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Inspiring Health Beyond Happiness

Vivien Goh

Legal Disclaimer • While every attempt has been made to ensure that the information presented here is correct, the contents herein are a reflection of the views of the author and are meant for educational and informational purposes only. All links are for information purposes only and are not warranted for content, accuracy or any other implied or explicit purposes. • No tips in this document should be considered medical advice. Seek the help of a professional healthcare provider before making any decisions concerning your health. • My mission is to share my story to help as many as I can to improve their health and well-being. I’m granting you the rights to share the slides to anyone you see fit, as long as the content is NOT alter.

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Chapter Contents –


Healthy Minds

Great Habits for life

Making Right Food Choices Holistic Remedies Vitamins and Herbs



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INTRODUCTION • Hi, my name is Vivien, Founder of Viv Health Happiness ( and Author of Inspiring Health Beyond Happiness. • I am glad to announce that you have in your possession an amazing, wonderful and powerful resources to improve your (or your loved one) personal health and well-being. Let me share with you my story and how I chance upon the living lifestyle that my family believe in and have faith in. Sign up for my FREE Health Happiness Email Newsletter


My story • When I was 14, my mum was diagnosed with cancer. The experts said that she was at stage 3 and would have less than 5 years of survival rate. • I remembered clearly…at the hospital with tears in our eyes, she told me about the operation and the various treatments she had to go through and even the need to have a wig ready. • My mum had her ovaries and uterus removed. Also, it was really a miracle that the doctor actually detected another tumour in her colon and had it removed altogether. Imagine…if the detection happened only after the operation, it would have had detrimental impacts on her body, which would have devastated us. Our family had count our blessings!

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My story • Right now, after 20 over years, I’m proud and happy to announce that my mum is still enjoying life and kicking. Amazingly awesome isn’t it? Here’s what she says to me all the time: ‘I didn’t bother about what the doctors said…all I knew is I would be alright and I will definitely be by your side’. • You will be surprised if you see her, at 72, she is energetic all the time. Through her road of recovery, our family had a change in lifestyle and attitude towards life and appreciating every single second we had together.

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My story • Let me share our SECRETS to you! I believe these valuable and easy to action tips that will surely improve your life to better health happiness with lots of abundance regardless if you are a patient or not. Take Action as the quality of your life is in your hands and you are accountable to your loved ones.Your goal is to understand and apply as many as possible.

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Healthy Minds 1.Have Goals

2.Be Nice

3.Be Gracious

• What is that one thing that you have always wanted to do? Just do it! • What gave my mum the fire to fight was to see her children grow up.

• Positive energy is contagious • Little things mean a lot, and if you are doing nice things for people, you will begin to feel better about yourself.

• Gratitude is extremely powerful. • Focus on the solution rather at the problem • My mum never complains, she kept thanking us.

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Healthy Minds 4.Positive Affirmations 5.Socialize Daily

6.An Act of Love

• Keep the positive thoughts on a regular basis especially when you are depressed. • If you have read the book on “Secret”, you should know what I mean.

• There is no more powerful medicine than love and that simply giving or receiving affections such as a hug can raise the spirits and begin to heal the body.

• Having a social life is good for your mental health. • Sharing time with people that also have goals and that want to be with you to share the fun of being alive is very rewarding.

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Healthy Minds 7.Love Yourself


9.Dance of Life

• Look at the mirror and take note on all positive aspects of yourself, tell your mind that you accept your body and yourself for who you are, right now.

• It is the way to live peacefully and happily. • Through mindfulness practice, you are going to get to the root of what is causing you to feel stressed or bored. • You should learn to let go of pain

• It is beneficial to take at least some time each day to work on personal growth and healing.

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Healthy Minds 10. Positive, Positive and Positive • Accept that there is no clear and easy path. • Changing your perspective will take time, but try to begin thinking of obstacles as stepping-stones along the path of your life.

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Great Habits for LIFE 11. Eat your Breakfast • People who take regular breakfast are happier and perform better at work. • Follow breakfast plan that contains a balanced amount of nutrients that contain a lot of proteins and carbohydrates.

12. Start Exercising 13. Drink Water • Regular physical activity helps you to keep control of your weight that will reduces the risks of heart disease and avoid becoming obese

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• Water is effective at eliminating toxins from our body, cleaning out the sinuses, and rinsing away cellular waste. It is also a great energy booster!


Great Habits for LIFE 14.Drink Green Tea • Make it a part of your diet, whether you're trying to lose weight or not. • Green tea is renowned for its antioxidant properties that help to prevent cancer.

15. Reduce TV Time

16. Clean Bedroom

• Trust me, television will induce negative feelings. • Try giving up your T.V. You will most likely find that you are better rested, happier and less stressed at the end of that week.

• Bedroom should be instilling a sense of relaxation and restfulness. • Try to get at least 8 hours of uninterrupted sleep, to maintain healthy sleep habits.

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Great Habits for LIFE 17.Avoid Clutter • Clutter is an energy buster. If your bedroom is cluttered, the energy will not flow as freely as it should and your sleep will be affected in a negative way.

18. Stop Smoking, or19.Take never start Deep Long Breath • Tobacco products are one of the most significant risks for developing cancer or heart complications. No amount of smoking is safe for the heart.

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• It is a great way to get more oxygen into your blood and tissues. • You can start out by just inhaling completely and count to ten. Then start to slowly exhaling completely and count to ten again.


Great Habits for LIFE 20. Laugh a lot or Laugh out Loud • Laughter will trigger the release of endorphins promote overall sense of well-being and even reduce stress, pain or relax your body. Laughter also boosts immune system and improves the function of your blood vessel and protects your heart.

