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Cooking Chicken in the Microwave Oven Chicken is one of my favorite dishes specially if cooked by my wife. My brother in law got us a Panasonic Microwave Oven four months ago and my wife cooked chicken as the first dish. I still remember the smell, and the taste it tickles my taste buds until now. It is quite amazing what electronics can help you achieve and create and enjoy the special exotic tastes of life. I am going to help you cook a delicious roasted chicken in the Micro wave Oven. We in India love foods and curries although it becomes too spicy at times. I am confessing that I do sneak out to the restaurants when I have craving in my taste buds for different kinds of chicken recipes but need to be in stealth mode as my wife might ground me for putting up extra pounds on my six pack abdomen.

The recipe will not take more than 30-40 minutes in preparing. We can start with cleaning the chicken properly. You might want to drain the liquids in excess which may spoil the taste from the raw chicken by tipping it upside down. Then place the chicken into the microwave oven plastic bag. Then take French onion soup mix and rub it to the chicken with your hands, make sure the chicken is properly applied with the soup. The French onion soup will bring out the

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best ever fragrance and taste you have ever imagined related to chicken. Make sure the bag is closed properly if needed use an elastic rubber band. You can use your dinner plate to place the plastic bag in the Oven. Now put the plate and turn the Microwave mode for 17-19 minutes. This is the best recipe for roasted chicken but there are other types too like the Indian Chicken Curry but sadly I know nothing about that. Anyways after 17-19 minutes take out the chicken and turn the bag upside down so the other half is well placed for cooking. Again follow the same procedure and take out the bag after 17-19 minutes are over.

Now I can understand the yummy smell and fragrance is making your taste buds go wild with water but control. Serve the chicken on dinner plate and if you can arrange for a red wine. This will be your ultimate chicken experience that I can guarantee. But while you use the Microwave Oven on a daily basis make sure you follow the required safety practices and guidelines well. The technology if used wisely with proper information and care can make our lives very rewarding and enjoyable. I hope this article caters to your taste buds and next time you have a craving for chicken you can use this simple yet incredible recipe to satiate your hunger and meanwhile you can impress your loved and dear ones.

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How to cook chicken in microwave oven  

Enjoy great chicken recipe using Panasonic Microwave oven. One of the most delicious recipe that everyone love. Download and share this reci...

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