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August 23, 2012 RE:

Recommendation of Vivek Sai Munipalle

To Whom It May Concern, Vivek has been an important part of our office for over four years. He contributed to most of the projects the office undertook in that time period. His responsibilities ranged from design studies through construction phase site observation. Every project he worked on benefited from his participation. He was a key member of our team for the Facilities, Logistics and Support Hub at City of Hope Research and Health Campus in Duarte, participating in all phases of the project through construction. He also worked on several smaller, laboratory projects there. He was primarily responsible for the design and documentation of our Harris Hall Lobby and Lounge Project for the University of Southern California: one of our most successfully executed projects. He has also been primarily responsible for completing a number of planning studies for Rio Hondo Community College, in Whittier. He has always been energetic and engaged in the work. He has excellent computer skills and graphical abilities and communicates well with clients, team members and consultants. The current circumstances of our office prevent me from retaining him but I regret that situation greatly. He would be a great asset to any office interested in serious work. I would be happy to talk with anyone interested in offering Vivek the next set of opportunities and challenges in his career. Sincerely,

Peter M. Mitsakos, Architect President, West Edge Architects

4223 GLENCOE AVENUE ▪ SUITE B117 ▪ MARINA DEL REY, CALIFORNIA 90292 ▪ 310 821 2399

Vivek Sai - Recommendation Letter  

Vivek Sai - Recommendation Letter