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DROPSET ‘90s-referencing sonic fury.


ARKING back to the nasty metallic hardcore of ‘90s outfits like All Out War, Merauder, and Integrity, Dropset have emerged from the London/Kent/Essex triangle on a mission of sonic wickedness. Down For Life’s ears pricked up with the ‘No Gods’ demo

and the band have been more than happy to demonstrate their vicious take on crossover hardcore with a string of impressive live shows. The group are currently in the studio recording tracks for their first EP, which we expect to be every bit as mean as their demo - it’s obvious that these guy have the riffs and they know how to use them: they use them to kill. Tom Barry

FOURTH CRUSADE Eviscerating death metal riffs and veganism collide.


NGRY vegans in XL shirts and wide pants stealing riffs from Arkangel, Day Of Suffering and Slayer; it’s a 100% 1990s worship record and I think we did a good job,” states Adrian Brachmann, vocalist in Fourth Crusade, about their latest effort ‘Sowers Of Perdition’ out now




through. Of course it’s also their lyrics that fascinate and inspire me, especially those of Day Of Suffering, who used religious symbols as metaphors for mankind’s crimes against nature. It’s interesting how a message of love and caring about others can be expressed with so much anger and despair.” Whilst the musical influence on Fourth Crusade is quite obviously rooted in the 1990’s European metallic hardcore scene, the band’s lyrical influences come more from personal beliefs and lifestyle choices. “When we started Fourth Crusade we were not like ‘Hey, let’s start a militant vegan band!’. My lyrics always dealt with social injustice and I think there are only a few crimes worse than those committed on animals on a daily basis so it was just a logical thing for me to sing about it.” Adrian explains. “Veganism is not only about animal rights but also about human rights as humans are animals and sentient beings as well. I think having a message is very important; people nowadays are ignorant enough and I don’t need to fuel their ignorance with empty words so I try to raise awareness for those that can’t live a high life, not caring about anything or anyone.”

on Soaked In Torment Records/Rising Nemesis Records Vinyl & Tape. Formed in early 2015 from the ashes of other local bands, the quintet from Gieseen, Germany hark back to the glory days of Goodlife and Lifeforce metalcore, a style Adrian is certainly passionate about. “I John Consterdine can’t think of music that sounds angrier than these bands do; I love the combination of early ‘90s hardcore, death metal and BRINGS IT LIKE: EARTHMOVER / ARKANGEL / EARTH CRISIS Slayer riffs,” he enthuses. “These bands OUT NOW: SOWERS OF PERDITION (Rising Nemesis) sound so incredibly pissed through and

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