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1. widely known and esteemed

2. having or confering glory

3. having or worthy of pride

TABLE OF CONTENTS Volume 1 - Issue 1 - November 2013

Page 3 : What I Said Page 5 : The Best Advice Page 7 : Person of the Moment Page 10 : Something To Move You Page 11: Really? Page 13 : 10 Things You Didn’t Know About Page 14 : Guest Contributor Page 17 : What’s Hot (Innovation) Page 18 : Are You Anti-Mediocrity? Page 20 : Get to know Vanessa

What I Said

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Dear Illustrious people, Welcome to the first edition of this online magazine. You may be asking why this, what’s it all about… etc. Well I wanted to find a way to communicate with you, share my message, give you value and entertain you, like in a newsletter but NOT a newsletter, cause if you know me, I am almost obsessive about being unique and different. So we came up with this idea of an online magazine to share content and value with you, and also make our communication a bit different. It’s an online magazine called Illustrious, created especially for those who want to stand out, and SHARE more of themselves. You may have noticed my business has gone through some reinnovation. It’s just an aesthetic change-up, cause at the heart of my work now and always, it’s about Ideas. Innovation. Inspiration. Insight. These are the foundations of all the work I do. I help people reinnovate so they stay relevant.

This month we are focusuing on: BE YOURSELF, STAND OUT, and be different. I wanted to focus on this topic as I have found that being myself is a constant and never ending experience of awareness, course correction, changing self talk and behaviour, and always but always being connected to my desires as they are my life blood. So, I wish you millions of moments of leaning into being more of true yourself, not the person you have been conditioned to be, not doing things that do not fill you up, saying yes when you mean no, wearing whatever the h*& you want to wear, going to places that make you happy… and learning to let go of feeling the need to do what others tell you that you SHOULD do. The only thing you should do, is be your crazy, authentic, brave, bold and sometimes messy selves.

Vanessa With love,

illustrious - be yourself, stand out, and be different

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illustrious - be yourself, stand out, and be different

The Best Advice

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Each month we give an idea to someone and ask them to offer up their perspective. This month its:

Christine Organ, blogger from The Huffington Post.

“Rollo May, the distinguished psychiatrist, wrote a wonderful book called Man’s Search for Himself, and in this book he says the opposite of courage in our society is not cowardness, it is conformity. And there you have the trouble today. It’s conformity. People acting like every one else without knowing why, without knowing where they’re going.” Why do these people conform? Well, they don’t know really. These people believe that their lives are shaped by circumstances, by things that happened to them, by exterior forces; they’re outer directed people. A survey was made one time that covered a lot of men, working men, and these men were asked this question. Why do you work? Why do you get up in the morning? 19 out of 20 had no idea. If you ask them, they’ll say everyone goes to work in the morning and that’s the reason why they do it because everyone else is doing it.”

Excerpt From: Nightingale,Earl. “The Strangest Secret.”

COMMENTS: First heard about Rollo May and his book, “Man’s Search for Himself” from Vanessa Jane and immediately I was intrigued. Here is a person who not only has interesting thoughts on the importance of difference, but who is also providing the tools to embrace our uniqueness and stand out from the crowd in the best way possible. As an inspirational and spiritual writer, I frequently find that I do not fit into prepackaged boxes and preconceived notions of what it means to be a woman, a mother, a wife, and a person of faith - and this has been a constant struggle. The truth is, I often don’t feel like I fit in. Despite the fact that I have lived in the Chicago area for more than a decade, I still don’t feel like I fit in. The traffic frustrates me, the options overwhelm me, and I sometimes feel lost among a sea of strangers. illustrious - be yourself, stand out, and be different

The Best Advice

Yet, I don’t feel like I fit in in my home state of Wisconsin either. I feel smothered, confined, and out-of-touch. This not-fitting-in feeling extends beyond geography, as well. Depending on who I am with, I might be feel too liberal, too conservative, too old, too young, too shy, too loud - the list goes on and on. Human nature drives us to want to fit in, to belong. And all too often our society fosters that feeling of belonging by pushing us to fit in, to conform to various labels because it is easier to look at things with a black-white, either-or mentality. But belonging isn’t really about fitting in at all, it’s not about conformity. Belonging is about being accepted and loved in spite of - and because of - our differences. It always begins with personal acceptance, however, and a personal sense of belonging - a task that I I continue to work toward bit by bit, day by day.

