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28 Sivan 5773: From 770 to the recapture of the Land of Israel

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Beit Moshiach Arnona In french - Tanya, Dvar Malchut and Alachot twesday 8:15 pm, Pirkei Avot on Shabbat 6:30 pm - 19/5 Shalom Yehuda 058-4770055

Beit Moshiach Har Choma 34, Rav Its’hak Nissim Str. Lessons on Moshiach and Geula by Rav Israël Shneilberg in hebrew 9:00 pm followed by Farbrengen Rav Shlomo Yossef Zion 050-4147725 Minyan Chabad in Baka Shabbat at 10:30 am followed by Farbrengen 1, Dan Str. in Baka synagogue «Tefila LeDavid» 058-4770055

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Once more the Rebbe Melech HaMoshiach Shlita reveals many secrets in his Dvar Malchut and outlines his analysis on this week’s Parasha. The Dvar Malchut, which is a great miracle in itself, enlightens us with its constantly renewed light, and this week, when we are reading Parashat Shelach, he explains to us the “complementarity of opposites” and it is said that in times of Redemption, Moshiach himself will reunite the contraries.

The Rebbe Melech HaMoshiach Shlita teaches us the differences found between the story of the spies Moshe Rabbeinu sent and the spies sent by Yehoshua, the pupil and successor of Moshe Rabbeinu, whom we discover in this week’s Haftarah. What were the spies Moshe sent afraid of? Why did they sin and cause the people to misconduct? Because they wanted to stay in the desert and enjoy the spiritual pleasure of studying Torah, being fed with manna and living in the comfort of the heavenly clouds… They did not want to enter a new dimension, a new framework, a country, a land to work on in order to reveal the divine presence in the physical world. Whereas the teaching of the spies of Yehoshua shows us a level of love and devotion to each other, as we will only know in times of the complete Redemption. Then, later in the Dvar Malchut, the Rebbe Melech HaMoshiach Shlita gives us a recommendation concerning Eretz Israel: Not to “return” (as if it didn’t belong to us already) any parcel to the nations, G-d forbid, and in no circumstance. And even in these last moments of exile, we have to stand firmly on the borders of the Land that G-d had already given as a property to the children of Israel in order that they would take possession of it in its totality… All this teaches us a lesson that is still and always relevant, since the creation of the world, for all this goes

back to the first Rashi in the Torah (Bereshit on 1:1). The Rebbe Melech HaMoshiach is very clear on this issue, he wants and believes in the necessity of a complete Land for it contributes to the fulfillment of this world’s purpose, a completely rebuilt Land with the third Beit Hamikdash at its top. To achieve this, we must give priority to the total unity of the Jewish people and come all of us to Eretz Israel (with advice and good blessing of the Rebbe Melech HaMoshiach Shlita from the Igrot HaKodesh and know that this is our home and that there will be no compromise with other nations. In doing all this and adding to the observance of Torah and Mitzvot, the

accomplishment of good deeds and especially by strengthening our attachment to the King of Israel, Melech HaMoshiach, who is the Lubavitcher Rebbe, elected by rabbinic decree, we will merit our complete and final Redemption, the Rabbi Melech HaMoshiach promised so… Thanks to Hashem for all these miracles He has revealed to us over all those years and we claim our commitment to the King of kings and to the King Moshiach, His emissary, by exclaiming with the greatest joy, the joy of Redeption: “Long live the King Moshiach Now!”…

Menucha Rachel Beckouche Editor of the Site The Royal Edition Dvar Malkhus

Summary of the speech by the Lubavitcher Rebbe Melech HaMoshiach Shlita Shabbos Parashas Shelach – Sivan 5751-1991 Rescue of the Rabbi and the Rebbetzin from Europe that stood in flames and their safe arrival on the American continent on 28 Sivan 5701 – 1941

The two ascents of the Jewish people

We can learn from Parashat Shelach a specific message for the present generation. There is a well-known comment (1) on the words that Caleb spoke (2) “Come, let us climb, let us climb” – two ascends: the first ascend is from the exile in Egypt to the Land of Israel and the construction of the Beit HaMikdash, the Temple. Then, the second ascend is from this last exile to Geula, the true and complete Redemption as well as the construction of the third Temple, of the eternal Temple, as it is said “just like in the days of your exodus from Egypt I will show you wonders (3)”. The main purpose of the exile in Egypt, is to receive the Torah (the revealed aspect of Torah – 1), “in the same spirit, the whole length of this exile here, makes us unveil the inner aspect of Torah that will reveal itself in the world to come,” explains Rashi in Shir HaShirim, the Song of songs (4).

