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Fantastic Designs in the Store An Overall Guideline for Designers and Store Owners on Corporate Identity, Visual Identity and Interior Design

ISBN: 978-988-14688-3-3 Size: 215x x 285 mm Pages: 240

Sales Points: Different from the store interior design collection, this book focuses on the overall visual merchandising design of physical shop, combining corporate identity design, visual identity and interior design. Revolving around the fashion, lifestyle and food stores, Fantastic Designs in the Store presents over 50 newest visual cases from all over the world to the readers, showing how to build the shop image from graphic to style. The book presents each project with high-res images and sophisticated description, making itself a reference book worth reading.

Editor's Recommendation: In the age of online-shopping, how can the physical stores attract shoppers, stimulate buying behavior and defeat virtual stores? The impressive and beautiful store visual merchandising design may help to fix this problem, for it can not only lure the customers cross the store’s door and buy products, but also create and reinforce the unique image of the stores and brands so as to anchor them in customers’ minds. No matter you are a designer seeking for the sparkle of inspiration, or a shop manager looking for integrated visual design, this collection of store visual design will serve you well, and you will definitely benefit from it.





The project completed at School of Visual Arts in New York under the teaching of Eric Baker.

Inspiration for the identity came entirely from books: through looking at various aspects and elements of books, contemporary, experimental approaches as well as traditional publishing, the aesthetics, the experience of reading, the materials, the nostalgia.

Common, Rare

Common’ and ‘rare’ are book terms, they are a part of book language, and so is punctuation which became part of the brand’s visual language. The colour scheme came from the reading

Designer: Jurate Gacionyte

Common, Rare is an independent artful book store that offers a thoughtfully selected assortment of readings, specialising in combining the new and the old.

experience: black text on off-white pages (particularly – aged yellow paper in old books) plus a supplementary accent colour was added which emerged from the tradition of edge-colouring of book pages (this very approach was reflected on the business cards) – red was chosen as one of the more common and classic. The

It is a contemporary brand that aims to gather the most exciting new publications as well as shine a light on some rescued, forgotten or overlooked treasures from the past. With a strong emphasis on quality both in content and aesthetics, it really becomes a showcase. The focus is on a book as an object, a desirable one, a collectible item.

primary typeface is a contemporary sans serif – GT Haptik; paired with a secondary Arno – which is a modern face inspired by Italian Renaissance. The whole identity is structured combining opposing ideas: modern & traditional, playful & elegant, forward looking & nostalgic.




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With great basic items, some assertive and original pieces, everything meshes well with the interior design of the store, heavily influenced by the industrial flavor of the Parisian halls. We can find a selection of clothing brands from all over the globe, as well as shoes, jewelry and accessories that are items that both owners need to fall in love with. The music area of the shop plays on the variety between vintage records and more current selection, from sharper niches to great pop records, from rock & roll to minimal. This corner reminds most visitors of London second-hand records shops which pleases “crate diggers” so much, not to mention dj’s and collectors of all horizons.

Démocratie Design Agency: Say What Studio


Say What Studio created the branding of the conceptstore Démocratie, or the interaction of two independent and complementary universes: Fashion and music. Sat on 1, rue de Turbigo, the lofty space is dedicated to both the finest men’s and women’s ready-to-wear collections as well as a carefully curated vinyl records collection, to create the peculiarity of the concept store.




Sushi & Co. Design Agency: Bond Designer: Toni Hurme Producer: Piia Suhonen





Das Kolin Design Agency + Concept: VON K Copywriter: Julia Well Photography: Tina Herzl

Flavor is on its way! For the restaurant/ bar THE KOLIN in Vienna a new identity has been developed, which combines British touches in graphics and classical Bistro typography. A clear but nevertheless playful approach to the graphic elements makes you feel the openness and spontaneity of the place. The extraordinary atmosphere of the exclusive interior design in the middle of Vienna’s 9th district attracts students as well as business-people that meet there to have lunch or tea in the lounge. 156








FRESHOP is a juice bar chain with stands located mainly in shopping malls. It offers a wide range of fruit juices, smoothies, yogurts and other healthy treats.


With the incentive of keeping Freshop a leading player in their field, we decided that a complete re-branding is necessary. The solution was refreshingly simple: let's bring a rustic farm market experience to the cold urban mall.

Design Agency: Kapsoola Interior Designer: Alona Eliasi Naming: Laura Rosenfeld Tal Styling: Shufunidesign Locations Photography: Kfir Ziv Photography: Ya Studio





Endless possibilities Using hand-drawn illustrations of mushrooms, avocados, cucumbers, and other ingredients, we designed a myriad of patterns which became Maki-San’s main visual identity. These motifs were applied throughout the consumer experience - right down to the packaging - to play up the endless, fun options available for diners.


What's in a name? To inspire customers in their Maki creations, we created amusing combinations such as “Kevin’s Bacon”, “Ebi Road”, and “Curry-OK”. The illustrated Maki rolls were extruded to reveal their ingredients.

Design Agency: Kinetic Singapore Creative Director: Pann Lim Art Director: Esther Goh, Astri Nursalim, Gian Jonathan, Jack Tan, Pann Lim Copywriter: Eugene Tan, Joseph Davies Illustrator: Esther Goh Client: Maki-San

A fresh take on sushi The client wanted to launch Singapore’s first ever fully customizable sushi store. Being offered a wide selection of fresh ingredients, diners could pick and choose precisely what went into their hand-rolls. "Maki-San" We proposed naming the store “Maki-San” for one simple reason: the word “-San” roughly translates as “mister” or “missus” in Japanese, and by using this suffix, each Maki could be uniquely personified. This idea also extends to operations: customers can name their own rolls however they choose to. The logo is made up of emoticons commonly used in Japanese pop culture.



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