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New album from this Belgian beatdown squad.



achen-based metallic hardcore band Still Ill’s debut album is a pleasingly assured affair, undoubtedly helped by sharp and crisp production. ‘Building The Beast’ examines some of the more pressing issues facing the world today but does so in a way that keeps the music varied, engaging, and exciting. The title track bursts with a certain amount of freshness and fizz, incorporating various elements of hardcore and rock to create a cohesive whole. The rest of the album is equally accomplished and the shredding guitars are kept right in your face. ‘Building The Beast’ shows a strong amount of promise for a debut album and should lead to Still Ill gaining an expanding rep in Europe. The album also features guest appearances from members of Optimist, Done, and Countdown. Paul Hagen


London hardcore band drop seventrack EP.



empers Fray have been around since late 2011 and their second EP of brutal metal-tinged hardcore is an intense affair that has more than a touch of London griminess and nastiness to it, much of that attributed to vocalist Bob’s striking contribution. Opening track ‘Gainsay’ lays down the band’s sound and Bob dropping the line, ‘Listen, you need to sort your shit out mate… it’s time to man up and face the world you fucking prick’ on ‘Wasteman’ lets you know that this is definitely a London HC EP. ‘My Mind’ is the only sub-two minute track on ‘Life Slap’ and features a slighter more varied tempo than that found elsewhere on the EP, where the songs are predominantly slower and heavier groove metallic hardcore. If you like Rucktion hardcore, there’s plenty to enjoy here. Paul Hagen

Rock The Fuck On Forever


German hardcore band tackle sociopolitical issues with a concept record.


Angel Du$t


(Pop Wig)

Second album from the melodic hardcore punk super



ormed in 1997, Surge Of Fury hail from Liege in Belgium and have been causing a stir across the European hardcore scene with three albums already under their belts besides numerous EP’s and splits. Their mixture of old school hardcore and beatdown is brimming over on this new fourteen track album with the band once more on their game and stirring up pits with their furious riffs and pounding beatdowns. Tracks like ‘Piece Of Shit’ and ‘Doom And Gloom’ are certified bruisers and Pelbu from Knuckledust pops up on ‘Till Infinity’ to lend a hand with vocal duties as does Matty from Nasty on ‘Temperature Is Rising’. Surge Of Fury have always done what they say on the tin and ‘Where It All Began’ is no different, they always live up to their name! Paul Davies



Bruising UKHC split



ith one a little more old school in flavour and the other newer in style, a penchant for mid-paced hardcore and unmitigated anger form common ground for the two bands featured on this London split. Both groups had well received demos so I was eager to hear what would come next. Proven kick things off with a continuation of their grove-laden, dual vocal sound, and the positivity of second track, Get Involved, is thankfully tempered with some good old fashioned lyrical - lots of heavy drops for the dancefloors to boot. Tirade come with a slightly rawer mix, which fits perfectly with their more classic HC style. Vocalist Tom Ninebar rampages over the tough NY bounce, setting the world to rights - all HC newbies should be made to listen to, Genuine Article as a matter of course. A cracking split. Tom Barry



altimore hardcore supergroup Angel Du$t are fronted by Justice Tripp of Trapped Under Ice and also include Turnstile member Daniel Fang, both movers and shakers I’m sure you’ll agree. The band’s sophomore album Rock The Fuck On Forever is their first release on the new label Pop Wig after their much heralded self-titled debut album dropped in 2014 on React! Records. So what have we got? We’ve got a whole lot of infectiously melodic hardcore punk jams. With a sound that falls somewhere between The Lemonheads, Bad Brains and the Descendents this melodicore five piece have created one of the finest releases this year so far. With a fuzzed up guitar sound that - dare we say it, strays into Weezer territory here and there, this thirteen tracker is brimming with bitter sweet, yet bouncy love songs like current single ‘Stay’. Every song on this is killer, from the stomping opener ‘Toxic Boombox’, through the rousing anthem ‘Somebody Else’ right down to the slowed down melancholy of ‘Twist And Shout’. The songs are short, sharp and extremely addictive and where their all too short but sweet debut just clocked in over 15 minutes, this time around there’s a bit more tuneage for your buck, although with songs like this you’ll still be left wanting more. This album is going to be the feel good hit of the summer. Essential. Miles Hackett



Sixth album from the Stockholm crustpunks.



veryone knows that Sweden (well, and Finland!) gives you most bang for your buck when it comes to crusty punk, and if you’re a fan of such D-beat legends as Anti-Cimex and Wolfbrigade, this latest offering from Victims will hit the mark with lethal accuracy. Boasting a tight focused production to match its deadly delivery, ‘Sirens’ hits the sweet spot somewhere between gnarly fury, metallic precision and dour melodies. Yes, you read that right: the word ‘melody’ in a review of a fast hateful punk album. But Victims have developed their own sophisticated take on the old Discharge formula, taking note of At The Gates and Refused along the way, forging something uniquely listenable. Sirens sees the band explore their sound in a unique way that will raise them to the status of their Scandinavian peers. Ian Glasper



Belgian annihilation with you in its sights.



elgium has been releasing some of the most nihilistic music of late, if you’ve heard the likes of Oathbreaker of Cocaine Piss you’ll know what we mean. These Belgians VVOVNDS sure know a thing or two about noise, with ‘Descending Flesh’ being a blur of distortion and violent thrashings. ‘The Light’ is just that: a brief respite that momentarily summons forth the simplistic repetitive groove of early Killing Joke, building relentlessly to a coiled crescendo, but then it’s straight back to uncompromising brutality. Is it punk? Is it grind? Is it power violence? Yes, yes and yes, it’s all these things and more, and all that reverb will give you one hell of a headache if you don’t brace yourself for the onslaught. Compelling enough while it’s on then, but not something that stays with the listener after the feedback has faded. Ian Glasper


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