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A Vixxen is a bad girl. She is someone who stays true to their truth. She builds others up instead of tearing them down. She is self-empowered. She is constantly learning and improving herself and helps empower those around her through her actions as well as her words. She is someone who stays honest to herself even if it means (and it usually does) going against the status quo. She isn’t afraid to stand up and stand out. Most importantly, she does. Because change doesn’t happen by sitting on your couch sharing a meme.

Beth Vianes Soliz Beth is a mother, a wife, a DJ and a writer. She has helped produce multiple indie films and is an avid supporter of local and indie artists. She works in the social service industry advocating for mental and physical health for people in her community.

Vixxen is an art zine project based out of South Texas that celebrates bad girls/women who DO. We showcase women who live their busy daily lives and still find the time to honor themselves by creating art, playing in a band, writing, cooking, being spiritual, or doing whatever it is that brings them joy. We believe this simple act of doing with joy (instead of hate) inspires and empowers others to do the same.

her coursing through my el fe I y wa e th ows kn e Sh . She knows me soul. I know her in my heart and I feel the gentle guidance she

provides. There is a sense of calm as she leads me to a quiet spot.

n. Breathing – one, two, I am ready to listen and sit in anticipatio three. And again – one, two, three.

The scroll unravels and I feel her presence. She wants me to

understand what I feel more than what I see. I feel contentment on my path. I feel the correct path has finally been placed in my way. Spirit surrounds me and cushions any setbacks

I might have. Life is leading me down the thoroughfare of

words. And surrounding me with success. And support from my family, friends and more.

I feel and know security is going to encompass my home, my heart, and my soul. I am to be protected. From anything. From

everything. Even from nothing. I see that the etimes is part of this stillness and the solace som journey. Heck, sometimes this IS the journey. And I smile. Because she smiles. She knows I That I do. understand. And I do.

- Renee Furlow

Rhiannon by Fleetwood Mac Rhiannon rings like a bell through the night and Wouldn’t you love to love her? Takes to the sky like a bird in flight and Who will be her lover? All your life you’ve never seen A woman taken by the wind Would you stay if she promised you heaven? Will you ever win? She She She The

is like a cat in the dark and then is the darkness rules her life like a fine skylark and when sky is starless

All your life you’ve never seen A woman taken by the wind Would you stay if she promised you heaven? Will you ever win? Will you ever win? Rhiannon She rings like a bell through the night and Wouldn’t you love to love her? She rules her life like a bird in flight and Who will be her lover? All your life you’ve never seen A woman taken by the wind Would you stay if she promised you heaven? Will you ever win? Will you ever win? Rhiannon

t e r g e r r e Nev le, i m s u o y what made or cry . t u o b a y r g or get an ur o y e r a l Al ds. n e i r f t s be r u o y e r a All teachers. t u o b a s i Life he t g n i p e e k lose c s e m i t good an h t s s e l and the es‌ m i t t c e f per closer.

-Renee Furlow

rise.above The holidays just ended and somehow I managed to survive. Not everyone enjoys the holidays. I never have. In fact, up until recently I loathed holiday time with a passion. It was pointless to me. All of the fake smiles and niceties until Aunt Noel has one too many egg nogs and all the dirty secrets get aired. I was always the black sheep of my family and no matter how hard I tried to play pretty I just couldn’t quite do it right. My immediate family is pretty rad but no family is perfect. We have our issues. And as I’ve grown into myself I’ve outgrown the mold of a small town girl from Shiner, a mold that never really fit anyway.

on your big girl panties, roll up your sleeves and make the choice to change. You hate the holidays? Find a way to make it your own. You hate a quality you have? Make the choice to change it. And you see, holiday talk aside, the root of it all can be boiled down to this: I’ve been told that I am something I am not and I believed them. I’ve been told that I am someone I am not and I believed them. I’ve been told to fit into a mold that I simply can’t. And I was angry. And I rebelled for years. And I fought until I was so exhausted I couldn’t stand.

