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Volume 7 Issue 11 15 July 2012 - 14 August 2012

Luxury retail on a high


Vasant Jante Surender Gnanaolivu Vaishali Tanwar Nabamita Chatterjee Vinod Kumar V

CIRCULATION / EDITORIAL OFFICE #1019/2, 1st Cross, Geetanjali Layout, New Thippasandra, Bangalore-560 075. Tel : 91-80-40522777 / 25294933 Email:


conomic slump which seems to be dampening many international retail markets seems to have little effect on the Indian retail sector, especially with the Indian luxury retail arena which is experiencing sunny days with increased sales and more brands entering the country. According to the Global Retail Development Index 2012, India ranks fifth among the top 30 emerging markets for retail.

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While a majority of Indians are fighting to meet the rising fuel prices, inflation and food costs, it is amazing to see that certain section of the society earning fat paychecks mainly from the booming technology and financial services sector is the new target group for brands and retailers.

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However, luxury retail labels are treading cautiously to reduce costs, where in some brands are even shrinking the size of the stores to bring down the high rentals and increase profitability. Besides lowering the rentals, the emerging trend seen across various markets is the rise of retail ‘outposts’. Translated in retail, Outposts offer a sample taste of the brand experience of the main brand environment.

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In this issue Surender Gnanaolivu, Executive VP - Store Development & Presentation, Mahindra Retail throws more light on the trend of retail Outposts and shares some interesting examples using this strategy in various shopping environments. What’s more, we bring you some interesting Indian store design concepts including the new retail experience of the iconic brand ‘Vespa’, the Spanish influence at the Tomatina restaurant and the truly stunning ambience of Lemp Brewspub & Kitchen at Gurgaon. On the international front, we have two contrasting international store environments featured in the issue. While glitz and glamor take over at Basler showroom in Dusseldorf, Starbucks –The Bank at Amsterdam showcases creativity in a rustic and environmentfriendly store concept. The issue also features some interesting window displays, including the frenzied window displays at Harvey Nichols, where the supernatural takes over the Knightsbridge windows to create traffic stopping displays. At home, Adidas Originals goes full throttle by collaborating with Porsche in its ‘Porsche Design Original’campaign, which is a great combination of racing icons with the use of props and graphics that complement the sports and racing inspired fashion. Giving you the latest trends in design and materials, Katie Clements lists out the Top 5 trends from Neocon 2012. And getting to the latest in lighting systems, Ansorg has launched Floatline and Cordline which are distinguished particularly by their economic efficiency, are mostly suitable for use in the food retail trade and in large-area sales rooms. Eye-catching designs, interesting store concepts and latest trends in the retail design industry makes this issue an interesting and informative read. Happy Reading! Cheers

Vasant Jante J U L - AU G 2 0 1 2


Sales Mario Amalraj 98807 06001 Metilda Asha 91-80-4052 2709 Subcription: VM-RD Visual Merchandising & Retail Design is a monthly Owned, published and edited by Vasant Jante, printed by B S Suresh Pai, published from 1019/2, 1st Main, 1st Cross, Geetanjali Layout, New Thippasandara, Bangalore-560 075 and printed at Sri Sudhindra Offset Process, #97-98, D.T. Street, 8th Cross, Malleswaram, Bangalore - 560 003. The opinions expressed by authors and contributors to VM-RD are not necessarily those of the editor’s or publishers. VM-RD may not be reproduced in whole or in part without permission of the publisher. Subscription for one year Rs: 1200/For Nepal Rs 5000 For overseas $ 190 USD All subscriptions are to be pre-paid. The claims and statements made in the advertisements in VM-RD are those of the Advertisers and are in no way endorsed or verified by VM-RD

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Harvey Nichols





Top 5 Trends from NeoCon 2012


Surender Gnanaolivu







Lemp Brewpub & Kitchen



Suntop Display System


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window display

Creative Chaos

Imaginary animals come crashing into the windows at Harvey Nichols to create a surreal effect, where fashion meets fantasy to create eccentric traffic stopping displays.

Fantasy animals appearing to smash through the window space with explosive effects


arvey Nichols, founded in London in 1831, is a one stop-shop to the world's most exclusive brands in fashion, beauty and food. Known for constant innovations in its store presentation, it attracts a greater number of younger shoppers when compared to its rivals. Creating yet another visual delight, Harvey Nichols is back with a superb windows theme, where the displays are all about movement and colour. Vibrant electric cables, circuit boards, coloured glass and other materials all come together to create a spectacular scene where a stampede of fantasy animals charges through the store’s Knightsbridge frontage. The Autumn-Winter 2012 windows scheme ‘Movement’ depicts fantasy animals appearing to smash through the window space with explosive effects flying out and around them. J U L - AU G 2 0 1 2

Vibrant electric cables, 10 circuit boards, coloured glass and a brightly coloured leaping horse create a spectacular scene

A speeding cheetah made from elastic bands with bands stretched out across the window

This wild and colourful installation has been inspired by movement and energy, redolent of the hive of activity surrounding London this summer including the Olympics. Dramatic animals have been created from materials linking to power and energy e.g. a leaping brightly coloured horse created from multi coloured electrical cables, with loose cables flying around it, and a speeding cheetah made from elastic bands, with bands stretched out across the windows. In another window a giant shark tail made from circuit boards is viewed going into a giant hole in the back wall. And lastly a bird made from sections of solar panels crashing into another wall, causing the wall to crack and reveal an orange fiery effect. Super human mannequins have been transformed with the features of animals, e.g. hooves and cable manes alongside the electrical cable horse and claws and feline features with the cheetah prop. This wild and colourful installation has been inspired by movement and energy


J U L - AU G 2 0 1 2

The mannequins in each window are positioned in such a way that they appear to be ‘flying’ around from the force of the animal explosion

A giant shark tail made from circuit boards seems to be going into a giant hole in the back wall

“Within this setting, the mannequins in each window are positioned in such a way that they appear to be ‘flying’ around from the force of the animal explosion,” says Janet Wardley, Head of Visual Display for Harvey Nichols.

dynamism of the frenzied display can be best viewed and appreciated from passing traffic l

According to Janet, the drama, speed and

Chanda Kumar


Photography Melvyn Vincent


window display

Adidas drives a Porsche

Adidas goes full throttle by collaborating with Porsche in its ‘Porsche Design Original’ campaign featured in its store. The concept is adapted in its windows and merchandise walls where chequered flags, speedometers and car alloys create a visual presentation that spell power and speed.


wo iconic brands, Adidas Originals and Porche, bring speed, power and classic styles into sports inspired fashion promoted through their new window design concept. Their new collection is inspired by the iconic elements of Porsche racing blended with the contemporary design and technology of Adidas. “The creative theme strongly brings upfront the association of the two stylish brands Adidas Originals and Porsche,” says Priyanka Sachdeva, Manager – Visual Merchandising, Adidas India. “The legendary design inspiration induced in the apparel and footwear construction is transcribed with contemporary casual creative elements in the window and in-store communication. TBWA design agency came up with the concept based on the bases of briefing provided to them,” she adds. The window setting combines racing and sports with the use of iconic props and graphics that complement the sports and racing inspired fashion featured on mannequins. “The window displays are accentuated by the use of focus row lights that highlight the key design elements. Actual premium car alloys and tyres are used to maintain the concept positioning. Speedometer carefully combined with key concept visuals is used as main focal background completing the look and feel of the window. The race flag is done in clear vinyl giving the window a concept of finishing edge,” explains Priyanka. The ‘Porsche Design Original’ visual campaign theme is extended in-store in the footwear wall with attractive POS communication to draw attention to the products in that collection. This campaign is planned to be featured in stores with the onset of new season FW’12 starting from mid-august, which will last for a period of 45 days l

