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Portfolio Vivian Walker


Education Kent State University Bachelor of Science in Architecture Honors Scholar (August 2009- Present)


Expected Graduation: May, 2013 G.P.A 3.34 3D Modeling Software Sketchup,AutoCAD, 3d Max, Revit, Rhino Adobe Creative Suite Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator, Dreamweaver Building Performace Simulation Tools Weather Tool, VE, Climate Consultant

Experience (work) Resident Assistant, Kent State University, Kent, Ohio, August 2010 - Present Served as a mentor and advisor for 40 first year and older students. Worked with other resident assistants to develop a successful hall community. Utilized organizational and public speaking skills to create and present hall programs to educate residents about critical issues. Developed mediation and conflict resolution skills. Enforced University policy. Server/Host/Cashier, Perkins Restaurant , Sandusky, Ohio, Summer, 2011-Present Greeted and seated all customers in a professional and friendly manner. Demonstrated knowledge of daily specials, and scheduled reservations and expertly managed large customer crowds. Swim Instructor and Lifeguard, South Toledo YMCA, Toledo, Ohio, January 2005May 2009 Responsibilities included holding weekly swim classes for ten to twelve students; instructing on basic stroke techniques; preparing students for competition and motivating students to swim to the best of their ability. (volunteer) Hospice of Northwest Ohio, Toledo Ohio, 2008-current Provided patients and families with music. Barack Obama Headquarters, Toledo Ohio, Fall 2008,2012 Assisted with community canvassing, voter registration and clerical work.

vivian walker architectural student

419.261.2642 | 428 Kent Ct | Maumee, Ohio | 43537 |

letter of intent Vivian Walker 428 Kent Court Maumee, Ohio 43537 January 26, 2012 CAED Graduate Studies Committee, Kent State University 201 Taylor Hall Kent, Ohio 44242

Dear CAED Graduate Studies Committee, Ninety percent of the average human life is spent indoors. Most people are born indoors. Most people die indoors. Just imagine all the “life” that happens in these built spaces we have created for ourselves. Keeping this in mind, I was contemplating what direction I wanted my life path to follow. I could only identify one, singular, absolute desire – to help, to ameliorate, to improve a person’s life as best I could. I am a creator, an artist, a designer. I go through my day seeing not problems or sad tired truths but promise, possibilities and potential. It is my belief that true architecture celebrates this thinking. Architecture lies within direct correlation of the human needs and wants. It illuminates and brings meaning to the desires and aspirations of our people. And in my opinion the quality of our surroundings lies in absolute proportion to the quality of our lives. Upon examination of my life path and my unique talents and skills, I chose to pursue a degree in architecture. What better way is there to influence a person’s overall wellbeing than the environment they choose or are required to “live”? And what better vehicle to use to facilitate this influence but that driving force which is architecture. Therefore, as an undergraduate architecture student, I am applying for more than a seat in your Master of Architecture & Master of Business Administration. I am applying for an opportunity to make a difference. I am applying for an opportunity to influence. I am applying for an opportunity to change lives through the architecture of “life” spaces. Thank you for your consideration of my application. With regards,

Vivian Y. Walker

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Swaying Trees

Extruded Learning Facing Facades

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LIfe between buildings Page 35

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Alaskan Refuge

Flexible Space

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Sketching Page 59 exploration

“Be a fish swimming against the current, and be a

tree swaying against the breeze.�


Swaying Trees Kent, Ohio :Project Location: Charles, Harker :Professor Fall Semester, 2012 :Date

biomimicry | a tree Biomimicry, or the imitation of nature’s functions and systems is the purpose, the theme, the reason for this structure. So, why not look to one of nature’s life sources; trees. Trees provides so much of life complicated problems. They provide shade, shelter, warmth, food, mulch etc. Trees literally provide us the atmosphere we can survive in; they convert carbon dioxide to oxygen. Thus, this design approach takes the inspiration that trees provides and employs those ideas in as many ways as possible; the facade, the X-factor, the reBiomimicry, or the imitation of nature’s functions and systems if the purpose, the theme, the reason for search purpose, and the structure. this structure. So why not look to one of nature’s life sources; tress. Tress concert carbon dioxide to oxygen. Plus, they provide shade, shelter, warmth, food, mulch etc.

“After 3.8 billion years of research and development, failures are fossils, and what surrounds us is the “After billion years of research and development, failures are fossils, and what surrounds secret 3.8 to survival...” us is the secret to survival...” This design approach takes the inspiration that trees provides and employs the ideas in as many ways approach as possiblethethis facade, the X-factor, the provides researchand purpose, andthe theideas structure. This design takes inspiration that trees employs in as many ways The design wanted to appear as a tree in the middle of a forest. The structure needed to have as possible. The facade, the X-factor, the research purpose, and the structure. the smallest footprint as possible. Thus, if the structure was supported of columns the actual The design wanted to appear as a tree in the middle of a forest. The structure needed to have the smallest possible. Thus if the structure was supported of columns the actual footprint could footprintfootprint could beas mininzed. be minimalized .

