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‘The Stab’ can reveal that Thomas Chigbo has conducted a walk of shame from Corpus Christi to his residence in St Johns. Observers spotted incoming CUSU president walking down King’s Parade at 8am yesterday morning. Sophie from Christs thought he had an anxious look on his face, was walking rather quickly and appeared to be wearing last night’s clothes.

Proof that Chigbo did the walk of shame

Friends however claim that Chigbo was only suffering from exam stress, was late for a supervision and forgot to iron his shirt. Chigbo himself looked incredulous when ‘The Stab’ asked him to comment.

Fashion Bitch’s Wall of Shame! This week’s fashion criminals...

Get rid of the leggings darlings, you’re just too fat to carry them off.

Ronald McDonald’s wife? Or a Tinkerbell/ Barbie hybrid?

Why is she walking her pooch? It should be in her handbag.

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