And then, after I had my little fit, I stood up and The beauty of this life really, wiped off the tears and is choice. You can choose to simply said no. hate blindly, or you can put

me down and make me feel less than I am. I am not made for the white picket fence life. I am not meant to be a mother. I have made very conscious decisions in my life to change my story and to And though I’ve been live my truth as I see fit. told it enough, I believe in my heart of hearts that I The holidays, are difficult will not turn into a raving for everyone. But hey, you mad alcoholic that has survived and it’s a brand completely shut herself fucking new year with off from society. And I endless possibilities. I am know in my bones that here to say that you can I will not be the women change it. Whatever IT is. who lives every day of her You can make the choice life second guessing every to live the best life for you. decision and every word And godammitall fuck she says because she’s what others think. They been told she’s useless for aren’t living your story. so long that she honestly believes it. I will not stay --Brea Danger in relationships that tear


y to staret? a w t s e b e h t What is meditation practic a

Renee -- If meditation is something you want to incorporate into your daily life but it seems scary or daunting, begin with just 10 minutes. Close your eyes and just be. Let whatever comes to you come. Let go of judgement as this is a safe space. After you get the hang of just being, then go into it with a question on your mind. Don’t overwhelm yourself with more than one question at a time. And when all is said and done, immediately journal your experience and you will find more answers are discovered. Brea -- The best way to start anything, in my opinion, is simply to start. Too many people get caught up in doing something “the right way” when in reality the most important thing is actually doing the thing. I personally just jumped right into it by setting a specific time each day. I started in 3 minute intervals as I have a really short attention span at times and sitting alone with my thoughts scared the shit out of me. I increased the time as I became more comfortable. I would sit down in my predetermined meditation spot, get comfortable, and focus on my breath going in and out. Sometimes I would have a mantra I would repeat. Your mind will wander, and that’s okay. The most important thing to remember is to not get angry at yourself. The purpose of meditation is not to quiet your mind, but rather to objectively observe it.

ndle the How do yoocurahsatination? problem of pr

Brea -- I am the nerd overachiever that finishes projects weeks early. However, I have had to learn the hard way that most people do not work that way. I have had to train myself not to get upset at others because they work differently (even though they are wrong! Ha ha ha ha.) But here I am, queen get shit done early nerd, just days before the supposed deadline of this zine with quite a few things that need to be done yet, including this response andaskavixxen big piece of art. So I guess even the perfect over achiever, who gets things done early can have a procrastination problem that pops into play every now and then. But how do I handle that? Lots of coffee, to do lists, and some minor panic. But mainly lots and lots of coffee. Renee - I deal with this all of the time. My best advice is to set a goal and work on it 10 minutes at a time. The way I see it, I can handle that. It’s a great way of getting things done.

Have a question you want the Vixxen ladies to answer? E-mail us!

a niki she The first time I met Niki was years ago. My band at the time was in Bryan for a random show we were playing and we were opening up for the local acts. I knew nothing about any of the bands, but what I do know is the first time I laid eyes on Niki I knew she was a force of nature. As the years progressed, we’ve gotten to be really close friends. When I started fronting my own band, she was one of my inspirations and she talked me throughmy stage fright and anxieties. I am so excited that she could be the first featured Vixxen in this zine! --Brea Brea: I know you have been playing in bands for years. How long exactly? And what made you decide that being a punk singer was something you wanted to do? Niki: I started fronting bands 15 years ago, my fist band was The hangouts that I was in with my husband, and my second band was Girlband that I had for 7 years, both were really the funnest things I’ve ever done. I started later than alot of people at age 30. I grew up in a musical family so I had actually wanted to sing in a punk band since age 13, it just took me awhile to get there lol!

B: I know your husband has been in a lot of bands with you. How do you manage to balance work life, mom life, married life, band life and Niki life without losing your head? Furthermore, how have you managed to keep the different hats separate so as to not affect your marriage? N: Matt and I are so lucky that we have always supported what each other wants to do, in a way I feel like our whole life together has largely been centered around band life and our kids naturally assimilated to that, to them it’s always been normal. I feel like our marriage grew thru playing music together, it made us closer and stronger. Do we drive each other crazy sometimes? Fuck yes lol! I don’t like being told what to do but he knows how to push me to do things I might not have thought of trying, so even if it’s pissing me off ultimately it’s because he believes I can pull it off.