Three Pieces

The three programatic pieces: education, lab space, and administration

The Big Idea


'Moments' These sketche s were the inspirations for the “moments” that I wanted to create for this project.

The entryway

Entryway | Promoting the idea of the “forest”

The park Piezoelectric field | Park | Pathway


section and elevations

Longitudinal Elevation Longitudinal section

Longitudinal Elevation

Longitudinal Section

Longitudinal elevation Longitudinal Section

Transverse Section

Transverse section Transverse Section

Transverse Elevation

Transverse Elevation Transverse elevation

site plan The structure was placed on the site to optimize the opportunities for view, wind (capture and blockage), and rainwater collection. Also, the structure itself is supported on these large monolithic columns to reduce the overall building footprint.

Translucent Translucent panels panels surroundsurrounding ing the the labs labs work work space space

Operable Operable windows, windows, acts acts asas light light shelf shelf and and natural natural airair ventilation ventilation

Piezoelectric Piezoelectricenergy, energy, enters enters into into the the basment basment lab lab where where itit is is harnessed harnessed and and studied. studied.

Living Living Machine Machine ecological ecological wastewater wastewater treatment treatment designed designed toto mimic mimic the the cleansing cleansing functions functions ofof wetlands wetlands

Faacade Faacade diagram, The The operable operable window window bays bays are are placed placed in in areas areas where where the the activity activity invites invitesthe theuse useofofwindows window and promotes the use use of natural of natural ventilation ventilation and and supports frames thethe good good view. view.


Classroom with operable windows

PIezoelectricity These are not the real trees that you find in your backyard, but conceptual ones. These “trees” have Nanoleafs which uses nanotechnology designed to capture the sun’s energy in photovoltaic and thermovoltaic cells and then converting this radiation into electricity. The “trees” themselves which act as generators that produce electricity from movement of wind or rain,

take the swaying

of the trees...

and harness

its energy

Sun PAth Diagram The sun will be shaded on the buildings south facade and allowed to shine through on the north side.

Wind Direction The prevailing winds throughout the year come from a south westerly direction.

Kent, Ohio :Project Location: Charles, Harker :Professor Fall Semester, 2012 :Date

classroom + interactivce space

Entry Lab Children, Interaction Area

The Design Structure A super-insulated wall assembly is the most affordable wall assembly and achieves maximum R-value with minimum thermal bridging; goal with this design. Double stud walls on 24″ centers is the easiest and cheapest built thick wall cavity. Both material costs and labor costs are extremely low compared to alternatives. Cellulose is economical while also being the best green insulation product known to man. It’s cheap. it minimal carbon footprint. It fills all voids. It retards air flow like a champ. It has high thermal mass compared to alternatives like foam and fiberglass. OSB is cheap and makes it easier to attach cladding and laterally brace the structure. Continuous exterior insulation is the icing on the cake. It eliminates any thermal bridging worries. When taped, it also can virtually eliminate air penetration and double as a water resistive barrier allowing one product to serve three important roles.

The Support Structure The Pavilion employs the QuaDror interlocking frame technology comprised of steel beams. The Pavilion takes advantage of the collapsibility of the frames,and are designed as pre-fabricated modular housing units. These structural units are able to ship to site flat and can then be erected with the corners secured to form four triangular trusses. The trusses are responsible for the downward and lateral forces acting on the Pavilion.

The pavilion

The design concept for this project was to separate the two programmatic pieces; the “research part” and the “educational part.” The two coexist right next to each other thus creating a symbiotic relationship yet not interfering with one’s purpose. Also I want the “skeletal structure” and the water collection system to be exposed because this pavilion is about learning. And what better way to learn then to actually see it.

Lab | Research Area

Children Learning | Interaction area

Site Plan The project called for initial design proposals for a satellite research/classroom facility in the same general site area. This satellite facility is intended to act as an outlying classroom and research facility that provides for close observation of conditions in the bog itself. The facility will be approximately 800 square feet, and is to have minimal impact on the water quality, flora, and fauna therein.

