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EVALUATING YOUR OWN PHOTOGRAPHS Try to take a ‘step back’ from the photographs so you can review them objectively. To help with this you could ask another person to discuss your photographs with you. What idea, mood, feeling do the photographs portray. Was this your intention, if not what were you aiming for. If the effect is not the same as what you intended does this matter (they could suggest a more interesting idea or evoke a stronger response). What do you think contributes to the mood, idea etc. Consider: Focus Light






Angle / viewpoint




Subject (model / object / place used) Perspective


Colour Series


Depth of field


Particular quality of an experimental technique

How do you think you could further enhance or even change the meaning or mood. Again consider the elements above. If you did not achieve what you set out to or you are not satisfied with unintentional outcomes, what specifically do you feel hasn’t worked. Again consider the list above.

EXAMPLE: Although I did not set out to create a sinister mood to this photograph I am pleased with this unexpected result. The low key lighting coupled with the extremely shallow depth of field in these photographs has created a sense of mystery and unease. I love the way that the model’s face is only partially lit and his eyes are closed, removing a sense of his identity. In fact it is difficult to work out the gender of the sitter which makes the image even more intriguing. I would like to develop the themes that have come through in this photograph by taking a second set. I could experiment with different viewpoints, maybe photographing the back of the model so their face is completely concealed. Looking through something onto the model like a doorway or window could create the idea of the person being watched or followed which could further add to the slightly disturbing mood of the photograph. Although I am quite pleased with the feeling this photograph portrays I am frustrated that my original idea has not come across, I had intended to create an ethereal mood. The dark tones don’t really work with this theme and had I taken the photographs in a more natural location in soft daylight I might have had more success with this. I took the photograph from a low viewpoint which has made the model seem too dominant and threatening.

Evaluating your own photographs  
Evaluating your own photographs