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es v i t c e t e d , y a Good d r you that you sorry to inform am I ? ts ri lp e say cu n home at th …or should I ered in his ow rd u m n ee b dy has this whodunit dear Mr. Bod sion to solve is m r u yo is It f you. hand of one o ing questions: ing the follow er sw an y b mystery

e? ited the crim 1. who comm se? on did they u 2. what weap ited in? was it comm 3. what room


basic introductions

Preperation You must prepare yourselves; the solving of this murder mystery will be no easy task. To begin your sleuthing, choose a player with some bit of merit amongst you to shuffle all six character cards. Without looking, they must then place the turned-over top card in the Murder Envelope. Repeat this Insert th e three s olution c ards into Envelop the Murd e withou er t looking seeing w hat they are.

process for the weapon & room cards. Your Murder Envelope will thus contain one culprit, a weapon of choice, and a room location. This is whom you must all find out, and beware it may very well be YOU.


know your cards Dealing Cards Next, let your trusty shuffler shuffle the remaining cards together. Without allowing their contents to be seen, deal the cards to each player. Depending on how many players there are, by the luck of the deal, some will receive more cards than others. To those of you who do not gain this advantage, I’m sorry to say that your efforts will just have to be that much more conspiratorial. Be careful from now until the reveal not to let your competitors see your cards or your Detective Notes. From here on out these are your only allies, everything and everyone else is suspect.

Your oppent is dealt 4 cards (left); you are dealt 3 (right). Your oppent has the advantage.

What You Know 1. The murderer is not Colonel Mustard. 2. The crime did not take place in the kitchen. 3. The crime was not commited with the rope.

Your cards

Detective Notes



is will be me board, th ga e th n o u r nearest to yo Scarlett the characte e game. Miss th f o st re e th throughout – she also your identity ut do not fret b t, rs fi g in ntage of mov has the adva e body. t of finding th had the frigh

Miss Scarlett

Rolling Dice Now, listen closely, upon your turn you will role the die. The number it lands on is the number of spaces you may move.

You can move 11 spaces


getting into character

Moving Around the Board Sly hands will not be tolerated – you can only move vertically or horizontally through the game. You may, however, use a secret passage before rolling the die on your turn to quickly reach another room. Your goal being, of course, to reach a room of high suspicion.

Blueprint of the Tudor Mansion


Kitchen Ballroom

Billiard Room

Dining Room





making suggestions Once In a Room Upon reaching a room, you will make a suggestion as to who you feel committed the crime in that room with a particular weapon. Once you announce your hypothesis the player to your left will look through their cards to see if they have any of the clues you have mentioned.

“ I suggest that Professor Plum commited the murder in the conservatory, with the wrench!�

Place Plum & the wrench in the conservatory

Gathering Clues Should they have one of your clues, they will show you–and no one else, unless they wish to lose–the card. If they have nothing, the enquiry will pass to next player, and so forth.

You opponent hands you the clue you guessed correctly

Wrench: Correct

Detective Notes As you collect clues from the cards you know are not in the Murder Envelope you must strike them from your Detective Notes. tes tive No Detec

Corr ect S oluti on C ards Detective Notes


making accusations

The Final Suggestion Finally, the time comes for an accusation. Be careful, as you may only make one. Should you be wrong, you will forever be regarded as the dupe of the party. When you are certain you have solved the mystery, on your turn, you may announce your accusation.

“ I accuse Mr. Green of com miting the crime in th e dining room with the candlestic k!”

Now, the mom ent

of truth

look in the M urder Envelop e. If you are co you’re detecti rrect,congrat ve skills are q ulations, uite satisfacto you may brag. ry. Go ahead, yes,

“ I accuse Mr. Green of com miting the crime in th e dining room with the revolver!”


If you are wro ng you must place the card and suffer th s back in the e rest of the ga envelope me answerin g your oppon questions bu t never makin ents g suggestion again... until so among you is sleuth enough meone to figure out which so elud the correct an ed you. swer,

Vivian Jauregui “How to Play the Game” Word & Image Fall 2009

Clue Book  

How to Play the Game: Clue

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