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“ Dear Customers, this company brochure, dedicated to you, wants above all to highlight what we are, what we believe in and consider important, what we aim at. In other words, the main reason we are a firm, beyond mere profit. We believe that human resources make the difference. For this reason our relation with you is fundamental to us. Production and sales are important things: it can’t be denied. But it is even more important to grow together with you. We mean that we are persons like you, who have the same goals you have. People easy to talk to and understand. This is only the beginning, of course. The fi rst step of a journey we hope we will make together, you and us.

Mario Baldo Company founder & partner

Fulvio Galvagni Company founder & partner

an ally for your competitiveness

Values are what we believe in. They are what drive us to contribute to the development of doors and windows producer competitiveness, by means of tecnologically advanced products, consulting and assistance services. Each proposal we make takes it’s shape from: ¬ Constant innovation research, that pushes us to look forward, by experimenting of new technologies and proposing to each customer the most valid and favourable solution. ¬ Attention to the customer, whose requests are the starting and arrival point of our commitment. Our ability to listen to your requirements, our vast experience and know-how allow us to offer personalized solutions, like a made to measure suit. ¬ Result responsibility. Responsibility is a rarely used and less wanted word, but it’s a basic word to us. We build each relationship on total honesty and trust. We consciously take charge of each aspect of the engagements we undertake, sharing with you the hard work, goals and successes.

Analysis and planning ability. Your ideas can look to the future with confidence.

New plans realization, ready to help you to compete on the market of tomorrow.

Passion and care for your requests. A co-operation based on an honest and responsible relationship.

our way of being our way of acting

we plan your competitiveness with you

Our main goal is to create a partnership together with you, which allows our companies to increase their competitiveness.



new products


What do you expect from a partner?

Attention, accuracy, consulting, new and reliable products, an effi cient service today as well as in 30 year time? For us, all this is a standard.

reliable products efficient service Rekord gives you innovative answers in the wood-working tools sphere, it plans the working process together with you, and it helps you to optimize your productivity. That is to say, we plan your future together with you.

behind technology

New ideas and technology are produced by persons and are destinated to other persons. Rekord’ soul is made of persons and their relationships. This is a basic factor for development and innovation. For this reason, here you will find people who are willing to listen to you and your requests, before making you a detailed proposal.

Executive technical dept

Production dept

Book keeping dept

Carlo Galvagni

Head book keeping dept

Mauro Beltrami

Head executive technical dept

Carlo Dorigotti Domestic sales manager

Claudio Filippi

Export sales manager

Francesca Baroldi Purchase dept

Mario Baldo

Renzo RosĂ

Company founder and partner

Production manager

Fulvio Galvagni

Company founder and partner

Nicola Pedrotti

Sales administration manager

Serafima Kiseleva Order processing

Angelo Pedrotti Stefano Bellini

Export sales engineer

Massimo Bisoffi

Domestic sales engineer

Head order development dept

The strength of an innovative product. At your disposal you will find a reliability and performances of an advanced solution in the woodworking tools sphere.

the true reason of a choice

A special concern in your customers’ satisfaction. You will find yourself in position to offer the highest possible value to your customers. Our expertise and our professionalism will get together with yours, to give the quality which market requires.

An answer to each expectation. A personalized technical assistance and maintenance service will keep your company at the highest performance level.

No matter what size your ideas are. With us, they become real. You will receive a concrete and original answer to all your needs. Do you imagine what your window will look like? We give you the tools to make it real.

Your projects won’t proceed alone. You can rely on someone who listen to you, understand your way of being and working, follow you step by step through the various stages of a project and will always be by your side when you need them.

service that goes along

with your development

There is no offer quality without assistance and service. This is a concept we wish to underline and examine closely. Rekord commitment is guided by your goals. Here you find qualified and highly specialized people who stand by your side from the very beginning: ¬ assuring a careful analysis of the costs/profit relation; ¬ guaranteeing reliable products; ¬ anticipating with you the needs of the market; ¬ constantly pursuing performances improvement; ¬ helping you maintaining your production standards, therefore protecting your investment. It is the most concrete way to prove our services’ professionalism and qualification.





ideas that Sweden





conquer the markets The strength of a project or an idea lies in their ability to spread themselves. For this reason we created an international net of sales agents and dealers. A team which passes to each customer our energy, flexibility and desire to go ahead.

Introduction of Rekofix, the first high technology tool with fixing system positioned in front of the knife. Rekord becomes an important partner for the main European wood windows and doors manufacturers Foreign market begins to be interesting for the company. France market is the market with the highest turnover.

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. 1988 . 1989 . 1990 . 1 991 . 19 86 . 1987 9 1 . 5 92 . 199 . 198 3

. 1994 . 1 995

Rekord Brevetti moves to new premises at BIC (Business Innovation Center) in Rovereto (Trento). Rekord Brevetti Snc is founded by three partners: Mario Baldo, Fulvio Galvagni and Renzo Piffer. We start with working centres not common at that time.

The company status trasforms to Rekord Srl its name

a path of research and passion Here is a part of our history, which continues to develop at both national and international level, thanks to a strategy made of passion, creativity, eagerness to deal with new challenges, new proposals, new successes.






and human resources, to allow the company to grow further on and offer a more effi cient and accurate service.

Launch of Topfi x, the tool that changes the world of woodworking. TopFix asserts itself as a unique solution

w orro m o t . 2007 . 6 0 5 . 20 0 0 2 0 04 . . 1996 . 1997 . 1998 . 1999 . 2000 . 2001 . 2002 . 2003 . 2

Foreign covers

market 50%


Rekord turnover. Foundation of Simatec S.L. Spain, a company w i t h Rekord shares, with




consolidate its position on the Spanish market.

Creation of Rekord Engineering, the department of Rekord that stands by the customer side, giving him a personalized support during each step of the project.

do not hesitate, take new opportunities Now that you know us better, you can turn to us with more confidence. You will find an open channel with qualified persons willing to give you a complete information on what we can do for your company.

Just try us:

Rekord srl via F. Zeni, 8 I-38068 Rovereto TN ITALY

telephone +39-0464-443245 fax +39-0464-443246

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Rekord srl via F. Zeni, 8 I-38068 Rovereto TN


e n g l is h you have. People easy to talk to and understand. This is only Dear Customers, We believe that human resources make the differen...