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Coutour 01 Earthy

02 Opulence

04 Artistic

Our Textile collection includes Earthy, Opulence, Artistic, and CityScape. They are categorized into Standard and Premium because of the cotton sheet count of the fabric and the intricacy of the design. The line is calm, earthy and delicate with a Bohemian flay. This line is truly traditional and African. We are inspired by old traditional fabrics, and Adire. The line showcases the simplicity of village living.

Like the word suggests. Our opulence line is that of extravagant excess, in color, design, yardage. Our opulence designs come only in premuim. They are lavish and visibly over-the-top sophisticated look. Although the line is visibly rich and extravagant, the prices are unusally affordable.

At Eleviv Textile we are sensitive to and appreciative of art and beauty. We have been inspired by nature and art to create designs that are modern and artistic. We work with artist to draw out and design fabrics with a message. Our 2014 -2015 is the fight against “Child Bride in Africa” Proceeds from all Artsitic line sales goes to NGO’s working to eradicate Child Marriage in Africa.

03 CityScape We are your exclusive source for African urban design on Ankara fabrics. Our designs show the scapes in several cities and villages in Africa. It is an artistic representation of the places we grew to love and the palces we call home.

Standard Our Standard fabrics are soft and completely breathtaking.

Premium We cater to clients with exclusive taste. Our premuim line of fabrics gives you the sense of class and exclusivity.

01 Fashion

02 Accessories

Our fabrics are customized into one of a kind pieces which can be purchased from our website directly. We work with the best fashion designers to create exclusive designs.

We have a line of scarves, shoes, purses, t-shirts, ipad cases, handbags, swim suits and more. We have created relationships with designers and companies to make custom made items for our brand.


Exclusive Nobody else can buy the textile designed solely for you by Eleviv. This buys you the FULL intellectual property rights to the design from Eleviv. You get to own the design exclusively. If you choose exclusivity, the design will be removed instantly from the sale database and populated for future reprints by the customer. A total of 7 or more designs will be provided based on the colors of the event, for the customer to pick from.  Non-Exclusive agreement Others may also buy the textile and will be made available for sale after your event. This gives you a non-exclusive, worldwide, irrevocable, perpetual license to use the design for your event. The textile will remain for sale on for others to potentially buy, customize, and use. It will also be available to our distributors world-wide for resale. Textile will be kept for no more than 60 days after your event before release into the market. A total of 10 or more designs will be provided based on the colors of the event.


Interior Design We provide one of a kind textile for Interior Design. Eleviv textile is the definitive resource for interior designers, event planners, and other design professionals, featuring groundbreaking, exotic, and innovative new textile design. Our textile designs are custom made and Bespoke, and exclusive. We provide custom made pillows, bedspread, home furnishings, wall paper, art work, kitchenware, and more. Our attention to detail gives us an edge, in offering prints and custom made items for interior design. We are an authority in the B2B design market.



We thought it would be cool to have gift wraps designed with African inspired patterns and colors so we got to work! We created magical patterns that will lighten the mood and change the way gifts are wrapped. After several hours of drinking coffee and loading on the calories… we had an Aha moment! Why not create gift wraps in several languages other than English? So we decided to create gift wraps with as many languages as we could think of. We also have gift wraps designed with the flags of each country we could think of. Our Gift wrap line “WrapLingual” says it all.

We are a lifestyle brand providing Haute coutour in fabric, clothing, furnishing, and more. Eleviv textile has a high degree of customisation, and involvement of the end-user, in the production of all of our products. We are inspired by all things African merging the colours and concepts from the western world we have created a line that is Enchanted.


Eleviv Textile Design by Eleviv BrandX Photography by Sabbath Films Clothing Design by

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Lookbook Eleviv Textile  

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