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is a self-professed socialite who describes herself as an Audrey Hepburn meets street worker breed: “Fashion is my life, I think I fell in love with fashion when I first put on a pair of my mothers pearls, Mummy is definitely one of my fashion icons”. But she’s not all retro, “I love wearing pieces that are bang on trend, you know, but I also adore key pieces that are totally unique and original”. She takes the connoisseurs guide to fashion and style sourcing her inspiration from whatever strikes her as new, “I’ve always been the first girl to step out in a new trend, like the neon klaxons, that was me in 2004”. She is forever finding new ways to wear things, “The other day I

Beatrice Logan-Taylforth, 21

Lauren Babcock and Danielle Dzumaga

Politician’s daughter and general socialite.

BY Lauren Babcock AND Danielle Dzumaga

pulled my leggings up really high and paired them with just a few bangles, it was totally minimal.” On summing up her style, “My look is predominantly soft and feminine but also totally raw and edgy too”. Her glossy mane is treated with an exclusive Peruvian honey treatment she discovered travelling in her gap year, which is shipped regularly to her home. Some sources have claimed that this may explain the mystery payments to a South American export company claimed on her M.P. father’s Parliamentary receipts. Expense row anyone? When she isn’t working, studying or drinking daiquiris, Bea likes to people-watch and backcomb her hair. The word Sloane brings her out in hives.


HAT-Mummy got some guy called Phillip Lim to design this for me, I wanted to wear it to Elizabeth Hurley’s wedding, but Mummy said that the fact it is made out of safety pins would only make Liz think she’s inspired it. HANDBAG-This is the Beatrice Logan-Taylforth’ bag, or the ‘BLT’, named after me. It is sold in a special range in Harrods, three have already been snapped up, price upon request. I don’t get royalties but it’s just so great to know there are girls out there whose outfits I’m inspiring. It doesn’t only look great it’s also super-practical, there’s an inbuilt pooch-pocket. But be careful, I once accidentally left Pookie in there overnight. Do you know how difficult it is to get Karl to custom-make a silk lined dog coffin? DRESS-This used to be my grandmothers wedding dress, I know that this whole “vintage” look is pretty ‘in’ but this piece is really actually old, its not like I got someone to alter it for me or that I’m wearing it a modern way or even an alter-modern way, I wore it to a dinner party last week. I just discovered this guy Hitchcock and his films are absolutely beautiful, so I decided to team it with black and white accessories like in the movies. COAT-I’m really against fur, I give money to the RSPCA and everything, but I just couldn’t say no to this coat. Plus, it’s only squirrel. These squirrels were raised on a diet of organic sweet-corn and beluga so I know its quality. SHOES- Mummy says these heels make me look like a working girl, but I think they ooze class and sophistication. Also, the Perspex wedge makes for the perfect balance of precision and force when it comes to hitting the maid, the marks never last long enough for her to make an official complaint.


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B eatrice is a self-professed socialite who de- v SHOES- Mummy says these heels make me look like a working girl, but I think they ooze clas...

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