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Words/Photos: Miles Hackett/Lightbox Revelation


DAY ONE T may be cold and wet and but the faithful masses are out in their droves for the first annual punk fixture on the European festival calendar, the mighty Groezrock festival. First stop on Friday is at the Back To Basics stage to catch Russian powerhouse SIBERIAN MEAT GRINDER, whose crossover thrash is an ideal jolt of energy to start off the day. Straight after it’s metalcore giants WALLS OF JERICHO who shred the Impericon stage, front woman Candace pacing the stage like a woman possessed while airing their new album ‘No One Can Save You From Yourself’. TERROR never play a RANCID duff show and the Back To Basics tent is bursting at the seams for their set tonight, the crowd are not disappointed. Scott Vogel is often obscured by the stage divers as the band scorch through their trademark, furious hardcore. Not long after the chaos of Terror it’s the welcome return of YOUTH OF TODAY. Making only one of two European appearances here, this line-up which features Ray Cappo, Walter Schriefels, Porcell and Sammy Siegler turns the tent to utter mayhem when they kick out tracks like ‘Break Down The Walls’ and ‘Can’t Close My Eyes’. It doesn’t get DAG NASTY

much better! Over on the main stage metalcore heavyweights HATEBREED turn in a bruiser of a show, singer Jamie Jasta grinning from ear to ear as they unleash some smashers from their forthcoming new album ‘The Concrete Confessional’ during their career spanning set. However, tonight is all about one band – RANCID. Celebrating the twentieth anniversary of their seminal ‘...And Out Come The Wolves’ album Tim Armstrong and crew bounce through the album in sequence, predictably the audience loses it and chant along every word. This album was Rancid at the top of their game and with shows like they’ve put on tonight, they prove they are still top of their game on stage.



HE rain may have left off on Saturday but the ground underfoot has turned to treacle, Mix that with a few beers and there’s a few punks falling down here and there. New Fat Wreck signing PEARS’ explosive set wipes away the hangover with their raw and raucous punk rock and kicks off the day in style. The Impericon tent is now a mud bath but that

doesn’t deter the die hards from getting moving during BURN’s set, the NY progressive hardcore heads clearing loving the attention. Chi Pig from SNFU is dressed in a gold sequinned dress this afternoon and despite his diminutive size these days, he’s still has got it in the vocal department and their set is good clean fun. Punk ‘super-group’ THE FALCON boast members of Alkaline Trio, The Lawrence Arms and The Loved Ones in their ranks and their collective output over the years has been second to none, so it’s with great joy for many that they finally make it to Europe. The crowd goes nuts for them. NIGHT BIRDS pull a strong crowd over at the Watch Out stage with their modern twist on Dead Kennedys and Adolescents. They’re raw, snotty and have some of the catchiest tunes. FACE TO FACE rock it up on the main stage and are plugging their new album but it’s not until they churn out the classics like ‘You’ve Done Nothing’ that the sing-a-longs get going. SICK OF IT ALL are celebrating 30 years tonight and the heaving Impericon tent has come to party. The wall of death before ‘Scratch The Surface’ is off the hook and the place loses its mind to ‘Step Down’. Can this band get any better? Well, tonight they did. It’s been a long day but there is still a massive buzz of anticipation for the Back To Basics headliners, DAG NASTY. Thirty years in the waiting and they do not disappoint. Kicking off with ‘Values Here’ quickly followed by ‘Under Your Influence’ this is punk rock perfection, vocalist Shawn Brown launching himself into the crowd. Dag Nasty were mesmerising, it may have been a long wait but they delivered the goods. Thank god they’re back in August. Thanks Groezrock, it’s been emotional!








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