The window setting combines racing and sports with the use of iconic props and graphics that complement the sports and racing inspired fashion featured on mannequins The ‘Porsche Design Original’ visual campaign theme is extended in-store in the footwear wall with attractive POS communication

JUNE 2012




Top 5 Trends from NeoCon 2012 NeoCon is a conference for the design world to explore the most innovative products and resources for commercial industries, from corporate to healthcare to retail. For designers and architects, it’s an opportunity to become educated as well as inspired. As a designer and specialist of materials trends, this is one of the most exciting shows for me to attend. I can’t keep all the great discoveries to myself though, so I’ve compiled the Top Five Trends for you. Katie Clements Material & Trend Specialist Chute Gerdeman's

Bold, Vibrant Colour

After touring the showrooms for a day, one thing is very apparent—colour is in! The colour trends in fashion have made their way into the interior design industry. It was not specific to one colour, but instead, they were all bold and vibrant, used like a rainbow, grouped together bringing life and energy into the space.

Unique Meeting Spaces

As we have seen in the industry, typical meeting spaces at the office are evolving to be more residential, comfortable and fun places to concentrate. This was a very popular trend at NeoCon. Conference calls and internal brainstorming sessions long for comfortable seating and a more relaxed feel. We saw many unique meeting places that allowed for privacy but did not sacrifice design. Alcove and cocoon-like sofas and chairs create a private space with technology incorporated. Tables are lower resemble the height of a coffee table height to have a family room feel.

Fun Lighting Makes a Difference

I am always drawn to unique lighting pendants, and the furniture showrooms at the Merchandise Mart did not disappoint. However, some of the best examples of lighting were not items that were sold or offered in the showroom! The decorative pendants were used to enhance the showroom design and furniture offering. Quantity counts. Grouping simple pendants together creates a dynamic focal. J U L - AU G 2 0 1 2


Tablet Arms

We all know how important technology is in our daily life. Technology in retail environments is imperative in highlighting a product above the rest, allowing it to sell faster than the competitors. But technology in the workplace is crucial in allowing employees to do their job quickly and efficiently. Workstations are becoming smaller and more condensed, and hoteling is a big trend right now. One huge takeaway from NeoCon is that there is an array of new computer tablet arms available. With workstations becoming smaller, there is not a lot of extra room for big and bulky desktop computers. Tablet arms provide a uniform and clean work surface, and I can definitely see this product making its way into retail applications.

Colour Gradient in Carpet

I am always anxious to check out the carpet showrooms at NeoCon to see the new products and trends in flooring. I saw one trend in the carpet world, bold colour in a gradient from dark to light. Milliken, Shaw and Mohawk had great examples of this. The colours are vibrant but the texture is minimal. The individual carpet samples look like one solid block of colour. When we saw the mock-ups in the showrooms, the colours would transition from dark to light and back to dark. I love that the gradient is subtle and the colour is such a pop l

About Katie Clements As Chute Gerdeman's Material and Trend Specialist, Katie Clements is involved in all projects providing design support as a materials and color expert. She utilizes her vast knowledge and extensive library to present clients with well-considered selections for fabric, carpet, tile, wallcovering, lighting, furniture and any other special feature.


J U L - AU G 2 0 1 2


Chip of the whole block! In a crowded market place Location and Visibility are key factors that play a significant role in driving footfalls and sales. With high space acquisition costs leading to compromised locations, retailers have thought up innovative location, store design and presentation strategies to influence sales and footfalls. Let’s look at some interesting testimonies that demonstrate this……………… on.


rganized Retail in India is said to be on a growth path of 20% annually against the gravity of consistent reports of a looming global economic slump and depleting ‘customer sentiments’. In a highly competitve marketplace the first mile, aquiring footfalls of discerning customers, is covered through brand marketing that creates awareness through visibility and brand trial. Store location, which is key to visibility, could well determine the success or failure of a store - remember the cliched ‘three keys to success in retail – Location, Location and Location’? Unviable rentals have driven brands and retailers to think up alternate location strategies and one such successful strategy is ‘Out Posting’. By definition an Outpost is ‘a small military camp or position at some distance from the

main force, used especially as a guard against surprise attack’. Translated in retail, Outposts offer a sample taste of the brand experience of the main brand environment. Based on where the Outpost is located in relation to the main store it can be categorized as a Proximity Outpost or a Remote Outpost. A Proximity Outpost is placed in close proximity to the Main Store usually in the same shopping destination. A Remote Outpost is that which is placed in a distant oportunistic location, like in an airport or the atrium in a Mall where the Main store is absent. Both have similar objectives and with the use of Store Design and Presentation create a ‘chip of the whole block’ true samplers of the full brand experience. Some interesting examples caught my camera eye at different shopping destinations which demonstrate effective use

of this strategy. Lets check them out……. McDonald’s has always planted its golden arches in enviable prime retail locations across 33,000 restaurants in 118 countries serving more than 67 million customers worldwide each day. They are always present in high traffic public places like Malls, High Streets, Railway stations and Airports. However, there are some malls that insist that all food counters need to be present in the Food Court which is out of sight on the top floor. In a popular Mall in Delhi and Shanghai, where the main store was in the Food Court on the third floor, McDonald put an Proximity Outpost on the ground floor offering a menu of soft serves and cold beverages right in the midst of fashion brands with tremendous visibility that drove high impulse consumption.

In popular malls in Delhi and Shanghai, McDonald put an Outpost offering an impulse menu of ice-creams and cold beverages right in the midst of fashion brands on the ground floor to leverage the main store on the third floor of the same mall

J U L - AU G 2 0 1 2


BlackBerry, with a 3% market share of mobile device sales worldwide across 91 countries serving seventy million subscribers, has lately been under threat from many aggressive global brands that are offering very competitive products and services. Blackberry has also lately positioned itself, in their recent campaign ‘They are the Blackberry Boys’ as not just for the corportate world but for all young Indians. To optimize the engagement with their young target customer the brand has placed a Proximity Oupost in the ground floor atrium of a popular mall offering a selective assortment of handsets and information. The main store, with the full offering, is in the CDIT zone of the mall located out of sight on the 2nd floor.

To optimize the engagement of their brand with the target customer in places where they congregate, Blackberry has placed a Proximity Outpost in the ground floor atrium of the mall in which their main store is located out of sight on the 2nd floor

Global Desi, a brand from the house of popular designer Anita Dongre, offers chic and Indo Western apparel in across over 22 stores in India. A Proximity Outpost created on the ground floor atrium of a popular mall

in Mumbai with a group of mannequins, the brand’s signature graphics and a communication easel, showcases the brand’s newest collection available in the store right at the mall’s main entrance. Great location

and thought but the execution, though neat and does the job it was meant to, ought to have been more attractive and dramatic in configuration and presentation to do justice to the popular fashion brand.

