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Vivek Rajgor Assoc. AIA Concentration:  Technology,  Art  and  Design,  Urban  Studies    


 Phone:  (562)  303-­‐0760  

Objective:    My  objective  is  to  find  an  employment  opportunity  that  allows  me  to  utilize  my  skills,  while  contributing  for  the   satisfaction  of  my  employer.    

Education: Architecture:    Newschool  of  Architecture  &  Design.  San  Diego,  California.     Bachelor  of  Architecture  Degree  (2012)               Related  Skills   • 3D  Models,  Autodesk  Revit,  Sketchup,  IDX,V-­‐Ray,    Photoshop,  Illustrator,    AutoCAD,  Indesign,  Plan  Swift         • Hand  rendering  and  Modeling           • Former  LEED  Green  Associate   • Language(s)Hindi/English/Gujarati   •   Experience:   NCM  demolition  and  remediation                    (9/30/13  –  present)   • Create  bidding  contracts  for  multi  million  dollar’s  worth  of  demolition  work  through  the  USA,  including   California,  Hawaii,  Oregon,  Florida  and  Texas.   • Create  Estimates  and  take  offs  for  contractors.   • Create  demolition  schedules  and  negotiate  with  subcontractors   •  Redesigned  the  NCM  Corporate  office  in  Brea     FOOTPRINTS  E.A.R.T.H,  Ahmedabad,  GJ,  India                                                                                                  (7/1/12  –  5/30/13)   • Design  monographs  and  textbooks  for  Yatin  Pandya  in  InDesign.     • Design  permits  and  get  them  submitted  and  approved.     • Conduct  site  visits  for  site  measurements  for  drafting.     • Taught  trainees  Illustrator,  Sketch  up,  and  InDesign   • Architectural  photography  for  publication  of  articles  and  monographs.  .     • Follow  up  with  clients  and  arranging  meetings  for  the  office.   • Design  presentation  boards  in  Illustrator  and  InDesign   Solar  West  Electric,  San  Diego,  CA              (5/26/11  –  2/11/12)   • Draft  permits  for  a  Solar  Electrical  Contractor.     • Design  electrical  permits  and  get  them  submitted  and  approved     • Responsible  for  solar  project  after  pre-­‐site  visit  to  Installation.     • Responsible  for  ordering  necessary  products  for  the  inspections  at  the  site  such  as  Placards.     • Responsible  for  communicating  with  SDG&E  (San  Diego  Electrical  Provider)  as  well  as  following  up  with   Clients  so  that  the  necessary  paperwork  can  be  completed  for  the  national  and  state  solar  rebate   programs. Latin  Star  Homes  Downey,  CA             (12/03/09-­‐present)   • Obtained  Real  Estate  License  -­‐  certified  Realtor   • Created  corporate  branding  including  designing  flyers,  posters,  pamphlets,  and  business  cards.     • Assisting  clients  in  the  purchasing  of  properties   • Negotiating  with  listing  agents,  and  banks  on  the  client’s  behalf  to  obtain  more  competitive  contracts.     Volunteering,  Habitat  for  Humanity  CA   • Over  300  hours  of  volunteering  for  Habitat  for  Humanity  in  San  Diego,  Long  Beach,  and  Compton          

Vivekrajgor resume  
Vivekrajgor resume