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Our Team AndreA


“I believe design is a holistic philosophy. You need to look at a room and understand how people are going to move in it, how they will work, play, eat and live inside it. I am from Brianza, Italy where there is a passion for design in wood, and furniture was a family trade. I took this passion through art school in Milan until my journey brought me here, where I combine my passion for kitchens with my software skills.”


“A lot of people just look at the product. On the other hand, I know how it came to be this way. As an avid carpenter, and with a background in woodwork I know how a chair is made: from the grain of the wood, to the method of production, to the final lacquer or chrome

trimmings. I worked in this industry in various places across the world, coming from Australia and finally settling here. I’ve recently returned from the Calligaris factories in Italy for some more insider knowledge.”

Jean Pierre

“I’ve been studying art and design for the past five years. I’ve worked with wood, steel, glass, stone and tiles, experimenting with different techniques, forms and textures. My father is a carpenter so I grew up with the smell of wood in the air. I’ve always been made aware of the furniture around me wherever I go and I’ve taken these observations into my work here. I’ve been fortunate to have recently visited the Aran manufacturer in Italy and witnessed first hand the amazing work they do.”


“I’ve been keen on furniture for as long as I can remember, taking this passion through years of art and design school with a focus on industrial design. Diversity is key. I like the flexibility of what we provide here at Ideacasa. If you want a quality mass produced item, we’ll stock it. If your tastes lie towards a singular custom made piece, we’ll provide it or offer a high design art piece.”


“Since I was young, I’ve had an interest in art. Studying art and design at college helped me develop this passion and translate it into turning our clients’ hopes into reality for their home. Since I joined Ideacasa, my specialty involves working closely with the clients in order to create a comprehensively designed layout that matches their expectations.”

Objects of aesthetic value and timeless quality. A service that is both sharp and caring. These have been our goals at Ideacasa for over twelve years. As one of the leading furniture providers in Malta, Ideacasa holds a strong record in client communication, customer care and after sales service. We have invested time and time again in providing not only the best in quality furniture brands – a truth anyone visiting our showroom can testify to – but also in the way we meet and help our clients. Furniture is very personal and we are in an industry of people. Let’s talk.

Roderick Head of Design and Sales

“We’re here for you!”


Aran Collection. Offer available now!

Model: Penelope by Aran Cucine

Max Divani Europa 3 Seater Leather Sofa


Calligaris Real Coffee Table


Mito Box Wall Unit


You take care of the kitchen... and the living room is on us! During this month we’re giving you a free living area, consisting of a modern wall unit, coffee table and sofa when you buy an Aran kitchen. So don’t worry too much on how to fill your living area, as we’ll take care of that ourselves. Terms and Conditions apply.

Extended Opening Hours:

Saturday 13th October 09:00 - 18:00 Sunday 14th October 10:00 - 18:00 Saturday 27th October 09:00 - 18:00

Opening Hours: Monday - Friday


09:30 - 13:00

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14:00 - 19:00

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It’s our job to ensure you remain hassle-free after the purchase

At Ideacasa, we do not just sell furniture. We are in the business of making people happy, of helping them create their dream home. We know that you are busy and we understand that it’s our job to ensure you remain hassle-free after the purchase. We deliver promptly; we install to the highest standard; we use trained staff and an excellent after-sales team. We appreciate that all this means that the next time you are looking to refurnish your home, your thoughts will turn to us. These are some of the people whom we’ve helped make happy and who have shown us some Ideacasa love.

Matthew Cassar – St Venera Excellent quality and service. “I was so happy with Ideacasa and the way they interact with customers that I ended up taking the plunge and re-doing my whole apartment with them!”

Lucienne Haber – Nadur Gozo Quality. Joy. Beatrice Debono – Zejtun “I am really delighted with my Ideacasa bedroom. I will always recommend a visit to the showroom. Apart from being so amazing to me, it’s also such good quality.”

Beatrice Debono – Żejtun Pride. Conversation Starter. “I love it when people say nice things about my furniture. It’s a great conversation starter. I can honestly say I’m proud of my Ideacasa wall unit.”

