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VIVERBrasil ANNUAL Report 2018

Photographer Ariel Aboody

Viver BRASIL 2018 At A Glance


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Viver Brasil Annual Report From our ARTISTIC DIRECTORS A vibrant and instructive year, 2018 saw Viver Brasil’s dynamic energy interlacing myriad cultural environments. Samba in the Streets LA in its 3rd season also grew in participation and enthusiasm in one of Los Angeles’s most important African American neighborhoods, Leimert Park. In partnership with KAOS Network, community members and people of other areas know that they can rely on Viver Brasil to provide free Afro-Brazilian drumming and dance with a message of social justice and joy. We said goodbye to our Tuesday community dance class location of eighteen years and relocated to the Nate Holden Performing Arts Center where we were welcomed with open arms to create a Monday evening culture of Afro-Brazilian dance class accompanied by live drumming. Cultural immersion in the Dancing at the Source travel program was comprised of fifteen glorious days in Salvador, Bahia that provided learning among cultures bearers, its elders and contemporary masters. In Bahia, participants danced and drummed among VB’s friends and family in cultural and natural environments. VB launched the 100th anniversary celebration of the Los Angeles Philharmonic as we paraded down the Hollywood and Vine Street corridor with 50 drummers and dancers comprised of VB dancers and community members. In its 6th season of Disney California Adventure Park’s Viva Navidad Street Parade, the company created a portal for thousands to experience the beautiful, vibrant culture of samba. We have truly created a bloco afro vibration in which to create community and to share the Bahian sounds and movements each year. We successfully toured Alabama during a two-week period in February and March, performed Celebrating Samba lecture demonstrations, and conducted Samba in the Streets community engagement drumming and dance workshops. Sharing the Bahian dance and drumming culture with thousands in Birmingham, Selma and Lowndes County Alabama, the tour emphasized and bridged Salvador, Bahia, Brazil’s and Alabama’s social histories, that are grounded in racial inequity and social injustice. Emphasizing the ideologies of racial equity, inclusion and pride that was created by Salvador’s Blocos Afro parading organizations, Samba in the Streets Alabama brought the spirit of Bahia to the source of Blocos Afro’s inspiration, the 1960s Alabama Civil Rights Movement. Bahian dance and rhythms were shared in community centers, historic civil rights churches, public school auditoriums, the Birmingham Civil Rights Museum, historic Selma and during our trek over the Edmund Pettus Bridge during the 52nd Annual Selma Bridge Crossing Jubilee. VIVERBrasil ANNUAL REPORT 2018 2

VB shared steps, beats and ancestral wisdom of the orixas and of samba with the contemporary bloco afro dances and rhythms of self-determination. Through our community engagement, Alabama’s public spaces became a conduit of highly valued concepts and expressions. Our co-founder and artistic director, Luiz Badaró, with great emotion and conviction, commented on the unique similarities of sentiments expressed in Alabama and those that exist in his home, Salvador, Bahia. 2018 inspired an in depth look at the ways that Viver Brasil’s Afro-Brazilian dance and music articulates artistic and cultural interest and involvement with prominent 21st century issues of the African Diaspora–our humanity, race, respect for elder wisdom, memory, affirmation of contemporary thought, and inclusion. Our expanded goals include developing unique teaching artistry that exists among Viver Brasil company members, as well as to continue to encourage and cultivate the creative voices of our members as choreographers and composers. Our co-founders and Artistic Directors will mentor new generations in our style of sharing arts expression and also create opportunities to teach within both the existing framework of instruction as well as in emerging opportunities. The commitment to creating a space for virtuoso Bahian artists to teach the community, and share their immense wealth directly from the source, and inviting community class members to be a part of our community parading performances, remains an important part of our mission. We look forward to creating work and opportunities that propel our creativity and deepen our impact in Los Angeles and beyond.


Linda Yudin, Founder and Artistic Director

Luiz Badaró, Founder and Artistic Director

Photographer Linda Yudin


our ENGAGEMENT Celebrating Samba, formerly Cooking Samba, our signature family program takes audiences on a cultural journey with electrifying Afro Brazilian dance and music where audiences experience a jolt of joyful color, thrilling rhythms, and communal celebration. This narrated 45-minute performance includes the royal orixa dances, riveting capoeira, joyful samba and Bahian carnaval with live music and an interactive dance workshop. In 2018, we hosted 12 free performances through support from the California Arts Council’s - Arts Education Exposure grant program.