Global Desi, a brand form the house of popular designer Anita Dongre, has a fashion outpost created with a group of mannequins on the ground floor atrium of a popular mall in Mumbai showcasing the store’s newest collection

Kansas Brand Lee, from the portfolio of the largest apparel company in the world (VF Corporation), has taken the Proximity Outpost strategy to ‘stretch’ its store front in a popular Mall in Beijing. The mono-chromatic multilevel co-ordianted configuraton is visually dominant and eyecatching. The Out-post is in proximity to the store and helps extend the the fashion statement from inside the store onto the main aisle and visually and physically intercept shoppers going past the store and directing them into the store.

Brand Lee ‘s mono-chromatic multi-level Outpost is visually dominant and eye-catching and helps pull the fashion statement from inside the store onto the main aisle


J U L - AU G 2 0 1 2

Tommy Hilfiger, the ‘Classic, American and Cool’ brand, is available in over 1000 select points of sale covering over 98 cities across India and is known as the country’s leading international lifestyle brand. Having built an aspirational positioning for itself in the market the brand is experiementing with Remote Outposts that offer its range of affordable fashion accessories to entice impulsive trial of the brand. Check-out the brand's Outpost at a popular mall in Mumbai, where it is absent as a store, and where its collection of personal accessories is presented in an over-the-counter format. One let down is that the presentation and design of the outpost doesn’t have the distinct Classic American signature of its store concept. Tommy fashion accessories are presented in an Off-site Outpost in a mall that does not have their brand store and ensures brand awareness and trial

Californian brand Baskin & Robbins, the world's largest ice cream chain present in over 30 countries and with more than 400 locations in India is known for its "31 flavors" of icecreams. Its stores are usually sit-down parlors of over 400 to 1000 sq. ft. It’s Remote Outpost at Mumbai's Domestic Departure terminal has great sight lines of its distinctly Pink logo from the check-in counters. The 100 sq.ft. counter is designed as a neat scaled down version of its main store offering in terms of the store design and its selective offerings.

English brand The Body Shop which is now part of the L'Oréal Group, has 2400 stores in 61 countries which are usually about 300-400 sq. ft., carrying about 900 Beauty Product. The Remote Outpost at the same terminal carries a selection of best-sellers in a compact store with the store concept beautifully adapted to this compressed space of 150 sq.ft. Each of these examples is a testimony to the effectiveness of Brand Outposts which, for main stores in compromised locations,

Baskin Robbins ‘ Off-site Outpost at Mumbai domestic departure has great sight lines of its distinctly Pink logo from the check-in counters

J U L - AU G 2 0 1 2

positively influence sales and footfalls. This also clearly demonstrates that the art of Store Design and Presentation plays a significant role in creating a true ‘chip of the whole block’ and take the brand experience beyond the physical space of the main store to where customer traffic converges l

The Body Shop Off-site Outpost carries a best-selling portion of this offering in a compact 150 sft store where store design and the product presentation is beautifully adapted



“Tomatina,” is named after a festival that is held in Buñol, Spain in which participants get involved in a tomato fight purely for fun

INdian Design


A slice of Spain Here’s Tomatina, a Bangalore-based restaurant with a dash of Spanish flavour and which is dedicated to wooing customers with its signature vegetarian and vegan cuisine. Conceptualized by Acme Designers, the restaurant design blends inspirations from Spanish architecture into an ambience just right for a pleasant dining experience.


omatina, which was opened earlier this year in Bangalore, offers pure vegetarian cuisine with a range of vegetarian signature dishes and a special Jain menu in a clean, hygienic and fresh ambience. “We have created a space for family get -togethers and corporate PDR areas where lunch and conference can be taken care of. We have achieved a very cosy, comfortable and safe ambience for the families with elders and kids too,” says Himunshu Sangvi, Managing Director, Tomatina. Created by Acme Designers, the design firm was briefed to conceptualize a theme based restaurant which reflects its name “Tomatina,” a festival that is held in Buñol, Spain in which participants get involved in a tomato fight purely for fun. “We were inspired by Spanish architecture, and we did a bit of research on elements and style of Spanish culture which reflects in the restaurant. The space has been designed to cater to all types of customers which was a major requirement from the client side to build their brand,” says Sunita, Chief Architect, ACME Designers. 23

The restaurant’s dining space has been divided into three zones one of which includes a regular dining hall attached with a private dining room for 12, ideal for a family get together or a corporate lunch. The space also extends into a 650 sq ft open dining area onto the terrace which overlooks the green surroundings outside. Speaking about the on-site challenges, Sunita explains, “As it’s located on the last floor we had challenges of open roofing systems which we had to conceal and take special care in insulating the roof to reduce energy consumption in air conditioning. We have taken advantage of the height and added an open terrace to get ample day light and good ventilation.” Intune with the name ‘Tomatino, the restaurant’s design concept takes on Spanish elements to offer a different, yet light and comfortable setting. “To achieve a Spanish ambience we have made all the walls and ceiling corners rounded. Which, though being a small detail makes a huge difference. Added to this, we have J U L - AU G 2 0 1 2

The restaurant’s dining space has been divided into three zones one of which includes a private dining room for groups

used washable texture paints all over to give a subtle rustic look and which yet can be maintained easily. At the main entrance lobby we have done an art work of tomato slices with lighting which creates a stunning look. Mirrors on the walls add depth and illusions along with candle lights with wrought iron scones. At a dead wall we have created a 3D graphic which creates an illusion street continuing further, which makes the wall completely lively and attractive,” Sunita says. The interiors are bathed with indirect lighting from walls, floors, and ceiling with cove lights illuminated with red light which complements the theme. “Using red colour as theme was quite challenging. We managed to keep it sober and balanced through natural and artificial lighting. We were happy to achieve the overall ambience in a very balanced way,” Sunita comments. J U L - AU G 2 0 1 2


To achieve a Spanish ambience, ceiling corners are rounded and washable texture paints all over to give a subtle rustic look

Adding to this, one zone is given an outdoor look with garden lights in classic wrought iron furniture settings.

One of the zones is given an outdoor look with garden lights in classic wrought iron furniture settings

Since it opened, Tomatina has received good response from customers for the concept of serving pure organic vegetarian food. “Our customers are delighted with our range of vegetarian cuisine, especially those who were limited to Jain cuisine. They like to dine in our restaurant over and again,� Himanshu says. Having already opened one restaurant in Bangalore and Mysore, Tamotina plans to open few more by the year end in the city l

Architects and interior designers Sunita.K, Acme designers, Bangalore Construction contractor Ramesh N S, Akash Furniture Nishu Jouhari, Essentially Metal Murals Madhu chandrika, Earthen Symphony Photographer Manoj Masand 25

J U L - AU G 2 0 1 2

The storefront is designed to give an uninterrupted view of the whole brand experience and its aspirational offerings

INdian Design


In Vespa Style An iconic brand, an emblem of timeless fashion and lifestyle, the Vespa has made its return to Indian shores in style. The scooters have been launched through a store concept that makes a distinct ‘Vespa’ statement in the understated Italian style.