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conformity; it comes only with authenticity. The magic can only be found when I step out of my comfort zone, embrace my uniqueness, and stand out from the crowd.

As Howard Thurman said, “Don’t ask what the world needs. Ask what makes you come alive, and go do it. Because what the world needs is MORE people who have come alive” Just like the world needs people who have come alive, the world needs people who are able to embrace their authenticity and uniqueness, people who have the courage to stand apart from the crowd. It is a tough task – one that I am still struggling with, in fact – but it is a lifelong journey that comes with a very worthwhile reward.

So I have stopped trying to fit in. I have stopped trying to hide my Wisconsin “accent” and I have stopped trying to pretend that I don’t love the Chicago Cubs. I have stopped trying to fit into the preconceived labels that society might have created for me. I have stopped trying to fit in because I know deep down that I belong. Personal fulfillment does not come from

Christine Organ is a writer who lives outside of Chicago with her husband, two sons, and two dogs. A hopeful optimist, she writes about life, love, and ”seeking Grace in the everyday” at She is a regular contributor to Huffington Post, and an experienced freelance writer who works with clients in industries as diverse as business, legal, hospitality, and the arts.

Person of the Moment

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Time to acknowledge people who are unabashedly embracing their individuality.

Ashly Judd has definitely come into her own. When I listened to a recent TED Talk given by Ashley Judd at TedXNashville, I was moved to see such a

dynamic and positive evolution of an authentic woman - a woman who has turned her life and her work into an act of worship.Several years ago, despite being one of the highest paid actresses in Hollywood,

Ashley Judd decided to walk away from her career and the Hollywood scene. She admitted that the industry had pushed her into a state of total exhaustion and that she was literally and

figuratively tired of being“sick and tired�. She acknowledged the hurt and pain that she was feeling, despite the fact that, by all outward appearances, she was living a fabulous life, a life of success and luxury.

Person of the Moment

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After stepping away from her career, she made a significant decision to focus on being of service to humanity by taking the focus off herself and putting it into her areas of untapped but enthusiastic personal passions – social justice, feminist causes, public health, sex slavery, and HIV. As she struggled with debilitating grief while she encountered unimaginably devastating conditions, such as the filthy brothels in Cambodia, she realized that her heart was literally being broken open instead of broken apart. As she tried to help the oppressed and suffering, she realized that she could not “give away what she did not yet have”. As a result, she resolved to address her own personal demons and feelings of suffering. Without any expectation of changing the world for arrogant or self-serving reasons, she instead believed that by witnessing and listening to stories of people in horrific situations and then sharing those stories with the world, she could give a voice to the otherwise voiceless in a meaningful way, that she could help empower the disenfranchised and exploited, and that she give love to the emotionally starved. Through her journey to give a voice to the oppressed, she embarked on a journey of personal healing and restoration, as well. As she began to speak on behalf of the broken and oppressed all around the world – orphans, sex slaves, child labourers – she began to come to terms with her own brokenness. Coming from a self-professed“dysfunctional family,” Ms. Judd went into her work of international healing and hope with a broken heart, but by opening herself up to the pain of her painful past, she was able to begin her own personal healing process. By relying not just on her celebrity, but on shared personal pain, her renewed self-awareness, and her deep desire to live a life of purpose and meaning, she is able to embark on a remarkably powerful journey to become the person that she wants to be, the person that she was meant to be. Once released from the shackles of external opinions, Ashley has been able to forge a path for herself that is founded on becoming the person that

illustrious - be yourself, stand out, and be different

Person of the Moment

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she longs to be with the understanding that the pain of inauthenticity is far greater than the pain of personal acceptance. Ashley’s story is that of a woman who deeply and profoundly longed to express her own uniqueness and use her it to make a meaningful and positive impact on the world. By going against the grain, ignoring the naysayers and critics, and forging ahead with her dreams despite the challenges, she has been able to pursue meaningful causes and her personal passions – all of which has allowed her to grow into a unique, multidimensional, fascinating, and empowered human being. Creative expression extends beyond just our work; it affects how we show up in the world, what we stand up for, who we stand up for, and what our life message will be! Ashley Judd is a perfect example of talent shining through not just her acting career, but through her impact on the world and all aspects of her personal expression. Although her journey has not always been easy, it has been a journey back to and into herself, which is the most powerful expression on the world we can ever expect to see.