“...our whole life together has largely been centered around band life...”

B: I know that B/CS has a very healthy roller derby group and if I recall correctly, you played an important part in starting that up. Tell us a little more about all of that. N: I was one of the original members of BVRD, and girl named Jordi actually posted about starting a league and I jumped on it, asked a few other friends if they wanted to do it too and we started meeting up. I served as president and stepped down when I went back to work full time, I am so proud of how far the league has gone and while I’m no longer a part of it, it will always be a part of my heart.

that balance. You know, as women we wear a lot of different hats, this was just another hat, I never really felt like it was difficult to manage because just like with everything, you just do what you need to do to make things work. B: Do you have any parting words for any females wanting to get into music? N: One thing I will say is i wish I would have started much earlier than I did, if you are a woman and want to start a band, do it! Even if you don’t know what you’re doing you gotta start somewhere, jump in with both feet, music needs you!

B: Both of your children are almost grown and the youngest one just graduated from high school but despite being a mother you never gave up your love of playing music. Was it a challenge to live the life of a musician and raise your children? N: They are and it’s insane that I have kids that old! I feel really lucky that we had the support not only from our kids but our families and friends, they would keep our kids when we had shows and we made a point to make the following days after shows family days to keep

jump in l adies! music needs you!

- Renee Furlow

rs e w o l f the g n o l a ws o r g n. e o h o S m e h ht t i w s e re c o n c a n d e d r n a he e e s o t g, ses n i i r r e n t u t i s l g r The e h e v a e sl r a ns. t o s i t e c h e t n n d an l co u o s n i h c i r ’s e h rt o f m and s o c er h r o f s n Fire bur for s w o l f ater w e l i h w cy. n e t s i s n her co n r o w t a n. i s l e Each h c x ee h s l l a nts e s e r p e r ve o l s e d u rt. She ex a e h c i t then u a n a from t: r a p t s e The b nd. e i r f r e I call h -Renee Furlow

On the High Priestess Of the tarot, the majors are well named, as they are the major events or aspects of life, the self and the journey of the self through life. There has been a definite correlation found between the majors and Carl Jung’s Archetypes. As humans, our psychology is deeply complex and contains many “selves”, or versions of our selves that adapt and change seamlessly from moment to moment, yet simultaneously remain distinctly divided. The Archetypes identify metaphorically those aspects commonly known as roles that every individual enacts specifically for the ease of understanding how those roles affect us individually and collectively, both consciously and unconsciously. Additionally, Carl Jung has brought forth the understanding of the concept of the Collective Consciousness. In summary, this is the understanding of the primal, driving force behind the herd, or pack mentality known as society and is the point at which psychology and sociology blend. If you’ve ever experienced a sense of identity with any culture and/or subculture you have experienced this affect, as it is the glue that bonds commonalities within general society and is comprised of values, appreciation of art forms, appearance and personality traits as well as many other methods of social connection. This is what makes certain things relatable.

Have you ever met that quiet person who exudes mysterious feminine energy, but not the soft variety – the intense variety? They are usually very striking in appearance and often stand out in common settings because of this. You are instantly drawn to them and full of curiosity about what they are really like in their native environment. There’s just something about them that you can’t put into words. Also, such pop culture archetypes as The Femme Fatale, for example, perfectly fit this mold. The Femme Fatale is the woman who is so appealing because she is distant, cerebral and mysterious and usually her leading man can’t resist to the point of going to detrimental lengths to conquer her and yet he ends up oftentimes literally dying in his attempt. All witnesses to this event are puzzled by the source of this power because it is inexplicable. The High Priestess is historically one of the most difficult cards to learn as a newbie tarot reader. The reason for that is that it means exactly that – hard to read. This card is shrouded in deep esoteric symbolism. It has been related to the feminine aspect of “God” known as Shekinah, governs Divine Law (the will of “God”) and Gnosis (knowledge of the spiritual mysteries). The astrological attribution is the moon, which is a symbol of reflection, phases and the hidden aspects of the subconscious mind, however the zodiac sign this card corresponds to is Virgo. This is

