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When the Kingdom of Hashem will be revealed in all the earth…

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What is the month of Elul? Its impact is extensively commented by many books of Chassidus. In summary, it is a month where the thirteen attributes of mercy of G-d are revealed. The Admor Hazaken gives us the picture of a great king who lives in the palace but in order to be closer to his people he comes to the field. That is when the villagers gather around the king who welcomes everyone with a smile. And the king grants everyone the desires of his heart. Then all gather together and ascend together with the king to the palace to attend the festivities…

This is what we have been experiencing for sixty years since the Lubavitcher Rebbe became Nassi Hador – the prince of the generation. It is a universal month of Elul. The king is in the field and it is the Rebbe Melech HaMoshiach Shlita himself who demands to meet each and everyone and to inquire about his well-being. He performs miracles in the world because he is G-d's chosen one. And today we are honored and privileged to be at the forefront of the true and complete Redemption. This is the "universal Elul". This is the time when the Rebbe Shlita Melech HaMoshiach gives a dollar to every Jew and grants him all the blessings he desires. Everything progresses and everything flourishes, everything develops in the most prodigious way, the houses of study, the prayer houses, the Jewish schools, the Jewish institutions. The sick are being cured, the businesses pick up, and infertility gives way to fertility… And in our days, all that continues through Igrot Kodesh! This is the era the Talmud calls "Yemot HaMoschiach – the Messianic age". This is a time in our history when Moshiach appears in the world and works on it but the world does not yet know that it already has been saved. A second period is necessary, a period of veiling during which Moshiach receives the Torah like Moshe Rabbeinu who ascended to Le Ilui Nishmat Abraham Ben Pnina

receive the Torah. But Moshiach will receive the "New Torah that emerges from Me". Then a third period will come, in which King Moshiach will finally unveil the Third Temple descending down to earth before the eyes of all, and this will be the true and complete Redemption. In the Dvar Malchut, the Rebbe Shlita Melech HaMoshiach asks everyone to connect to him in order to bless him, to know his or her needs and to give him or her good advice from a spirit of holiness, from a spirit of prophecy. For he is the judge and advisor of the whole generation, for Jews as well as for non-Jews, the Rebbe Shlita Melech HaMoshiach answers everyone! Let us ask him to reveal himself immediately so that we can ask him to bless us, the Jewish People in the Land of

Le Ilui Nishmat Rachel Bat Elie Julia Pessa’h Bat Elie

For Atslacha Mena’hem Mendel Israël Ben Gabriel

Israel in its integrity, in the kingdom of the King of Israel, when the kingship of the Holy One Blessed be He will be revealed on earth… In order to make this happen, we must take upon ourselves the kingship of the Lubavitcher Rebbe as King Moshiach on the Jewish people and the nations of the world. In the spirit of the Psak Din that was written considering the Rebbe as King Moshiach whose unveiling will be immediate so that we will finally hear a clamor in the world: "Long live the King Moshiach Now!" Shabbat Candles Shabbat Parashat Shoftim

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The Royal Edition - Dvar Malchut Summary of the speech of the Lubavitcher Rebbe King Moshiach Shlita Shabbat Parashat Shoftim - 7 Elul 5751 – 1991

A prophet in our generation

Our Parasha begins with the verse: "You shall set up judges and law enforcement officials for yourself in all your cities." However we find a similar verse in the prophecy about Redemption: "I will restore your judges as at the first, and your counselors as at the beginning (1). " The same is said in the eleventh blessing of the Amidah prayer we say on weekdays: "Restore our judges as at the first and our counselors as at the beginning."

And according to what has been said many times regarding the declaration of the Previous Rebbe (2): "By doing immediately Teshuva, we shall merit immediate Redemption." We have already reached this stage completely and have already "polished the buttons of the uniform (3)" and we are already "ready (4)", and this, too, has already been accomplished in order to welcome our righteous Moshiach immediately. It is clear that we are achieving the goal now: "I will restore your judges… and your advisors (5)".

Torah and the verses of Redemption We can see several nuances that characterize the achieving of the goal: 1) In the Torah it says: "Judges and officials you shall set up for yourselves." By contrast, when we are promised the achievement of this goal it says: "I will restore your judges […] and your advisors" Note that there are no officers mentioned here. However, they are replaced by "your advisors". 2) What is the difference between "your judges" and "your advisors"? 3) Why is it mentioned about judges "as at the first" and about advisors "as at the beginning"? 4) Why is it said "your judges", "your advisors" and not as in the verse of our Torah: "Judges and officials," even though it is later said "for yourself".

We have to explain the nuance between judges and officials in

Rashi's commentary at the beginning of our Parasha: "The judges are men of law who settle the judgment and issue decisions while officials are those who force the people to put these decisions into practice using stick and strap to enforce the judge's sentence" (6). That means that the role of the officials is mainly to compel the common people by force in order that they accept the court's judgment (7).

