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“WE DID IT BECAUSE WE WERE INSPIRED AND WE WERE SICK OF PLAYING THE OLD SONGS AND NOW WE’VE GOT NEW SONGS THAT WE CAN PLAY. I’M REALLY HAPPY THAT IT CONNECTED AND PEOPLE WAITED THAT LONG ONCE AGAIN.” TOBY MORSE Toby: “For us, it’s kind of hard because we’re 100% into the music, into the lyrics, into the albums, playing the shows but we’re not 100% into leaving our wives and kids. We’re 100% into the main thing this is about.”

How are you guys able to prevent getting that same feeling?

Adam: “One of the things that I really realise for us, especially going forward is going to be more about touring smart than touring hard, you know. Like, pacing ourselves because we all have wonderful home lives that we love a lot. So we want to pick our battles wisely and when we fight our battles, fight them with all our heart and soul, you know what I mean. But not just do things for the sake of staying busy. Do things that make sense and are smart.”

because we kept getting kind of burnt too soon and we didn’t want to ever feel like it’s a job.” Adam: “You never want to have a tour coming up and be dreading it, you know what I mean.” Toby: “We were psyched for this.” Adam: “You want a tour where you’re really jazzed up and excited to play so we’re going to make sure that we always monitor ourselves and make sure we feel that way.”

You’ve had your albums produced by New Found Glory’s Chad Gilbert since you signed to Bridge 9. What do you think he brings to your sound?

Adam: “He has a really great understanding of… He kind of has a foot in both worlds, you know. Like, he understands what we’re good at and who we should be but also what kids like about us, you know what I mean.” Toby: “He’s a friend, he’s a fan. He has an H20 In order to avoid getting burnout? Toby: “And make it feel like a job. This is like our tattoo. I met him years and years ago. I sang some back-ups on some of the New Found Glory job for 20 years but it’s also super fun and we records. He’s a hardcore kid, he was in Shai Hulud. never want it to feel like [a job]. That’s why we cancelled a couple of shows at the end of the year He comes from the scene, like. He knows the



things he loves and doesn’t love about H20 and so when we did ‘Nothing To Prove’ I think he brought the best out of us. When I write lyrics, I just think of topics and write them in a book and keep writing and writing and he helps me take my OCD crazy writing and put it into a structure, you know what I’m saying. He’s great with everything. He’ll hear things, he pushes us.” Adam: “He’s like that rare person who has an understanding of the kind of music we play and the kind of band we are and the skillset to make a really great record. You know what I mean, like you don’t normally find that in one person so we’re really fortunate to have Chad working with us.”

Those albums have both been 23 minutes. Toby: “I didn’t even know they were both 23 minutes. Oh shit.” Adam: “Well you know, eventually we’ll write a 24-minute album.” Toby: “I didn’t know they were exactly the same amount. That’s creepy.”

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