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To our readers, We humbly present the best magazine in Cambridge. Handle with care - one day it will be worth a fortune. VIVID is an entirely independent student magazine, produced in a dark room in the heart of Homerton. It started as most great things do, the result of a drunken conversation. Many, many drunken conversations later, not to mention a handful of frantically sober ones, and we have a 5,000 strong termly publication. Here we plunge, lion hearted, into the coliseum of political, moral and scientific debate and this issue bring you stories from student revolution to science’s battle for immortality, from environmental gimmicks to the latest offering from our resident conspiracist, the Nutter. VIVID sets a new benchmark for free thinking and liberty of speech, and attempts to reinitiate debate and original thought into our overly consensual society. If you hate what we have to say, we want to hear from you. If you love it, that’s cool (if a bit boring). Of course none of this would have been possible without our team, in particular the man, the legend, Danny Mirpuri-Vatvani, who has never once gone back on his artistic oath, “If you can imagine it, I can do it.” We hope that some of you will want to get involved in the future. If you want to find out more, visit our website at (99.9% need not apply). Because life’s not just Black and White… Stephen Eisenhammer and David Story

Contents 4 - Modern Revolution 8 - China’s Olympic torch 9 - Celebrity Bear Baiting 10 - Dali Revealed 12 - Schrödinger’s Cat 13 - Is everything determined? 16 - Interview with David Loyn 20 - Do you sneer at Christmas cheer? 21 - The Nutter 22 - Immortality 24 - LIVID 26 - A few useful facts 27 - They said it for Freedom 28 - The change in drug culture 30 - MissChief bears the truth WIN a free champagne meal for 2 at the BOMBAY BRASSERIE (pg. 24) 2

VIVID 2nd Edition March 2008


WIN a free champagne meal for 2 at the BOMBAY BRASSERIE (pg. 24) To our readers, From the Editors Stephen Eisenhammer and David Story Becaus...