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The Nutter - CIA Mind Control

Ladies and Gentlemen, girls and boys, stand on your chairs, start making some noise, for the Nutter is here, he’s about to begin, tune up your hearing aids, come listen in, to a story that’ll shock you to your very core, and leave you just dying to hear him some more... The Nutter has landed - Wassilly Mewes throws the latest conspiracy theories into the ring at the risk of public ridicule. Prepare to be astounded.


am about to tell you a story so shocking, sick and perverted that most of you will not believe it. In fact you will be afraid to believe even a fraction of what I am saying, because it will mean losing the rest of your already tarnished trust in the leaders of this world. Your common ideals associated with the “land of the free” will be shattered by considering the abyss of perversion that will open up in front of you. Until this story was leaked, the CIA had been experimenting for years attempting to perfect a form of mind control. By continuing research started by the Nazi SS officer Heinrich Himmler, they discovered that through steady traumatisation, a person can develop Multiple Personality Disorder (MPD). This is the mind’s reaction to an unbearable and abnormal situation, a way

VIVID 2nd Edition March 2008

of dealing with a trauma that is literally too horrible to comprehend. Experiences, such as incestuous rape, violate even our most primitive instincts, and surpass any form of pain tolerance. Consequently our brain compartmentalises these experiences in the depths of our subconscious, allowing the rest of the mind to function “normally” as though nothing had happened. The researchers at the CIA and involved institutions discovered that this compartmentalization of the brain could be used to create slaves! Perfect obedience could be triggered by exposing the person to similar situations as the ones that had caused them so much pain in the first place. This is known Trauma-based mind control. A well documented example of this disgusting torture is the story of Cathy O’Brien, who tells of her gruesome treatment in her book “The Trance Formation of America”. Cathy claims to have been repeatedly raped by her father throughout her childhood. Often passed around friends like a sex doll and even “starred” in child porn movies involving animals. When her father was eventually caught distributing child pornography, he managed to avoid prosecution by giving his daughter to researchers at Project Monarch. In the following years, Cathy was “owned” by various persons, and was more and more conditioned to become an obedient robot. This conditioning consisted of repeated rapes and tortures. She was also forced to watch specific films over and over again allowing the CIA to develop the ability to control her mind not only by exposing her to physical pain, but simply by the use of certain “trig-

ger words”. These words developed within Cathy a double meaning, known as double-binds in mental health terminology. She could thus be controlled in public to fulfil her orders, without anyone noticing anything. She was used as a prostitute for politicians, as a private sex-slave

“The CIA discovered that this compartmentalization of the brain could be used to create slaves!” for her ‘owners’ and for drug-runs. The list of names she tells of who were involved in her manipulation include Dick Cheney, Senator Byrd, President Ford, President Reagan, to name but a few. Cathy O’Brien was eventually freed, and has since campaigned unceasingly for justice to prevail. She might be the most vocal and active of all the victims of Project Monarch, but she is certainly not the only person who claims to be one. Others exist, telling similarly gruesome stories of how they were conditioned. To deny and ignore what I have said merely out of incredulity of the fact that there are such evil people in leading positions is a mistake. Just because it sounds too horrible to be true means does not mean that it is not happening. It might mean reconsidering the ‘in good faith’ attitude in the Western world that has been deeply carved into our consciousness while growing up. V