Today we have to carry out the words of the verse: “Those who taste it will deserve life” (5) at the end of the sixth millennium, what we call “the eve of Shabbat of Geula - the eve of Redemption (6)”. The depths of the Torah will be revealed and will spread to the outermost points in the second half of the sixth millennium. This process was initiated by the Baal Shem Tov as well as by the Maggid who unveiled Chassidut in its general appearance, then it was unveiled in wisdom, understanding and knowledge through Chassidut Chabad, by its precursor the Admor HaZaken, and this in a most intense way after the Redemption of 19 Kislev, the third month of the winter months (7). Parallel to this the month of Sivan, the month of the Giving of the Torah is the third summer month. Thus, leaders and Rebbeïm who succeeded the Admor HaZaken, continued to unveil the teaching of Chassidut in the manner of a “tasting” (where we only taste a good meal), but it adds flavor to all subjects, all areas of the Torah, which is a beginning of the unveiling of the Torah of the world to come.

The Road to 770 In the history of the spreading of the wellsprings (of Chassidut) to the outwards through our holy Rabbis, there were several levels and stages during the seven or nine generations from the Baal Shem Tov and the Admor HaZaken to our present generation. After the Admor HaZaken had lived in Lyozna, then in Liadi, our leaders and Rabbis settled and lived for several generations in Lubavitch. Thereafter, in the seventh generation from the Baal Shem Tov, they moved

to Rostov. Then Petersburg and then subsequently to Poland until the last stage when they settled in the United States, in the lower hemisphere, and there even in several places until they arrived to the building where we find ourselves today, the house of prayer, study and good deeds of Lubavitch in “770” (as it is commonly called). We can actually see that although in all the generations and the locations previously mentioned, the unveiling of Chassidut and the spreading of its wellsprings to the outside took place, it is precisely in the lower hemisphere, where the Giving of the Torah had not occurred (in a revealed manner) that the unveiling of Chassidut and the spreading of the wellsprings occurred to the maximum extent, even more than in previous generations and in previous locations. And all this takes place until there will be no more concept of “outside” after the “outside” we are dealing with right now, as can be seen most clearly. An allusion to all this can be found in the number of the address of the building of * 770. As we know, 770 is the numerical value of the word “Paratzta” (you have burst / you have broken out)” (as it was published and distributed among the children of Israel). And we can clearly see the link. The number seven reminds us of the seven days of Genesis, the seven attributes and their influence on all levels (from Chessed – Kindness to Malchut – Royalty). The number seven reaches its perfection when it is multiplied by one hundred (700) and when it is multiplied by ten (70) and connecting these two levels of perfection, we get 770. The numerical value of

“Jerusalem shall be inhabited as an open city (Zechariah 2:8)” and at the same time, “And I will be for her… a wall of fire surrounding.”

“Paratzta”, or, the perfection of “Paratzta”, breaking boundaries of time and space. “And you will spread to the west and to the east, to the north and to the south (Vayeitzei 28:14)”. Up to the level of “Paratzta” inside of “Paratzta”, that will be activated, not outside of time and space, but within time (and space). 770 is thus the perfection of the number seven (seven hundred and seventy). This means that together with the fact that there is a breaking of boundaries beyond any measure and any limitations (“Paratzta”), there are time and space, as we learn from the fact, that in order that a location become a building, it must have four walls, a ceiling, a roof etc. but time and space themselves exist in a way of “Paratzta” (and even more, it is precisely time and space down here that contribute to the perfection of the breaking of boudaries). As the Scripture says about Jerusalem