he best selling scooter in Europe Vespa, arrives in India for a third time, and this time brought by its original Italian owner Piaggio in India. The loved brand is introduced to the Indian customer through 50 exclusive showrooms across 35 major cities in the country. “Vespa in India will meet the aspirational needs of the fashion, style and brand conscious individuals, who would like to be exclusive, distinctive and in fact are a breed apart. Our target customers exude style, not effort. They make a statement with everything they do, seek interesting conversations, and seek a way of life, not merely a mode of transport,” says Ravi Chopra, Chairman and Managing Director, Piaggio Vehicles Private Limited (India), The Vespa store concept is designed to create a stage for experiencing the lifestyle statement that scooter stands for. “The focus at each store is to offer the consumer an unmatched and cherished experience. The exclusive stores should stand out as contemporary and inviting for potential customers to feel comfortable and a differentiated buying experience,” Ravi adds. 27

According to the brand, the objective was to create a store environment that would help draw attention to the real hero – the iconic brand offering. “Our scooter has vibrant colours that we wanted to stand out and therefore wanted the showroom design to be subtle, stylish and purposeful. We have been able to achieve this objective,” Ravi comments. Realm Retail was assigned to create a complete ‘Retail/Dealership’ identity for re-introducing Vespa in India. Speaking about the store concept Arunangshu Ghosh, Executive Director, Realm Retail Solutions says, “The idea was to make the showrooms look contemporary, furniture to look elegant and minimalistic, showcase “Vespa’s” long and rich history etc.” According to Realm, the store design strategy was to make the showroom look stark enough to help the vibrantly coloured scooters and the brand imagery to stand out. The Vespa brand stores measure between 1500 sq ft and 2000 sq ft, spread over a single level. The store’s layout is planned with distinct areas such as a reception, an open scooter J U L - AU G 2 0 1 2

The reception acts as the first impression point for the brand experience created with the use of trendy graphics and dynamic communication

display area, discussion area, lounge seating for customers, sales and back office area. The storefront is designed to give an uninterrupted view of the whole brand experience and its aspirational offerings. The open back window features the key offerings complemented with young accessorized mannequins. “Full height glazing has been used to ensure there is good visibility of the showroom interior. The concrete area of the store front – columns and top signage area needed clean look. Therefore use of ACP cladding was proposed which was designed to include the front signage as one seamless unit,” Arunangshu adds. The store's main signage is understated and smart with edge lit CNC cut box letters with a sharp halo effect.

The store design strategy was to make the showroom look as stark enough to help the vibrantly coloured scooters and the brand imagery to stand out

Entering the store, the reception area acts as the first impression point for the brand experience created with the use of trendy graphics and dynamic communication. “We created a wall that served dual purpose. Towards the reception is a very youth centric poster with SS cut ‘Vespa’ logo and on the other side is the history wall with the television screens for the customers seated in the lounge area. The history wall has several LED poster panels showing rich heritage of the iconic brand ‘Vespa’,” Arunangshu explains. 29

J U L - AU G 2 0 1 2

The scooter display stands are designed for two specific purposes – a raised platform for the show window and a flat base for the display of the range of scooters for customers to examine closely. An accessory corner has been planned to offer Vespa style accessories like helmets, t-shirts, bags, key chains, coffee mugs etc. The furniture design is contemporary and minimalistic. Lighting plays an significant role in enhancing the stark white look of the store. “The idea was to make it as white as possible without overheating the place. We used LED white lights in Millennium Drive showroom thereby promoting green technology. Wherever more emphasis was required like the reception wall, scooters & VM posters – we used 3 fitting track lights to focus on the elements,” says Arunangshu. Another interesting brand experience add-on in the showrooms is the trendy Vespa Café in the Millennium Drive Pune showroom. “This was not part of the initial concept but when we were developing the final designs we created the design of Vespa café. We implemented the first one of around 400 sq ft at Millennium Drive in Wakedwadi area of Pune, which was very well appreciated by PVPL,” Arunangshu comments. The second Vespa Café, which is larger in size, has been added in another Millennium Drive showroom in Pimpri Chinchwad area of Pune. With 50 dealerships rolled out across India, Piaggio plans to further expand the same into newer markets to cater to growing demand for the brand l

Chanda Kumar

An accessory corner has been planned to offer Vespa style accessories like helmets, t-shirts, bags, key chains, coffee mugs etc

Design Realm Retail Design Manager & Interior Designer Prajakta Upadhye Designers Sachin Adsul & Rajesh Kamble Drawings & Detailing Sachin Dabade & Jeetesh Nalwade Production Manager Sachin Dabade J U L - AU G 2 0 1 2

An interesting brand experience add-on in

30the showrooms is the trendy Vespa Café

Creating Mutually

Beneficial Partnerships Pizza

22nd - 23rd, August 2012, Hyatt Regency, Mumbai

FES Advisory Committee

Amit Jatia, HardCastle Restaurants (McDonald's India)

Ashutosh Chakradeo, Hypercity Retail (India) Ltd

Manish Tiwary, Hindustan Unilever Limited

Atul Goel, E City Ventures

R. Shivashankar, LavAzza

Jamshed Daboo, Trent Hypermarket

R. Sriram, Next Practice Retail

K. Radhakrishnan, Future Fresh Foods Ltd

Sumit Chandna, Aditya Birla Retail Limited

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Food Television Partner

The concept objective was to install the brewery on the mezzanine to show case the USP, which is craft beers, with a larger than life effect The brewery was placed on the mezzanine level to utilize the height and the volume of the site, making it the brewery a backdrop for the experience

INdian Design


Brew, Pub & Kitchen Who wouldn’t enjoy sitting back and sipping on beer, particularly after a long day at work? Especially if it comes with fresh beer from an in-house microbrewery, great cuisine and a stunning ambience for true indulgence. Lemp Brewpub & Kitchen in Gurgaon offers all this and much more in a spectacular setting created by Lotus, where unique design elements and materials blend to form an interesting space .


ith over 173 years of perfecting the art of its traditional boutique beer, American brewing legend Lemp Brewing Co. recently opened its first ever franchise in Gurgaon. An international microbrewery brand in India, Lemp Brewpub & Kitchen’s U.S.P. is creating craft brews, with a variety of 6 flavours to offer. Here one can experience Lemp beer recipes, which are tried and tested over 200 years along with international cuisine, and state of the art entertainment targeting a niche segment - clientele of Gurgaon and NCR. The restaurant is positioned on the second level at Star Mall, located on NH 8 which acts as a prime spot with the proximity to toll bridges connecting Lemp Brewpub & Kitchen to clientele across Delhi, Gurgaon and Jaipur. “Our requirement was 10,000 + sq. ft. property with ample space, good lighting and huge ceiling and car parking to create something on a grand scale, which is larger than life. Star mall was the only place that offered all that,” says Akshay Luthria, Director, Lemp 33

Brewpub and Kitchen. Delhi-based Lotus was commissioned to conceptualize the design for the brewery housing a brew bar, a restaurant, a lounge, a dance floor and a performance stage. “The whole idea was to install the brewery on a mezzanine so that we can show case our USP, which is craft beers, with a larger than life effect. We also wanted a one stop destination for food lovers and party goers, with a movable dance floor, VIP Lounge, green room and a dining area,” says Akshay. Spread over 5300 sq ft, Lemp Brewpub & Kitchen opens into a grandiose double high ceiling. The eye-catching brewery on the mezzanine level is the focal point of the restaurant. “The brewery was placed on the mezzanine level to utilize the height and the volume of the site, making the brewery a backdrop of the experience. Wherever you are in the restaurant you get a glimpse of the brewery- a reminder of the fresh beer which is being served to you,” says Ambrish Arora, Lotus. J U L - AU G 2 0 1 2

