sally Kardos, I leave: summer nights, every detailed secret, sunkissed days at Younglife camp, making Anna Straight feel extremely uncomfortable with our unique voices, sharing everything and knowing we can always trust each other, EMU hill days afloat, screaming in excitement about homecoming in the mom-van on JMU campus, dancing during football games, the deer and the Christmas lights, Salsa Night at Artful Dodgers, Union and Blue Hole, going to Trout Pond for an unforgettable experience, what a night, jumping on my trampoline in fourth grade, driving by turf games and having to stop and watch, grubbing at my house and yours after being out the whole day, endless laughter and biggest love a sister could give. You’re my bestest (yes, bestest) friend ever. To my contained rebel Clairese Sudol, I leave: non-stop shopping, making noises that Jerome hates, still calling Court her least favorite word after she hangs up on us (and calls back), laying out at the Country Club, Young life and our so-called boyfriends, having your sweet house to ourselves, making breakfast, the chain of massages, running in the hotel hallway at the D.C. convention then getting in trouble by Mrs. Reynolds; taking naps in your awesome bed, making videos on people’s walls, laughing in AP Literature when we should really be listening; walking up Laurel Street and turning back around down to my house for frosted flakes; thumbs and toes, and growing up in high school through the good times and the bad. To my precious Courtney Bowman, I leave: days riding in our cars and jammin’ to Tegan and Sara, leaving school and embracing every enticed sound in Cassiopeia, hostessing at Ham’s together (even Mo and Sarah could not keep us apart), countless inside jokes that only our witty minds can fully enjoy, ding-dong ditch, guiding Claire through rebellious times, chillin’ in your Jacuzzi, clear channel parking lot, talking in Spanish so no one can understand us, and not caring about anything but life ahead of us and the people who love us. To my sweet Jessica Romero, I leave: going to your house and getting ready for Halloween with all the girls, the disbelief we went through of how perfectly clean your house is and how insanely wellgroomed Twinkie is, going out to Pueblo Grande with la Cu-

ish slang, senioritis in trig, and growing way closer this past year to my. To my one and only Claudia Rojas, I leave the fun we had dancing with your niece Mia, your house before mine and Fiqa’s party, crackin’ up until we couldn’t take it at Salsa Night, almost saying everything we think during third lunch and always having an awesome time. Also, to my best friends that have been there for me whenever I need them I leave: Love, love and more love. To my beautiful Regan Sheets, I leave: riding around with Dice and listening to Bloc Party and Kings of Leon; going on walks down my road and all over the city, hugging your mom, sleepovers, contagious laughter, making fun of Claire for reading Harry Potter, dragging jokes until we can’t think of anything else to say, LG comments that I’m so glad you discovered, sharing some of the craziest and deepest thoughts, understanding each other under any circumstance, meeting new people at the most random times, taking funny pictures in my brothers’ room, our first hang out at Claire’s house, uniting in faith and becoming sisters in just two years. To my adventurous Rafiqa Haji, I leave the most absurd and ridiculously funny comments on facebook, hogging your laptop, learning Kurdish, getting bored of the lames, eating your mom’s delicious food, sledding with the Mid-Eastern guys, watching Once for the first time, getting interrogated by Sako, random adventures, having similar taste in music and clothes, and even though we make fun of each other I know I can always trust you. 8. To my bubbly Kirstin Warne, I leave Rocky warm-ups in track, road trips to invitationals, government class, the lock-in and youth group at Grace Covenant, celebrating your birthday with all the girls and dancing in your room, the sweet smell of summer perfumes, camping in Sally’s backyard, separation anxiety, hanging out almost every day the last two months of senior year, bonfires and soccer games with, going out to eat with your adorable family, talking forever on your comfy bed, singing Baby, learning that we only need Him to be happy. 9. My Newsstreak partners in crime: to my cheerful Christine Choi, I leave: volunteering at THMS and letting many teachers in on many of our secrets, alternating pages, giving each other interview ideas; having your first Cookie Skillet, roaming the halls and doing my corny, fake laugh just so we can laugh about it, encouragement to finish every layout and story on time, telling each other stories, our hugs when I walk into class and living it up on the wild (yet smart) side. 10. To my lovely Molly Denman, I leave: walking through the history hallway like complete creepers; working out at Gold’s then hitting up Ham’s, raspberry lemonade cravings; always forgetting that you are not a junior but a rising junior, our clothes compliments and seeing eye to eye despite the age difference. To Kiah Silver, I leave: random walks and talks, humorous bluntness, eating cactus, making new friends with underclassmen. You girls better make high school the most fun it can be because I promise you’ll miss it in the end. Love, always. 10. To Meagan Kelley, I leave: long distance runs, cute musical boys, chattin’ it up on facebook, little secrets that not so many people know about myself, short Wednesday workouts together. I leave the nicest smile, the gift of comfort, casual hang outs, the best of luck and the greatest love for a friend to Jessica Rutledge, Chelsea Thurman, Alazar Haregu, Shvan Kareem, Parth Goradia, Justin Syharath, Tony Teate, Mashkhal Ibrahim, Govan Farag, Daniel Shenk, Jose Cortes, Elisha Hill, Brian Inthavongxay and Armeen Pirooz. You all are amazing. To the track girls I leave: distance and endurance, remembering every clothing item needed to run, dropping seconds even minutes at every meet, getting to know underclassmen, always enjoying life and taking risks. To Younglife goers I leave: cabin time, ropes course, good food, the zip-line at Lake Cham-



meeting new people, finding yourselves and being happy. I, Adam Imeson, being of singular mind and domed body, do hereby bequeath the following items (in no particular order): To everyone older than me I leave: “dude, can I get a ride?” To Andrew Kniss I leave: “dude, can I get another ride?” To Emily Knapp I leave: 89% error? WTH? To William Imeson I leave: nothing. He doesn’t need my help. To Ben DiNapoli I leave: the noise that a bear makes. To Dorrall Price I leave: listening to the noise that a bear makes. To Chanmee Lee I leave: her right ear ringing from my rimshots. To Sam Obenshain I leave: “hey man!” To Will Turner I leave: the Shelf. To Ryan Stees I leave: math. Just wrap that little problem up for the rest of us. Also, “STEES!” To Anthony Todd I leave: a suggestion to get a haircut. To Marshall Hyser I leave: me being in your house way too much. To Allison Monroe I leave: past political tirades. To Breton Nicholas I leave: a standing order to remain clothed. To Ethan Blackwell I leave: beating Sarah at Capitalism. To Sarah DiNapoli I leave: a badly mistreated deck of cards. To Joe Niland I leave: my first and only encounter with the HPD. To Patrick Toohey I leave: “So that’s where her slice of the pie went.” and “AUGH! ROCK!” To Aakash Tandel I leave: Ishtar. To Robby Ross I leave: Prom Again fun. To Grace Clough I leave: “Hey friend!”To Isaac Rohrer I leave: Chuck Norris jokes. To Mrs. Kibler I leave: come-to-Jesus talks. To Phillip Bannister I leave: being the first to know about all kinds of random stuff.To Justin Goldberger I leave: years of religious persecution. And love. To Nicki Strickler I leave: the best spoonerism ever. To Tyree Sydnor I leave: comments on the dimensions of various body parts. To Gwen Elwood I leave: the hope that your thumbs will someday catch up to the rest of you. To all the people I should have put on this, but didn’t, I leave: my apologies. To incoming freshmen I leave: FOUR YEARS. I, Sally Kardos, being of vivacious mind and athletic body, do hereby bequeath the following items: To The Members of G Lifestyle & Company I leave: a pimp cup, bushaka, & thousands of memories of crazy nights, fallen tears, smiles, nights at EMU hill, camping out in my back yard, being mischevious, and of course LAUGHS. Diana Gutierrez: You are my soul sister. Ever since I met you at Keister Elementary School and went to your house and jumped on your trampoline for the first time 9 years ago, I knew we’d be together forever (LG status). I’ve never known someone who is as observant, intelligent, caring, loving, or as smart-alecky as you. We’ve been through just about everything in high school, and grown each step of the way (“ooooh so deep Sally”). We’ve had our countless boy troubles & drama issues. The person that I have always looked to for advice is you. When we’re with each other, it pretty much means ruckus and a fantastic time. I leave to you memories of our countless geek sessions, aka laughing about the most irrelevant stupid random things for what seems like hours. I also leave to you more salsa nights to tear up the dance floor, and clouds to surf on. As an associate of the company, G Lifestyle, that is, I leave to you more insane times in the ‘burg with me, planning events & promoting the company! I love you more than anything. Jessica Romero: WHAT’S GOOD JEROME!!!!! Well let me just say that knowing you, party machine, has been more than amazing. As the beautiful Latina woman that you are, I’m so proud that I’ve had the privilege to work with you in this company. I leave you memories so that you will never forget our nights at John’s or Ham’s nights, or Mr. J’s runs with candyland & barney and friends, or postin’ up in Vass’ class, or chillin’ hard en la biblioteca talking about our lives. You are such an amazing woman and I’m really going to miss


continued on a5

The Newsstreak

may 21, 2010 you as you attend VCU away from company headquarters; so I leave you the ability to succeed at VCU because I know that your drive will get you to where you want to be. I love you JEROME! Courtney Bowman: Well Crrrrtneyyy Bowman what’s good yo? As the representative of G Lifestyle I leave you a contract of more years to represent the company in a fashionable and professional way, of course. I just want to say that you have done a reputable job as CEO, and we have come a long way from where we started this company out of a geek session. Oh, and sergeant commander in chief, you have a NF in your proximity approaching at approximately 13.3 hours from 6 o’clock. Assume the position. Roger that! I love you endlessly, and I leave you memories of Ham’s nights, salsa night, Brent’s house, N’s minus the F part (you know what I mean), swag surfin through the sky, Candyland, Mr. Clean, Old Painless, and Goldilocks and the three bears. Clairese Sudol: Big booty Claire! I leave you memories of the following: looking at each other in Physics and thinking the exact same thing after looking at the clock and laughing till we almost died; insane nights at your amazing casa, Thumbs and Toes, Ham’s nights, laaaate nights, always lookin’ fly, talking about school at the lunch table while Court and D looked on dumbfounded; being the Treasurer (of course you would be the treasurer richgirl!) of such an amazing company, and of course livin’ it up soarin’ on airplanes through the clouds at EMU hill, John’s place, and everywhere else. I love you Claire! Claudia Rojas: You are my Cuban babydoll! I love you for your intelligence, your sexy accent, your volumptuousness, (sorry getting a little carried away) and your innate ability to always be in a great mood. You brighten my day every time I see you and I’m really going to miss you! Love you always! 2. To Michael Andrew Holmes I leave: another whole season to absolutely demolish the competition under the lights on Friday nights. My boo bear, honey bun, I leave you the first memory of us in the summer when I first hung out with your big head, (yes your big head, not mine) at Troy Jones’ house. I leave you memories of car rides, knowing right before Mama Holmes is about to go off, jammin’ out to Usher, crazy Jamaican music, Purple Kisses (Weylin’s all-time favorite song), Weezy, Gucci, Tim McGraw, Taylor Swift, and everyone else. I’ll never forget when we got hyped and danced in the car so hard to make it shake, for probably 30 minutes straight, waiting for Wey and Seth to get home from their basketball game. I leave you the memory being there for me every step of the way to help me after I broke my ankle. Without your mental support and positivity throughout the 2 months that I hopped or crutched around, it would have been a much more difficult time for me. I leave you memories of dance parties, Cici’s, laughing at Lovell Delves, Tayler Raines’ parties, big bodies, people that dress toe up, our intense games of P’diddle, Dodge Vipers and other fresh cars, going to get my belly button pierced, Animal Planet, Mickey D’s, cracking up at Wey’s infinite amount of jokes and how he will never learn to keep the backseat window UP, and the countless hours we have spent together over the past 9 and a half months; I leave to you another year of high school to stay determined and keep your eyes on your reachable dream. Last of all, I leave you the memory of the first time I told you I loved you and the events that have allowed us to realize our love for each other. I love you boo bear! :) To the girls basketball team I leave: the warm-ups from this year, because unless Kia and Irina get new ones, (not likely) you guys are stuck with this years’. Kolicia- I have played with you since I was 10 years old, and throughout these 8 years I have seen what how bright, talented, and what special heart you have and I’m really going to miss you! TaylerI have played with you since 8th grade, and throughout our five years together we have