And this place, 770, which is the numeric value of “Paratzta”, becomes the source and gives strength to the wellsprings to spread to the outside, across the world, and this is how we accomplish the “Paratzta” and spreading of the wellsprings to the outside until there won't be any more outside. We have to add, that the sum and perfection of seventy (70) years of the previous Rebbe, the Rayatz was reached just in the lower hemisphere at 770, where he spent his last ten years in this world, and it gives strength to the seventh generation that comes after him (considering the sphere of Malchut) that there is the perfection of seventy (ten times seven) added to the seven hundred (a hundred times seven) = 770, and the whole of the unveiling of “the superiority of the earth (Malchut) is in all (Yesod) the rest (Kohelet 5:8)”.

Who is a Shaliach, an ambassador? Thus we can now better understand, what Shlichut (the assignment of the ambassador), “sent for you” in our generation is. Even though we find ourselves in this world and in this last

The Notebook : For Atslacha of ‘Hanna Bat Mercedès, Line Bat Mercedès, Michaël Ben Mercedès, Henri ‘Haïm Ben Julia, Mena’hem Mendel Israël Ben Gabriel, Noa Bat Menou’ha Ra’hel et Perla Bra’ha Bat Menou’ha Ra’hel for Liraz Touval Family, pour Gary Chlomo Ben Tserouya, David Ben Tserouya, Ofir Ben Rina and Sivan Bet Sarah Haddassa for zera chaya vekayma For good health of Mercedès Sarah Bat Fifine, de Keren Bat Esther et de Chiran Bat Rina Leiluï Nishmat of ‘Haïm Yeochoua Ben Choulamite, Norbert Avraham Ben Pnina Beckouche, Yossef Ben Solika, Meyer Benchoam, Fifine Bat Habiba, Julia et Rachel Pessa'h, ‘Haya Sim’ha Bat Avraham, Yossef Abitbol Ben Clara, ‘Hanna Bat Ra’hel, Ruth Sarah Isska Bat Gabi, Sarah Bat ‘Haya Dona and Emmanuel Ben Yéochoua

exile, right here in the lower hemisphere, which is however where the majority of the Jewish people is located these days, it is precisely in the baseness of this situation of exile and in the lowest point where the ascent can reach the maximum of all the levels ever achieved, and vis-à-vis all the generations that lived before us and beyond, and also vis-à-vis the upper hemisphere and the highest generations, such as the “generation of knowledge”, the generation of Moshe Rabbeinu. And it is in view of all this that we can reach, we ourselves, the supreme elevation of Geula, the true and complete Redemption for the entire world, including the northern hemisphere and for all the previous generations together.

What is Geula? As all of us already know, the word “Geula – Redemption” is written with the same letters of the word “Gola – Exile”, built up by the letter Alef from “Alufo Shel Olam – Master of the Universe”, which means that the Geula only occurs if we make the Master of the Universe enter the situation of exile (8). And since Geula happens when the situation is at its lowest point, only Geula has the power to bring about true and complete Redemption, irreversible and about which we shall sing a new song. And that's why Redemption comes from the lowest point, and that it will perpetuate in a revealed manner. That is what we call the level of “Malchut – Royalty” which will unveil fully in the true and complete Redemption through our righteous Moshiach (of the house of King David). It is the novelty that comes to bring Geula, the unveiling of G-d, which will be precisely in this world, which is unprecedented in terms of moral degradation. This world will be for Him, His Essence blessed be He, an abode in the lower spheres, because it is in His very dwelling place that His essence is being expressed. We may add that the etymology of the words “Gola – Exile” and “Geula – Redemption” comes from the root “Gilui – Unveiling”. However, we are in the process of completion of our work in the lower hemisphere, in the lowest possible situation, and it is precisely in this context that we unveil the entirety of the Holy Temple here, at 770, of which it is said: “Moshiach stands on the roof of the Beit HaMikdash and says to Israel: Humble ones, the time of your redemption has arrived (9)”. All this is happening now, thanks to the elevation of the lowest levels.”