“My work and My life as an act of worship.” - Ashley Judd Watch the Ashley Judd TEDx talk by following the link below: illustrious - be yourself, stand out, and be different

Something To Move You

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Here’s something to watch or listen to. GREAT WISDOM IN THIS SPEECH FROM ASHTON KUTCHER: A LITTLE INSPIRED BY STEVE JOBS who pushed us to stop following everyone else, and be proud and courageous to stand by ourselves.

Caroline McHugh at TEDxMiltonKeynesWomen illustrious - be yourself, stand out, and be different


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want u o y d l how wou d n a , e c live on due to , y e l v n a o h e I . W ve kids a h I ? d e r embe ity to l i b i s n o p to be rem her res g i h y l b a ce I prob n i a s , , b o o s j l a y m fe. But i l y m n hings i ontext, t c f d o o o t g u o o d things g n i o d e , I lov ga n i e b , t n e was a kid g differ n i e b , s d rien or me. f t n a t helping f r o is imp n a m f o ind special k

i n i r a M - Gilles

I want peopl e to underst and that from the mi nute Lady G aga arrived, she created a ne w set of rules: being different is good; embrace it.

I find that the ver y things that I get criticized for, whic h is usually being different and just doing my own th ing and just being ori ginal, is the very thing that’s making m e successful.

- Shania Twain

- Simon Co well illustrious - be yourself, stand out, and be different


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If a man does not keep pace with his companions, perhaps it is because he

hears a different drummer. Let him step to the music which he hears, however measured or far away.

- Henry David Thoreau

If there’s any message to my work, it is ultimately that it’s OK to be different, that

it’s good to be different, that we should question ourselves before we pass judgment

on someone who looks different, behaves different, talks different, is a different color.

use I’m a c e b e h at m g u a l u Yo at you h g u a l t, I differen ame. s e h t l l u’re a o y e s u beca

s i v a D n a h t a - Jon

- Johnny Depp

illustrious - be yourself, stand out, and be different

10 Things You Didn’t Know About

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…….Wendy Yalom: 1. I had one of my earliest spiritual awakening on the beach at Essouaria, Morocco. I was reading The Yoga Sutras for the first time and understood how my identity was purely a personal construct, that I had a choice about who I wanted to be. 2. I spent five years devoted to the study of man-woman dynamics, sensuality and sex. 3. My parents were bohemians living on a houseboat in Sausalito when I was born. They both had chosen to live a life that was totally unique and absconded the easy life path for one of new and open possibility. 4. I live by the discipline “Give what you want to receive.” 5. Growing up, creativity was as much food in my house as bread was. 6. I’m a direct descendant of Ethan Allen, revolutionary war renegade hero and founder of the state of Vermont.  7. Robert Redford circa Out of Africa is my dream man.  8. I’m a disciplined yogini and have studied, taught, practiced for well over a decade.  9. I have two tattoos. One of a butterfly and one of a shooting star. 10. I’ve always had a secret fantasy to do the work Annie Leibovitz does for Vanity Fair.

When it comes to standing out, my experience is that I act when called. I believe that the more revealed I am the more impact I will make. Standing out for me is about being willing to experiment, test things out, see what works and doesn’t. I remember a few years ago discovering I had a belief that if I was too successful, vibrant, living out loud, I would be ostracized. The belief was an ancient one probably generations old and once I discovered it, I considered whether it was true. It seemed not true,In fact the people I was most attracted to being close to were the ones that were vibrant, successful and living out loud about it. Every since then, I’ve held the mantra “it’s never too much”. That is how I live.

Wendy is a wildly passionated, award winning photographer who intrepidly travels the world caputuring people in life and in love. illustrious - be yourself, stand out, and be different

Guest Contribution

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“The fears are paper tigers” ~Amelia Earhart

Slay the Paper Tigers by: Janet Wallace When I was asked to write an article for Illustrious magazine’s debut issue on the theme of “how to stand out,” I was honored to do so. My mission with my company Social Deviants has been to help creatives carve their initials into the tree of life in out-standing ways (Don’t really carve your initials in trees. It hurts them).

If I was to get to the guts of what it takes to stand out...and stay there, I’d say it’s confidence.