According to this, we can understand now, why in the language of Redemption it is said: "I will restore your advisors" and not "your officials". Because in the days of Moshiach, every existence of evil and all evil inclination will be canceled (8), and we will no longer need law enforcement officials, who will force people to behave in accordance to the law because they will follow the guidelines willingly (9). We will need judges to comprehend the law, teach Torah and direct the children of Israel in their observance of the Torah and its commandments (10). For in the end of days we shall rise from level to level (11) in Holiness (12).

The two forms of awakening from above In order to understand the difference between the judge and the advisor, we have to understand their role in the service of man (13): There is a form of human service that comes from himself,

The Notebook : For Atslacha ‘Hanna Bat Mercedès, Line Bat Mercedès, Michaël Ben Mercedès, Henri ‘Haïm Ben Julia, Perla Bra’ha Bat Menou’ha Ra’hel, Liraz Tuval Family, Gary Chlomo Ben Tserouya, David Ben Tserouya, Ofir Ben Rina and Sivan Bat Sarah Hadassa for zera chaya vekayma Refua Shelema Mercedès Sarah Bat Fifine, Keren Bat Esther, Chiran Bat Rina Le Ilui Nishmat ‘Haïm Yeochoua Ben Choulamite, Norbert Avraham Ben Pnina Beckouche, Yossef Ben Solika, Meyer Benchoam, Fifine Bat Habiba, ‘Haya Sim’ha Bat Avraham, Yossef Abitbol Ben Clara, ‘Hanna Bat Ra’hel, Ruth Sarah Isska Bat Gabi, Sarah Bat ‘Haya Dona and Emmanuel Ben Yéochoua

his own forces, the so-called "awakening from below". But there is another form of this service, the "awakening from above". The awakening form above can have two forms of help (14): Help and strength that takes place inside of man and help and strength on a level above any reach of man. These two levels are found among the children of Israel in form of: "your judges", which is the Torah, the word of G-d which comes to help from above, unrelated to man himself, and "your advisors" to help in a way that reveals itself in an intellectual form, so that the person understands through his own intellect that it is the correct thing to do.

Torah and Prophecy: two complementary concepts The difference between the words of the Torah and the words of the prophets is because Torah is above the world (and preceded the world). Torah is the Wisdom and the Will of the Holy One Blessed be He and is above all material limitations, as it is said: "The mind cannot grasp Thee at all (15)". And even if the Torah descended from level to level (16)" and is enclothed in the human understanding and intellect to the extent that Torah is "called his Torah" (17), the essence of the Torah still remains above all comprehension and intellect. Thus, even the direction of the Torah in the world is mainly a source of orders and decrees from on high. Prophecy, For Atslacha Noa Bat Menou’ha Ra’hel

however, even though it is also the word of G-d, consists of a divine revelation aimed at His created beings: "He revealed His secret to His servants, the prophets (18)", the prophet himself is able to receive the message in his knowledge and in his mind, on a level where it unites with him: "They enclothe in their minds and in their understanding through the prophetic vision, as well as in their thought and speech (19)" as it is written: "The spirit of G-d spoke in me and His word was on my tongue" (20), prophecy is expressed primarily by speech, "All prophecy will be declared by man and brought to the attention of the people, because this is the decree of the fruit of the lips… (21)". Unlike the Torah which remains primarily in thought, the subject of prophecy mainly belongs to the world. "The prophet only comes to teach us the events that will occur in the world in future… (22)".

Prophecy comes back in Israel In addition, the Rambam writes in his Epistle to Yemen (23) that when a certain year will come (which he enumerates), "prophecy will come back to Israel", "and there is no doubt that the return of prophecy is an introduction to the coming of Moshiach (as it says: "Your sons and your daughters shall prophecy…" (24)"). And more specifically Moshiach himself will have a high level of prophecy, because "he will be a

‘Hanna-Sarah Bat Sarah and Arié Israël Ben Osnat Zera Chaya VeKayma Geula right now!

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great prophet on a level close to Moshe Rabbeinu (and according to the Tanchuma, at the end of Parashat Toldot, we understand that he will be even a greater prophet than Moshe Rabbeinu himself.) Our Sages state that "the first redeemer will also be the last redeemer (Moshiach has a spark of Moshe Rabbeinu at his core) (25)", and in every generation there is a person who is able to reach this level. However, we have to know that according to this law the prophecy of Moshiach could reveal itself even today, in the pre-messianic period and provide us with a taste of the level which will reveal in a much more perfect way after Redemption. For it is not a novelty that will only be reached after Redemption, it is a level that will be achieved from the beginning on by Moshiach. This is why the Rambam mentions this idea in his book, in the chapter concerning Moshiach and the period preceding the final Redemption.