The mission of our generation The innovation of the “Eminent Sage” of our generation is that even a child today says that he expects and pleads for Moshiach to come. We are really facing a new fact, an innovation of the Torah, until it becomes an integral part of “the new Torah that will emerge from Me,” emerging from the Holy One Blessed be He Himself, and the Holy One Blessed be He agrees with the words and the prayers of Israel, because: “Israel is young and I love them (10)”, and the Holy One Blessed be He shows His love in the most simple and most obvious way, truly, beyond any measurement and any limit, clearly here, in this world, this lowest world that has no comparable precedent. In addition we are helped by the inhabitants of this world: “Many are those who support me,” from all directions, they come to support us for a single purpose: the true and complete Redemption.

Unveiling ones soul is unveiling Geula And the most immediate way, and it is the essential mamash, truly and in the most physical way, starting with the revelation of “the parcel of the Divinity from on high (11)”, and as adds the Admor HaZaken “mamsh in the most physical and the most concrete way.” Precisely in soul and body together, and even more so by adding good health to our body, good health to our soul and good health for the entire world, until it will be revealed to all of us that the world is created at every moment out of nothing into existence from His Essence, blessed be He, through Torah, “He looked into Torah and created the world (12)”. And in addition, that's the main thing: Speaking of all these issues is related to the word of the Holy One Blessed be He, and the word of the Holy One Blessed be He is considered an action (13), this means, that the action of the Holy One Blessed be He has been initiated. His main action is to bring

about and to immediately unveil the true and complete Geula, in the most concrete and simplest way mamash.

Union between sun and moon In the children of Israel's service of G-d, who are compared to the moon and count the days to fix their calendar according to the moon (14), the eve of Rosh Hashana represents perfection, the top of the work of the Jew. When he stands at the highest level of Bitul, self-nullity, he is compared to the moon, when it veils itself completely, and this causes an instantaneous rise of the soul, the complete unification of the congregation of Israel (Royalty – the Moon), with the Holy One Blessed be He (Zeir Anpin – the sun), and similarly the unification of everyone as a person with the Essence and Existence, only then they will be able to be mamash one, in absolute unity, as it says in the verse “and they were one flesh (15)” until they reach the level of Oneness (16), and even beyond Oneness.

Gilui – the unveiling One will be able to perform good deeds on a level where the Jew will become “partner of the Holy One Blessed be He” in all concerns of the Holy One Blessed be He, including specifically the establishment of the true and complete Redemption. Because in order to accomplish this task in the most perfect manner, the Holy One Blessed be He needs (if it were) the participation of every Jew, and even more so when he is a soul in a body, because by our deeds and our work, Geula comes about. And we must ensure that the Jew accepts, and even more, that he desires and declares not only that “the time of your redemption has come”, but even more so that the Geula is indeed present in the simplest way, as we have already mentioned, Geula comes from the word “Gilui – the Unveiling”, we are speaking of unveiling the Alufo Shel Olam, the Master of the Universe.

The power of 28 Sivan And the strength to accomplish this is given on 28 Sivan (28 = Koach – Strength), when we reach the fullness of three multiplied by three and multiplied again by three, the day that is the summit and which reveals the strength of the event of the Giving of the Torah and even of the inner aspect of Torah. And finally the secrets of Torah are revealed in the lower hemisphere of the globe and through this we reach the unification of the children of Israel and of the Holy One Blessed be He (the unity of the sun and the moon), either in a obvious or in a veiled manner.

The soul of the whole people is Moshiach In addition, and this is the central point, that the unveiling of the Yechida (Yechida – Oneness) of the soul, which is the highest level of the Jewish soul, which is also the parcel of Moshiach in each Jew (17), is unveiled at the gathering of dozens of Jews in the triple house (Torah, prayer and good deeds), the general Yechida of the whole people, our righteous Moshiach (18). And the unity of all these elements in one point at the time and in the location where redemption occurs starts right here and now.

And our righteous Moshiach comes, redeems and leads us immediately to our Holy Land. And the children of Israel are connected to Torah, the new Torah of our righteous Moshiach (19), through the Holy One Blessed be He, “a new Torah that emerges from Me” and the essential is, that everything happens now mamash.