had way too much fun. I leave you memories of wild nights at your house, boy drama, bus rides, intense emotions, beating Spotswood in Regionals in the last 4 seconds of the game, and more memories to come as we both will hold it down in the ‘burg! Your intelligence and character have brought you to be the respectable person that you are today and I’m grateful that I’ve had someone like you on my team and as a friend for these 5 years! I love you Tay! Kia and Irina- I will never forget you two. I don’t think I’ve ever met a crazier, weirder, unique, couple of girls. I leave you guys memories of rainbows, dancing in the locker room before games, getting caught by Coach H doing the most inappropriate things, getting hyped, tearing up the basketball court, and loving you both for you are. I love you Kia and Irina J! To the girls soccer team I leave: a regional championship trophy, 4 district championships, and memories of the following: getting ambushed by circling monster trucks at Wendy’s in Roanoke after a game of rugby, not soccer; Cilla’s love for nakedness; mooning people, someone falling flat on their butt or face almost every game (usually Macie), secret buddy gifts, watching our awesome guys’ team, late bus rides, Justin Syharath, Brickle, song-singing on the way home from away games, and just being a straight-up BEAST team. To my super seniors Macie, Stephanie, and Grace: I love you guys more than words can describe. We have played on each other’s rec teams since we were about 4 feet tall. It’s hard to believe that we are graduating and may never play with each other again. It’s quite saddening. But, we have made thousands of memories together, whether it’s debit carding each other, watching and memorizing the lines to Sassy Gay Friend, having an obsession with Trey Songz, or having each other’s backs on the field. I will miss all of you tremendously and I love each and every one of you! To my favorite goofballs Emily, AKA White Chocolate, Ali, AKA Birdie, and Kelsey! I am so fortunate to have the privilege to leave you three another season of soccer (especially you Kelsey because I know how ready you are to play again)! Ali: I leave you the memories of getting pushed into a puddle two days in a row after practice, having a beast signature “handshake” after our goals, talking about Amy, being in the “click” group, intentionally running slow sprints, intentionally taking an hour to get our ankles taped (you too Em), easter practices, and being on the team with your favorite person ever, me. Love you birdie! Emily: Well Em, I leave you memories of math class every day 1st block, which would have sucked without you, toilet-papering Ali’s car because we’re BA, always talking about our insurmountable school workload, laughing at Irina and Kia every single day during basketball season, back-talking Shameena, poor little Tink Tink, and of course the daily hilariousness of Web Design laughing at Lovell Delves and company. I love you Em! Kelsey: we have both had the mental toughness to get through our injuries together, and next year I leave you a season to get back and destroy the competition. I leave you memories of laughing at Becky, your pathological lying ability, your Hyena laugh, our insanely beast “footshake” before every game, and being the top two scorers last year. I will miss you tremendously and can’t wait to see you back on the field next year! Last I leave you guys the task to continue the legacy of Harrisonburg girls soccer! To My younger brother, Seth I leave: 3 more seasons to excel in basketball and soccer, and 3 more years of highschool. Yikes. Good luck dude. I also leave: the sound effect of “oooohh!”; and having to drive around the van and the stinker before you get a car. I, Meagan Kelley ,being of mysterious mind and impeccable body, do hereby bequeath the following items: To Caitlin Kelley I leave the rest of your high school experience, dance parties in the car, lists of chores, “I’m Awesome”, being “Baby Kells”, Mom stepping over that gate, your random dance moves outside of

my room, the bathroom, mowing the grass, watching Idol and Glee and THEN doing homework, shooting expired canned food, being an awesome runner, peanut butter and rice cakes, and a taxi because you’ll need one! To Savanah Cary, my wife, I leave Just Dance, bracelets, massages, football games, thin eyebrows, randomly showing up at my house, your super cool family aka my family, bread, Nicholas Sparks novels, burnt brownies, sleep talking and walking, your singing voice, coffee, lemonade, a broken horse, Evan, sitting in the dark room, combination names, Drake the cactus, camping on porches, hacking my facebook, Homeboykris, and a HUGE HUG! To Marion King, my twin, I leave our wonderful travels complete with photographs, our common love of music, late night walks, trips to Barnes and Noble, Starbucks and Greenberrys, our identical glasses, The O.C., favorite movies (The Lizzie McGuire Movie, The Sisterhood, etc.), being mixed up, painting the art closet, selling hotel soaps, Cool as a Moose, Jordan Pond, the millions of times I’ve cleaned your room, Walmart trips, Hannah shirts, HSM, Mamma Mia!, and everything else from our 11+ years of friendship. To Simona Byler I leave Puck and his mohawk, People. com wall posts, Rob Patts hair, Thursday night piano practice, trips to Target, hair dye, Remember Me, your amazing and unique style, randomly showing up at my house, Shopping carts at Martin’s, tons of snow, Ruthie, redesigning your kitchen, and anything else that may not be mentioned in this will but to which you would say “You should give it to me! To Allison Monroe I leave some cookies for late night study parties, the mole, college sweatshirts, early admission success, my love for Margie, “This Side”, Soup Night frustration, our hike (ha), deep conversation, a shirt, my fantastic stories, blizzards and milkshakes, bicycling, late night “stalking”, and most importantly not taking that one class EVER again. To Alison Domonoske I leave “Jalison”, random Walmart purchases, your RIDICULOUS laugh, footy pajamas, demented runner cookies, pretending you are Justin, the big fish, it makes me throw up… that’s all I’ll say, taking showers (or not), I.B.T.C., shopping carts at Martin’s, your dad’s life lessons, a planner to help you plan activities better, “If I walk, would you run?”, adventure runs, EMH, major amounts of snow, my blog’s makeover, and a piece of Moss. To the Girls Cross-Country Team I leave running, the Jai Ho, red hair dye, our wonderful uniforms, Jalexus, prank calling, Fired Up!, tie-dye, tattoos, ducks, magnets, The Hoedown Throwdown, a certain boys team and being completely INSANE! To Emma DiNapoli I leave Disney princesses, Hannah Montana/Miley Cyrus, your b-e-a-utiful singing voice, Mulan (I’ll Make a Man Out of You), being creepers, our powderpuff t-shirts, the drama princess, a’capella, pre-school, Fake Mikey, the epic fail that is Sarah Palin, Beatles Rockband, speaking your mind, Michael Phelps and the Olympics in general, cookie skillets, Chili’s mashed potatoes AND gravy, your ridiculous reading speed, Orphan, and most of all remember that ‘bottomless breadsticks only keep you at the Olive Garden for so long, until at some point you look up and say ‘Why the heck am I at the Olive Garden with all these fat people?’ To Heather Hunter I leave my car – because you asked, the press room at the New Orleans Saints training facility, your box of dress-up clothes, your insanely cool family, a “point”, and most importantly remember, you’ve got to risk it to get the biscuit. To Aakash Tandel I leave your newfound love of Glee and The Buried Life thanks to me, Quinn, that remix of “Ooh Ahh”, anatomy class and a few tassels, Sperrys, Eldorado the bus, and your appreciation for my being a musical groupie. To Daniel Shenk I leave a granola bar, some goldfish, and a cookie; your awesome singing ability, “Stand by Me”, pillow stuffing (or a scarf), inspiring quotes about knowledge even

Op/Ed A5 though you rarely did work on time, soccer – way back when, and a big thank you for listening to all of my complaints and freak-outs. To Jessica Strickler I leave Glee, being a cool non-member of the swat team, Glee quotes – “you are about as sexy as a cabbage patch kid.”, breakfast in Marion, your humor, the Concert Ringers party, and Busch Gardens. To Chelsea Thurman I leave musical-hopping, roadtrips, being a groupie of various groups…namely the Madison Project, random Disney songs (In Upendi), “Hello, nice to meet you, shake my foot”, our matching phones, “play.”, possum, musical, B’way, Caleb, life partner?, and JMADDY! To Justin Goldberger I leave that extremely terrifying thing you do with your hand, “Keagan Melley”, “Dawn”, some paper and tape, how “mean” I am, ‘Stacy’s Mom,’ a Chewy bar, and that ridiculous jacket that you are not supposed to wear – you know which one I mean. To the Mississippi Girls I leave the memory of my pants…because I cannot leave the actual pants, the person in Rob’s truck, the snake, blue handprints, being “notorious”, Chris’ song, “Don’t Stop Believin’, the chocolate cake at the House of Blues, Honking because we’re hot, “cause we’re awesome..”, Roxanne plus a foot cramp, melted chocolate, Rice Krispies, bug spray, EARL, dancing on roofs, and Russian technology. To Will Turner I leave Pirates of the Carribean, a pair of scissors to cut your hair, and some nice walking shoes to roam the halls in during Newsstreak. To Mrs. Kibler I leave my “flavas of the week”. To anyone not specifically mentioned in this will, I leave whatever you would like me to leave you. :] I, Eric King, being of done with high school mind and ready for college body, do hereby bequeath the following items: Aakash Tandel: Oliver and the rest of Freshman year. Justin Goldberger: Drama 1, all of Sophomore year (especially Beauty and the Beast), and the T-Sec Junior year. Aakash and Justin (and Ben Haines and Robbie Ward): Goodbye Pluto. Justin, Allison Monroe, and Sarah DiNapoli: Our corner in Mrs. Barr’s class. Allison Monroe: Virtually every moment of our high school career. Michael Atkinson: Mrs. Strickler’s class. Philip (Phyllis) Bannister: “Let’s see it” and “These nuts!” Philip, Isaac Rohrer, and all my not-graduating Joseph brothers: Musical. Breton Nicholas: Throwing honey on bananas to the song “I’m Awesome” and the horn section. Ryan Stees: Secretary of War and Cadence. Jessica May: The ability to make fun of Juniors. Adam Imeson: Messing with cars in the gilli suit at 1:00 a.m. at Ben’s house. Jessica Rutledge: Middle school plays and Drama 1 Freshman year. Kyle Phares (and Emily Gordon): Mr. Norment’s class (“Neck!”). Chelsea Thurman: “I’m just sayin’…” Sarah Bell: Our Marriage. Dorrall Price: The highlighter. Isaac and Dorrall: The men’s section in Honors Choir. Elise Elwood: Physics. Rafy Carbajal, Allison, and Chanmee (Meechan) Lee: Turner’s classes. Xavior Jones: “Floor it like a black man!” Mrs. Hook and everyone in my Spanish II class: “Shmeil!” Breton, Nikki, Ali, Bao, Jessie, Ashley, and Simon: Mrs. Rojas’ class. Aakash, Grace Byers, Emily Knapp, and Kelsey Hyser: 8th grade (Voyagers!). I, Marion King, being of sleepy mind and awake body, do hereby bequeath the following items: 1. To Allany I leave: cheerios, proposal pictures, overstretched t-shirts, coffee beans, creepers, speedos, jigglers, drips, late night infomercials, thunderstorms, tower of terror, breadsticks. 2. To Tuttis I leave: Madison Project, slurpees, and, of course, pizza 3. To the play group I leave: The play group, old pictures, rockin roller coaster, the glowing enchanted castle, terrible pictures, laying on the ground, and the forgetten club house. 4. To Shia I leave: Yellow flowers and Oxen 5. To the pit I leave: Golden toast, endless amounts of gummy worms, and trupet mutes. 6. To Margaret I leave: water flavored tea 7. To Allysa I leave: a water