Others also give us praise. David Cassar says “I was very happy with the excellent product.” Claire Grima was particularly pleased with the efficiency of the installers. Several other people like Christine Fiorini, Denise Camilleri and George Buhagiar said they are satisfied with both product and service. We accept constructive criticism, and this helps us get better.

Ruth Agius – St.Lucia Durability. Quality. Beauty. “I bought an Ideacasa kitchen, complete with built-in appliances. Five years on it remains beautiful and the quality shows in its durability over such a long time. It still looks as great and feels as strong as the day it was installed.”

Several people said they are satisfied with both product and service


06 Hand stitched leather sofa by Max Divani

Turning a living space into Ideacasa takes inspiration from a beautiful house in Marsaskala and turn it into something brilliant. This is the story of one of our clients who came for ideas, and left with a newly furnished home. It was serendipity that led this client into the Ideacasa showroom. Until then, she had been searching for the right kitchen from catalogues overseas, and was not looking at local suppliers. She walked through our doors on the off-chance she’d be inspired with a new idea; she liked what she saw and decided to approach us.

Something “At the showroom I fell in love with the Arte Antiqua brand. It wasn’t just a matter of design and style; the material and workmanship were of extremely high quality.” Andrea, Ideacasa Sales Design and Consultant, explained the ethos behind Ideacasa while the Ideacasa professional designer was also roped in for advice. “I was immediately offered a free home visit; I was told that this is part of the regular service offered, but I was very surprised when the first house visit turned into multiple ones.” Andrea paired the Arte Antiqua

kitchen with bright orange stools and tables from the same brand. “At first I was sceptical of the strong shade, but I loved the resulting contrast; a very contemporary kitchen, yet with classic undertones that ensure a lasting style.” Although originally I was only looking for kitchen furniture, the whole picture presented by the Ideacasa managers struck a chord and the client decided to furnish the living area and the secondary bedrooms at Ideacasa too. “The living room is a Max Divani handmade Italian sofa composition




Notte Collection by Santarossa

“I was impressed by the depth and efficiency of the service, as well as by the brands on offer.”


Hand stitched sofa by Max Divani

Special and I’m equally in love with the children’s Santarossa bedrooms. The advice of the Ideacasa designers really came in useful. I had set my heart on painting the walls in a burnt orange shade. However, the designer advised me that a more relaxing shade would work better for these bedrooms in the long run. I’m really happy that I went with it.” For the master-bedroom, the idea was to keep the old furnishings from the previous family home, but the attractions of Arte Antiqua proved too much to resist.

“I suddenly realised that I wanted the same assurance of quality and good service for my masterbedroom too – and to be honest, the Arte Antiqua design was perfectly lovely and I couldn’t get it out of my mind.”

Arborea Kitchen by Arte Antiqua

Every step of the installation was overseen by the individual Ideacasa team. “With Ideacasa, it’s not a case of buying the furniture and then facing the rest on your own. They really stayed with me every step of the way and I’d recommend them to anyone!”

Bar stools by Calligaris

Design Lessons Ideacasa invites you to a Design class

How committed are we to design? We want everyone to understand and love it as we do, so we’re offering a short course in Household Design absolutely free to whoever has a passion for style. Expert designers James Dimech, Olivia Ann Calleja and Marco Fumagalli from Milan will demonstrate methods in planning out home furnishing and showcase the current trends. Will you walk away with a whole new perspective on all things design? You can attend any one of our three sessions to be scheduled in October & November. Please visit and register to book a seat. Places are limited.


S-STYLE KITCHEN A classic favourite, the kitchen island has enjoyed resurgence in popularity. The new S-style kitchen islands offer a new perspective on this quintessential kitchen furniture.

S-style kitchen islands offer a new perspective



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sa aros ant S y it b



Worried that your kitchen is on the small side to invite guests for dinner? Don’t want to ruin your living area with a huge dining table? Extendable dining tables are making an appearance in all the chic style magazines. Sturdy and small enough for everyday use, they will live in your kitchen without taking it over.

tarossa by San ion t c lle co te t No

Maple is popular and cherry remains strong, but the very latest thing is black walnut. Solid supplies, stable prices, consistent quality and a trend towards darker woods have brought walnut to the forefront of wood furnishing design. A versatile timber, black walnut offers a superior furniture and cabinetry wood and is also used in architectural millwork, interior trim, decorative panels, boatbuilding, musical instruments, turning, carving, flooring and veneer.


m ig

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a ross nta a S

Extendable dining tables

Both when it comes to kitchens and living rooms, the trend at the international design and interiors fairs is for an eclectic, mix and match style. Do not feel that you have to keep to a uniform model or colour.