incredibly evident in the dominant color blue as well as the reminiscence of the Virgin Mary (who incidentally is a version of the goddess Isis as seen in her Diadem). The High Priestess is one of the four temporal rulers of the Major Arcana and the solar cross on her chest is a symbol of the four seasons, four directions and four elements. In alchemy, she represents the process of dissolution wherein Materia Prima (The Emperor) is dissolved and separated into the four elements. There are many, many symbols and thus many, many meanings that convey the nature of this card. The overarching theme is that there is a veil between the conscious and the subconscious called intuition. The conscious is what is known and what we experience while we are aware. The subconscious is that deep well of information hidden in our minds that only things such as hypnosis can touch because it is an insulated core of our psychological makeup. The intuition is the translator from one realm to the other. When we see the words High Priestess, the image of a female cult leader might come to mind. Someone who seemingly knows the mysteries of the Tiffany is a professional tarot reader offering reading services, sharing her spiritual path and dark humor. Her mission is to offer readings that connect an empower people in need of perspetive. insta- @gilded.serpant.divination

aether and has a unique ability to translate those for their followers in the form of philosophy. These women are commonly known as witches. A witch isn’t just the iconic depressed and rebellious teenager. A true witch is a seeker of the divine mysteries, both of the universe and of her/himself. To know oneself is be entirely free and cultivates a growth mindset releasing the individual from the slavery of indoctrination. A Priestess, on the other hand, shares what s/he has learned in an objective configuration with others who seek to find themselves as well. If this card is present in a reading, note that it’s inexplicable nature often points to silence. As this mysterious feminine being is withdrawn, see that she is like a sponge, keenly aware, deeply intuitive and methodical in her revelations. As the moon does, mirror this energy in your situation and bask in the powerful presence of the feminine allure of mystery. Like a predator, wait and watch before striking because everything isn’t always as it seems and it takes patience to observe the revelation. --Tiffany Wilson of Gilded Serpant Divination

Many Moons Planner - Modern Women The Dark Jewels Trilogy - Ann Bishop Tapping the Dream Tree - Charles De Lint I Wrote This For You - Lain S Thomas Red, Hot and Holy - Sera Beak Redvelations - Sera Beak

Lung - Bottom of the Barrel Jeff Buckley - Sketches of My Sweetheart the Drunk The Dresden Dolls - The Dresden Dolls (Self Titled EP) Tommy Elskes - Box in Your Head Some Kind of Nightmare - Still Not Broken Legal Weapon - Your Weapon

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The Chilling Tales of Sabrina - Series Black Mirror - Series The Office - Series High Fidelity Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind

The Love Of Makeup Julie Dawn Olsen Alice Lockhart Jessica Braun

nd doing Where am I a ht well what? You mig hick, you ask. Freaky c ’t imagine. say? You can s of a I am priestes a land sandcastle in starlight. of dust and - Laini Taylor

t I early arrived at the insigh that when no answer comes from within to the problems y and complexities of life, the . ultimately mean very little Outward circumstances are no e. substitute for inner experienc - Carl Jung

My style for the moment is modern mystic priestess. Elisa Jimenez

Nature is b oundless in her powers, exhausting in her variet y: the powers of A rt and its capabilities of variety in production a re bounded on every sid e. Nature h erself, the infinite, has circumscribed the bounds of fi nite Art. T h e one is the divinit y; the other priestess. t he Anna Brown ell Jameson

Who is She? She is your power, your Feminine source. Big Mama. The Goddess. The Great Mystery. The web-weave r. The life force. The first time, the twentieth time you may no t recognize her. Or preten d not to hear. As she fills yo ur body with ripples of terr or and delight. But when sh e calls you will know yo u’ve been called. Then it is up to you to decide if you will answer. - Lucy H. Pearce

A look ahead....

issue 2: death and transformation

Profile for Vixxen Zine

Vixxen Zine - Issue 1 - January 2019  

Issue 1 - High Priestess Cover Model - Beth Vianes Soliz Featured babe - Niki Shea Vixxen is an art zine project based out of South Texas t...

Vixxen Zine - Issue 1 - January 2019  

Issue 1 - High Priestess Cover Model - Beth Vianes Soliz Featured babe - Niki Shea Vixxen is an art zine project based out of South Texas t...


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