Arts education programs, offered by Viver Brasil include residencies for K-12 in partnership with LA’s Best, The Gabriella Foundation, Audubon Middle School, and FoShay Learning Center.

Samba in the Streets, our free community engagement program began in 2015 and has served at least 750 people in Leimert Park in Partnership with KAOS Network since it’s conception.

Community Dance Class, meets every week since 2000, teaching Afro-Brazilian technique dance classes for 500 new community members each year led by founding artistic directors Linda Yudin and Luiz Badaro with company members and special guests from Bahia through the Viver Brasil Institute. This year we moved to Mondays at the Nate Holden Performing Arts Center.

Dancing and Drumming at the Source, a 15-day cultural immersion to Salvador, Bahia, Brazil, began in 1997. This program has since provided over 500 travelers with daily dance, music, and Afro-Brazilian culture classes taught by experienced faculty, and curated cultural tours.

Viver Brasil Institute, has hosted at least 12 pioneering masters and contemporary virtuosos from Bahia who join Co-Artistic Directors Yudin and Badaro, and provide scholarly Afro Brazilian history, dance, music and culture workshops. This program began through the support of the Brazilian Ministry of External Relations to develop robust economic opportunities for the artists to share their practice with its sister city, Los Angeles. Photographer Isabella Kestermann


our GROWTH Interns Isabella Kestermann, LA County Arts Commission Arts Intern - Marketing and Archive Olivia Holabird, Volunteer “Intern” Development, Marketing, and Archive Ximón Wood, Graduate Marketing & Archive Intern Costume Coordinator Elida Berry-Donat & Daniela Hernandez Associate Managing Director Daniela Hernandez New Dancers Rubi Morales, Crystal Morales, and Jasmine Stanley New Musicians Daniel Grantz, Giavanni Washington, Steven Hernandez, and Clarice Castilho Office Manager - Bookkeeper Raélle Dorfan

Photographer Bobby Gordon


Photographer Linda Yudin


our ARCHIVE In November 2016, VB began the organization of its archive which includes old contracts, grant applications, marketing materials, photographs, videos, and costumes among other materials found. Through funding from the LA County Arts Commission (LACAC), we hired a full-time intern who developed and implemented an archive database. In addition, volunteers have continued the maintenance, organization, and upkeep of the archive at its current stage. Although there is much more organizing and recording to continue, these interns developed the infrastructure to document our legacy and archive our assets. This funding from the LACAC continued in 2018 and is secured for 2019. In May of 2018, we finished our Costume Room with over 100 boxes of organized and inventoried costumes, props and accessories serving as one of our largest assets. To date, we’ve preserved over 30 years of history and spent over 400 hours documenting 40 unique custom costumes, organizing over 33,000 digital files and other analog materials that date back to 1987, which include CD’s, VHS tapes, 8 mm and printed photographs. Although we have identified a majority of our archive, there is still much work to be done. As we continue this journey of archiving our history, we continue to vision for how it will be shared with our community. In the next year, we hope to accomplish some of these goals: • Protecting potentially compromised materials through the purchase of official archive storing materials while finalizing the organization and development of our archive. • Begin the process of digitization and transfer our digital archive to be developed as an online resource that could live on our website. • Find a long term home for our archive to ensure it is protected by being properly stored.

Photographer Andrea Rodriguez


our FINANCIAL RESULTS 2018 Revenue



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2018 Expenses

Artistic Salaries and Wages



Administrative Wages

$13,624 Production

8.9% 6.6% 4.2%

$21,273 Travel



$548,115 Total Expenses



$2,887 Marketing

$1,297 Fundraising


Photographer David D’Lugo


our Partners PROGRAM Partners Arts Education LA’s Best, The Gabriella Foundation - Everybody Dance, FoShay Learning Center, and Audubon Middle School Community Engagement Ben Caldwell of KAOS Network and Gayle Hooks of Ebony Repertory Theatre - The Nate Holden Performing Arts Center Alabama Partner Dr. Joan Burroughs Alabama Community Partners Ramsey High School, Birmingham Civil Rights Institute, St. Paul United Methodist Church, Birmingham Housing Authority, Ballard House, Huffman Middle School, School of Discovery Auditorium, Selma Jubilee Bridge Crossing and Lowndes County Public Schools