Guest Contribution

Page 15

One of my goals this year was to work on my confidence (Perhaps it was one of yours, as well). Some of my peers thought this was odd because they consider me to be a confident woman. And I am…in some areas of my life. However, confidence is more than one’s overall state. A person can be a confident driver, copywriter, cook or accountant, but a complete wreck when it comes to speaking in public. Another can be confident in one-on-one situations, but nervous in crowds. So confidence isn’t just, “Oh that person is super confident.” It’s about building confidence in the area or areas where you lack it, but wish you had it. What you might find interesting, though, is that it’s in areas where I am already confident that I’m actually working on building my confidence even more, so that I can expand my business to the next level. That’s the thing. Confidence can make you complacent. You’re all comfy and secure in your awesomeness in some areas of life, that you don’t push yourself — your growth and limits — in these areas. It’s just as important to constantly nurture confidence in these areas, as well.

So, what does it take to build confidence? Here are my top tips:

supposed to build confidence if I’m purposely pushing

Surround yourself with people who are confident in the area you want to be confident in yourself.

myself into extremely uncomfortable zones?” My answer

Not the shortest section sub-head, but you get my point. I

is probably best explained by using an example: How will

know people who shy away from the fellowship of like-

you ever overcome a fear of flying and become a

minded individuals because they are afraid that those

confident flyer if you avoid flying? You won’t. You can’t

people they admire will see that they lack the very skill

become confident without getting on a plane and

they are trying to hone. Poppycock. If someone that you

confronting that fear.

supposedly admire looks down their nose at you for this,

Step out of your comfort zone. Yes, I know that sounds like an oxymoron. “How am I

you’re admiring the wrong person. From my experience,

Knowledge is Power.

people who are confident themselves are more than

You must prepare. Whether that means hiring a coach,

willing to share their knowledge, point you in the right

taking a class, reading up on the subject — you must arm

direction, and rejoice with you when you succeed.

yourself with knowledge. Yes, there will always be someone out there smarter than you in whatever area, but

Practice. Practice. Practice.

it isn’t about that. It’s about understanding what you’re up

Confidence comes with repetition. It’s muscle memory for

against, what you have to look forward to, and then

the soul. When you become good -- and then great -- at

digesting it all so that you can make the most informed

something through practice, your confidence builds. So

choices and actions suited to the area in which you want

be bold, get out there, and practice it.

to build confidence.

Guest Contribution

Page 16

Keep your eyes on the prize. Why are you doing this? What is it that you desire to achieve? What will result from building your confidence? Is it because you will you be able to help more people? Will you be able to make more money? Will you be able to expand your horizons? Whatever the answer, stay focused on that.

Just remember -- You are confident in some area of your life. Hold on to that feeling, remember how you got that way, and take the steps (outside your comfort zone) to achieve that same state in the area where you lack confidence. Always be working on this. Don’t get complacent. Slay your paper tigers.

JANET WALLACE, Founder of two thriving businesses, Social Deviants, a social marketing company that helps creative entrepreneurs build online business platforms, and utopYA, an annual writing convention and awards ceremony that both celebrate women writers of young adult and new adult fiction, Janet Wallace has a passion for marketing and chocolate-covered almonds. She uses her expertise to help creative entrepreneurs grow powerful communities, and create top-of-mind brand recognition and authority. 

She hosts events and speaks regularly to local, national and international groups about how to effectively attract raving fans, loyal clients and increase sales while building businesses of purpose and using their powers for good. Previously a brand strategist for London-based, award-winning agency Michaelides & Bednash, Janet has worked directly with clients such as ooVoo, Oxygen Women’s Television, Film4/Channel4 London and Elle magazine to name a few. She has also been an adjunct professor at Middle Tennessee State University where she lectured on Social Media for Authors. She is currently on the board of women’s entrepreneurship group, Allies in Biz, and lives in Nashville with her husband, two children and too many pets.

illustrious - be yourself, stand out, and be different

What’s Hot

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Trends and forecasts you would be wise to check out. In the global JWT Marketing Intelligence report put

These trends are set to creep into all areas.

out by the media giant each year talking about

We want real and authentic, we don’t want

trends and forecasts, no 47 on the what is hot for

to be lied to – and if we think that is going

2013, IMPERFECTION is listed. These trends and

on – well we just go elsewhere!

forecasts are used by major companies the world over to create products and services,

Learning to embrace the imperfection?

communications – anything you can imagine, it’s

Oprah has teamed up with Brene Brown,

probably gone through a trend gauge prior to

expert in vulnerability, and created a 6 week

release. It seems we are seeking authenticity from

course: “The Gifs of Imperfection.”

what we buy, either products and services. Imperfection just feels more authentic to people. It’s such a counter to the polished and perfect models we see in food (like those apples in supermarket) to the perfect hairstyles, magazine covers, and more. JWT says that the surge in popularity of the farmers markets and their earth to table type food, think those gnarly carrots and misshapen fruits, they are more appealing than the opposite.

