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From the Editors: We proudly present to you VIVID, the latest stall in the Cambridge journalistic marketplace, and one that we hope will in time secure its place. For this issue we’ve plumbed the depths of the social psyche, investigated the heavens and even spent some quality time in the library. Our writers have got to grips with issues ranging from James Watson’s controversial statements to the world’s ten best travel destinations, from the political correctness of the Christmas period to the legendary street artist Banksy. VIVID will be a bi-termly publication, which will continue to juggle the coals of contention in a sophisticated yet stylish manner. Our thanks go to our sponsors, who have enabled you stingy readers to pick up this Fort Knox of literary gold without spending a penny. We are also naturally indebted to everyone who contributed articles and photos to the publication, and particularly to Danny Mirpuri-Vatvani, without whom the miasma of edited texts would never have been publishable, and the design would never have been realised. Life’s not just black and white… Enjoy, David Story, Stephen Eisenhammer. Your Editors.

Contents: 3 – Photoshoot 4 - ‘Love me do’: Evangelicals Explored 5 – ‘Winterval’. Just stupid political correctness? 6 – ‘Where’s Maddy?’ 7 – ‘The Doors of Perception’ 8 – ‘It’s not just Black and White’ 10 – The Phantom Time Conspiracy 11 – ‘Livid’ Get it off your chest 12 – ‘Banksy’ Who’s for Revolution? 14 – VIVID’s top ten travel spots

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