bottle I, Greta Klosinski, being of able mind and graceful body, do hereby bequeath the following items: 1. To Samantha, I leave countless episodes of Law and Order: SVU, crazy early-morning driving experiences, hours at Jimmy John’s, a mop to take to Richmond, all my secrets and the discovery of the delicious tuna unwich. 2. To Kyle, I leave delayed birthday presents, numerous trips to Mr. J’s, stupid arguments, roll-starting our cars, broccoli cheddar soup and daily lunches together. 3. To Melanie, I leave the daybed at Myrtle Beach and cookie skillets from Ham’s. 4. To Connor, I leave you my car so that you will always have a ride to football games and pit stops for pre-game energy drinks. 5. To Dylan, I leave you my notes so that hopefully you can succeed at Virginia Tech on your own. 6. To Tricia, I leave you the lyrics to Estrellita and starshaped sunglasses. 7. To Carrie, I leave you Grasshoppers and AP Psych outlines. I, Andrew Kniss, being of questionable mind and frail body, do hereby bequeath the following items: 1. To Ben Marks and Zach Skiba, I leave: M1 and AG-HS clearances. 2. To Mr. Ross Bair, I leave: The Clipboard. 3. To Mr. Stan Swartz, I leave: The auditorium and the knowledge that I’ll still be close in an emergency. 4. To Greta Klosinski, I leave a Toaster Strudel. 5. To the AP Chem class, I leave my 90% error lab. I also leave next year’s class with the following advice: Don’t plan a project involving plants. They are a headache. 6. To Mr. Dave Hoover, I leave my gratitude and hard laughter and wish him luck working with the next Kniss. 7. To the entire Guidance Department, I leave my apologies for loudness in the career center. 8. To Mrs. Fielding, I leave the joy in knowing that another year is done. 9. To Marion King, I leave The Sailor Suit, my thanks for being an editor, and the driving lesson. 10. To Mrs. Sturm, I leave my thanks for security clearances and the promise that I’ll get my keys back in soon. 11. To Sarah DiNapoli, I leave my (in)accurate measurements. I hope that you can find another lab partner with such great precision. (Shouldn’t be hard, haha). 12. To Ben Shisler, I leave a box of shells and a box of clays. 13. To the One-Act Cast and Crew, I leave my thanks for holding off Waffles (especially JP). 14. To Phillip Bannister, I leave the Bro Code. 15. To Elise Elwood, I leave an ethical hug. 16. To Allison Monroe, I leave the knowledge that I recycled all my papers. 17. To Emily Knapp, I leave the neighborhood and Physics and Calc which you enjoyed so much. Hahaha. 18. To Kelsey Hyser, I leave AP Gov memories. 19. To My Favourite Person, I leave randomness, Abseiling, Second lunch, and a couple thousand text messages. 20. To Everyone I Forgot, I leave my apologies. You were all part of the great memories and I will miss you all. I, Alena Lawrence, being of beautiful mind and tropical body, do hereby bequeath the following items: To Regan Sheets I leave: Late nights and early mornings, our many voices, singing in my car and changing the words, our faces (puppy dog face- her mom hates her!), “Mokayy!”, “It’s a lovely day do you want to ride in my tractor?”, driving in leaf piles, stupid criminal shows, Ians “cancer” and our many other jokes I can’t remember right now. Ya Pwelcome! To Mikala Wolter and Brooke Clem I leave: Third base! To Kerri Hofacker I leave: My chest protector, family heirlooms, code words, saving my life! best friend high fives, continued on a7


may 21, 2010

The Newsstreak


Daniel Shenk

Kyle Phares

Brittney Martin

Chandler Dang

Grace Byers

Chanmee Lee

may 21, 2010 Order: Criminal Intent, my future news paper articles, all her many threats and my child (aka Makayla Foley) To my softball team I leave: FSU, KSA, our many confusing mind games and the coaches. To the low brass section I leave: Chest toes and mouthpie. To my wife, Desta Hansen I leave: My love! Sousaphones, towels, pain, putting icy-hot on during lunch break = bad choice, freeze pops, Hawaii and Florida, the A-team, my “boyfriend”, Angry bonnie boy, dreams failing to come true, broken towel hearts, operanazation, creepily walking into your house at 6 a.m. to wake you up, flipping the canoe and riding the rapids, learning to never buy pickles at gas stations, Jennifer Wilhelmina Hess/ Drew Winston Matthias, comptonization and Bonfires. To Kyle Martin Phares I leave: My poems and Arabian nighhhhhhhttsss I, Chanmee Lee, being of creative mind and not-sosporty body, do hereby bequeath the following items: 1. To Drumline/Band I leave: awesome memories with Andrew Richardson, shiny blue drums, drum closet, hair from the ceiling, El Charro, cadence, cadence in the hall, matching bracelets, and fun practice time in locker room. To Tyler Shenk: “Leadership”, cadence, 4-star general, yay band!, sweatshirts, mallet parts, bass clef, your sticks, Asian bus in Disney, and blood. To Drumline girls: Walmart trip, boy’s XXL V-neck shirts, sports bras, socks, matching bracelets boys never wore, sweatshirts that fit.To Gwen Elwood: district etude, district band, afro guy, Kline’s with Ginny, I ♥ Ginny shirt, Andrew’s interpretive dance, Megan Fox thumb, lots of sunscreen, home made cookies for competitions, Ryan’s cookies, bus buddies, and sweatshirts. To Ryan Stees and Ben DiNapoli: JMU weekends with Ginny, borrowing crappy sticks, All-state, blue van with great pickup and turning radius, iPod, AAA batteries, brass band, lemonade, Surf Rider, mussels, more food, blueberry pie, Uno, clementine, Drumline, room 615 and 525, late night Wawa run, bowling, Euph!, and Dr. Good (oh yes!). To Emily Mackail: pit cooler, AP Music Theory expert, sight singing, and awkward moments… To Adam Imeson: “More louder!”, random hugs, snare buddies, clean snare line, and extra loud rim shot. 2. To friends I leave: To Marion: Ugly Truth, marching band, shopping, iHop, Penn state soccer team, a random guy with a Penn State shirt at Disney, “We are …”, freaking out about college, college essays, AP Calc, AP music theory, Emily Mackail, Soup Night talk, intervals over the phone, partwriting, perfect pitch, musical, turkey leg, studying at Barnes&Noble, Dave’s, DCruz, Florida bus buddies, Yellow!, comfortable position, Playdoh, VOSS, walking fast and getting on time, and Charion shirt. To Stephanie Lee: awesome 4 years of high school, 9th/10th lunch table, Asians, Gossip Girl, 10 PE with Mrs. Thompson, Gov school bus gossip, eating lunch on the bus, college talk, sleeping, studying for Gov and Calc homework on the bus, Bay!, Earth and Tea Café, Qdoba, coupons, Barnes&Noble, eating chocolate, church, and UVA! To Tina Nguyen: Homecoming memories. To Mary Salehi: awesome mustache, serious life talk, Barnes&Noble, and Earth and Tea Café. To Amie Sombunwanna: AP Calc!, Asian fail, college talk, and Tiny Tots. To Sam Flaherty: sign language book, eating McDonald’s before Homecoming, and Monticello. To Kim Antonio: laughing out loud about small things. 3. To Disney Ex-roomies I leave: good ol’ Allany and Charion, Mickey and Minnie, rain, freaking out about storms, umbrellas, strangers from Chicago, zip code 14710, popcorn, Disney mug, warm weather, fastpass for Everest, dripper, creeper, jiggler, late night parties (FOOD!), the first day breakfast, We are Celebrating buttons, voss!, Norwegian guys, watching infomercials with Sylvia and Sharon, wake up call, and lots more.

I, Stephanie Lee ,being of determined mind and average body, do hereby bequeath the following items: To my brother, Wayson Lee I leave: our car rides home when I had to pick you up from practice and I would be annoyed by it every now and then. I leave you the day I got in to a car accident last year which so happened to be on your birthday. I guess I will have to leave you my car once you finally get your driver’s license. To Samantha Flaherty I leave: our horrible sense of direction and road trips where we get lost and somehow still end up at the right place. Also, I leave you the two days where you got snowed in at my house and eventually we got tired of each other and had to shovel you out. Even though we won’t be able to room together next year, I hope at least one of our future plans will work out. To Maryam Salehi I leave: days where you suddenly squeal when you have a story to tell me and how we talk nonstop in AP Gov. Then the day where we sat on your tree house and you talked for an hour straight. Even though we’ve only been friends this year, I feel like I’ve known you for years. To Chanmee Lee I leave: all four years of high school, where you’ve had every single math class with me. Besides math there are the two years at Governor’s School where we have had our ups and downs. Now, we’re both going to UVA and hopefully there will be more great memories there. To Tina Nguyen I leave: volunteering for Key Club throughout the last three years. In the club alone, we’ve had to go through some pretty rough times. Besides from that, I leave behind our awesome two day trip to Charlottesville. I, Brittney Martin, being of a dancers mind and sound body, do hereby bequeath the following items: 1. To Stephanie Wampler I leave: Centipedes, chucky, happy pappy, trading spaces, falling breathing machines, I stop traffic, and cherry pepsi with peach rings. 2. To Ashley Hartman_     I leave: Rides in my car with the music turned up and the windows rolled down, the park, iced coffee, dress up and jump rope, and wal-mart trips. 3. To Emma Rose Kline I leave: Friendship bracelets, Working together at Klines, my bad banana splits, creepy buffalo gap boys, and our trips to clover hill games. 4. To Carrie Brown I leave: Screaming beans, singing horses, and always relying on you to know what is going on. 5. To Melissa Montavon I leave: Melly and Belly love, dad trying to get the moon in our homecoming pics., and mom picking guys out for us at the lawn party. 6. To Emily Gordon I leave: Kendal, dying pieces of our hair pink, me folding your clothes, and your car almost getting towed while we were with Ty, Gabe, and Sam. 7. To Macie FrazierI leave: Our talks in physics class and finding the most random stuff in your purse. 8. To Grace Byers I leave: Spanish two and completely winging the chicken paella we made. 9. To Carrie, Emma Rose, and Emily I leave: Carving pumpkins for Halloween, riding back from Broadway with the windows rolled down, and sitting on the ledge over the waterfall at Wildwood. 10. To All of my friends I leave: All of the football games, flashlight tag, our own football games, homecoming dances, TC, truth or dare with ketchup, and cromers class. I, Shavvon McCarthy, being of straight up mind and beast body, do hereby bequeath the following items: 1. To Ms. Fisher I leave: My attitude so she can have her classes listen to her. 2. To Mrs. Stombaugh-Hook I leave: My height so she can finally look intimidating 3. To the Beckys I leave: My wisdom and my confidence. I, Tony John Nguyen, being of asian mind and restless body, do hereby



