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Viz-A-Viz Ministries Prayer Diary – March 2013 1. Taste’s final day in the Diss schools. Today it’s Long Stratton High School. Please pray for energy and patience as we setup a small sound system in an upstairs classroom, in a confined space and a very short period of time. Pray that this will be worth-while and fruitful as we spend time with the Christian students in this school encouraging them in their faith and inspiring them to live Jesus’ light in a dark world. Then after a quick pack up we head over to Barnham for the first of two cafes Integrate YFC are running this evening. The Diss Café is brand new and Taste have been invited to do an acoustic set. So this will be a very busy day but we pray that the Lord will bless all that we are doing and use our stories and songs to challenge the young people we meet. 2. The main event in Diss will take place in the High school and involve songs from Taste as well as dance from YFC team ‘STANCE’. We are excited to be working alongside this talented group of youngsters and look forward to seeing the impact of performances and testimonies from both teams on the lives of the different youngsters that make it to the concert. Please pray for a good turnout and that the Lord will bring along those that he wants to hear the message.  The SOLID team are attending the Takeaway training day today to promote the festivals and meet local youth leaders, please pray for good conversations, opportunities and relationships to develop. 3. Taste are involved in leading this morning’s service in Barnham. Please pray that the Holy Spirit will be evident and active in all that we do; leading and guiding us as a team as well as motivating and inspiring the congregation that we are serving. 4. Ed is in Croxley Green tonight for the next Roadshow in the ‘Today...not Tomorrow’ tour. 5. Taste are doing some assemblies in Norwich as well as promotion of the activities week next month. Please pray that the young people we meet will be excited by the music but also receive the message of God’s love. Please pray for safety as we travel home and the opportunity to take some rest over the next couple of days.  Ed and Laura travel to Crawley for another ‘Today...not Tomorrow’ Roadshow. 6. Taste will be back in Essex spending some time with Gary Bott today, learning more about communication skills, engaging a class, maintaining control, and how to answer questions with gentleness and respect. Please pray that it’s a fruitful and educational experience and that the individuals in the team grow in confidence and ability! 7. Today we will be interviewing Josh, the current Taste drummer. He is interested in spending a second year in the band and we are keen to explore possibilities. Please pray for us as we consider his future and the right way forward. He is applying to sing and play guitar next year and will end up having more leadership responsibilities too if we take him on. 8. Please pray for more opportunities to take our wonderful team into schools over this coming year. There are some spaces in the diary and we have an excellent band, who are incredibly talented, with a faith to share and, using their gifts for God, we’d love to see them used in high schools around the UK.

9. Arise Ministries are presenting ‘In it Together?’ with London School of Theology. In the first conference of its kind, we will be exploring the need for the church to demonstrate how children and adults can grow in faith together. We have over 50 delegates coming along and would really appreciate your prayers! 10. Please thank God today for the provision once again following our appeals over the past couple of months. We have need again for income this month to cover the salaries of our team. Please thank God for all those amazing people around the country who give in support of our work, we are so grateful and thank God for answering our prayers time and time again but please also pray that He will speak to people who might be able to give towards the ministry. 11. Ed is doing a ‘Today...not Tomorrow’ Roadshow in Andover this evening. 12. Taste have been really busy the last couple of weeks writing new ‘performance’ songs for our unchurched, teenage audience which we are very excited about performing. Please pray that we will have enough time to finish rehearsing so these songs are ready to perform with confidence and passion.  Ed and Laura are delivering some training with Croxley Green Baptist Church this evening. 13. Please pray for God’s blessing over this years’ programmes and events but also for guidance over future plans for individual team members as they consider what God has planned in the long-term and make enquiries about what to do from September. 14. The band will be working with East Norfolk Youth for Christ next month. Please pray for Alison Roberts (Joy’s sister) as she liaises with the schools in Great Yarmouth and finalises the timetable. Please pray that the right students will be scheduled to see the band over the week that Taste will be in School. 15. Please thank God again for his miraculous provision each month and for the many individuals who make this ministry possible by their generous giving. At a time of such financial uncertainty we are eternally grateful to those who commit to give so sacrificially each month. Please pray for real blessing on this amazing group of supporters. 16. Please pray for Arise Ministries as they prepare for the ECG Conference in Scarborough next month where they will be delivering ministry amongst the children and all age stream. 17. Please pray for us as we spend time in preparation for the launch of a Viz-A-Viz initiative called Rooftop UK. There has been much success with Rooftop in the USA and we are now seeking to partner with churches in the UK with the aim of helping Christians to share more their faith more effectively. 18. Please thank God for the young people who attended the SOLID dreaming afternoon in February, SOLID is passionate about seeing young people released into ministry as well as remaining relevant, so this afternoon was invaluable to the development of SOLID. Please pray that the ideas and dreams will be guided through and God will use them powerfully! 19. Today is Josh’s birthday. Please thank God for him and each one of our amazing team who do such a brilliant work and have given a valuable year to serve God in a special way. Please pray that today will be a good time of celebration and unity.

