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September 2012

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Dear Lilac Readers,


he world has so much to offer. Every day, there are so many brand-new things to discover. There are so many lessons- lessons about our own selves, about the world, about art, literature, music, films, school, relationships, fashion, and so many other thingsthat await us. Lilac Magazine is for the girls whose eyes are wide open for these things. It’s for girls who are naïve and innocent, but are also aware that learning is essential, and uses the naivety as a tool for discovery and to be freely and insanely joyful about life. For the travel section, we offer new a brand new place to enjoy and discover. Calaguas Island is virgin and pure. It is a place where the beauty of a God-given paradise is still preserved. Turn to page 4 to see wonderful photos of the island and to read about this editor’s heavenly vacation experience in it. Turn to page 6 for our fashion feature on flowy skirts. Flowy skirts give one a look of being carefree. Also, feel the world’s breeze and experience yourself go free with our cute and to-die for fashion picks for this month on pages 8 to 9. We also have the perfect cure for boredom with our list of books, movies, and music recommendations. Check out page 10 to read about this editor’s current favorites. Try watching, reading, and listening to them yourselves and feel the world around you transform into an alternate universe of even more adventure. Lastly, read about what this editor thinks about being a teenager and finding your identity. It can be confusing to live as a teenager with every change that’s happening around you. Check out page 11 for our article on “Faking it till you make it.” Life can be confusing, but there’s a beauty out of it all. The beauty is that you continue to learn everyday just as long as you live life with wide-eyed hope for everything beautiful. Lilac magazine hopes to be one of the things that will help young teenage girls to appreciate everything that you are experiencing right there in the middle of the big bad world. Be naïve, be wide-eyed, be innocent, and eventually you’ll bloom.

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Go with the flow 6 September favorites 8


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Vochelle Editor-in-chief


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n the northern part of Bicol is the paradise called Calaguas Island. Its pure white sand beach rivals that of Boracay’s. Its water is as clear as crystal. And it’s still so untouched and pure that spending a day on the place would be a back to basics adventure you would most likely have a hard time forgetting. Its natural beauty is still so preserved it would feel like an adventure on the reality television show Survivor or on the American series Lost. There are no hotels and establishments yet so the island’s tourists bring their own tents if they want to stay overnight. Experience nature at its best, connect with the natural world, have the best camping adventure you’ll ever have.

“And it’s still so untouched and pure that spending a day on the place would be a back to basics adventure you would most likely have a hard time forgetting.” The cheapest way to get there, although there are travel organizers that offer packages, is to go there on your own. It’s very accessible. To get to the island, one just needs to go on a two-hour boat ride from the main island of Daet, Camarines Norte. At the fishport called Pandawan, there are available boats that will take you to the paradise. The princes can ba as low as P500. Calaguas can very easily be the perfect alternative to the beautiful beaches of Boracay if you want to try something new. It’s still so pure and preserved and it looks like it’s going to stay that way for long since the people of the island are willing to do what they can to

continue preserving the natural beauty of their paradise. What are you waiting for? Have fun under the sun. There are lots of things that can be done on the beach. Build sandcastles, play Frisbee, have fun photo sessions with the beautiful view as your backdrop, play in the water, swim on the turquoise water until your heart is content… Calaguas Island is a paradise. Unwind and relax with its powdery-white beach and crystal clear water. It’s the perfect place for you if you want to appreciate the beauty God has bestowed upon the earth.

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Experience paradise at the best Boracay alternative Camarines Norte has to offer.

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Go with the flow

Life’s a breeze with these flowy skirts and pants.

Necklace P150, SM Accesories Top P899, Zara Skirt-pants P900, SM Department Store Sandals P700, Melissa

6  lilac magazine

Model: Nikki Cea

Faux fur vest P850, Forever 21 Brown tank top P700, Zara Flowy skirt P899, Cocobana Bangles P150, SM Accesories

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September favorites

Dress Becoming Esther, 150

Bag Mango, P899

Bangles SM Accesories, P150

Sandals Melissa, P700 8  lilac magazine

Sling bag Zara, P 750

Tank top Becoming Esther, 100

Top Zara, P899

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Boredom Remedies


Norwegian Wood Haruki Murakami is known for his magical realism. His stories are always full of quirky, whimsical, and otherworldly elements. Yet his first novel, Norwegian Wood, claimed to be autobiographical by some, is a simple story about a college student and his experiences with life, love, loss, and being lost. Like the Beatles song from which it got its title, the novel is insightful and poignant. It’s a must-read for anyone who has ever felt sucked or is being sucked by the world that seems shapeless.

Music Do you dream to be Alice’s playmate in Wonderland? How about to become Luna Lovegood’s best friend in Hogwarts? Or maybe, for some weird reason, it’s one of your dreams to be a character in one of Edgar Allan Poe’s tales? If your answer is yes to the first two questions, it breaks my heart to tell you that they your dreams will remain a fantasy. If your answer is also a yes to the third question- oh dear god! Let’s face it, Alice and Luna aren’t real. As for being a Poe character, no sane person would want that! But just in case, you just want to get the feel of those things, why not just listen to the songs listed on the playlist below. They’re whimsical, mysterious, and maybe a little bit creepy. But if you’re a person who likes those kinds of things, then have a listen and get lost in your own little mysterious and quirky world.

