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“Some guys go through the motions and we will never do that. You have to give it your all.” bit like playing shows you know, you started playing CB’s opening up and then a little while later you were headlining. Then someone in Boston would be like ‘Why don’t you come and play here?’, so you went to Boston and then someone from Europe got in contact with a letter, that’s how it was back then, but that took us to Europe.” Of course being signed to label brought its benefits and although Relativity was an indie its specialised approach to heavier music was a




perfect home for Sick Of It All. With a diverse roster it enabled the band to spread their wings further afield from their hometown roots in Manhattan and Queens. Pete recounts their first and unlikely trips away from the Big Apple. “You know it was crazy, one of the first bands who took us outside of New York to bigger shows was Exodus (thrash metal legends from the Bay Area of San Francisco). They were on Combat Records so we got paired up them for a tour the guy down there wanted to do something

different and sent us out with them. It was only for something like five shows and it was a very different crowd to we were used to, the metal crowd. Every night, they looked at us with short hair and shorts or whatever and we would come out and as soon as they saw the energy and that we didn’t give a fuck what anybody thought, everybody got into it, it was great. Then after that DRI took us out for a whole US tour which was amazing and our first time around the entire country.”

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