Longitudinal elevation

Longitudinal elevation

Transverse Elevation

Transverse Section

Project Location: New York, New York City Professor: Charles Graves Date: Spring Semester, 2011

Facaing Facades “The

hustle and bustle of a New York City street…”

Facing Facades

Design intention

For this project we were assigned the problem of designing a small structure and then skinning that structure with a high performance skin. The project was located on a busy New York city block, with a high volume of traffic; pedestrian and vehicular. The office building consisted of a small core. Also, the design called for lobby with doubled ceilings and the lower floor to have a high “rent- ability� rate.

Double Skin Facade Essentially, a double skin facade is pair of glass “skins” separated by an air corridor. The main layer of glass is usually insulating. The air space between the layers of glass acts as insulation against temperature extremes, winds, and sound. Sun-shading devices are often located between the two skins. All elements can be arranged differently into numbers of permutations and combinations of both solid and diaphanous membranes”.

Top floor office


Project Location: Shaker Heights, Ohio Professor: Charles Graves Date: Spring Semester, 2011

Life between Buildings “Life between buildings comprises the entire spectrum of human activities in public space – the necessary, the optional and the social types of behaviors” -Jan Gehl

Shaker Heights Public Square Life between buildings is a dimension of architecture that deserves more careful treatment. It is where social interaction and perception, urban recreation, and the sensory experience of city life take place. Life between buildings comprises the entire spectrum of human activities in public space – the necessary, the optional and the social types of behaviors. These are, therefore, vital areas and planning processes must begin by understanding these spaces between buildings.

I composed a small booklet on my design proposal for a “new� urban design for town square in Shaker Heights, Ohio. The book includes four spreads showing renderings of the new city layout and the public square.

Page 1|2 This spread documented the “new” urban design. The “new” design based in Shaker Heights, Ohio, has many differnet types of structures to comprised of the dsign. However, the influential moment of this design was the main bouvelvard that was created. is comprisized of many different structures.

Page 3|4 Uptaturis This spread nem fugias emphasizes plit, iumthe fuga. newNequi design. ventotaturio omnim dolorio nsequi odicill acestisque nulparum untios di ommolorum auda quature rehentio. Qui adi tentibe atissunte voluptae nissit eum quo blant aboriatet laborem fuga. Berro qui ne siti corit quatest, conestiatur

PAge 5 | 6

This spread speaks to the design solution. The first page offers a reasoning as to how the overall grid design was created. Also it shows the relationship between the “vehicular” boulevard and the “pedestrian” boulevard The “public square” is set off to one side in order to create the need to transcend the entire boulevard.

PAge 7|8 Another aspect of this design was to design the public square. The square is surrounded on three sides by a repeatable bay. The bay consists of three sections: a lower, double height walkway that leads to commercial space; a second level is rentable office space; and the three level is apartment space.

“Architecture should speak of its time and place, but yearn for timelessness.� -Frank Gehry

Project Location: Hope, Alaska Professor: Charles Harker Date: Fall Semester, 2012

Poetic Architecture

Site Plan Poetic Architecture

Poetic architecture taps into that moment when architecture transcends itself, when it becomes more than simply a physical space — and exudes to a sense of place and beauty that words cannot often describe. Thus, I put together the following to explore the issue of poetic architecture, and to become more aware of the poetry which surround you.

Microhydropower System Works Hydropower systems use the energy in flowing water to produce electricity or mechanical energy. Although there are several ways to harness the moving water to produce energy, run-of-the-river systems, which do not require large storage reservoirs, are often used for microhydropower systems. For run-of-the-river microhydropower systems, a portion of a river’s water is diverted to a water conveyance -- channel, pipeline, or pressurized pipeline (penstock) -- that delivers it to a turbine or waterwheel. The moving water rotates the wheel or turbine, which spins a shaft. The motion of the shaft can be used for mechanical processes, such as pumping water, or it can be used to power an alternator or generator to generate electricity.

Site Orientation

With regard to optimum orientation, the best orientation for the structure was calculated to be placed at an angle of 192.5 degrees. This is when there is the most solar radiation during the underheated period and least during the overheated period for Hope, Alaska.

Construction Diagram

Western Red Cedar These trees can attain heights of 70-130 feet (21-40 meters) and diameters of 2-4 feet (0.61.3 meters). The wood is lightweight, straight grained, easy to kiln dry, highly resistant to decay, but it has poor nail holding capacity. It is used in boats, shingles, shakes, poles and lumber for light construction.

Insulated Concrete Forms, or ICFs

Log cabin construction A conventional log home is somewhat primitive, but offers unsurpassed beauty, which manufacturers of modern products struggle to simulate. Although hand-built, full scribed log homes cannot be replicated using modern products, there are many energy efficient, dimensional, or “milled look”, log products on the market today. These include simulated log siding, logs with a foam layer in the middle, and many other modern log solutions. A “true” log home should never struggle with air quality, as there are often many leaks and cracks.