Click here:

illustrious - be yourself, stand out, and be different

Are You {Anti-Mediocrity}?

Page 18

Do you have a dream or project you want to embark on? Contact me today ( so that we can talk about how to bring you success in your endeavor. Can’t wait to work with you!

FILM The Truman Show Pretty in Pink Brave

TUNES “Just the Way You Are” Bruno Mars “Unwritten” Natasha Bedingfield “The Middle” Jimmy Eat World

BOOKS Freckleface Strawberry by Julianne Moore (kids) The Alchemist by Paulo Coehlo


mind.full soul.full meaning.full

Choose evercise that you LOVE. DO NOT go to the gym if you do not like it. There are so many things you can do: hiking,swimming, belly dancing, hip hop dancing, running, exercise DVD’s, walking, volunteer work, bike riding, aquarobics, spin classes, wii fit, dog walking, climb trees, iceskate, skateboarding, skipping rope, beach walk, dancing, gardening

Some ideas to tide you over till next month all totally related to this month’s theme of being yourself and standing out.


illustrious - be yourself, stand out, and be different

Want to know a little more about me and what I believe?

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Everything about us makes us different from the next person. Here are some things that make me stand out and different. “i love paris in summer, drinking martinis in a cocktail dress, Laurent Perrier champagne, going to jazz clubs at 2am, going to health retreats and doing detoxing, blood red moons, the smell of a man’s aftershave, the delight in a child’s eyes when playing, eating macaroons, running in rain, cooking new recipes a la Julia Child, Hugh Laurie and everything about him, the quiet outside at 1 o’clock in the morning when everyone is sleeping, i like live music, laying on the grass,  high thread count bedlinen, Judd Apatow movies, personal grooming and hot pink silk shoes.

”I believe in love. I believe that funny is sexy. I believe in lots of kissing. I believe the mind is the most powerful of all your organs and is  the key to everything.  I believe that happy girls are the prettiest girls.  I believe that sleep, water and green drinks makes you feel amazing. I believe in miracles.” illustrious - be yourself, stand out, and be different

I’m Vanessa and I’m a very happy...

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Entreprenerial Muse & Creative Strategist. As an Entreprenerial Muse and Creative Strategist, Vanessa’s own talent has been identified as the gift of vision – the almost unnerving ability to recognize potential in almost anyone, to create ideas and opportunities out of any situation, and to navigate clients toward empowerment and fulfillment. She is a Creative Strategist in the truest sense. Vanessa works with the visionaries, thought leaders, rule breakers and adventurers and game changers, the dreamers and future shapers. Vanessa’s skills are wholly practical. Her background in marketing, the corporate and financial worlds and a carefully honed creativity which allow her to understand the needs of a growing business, and she has the tenacity and energy to make it succeed. From the rich tapestry of her own employment history, she has the flexibility to assist her clients in a broad range of commercially profitable, creative ventures and business enterprises.

She specializes in designing creative ways to deliver your message by creating platforms and vehicles; roadshows, exhibitions, product development, TV shows, scripts, launches, awesome speeches and the delivery of it; engineering great collaborations; book creations; She has developed high-end programs and VIP intensives, retreats and seminars around the world catering for the aspiring entrepreneur, in places such as London, Hawaii and Shanghai. She mentors a broad range of entrepreneurs, including writers, media personalities, high performance sports consultants, personal trainers, artists, fashion designers, health coaches, executive coaches, dating and compatibility experts, actors, jewelry designers, and musicians. She launches careers, assisting her clients to stand out in the world, be unique in their field and highly successful. Her highly sought-after business assistance is available to those with the spark of an idea that want to know how to make it happen.

illustrious - be yourself, stand out, and be different

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Illustrious: Volume 1 - Issue 1  

The magazine for people who want to stand out, make their mark and be different.

Illustrious: Volume 1 - Issue 1  

The magazine for people who want to stand out, make their mark and be different.