Secret- The Pierces You Will Be Mine- Lenka Everything at Once- Lenka Lighthouse- The Hush Sound Breaking Down- Florence and the Machine Stars- Au Revoir Simone The Lucky One- Au Revoir Simone Asleep- The Smiths Angels- The XX The Silicone Veil- Susanne Sundfor About Your Funeral- Soley

10  lilac magazine

If you’re bored of your tedious everyday routine, and doing absolutely nothing seems like too bleak an option, why not immerse yourself in culture with wonderful films, books, and music? You’ll even get yourself entertained along the way. Here is a list of books, movies, and music that you could drown yourself in when you have in your hands a few hours to spend.



Movies Harold and Maude (1971) Harold is a young introverted boy who has a habit of performing fake suicides to scare off the dates his mother finds for him. Maude is a seventy-nine year old woman who is fond of going to funerals of strangers. They meet. They fall in love. It seems like an awfully strange plot, isn’t it? But believe me, Harold and Maude will make you both laugh and cry. Yes, its premise seems scary, with all its mentions of suicide and funerals, and yes, it’s about loneliness and sadness. But more than anything else, it is a film about happiness, love, life, and learning how to live. An Education (2009) In school, people learn lots and lots of things about lots and lots of stuff. But in life, we learn just as much, or maybe even more. An Education is a story that’s both heartbreaking and hopeful. It is the story of brilliant young student Jenny Mellor and how she found herself an education worth having, both in her academics and more importantly, in the “university of life”. This film is about dreams, learning, making mistakes in the chase of them, and the realization later on that maybe the wrong choices made are not wrong after all because of the lessons they leave behind. This movie features beautiful sceneries from London and Paris and a delightful performance from actress Carrey Mulligan. Flipped (2010) Many among those already of an age old enough to have had plenty of experiences have said that first love never dies. For those who are only experiencing it still, it’s surely a different and brandnew feeling. Flipped is a film directed by Rob Reiner and was based on the novel of the same name by Wendelin van Draanen. Its story, set in the 1960’s, is one that is both charming and heartwarming, and will make anyone ache again- or maybe just ache, for the sweetness of the said human experience. It stars bright young actors Callan McAuliffe and Madeline Carroll, whose respective portrayals brilliantly capture the pureness of a love that’s raw, or the rawness of a love that’s pure.

Being a teenager will expose you to a lot of different situations that will make you want to identify yourself as someone and define who you are as a person. Most of the time doing that is confusing and you’ll end up not being comfortable among your peers. Identity is a really confusing thing. What can you do?


ame metaphor time! If identities/personalities were like juice drinks, would one have to choose a personality as if choosing among different flavored powdered juice drinks or would the personality come naturally to a person as if it was the extract from a freshly squeezed fruit? Let’s say for example, you want to be goth. Shouldn’t being a goth something that you don’t have to work on? Shouldn’t it be something that comes naturally? Am I being a poser or a phony or pretentious by being aware of having made a decision to be a certain kind of person? What does it really mean to “be yourself ”? It seems to be everyone’s favorite sage advice, but it’s hard to grasp it. A part of me thinks that, maybe, if I were to make that advice true for myself, I would choose to cut myself off completely and live the rest of my life as a recluse. Of course that’s not true. Or maybe it is. That’s the thing, I guess. I don’t know what’s true. Let’s say you want to be an intellectual snob. If I were to follow the advice, then does that mean I should just stop trying to be smarter? I’ll just appear pretentious if I continue to. But it’s human to want to be better, right? I guess if that’s the case, then that’s who you really are- someone who’s pretentious. So are you being yourself if you continue being pretentious? Is it all about faking it till you make it? If you continue trying to be a goth or an intellectual snob or a seapunk or a hipster or whatever, will you just grow into being a goth/intellectual snob/seapunk/hipster/whatever you want to be? Is that how it works with everyone? Is everyone just pretending until they actually make it? My advice to you, my dear reader, is to just try whatever it is that you fancy doing. The fact that you have that desire somewhere in you means something. Stop caring about how others perceive you. Sometimes it’s hard to be comfortable about being comfortable in your own skin. You may feel like something’s wrong just because everything’s right where it should be. You just have to believe- to fully believe that you have every right to be whatever you want to be. Maybe everyone really just fakes it till they make it, but that doesn’t mean everyone’s entirely faking it. A part of what we all are comes organically from who we really are. Stop worrying about being a phony because you’ll only become more like one if you constantly become anxious about it. So, to follow everyone’s favorite advice, my advice to you, my dear reader, is to… just “be yourself.”

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Vochelle Sia is a 3rd Year student of the Ateneo de Manila University. She is taking AB Interdisciplinary Studies with tracks in Psychology and Multimedia. She is currently residing in Quezon City, Philippines.

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