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then when I had to write more, I did it. With Todd leaving, someone had to do it and I was in a place in my life where I felt really inspired to write this kind of music and I just did, you know.” Toby: “But you wrote a lot of songs on ‘Nothing To Prove’.” Adam: “Yeah, I wrote stuff on ‘Nothing To Prove’ too.” Toby: “Actually [the song] ‘Nothing To Prove’ you wrote.” Adam: “Actually ‘Nothing To Prove’, yeah. I contributed progressively, as we go I’ve contributed a little more every record but this was the first record where I contributed a bunch, you know what I mean. Like a lot, yeah. It was fun. I like it. And then the lyrical genius over here.” Toby: “An Englishman is a big part of an American hardcore band.” Adam: “It is. Weird, huh.” Toby: “Pretty awkward.”

Do you intend to do the same sort of workload on future albums? Adam: “Future albums? That’s a giant

presupposition my friend. I don’t know if there’s going to be any future albums.” Toby: “If we get inspired, we’ll see what happens.” Adam: “Like for us, it’s very in the moment. Right now we’ve got a new record out, we’re having a ton of fun, and if we feel like going and making a new record, we’ll go and make a new record. But we’re not like a regular band, you know, that makes a record…” Toby: “…every year. Like we toured on ‘Nothing To Prove’ for the past seven years so with this album just getting started, who knows how long we’ll be touring this for. I don’t know.” Adam: “We do things in our own time in our own way. Our rules.” Toby: “Six albums in 20 years is amazing. Is that a bad track record?”

Adam: “Nah, it is what it is. It’s our track record, you know. It’s the only band we are so it’s how we do it.”

I get the impression Todd left the band after he fell out of love with hardcore. Would that be correct? Adam: “Yeah, that’s the truth. I think so. I don’t think he fell out of love with listening to hardcore, I mean I don’t think he listened to modern hardcore.” Toby: “Just writing it and stuff.” Adam: “He just didn’t feel it in his heart any more. I think without a doubt it’s the best reason and the most pure reason to leave a band. If you’re not into the music, that’s the reason to leave, you know what I mean. There’s no animosity, nothing personal.”



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