The Newsstreak

bequeath the following items: 1. To Amethyst Carter I leave: These past four years of high school. From the first day I met you in Mr. Mason’s earth science class, to the last day in Mrs. Cumming’s algebra class. I leave behind all our crazy inside jokes, walks to red front, and random rants about high school drama. I leave behind that day you changed my life forever by introducing me to God. All our crazy nonstop laughs about the most random things ever and our crazy trip to Barnes and Noble. I leave behind our small neighborhood, where you lived up the street from me, and yet, we hardly ever saw each other. I leave behind Dairy Queen, Mocha (my favorite), and D&D! 2. To A select few I leave: To Kim, I leave D&D master level 1000, Barnes and Noble, and your fellow asianess. To Anna Boisen, I leave behind The Inside Scoop. To Marwah, I leave nothing. To the Musical crew, I leave behind future productions which I know will be awesome. To Mrs. Hovermale, I leave behind the fun times we’ve had in chemistry and our random chats about random stuff in the Newspaper. To Phillip, Brandon, John, and Ms. Houff, I leave behind all the chaos that the choir room had to endure. It was fun going through the highs and lows and facing the random sauciness that appeared out of thin air. It was awesome working with a team of talented singers. Ms. Houff rocks! To Kaelyn, I leave behind all drama club. Take every chance you get at being an officer. It’s a BIG deal. To Nahla, Jess, and Bethany, I leave behind all the fun we’ve had in piano class. It was fun starting out as beginners and advancing to pros…HA! To Allison, I leave behind the crazy amount of happiness you always had. It was awesome. To Amy, Ashly, Amy, Morgan, Kaelyn, and Ashly , I leave behind the craziness that Disney World had to offer. It was a blast exploring the park with you guys. To Lindsay, I leave behind my wealth and a bag of French fries. To Kirstin, I leave behind physics. To everyone else, I leave behind the interesting lunch served at school, unused lockers, and an awesome high school experience. I, Naomi Ornstein, being of artistic mind and gymnastics body, do hereby bequeath the following items: 1. To Abigayle Hassler & Allyson Alshefski I leave: Pretty much everything except the Gymnastics team. Anyway you two have always been there for me. I don’t know what I’ll do without you guys next year. I love you all. Thanks for everything! 2. To the HHS 2009-2010 Gymnastics Team I leave: All the memories, great times, funny moments, and meets. I was proud to be one of three captains for you this year. We kicked butt at Invitational’s this year. Go bigger and higher than you ever had this year. I leave you all in the capable hands of, Simona Byler, Rachel O’Connor, Lexi Vondrak and Haley Wenos, your future captains 3. To Abi Hassler, Kaiti Crittenden, Ally Alshefski, Lexi Vondrak, Michelle Taylor, Hunter Burch, Gentry Dove I leave: All the memories of gymnastics, lunch, English 12, Junior Senior Seminar, and Design, Media, & Web. I love you all. I, Stefan Peric, being of mind and body, do hereby bequeath the following items: 1. To Sam Obenshain I leave: The right to party hard and to keep the tradition going on. Oh and my devoted love ;) 2. To Scott Measell I leave: Scooter you shall get the tennis team and the captaincy. Also the nicknames need to continue on. 3. To David Heatwole I leave: A can of Rogaine and a wig to be used when mackin’ on the new hot teachers that come in. Sarah doesn’t need to know. I, Kyle Phares, being of a rock-hard mind and squishy body, do hereby bequeath the following items: To Greta I leave: many Birthday and Christmas pres-



ents, late nights watching movies together, staying up till 2 a.m. before I left to go to Hawaii, several hospital trips, my hometown “West Virginia”, lunch together for all four years, a “sunglasses holder”, and every other memory we have made together throughout high school. I am glad you have been here for me and I hope to be friends for ever. To Breton I leave: the memory of you shanking me in front of Molly Anderson. I will never forget that day and either will Molly. Hopefully someone will be brave enough to get revenge on you. To The Entire Band I leave: the great memories we have created throughout the years, freeze pops, the words “one more time”, and countless hours rehearsing our show over and over again. I wish the best of luck to all of you and I hope to see you sometime soon. To Stees I leave: my band locker. This locker has been important to the Baritone section. Caitlin passed it down to Jenny, and Jenny passed it onto me. I now pass it onto you. I wish the best of luck to you and the Baritone section next year. To Cameron I leave: the responsibility of being the coolest person ever, 2nd block of Physics and Free Block, Florida trip, and of course, Breton and the razor. I hope you continue band and always being the awesome person you are today. I, Travis Michael Roadcap, being of sound mind and injured but sexy hard body, do hereby bequeath the following items: 1. To Richard Michael Clopper I leave an extreme bromance in high school. Luckily that will carry over into college for the next four years being roommates. We have so many crazy times together that I am positive I will never forget any of them. Joe Dirt will always be our hero. “Did I say stop drawin?!!!!” Joe Dirt and Scary Movie quotes will always be a part of our lives. I understand that someone’s “lips hurt”. Your pretty much a beast in whatever you attempt. It is funny how we met in Major League when you played for the A’s and I was on the Diamond Backs, you were playing first base and I had just gotten a hit and was on first, I can still picture that. That boy Bob is a beast. 6’5”, 220 lbs in high school, ripped, all-state in everything and could 360 dunk. We could only wish we had a camel-tail like him. If I felt like listing all the times we had together I could go on for about 10 pages. Bridgewater is going to be crazy! We will always be close. “Keep that Skoal baby!” 2. To Christopher Thomas Moffett I leave the past twelve years of school together. We have been best friends since kindergarten and I am positive that will carry on through the rest of our lives. You and your family have always been there for me no matter what and I cannot thank you and them enough. Going to Myrtle Beach three times with you was the three greatest and most enjoyable times of my life. “Hey this is Travis.”, “Hey this is Brooke.” (through text messages). Are girls that go to Myrtle the same week as us that dumb? I also leave Joe Dirt and all the Scary Movie quotes. They still crack me up every time I hear one. There’s a lot of stuff that I cannot write in here that we will always remember because they are too foul. You have such a great future ahead of you and you will succeed in wherever life takes you. You have a great work ethic and you always seem to make the right choices. I still think of that time you told me you dropped the alarm clock on my head in 5th grade, and I still did not wake up. West Pee-Wee football all day! We will always be best friends and I hope that we stay close as we are now. 3. To Nicholas William Fornadel I leave, that one summer where Clopp, Tanner, Jake, C.B., Muffin, and I spent the night at your house almost every night. I cannot list everything we have done because half of it is confidential. I will never forget that summer when me, you, and Clopp went to every lawn party just because we loved to see mullets. Also that time that we went to Jillian


A7 Wenzels house. That was the funniest night of my life! I wish you the best luck at JMU and for football. You are a beast. I hope we will remain close. 4. To Cory Eston Dovel, I leave crazy nights at your house with Clopp, golfing at Sandy Bottom, baseball, North Football, and our friendship. I’m sure that it will carry on into life because you are going to JMU. Keep your head straight and you can accomplish anything. You are a beast! I want to thank Sandy and Rodney for all the things they have done, and supported me for. 4. To Tyler Cockerham I leave hilarious times in Coach Healy’s class. You, me, and Clopp used to always joke on each other. So I hope you do work at Mississippi State, Kristen, Alexis, Brianna, Dasha, Meredith, Emily, and Aliesse. Always remember the Brotherhood! 5. To Tanner and Jake Johnson, I leave some pretty wild times. But I honestly have no clue what to write about you guys. All I can say is that it has been great, and I’ll never forget the school crossing sign. 6. To Michael Ryan Fletcher, I leave you all the times we had with Sara and Hillary. You better beast next year in football, track, and baseball. I remember when I met you in 8th grade. We used to always listen to “I got me some bathin’ apes” on bus rides to baseball games. You are one funny guy. I love you man. 7. To Tyler Dovel I leave my football number 6. You better beast in that. 8. To Salim Charles, I leave all my talent that I have. If you stick to sports you will go D-I. Get in the weight-room and always give 100%. You have so much potential that it is ridiculous. You are unstoppable. 9. To Wayson Lee, William Imeson, and Will Turner, I leave extreme times in track. You guys are the coolest sophomores I have ever met. I am glad I decided to run indoor this year. Wayson, and both Will’s will definitely hang out this summer. 10. To Kirstin Warne, I leave Night at the Roxbury, LISA!!!, our tree, the end of my junior year, and almost my entire senior year. We were pretty amazing together. We had some awesome times together. I’m glad we are friends again. You have such a great future ahead of you. Always remember to stay strong. 11. To Amethyst Carter, I leave Coach Hooks class. You are one of the coolest girls ever. You were always there to talk to and I cannot appreciate that enough. I wish you the best wherever life may take you. 12. To Priscilla Harrison and Rachel O’Connor, I LOVE YOU! You guys are the best and funniest girls alive. Rachel, I am sure I will be seeing a lot of you this summer, you are such a cool girl. 13. To Shane McMahan, you are the funniest kid I have ever known. You go too hard. But I leave our awesome handshake and the Su-Wu. You have to pass that down next year to someone who will carry it strong. You are a true thug. I, Jessica Katherine Rutledge, being of optimistic mind and energetic body, do hereby bequeath the following items: 1. To Phillip Bannister I leave well, anything I can because he deserves it all. Phillip has been one of my best friends since he was the “Friar”. He’s already taking over newsstreak, the drama department, and musical so there isn’t much to leave him but I can leave him memories of laughing because that was my favorite thing to do with him. You’re actually going to be a senior now instead of constantly being mistaken as one like this year. I love you so much and wish you the best of luck for you senior year. I’ll still be here for you! 2. To all my HHS Musical Family I leave every single clap and cheer we heard at the end of every single performance. You guys deserved all of them and you made my musical experience the best thing I did in my four years of high school. Isaac, I leave you the trunk. Girls we had our handshake with, that’s got to continue! Freshman who took over this year, more power to youplease make next years musical even bigger and even better HHS needed a group like you guys to step your game up. 3. To all my fellow AP Euro classmates I leave tests, reviews, and more reading to continued on b9

The Newsstreak

may 21, 2010


What are your plans after high school? Easte

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Elsa Gallard o Morgan Pro - EMU or BRCC pst - JMU o r Fernando S armiento - BRCC EMU or BR Manina Sim CC in Rosa Rodri chut - JMU or BRCC quez - EMU or JMU


r Justin Goldberge ay gx on av th In Brian y le el K n ga Mea Marion King Jessica Rutledge Matt Sayre Dylan St. Ours er Stephanie Wampl

Other kerham - Mississippi Sotalletege

isen Dott Ba ckwell la Ethan B mfort o C ia ic r T oradia G Parth rnadel Nick Fo hnson Jo Tanner cey a L Chris rdos K Sally a



Kim A Nelso ntonio n Eric K Bude ing Andre Frans w Kniss ic Dasha o Lake Danie Love l Shen k


Bridgewater Grace Byers per Michael Clop on d or G Emily line Emma-Rose K thy ar cC Shavvon M p Travis Roadca ee ff u cD M l Danie


Ri Blue

i i-Han d Ban e m m Moha Barahona an e i g n owm A tney B r Cour yst Carte h t e n de Am Critte Kaiti ey Glover Whitn Gutierrez Diana Farag n Gova Haji a q jasa fi a R Hino him n a m bra Ger kahl I Mash

on Johns Chris y Martin e i Brittn Mohd osley d i n M Zo s u viedo eali Corn ly Perez O e Chab l Posas e apin i d b A hindy ons S a c c Rebe tha Simm n Sama Sokoluyk a c i s s use Je r Spro ernan o l y a i T een T Maur Warne n Kirsti

The Newsstreak

may 21, 2010

Ads a9

CONGRATULATIONS CLASS OF 2010! 1731 South High St. 540.432.1386 Come enjoy a variety of breakfast, deli and veggie sandwiches. We also have latte’s, cappuccinos, and smoothies.