Tr en ds

M ov e

w ith

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tim es

Many families enjoy entertaining at home – with this new lifestyle in mind, there is a definite move towards more relaxed living areas that will actually cater for your guests and make them feel comfortable. Purchase furniture for comfort as opposed to “for show”.


hia Ba

M by

ivani ax D


The bedroom is your own personal haven and the trend is to create a more relaxing oasis where you can forget all about your daily stresses. Can you picture yourself reading a book before you go to sleep or will the bold shades distract you? The trend is to make it all about you and not about the trend itself. If you’re after bright and vivacious, then that’s fine. However, if your tastes run to a more subtle look then that is fine as well.




A space to

Breathe Come walk with us in an apartment fully furnished by Ideacasa brands and designers. Creating a sense of space is one of the challenges we face in today’s apartments. The wrong choice in colours, style or furniture shape can impact your daily living. In this apartment we start out in the most communal of spaces: the living room.

Wall Unit by Santarossa

The centre piece for guests is the Max Divani Sofa – beautiful, handmade and inviting, projecting a sense of confidence to the room.


The wall-unit is a custom-made Santarossa piece, finished in high gloss to take advantage of the light while offering maximum storage capability. Of course, the coffee table and ornaments are by Italian designer brand Calligaris; we opted to use as much glass as possible to allow the light to truly infiltrate the rooms. Our kitchen ethos here is the same; we want to allow light and space to travel, but retain that sense homeliness. We chose an Aran Volare composition using light wood to confer comfort and let the trimming keep the gloss finish to maintain a consistent style throughout the

Bedroom by Poletti

Leather hand stitched sofa by Max Divani

home. The kitchen table is by Cattelan for maximum durability. We needed to take advantage of the beautiful view and natural flow of the room in conceiving the dining space. It is a social area, but also needs to be very functional and adaptable to the needs of a host when entertaining. We chose a sleek table, that not only draws the eye to the view and conforms to our glass approach, but it is also extendable to accommodate extra guests. The chairs are Ana, also by Cattelan, and are available in a wide array of materials ranging

from leather to fabric to faux leather. Throughout the apartment we used STV light fixtures from Italy, neat and discreet but eminently stylish. We finish the tour with the bedroom. We now take a turn to slightly warmer woods and leave the gloss and glass behind. Here is a space to feel cosy and nested and we chose a partly custom made Santarossa composition to complete the concept, adding a touch of bold colour in the textiles. A true Ideacasa home, projecting style, comfort and high quality.

Dining table and chairs by Calligaris

A true Ideacasa home, projecting style, comfort and high quality.

Th A e R dv ig ice ht Ideacasa experience. “It’s great when you talk to someone and they completely understand what you’re all about. I hired an interior designer to help me do up my home – this designer referred me to Ideacasa and, when I visited the showroom, I was introduced to the in-house designers there. When I saw the high-quality and extremely versatile brands they offer, I decided to use their services to refurbish my whole home.

“I have to say that I’m very impressed with the personal service offered by Ideacasa. All deadlines and promises were kept and I’m super happy with the final result.”


about her “excellent”

which is what we used to complete my kitchen. It’s a working space, so I want to feel a sense of durability. The bedroom was an easy pick with the Poletti composition. I don’t like any clutter, and I preferred to set up a walk-in wardrobe where I can take my time to get ready for the day and have everything at hand. Still, it’s beyond just functionality, this room is delightfully stylish. We finished off with a composition by Cattelan for the living room.



The client tells us

Walk-in wardrobe by Siloma

Notte collection by Santarossa


Wall panel by Cattelan & Low unit by Santarossa

I already had some idea about the brands they supplied, like Aran,

“I have to say that I’m very impressed with the personal service offered by Ideacasa. All deadlines and promises were kept and I’m super happy with the final result.”

Volare kitchen by Aran Cucine

New Kitchen

Collection MASCA LACCATA Black / White

Aran Cucine is the best selling ITALIAN kitchen in the world.