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Making Right Food Choices 22.Reduce White 21.Improve your Food Choices • Many people who eat unhealthy diets believe that they are following a sound nutritional plan. However, those same people often do not include fruits and vegetables with every meal.


• You can replace with foods that have a higher nutritional value like whole wheat bread and pasta, sweet potatoes and brown rice.

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23. Eat Acidic and Alkaline Food • Foods like meat are high in acid. Fruits and vegetables tend to contain a high alkaline content.


Making Right Food Choices 24. Avoid Overdo Grains • Consider reducing the amount of grains and other carbohydrates that you are eating on a daily basis. • Focusing more on fruits and vegetables will keep you healthier overall.

25. Choose the Right Veggie • Vegetables taken should be varied as you should eat two and a half cup of them each day.

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26. Drink Milk • For adults, 3 cups is the ideal goal. When choosing milk products or yogurt, you should go for fatfree or low-fat. • Milk is calcium rich and build strong bones.


Making Right Food Choices 27. Meat and Bean • They should be ideally take five ounces a day and you should go lean with your protein. • You should vary your protein as well, with more fish, bean, peas and nuts.

28. Reduce use of Solid29. Fats Avoid Foods with Added • When cooking your Supplements food, you should also limit solid fats such as butter, margarine, shortening, and lard.

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• Believe it or not, nutritionists do not recommend supplements for the sake of adding more nutrients. • You should try to obtain the nutrients you need through the foods that naturally contain them.


Making Right Food Choices 30. Plan your Meals Ahead • Plan your eating ahead of time and make sure healthy options are available. This is one of the things that nutritionists will tell you to do when you want to improve your eating habits.

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Holistic Remedies 31. Meditation

32. Reflexology


• There is always certain believe that body’s has its own ability to heal itself. • It is to concentrate on some object or thought in order to quiet the mind.

• Reflexology is a technique of applying pressure to and stretching the hands and feet in order to send nerve messages to other parts of the body.

• Acupuncture is type of alternative medicine that has been commonly practiced in the eastern part of the world for thousands of years.

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Holistic Remedies 34. Qi Gong

35. Tai Chi


• Is a tradition Chinese culture with a class of physical activity involves the mind, body or meditative movement. • It is easy to learn repeatable physical movements, which require focus on the breathing and concentration.

• It is believed that Tai Chi can increase the flow of energy thus increasing the strength and promoting the serenity and harmony in every system of the body.

• Practicing yoga may help you to overcome any arising depression symptoms and get to the root of what is causing the problem in the first place.

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Holistic Remedies 37. Colour Therapy • Colour is directly associated with body energy and emotions. • Try changing the colours in your wardrobe to better suit your emotional needs during any particular time in your life.

38. Reiki Healing

39. Aromatherapy

• Reiki is a healing art that uses the body’s energy to begin and further the healing process. • It is performed by using one’s hands to follow a specific pattern of massage, in order to stimulate energy movement throughout the body.

• It is a simple way to change your daily life. Through the use of essential oils, it is possible to get access to wonderful therapeutic results.

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Holistic Remedies 40. Eliminate any Cause of Health Problem • For example if you are suffering from indigestion it makes more sense to eliminate the foods that are causing the problem than it does to take medication after the pain starts.

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Vitamins and Herbs 41.Vitamin B

42.Vitamin C

43.Vitamin D

• B vitamins are excellent for the nervous system, the skin and are even used to treat respiratory problems including asthma.

• Especially prior to sun exposure. Getting sunburn is definitely unpleasant. By taking an extra dose of vitamin C prior to beginning your sun exposure, you are boosting your skin’s natural defences.

• The best way to get this nutrient is from sunshine. • About 5 minutes a day - sunlight is very beneficial, to avoid skin cancer.

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Vitamins and Herbs 44. Oranges and Fennel Seed • This mix helps to sooth your stomach with oranges and fennel seed.

45. Rosemary Tea

46. Ipecac Syrup

• Rosemary is a kitchen herb known for its ability to stimulate the senses. • If you are feeling tired, but have a lot to get accomplished you might do well to drink some Rosemary Tea.

• This syrup is useful to stop vomiting. • This is one of the common ingredients in most home first aid kits. • it will work wonders for you if you are experiencing continuous vomiting.

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Vitamins and Herbs 47. Gingko

48. Lavender

49. Ginger

• It is known for its ability to stimulate the mind and to help the brain to metabolize nutrients correctly.

• If you suffer from athlete’s foot, you already realize that there is little you seem to be able to do in order to stop the affliction.

• If you experience joint pain or stiffness, you might benefit from ginger caplets, or simply more ginger in your diet. • Ginger is an antioxidant that is known to assist the body in preserving cartilage.

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Vitamins and Herbs 50. Coriander Oil • Its oil or extract can be added to mineral oil for massaging sore joints, or it can be brewed into a tea. Try making a 1 to 5 solution in an oil of your choice, letting it sit for 24 hours and then applying to sore joints.

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Conclusion • Discovering that you or your loved ones have cancer is utterly terrifying. However, if you’ve understand the causes and how to reverse it, you will definitely gain a better chance of beating out cancer. • You will be inspired to stay on the right perspectives, achieve inner peace, gain happiness and understand every aspect of Healthy Living. You be able to safely improve your health, and fitness to overcome or avert cancer by utilising the simple steps.

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Conclusion • That is why it is very important for you to realise the value of what I am offering. I am a firm believer of continuous learning and would continue to tap on information to gain broader knowledge to maximise the effect towards good Health and Happiness. • Remember it your personal responsibility to improve and promote individual good health.

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