To support the brewery equipment on display which weighed many tonnes, a structural grid was designed and installed. This created two distinct zones, the restaurant and the brewery in the double height circular space and the lounge which also functions as the dance floor at night in the grid. “The restaurant set in the large cylindrical volume gets plenty daylight from the north sun, while the lounge was placed in the darker part of the site. Zoning of the space was done in a manner so that the experience does not feel scattered at any point in time. To keep the experience tight during both low and high traffic times- we zoned the areas so that certain spaces could be cordoned off during the day,” Ambrish explains. Both the spaces are intersected by the bar, an installation made using old beer bottles. “This is a tongue in cheek homage to the bottled beer which could become obsolete with the coming of fresh beer on Tap,” Ambrish adds. Various seating arrangements have been installed which include long banquettes, circular booths, luxurious sofas for the lounge, loose tables and chairs, furniture on sliding platforms which can be removed when the bar turns into a club making space for the

Furniture on sliding platforms are removed when the barturns into a club making space for the dance floor

An installation made using old beer bottles. is a tongue in cheek homage to the obsolete bottled beer in the brewery


The walls are clad with stained fire brick, while quilted leather and sheer fabric curtains bring in the element of luxury

dance floor. According to Lotus, the different configurations cater to customers coming in both small and large groups and provide varied experiences of the space. Giving a unique look to the interiors, Lotus has utilised low-cost, recycled/recyclable material in contrast to luxury materials and finishes. For the large ceiling in the restaurant, paper tubes have been installed to create a dome that makes the space intimate and brings down the volume. Adding to this, old bottles, stained glass and chain mail have been used to create various installations within the space. In contrast to these, the shell is clad with stained fire brick, while quilted leather and sheer fabric curtains bring in the element of luxury. Besides great reviews and response from clientele, Lemp Brewpub & Kitchen was even shortlisted for the Best Restaurant & Bar design award by RIBA (UK based Awards) for Ambiance in the whole of Asia. Speaking about commissioning Lotus for the interiors, Akshay says, “Lotus is rated in the top 5 in South East Asia with great projects under their belt like Hard Rock Café, Delhi and Shiros, Delhi. Besides their high credentials, we felt they were the only company truly 35

interested in our vision and who genuinely cared for the kind of work we wanted to do.” Akshay adds that expansion plans are in the pipeline, where Lemp Brewpub & Kitchen would be present across the country. Currently the brand is focusing on Bangalore and Pune l

Lotus Design Team Sidhartha Talwar, Pankhuri Goel, Arun Kullu, Ambrish Arora, Vijendra Sharma, Navin Jha Photographer André J. Fanthome Contractor Sunil Sharma, NSICPL Client Shashank Sangall, Akshay Luthria J U L - AU G 2 0 1 2



behind the scene - retail Fixtures

Sun-top class Leading Chinese shop fitting company Suntop, enters India with a plan to provide end to end solution from retail concepts and designs to fit-out. The company's based on a diverse portfolio of international brands is a testimony to its capability in offerings innovative retail fixtures. The founder CEO Li Hong Ze, Lee shares his vision for the Indian market. Suntop's showroom in the factory showcases various fixture systems for the retail environments


Li Hong Ze, Lee Founder CEO Suntop Display Systems

n 1999, Suntop was setup to provide solutions  in  advertising,  exhibition and POP stands. While developing his exhibition business, Mr Lee, noted that many of his customers also ventured into retailing and required retail concept design, including fixtures. He then envisioned a bigger and longer term global opportunity in retail fixtures. Here, unlike the case of exhibitions, the design, quality, engineering, logistic and service needs were different. In 2000, Suntop commenced design orders from local Chinese clients and a year later in 2001, in order to meet the quality control and project deadlines, the organization started its own manufacturing. Today at Xiamen in China, wood fabrication, metal manufacturing and warehousing comprises 400,000 sq feet with over 400 staff, catering to 36 countries. To live up to its vision of being a global organization, Suntop entered India in 2009. “India is our neighbour and has a huge population which suits our business. Also, India and China are developing countries, growing at a very fast pace, which brings in similarities between the two countries in terms of demand and design of the product”, states Mr Lee. For the international market, Suntop provides customized modular store fixture systems. Most international clients import their metal hardware, localize the wooden parts and assemble them to form the required fixture J U L - AU G 2 0 1 2

Since 2010, Suntop has added concept design, and renovation services to its existing retail fixtures

Fixtures displayed in mock store environments facilitates the clients in38 choosing shopfittings

Suntop's manufacturing facility in China, where wood  fabrication,  metal  manufacturing  and warehousing comprises 400,000 sq feet

system. The company engages over 30 creative professionals to continuously churn innovation. Suntop specializes in offering highly customized retail fixtures as well as catalogued off-theshelf options through modular components. Mr Lee says, “Generally premium brands want custom made items that bring distinction to their store ambience. Also brands with multiple outlets tend to select customized fixtures as they have enough volume base to absorb the cost associated with customization. Smaller volume customers stay with modular systems.” Since 2010, Suntop has added concept design, and renovation services to its existing retail fixtures offerings. These services have been accepted by its customers with much appreciation and have helped the company to develop its domestic business even further. Mr Lee believes, “In today’s competitive environment,  companies  have  to  seek differential  advantage  like  innovative concept design and continuous R&D. These developments can only be fulfilled through – creative/design team.” In the short span of 10 years in China, the experience gained is still far short of what the markets desire. But for Suntop, it is the overseas market exposure that helped its design team to differentiate its work from the Chinese market. Learning came not only from the store design and quality control but also in retail strategy and marketing. Developing people has always been an integral part of Suntop’s growth direction. In the approach to retaining people, there is a common vision and mission for Suntop. Through internationalization of the company’s business, there is much room for growth and people development where the employees find both challenges and fulfilment in their career. Earlier, the company had 120 employees to service all the customers. Through the expansion of the company’s business, the team has been re-organized to focus on key accounts with small teams. This has given each team their responsibilities and accountability to better manage their customers’ needs and services. From 2012 onwards there has been a conscious attempt to focus on Indian retail. Mr Lee believes that in the coming years Indian retail would witness what China is experiencing today; an influx of foreign brands and organizations. This trend will push the local Indian retailers to seek highly innovative and quality products to maintain their competitive edge. Tier 2 and tier 3 cities would gain focus and would be responsible to catalyze greater growth opportunities for businesses. In the next 5 years Suntop’s vision is to become the preferred choice of international brands by investing effort and resources in R&D and local supply and service capabilities l Shikha Krishna 39

J U L - AU G 2 0 1 2

Pretty and pink A touch of pink with the shimmer of metal creates a flamboyant yet elegant space for Basler to showcase its newest collection. Designed by Stuttgart-based Blocher Blocher Shops, this new look for Basler flaunts the brand with an extra dash of glamour for the style conscious.


ounded in 1936 in Berlin, Basler is now an internationally established brand and is rapidly expanding with its own stores across all continents. The renowned fashion label puts the spotlight on quality conscious and stylish women, offering modern twists on classic styles that translate into easy wearing fashion. The brand's visionary creative director Brian Rennie, is called the "King of Couture" with a reputation of dressing celebrities like Kim Basinger and Jennifer Lopez and the late Princess Diana among his clients. His coming on board was to give a designer signature to Basler as a brand in its fashion offerings and extend it into its brand-new showroom in Dusseldorf.