Masca Laccata is the perfect combination of refinement and performance. The white glossy finish gives brightness to the home.

5 year guarantee on all ARAN Kitchens

Masca Laccata by Aran Cucine



Cooking, Living in a space fully dedicated to leisure at home, where everything is harmony: shapes, sizes, colours.

VOLARE Round Shape Kitchen with Veneer Doors


Volare brings kitchen cabinets to a new level, the future level where form and function are complements, and the kitchen brings new life to the home. This circular-shaped kitchen also comes in 12 different colours of clear and frosted glass. Volare by Aran brings you innovative solutions in kitchens, together with original and high-quality finishes!



Terra collection in glossy white laminate finish starts at only €1900. Price based on 3m length, excl appliances, worktops and VAT.



Designed for young people offering a complete dynamic and balanced solutions starting at only €1217. Price based on 3m length, excl appliances, worktops and VAT.


Combining the modernity of design with the warmth of the oak wood starting at only €2530. Price based on 3m length, excl appliances, worktops and VAT.


VINCENZO ROMANELLI from ARAN shares a few thoughts with us. We’ve been in the furniture business since 1962, manufacturing stylish but functional kitchens. The little design features, like the curved cabinets, became something of a trademark for us. When it comes to the way the industry has evolved, I would say design is something personal, very much related to the designer’s vision of life.

We’ve seen the rise of minimalist designs and a massive use of c-channel. What I would like to see is a change from the clients’ perspective – I would like them to understand the choices the huge Aran catalogue provides and how our strong organisation offers such value for money. At the moment we are working on a new line of kitchens, completely different from the existing ones. This line will represent the best we can offer to the market, with a lot of innovative solutions and I’m looking forward to surprising you with details later.

Ask us about our first time home buyer scheme specially designed for you!

My first home Why choose Ideacasa? Stunning design furniture. Full apartment starting from €8,000;

ARAN Kitchens are the most sold Italian kitchens in the world.

Italian designed and made products with solid guarantees; Huge variety in product range, layouts and finishes; Totally customisable designs; Designer scheme to offer full design of your home; On site home design consultation free of charge; 5 year guarantee on all Ideacasa Kitchens;


After sales customer service backed by the Vivendo Group; Malta’s leading furniture retailer.

YLENIA White / White Ylenia is one of Ideacasa’s latest kitchen collection. Ylenia comes in solid ash wood doors and has recessed flat central panel. Ylenia kitchen doors come with a 25mm thickness. It comes with Tobacco Ash, Dark Oak Ash or White washed Ash whilst the Matt Lacquered open pore comes in Blue Navy Ash, White Matt Ash, Cream Ash, Mink Ash and Anthracite Ash.



FLAVIO SANTAROSSA discusses their brand benefits with us. The diversity and the broadness of our range, coupled with its functionality, is what really makes us stand out. Santarossa has been operating with an artisan philosophy since 1963, ever growing and improving our techniques using various textiles. We’re always looking ahead, collaborating with designers, architects and other markets to ensure we have the best and most interesting works to offer. For example, our new Kube range is built to hide all the joining details from the eye, and we’ve added stronger colours to conform to the latest trends. We’re bringing the Made in Italy brand across Russia, Europe, India, South America and the Middle East. Join us.


Newly Refurbished Bedroom Collection

Quality Bedrooms for Kids


Bedroom Collection


Starting price


The people behind

Cattelan CLAUDIA CATTELAN talks shop with us. I believe that one should feel peace, tranquillity and a sense of unity the moment they step into their home. Since 1979, we’ve always invested our time into research and the design of the little details when making our products. Functionality and style are also very important.


We take the motto “Made in Italy” very seriously: as industry ambassadors we distribute our products to over 100 countries. I personally love working with wood and glass, but I’m lucky to be surrounded by a variety of raw materials at the studio, so there is plenty of experimentation. Presently we’re developing a new range of extendable tables but the real revelations will happen later on.