20. Today we will be interviewing a new potential optimum volunteer drummer to start with us in September. Please pray that our day with him will be enlightening and encouraging, that we will have wisdom and discernment in knowing the right choice for him and us. Please pray that he wouldn’t be nervous or stressed about the day but that he’d enjoy the experience and show us his potential. 21. Today Steve Tinning, the minister from Leigh Road Baptist will be leading a Bible study for the whole of the Viz-A-Viz Team please pray that this gifted communicator will inspire and motivate us all. This is followed by meetings and planning for our Christmas Events. Please pray that we will put together a programme that is fun, festive but also challenges the people who come to hear the message of God’s ultimate gift of love. 22. Today is a meeting of the Solid Exec. Please pray for Jon Stannard, Ed Jones, Andy Poultney, Richard Shaw, Karen Tullett and Joy as they meet together and discuss this year’s events, but also as they consider the wider vision and future of the project. 23. Arise Ministries are delivering a Just a ‘child’? Regional Equipping Event in Darlington. 24. Ed is preaching at Hurworth Methodist Church in Darlington this morning. 25. The hidden work of preparation and training is vital but unseen and much is going on at Viz-A-Viz in the background to enable the ministries to grow and plan for the future. This has huge financial implications so please stand with us and pray for the finances that are necessary to not only sustain the day-to-day work but to help support and allow future growth. 26. Ed and Laura are delivering some training with Croxley Green Baptist Church this evening. 27. Naomi will complete her second year with us this summer and is currently thinking about what to do next. She has completed an introductory course in counselling and is looking at how to develop this further, either full or part-time. She is hoping to stay in the area as her boy friend Blake is here and she has close links with a church in Basildon so please pray for accommodation and all the practical details that need to fall into place. 28. Dave is also finishing with us after his second year and is looking ultimately to get into some kind of church based youth work. He is considering moving north to be nearer to his girlfriend Rhian but needs to find work and/or further training and opportunities to use and develop the skills he has learned over these past two years with Taste. 29. Jake is considering a second year in Taste but as a keyboard player rather than a technician. Although Jake has played keyboards a few times with us for worship, this would be a significant change for him and a much more upfront role. Please pray as he re-applies that the interview process would go well and that we will discern whether this is the right step for Jake and for Taste next year. 30. Summaya seems very unsure on what her next step should be. She has the potential to do a degree but is thinking about spending next year working back home in Rochdale and considering applying to some universities. Please pray for guidance and motivation as Summaya thinks and prays about her future. 31. Please pray for leaders as they begin to gather information to book on to SOLID festivals 2013, that the right groups will hear about it, and feel inspired to attend.

March Prayer Diary 2013  

Prayer diary for Viz-A-Viz Ministries - March 2013