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Paul Uyehara “A Retrospective” 60 Years of Inspiration

PAUL TAKESHI UYEHARA Paul Uyehara   was   born   in   Seattle,   Washington.   He   studied   at   Chouinard  Art  School  and  Otis  Art   Institute.   Early  works  include   landscapes,   still   life,   portraits,   life   drawing   and   sculpting.     He   then   focused   on   the   study   of   colors,   their   permutations   and   impact  of  one  color  on  or  near  another  in  abstract  paintings. Representation:   New   York’s   Amsterdam   Whitney   Fine   Art   gallery

Drawings – Portraiture (1950’s – 1960’s)



“Self Portrait Sketch” Pencil on Paper 10”x8”

“BETH” Pencil on Paper 10”x8”

Drawings – Ink Wash Life Drawing (1950’s-1960’s)

“Woman leaning back (2)” Ink wash on Paper

“Reach back” Ink wash on Paper

Sculpture – Human figures, torsos, busts (1960’s)

“TORSO 1” Clay 24”x12”x8” front view

“TORSO 1” Clay 24”x12”x8”TORSO 1 left view

Los Angeles Art Exhibit 1960s

Bust and subject

Photography (1960’s)


Still Life (1960’s)

“Floral Still Life” Acrylic

“Roses” Acrylic


“Stream” Acrylic 23” x 16”


Acrylics – Color Squares/Cubes (1960’s)

COLOR #26 oil 36in x 48in 1964

“COLOR STUDY #1-51” oil 42” x 30”

Color #30 oil 42”x30”

Acrylics – Human forms (1970’s)

“SEATED WOMAN” Acrylic 30in x 32 in

“Women Grey” 36iin x 24in

Acrylics – People (1980’s)

“Family” 24” x 36”

“Woman in Gown” Acrylic on Paper 35” x 22”

“Self Portrait” Acrylic 34”x24”.

”Man with crossed arms” Acrylic

Acrylics – Logos (1990’s)

“Logo 4” Acrylic

“Logo 3” Acrylic

Acrylics – Deconstructions (1990’s – 2000’s)

“Deconstruction 24a” acrylic 23”x 33”

“Deconstruction 10-1”

Above: Number 32 in Goya’s Disasters ofWar Titled:Why? Right, Sketch, Below Deconstruction Number 12

“DECONSTRUCTION” 12 Acrylic 30”x40”

“DECONSTRUCTION 10a” Acrylic 30”x40”

Acrylics – Color Motion (1990’s – 2000’s)

“COLOR MOTION SERIES 11 #1” Acrylic 18”x 24”

“COLOR MOTION#12” Acrylic 24”x 32”

“COLOR MOTION SERIES 3” Acrylic 20”x 32”

“COLOR MOTION SERIES 4 #1” Acrylic 20”x 36”

Infusion Gallery Exhibit Los Angeles 1990s Paul and Elizabeth Uyehara

“Color Study 10-2”

Acrylics – Color Studies (1990’s-2000’s)


“Triptych-2” Acrylic 48”x10”

Paul Uyehara "A Retrospective" 60 Years of Inspiration  

Catalog of Paul Uyehara's Solo Exhibition in Florence Italy by Vivid Arts Network