Notes 1) Torah Or – Shemot 2 2)13:30 3) Micha 7:15 4) 1:2 5) Pri Etz Chaim, Sha'ar Shabbat, beginning of 3rd chapter, Magen Avraham OH, Shulchan Aruch HaRav etc. 6) Igrot HaKodesh of the Rayatz 7) Rabbi Levi Itzchak, the father of the Rebbe MHM says that the month of Kislev is more connected to the hidden Torah 8) Likutei Torah, Beha'alotecha 35:3 see also in the book of Sichot 5751, part 2, p.504 etc. 9)Yalkut Shimoni 10) Hoshea 11:1 11) Job 31:2 12) Zohar 2, 161a and b 13) Bereshit Rabba, ch. 44:22 Or HaTora Shemot 14) Sukkah 29a 15) Bereshit 2:24 16) Torah Or, Vaera, Noah, etc 17) Maor Einaim, Pinchas 18) Zohar 2 19) See Sefer HaSichot 5751 vol. 2 p.566 * The Lubavitch Center in the lower hemisphere, and this is from where the message enters the whole world, where the wellsprings of Chassidut spread to the outside.

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Story “You will take care to fix Mezuzot…”

When Rabbi Shmuel Gurevitch and his brother Shalom, emissaries of the Rebbe Melech HaMoshiach Shlita in Lyon (France), organized their annual dinner to support their institutions, they were looking for an “attraction” that would distinguish it from all the previous dinners…

They searched and finally found a video projection that included all the sequences, showing the participants at dinner, donors and influential men of the community, passing in front of the Rebbe Melech HaMoshiach Shlita and receiving the dollars of blessing from his hand. During that evening, the desired effect was achieved beyond all measure. Faced with this unprecedented scenery, no one remained indifferent. Just think, meeting again with members of one’s family in front of the Rebbe! Especially when one of the most important donors, Alain S., found himself in front of the Rebbe, who blessed him “for the building of the school”. He was moved to the depth of his soul. And when the screening ended, he asked permission to climb to the podium and to tell what happened to him in connection with his visit to the Rebbe King Moshiach Shlita. Here is his account in front of a more and more amazed audience. “We were a happy family, my wife, my daughter and I, at least we thought so because we had everything we could ask for. Until one days, my wife became ill. I already knew at that time, that there was an address one could turn to in such cases. So I took a plane to 770 Eastern Parkway in New York, the address of the house of prayer and study of the Rebbe Melech HaMoshiach Shlita, and at a distribution of dollars, I asked for his blessing to restore the health of my wife. The Rebbe gave me a dollar with his blessing and another dollar with the following words: “For the school you are going to build”. How did the Rebbe know that? I guess it was related to what Rav Shalom Gurevitch had entrusted to the secretary of the Rebbe on the previous Friday: I had indeed a project of building a large complex, grouping a hotel school and a Grand Hotel. I had decided to do so after hearing the Rebbe proclaiming that this year (5748 – 1988) is a “year of construction”, and I too wanted to accomplish something in this domain. The secretary told us later that this information had caused great joy to the Rebbe Melech HaMoshiach Shlita. After receiving his blessing for the project, I began to move towards the exit, when the Rebbe reminded me: “When you enter the hotel, make sure to fix Mezuzot at all its doors.” With such a blessing at hand, it was impossible not to take action. So I went immediately to work, although it was not an easy task. It took me