Mon- Fri 6 a.m.- 5:30 p.m. Sat- Sun 6 a.m.- 3 p.m.

$1.00 OFF

any purchase of

$3.00 or more


Instruction in: Voice and Piano

May 21, 2010

The Newsstreak

Health A10

Drake Cary

Rafiqa Haji

Kelsey Hyser

Kyle Saxton

April See

Marion King

The Newsstreak

aby Pictures B

may 21, 2010

feature B1

Jessica Strickler

Stefani Peric

Meagan Kelley

Diana Gutierrez

Stephanie Lee

Kirstin Warne

Sally Kardos

may 21, 2010

The Newsstreak

feature B2

for the memories s k an


The seniors of 2010 give their thanks to the people who have affected their lives: the friends, the family, the teachers, I thank Aakash Tandel for and those in between.

being an awesome dude. I thank Mrs. Reid because -Alex Neff she’s the best teacher out there that I know. I thank Mrs. Cummings for help-Mohammed Azizi ing me understand math better. -Lauren Price I would thank Mr. Swartz beI thank Ms. Wheeler, I thank Mr. Turner, cause he taught me so much because he’s smart. because she’s nice. without saying a word. -Zaid Mahdi -Huda Mansoor -Andrew Kniss I thank my parents for pushing me through school and helping me. -Kevin Stewart

Thanks to Loughran, for being a good person to me. -Troy Jones Ms. Brooks, through her persistent guidance and support, my artistic eye has grown. She taught me to be a leader as the National Art Honor Society President, and to keep pursuing what I love, art. -Kyle Saxton I would thank Coach Rath for teaching me so much about soccer. He was a great coach. -Grace Byers Joy Weaver for being my “guardian angel”. -Rafy Carbajal I thank all the lunch ladies so I didn’t have to go hungry during school. -Blayke Price

Thank You’s:

Six Degrees of Separation

I would thank either one of my parents, they always support me in everything I do and I couldn’t ask for better role models. -Brittney Martin I would thank Mrs. Fielding for all of the amazing college preparation. -Sally Kardos

Chelsea Thurman, for being a flower. -Marion King

I would thank Mrs. Kibler, because she’s been my teacher for four years and helped me develop into a better student and journalist. -Kim Antonio Thanks to my parents for being so supportive. -Dasha Love

I would like to thank Taylor Echols for keeping me on task and focused in class. -Cornealius Mosley

My Mommy, she feeds me. -Matt Sayre

I would like to thank Denzel Koffa, because he’s always been nice, and for being my friend. -Taylor Echols I thank Sam Simmons, for keeping me out of trouble and getting me to class on time. Because of her, I don’t have so many tardies. -Denzel Koffa

Marion King for making me laugh every day. -Chanmee Lee Mr. Estes for being a good guy. -Ryan Slocum I would like to thank Mrs. Ortiz for being the coolest seminar teacher EVER. -Ethan Blackwell

I thank Kyle Saxton for his amazing contribution to art. Which is a little random, because I don’t even do art. -Sam Simmons

Mr. Snow for my “you get what you give” attitude. -Eric King I thank my best friend Chabely, because she’s unique. -Ailen Cabeza

I would like to thank Colonel McCutcheon, because he teaches things like loyalty and respect and is amazing. -Arlington Cruz

I would like to thank Amethyst Carter for making me laugh in French class all the time. -Kyle Saxton

I’d thank Kim Hook for being such an awesome teacher. -Michael Clopper Mrs. B. Anderson for always being there for me. -Shavvon McCarthy Terrance Carter for calling me “Screech” all the time during basketball season. -Ian Frazier

I thank Daniel Shenk Moreno for giving me boy advice in French class. It helped. -Amethyst Carter

To G-LIFESTYLE and CO. (you know who you are) thanks for making high school unbelievably insane, sweet, and the best time ever!!! -Claire Sudol

Mr. Meyers for working on my schedule! -Martin Vichnar Mr. Nipe for teaching me, putting up with me and always listening to me. -Greta Klosinski

I thank Mr. Healy for being the best teacher I’ve had in this school. -Taylor Sprouse

I would thank my Young Life leader Anna Straight for being a true friend and a positive role model. -Diana Gutierrez

I would thank Mr. Meyers for putting up with constant pressure to make sure my schedule was correct. My mom is the one person who truly knows EMILY KNAPP. Because she’s my -Drake Cary everything about me and has always been best friend in the entire universe. there to support me- even when the going And I wouldn’t be who I am today Tricia Comfort for making got tough. For being there through the meltwithout her help and friendship. me laugh all the time. downs, laughing until we cried and hugging -Jessica Rutledge -Hannah Thigpen until we couldn’t let go, I owe it all to you. -Jessica Strickler My older brother because I looked up I would thank Mrs. to him a lot when I was younger Kibler, because she -Chandler Dang taught me a lot about leadership and how to put myself out there in I can’t thank one person because without evdifferent situations. I’m eryone from West Potomac and Harrisonburg I My friends. When you surround gonna miss you Penton! wouldn’t be who I am today. So I thank everyyourself with a good group of You’re the best! one, friend and foe, who has been in my life friends, you’re untouchable. -Tricia Comfort because this is the greatest life I can imagine. -Justin Goldberger -Brendon Cummiskey

tt Music

may 21, 2010


Feature B3

The Newsstreak

Top songs during your 4 years

What song best describes you?

2006 Bad Day Daniel Powter “Bad Boy Killas” by Ryan Slocum -Drake Cary

“Pursuit of Happiness” by Kid Cudi -Tanner Johnson

“Candy “Young Forever” by Shop” by 50 Cent Jay-Z -Michael -Tricia Clopper Comfort

2007 Irreplacable Beyonce 2008 Low Flo-Rida feat. T-Pain

“It Was A Good Day” by Ice Cube -Cameron Ciccone

“Gangsta ‘s Paradise” by Coolio -Nick Fornadel

“Billionare” by Travie McCoy -Dasha Love

“Dancing Queen” by ABBA -Sarah DiNapoli

2009 Boom Boom Pow The Black-Eyed Peas

Soundtrack of ‘09-‘10 “I made it” by Kevin Rudolf -Martin Vichnar

“I Get Money” by 50 Cent -Parth Goradia

“I’m Awesome” by Spose -Meagan Kelley

“Unwritten” by Natasha Bedingfield -Chris Lacey

1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10.

“Small Town “This Plane” “In my Life” “Whats my U.S.A.” by by Wiz Khal- by The Beat- age again” by les Blink 182 ifa Justin Moore -Brendon -Dylan St. -Sally Kardos -Chandler Dang Cummiskey Ours

“Forget and “Baby Got “Andy Mi“Night Not Slow Back” by Sir lonakis Theme Swimming” Down” by Mix A Lot Song” by Andy by REM Relient K Milonakis -Allison -Emily -Eric King -Lauren Price Monroe Knapp

You’re a Jerk - New Boyz Party in the U.S.A. - Miley Cyrus Forever - Drake Nothin’ On You - B.o.B. feat. Bruno Mars TiK ToK - Ke$ha You Belong with Me - Taylor Swift Sweet Dreams - Beyonce Baby - Justin Bieber feat. Ludacris Bad Romance - Lady GaGa Replay - IYAZ AOL Radio (to date)

Best song to... Dance to: “Back that thing up” by Ciara feat.

Juvenile Do homework to: “Higher” by Kid Cudi Drive to: “Eenie, Meenie” by Justin Bieber feat. Sean Kingston Sing along to: “Party in the U.S.A.” by Miley Cyrus Relax to: “Live Like We’re Dying” by Kris Allen Exercise to: “Stronger” by Kanye West Party to: “Oh, Let’s Do It” by Wacka Flacka Flame

Music Evolution

1970s - 1990s

Cassette Tape

- Analog medium - Rewinding and fast-forwarding - Hold 90 or more minutes - Tape can become tangled

What was your first Cassette Tape? “My first cassette was Aladdin when I was 4.” - Diana Gutierrez, senior “I got Disney Princess Songs when I was 5.” - Kirstin Warne , senior “I got a Backstreet Boys tape when I was 8.” - Kyle Saxton, senior

1990s - 2000s

CD (Compact Disk)

- Hold up to 80 minutes - Can become scratched and skip - Data-storage - Rewriteable

2000s - Present

MP3 Player

- Late 90’s – 2000’s - Rechargeable batteries - Shuffle play songs - Music, video, pictures, games - Hold more songs that tapes and CD’s

What was your first CD? “My first CD was Lincoln Park when I was 10 or 11.” - Tanner Johnson “The first CD I had was ‘Country Grammar’ by Nelly when I was age 8.” - Brian Inthavongxay “The first CD I got was ‘Oops! I Did It Again’ by Britney Spears when I was 8.” - Emily Knapp

What was your first MP3 player? “The Classic iPod when I was 15.” -Rafiqa Haji, senior “It was one of the original black and white iPods when I was 14. Not sure on the generation.” - Brendon Cummiskey, senior

The Newsstreak

may 21, 2010

d afte es r c l d Han and A r Bee

Ads B4

Uniqu Entre e e Sand s & wiche s

The Valley’s Premier Micro Brewery

540.434.8777 Serving Lunch and Dinner --Outdoor Terrace

41 A Court Square, Harrisonburg

 

  

  

 

 

   


   

   

 

  



 


 

 



may 21, 2010

The Newsstreak

Ads B5

Senior Quiz 2010

The Newsstreak

may 21, 2010

15)Which senior likes to ride four wheelers and dirt bikes? a. Brittney Martin b. Roncell Brandon c. Kiya Scott d. Michelle Taylor

22)Who has surfed in California? a. Alazar Haregu b. Jesse Deavers c. Tony Teate d. Parth Goradia

16)Who had meningitis at the 8)Who learned how to walk in age of 4 and almost died? a. Courtney Bowman England? b. Diana Gutierrez a. Kyle Bourne c. Taylor Sprouse b. Alena Lawrence d. Matt Sayre c. Michelle Sankeralli d. Jessica Strickler 17)What boy participates in 9)Which senior has never been mixed martial arts? a. Anthony Todd on a roller coaster? b. Mashkal Ibrahim a. Uriel Villeda c. Taylor Sprouse b. Dionta Wigington d. Matt Sayre c. Grace Byers d. Stephanie Lee 18)Who nearly got run over by a 10)What boy can do a toe touch four wheeler at age five? a. Kyle Phares in midair? b. Troy Jones a. Ian Frazier c. Dasha Love b. Shavan Kareem d. Elisha Hill c. Jose Cortes

23)Which senior enjoys flying planes? a. Jessica Romero b. Drake Cary c. Dylan St. Ours d. William Orndorff

19)Who fell off a rocking horse and had to go to the emergency 11)Which senior owns a medical room? encyclopedia from 1954? a. Hannah Thigpen a. Andrew Kniss b. Emma-Rose Kline b. Tricia Comfort c. Ryan Slocum c. Meagan Kelley d. Chanmee Lee d. Martin Vichnar

26) Which senior has been a three sport athlete for all four years of high school? a. Allison Monroe b. Elisha Hill c. Blayke Price d. Preston Grogg

20)Who can curl their tongue into a clover? a. Regan Sheets b. Emily Gordon c. Jazzy Caldwell d. Mel Strother

27) Who was the female lead in the spring play? a. Chelsea Thurman b. Kaiti Crittenden c. Melanie Aamodt d. Elise Elwood

How well do you know your seniors?

