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Make a Difference With Gandy Flip Flops ! Summer is the season for sandals and flip flops, and there are so many different styles and brands to choose from when you shop online! But today, many of us are making personal choices in food and fashion that are bigger than ourselves, such as choosing fair trade products, buying from environmentally friendly brands, or donating to worthwhile causes. That’s why today’s brand focus is on Gandys! This brand of shoes, notably flip flops, is unlike any other when it comes to the company’s story and their role in the lives of so many children. Gandys was founded by two brothers who traveled the world with their parents--parents who wanted to teach their four children so much more about the world than they would learn in a traditional school in their hometown of London. During the family’s travels, they volunteered to work at many different charities in places like India and Sri Lanka, and spent time in orphanages helping the children and planning sports days. In 2004 the Boxing Day tsunami hit the coastline of Sri Lanka, pounding the hotel where the family was staying. During the tragedy, this remarkable family lost both parents. After returning to London and coping with their loss, the two brothers, Rob and Paul, set out again to do work in some of the poorest countries in the world. And then an idea struck. The idea to make a product that would benefit others came to them through a conversation about Gandhi, the well-known Indian pacifist. And finally Gandys flip flops and their mission of Orphans to Orphans were born! When you buy Gandys flip flops, a portion of the proceeds goes towards helping disadvantaged children and orphans in Sri Lanka and India. The Orphans to Orphans program has already funded children’s homes being built, the first of which was dedicated to the brothers’ parents, Kevin and Sandra Forkan. So when you go shopping online for your summer wardrobe, with shorts, tank tops, sundresses, sunglasses and shoes, make a contribution to the world by ordering a pair of Gandys flip flops. Available in many colours and very comfortable, you’ll be so glad you did!

Make a Difference With Gandys Flip Flops  

When choosing products that contribute to something bigger than yourself, choose Gandys flip flops. Their incredible story and the differenc...

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