Cultural Partners

Seasonal Sponsors

Community Arts Resources Ford Theatres LA Phil - Hollywood Bowl Inner City Arts The Music Center - DJ Nights The Village School

Summer Fundraiser By The Way Catering and DJ Glenn Red Silent Auction Sponsors Antoniell Elisa, Brasil Brazil Show with Sonia Santos and Ana Gazzola, Brazilian Play and Learn, Coloring Outside the Lines, Katia Moraes, Kristin Ebbert Acupuncture, Khalsa Chiropractic, Holistic by Nona, Linda Yudin, Luiz Badaro, Maya Brigadeiro Brazilian Sweets, Rosalida Medina Designs, Roxxanne Shelaby Productions, Saundra Lang, Susan Goines Photography, Tropicalia Brazilian Grill, Universal Art Gallery

Photographer Ariel Aboody


our Funders Foundations The Performing Arts Readiness Grant through generous funding from the Andrew Mellon Foundation The Flourish Foundation New England Foundation for the Arts California Community Foundation Dance/USA & Engaging Dance Audiences through generous support from the Doris Duke Charitable Foundation

Corporations Capital Group Charitable Giving

Government Los Angeles County Arts Commission, Organizational Grant Program Los Angeles County Arts Commissions, Summer Arts Intern Grant Program Department of Cultural Affairs, City of Los Angeles, Cultural Grant Program California Arts Council, Artist in Communities Grant Program California Arts Council, Artist in Schools Exposure Grant Program California Arts Council, Organizational Development - Consultant Grant Program

Photographer Linda Yudin


our Donors

Viver Brasil is grateful for the continued support of the following individuals whose love for our work is unending and enables us to grow our impact in Los Angeles, across the U.S., and around the world. Terra - Earth ($1-$1,499) Aaron Paley Adam Ben-Efraim Adebola Afolabi Akila Gibbs Alayne Sampson Alessandra Dreyer Ali Fitch Alicia Pizzi Alisa Orduna Allison Van Etten Alyssa Zepeda Amanda Scognamillo Andi Staff Andrea Himbeer Andrea Rodriguez Angela Gulliver Angie Mc Whorter Ann Kroll Studio Ann M. Ransom Anna Scott Anne Talltree Antoneill Anguiano Arielle Mandell Ashlee Thomas Ashley O’Hare Barbara Justice Barry Stinson Beatrice Lopez Bernie Magier Beverly Alexander Beverly Ware Boston Russell Brenda Skillman Bunny Withers Carl Robertson Carol Frank Carol Bach-y-Rita

Charles Hassell Charlotte H. Knox Chelsea Segal Christina Bravo Christopher Brooks & Heather M Shirey Clancey Cornell Conney Williams Crystal Barnes Cynthia C. Brophy Debbie & Stan Sanders Denise & Drake Dillard Devin & Claire Carroll Dianne Houston Douglas Miller Dr. Joi Simmons Earl White Edna Roccato Eduardo Sr. & Cynthia Kay Guedea Eleana Williams Elsie Dunin Elyse Klein Erika Green Etsu Garfias Eva Escobar Eydie Pasicel Felicia “Onyi” Richards Gabrielle Bonder Gary Knight Gerda Govine Grace Lynis Haimanot Habtu Hazel Tizenor Hector Herrera Heyward Bracey Ida Danzey Imani Harris Ina Haugen Isabel Gomez

Ivelisse M. Orta Jackeline Barrios Jacqueline Bowles James Michael Walker James Russell & Sharon Valear Robinson Jamie Dee Nichols Jan Nolan Jan Williamson Jannet Galdamez Janvie Cason Jason Young Jeani Volker Jennifer Lorenzen Jennifer Klisak Jennifer Reeder Jennifer Campoy Jennifer Robles Jessica Williams Jewel Charlot Joann Baumann John D & Lillian P. Maguire Jorge Vismara Joselyn Geaga Rosenthal Joseph Christman Josette Etcheverry Judi Wortham-Sauls Judy Mitoma Julia Carnahan K.T. Rydell Karen Hubbard Karen Nicolas Karen M. Hamre Karen W. Hubbard Kate Hutter Mason Katharine Diaz Trustee Katharine Comstock Katie Bergin Ketema Harris


