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VIVO VIBE 460 & 260

SCIENCE BASED. PROVEN TECHNOLOGY. Developed for the prevention of muscle atrophy, bone density loss and blood clotting, vibration therapy was originated by Russian scientists for its space program. Since the 1960s, vibration therapy has remained popular throughout Europe and is now more commonly used today in the United States. Many celebrities, pro athletes and fitness enthusiasts have turned to whole body vibration therapy for a complete workout in a fraction of the time it takes others to do. Imagine getting

the equivalent of a one hour workout in less than 15 minutes using VIVO Vibe exercisers. VIVO Vibe machines have been featured on many TV, internet, radio talk shows and magazines including Access Hollywood, EXTRA, Tyra Banks Show, TV Guide Channel, Fox News, VH1, The Doctors, L.A. Confidential and among many others.

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VIVO VIBE 460 VIVO Vibe 460 packs a powerful punch as our midrange oscillating vibration platform for business facilities and for home-use. Its functional, compact size gives this exerciser a wider range of space usability for spas, wellness and fitness centers and home use for the most devoted fitness enthusiasts.

OSCILLATING VIBRATION EXERCISERS VIVO Wellness introduces the VIVO Vibe 460 and 260, a series of evolutionary exercise products that uses vibration therapy for total body fitness and well-being. VIVO Vibe exercisers utilize the latest in oscillating vibration technology and are the perfect alternative to traditional fitness workouts. Our exercisers offer a personalized wellness regimen that is low impact, safer, better and provides faster results. Unlike other exercise machines that require you to do all the work, VIVO Vibe exercisers are the latest approach to fitness that makes science and wellness technologies do the work for you!

Whole body vibration exercisers improve the integrity of the joints by working the body’s small core of supportive muscles which avert injuries and improves performance and reaction time. • Burn calories and lose weight by working hundreds of muscles • Reduces fat and the appearance of cellulite

• Firms, tones and strengthens the entire body

• Maximize workouts by targeting key areas of the body

Engineered for Health & Wellness


Accelerates weight loss Increases metabolism Reduces body fat resulting from body stress Increases bone density Reduces fat and appearance of cellulite Strengthens joints and ligaments

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Increases circulation and blood flow Improves flexibility and range-of-motion Lymphatic flow is improved Raises serotonin- a feel good, “happy” hormone Boosts collagen for tighter, better skin

VIVO VIBE 260 VIVO Vibe 260 is the most economical and spaceconscious solution in whole body vibration exercisers. Using the same oscillating vibration technology as our other models, the VIVO Vibe 260 was designed especially for personal home gyms and offices. It’s compact, affordable and great for all body types.


Weight Loss Centers Fitness Clubs Wellness Centers Rehabilitation Centers Spas and Resorts

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Hotel Gyms & Spas Chiropractic Offices Personal Trainers Hospital Fitness Centers Pro & Collegiate Sports Facilities

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VIVO VIBE 460 & 260  
VIVO VIBE 460 & 260  

VIVO Vibe 460 packs a powerful punch as our mid-range oscillating vibration platform for business facilities and for home-use. VIVO Vibe 26...