The store is high on style where glossy finishes and design elements create a posh yet truly pretty space

INternational Design


“With its new appearance, Basler is embarking on an exciting journey without abandoning tradition. The same quality with an extra dash of glamour, and always with the style-conscious woman in mind,” says Angela Kreutz, Partner at Blocher Blocher Partners. According to Blocher Blocher, a showroom is the calling card of a fashion brand. It distils a company’s self-image, sets the look and the signature. “With Basler, that means femininity, elegance and joie de vivre. In Düsseldorf, the designers from Blocher Blocher Shops created the perfect setting for the label’s fashionable floral prints and jungle patterns from silk to satin,” Angela adds. The store is high on style where glossy finishes and design elements create a posh yet truly pretty space. The store is predominantly done with various shades of pink, grey and white. A light grey concrete wall embossed with Basler butterflies forms the backdrop of the showroom – a mnemonic signature that also runs through the collection. The grey wall meets a glass façade in front of which hangs a soft, golden-black curtain. The scene opens out onto the showroom’s colour sensation. The designers at Blocher Blocher Shops faced the challenging task of turning the 1,000-square-metre space into a showroom that would be both impressive and intimate. To accomplish this they divided the space into three cubes defined by perforated by metal walls. “These semi-transparent room dividers hang like curtains from suspended ceilings that are painted in varying tones of grey. Thus private spaces are created in which the Basler collections are presented on elegant barrens,” Angela explains.

A light grey concrete wall embossed with Basler butterflies forms the backdrop of the showroom

The store is a perfect setting for the label’s fashionable floral prints and jungle patterns from silk to satin

The cubes form extended, rounded triangular shapes which create flowing pathways. And with no visible support structure to interfere, the space retains the sense of airiness.


JUNE 2012

While the texture of the walls allows a glimpse of what lies beyond, the spatial context is preserved. “The half-open areas offer seemingly endless new perspectives – from without as well as from within. At times one’s glance is drawn directly to the centre of the space; at other times, the half-transparency implies an intimate contrast to openness,” Angela adds. Creating a colourful section in the store is the accessories wall, whose large-format floral pattern abandons itself to pure pink. Contrasting with this background, white backlit display boxes frame the handbag collection. A white platform leads as a catwalk from the entryway to the centre featuring the collection on stylized realistic mannequins. Behind it extends the lounge area where a light grey carpet covers the showroom’s silvery stone flooring, and furnishings in pink, white and grey dot the landscape. Custom-made round light fixtures ringed in black add soft lighting to the area. Basler plans to use the showroom’s design concept in future shops, which will also be developed by Blocher Blocher l Chanda Kumar

The accessories wall, whose large-format floral patterns contrast with this background in which white backlit display boxes frame the handbag collection

Semi-transparent room dividers hang like curtains from suspended ceilings that are painted in varying tones of grey, thus creating private spaces for the Basler collections

A white platform leads as a catwalk from the entryway to the centre featuring the collection on stylized realistic mannequins

Client Basler Fashion GmbH, Goldbach Interior Design | Shop Concept Blocher Blocher Shops, Stuttgart Wall Graphics | Visual Merchandising Photography Blocher Blocher View, Stuttgart Photo Credits Klaus Mellenthin for Blocher Blocher View, Stuttgart Shopfitting Ganter Interior GmbH, Waldkirch Lighting elan Beleuchtungs- und Elektroanlagen GmbH, Cologne Special Lights PSLab GmbH Stuttgart


J U L - AU G 2 0 1 2

Coffee, Design & Community

Coffee goes to the next level at the latest Starbucks outlet in Amsterdam, where the new store concept functions as laboratory with a ‘Slow’ Coffee Theatre, hyper local design, floating community gathering spaces and in-store baking. Starbucks - The Bank is a glimpse into Starbucks' vision to the future.


tarbucks, with a staggering 19,800 stores across 59 countries, recently opened its first concept store ‘Starbucks –The Bank’ in Europe. The store is located in the vault of the historic Amsterdamsche Bank, a landmark building on Amsterdam’s famous Rembrandt Square. The store functions as a test space for rare and exclusive coffees, diverse coffee brewing methods, and new food concepts. The ‘Slow’ Coffee Theatre is inspired by the ‘Slow’ Food movement as it will deliver a super-premium, personal coffee experience. “This store is the ultimate expression of coffee, design and community at its best. We strategically placed our first European

concept store in Amsterdam as our European headquarters and roasting plant are located here,” said Rich Nelsen, Senior Vice President of Starbucks Europe, Middle East and Africa. The space takes Starbucks store design strategy to the next level creating a deep connection to coffee and the local community. Measuring 4,500 sqf, the store is conceptualized as a theatre space with the 57 foot coffee bar as its stage, the multi-level community areas will cameo as stages for local bands, poetry readings and other cultural activities. “With this store I was inspired not only by the role 17th century Dutch traders played

Starbucks strategically placed the first European concept store in Amsterdam as their European headquarters and roasting plant are located there

INternational Design


This European store Design Concept is the ultimate expression of coffee, design and community at its best

in bringing coffee to the world, but also by the place The Netherlands holds today as a design and creative capital,” said Liz Muller, Director of Global Concept Design, Starbucks. “My vision was to bring the space to life by celebrating local history and tradition while looking to the future by giving it a sense of theatre and discovery.” Transforming the vault of the former bank into Starbucks-The Bank, more than 35 local artists and craftspeople worked under the direction of Dutch born Muller who was also the creative force behind the first three Starbucks concept stores that opened in Starbucks home town, Seattle, starting 2009. In their drive to build sustainable store designs, The Bank is a significant aesthetic departure, kitted with witty local design touches and built with sustainable materials. It was built under strict Leed sustainable building guidelines to reduce the impact on the environment. Acting as the focal point of the space, The Bank houses one of the longest coffee bars in Europe, where the 17-meter long bar provides


J U L - AU G 2 0 1 2

An eye-catching design element is the ceiling sculpture above the community table which is made from 1,876 pieces of individuallycut oak wood blocks

the setting for ‘Slow’Coffee Theatre which will premiere Starbucks’ first ever Clover brewing system in Europe. Offering an area for high interaction is the large wooden community table top made by local craftsmen from Dutch Oak. An eye-catching design element is the ceiling sculpture above the community table which is made from 1,876 pieces of individually-cut oak wood blocks. Here each wood block was hung by hand at different heights to create a rélief effect. The Starbucks Siren also has been stained into the wooden blocks. The walls have been transformed interestingly, which adds character and local flavour to the space. Recycled burlap sacks used for transporting coffee around the world are used as décor around the concrete pillars. While a section of wall is clad in bike tire inner tubes, with a nod and a wink to the very traditional transportation the Dutch use daily. Adding to this, wooden "Speculaas" moulds used to make traditional Dutch biscuits, line the walls. Created by a local artist, the mural inspired by traditional ‘Delftware’ design features a story that celebrates the important role 17th century Dutch traders held in bringing coffee around the world. J U L - AU G 2 0 1 2