our Donors Kia Elam Kris Ebbert L. A. Daniels-Hernandez Laura Karlin Laureen Adams Lauren Deck Lenny Steinberg Letitia Wims Linda Cecilia Linda Makings Lisa Posigian Lizz Cannon Lois Bradford Louisa Cordova Louise McCarthy Luisa Pena Lyons Lynn E. & John P. Wolgamot Mallory Howard Marcia Depaula Marcia Argolo Mareshah Jackson Margaret Teran Margot Schindler-Ehrens Margrethe Schibig Maria Bauman Mariana Reis Mariko L Tyono Marla Cheung Martha Puckett Matthew & Karyn Lewis - Raz Maura Townsend Maureen Milligan Megan Jacobs Arayjo Melissa Anne Velarde Michael Luna Michelle Berry Mika Lior Miles Knox Miranda Selwyn Monique Nash Nagode Simpson

Nancy Rivera Nancy Guerrera Nancy Ruyter Naomi Maslon Nayla Santo Nicole Aacron-Toro Nikita MacRall Paige Muhammad Patrice & Michael Grant Patricia Brooks Patricia Casasola Paula Perlman Philip & Elayne Smith Primitive Groove Production Rainy Demerson Raquel Lemus Rashida M. Crutchfield Rebecca Coleman Rebecca Lerback Renee Johnson Robert Jackson Robert & Nona Gomez Robert and Marion Smith Robin Sol Lieberman Robin Harrington Rosalie Tucker Rose Monteiro Roxanne S. Alessandro Roz & Robert Steverson Sandra Thomas Sandra Zebi Sandra R Mills Sarah Dickinson Saundra Lang Scottye Price Sharon Kaz Ttee For the Sharon Kaz Revocable Sharon & Russell Robinson Shelby Williams-Gonzalez Shelley & William Hurguy Sherry Anapol

Shirley Harris Stephanie Garacochea Sue Nelson Susie Landausinch Suzanne Foster Taianne Carey Taisha Paggett Talita Hengles Taylor Corral Tera Mayan Teri A Knoll Binaei Terri & Carl Kaltenbach Terry Wolverton Terry Scott Thalia Montei The Jeffrey and Jamie Harris Family Foundation Trust Theodawn Brown Theodora Isekenegbe Tina Mullone Tom and Brigid La Bonge Trifani Williams Ulysses Jenkins Valerie Pollard Vanessa Lopez Vera Lidmilla Vicky Iskandar Wanda Lee- Evans Xenophon Lang Agua - Water ($1,500-$7,499) Bobi Greene James Nash Susanna Peace Lovell Ar - Air ($7,500-$49,999) Anonymous Frederick Yudin



Founders & Artistic Directors


Linda Yudin Luiz Badaró

Kahlil Cummings, Music Director Kana Shimanuki, Singer Emina Shimanuki, Singer Katia Moraes, Singer Felicia “Onyi” Richards, Singer Alberto Lopez Avila Santo Clarice Cast Drew Love Fabio S. de Souza Jose Ricardo Sousa Marco Gibi dos Santos Robert Easton Simon Carroll Tyler Hunt

Executive Director Natalie Marrero Board of Directors Angela Gulliver, Board Chair Roxanne S. Alessandro, Secretary Linda Yudin, ex-officio member Bobi Lott Saundra Lang James Nash Dancers Concert Company Vera Passos, Choreographer Shelby Williams-Gonzalez, Choreographer Marina Magalhães, Choreographer Samantha Goodman, Choreographer Rachel Hernandez, Rehearsal Director Ajah Hays Muhammad Ashley Blanchard Bianca Medina Indira Leneman Jordyn Wheeler Louis Laila Abdullah Samad Raheem Guerra Special Project Dancers Adama Ideozu Andrea Rodriguez Anita Akhavan Haniyyah Muhammad Jahanna Blunt Myeisha Hall Natali Micciche

Costumes Rosalinda Medina, Costume Designer Angelica Flores, Seamstress Publicist Allison Van Etten

Photographer Natalie Marrero


Thank You

Photographer Bianca Medina


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Viver Brasil 2018 Annual Report  

Viver Brasil 2018 Annual Report

Viver Brasil 2018 Annual Report  

Viver Brasil 2018 Annual Report