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Queensberry Office Tower

Š2012 B y V ivian J ohnny

Queensberry Office Tower The brief is to design a high rise office building at the corner of Queensberry Street and Bouverie Street. Being the only tower on the site and due to its dominating height, the building is divided into three part and public facilities are inserted in between such as food hall and meeting rooms. In order to maximize floor space to accommodate office spaces in the building, lift core and services are pushed to the side of the building. The architecture of the office tower expresses the formality of the program through its symmetrical faรงade element and muscularity of the building. The convex elements on the faรงade winged out to improve the ventilation of the office spaces and act as shading elements for the floors below. While the concave elements on the faรงade act as seating spaces for the offices and at the same times, it is also a document storage space.

ARCH 1016_Technology 4_Vivian Johnny BCA Report Melbourne Climate Zone – 6

Closet Pans

CLASSIFICATION OF BUILDINGS AND STRUCTURES A3.2 Classifications Class 5: - An office building used for professional or commercial purposes C2.11 Stairways and lifts in one shaft A stairway and lift must not be in the same shaft. D1.2 Number of exits required At least 2 exits must be provided with a building that has an effective height of more than 25m. D1.5 Distance between alternative exits Distance between alternative exits is not more than 60m. D3.1 General Building Access Requirements General building access requirement is 10 and within all areas normally used by the occupants. E1.4 Fire Hose Reels A class 5 building should provide fire hose reel internally and externally. E1.5 Sprinklers A sprinkle system must be installed in a class 5 building which has an effective height of 25m. E1.8

Fire Control Centres

A fire control centre facility in accordance with Specification E1.8 must be provided for a building with an effective height of more than 25 m F4.5 Ventilation of rooms A habitable room, office, shop, factory, workroom, sanitary compartment, bathroom, shower room, laundry and any other room occupied by a person for any purpose must have natural ventilation complying with F4.6; or a mechanical ventilation or air-conditioning system complying with AS 1668.2 and AS/NZS 3666.1. F4.6 Natural Ventilation




Design Occupancy


Design Occupancy


1 — 20


1 — 10


1 — 30


> 20

Add 1 per 20

11 — 25


> 30

Add 1 per 30




Add 1 per 50 1 — 30


Design Occupancy Class 3, 5, 6 and 9 other than schools Male employees

Female employees

1 — 15


J3.6 Construction of roofs, walls and floors Roofs, ceilings, walls, floors and any opening such as a window frame, door frame, roof light frame or the like must be constructed to minimise air leakage in accordance with when forming part of the envelope; or the external fabric of a habitable room or a public area in climate zones 4, 5, 6, 7 and 8. Construction required by must be enclosed by internal lining systems that are close fitting at ceiling, wall and floor junctions.

Natural ventilation provided in accordance with F4.5(a) must consist of permanent openings, windows, doors or other devices which can be opened with an aggregate opening or openable size not less than 5% of the floor area of the room required to be ventilated H101.9 Toilet Facilities Where practicable, toilet facilities must be located in the same building as the workplace or change room that they serve. J1.6


In climate zones 1 to 6, the minimum Total R-Value required in (a) may be reduced by R0.5 provided R0.75 is added to the Total R-Value required for the roof and ceiling construction. - A concrete slab-on-ground with an in-slab heating or cooling system. - Insulation required by must have an R-Value of not less than 1.0; and be water resistant; and be continuous from the adjacent finished ground level.

Project BCA Report

ARCH 1016_Technology 4_Vivian Johnny_s3231658_ Material Schedule Material


Size (mm)

Glazed Grip Ceramic Tiles Ceramic Tiles


450 x 450


600 x 600


300 x 300

Glazed Grip Ceramic Tiles Gloss finished ceramic tiles Composite Aluminium Panel Colourglazed glass


300 x 300


10mm thick.


Glass Balustrade Doors






6mm thick 2000 x 4000 max. 12mm thick Varies(Refer to Documentation Drawings) Varies (Refer to Documentation Drawings) 600 x 600 grid

Aluminium Air Grille


600 x 300

Office Floor System Lifts Toilet Facilities


600 x 600




1900 x 2250 Refer to Documentation Drawings Varies

Concealed Fluorescent Light Down lights


1497 x 297 x 91


190 x 190 x 50

Colour or Specification

Marmi Classico (Cream White) New Angel (Pure white) Saturn Stone (Matte White) Saturn Stone (Glossy White 503 Champagne Metallic Canvas

Supplier / Manufacturer Amber Tiles

Amber Tiles Amber Tiles Amber Tiles Alucobond

Area Exterior / Outdoor Office Workspace Wet Area Floor Wet Area Wall Facade


Glass Canopies

ION Dowell

Balustrade /






Office Workspace

Tasman Otis Caroma

Office Workspace LIft Toilet

Honeycomb Special Double Cell Translucent Savio TBS760/770

Beautiful Blinds



Office Workspace

eW Downlight Powercore


Corridor, Toilets and Wet Areas

White Timber / Steel / Glass Aluminum Awning Window Fibre Cement (Soffit Lining) Fibrecore Access Floor System Tascor TC 750U Tascor TC100 GeN2 Focus2 987031W

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Queensberry Office Tower  

Documentation Drawings for a high rise office building at the corner of Queensberry Street and Bouverie Street.

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