3)What boy gets pedicures? a. Treshawn Lambert b. Michael Clopper c. Preston Grogg d. Cameron Ciccone 4)Who has eaten gum off the bottom of a table at lunch and can also throw a frisbee a football field? a. Matt Sayre b. Kyle Saxton c. Travis Roadcap d. Stefan Peric

5)Which senior has end up lost in a London train station alone during rush hour at age 12? a. Marina Siminchuk b. Elise Elwood c. Sarah DiNapoli d. Samantha Flaherty 6)Which senior has traveled to 25 different countries? a. Jessica Rutledge b. Armeen Pirooz c. Courtney Bowman d. Kyle Bourne 7)Who eats seven meals a day? a. Shane Pouncey b. Grace Byers c. Brianna Shears d. Nelson Bude

d. Tony Nguyen

12)Who has traveled to 48 out of 50 states? a. Macie Frazier b. Taylor Echols c. Kelsey Hyser d. Nick Fornadel 13)Who has had dreams of becoming a professional hip hop dancer? a. Miche Edge b. Samantha Simmons c. Claudia Rojas d. Sally Kardos 14)Who has broken their nose 4 times during high school? a. Travis Roadcap b. Claire Sudol c. Justin Goldberger d. Josh Thomas

The Bucket List

24)What boy has produced his own CD? a. Ian Graham b. Kevin Nixon c. Andrew Kniss d. Ryan Slocum

25)Which senior took 6 AP exams? a. Kyle Bourne b. April See c. Brendon Cummiskey d. Aakash Tandel

21)Which senior was almost a 28) Who had their gall bladder child soldier? taken out when they were 6? a. Nelson Bude a. Maureen Tiernan b. Francisco Lake b. Tricia Comfort c. Marion King c. Chris Moffet d. Shane Pouncey d. Jarrett Stearn 17)b 18)a 19)d 20)c 21)a 22)b 23)d 24)d 25)c 26)d 27)b 28)b

2)Who owns almost 70 pairs of flip-flops? a. Amethyst Carter b. Hannah Thigpen c. Tyya Scott d. Greta Klosinski

Answers: 1)c 2)d 3)c 4)a 5)c 6)a 7)b 8)b 9)c 10)d 11)a 12)c 13)d 14)c 15)a 16)

1)Who can solve a rubik’s cube in less than a minute? a. Andrew Kniss b. Carrie Brown c. Drake Cary d. Marion King

Sports b6

imprint HHS Literary Magazine

A celebration of HHS students’ best creative works

On sale during all lunch shifts

What do you want to do before you die?

“I want to meet Troy Polomalu.” -Dionta Wigington

“I want to run a marathon in every continent.” -Emma DiNapoli

“To go to a Detroit Pistons game.” -Chandler Dang

“I want to join Americorp and make at least one life better.” -Meagan Kelley

“To go on a trip to Europe.” -Luis Lugo

“I want to go to Paris.” -Taylor Echols

“Go skydiving.” -Ty Armentrout

June 1st

“I want to bungee jump off of the Grand Canyon.” - T r o y Jones

DON’T BE SHY! Share your recipes with HHS’s Blue Streaks’ Good Eats Cookbook! Do you have a signature recipe that your friends and family beg you to fix on holidays, for special occasions, or just because?

The Blue Streaks’ Good Eats Cookbook will be a collection of recipes contributed by members of the HHS community and photos of student groups and artwork attractively and professionally bound to be sold in the fall of 2010. The proceeds will benefit HHS programs to promote literacy.

Contributing is very quick and easy!

-Just go to -Login using your name as Contributor, and use “bluestreaks” as both the Group Login and Password. -Select Add Recipes from the left menu. -And just follow the directions from there! If you have any questions, contact cookbook coordinator Sarah Taylor at or (540)433-2651 during school hours.

Only $3 Pre-order Your Copy Today! Pre-order Forms in Yearbook Room Featuring Writing and Art By: Maria Rose Ellie Pruett-Fiederlein Allison Monroe Natalie Warner Kyle Saxton Ali Shah Phillip Bannister Robert McCarthy Xuyi Guo April See Lilian Bustamante Norys Robles Erin Goodstein Chris Pyle

Tatyana Marko Olivia McCarty Kirstin Warne Paulina Rendon Alex Rendon Rafiqa Haji Kristen Lyons Samantha Swayne Erik Garcia Emily Jamieson Erick Monroy Juan Carlos Alvarado Gabriella Johnson

The Newsstreak

may 21, 2010

Sports B7

Senior Self Superlatives

Parth Goradia Most likely to be a weatherman

Elisha Hil Most likely to host ESPN

Dasha Love Most likely to be “America’s next top Model

Anthony Todd Most likely to be sleepy Jessica Strickler Most likely to be a teacher

Martin Vichnar M o s t likely to be World Hero

Meagan Kelley Most likely to be in the CIA

Top ten graduates of 2010 1

Sarah DiNapoli

1.What was your favorite experience from high school? Being Drum Major was really great, I got to be the leader of a big group of amazing people. 2. What was the hardest class you took during high school? Why? AP English with Mrs. Kibler. It was a big workload, but also one of my favorite classes. 3.What advice would you give to underclassmen? Join clubs. Do Youth in Government club! 4. If you could do something differently what would it be? I would have gotten senior class t-shirts. 5. What was your biggest accomplishment from high school? Going to the Life sciences Governor’s school at VCU over the summer. 6. What are your plans for after high school? College of the Holy Cross, in Massachusetts. I’ll probably major in Biology and go through pre med.


Chanmee Lee

1.What was your favorite experience from high school? Homcoming with friends because it was fun. 2. What was the hardest class you took during high school? Why? AP Calculus with Mr. Turner because it was just hard in general 3.What advice would you give to underclassmen? Work hard guys! Don’t slack off like I did. 4. If you could do something differently what would it be? I would have had more fun in high school. 5. What was your biggest accomplishment from high school? Having good times. 6. What are your plans for after high school? I will be attending UVA to major in business and music.


Emma DiNapoli

1.What was your favorite experience from high school? Being a member of the cross country team family changed my high school experience. Run cross country! SCA, Newsstreak, and Youth-in-Government were all equally great too, though. 2. What was the hardest class you took during high school? Why? Honors Physics and Honors Pre Calc with Turner! Math kills me, I like words. 3.What advice would you give to underclassmen? Get involved, do what you love and love what you do! 4. If you could do something differently what would it be? Stuck with band because I miss being a part of that group of kids. 5. What was your biggest accomplishment from high school? Going to the Sorensen Institute for Political Leadership or the Humanities Governor’s School during the summer. 6. What are your plans for after high school? UVA to major in history or environmental thought or government... or a combination?


Aakash Tandel

1.What was your favorite experience from high school? Mr. Green’s french class sophomore year. He was crazy so it was really fun. 2. What was the hardest class you took during high school? Why? AP Chemistry because there was always so much stuff going on in it. 3.What advice would you give to underclassmen? Join as many extra-curricular activites as you can because it makes high school more fun. 4. If you could do something differently what would it be? Nothing, because then I wouldn’t be where I am now. 5. What was your biggest accomplishment from high school? Getting into UVA. That was my goal the whole time. 6. What are your plans for after high school? I’m going to UVA to study biology.



1.What was your favorite experience from high school? My senior prom was really fun. 2. What was the hardest class you took during high school? AP Calculus with Mr. Turner because I don’t understand it. 3.What advice would you give to underclassmen? Enjoy the remaining years because time flies. 4. If you could do something differently what would it be? I would have chosen to take harder classes my freshmen year, because I slacked off. 5. What was your biggest accomplishment from high school? Being in the top 10! 6. What are your plans for after high school? UVA

1.What was your favorite experience from high school? Musical, because of the people, experience and exciement. 2. What was the hardest class you took during high school? Why? Honors Pre Calc with Turner. 3.What advice would you give to underclassmen? Take AP classes that interest you, otherwise it’s bad. 4. If you could do something differently what would it be? I would’ve been more involved in school events as a freshman. 5. What was your biggest accomplishment form high school? Going to the humanities Governors school over the summer. 6. What are your plans for after high school? Go to William and Mary, and travel the world.

Stephanie Lee


Eric King

1.What was your favorite experience from high school? Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat this year. The cast was so fun, we all got really close and I got to meet and hang out with underclassmen. It was also really great music. 2. What was your favorite class you took during high school? Why? Spanish 2 with Mrs. Hook because there were so many crazy people in that class, something exciting was always happening. 3.What advice would you give to underclassmen? Don’t worry about it, it goes by really fast so just enjoy it. 4. If you could do something differently what would it be? Nothing. 5. What was your biggest accomplishment from high school? Oliver freshman year. It was a lot of work to take on as a freshman, but I learned a lot from the upperclassmen and it really pushed me out of my comfort-zone. 6. What are your plans for after high school? EMU to study either biology, spanish or both.

Elise Elwood


Allison Monroe

1.What was your favorite experience from high school? Marching band 2. What was the hardest class you took during high school? Why? Precalculus, there was way too much work 3.What advice would you give to underclassmen? Don’t get caught up in any one social group 4. If you could do something differently what would it be? I would have done more hiking. 5. What was your biggest accomplishment from high school? Staying passionate about things through all of high school 6. What are your plans for after high school? Go to Skidmore College and major in environmental science studies.


Brendon miskey


1.What was your favorite experience from high school? Everything, can’t take away the good and the bad 2. What was the hardest class you took during high school? Why? AP Chemistry because the content is advanced, the textbook did not explain it well 3.What advice would you give to underclassmen? To have a lot of fun and focus because if you don’t believe in yourself, no one will. 4. If you could do something differently what would it be? Pay attention more freshman year. 5. What was your biggest accomplishment from high school? Earning the repect of my teachers 6. What are your plans for after high school? Going to UVA to major in psychology


Drake Cary

1.What was your favorite experience from high school? The boys dance team 2. What was the hardest class you took during high school? Why? DE Pre-calc 3.What advice would you give to underclassmen? Get involved, it’s the best way to have fun and make friends. 4. If you could do something differently what would it be? I would have doubled up on some science classes. 5. What was your biggest accomplishment form high school? The Earthwatch climate change fellowship in Canada. 6. What are your plans for after high school? JMU for their ISAT program with a minor in environmental science.