The Psak Din of the prophet of the generation There is therefore a clear directive that should be widely publicized to all people of the generation: "Our generation deserved that the Holy One Blessed be He elected a man who has free will, who is an exceptional being in himself, without anyone comparable to him in his generation in order to be "your judge" and "your advisor" and the prophet of the generation who will give his directives and provide his advice regarding the daily life of the children of Israel and all the people of his generation, in all areas of Torah and Mitzvot. Also regarding daily life in a general way as well as concerning the commandments of "know Him in all your ways" and "may all your deeds be for the sake of Heaven (26)". "Including the pronouncement of the whole prophecy, the prophecy that Redemption is immediate in the most vivid and practical way: "Behold, Moshiach comes!" And with this merit, each member of this generation has the responsibility to submit to "your judges" Le Ilui Nishmat Meïr Benchoam

and "your advisors" and to take upon himself the guidelines and good advices which are numerous. Because it comes from "your judges" and "your advisors", for "who are the kings? - Our masters." More generally, every Jewish man, woman or child should accept and take upon themselves the directives of the judge and the advisor of the generation.

The retaining stone Until the whole world (Olam derived from the same etymological roots as Elem (concealment)) will become the domain of the One (G-d) in all its minutest details and will be impregnated by the only point of unity that connects everything with the One in the world (27). As He reveals Himself "in us" through the "prophet like you that I will elevate for them", the Prince of the generation "who is everything (28)", the righteous on whom the world is based (29)". This is similar to Even HaShtiyah – the stone retaining the world which is found in this material world (30). It still exists without any alteration (without being anyhow damaged as a result of its being buried in the same way as the Holy Ark that was buried for its preservation). Similar to the judge who lives (forever), in each generation (as a sign of divine revelation in the world in a permanent way). The world stands on this stone and there are two concepts that should be noted regarding this cornerstone: 1) It is a single point. 2) Everything is included in it (the whole world was built from it). In the letters "Shti-yah", the Yud alludes to self-effacement, Bitul,

Le Ilui Nishmat Yossef Ben Clara

Le Ilui Nishmat Fifine Bat Habiba

the submission as we have seen regarding "your judges" and the letters "Shta" allude to expansion as we see in the forms of the letters Shin, Tav and Hey, as we have seen concerning "your advisors". And more specifically, this year will be a year in which "I will show you wonders" which contains the letters of the word "Shtiyah" and instead of the Yud (as an allusion to the year 5710 – 1950, the year of the departure of the Previous Rebbe, the Rebbe Rayatz), we find a Nun and an Alef, preparing us for the next year, which will be a year of wonders and understanding on the level of "your advisors" and whose root is in Chochmah Wisdom. In addition, the first three weeks of the "seven weeks of consolation" have already passed and we read in this week's Haftara: "I, yea I am He Who consoles you (Anochi, Anochi Hu Menachemchem) (31)", G-d's response to the complaint of the children of Israel. "And Zion said: My Lord has forsaken me, Hashem has forgotten me (32)". And in another chapter it says: "Ad Matai – Until when?" And the Holy One Blessed be He says: "I, yea I am He Who consoles you (Menachemchem)", which includes a double consolation (Anochi, Anochi), that of true and complete Redemption.

In the Messianic Era Since 15th of Av whose Mazal is the lion - Arie (33), which contains the initials of Av, Elul, Rosh HaShana, Yom HaKippurim and Hoshana Rabba (34) already went by it is a Jewish custom to wish Le Ilui Nishmat Yossef Ben Solika

each and every member of the Jewish people and all the children of Israel: "May you be inscribed and sealed for a good year, Ktiva VeChatima Tova and Gmar Chatima Tova – for a good and sweet year, physically and spiritually, spiritually and physically together, and may the Holy One Blessed be He grant every Jewish man and every Jewish woman the wishes of his/her heart for the good (35)". Especially regarding the requirement of every Jew: "Until When – Ad Matai?" "Restore our judges as in the past and our counselors as at the beginning" in the true and complete Redemption through our righteous Moshiach, in the most immediate way mamash. Notes

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Le Ilui Nishmat Gabriel Ben Yossef