A ‘Slow’Coffee Theatre offers an area for high interaction on a large wooden community table top made by local craftsmen from Dutch Oak

The original marble floor tiles, preserved from when the building was constructed in 1926, cover an area where the original bank vault was located. Besides this, reclaimed antique "Delft Blue" tiles have been given new life at the store. All the furniture has been reclaimed, restored and given a new life. 46

Starbucks –The Bank has employed various measures to incorporate sustainable design and build methodologies which have become vital to the Starbucks store design concept today. In terms of water and energy conservation, the store uses low-flow faucets which help

conserve water, while LED and CFL bulbs reduce the use of energy. Within the store, natural, water-based and chemical free paints have been used, which also avoid interference with the coffee aroma. During construction, the majority of resulting waste was diverted from the landfill, where wood, metals and concrete were reused or recycled. With the belief that environmental impact should be as minimal as possible, Starbucks has been building and renovating stores with locally sourced materials and craftsmen and incorporate reused and recycled elements where possible. While Starbucks -The Bank brings coffee and community in a unique and creative setting, one can only imagine what the next concept store will offer l

Chanda Kumar


J U L - AU G 2 0 1 2

wassup! D+P collaborates with 4D International design firms need committed Project Localization teams to collaborate with to get designs off the ground. VM&RD chats with Shyam Sunder, Chief Architect & Director at Four Dimensions Retail Design who have recently collaborated with Dalziel+Pow, London to jointly deliver ‘Global Design with Local Rollout’. right mix of experience and resources. What kind of a learning exercise is it for the Indian partner? At 4D we have learnt to evolve a logical process, which keeps improving project after project. The learning curve has been formidable as we work to strengthen our international build expertise, with Indian flavors the customer can identify with.


hy do stakeholders associated with large brands, shop outside the country for design on retail identity projects? I’ve been asked this question many times before, because of 4D’s proximity to large brand rollouts. According to me, “retail identity” as a clear deliverable is still not clearly articulated in India - even though it has been an emerging facet of our retail skyline over the last 8 to ten years. But the big plus here is the rate at which things are changing, in visibly dynamic proportions. Stakeholders managing large brands in India are addressing highly evolved audiences with a global exposure to brands and retail environments, making it imperative to seek the perspective and experience of international designers. I think there’s a lot to learn and absorb from highly evolved, mature markets in Europe, the UK and US. What challenges do these international firms have, when it comes to working with project teams in India? Like any other import of expertise and thinking, last-mile delivery of design intent can face some very serious road blocks. Primarily because international designers need to 'localize' design strategies against ROI in Indian terms –encompassing material selection and balance, quality of delivery and aggressive timelines. So it’s important to find the right Indian partner, with the J U L - AU G 2 0 1 2

For us the learning curve has been enjoyable and has taken us from strength to strength – which is a great armory of skills to bring to the table. What are the many ways the overseas design team benefits from the partnership? There’s more than one visible benefit as we have seen, on our projects. One, there is no transmission loss between concepts to execution. Two, the process of localization does not lose out on the international design matrix of the brand – the deliverable still measures up to a global audit. Three, and this is important, we ensure ‘best of design delivery’ without physical intervention in the build process – which is a key leverage point in the partnership. At the end of the day, it’s a win-win situation for both sides of the partnership, eventually benefitting the client in a very integral way. The client gets the best of both worlds in an well managed, seamless exercise. Can you give us a recent example of a successful design localization partnership, in retail identity? Allen Solly is a good example of such a collaboration. In the early nineties, Allen Solly gave the urban Indian a whole new dress code for the workplace – making headlines with 'Friday Dressing'. The platform aimed to infuse vibrant colors and break away from the cookie cutter approach to work wear. 48

Dalziel+Pow our collaborative partner, through their India office, have worked on the new retail identity project for Allen Solly. The Dalziel+Pow strategy was based on an eclectic mix of heritage and contemporary expression. The big challenge here was to reincarnate this with a look and feel that was distinctly Indian – without any dilution of design or business intent of the identity. This is where I’d like to give you a snapshot of the micro-management we went into on the detailing. The exact color & shade of the powder coating specified for fixtures was clearly outside the scope of our process stream, so we had to work with a supplier to re-formulate his palette to get an exact match. The effort to conform closely, went across the board – right from wall papers, flooring, light fixtures, merchandise fixtures, and more - to deliver quality and standards that made the grade and measured up l



Ansorg – cordline and floatline


sing their latest linear luminaire systems Floatline and Cordline, Ansorg has implemented an innovative lighting concept for the French supermarket chain Intermache, which effectively sets the scene for the wide range of products in these grocery supermarkets.

Floatline and Cordline which are distinguished particularly by their economic efficiency, are mostly suitable for use in the food retail trade and in large-area sales rooms.

Floatline With Floatline, Ansorg provides an economical, linear suspended luminaire system that was developed specially for high-walled salesrooms covering a large area. Floatline impresses with its slim design with a profile height of only 60 mm. Gimbal-mounted profile spotlights fitted with efficient HIT lamps are integrated without a frame into the closed system and ensure flexible and brilliant illumination of the merchandise. Due to modern reflector technology, Floatline can also be used with low wattages. Floatline is suitable in particular for use above counters, promotional activity areas and traffic zones. The system is predestined for large food retailing supermarkets, and also for other retail areas such as car dealers or outlet stores. Floatline is available in the colours white, silver and anthracite. Application advantages • Aesthetic design by means of plain, closed design of all visible faces without any profi ling at all • Frameless luminaire appearance supports the reduced use of shapes • Creation of an optimum mounting height in large-area salesrooms with open ceilings • Closed, ceiling-forming profile system with sufficient space to house the necessary ballast equipment Technical data: Lighting technology: HIT G8.5 20/35/70W with electronic ballast for 220-240V, 50/60 Hz Mounting: wire rope suspension Reflectors: SP, MFL, FL Efficiency: up to 70% J U L - AU G 2 0 1 2


Cordline The new linear strip lighting system Cordline from Ansorg has been relaunched in order to be able to provide an optimal lighting solution with new and efficient features for supermarkets and large-area salesrooms. Cordline is impressive because of its variety of lighting appearances and its timeless design. Toolless and easy, fast mounting combined with qualitatively high-quality reflector equipment make Cordline an ideal tool for complete lighting solutions. With its specific reflectors from wide-beam, asymmetrical to double asymmetrical, Cordline is particularly suited to merchandise-related lighting with economical T5 lamps l Application advantages • Simple and fast configuration of the system (continuous mounting) • Reduction of the installation time • Flexible system - lighting modules can be replaced, as required, without great effort and expenditure • Modularity permits implementation of customised lighting needs • Economical lamp technology • High-quality reflector technology (high operating efficiencies) • High vertical luminous intensities on the merchandise • Modular carrier optionally with integrated power track, emergency lighting function or in a dimmable version • Supporting rails with integrated cabling, 5-pole or 7-pole Technical facts: Lighting technology: T5/G5 35/49/80W incl. electronic ballast 230-240V, 50/60 Hz Moounting: For ceiling suspended mounting



Reflectors:  asymmetrical,  doubleasymmetrical, downlight, wide angle Luminous efficiency:: > 95% 51