The hotels on Riviera at Nice

several years of personal investment until the project was finally realized. For the opening ceremony I invited the Who’s-Who, local personalities as well as representatives of the state an all those the area considered as famous people – the hotel and the school had been built in Nice. However, despite tables covered with dishes and occupied by all those I had invited, I did not give the signal to the opening of the ceremony. I was waiting. It was only when my two last “guests” entered the room that I decided to start the festivities. Who were those two men dressed in black, with hats and their faces adorned with a beard, I had been waiting for until then? I explained to the audience: “I have opened this school and hotel complex only thanks to the blessing of the Lubavitcher Rebbe Melech HaMoshiach, and he asked me to fix Mezuzot at the doors. So I have invited two of his emissaries, whom I’d like to ask to please fix these Mezuzot at the doors of this institution.” Years went by and the hotel accumulated debts, which reached millions of francs - money that didn’t belong to me because I had borrowed it from banks and private lenders. Bankruptcy was on the horizon and I felt very sorry that none of them would be refunded. The State, who suspected that this was the result of an embezzlement, appointed a trustee, whose mission was to bring to light all of the origin of the disaster: management errors due to inexperience and an unfavorable situation, or malfeasance on my part? I had to face a very painful experience, because even though I knew that I had not embezzled any money, who assured me that the trustee, and later the court would believe in my good faith and in my innocence? As time went on, my fears were confirmed. Being invited to many investigative sessions with the trustee, I had to

answer questions which showed that his assumptions were nor in my favor. Then he produced a written finding, which showed that I had misappropriated funds. I was at the bottom of the trap, and I had to prove my innocence. During the time of this test, I was comforted by seeing my family and friends mobilizing to help. They did everything they could to ease my task, prayed for me, for my health and that I would finally succeed to get out of this. My own house was mortgaged and sold and it was only thanks to my parents that I could stay there, who bought it back in order that I would not fall into a major crises, as had been suggested to them by the doctors. Finally the day came when the trustee has to tell me his final report. That day I was sitting in my office, waiting for his arrival and his conclusions without any real surprise for me. He came into the office, looking at length at the door Mezuzah. The walls were lined with pictures, showing me in the company or politicians and famous people, as well as many diplomas and certificates attesting to my ability in the hospitality industry. Amidst all this, a post which showed me, receiving a dollar from the Rebbe Melech HaMoshiach Shlita. It was this picture that the trustee fixed his eyes on for a long while then he sat in front of me to give me his verdict. I expected anxiously to hear the official decision that would tell me that I’ve lost everything. And a miracle happened that I could never have foreseen. The trustee began to speak, but in a totally strange tone, compared to his previous argumentations. Instead of accusing he started to defend me and sought to discharge me at all levels: He related to me that these are events ‘sent by heaven’, understandable errors made by a novice maintainer whom I hired, that triggered according to him a chain

reaction of disasters. He explained that to me in a respectful an selfassured manner, and, finally he stated that there is a way to save the company, and that he will advocate for public authorities to allocate a significant amount for a bailout, which will allow us to put the institution afloat. I was subject to a limitless stunning, and I thanked Hashem with all my heart for this wonderful miracle. But I couldn’t help asking the trustee: “Please, could you explain to me why you changed so suddenly your opinion, after everyone expected, on the basis of your word earlier, a report condemning my conduct in business?” The man looked at me, thought and started to explain: “This morning, before I came here, I went to visit your hotel, and I walked on various floors of the building. And then I realized that all the doors were decorated with a Mezuzah. You must know, I am a Jew, born of Jewish parents. Before Holocaust we lived, my wife and I, in Austria from where we could escape before the disaster, survive the period of war and settle down in France. Morally wounded by so many trials, we decided to completely change our identities and to live in a way no one would know that we are Jews. This explains why, when I saw the Mezuzot, I knew immediately what it was. But I thought that you only fix a Mezuzah at the front door of a house, or at the door of a main room, nothing more. And to my surprise I noticed that you had fixes hundreds of them in a hotel, which is not even your home! I realized then that a man, who is so scrupulous on this issue, can not be dishonest. And here, too, I see that all doors have Mezuzot, and even more than that, I see a picture of a rabbi, a righteous and holy man in your company. So I figured that I must return to Judaism!” Alain S. concluded: “This man did not take long to accomplish his return to G-d and to Torah. As for me, I had the privilege of experiencing two miracles. The Rebbe Melech HaMoshiach Shlita had seen ahead of time the threat that was expecting me and had provided the cure when he advised me to fix Mezuzot at all the doors. And he saved at the same time an assimilated couple from the loss of their identity, bringing them back to their Jewish roots.” Excerpt from “Le Courrier de la Guéoula” published by Rav P.Pachter - Paris

Long Live King Moshiach 214  
Long Live King Moshiach 214  

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