Le Ilui Nishmat Pnina Bat Abraham

Story At the last moment

For many years Michael (not his real name) lived in Tunis, his hometown. Many businesses belonged to him and his work was blessed with a great success. As a member of the Jewish community, he was privileged to be close to Rabbi Nissan Pinson of blessed memory and took part in his activities. Rabbi Nissan was shaliach, an emissary of the Lubavitcher Rebbe King Moshiach Shlita in this town. Michael made many donations to his institutions and supported the great accomplishments of Rabbi Nissan. "One day," Michael related to us, "something happened that enlivened my enthusiasm for the Rebbe and Chabad in general. I heard the rumor that a Jew of our city who asked the Rebbe whether he should go to Eretz Israel and the Rebbe's answer was negative. I took it quite bad and thought the Rebbe was antiIsrael and was against the Aliyah of the Jews in the Holy Land. This idea bothered me so much that I decided to stop supporting the institutions of Rabbi Pinson. He quite soon got aware of this detail and I explained to him the reason for my decision: "With all due respect and admiration I have for you, I am not ready to support the activities made on behalf of a man whose Worldview disappoints me." Rabbi Pinson tried to reason with me, to make me under- Shortly after this I took a plane to New York the Aliyah to Eretz Israel and I was even more stand my mistake and to explain to me that the and a cap to the Rebbe's house of study. I pleased with his blessing for my Aliyah. But last person one could accuse of being anti- finally arrived at the secretariat of the Rebbe, I was less enthusiastic about his advises Israel was the Rebbe. But his words fell on as Rabbi Pinson told me. There I could take regarding my business plans. What does the deaf ears. I could not understand how a pow- an appointment for a Yechidut. I was very Rebbe know about business? What does the erful love for the Land of Israel could comply excited. Actually, I was expecting a heated Rebbe have to do with economy? I trusted my with the objection to Aliyah. debate of ideas with the Rebbe. I had planed opinions more than those of the Rebbe and so Rabbi Pinson suggested to me to make the to make Aliyah to Eretz Israel myself and I decided for myself not to listen to his advice experience by myself and to really get aware I was already sure the Rebbe would object. and follow my own ideas. of the Rebbe's opinion: "Go to the Rebbe by After all, why would the Rebbe tell me to act Soon after that I went to the Holy Land. I was yourself, ask for a Yechidut, a private differently than the other Jew living in the going to set up the association the Rebbe had audience with the Rebbe and talk to him same city as me? objected to. Everything was ready in order to personally." This idea appealed to me and A surprise awaited me instead. During our start working together and we only had to sign I gladly accepted. conversation the Rebbe asked me whether the contract. I was willing to go to Eretz Israel and if that While we were sitting together in order to Geula was the case, he gives me his blessing. I was finalize the contract, the business man in front amazed. These were indeed the last words of me said a few words to the attention of his The Rebbe is in the field I expected. Then suddenly I realized that all secretary, and this sent me a shiver down my my conclusions regarding the Worldview of spine. For some reason it didn't seem "kosher" During the month the Rebbe regarding Eretz Israel were wrong. to me any longer. When I asked him what he of Elul, the Rebbe Together with the blessing the Rebbe took an meant by those words he lost control. That goes to those interest in my future and what exactly were was enough. I decided to immediately withwho are in the my plans concerning my business in the holy draw from this business. field. He doesn't Land. I shared my projects with the Rebbe I, the great connoisseur of business, realized get angry and told him that I was considering associat- at that moment that the Lubavitcher Rebbe because of the ing with a partner for my business and that understood business much better than me… displacement I was planning, moreover, the building of a In what regards the hotels, I continued to do it forced upon him. He has a smiling face and hotel. my way and did not pay attention to the therefore, whoever wants to, can meet him. Regarding the first project, the Rebbe replied, advice of the Rebbe and I really regret having It is not even necessary to struggle with a he doesn't join, but he didn’t explain the rea- done so. I built more than one hotel and each crowd. It is enough not to be stupid and to son. In what concerns the second idea, the time without any benefit. On the other hand, simply shout: "Father save me!" Nothing Rebbe split it into two: the hotel – yes, but not I also acquired some existing hotels and they more than that. This is not a disproportionate the construction. The Rebbe advised me to were crowned with blessings. effort. G-d Himself, doesn't He want to buy an existing hotel, but not to build new But I have "evidence" that despite my disobebestow upon Israel all the good, especially ones. dience, the Rebbe loves me," Michael smiled: the true good, the complete Redemption? I left the office of the holy Rebbe with mixed "The benefits of the hotels I have purchased (Speech of the Rebbe Shlita Melech feelings. On one hand I was happy. I was real- cover the losses of the other hotels beyond HaMoshiach 18 Elul 5710 – 1950) ly pleased that the Rebbe was not opposed to expectations." Extract of "HaGeula" For Atslacha David Ben Ruth Benchoam

For Atslacha ‘Hanna Bat Mercédes Sarah

Refua Shlema Mercédes Sarah Bat Fifine

Refua Shlema Menou’ha Ra’hel Bat Sarah

Refua Shlema Moché Ben Fifine

Leilui Nishmat Eliahou Ben Elisha and Louisa Elbaz

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