J U L - AU G 2 0 1 2


Classic Marble’s New Collection Augusto belongs to the Venata family of Kalingastone marble collection. As the name suggests all products in this family have a vein pattern throughout with prominent veins in some and subtle in others. Augusto is a light grey colour product which has white subtle veins throughout and all products in this family derive their name from Roman Emperors and hence command style and grandeur. African Brown, belongs to the Regalia family of Kalingastone Quartz Collection. All products in this series derive their names from various places and vegetations around the globe. Due to its peculiar features, this product can be used for table tops in restaurants, flooring and wall cladding around swimming pools and also for kitchen platforms etc.


lassic Marble Company is a pioneer in the field of imported marble since its inception in 1994. Recently the company has launched new products under their Marmo, Classica, Veneta and Regalia marble and quartz collection and under their engineered brand Kalingastone. Botticinno, one of the exclusive varieties, belong to the Marmo series of Kalingastone Marble Collection. All products in this series derive their name from rare natural stones. Botticino is a beige coloured marble with a combination of chip sizes and goes very well

J U L - AU G 2 0 1 2

with its darker counterparts of the same family. It is being widely used in mall flooring, retail showrooms, restaurants, multiplexes,  educational  institutions & so on. Althea belongs to the Classica family of Kalingastone marble collection. 17 products in this family have been named after beautiful flowers and hence possess a charm to lure you instantly. Althea is a pure white product and likewise all products of the Classica family have subtle light colours with tiny dotted patterns on select few.


The brand boasts one of the largest offerings of exquisite eco-friendly marble and quartz for clients to choose from. They are highly durable in strength and appearance. These are also cost-effective, crack-free, stain resistant, waterproof and consistent in design. Especially designed for infrastructural projects such as commercial buildings these can be easily installed and maintained. Classic marble Company has 7 showrooms in India with several dealers and distributors present in each city of the country. They have sales agents in Europe, USA, Australia, Middle East & countries of South East Asia. The company-owned showrooms in India include Worli and Bhandup in Mumbai; Silvassa in Gujarat and Chandigarh and they house the entire engineered marble and quartz collection of Kalingastone l

Laughing stock!

To be Given


J U L - AU G 2 0 1 2

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Digital Printer MMT Digital Unit-46, A to Z Ind. Estate, G.K.Marg, Lower Parel, Mumbai - 400 013. Tel: 022-2493 7187 / 91 Email: Vijas Digital (India) Pvt. Ltd. Vijas House, C-1, Cama Estate, Walbhat Road, Goregaon (E), Mumbai - 400 063. Tel: +91-22-4068 3700

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Fourth Dimension Design Pvt Ltd A-7, Gurukul Industrial Zone, Sarai Khawaja, Faridabad, Haryana - 121009 Tel: 0129-4186700 Email:

Kider India Pvt. Ltd Old Gat, 851/2,New Gat,584/2, Koregaon Bhima, Tal-Shirur, Pune - 412216 Tel: 02137-253375 Email:



retail solutions providers Email:

Mannequins Clone Mannequins D-9/4, Okhla Industrial Area, Phase 2 New Delhi - 110 020. Tel: 91-11-4066 4000 Email:

Matrix Visual Innovations Pvt Ltd 45/1 2nd floor , Corner market, Malviya nagar, New Delhi - 110017 Tel: 011 41007206 Email: Mosh India Corporation Inc. B-53, Shukla Industrial Compound, Ashok Van, Dahisar (E), Mumbai - 400 068. Tel: +91-22-2848 3458 Mob: +91-98673 91614 Email: Rack Factory India (P) Ltd. A4, # 81-82, Badarpur Extn, Opp. Badarpur Metro Station, Behind IBP Petrol Pump, New Delhi - 110044 Tel: 011 29894918 Email: Veejay Sales Corporation India (Welworth) C - 297, Mayapuri Industrial Area, Phase II New Delhi, Delhi - 110064 Tel: 011 28116109/ 28117739 Email:

Flatbed Printing Printech Digital Imaging Pvt. Ltd., #270/2, Near Bhanu Nursing Home, Bommanahalli, Bangalore - 560 068. Tel : 4150 8666 / 8679 Email:

Lighting Plus Light Tech 1007 to 1010, 10th Floor, A 'Wing, Corporate Avenue, Sonawala Road, Goregaon (East), Mumbai - 400 063. Tel: 022 26865671/72 /73 Mob: 98204 32995 J U L - AU G 2 0 1 2

Jambudweep Impex 289,(RZ 209), Syed Nangloi Opp Gate No-6, GH 5 & 7 Flats, Near Meera Bagh, Pancham Vihar, Delhi - 110087 Tel: 011 25264821 Email: Tranz Mannequins Pvt. Ltd. 217, 10th A Main, 1st Block, HRBR Layout, Opposite State Bank of Travancore, Bangalore - 560 043. Tel: 91-80-4160 1289 Email:

Solution Provider Stonarts.D Adugodi,Bangalore - 560 030. Tel: +91-80-2210 1010 Email:

Tel: 022 66793500 / 9867759258 Retails 521, Sector 37, Pace city 2,Gurgaon, Haryana -122029 Tel: 0124 4088962 Email: Sinex Systems Private Limited No. 24, IInd Floor, Five Furlong Road, Guindy , Chennai - 600032 Tel: 044 22451822 / 0024 Email: Signage Systems India C 106/4, Naraina Indl. Area, Phase - 1, New Delhi - 110 028. Tel: +91-11-2589 5816 Email:

Retail Security System Tyco Fire & Security India Pvt. Ltd. D - 601, Campus – D, 6th Floor, RMZ Centennial, Kundalahalli Main Road, Bangalore – 560 048, India Toll Free: 1800 – 102 – 8926 Email:

Signages Amitoje Creations C-113,1st Floor, Okhla Industrial Area, Phase-1, New Delhi - 110020 Tel: 011 40516558/40516556/47698000 Email: Entech Signs & Displays India (P) Ltd. F-1&2, White House, St. Marks Road, Bangalore - 560001 Tel: 080 41121129 Email: GH Graphics Pvt. Ltd. # D-36, Okhla Industrial Area, Phase - I, New Delhi - 110020 Tel: 011 40567440 Email: Pioneer Aluminium Pvt Ltd Plot No. 6, 12/2, Inderprastha Estate No. 1, Mathura Road, Sector 37, Faridabad, Haryana - 121003 Tel: 0129 417264 / 09810118196 Resync Progressive Retail Solutions Astarc House, 76/79 Makwana Lane, Takpada, Off Andheri Kurla Road,Marol, Andheri (E), Maharashtra, Mumbai - 400059 58

Retail Solution Providers - Others Aluco Panels D - 19/3, Okhla Industrial Area, Phase 2, New Delhi,Delhi - 110020 Tel: 011 26811328 / 9810192105 / Email: Axind Software Pvt Ltd Plot #60 A, Sector-18, Gurgaon, Haryana - 122002 Tel: 0124-6468464 Email: Nice RetailBiz Technology Pvt. Limited C- Block, 612, Shahpuri's Tower, C-58, Community Centre, Janakpuri, New Delhi - 110058 Tel: 011-25550030 -31

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VM&RD July - August 2012  

VM&RD July - August 2012

VM&RD July - August 2012  

VM&RD July - August 2012