Calligaris Creativity and passion Years of Italian style and tradition meet contemporary design and superb functionality in Calligaris, the manufacturer that has been bringing passion and attention to detail to its products since 1923. Offering services and products that are vibrant, warm and affordable, this brand redefines design.


n ax ni M va st tio Di te c La lle Co



wall unit or coffee table when you buy a Max Divani sofa

Max Divani launches the new Cavalli sofa - supreme comfort based on handstitched calf leather, high quality and elegant design for all types of ambiences. 5 year guarantee on structure. Terms and conditions apply.

Ro in o Ro ms om s

The constraints of modern housing are many. Our island homes seem to get smaller with every new development. We need to be more calculating in our thinking when planning how to furnish our homes to retain both function and style.

The Kitchen

and bedding, the bedroom appears bigger

The Living Room

The kitchen is the most active room in any

as edges blend into one another. The

Don’t crowd the room. Too much furniture

household. As you prepare food, you naturally

lines between all the different elements

crammed into too little space or sparse

move between three places where you do

will be smoothed and your eye will move

furnishings in a room that is too large can

these three tasks: your fridge, cook-top and

effortlessly around the room. Inject a few

make for a very unattractive area. You need

sink. Imagine a triangle that connects them.

pops of a contrasting colour to add interest.

to provide enough room for an efficient

This is your work triangle, and it’s the heart of

Lighting will always have a big effect on

flow of foot traffic, and let your space

your kitchen design. Establishing a flow from

how a small bedroom feels. Soften up your

breathe visually. While most living rooms

one area to another will create a permanent

overhead light. Use a frosted shade and a

revolve around the television, think about

flow and keep you organised, disciplined and

warm daylight bulb to create a more calming

when you have friends over. Create seating

stress free.

ambience. Soft light coming from several

arrangements that can actually be used. Can

The Bedroom

different directions will blur the edges of

conversation flow from point to point? Sit in

Start out by creating the illusion of more

your room and, in turn, make it feel larger.

various places on the sofa you are thinking of

space by limiting the colour palette. If you

Another easy trick is to add mirrors to add

purchasing and imagine a discussion

use similar tints or hues on walls, furnishings

depth to a small bedroom.

taking place.


Quadra Knock on wood – it’s a traditional method to safeguard fortune and an instinctual way to test quality.

malta’s leading apertures specialist s ts

range of durable apertures at the

including renowned Polish firm Porta

highest quality. Be they outer or

Doors, a European market leader.

inner doors, thick or thin, simple to give you choice and customised

Birkirkara showroom so you

options to fit your personality.

can experience first-hand the

At Quadra we specialise in windows

Quadra boasts a number of high

strength of our words -

and doors, offering an extensive

quality names on its suppliers list,

knock on wood.






We hope to see you soon at our

Veneer Collection by Porta

or highly secure, we are prepared


UA r A


UA r A




37 Different Models. 13 Finishes. One Price.

Extended Opening Hours:

Saturday 13th October 09:00 - 18:00 Sunday 14th October 10:00 - 18:00 Saturday 27th October 09:00 - 18:00 Opening Hours: Monday - Friday


09:30 - 13:00

09:30 - 13:00

14:00 - 19:00






Laminate Collection by Porta


“O Pr ur om ise � If you find the exact same product for a lower price from another outlet, we will match it!* * Official quote documentation must be presented and product must be of exact same brand, material, finish, guarantees and other applicable conditions. This promise does not cover appliances.

We are evolving. Everyday, all the time. Here at Ideacasa we have built our philosophy from the ground up. The quality of our brands and the style of our furniture speaks for itself. But our showroom has other voices. We are evolving. We are constantly training our team to keep abreast of the latest international trends. We develop skills beyond sales to a management level. We hire people who are passionate about the industry and have the qualifications to prove it. We are evolving. We take a more hands-on approach when dealing with our clients. Our academic training helps inform the client, our on-site evaluations forge friendships. We want to find the best way to offer you a professional service. However, some things never change. We still retain an affordable price for the quality we provide. We still maintain an unparalleled aftersales service. We still have a variety of top of the industry brands. We still provide diversity in styles from contemporary to the classic. We are always reshaping our goals and thinking to the moods of our clients, but we will always stay strong in our commitment to quality in our delivery and product. Looking forward to seeing you.

Sergio Gauci Managing Director


Th is e yo ch ur oi s. ce

Msida Valley Road, Birkirkara, Malta. T. +356 2278 6000 W.

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