The Newsstreak

may 21, 2010

Sports B8

Senior Influences and Advice for Underclassmen Kyle Saxton has taught me the importance of taking school seriously and dedicating yourself. He has also taught me how to apply myself to better my future.- Leo Lopez, sophomore Take all Honors, it’s not that bad. – Jessica Rutledge, senior

Cary and DiNapoli share the love Get involved. It makes High School fun and allows you to make friends in every grade.- Drake Cary, senior They have taught me many things about how not to get trouble while still doing the things that get you in trouble.Ben DiNapoli, freshman

Hall signs help guide students

Cockerham’s demonstrate brotherly love

Just be yourself. Don’t change yourself to make new friends.Naomi Ornstein, senior

My brother has influenced me in many ways. I am going to miss him next year when he goes to Mississippi University.- Brady Cockerham, sophomore

Live it up. It flies bye so don’t get caught up with the “in crowd” and start becoming someone you’re really not.- Michael Clopper, senior Don’t sweat it, get involved, and have fun! It goes by fast and you WILL survive!- Eric King, senior

Have as much fun as you can while taking all your classes seriously. I did this except I didn’t take my classes as seriously as I should have.Stefan Peric, senior Don’t waste your high school years not having some fun. I spent so much time during my first three years of school doing work, that by the time I reached my senior year, I was burned out. But I also had some of the best times in my senior year, because I didn’t spend so much time on my schoolwork. – Jessica Strickler, senior

Join Youth-inGovernment!! Hanging out and laughing with Mr. Moyers will be one of the best club experiences you’ll find.- Sarah DiNapoli, senior

Kardos and Durden show off their school pride S e n i o r s taught us how to have good school spirit.- Seth K a r d o s , freshman

Take advantage of opportunities as they present themselves, and never regret something. If something doesn’t turnout the way you expected try again and try harder.- Ethan Blackwell, senior

Don’t mess around your freshman year with your grades because they count in the long run.- Preston Grogg

Caitlin Kelley poses with running leader, Dasha Love

Do not pay attention to the drama because it is not worth it. – Shavvon McCarthy, senior

Mr. Tueting fills in for Mr. Moyers, who is MIA

This may sound cliché, but don’t worry about what people think. Don’t try to be cool because it ends up being a waste of time. Besides, once you’re out of high school, no one cares who was popular so be yourself, it’s ALWAYS better.- Meagan Kelley, senior

Realize that there will be drama in high school, but knowing how to react to it will determine your character. – Sally Kardos, senior

Elise Elwood, my sister, has influenced me in so many wonderful ways. I love her so much and I can’t wait to visit her next year at the college of William and Mary.- Gwen Elwood, sophomore

Learn which hallway is which department. It helps a lot.- Andrew Kniss, senior

Meagan Kelley and “the boys”

Seniors on the sports t e a m s helped you through the Ian Frazier has influenced warm ups. me. He was a good leader They are of the tennis team.- Andy really good Shisler, sophomore leaders on teams.Caitlin KelKing smiles for the camera ley, freshIt’s never man too late to try something new.M a r i o n King, senior Vichnar shows he’s

not afraid

Don’t be scared to talk to older people!- Martin Vichnar, senior

Express yourself.- Justin Goldberger, senior

Heckman waves for the camera

Anthony Todd influenced me because from him I have learned the importance of doing homework.Nevin Heckman, sophomore

Gutierrez poses in her Newsstreak T-shirt

Take every opportunity presented to you. Join every club, never settle for anything less than great and have fun.- Diana Gutierrez, senior

Get involved. You don’t want to graduate high school and feel like you haven’t accomplished anything. – Kyle Phares, senior

Don’t forget your number! Remember your l u n c h numberChanmee Lee, senior

Imeson demonstrates the art of “cool” Do not try to be cool. If you have to try, it means that you are not. I am not cool.Adam Imeson, senior

TELEPHONE (540) 433.3625 FAX (540) 433.0403

Steven E. Gardner, D.D.S., P.C. FAMILY DENTISTRY



The Newsstreak

may 21, 2010

2009-10 HHS

NEWSSTREAK PATRONS NEWSSTREAK SUPER SPONSORS Larry and Kathy Whitten Carter and Mitchell Hailey Denise Zito Heather and David Denman Jessica Adolino and Tim DiNapoli Sallie and Scott Strickler T. J. & Kerri Wilson The Mackails Tim and Debbie Lacey Valerie and Bobby Kibler Ted and Stephanne Byrd Mark and Mary Anne Duda

GOLD PATRONS Anne and JC DePoy Betsy Dunnenberger Daniel and Susan Fitch David and Diane Ehrenpreis Dick Johnson and Jackie Zito Hess Furniture Irene Reynolds John and Ann Speer Marie Hetrick McCarty Family Michael K. Eye Mrs. Hardesty's Tea Room Office of International

Programs The Ansah Family Tammi, Kiah Silver and Issa Selassie SILVER PATRONS Al and Carolyn Falcioni Alex Johnson Angela Knupp Beverly Sturm Bill Turner Bob and Pat Shaw Bob White Brittany Conley Cathy and Roger Soenksen Cathy Phillips Christine Fasching Maphis Christine Urbanski Damselfly Studio and Gallery Dawn and Chris Womack Dawn and Daryl Cockerham Dean D. Domonoske Debbie Mongold Debi Burke Deborah Hensley Dolores Flamiano and Tom Domonoske Downtown Fine Furniture Ernst Shifflett Ethan Zook Jack Smith James Nipe Jay and Pat Supko Jay Speer Jenny and Jared

come! Marshall, William, and Ryan you guys are precious. I’m so glad I took that class my senior year so I could meet everyone in it, and let you know to keep giving it your all the next two years. So I will gladly leave you all those other AP classes you little over-achievers plan on taking. Let me know how they go and good luck. 4. To all the other SENIORS I leave the memories we made in this freezing cold school. We finally got through all the games, performances, tests, fights, tears, laughs, mistakes, triumphs, and extremely early mornings. We can officially look back at our high school lives and know the ending to that chapter. All we have to do now is never forget. I, Fernando Sarmiento leave 1. To Victor Lopez I leave: the humility of losing all the time on Naruto. And never being able to beat me hopefully as you grow older you will get more experience. Than some day you will be better than me, but that’s probably not going to happen. 2. To Chino Solis I leave: all the equipment in weight training. I want you to get strong so you can beat your brother. Omar thinks he’s the best, but I know that you will become stronger than him. 3. To Every Foosball Player I leave: my awesome skills. You can ask about me and you will maybe learn from me. I think that anybody that plays foosball and thinks they’re the best I will personally come next year and beat you all. I know it sounds cocky, but that’s the way it is. 4. To Erika, German, Fabi, Emely I leave: you all the lunch table. Since you guys will be seniors next year I would hope that you guys get there five minutes early to get OUR table. And German Elsa says you’re annoying. I, Kyle David Saxton, being of certain mind and understanding in body, do hereby bequeath the following items:


ads b9

Patrons are members of the Harrisonburg community and others who support the pursuit of excellence in the journalistic publications of Harrisonburg High School. Money generated from the patron program is used to offset costs of attending journalism conferences, to print our paper, and to purchase up-to-date technological equipment for our journalism lab. To become a patron, see any member of the Newsstreak Staff or stop by room 444. Patron level is determined by the following scale: HHS Patrons, $5; Blue Patrons, $10; Bronze Patrons, $15; Silver Patrons, $25; Gold Patrons, $50; and Newsstreak Super Sponsor, $100+. Burden Jim and Anne Frazier Jim and Rebecca Newcity JT and Stacy Turner Kevin Comer Kevin and Brenda Saxton Lee and Sherri Chapman Len and Sylvia Aamodt Mallory Cromer Margaret Wilson Mark and Suzanne Obenshain Martha and Perry Catron Massanutten Regional Governor's School Meredith and David Turner Michael and Phyllis Wong Michael Burke Molly Schick Mr. and Mrs. Terry Murray Nancy Faulkner Nancy Stone Penny Martinez Phoebe and Travis Ryans Richard and Nancy Morrell Richard Kelly Rick Castaneda Signs USA Simon Stevens Susan Adamson Tabatha and Bobby Lane Tameka F. Burroughs

1. To Trevor Shank I leave: All Nascar!!! Jokes… that are to be used specifically during golf season, and mostly around Coach Ruckman. 2. To Leo Lopez I leave: My Cubby in the art room, along with my amazing singing and dancing abilities with all intentions of entertaining Ms. Brooks, and potentially making her uncomfortable. 3. To Cilla Harrison I leave: My love for Sam Cooke songs, and the rightful spot as my # 1 Cilla. I, Matthew Sayre, being of flamboyant mind and sensual body, do hereby bequeath the following items: 1. To Sam Obenshain I leave: Adventuring and running away from raging rednecks and large men. I also leave Boy’s Dance Team leadership. My devoted love as well. If Sydney was alive I would leave her, since she is your favorite. R.I.P 2. To Trevor Shank I leave: late nights at the lake and playing golf at Sandy Bottom. I also leave running away from large men in the summer and fearing for Sam and John’s lives. 3. To Evan Wetsel I leave: I leave swinging and looking for the bridge that we never found. I also leave Carly while I am away in college. I leave cooking and running too. I, Ryan Slocum, being of stretched mind and tired body, do hereby bequeath the following items: 1. To Everyone I leave: Not much. I, Jessica Strickler, being of burned-out mind and average body, do hereby bequeath the following items: 1. To the girls from Spring Break I leave: all the good times. The week we spent together was amazing and I have never been more open with both others and myself. You all made me laugh about everything! Meagan, I hope I shall never forget the pants, the boys and everything revolving around the boys, chilling in the car with Dawn, or the snake incident. That week was truly the best week of my life I have had to date. 2. To Meagan I leave: Boys, and lots of them. I shall never forget the pants; chilling in the car with Dawn; knowing way

Terry Cary Tom and Lori Mendez Frank and Evelyn Nice Dr. and Mrs. Morris Homan Cindy and Sam Hunter-Nickels Jim and Doris Hunter Rick and Mel Pairo Maria Mc Callum Barbara Duda Maddie Duda BRONZE PATRONS Ethan Zook Marisa Proctor Moses Tinsley Anu Beheraj Beth Beahm Beth Cash Brenda Greever Brenda Steam Elizabeth Ann Barrett J.R. Snow Jackie Shipe Jim Nipe Kelley Shradley-Horst Kristy Peifer Larry and Valerie Kaylor Larry O'Keeffe Mary E. Monts Shelly Biller Vickie J. McAlister BLUE PATRONS Angela Yurachek Bonnie Anderson Carol

Atkinson Cathy Grogg Dave Loughran JB Walker Jenn Rose Jennifer Thompson Jill Levine Joe Carico Joseph Beppler Kasey Fisher Kevin and Mary Beth Tysinger Kim Hook Loren Tusing Marcia Lamphier Margaret and Clark Upton Mark Healy Mary Falk Mary Strickler Patrick Jarrett Paul Longacre and Nancy Heisey Rebecca Howard Sallye S. Parker Sandy Mercer Sara and Armando GutieArrez Steve and Lauree Purcell Sviatlana Asipuk Tamra Shepard Taylor Sprouse The Elwood Family The Galganos The Greenlaws Tim Meyers Tim Sarver Tony Antonnicola Yolanda Blake Marie and Nelson Herring Peter Norment Wanda Phillips

too much information; hanging out and falling asleep first; being the only seniors to keep showing up for youth on Sundays; fantastic trips to Marion, where we always somehow have even more fun than the year before; 3. To Cilla, aka Manatee I leave: Red peppers and ranch out of my lunch box, life lessons in Mr. Turner’s class, sexy competitions, high heels, “special” t-shirts and laughing with your mom. Joni, you rock! 4. To Nicki I leave: The bathroom- do your best not to abuse the privilege. I will be back for Thanksgiving and I expect to have my ¼ back. Thanks for listening to me vent, arguing about who gets to drive the car and sticking up for me even when it hurt. Try to maintain the winning streak; I would hate to think I am actually smarter than you are. 5. To Mom I leave: All the moments, memories and hugs. I’ll love you forever. I’ll like you for always. As long you’re living, your baby I’ll be. I, Aakash Tandel, being of nostalgic mind and acclimated body, do hereby bequeath the following items: 1. To Miss Houff and the rest of the HHS Choirs I leave: the ability to fully perform our hairpin handshake really, really, really slowly. 2. To the Musical Cast and Crew I leave: an “Eyyhh.” Remember tears are only acceptable during a Snow Speech referencing his baby girl and your seniors. 3. To Leo Arango I leave: the rest of my AP review books but mainly a large pillow so next year when you fall asleep in class you will be more comfortable. 4. To Tim Galicki I leave: the fact that for no amount of money will I never change my last name to Patel or eat anything you suggest. 5. To Meagan Kelley I leave: I just want you to remember “your vocal chords have had more fantastic runs than a Kenyan track team.” Also when Ben, Jonnie, Duncan and Dave


