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(Demons Run Amok)

Straight up heavy hardcore with no additives.



he debut album from World Negation definitely won’t win any prizes for originality but it’s a solid release and bodes well for the band’s future. The required breakdowns and guitar licks are all present and correct and there’s little doubt that vocalist Andreas has put his all into each track of Imbalance. Taking their cues from the likes of Terror et al, tunes such as, Against the World will satiate anyone looking for their fill of such fare but, as stated, this is not an album for those looking for something new. From opener, Shaped By Demise through to the albums end, pumping bass, fast breaks and driving two-step only let up briefly during moody instrumental, Low Spirits, before the band return to the matter at hand – straightforward hardcore with no ‘ifs’ or ‘buts’. Tom Barry


Grinding mid-to-slow-paced hardcore from San Diego.



orld Of Pain’s second album ‘Endgame’ isn’t your typical SoCal hardcore sound. It’s undoubtedly hard-hitting and benefits from a slow pace to emphasise the heaviness of the music. After a fairly unnecessary intro (helpfully named ‘Introduction’) the album sets the scene with ‘End Of Days’, varying the music between slow, fairly slow, and the occasional blasts of fast drumming in order to open up the pit and incite some crowd action. They’ve undoubtedly caused some carnage on their recent European tour with the ‘Endgame’ tracks. The musical formula outlined of ‘End of Days’ is then used throughout the record to create an overall air of menace and hardcore fury. It’s nothing particularly new or done with a shedload of flair but it’s certainly effective. ‘Endgame’ has guest appearances from both All Out War and Lifeless. Paul Hagen

Down for life spins the latest singles and EP’s for your aural delectation. Dag Nasty

Cold Heart / Wanting Nothing (Dischord)



t’s great to see Dag Nasty back together and these two new tracks bode well for the future. With Shawn Brown back on vocals these two tracks are classic Dag Nasty right down to the Ian Mackaye production at the famous Inner Ear Studios. Excellent. JS

ACxDC / Disparo Split 7”

(Here And Now)



alifornian power-violence ragers ACxDC contribute 5 tracks to this split and each is a bona-fide kiler. Always relentless and showing no mercy they slay with ease. Disparo on the other hand are let down by weak production that sounds like a bee in a tin can. JB

Bl’ast / Eyehategod Split 7” (Rise)



0’s hardcore meets 90’s sludge in this split and oddly the two juxtaposition of sounds compliment each other. Eyehategod’s ‘The Liars Psalm’ will shake out your fillings where Bl’ast!’s ‘Cut Your Teeth’ is a precision jab to the jaw to knock out your teeth. PD

Lifespite S/T




his is Dutch negative hardcore in the vein of Infest, Left For Dead and Sheer Terror. Not for the weak this skull crusher of an EP is six tracks of contempt and disgust for mankind produced by Marc Van Duivenoorde from Herder. Uneasy listening. PD

Mindset WRONG WRONG (Relapse)



Ex-members of Torche, Kylesa and Capsule unleash noise rock debut.

NYHC with added English Oi.




uelled by big riffs and a clear love of ‘90s grunge and alternative metal, Wrong are a new band to get excited about. The Miami quartet show their calibre with the list of bands that members have played in but, thankfully, they’re more than just the sum of their parts. A band since 2014 and with a kick ass EP under their belts, their debut full-length is bursting at the seams with pummelling, groove-driven songs that bludgen you into submission. The likes of the thundering ‘Turn In’ and the battering, fast-paced ‘Read’ will make you gasp for breath, while ‘Entourage’ will bring shades of much-needed, yet still intense, melody to the mix. Anyone who loves the likes of early Helmet, Unsane and Big Black need Wrong in their life. Wrong feel so right. Rich Armstrong


t’s been 25 years since New York hardcore crew Yuppicide released their debut full-lengther in the form of ‘Fear Love’ and over 20 years since their last album ‘Dead Man Walking’. They split in 1998 and reformed in 2010, releasing the ‘American Oblivion’ EP in 2012. ‘Revenge Regret Repeat’ is lively retro-sounding punk/hardcore anchored by strong drumming and bass lines. Singer Jesse Jones is from London and gives the band a distinctly non-NYHC flavour. On tracks like ‘Insolence’ and ‘You’re Gonna Get It’ they sound more like an Oi band but then this is a varied album, with the furious ‘80s hardcore of ‘Bad Blood’ particularly effective. The touches of dub reggae on ‘Ghosts’ is a misstep though. ‘Revenge Regret Repeat’ is solid and shows that Yuppicide are still capable of producing new, decent quality hardcore. Paul Hagen

Nothing Less (React!)



fter deciding to call it a day this year Mindset bow out with three tracks of the finest straight edge hardcore. A rough production gives songs like ‘Effigy’ more poignancy than ever and the urgency of the title track is one of their best. They’ll be sadly missed. MH

Angel Du$t Upside Down (Grave Mistake)



econd single from their new album ‘Rock The Fuck On Forever’ is the bouncy as hell ‘Upside Down’, a hellishly infectious tune. Flip this 7” over and you get the exclusive ‘Teenage Haze’ which is a short rocker with a swerving psychedelic riff. PD

No Second Chance Cursed (RUCKTION)



ondon heavyweight hardcore bruisers No Second Chance break in new vocalist Adrien on this four track 7” EP. It’s tougher than leather and got riffage as heavy as an Ox. Tim from Cold Hard Truth pops up as guest on the track ‘Asleep’ too. PD


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