ICF can be used both above and below ground, and there are systems available for assembling floor and roof diaphragms with the same methods. The finished product is an extremely solid, energy efficient home.


In its basic form, ETFE is highly transparent across the entire light spectrum, providing superior natural day lighting. Though many programs and energy modeling call for complete transparency —capitalizing on the sun for day lighting and to drive natural ventilation through the generated stack effect— many specific conditions require the ability and capacity to create localized shading,

First Floor

Second Floor

Third Floor

Fourth Floor



Moveable Systems Observation Tower

This is also a “moveable” piece of the structure. Basically, the high powered telescope the located in the tower and it can be moved at 45 degree increments to accommodate the expansive night sky.

Exterior Log Wall

Seeing that for most of the year the North prevailing winds crash through the site, the idea was to help counteract the force. During the harsh winter months, the wall would be erected parallel to the building on its North Façade. During the summer months when the winter is not such a great factor, the wall could be moved 90 degrees so that more of the beautiful landscape could be experienced.

North wind’s interaction with the “log” wall

Sun’s interaction with the South Facade

“Man dwells poetically.” Essentially, man’s relationship to the world is constantly influx, never capable of being grasped in its totality. The poetic thinker never attempts to escape his environment in order to think; rather, the poetic thinker locates himself in the muck. Thus poetic architecture or “the poetics of space” come to embody that manifestation of how space affects our behavior and ultimate understanding of both ourselves and our environment. The space that we call home, at last, allows a person to acknowledge a space as a sanctuary, a refuge from outside sources. This is the crucial objective this project is trying to realize. This design solution offers the client, with all his needs and wants, a space that would be a refuge; a place that he could call “home.” This final design hopes to offer the client a place that could afford for the quieting of the mind and permit him to retreat into a world truly of his own making. My client stated; love to observe the night sky because it makes me feel connected to the world; to everything and everyone. The lights of stars symbolize the light within us.” The overall design concept sought to realize this thought of connectivity through light, by having this solid (Wood Logs) be penetrate by light (ETFE Facade).

Flexible Space Project Location: Kent, Ohio Professor: Jason Turnige Date: Spring Semester, 2010


this building, how we see the building, how “ Flexible space allows us to change how weweuseinteract with the building and with each other.

Fourth Floor

Thrid Floor

second floor

First Floor

Floor Plans

Theater Transition EVent Circulation Movie Circulation

Diagrams Floor Plan + Circulation Diagram This project is about the maximum versatility a space can achieve. The program called for a space that would offer a movie theater, an art gallery, and administrative. I thought the art gallery and the movie should not bifurcate the two programmatic pieces but act as one dynamic opportunity. The gallery space should inform the movie theater and vice versa.


Site Plan

West Elevation

East Elevation

Project Location: Florence, Italy Professor: Charles Graves Date: Summer Semester, 2011

Sketching exploration “All art is but dirtying the paper delicately.� -John Ruskin

These sketches were done during my travels throughout Italy. The foucus was on Vassri’s Corridor and its connection | impression on the city.

Corridor anaylsis Ur si cus, to con rem qui omnis comnim elluptati corepta menitem dendam dolut que rem nulluptatis rere, totatecum enit, cullaut et eum quas esti dolo ipsum qui blatus adis ducimet magnim hario doloriae con et rerum alitatiori resto omnis ea core pero escieni hitatib eratur rehendit maximaxim sum rere mod quo im acitiorae poratum quatia nullabori alit dipid et, tectibea volupitatus dolorem atio dolorum lauditi re porent, verchite receaquam faccum quis plaut mollacias cullectur? Is nus, apit is sunt, solorpos aces sed este desti omnim rae. Harum que quae nonsequ idesti iminum, vellaboribus mo tem natem a nem quas suntori rerepudandam faccaecae resequa eceatintis ad et por rescian derupta net magnatur? Udis aditatem et eaquisq uaturep eliquam sunt utemporae aut eos nam que re dolenitatiur sincto occuptatiis il il mil idesequi officiurio. Nam, ute plaut porro oditior erundit omnit voluptam faccumqui repro te veratem re ipiet harchit delenda erspitiunt, ommodis sin res velit la praepernat ra que la venda provit quam quae. Nem fuga. Edis ipiet et iliqui de mo quasse ommostius cum la nectatur apid ute que eium explaudio. Olorerem. Nem iducil int magnis secte conseque acimus

Thank You

Vivian Walker's Undergraduate Works  

This is a collection of selected works during my undergraduate career at Kent State University.

Vivian Walker's Undergraduate Works  

This is a collection of selected works during my undergraduate career at Kent State University.