HHS PATRONS Jim Dendinger "Club 95" Cafeteria Staff Abigail Smith Alison Whalen Amy Engle Amy Powers Amy Wheeler Anthony and Pamela Bailey Barbara Eye Bethany Houff Betty Bowers Bradley Walton Bridget Smith Cheryl Helmuth Logan Chris and Andi Arndt Chris Grefe Constanza Rojas David Doyle David Hoover Debbie Witman Delena Hamer Designer Consignment at Vivian's Diana Kern Dina McGrady Gail Collins Growing Families Jauan Brooks Jay Blair Jayne Slocum Jerry Hertzler Jess Sanqabriel Karen Allmendinger Kevin Nafziger Kirk Moyers Kris Vass Larry Chico Mac Bair Mark Healy Martha Blair

come over I will call you. 6. To Sarah DiNapoli I leave: a baseball bat to ward off the B.W.E.P. and a man card because you will always be an honorary guy. 7. To Allison Monroe I leave: I Hope They Serve Beer In Hell by Tucker Max, I believe throughout the four years we’ve taught you well. Now this book will make sense. 8. To Ben Haines, Eric King, Brent Areheart, Robbie Ward and Justin Goldberger I leave: my guitar and “Strange Wilderness.” 9. To Daniel Shenk-Moreno, Alex Rendon and Justin Goldberger I leave: the mileage on my car from the road trips and “Veiny” from Olive Garden’s number. 10. To Brendon Cummiskey, Ethan Blackwell and Justin Goldberger I leave: a finished Pledge Wall and the rest of our “fishing” supplies. I, Hannah Thigpen, being of sane mind and body, do hereby bequeath the following items: 1. To Nancy Carrie Logan I leave: Uncontrollable laughter, Apples and Orchards, My Broadway Star, Princess Nightgowns, Spend-the-nights, Dress-up, Disney movies, Audia, Chi-Chi, stunts with Carrie, CC and Red Barron, Newsies home videos, NEW YORK, Jammin’, a ridiculous wiglet and a headache, Cheerleading memories, Hiccups, Joke Book, Chronicles of Narnia Tree house, RR, Bridgett Jones, picnics in the pool, JoBro’s, Bows and Pearls, The Last Mimzy, Your Name Up In Lights, and lastly 10 years of friendship! I LOVE YOU SCARY!!! 2. To Evan Wetsel I leave: the fort, Stockings with tape, Proud Owner of a Jeep, Phineas and Ferb, Snapple, Coke in Grand, Laughter and Tears, Enchanted, Hydroplaning, Cheerleading memories, Frisky Water Shoes, Best Base Ever, Hot Pockets, Ranch Chicken, Fruit-roll-ups and Juice, Country Basement, Afghan Quilt, one-eyed cat, No speedometer, Cinnamon beans, Bunk on Bus, Inch-long


Merle Norman Downtown Harrisonburg Mike Fornecker Mr. and Mrs. Jay Hook Pat Thornley Patricia Pineda Phil Yutzy Rachel Bolyard Ross Bair Roy McCutcheon Sarah Grefe Sarah Taylor Sarah Taylor Shane Burke Sheila Fielding Stanley Swartz Stanley Swartz Susan A. Thacker Suzanne Smith Tim Meyers Tom Nonrenmaher Tracey Barr Tricia Cummings Victoria Harris Doodie-Butler Ben Kurtz Jason Stuhlmiller Cara and Bradley Walton David Heatwole Jim Ramsey Joe Puffenbarcer Judy Buskirk Jesse Berguy Sarah Newston Roi Doe Allison May Rogelia Catdoso Marianne DaRose Michael W. Layman Jere Borg Marie Post

Sandwiches, and the lastly the laughing picture. I LOVE YOU EVAN!!! I, Martin Vichnar, being of the clearest mind and muscular body, do hereby bequeath the following items: 1. To Daiki Ishikawa I leave: All the memories we have from this year. You are the coolest Asian I’ve ever met. I’m so glad we’ve met each other here and spent this amazing year together because I cannot imagine that I would be alone here. Then I want to leave you the big part of my European heart. You are my best friend ever, brother, even though you always spend half an hour in bathroom and do not know how to close the door quietly. I love you! And…good luck with your little blondie… 2. To Kyle Saxton I leave: All appreciation I have. You helped me the most in the beginning. You’ve been hanging out with me the most. You’ve showed me A Night at the Roxbury. I will never forget our craziness in the car during WHAT IS LOVE! Jefka, Hovno, Sukaprdel! All the fun we had! You told me everything about the people from HHS. I wish you the best in college and can’t wait to meet in Europe or USA again! 3. To all the teachers I had and the principal Mrs. Reynolds I leave: My respect and appreciation for all they did for me this year. I could be with such an awesome group of people and enjoyed this unforgettable year. 4. To my HHS tennis team I leave: My love and all the jokes I made there. I hope some of them will stay there for some time. We’ve been the best gang of people and I enjoyed every single practice with all of you guys! Good luck in the future! You have the best coach ever! And then I want to leave chest pumps for my European Powerhouse brother Stefan Peric! 5. To my favorite classes I leave: My dancing moves for my favorite people from the renaissance class. Especially for my coach Bianca Jerlinski. My stories for all the great people in Newsstreak class and my gained muscles for my weighttraining class. The best year with all of you guys!

The Newsstreak

may 21, 2010


2006 and 2007


Emily Knapp Style Editor

h yes. 2006. Not just my first year in high school, but a great year in pop culture. The buzz around Snakes on a Plane (or what the internet soon nicknamed SoaP) was immense – as was the disappointment when audiences realized the movie was just that – snakes on a plane. Oprah praised the novel A Million Little Pieces and then exploded when it was found out that the events were, erm, “less than true.” Superheroes dominated television and everyone was wondering how saving a cheerleader could save the world. Al Gore shoved global warming down America’s throat with his movie An Inconvenient Truth, but we were happier watching the “Evolution of Dance” on YouTube. Sasha Baron Cohen enraged Kazakhstan with his infamous Borat character. However, no character of 2006 was greater than Anna Nicole Smith and her baby daddy drama. Then came 2007. Fans around the

world felt bittersweet as the final installment of the Harry Potter series was released on July 21st. Soon after, when a young fan asked J.K. Rowling if Dumbledore ever had a love interest, she calmly replied, “My truthful answer to you... I always thought of Dumbledore as gay.” On the same note, the president of Iran, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, announced, “In Iran, we don’t have homosexuals, like in your country.” Students at HHS and around the nation grieved after the events of the shooting at Virginia Tech in which 33 people died, including the perpetrator, Seung-Hui Cho. Anna Nicole Smith’s drama continued when her son died and she followed soon after. HBO’s The Sopranos ended after eighty-five episodes and many called the finale “a perfect ending to a perfect TV series.” Paris Hilton was sentenced to 45 days in jail for driving under the influence to which she shouted, “It’s not right!” Thankfully I’m not the only person who believes she’s “famous for being famous.” In 2007 she appeared in Guinness World Records as the world’s “Most Overrated Celebrity.” tt



Ama Ansah News Editor

009: the year that all the celebrities died. Farah Fawcett, Michael Jackson, Billy Mays, Britney Murphy, Ed McMahon, John Hughes, Les Paul, Gidget the Taco Bell Chihuahua, just to name a few. There were plenty who we expected to go, such as Mischa Barton and Lindsay Lohan, who somehow hung on. We saw tween girl’s hearts broken as Kevin Jonas got married, then magically healed with the release of Twilight: New Moon.. It was a very dramatic year. The swine flu caused international panic. Media outlets covered everything even vaguely related to the possible pandemic and everybody scrambled for swine flu shots. Health care reform was by far the most polarizing topic of the year, giving rise to republican “tea baggers." We all somehow survived the great recession, which is something to tell our grandkids. The Christmas underwear bomber made us all worry and snicker at the same time. Tiger Wood’s affairs came to light. A staggering number of cocktail waitresses and adult film stars came out of the wood work, claiming to have had a relationship with the golfer. Lady Gaga skyrocketed to stardom with her catchy tunes and daring outfits. Chris Brown assaulted his then girlfriend Rhianna, leading to both of them releasing songs about it. Kanye West interrupted Taylor Swift’s acceptance speech at the VMAs. Ke$ha… happened. Avatar made a ton of money and was a shoo-in for best picture, but lost to The Hurt Locker. Children and adults alike enjoyed Up and Fantastic Mr. Fox. The musical movie Nine came out along with the Tim Burton film Nine and the alien film District

Nine, all unrelated. Twitter blew up the internet. Facebook games like Farmville sucked away many a student’s study time. Joaquin Phoenix made for the most awkward interview David Letterman ever faced. We cringed as Ryan Seacrest tried to high-five a blind man. Susan Boyle helped us all realize that looks can be deceiving. Octomom and her gaggle of babies shocked the nation, making Nadya Suleman a celebrity of sorts. John and Kate had a bitter divorce and we wondered what would happen to the eight that made them famous in the first place. 2009 was the end of the decade. The fads, films, fashion and famous people of the last ten years are now dated. Time marches on. But as long as celebrities will cheat on their spouses, as long as Hollywood continues to be crazy, as long as famous people continue to kick the bucket, there will be p o p culture. tt


David Proctor News Editor

008 was a momentous year in the United States. It saw gas prices soar to levels never seen before, the economy crash and Michael Phelps become an American hero by winning 8 Gold medals at the Beijing Olympics. It saw Lady Gaga rise to prominence and a young Governor from Alaska named Sarah Palin thrust into the spotlight. But without a doubt, the most pressing issue of 2008 was the election that culminated in Barack Obama being elected America’s first AfricanAmerican President—and do not forget his monumental visit to JMU just days before the election. The election was everywhere. It was on TV, radio, print. 2008 kicked off with a battled prim a ry between Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama. Hillary Clinton seemed to have the Democratic nomination locked up—she was a financial powerhouse with


connections and a popular if not controversial husband. And along came Iowa. The Hawkeye State propelled Barack Obama to the Democratic nomination and eventually the Presidency. After a series of campaign missteps, Clinton was out. Obama versus McCain ensued. Yet another bombshell was dropped. McCain selected Alaskan Governor Sarah Palin as his Vice Presidential candidate. While this rallied the base, several abysmal interviews and a poor debate showing made Palin a laughing stock to Independents—a group that traditionally determines elections. The nail in the coffin to the McCain campaign was the economy. McCain was plagued by being a member of the party that controlled the White House. George W. Bush’s poor poll numbers sunk even lower and by association, so did McCain’s. “I think the fundamentals of our economy our strong,” McCain said at a town hall. This line would doom his Presidential aspirations. 08 was a year of highs and lows. The biggest lows included the fall of the stock market and the rise in gas prices (oil reached over $100 a barrel for the first time.) The highs included Michael Phelps and an optimistic feeling in the country after the election of Barack Obama. tt

What was the most memorable pop culture moment from 2006-2010?

In 50 years, what popculture event will you remember from your four years at HHS?

“Heath Ledger dying and the Dark Knight” -Kaiti Crittenden

“The vampire craze” -Tina Nguyen

“Michael Jackson dying” -Nelson Bude


-William Orenoff

“Anthing Harry Potter related” -Jessica Rutledge

May 21 Senior Issue  

Special Senior Edition

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