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KNUCKLEDUS T (Agnostic Front, and later Madball, guitarist) Matt Henderson’s son and wife, I probably would have told you to get off drugs and clean up.”

for Madball in the past so we’re good friends and he knows about Knuckledust and what we need to sound like. We write the songs but the How were things compared to the Resistance tour back production really is down to the engineer - if you in 2003? write the best song in the world and it’s recorded “Things were a lot easier than that tour. We shit then you’ve blown it. Years ago people loved had a van and would follow the tour buses around that raw sounding recording but people just do on that tour - in some places went on stage not accept it these days, not even at demo level. before the doors were open. It was a 17 day tour Igor did an amazing job on ‘Songs Of Sacrifice’ that ended up costing us and on ‘Bluffs, Lies & Alibis’. It more than £4000. We spent always sounds pretty good in the years after paying it off. studio but when he sends back a Thankfully on this tour we master recording it just blows my had beds on the bus and a mind. The guy is a genius.” food and drink rider. It was a shorter tour but took in The new album stays true to the major cities like Prague and classic Knuckledust sound but also Berlin. Sometimes I woke up builds on the more Oi-influenced and didn’t have a clue where anthems that first popped up on we were.” ‘Bluffs, Lies & Alibis’. We understand (‘London Hardcore’, 1997)

Essential Knuckledust Tracks


When Down For Life caught up with you on the German leg of the tour, you mentioned there were still plenty of hearts and minds to win over as you moved across Europe - what’s the attitude before you go out onstage? Do Knuckledust have any pre-show routines or rituals that you’ve picked up over the years?


(‘Time Won’t Heal This’, 2000)

‘TRUST NO ONE’ (Unite split, 2001)


‘Universal Struggle’, 2003)



How was the Rebellion tour? “The Rebellion tour was amazing and something we’d been working hard to be a part of for almost 8 months beforehand. As you can imagine, every band out there wants to be a part of it so we timed the release of our album and video to coincide with the tour’s schedule in order to make it happen. For that we thank Freddy Madball and the people at MAD tour booking. We played 11 shows in cities around Europe - some places had heard Knuckledust and some had not, so it was especially nice to get a warm welcome at those places that were a little unfamiliar with our stuff. The whole tour package was made up of a cool bunch of people - we definitely made some friends for life. If you told me 20 years ago that I’d be sitting backstage doing magic tricks with

“Yeah Wema sent me a demo and we just learnt the songs to record them. We hardly changed anything from the demos other than to add our own individual style/feel to the music. If you ever saw the movie ‘Whiplash’ then that would give you an idea of how he was with me in the studio when I was trying to get the timings right on the songs. My personal favourite is ‘Life Struggle’ and the video came out amazing but the intro to ‘Humanities Nightmare ‘shreds. That shit is heavy, I love it!”

“We usually just argue (‘Unbreakable’, 2005) about how shit we were the night before and promise not to do it again! Even if (‘Bluffs, Lies & Alibis’, 2012) we have a great show we are always our biggest critics but I like that ‘cos it keeps you (‘Songs Of Sacrifice’, 2016) on your toes. I think people warm to bands that look like they have a passion for So what’s next for you guys? the music and enjoy playing live - I don’t think “We will keep doing what we do and with no anyone can take that away from Knuckledust. We plans to stop! This summer we’ll be hitting a few had good responses at all the shows and we’re of the bigger festivals around Europe so keep an very grateful for that.” eye out for us - and check out the new record if you haven’t already cos it’s a cracker!”


that are booking them. Look them in the eye and shake their hands and negotiate how you can go about getting your band on. Don’t send an email or Facebook message, that’s just a waste of time.”

that Wema (KD guitarist) took care of a lot of the song-writing for this album?

You’ve recently released your new album, ‘Songs Of Sacrifice’. Aside from the great tunes, the production sounds immense. Producer Igor Wouters travelled over from Holland with his box of tricks to record you in your local rehearsal space. Does Knuckledust take this mobile approach in order to record in more familiar surroundings? “No, we do it that way because the budget dictates it. We’re just lucky that we found a guy that knows what he’s doing and gets our band. We’ve toured with Igor a few times as he’s the drummer for Backfire and has also played





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